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Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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01 Jul 2004, 11:26 pm

Did you know that Colin Wilson, the author of "The Outsider" possibly has AS? I found an article a couple of weeks ago, relating to an interview taken with him - it is very amusing! Here it is if you fancy a look;

'Now they will realise that I am a genius'

In 1956 The Outsider made him an overnight sensation, but ever since Colin Wilson has been an outsider himself - a knicker fetishist, a social misfit and the author of 110 books that even his publisher didn't want. He hopes his new autobiography will finally convince the world of his greatness

Lynn Barber
Sunday May 30, 2004
The Observer

This is the first time I have interviewed a self-declared genius, also the first time I have interviewed a self-declared panty fetishist, so Colin Wilson is quite a catch. He has been declaring his genius ever since The Outsider came out in 1956 and he awoke to find himself famous. He wrote it in the Reading Room of the British Museum while living in a sleeping bag on Hampstead Heath. He was a Leicester factory worker's son who had left school at 16 and avoided National Service by claiming to be homosexual. He supported himself in odd jobs while reading seemingly every book ever written, and writing The Outsider, which was hailed as England's answer to Albert Camus.
But he went from literary lion to pariah in less than a year. His immediate crime was too much party-going, too much name-dropping, too much publicity, but his subsequent, much worse, crime was writing too many books - 110 at the latest count - on subjects ranging from serial killers to alien abductions to The Lost City of Atlantis. The critics at first attacked him then ignored him - he has not had a serious review for years. But now, at 73, he has written an autobiography, Dreaming to Some Purpose, of considerable charm. It is jaw-droppingly - one might say cringe-makingly - honest and often unintentionally hilarious.

I particularly enjoyed his account of how, as a panty-fetishist and visiting lecturer at an American university, he contrived to look up his students' skirts with the aid of a glass-bottomed mug. But the story of his struggle to become a writer, and the tenacity with which he stayed one - despite the fact that even his publisher advised him to give up - is heroic and strangely moving.

I go to meet him at his home in Cornwall, where he has lived for almost 50 years. He picks me up from St Austell in his ancient Jaguar and seems like the sort of amiable tweed-jacketed cove you see in glucosamine sulphate ads. But as we tootle along the lanes his con versation became increasingly odd - he periodically throws out the word 'f****r' with extraordinary venom, accompanied by a sly sideways glance to see if I am shocked. The f****r in question was Humphrey Carpenter, who had been to interview him and then betrayed him: 'We got on terribly well, I thought, though I did notice that Humphrey fell asleep when I was explaining what I meant by non-pessimistic existentialism.'

'How awful,' I murmur, resolving to avoid the subject of non-pessimistic existentialism at all costs.

It is a relief to arrive at his bungalow and meet his wife, Joy, who is reassuringly normal, friendly and in no way likely to say 'f****r'. She bustles round making coffee and apologising for the parrot hopping round the room. The room - like the whole bungalow - is so densely encrusted with books you feel you could peel the pebble-dashed walls away and still leave the house standing.

He has never thrown a book away - he reckons he has about 30,000. They are all carefully arranged by subject, then author, and the paperbacks are sent away to be library-bound in plastic. Some sections are stored in sheds in the garden - a crime shed, a UFO shed, a biography shed - and the complete works of Colin Wilson shed. He wants to have another shed in the orchard but Joy is putting her foot down. When he dies, he says, he hopes the bungalow and sheds will be kept as a museum 'because people will probably turn up wanting to see it, like Dylan Thomas's cottage'.

'Although of course,' he adds, seeing my expression, 'it's not inevitable.'

The obvious time to have produced his autobiography would have been in 2006 - the 50th anniversary of The Outsider - but, as always, he was pressed for money, so he did it at the first whiff of a publisher's advance. The virtue of an autobiography, he explains, is that it will enable critics to see how his work is all intertwined. He admits he's written too many books on too many subjects, which has confused people. 'But now people can see there is one central point. William Faulkner in about 1947 let his work be anthologised in The Portable Faulkner and he suddenly became famous, a bestseller, and won the Nobel prize. So my volume of autobiography is The Portable Wilson!'

Hmm. The most engaging part of his book is the factual stuff, about his early struggle to be a writer and his relationship with Joy and their children. Where it drags is when he gets on to his ideas. His philosophy is basically existentialism with non-rational excrescences and characterised by bizarre nomenclature - Faculty X, Upside Downness, Peak Experiences, Right Men, The Dominant Five Per Cent, King Rats. It seems to constitute an attempt to classify human feelings and behaviour as written by a Martian who has never met an Earthling. This is, of course, Wilson's weakness and also, in a way, his charm - he has no understanding of other people whatever. When I ask if he would say he is low in emotional intelligence, he readily agrees: 'That is fair, yes.'

As a child he was so introverted, so uninterested in other people, he might have been diagnosed today with Asperger's syndrome. 'I wouldn't be surprised. I wasn't cut off from other people, but, as I keep saying in The Outsider, other people were the trouble. They kept intruding into my world whether I wanted them to or not, because what they did was to drag me away from the world of ideas and abstractions I wanted to be in. When I was a teenager I was a total romantic escapist. My world was books. I felt as Axel did in the Villiers de L'Isle-Adam play - 'As for living, our servants can do that for us.' But that all changed when I was 16 and discovered Rabelais. Suddenly I had that wonderful feeling - my God, life is good after all!'

In a way, sex was his salvation - he wanted to sleep with girls so was forced to talk to them. And he was lucky in that, at 18, he met a 14-year-old seductress who gave him a considerable sexual education. Then he met his first wife, Betty, and became a father when he was 19. He found to his surprise that he loved being married, but wasn't so keen on fatherhood (he is now - he has four children and five grandchildren - but thinks then he was too young) and never quite saw the point of baby Roderick.

There is an unintentionally funny scene in the autobiography when he decides to spend Christmas Day meditating and is furious when Betty interrupts to ask him to hold the baby. They separated soon afterwards. She reappeared when The Outsider came out, but by then he was in love with Joy. He admits that Betty is 'the one thing that often worries my conscience'.

He met Joy on one of his countless temporary jobs - he was a Christmas shop assistant and she was in charge of the cash registers. He fell for her immediately, partly because she was middle-class. 'I knew I could never bear a girl who talked with a Leicester accent or with any kind of local accent. And when I heard Joy, I thought "Oh marvellous, that's what I want." And when I asked her, "What books have you got on your shelf?" and she said she'd got Yeats and Ulysses, and Proust in French, I thought, "My God, that's the girl I really want!" Betty didn't read at all.'

He thought Joy was unattainable because she was wearing an engagement ring. 'But to my amazement, six weeks later there I was in bed with her. Couldn't get into her, mind - she was a totally impenetrable virgin - but just to lie there kissing and cuddling and feeling her bum through her pants was tremendously exciting. I was absolutely astounded - that was the greatest Peak Experience of my life.'

At this point Joy walks through the room and he tells her amiably: 'I was just saying how difficult it was the first time I got into bed with you.' Joy smiles her sweet smile and says: 'Well I'm just taking the rubbish out.'

He claims to adore women - though he thinks they are as different from men as horses from cows - but also admits to being a devoted panty fetishist. As a boy he used to try on his mother's knickers. He once stole panties from a washing-line: 'I mean, if somebody left her panties behind, certainly I would make use of them. I could masturbate with panties once, whereas now I couldn't masturbate anyway because I don't have the sexual energy but I make love to Joy virtually every day.'

Well that's nice to know. I keep praying Joy won't walk through the room again, but I suppose she must be embarrassment-proof by now. She is everything to him - his only point of contact with the real world. He has few or no close friends, especially now he has given up drinking (after a mini-stroke a year ago) and no longer goes to the pub. He used to have a sort of local fan club who met on Saturdays and produced a newsletter called The Colin Wilson Quarterly, but he no longer attends. Occasionally 'disciples' arrive - there was a girl called Kathy who turned up on the doorstep. 'We had this terrible fortnight when she kept undoing my flies and taking out my prick every time Joy left the room.' But he didn't like to evict her because he was afraid she would commit suicide.

He is exceptionally tolerant of nutters and happy to engage in long correspondence with people who have theories about, say, alien abduction - or with Ian Brady, the Moors murderer, with whom he corresponded for 10 years till Brady dumped him. But ordinary social contact - apart from with his family - seems completely missing from his life. Missing, but not missed. He says that about 10 years ago Joy insisted on going out for a drink on New Year's Eve. 'We finished off drinking champagne at midnight in our local pub and it took me a year to shake off all the people that I'd met!'

He used to say he planned to live to 300 but after his mini-stroke he now says he hopes to make 93, the age at which his hero George Bernard Shaw died. What does he expect his obituaries to say? 'I don't really care. I said at the end of Voyage to a Beginning [his first autobiography, written 40 years ago] that I regarded myself as the most important writer of the 20th century and I'd be a fool if I didn't know it, and a coward if I didn't say it. And I still feel that. With a little luck, the world will agree with me by the time I die.'

Does he think he's had much influence as a philosopher? 'Oh no. None at all. Daphne Du Maurier, who I knew when we first moved here, said to me that everyone who has a great success finds that the next 10 years are very difficult - they have a period when people take no notice of them. And I thought, No, not 10 years, I couldn't bear it! But I've been forgotten for almost 50 years. It's been a bit discouraging but I've learnt to swim against the current. But when I'd done this new autobiography, I looked at it and thought my God, this is a bloody good book! Now they'll see what I'm getting at! Now they'll see the overall view, because everything's in here - this is my life!'

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02 Jul 2004, 12:21 am

Tyrone, I'd like to compliment you on your writing. You write really, really, goodwell! :)


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02 Jul 2004, 11:15 am

*grins and applauds* Thnx for that! I had absolutley no clue! :D :D


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02 Jul 2004, 7:30 pm

First name: Jo
Age: 21, 22 in a month.

Location: Tasmania, Australia
Hobbies and interests: Reading, writing (i have a piece submitted here, i the writing & poetry section. Have a look, it's a bit weird) archery, cycling, ancient Egypt, internet.

Why are you here? Cos i have Aspergers.
When were you diagnosed? I'm not, but i know it have it.

Favourite subjects: Not at school anymore. When i was in college though, Latin, Ancient Civilisations, English.
Year/Grade: See above.

Favourite Music: Irish Dance, Midnight Oil, Matchbox Twenty, Bon Jovi, Enya, REM, some Techno.

Books: Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, most crime, most fantasy, some sci fi.
Tv shows/movies: CSI, CSI: Miami, StarGate, Star Trek TNG, Star Wars (except for the phantom menace, George Lucas should be shot for that one), Highlander the movie and Highlander the tv series, Black Books, The Glasshouse (this is an Aussie one).

Instrument: Used to play the clarinet at school, loved it but can't afford my own. Mum made me learn the piano. Can play that, but only mechanically, no emotion. Don't like piano.

Sports: Don't watch any sport. I cycle, do archery and bushwalk.

Family: Mum and Dad, sister (younger & totally NT), brother (younger & AS, older brother (don't know whether he's AS or not, he's just weird 8), but i love him.) One horse, one dog.

Clothing: Jeans and t-shirts when it's warm. Jeans and a black trenchcoat, when it's not. (I do wear a shirt under the coat :wink: )

How did you find this site? Followed a link from Delphi forums.

Job: Console operator at a BP service station.

Comments: I could comment, but then i'd have to kill you. 8) :twisted:

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03 Jul 2004, 6:38 am

First name: well here I'd rather be called Nightshade...
Age: 32

Location: NZ
Hobbies and interests: Lots and lots, all sorts of things. Lifelong interests in music and nature. Particularly weird plants and misunderstood animals (spiders, insects, worms, sea squirts).

Why are you here? Aspergia's closing :cry: . Ok, I'm quite Aspie in my personality and developed an obsession with AS and autism after my friend's child was diagnosed with autism and I started reading about it.

When were you diagnosed? Not diagnosed. I don't have AS, my personality has lots of Aspie traits but not to the extent that fits with all the DSM-IV criteria and all that stuff (don't like the word "impaired" much anyway). By the way, I always seem to explain things in FAR too much detail. Sorry.

Favourite subjects: Not at school anymore but biology and music were my favourites.

Year/Grade: well, thinking about doing a PhD

Favourite Music: So much it would take me hours to list (I'm not kidding, that over-detailed thing again). A small selection from my CD collection might include Hildegarde of Bingen (12th century), Palestrina (16th Century), Bach (1685-1750 - still remember that date from school), Benjamin Britten (20th century), Arvo Part ("classical" but still alive and composing now), the soundtrack to the muscial "Little Shop of Horrors" (main character is a weird plant YAY!! !! !), Leonard Cohen (not sure of his exact genre, but a friend of mine who is in her late 40s listened to him at university), The Mutton Birds (NZ group), Nick Cave (alternative, Australian, kind of dark), Hossam Ramzy (Egyptian percussionist). I'll stop now.

Books: Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham (ok anything by John Wyndham). A town like Alice by Neville Shute. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Anything by Christopher Brookmyre. And lots more (actually more than the music I think...)

Tv shows/movies: Nothing much right now. Can live without both if I have music books and a computer.

Instrument: Mostly I sing. Love singing.

Sports: I watch cricket. I don't play any team or competitive sport. Too much trauma being the uncoordinated kid at school. :roll:

Family: Large and complex. One branch seems to have lots of Aspie traits - but I don't see them a lot because they aren't in NZ. I'm single and have two lovely cats.

Clothing: Eccentric. I think orange and lime green go well together.

How did you find this site? I'm a refugee from Aspergia. :cry:

Job: Biologist.

Comments: Think I've said enough already! :wink:

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04 Jul 2004, 11:43 am

What is your first name? Elizabeth

Age: 15

Location: New York

Hobbies and Interests: Internet, singing, dancing, reading, etc.

Why are you here? I think I have AS or something like that but I didn't get diagnosed yet but I am gonna get tested for it soon.

Favorite Subjects: Computers, Musical Theatre, Gym

Year/Grade: 11th next fall

Favorite Music: HIlary Duff, Cher, anything that I could dance too and music from broadway and movies and etc.

Books: HOLES, War With Grandpa, non-fiction books, fiction books, comics, educational books, etc.

TV Shows/Movies: I don't have a favorite but I like anything that is full of action, adventure, etc.

Instrument: Drums and piano

Do you like sports? If so which ones?: Volleyball, track, soccer, kickball, and baseball

Family: A mom, a dad, 2 brothers, 1 sister, and me.

Clothing: Comfortable things that are stylish and trendy and etc.

How did you find out about this website? From my mom.

Job: I don't have one but I'm gonna get one that allows me to work on computers.

Plans for the Future: News Broadcaster

Any comments? Well I do feel like I fit in here. I don't know if I have AS but I'll get diagnosed for that.

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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05 Jul 2004, 6:59 am

Thankyou for the compliment Torley! :) Likewise, I'm sure!

Hi Nightshade - it is good to see another Kiwi about the place :D ! I've just finished "Chocky" by John Wyndham - moving onto "The Midwich Cuckoos" [the latest version of the film was great].

Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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05 Jul 2004, 12:59 pm

What is your first name? Steve

Age: 27

Location: England

Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, art, scrabble, astronomy

Why are you here? I don't know. Might have aspergers, might not.

When were you diagnosed?n/a

Favorite subjects:n/a

Year/Grade: n/a

Favorite music: Stuff like n.e.r.d, stevie wonder, beach boys.

Books: I quite like jg ballard.

TV shows/Movies: Vertigo, 2001, The Ring(japanese)

Instrument: No

Do you like sports? Tennis, m/sport

Family: yes

Clothing: Mostly casual.

How did you find this website?

Job: Illustrator

Plans for the future? world domination

Any comments? Good site - well done.

Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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05 Jul 2004, 5:26 pm

What is your first name? Katie

Age: 16

Location: Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Hobbies and Interests: reading, writing, psychology, films, drawing, drama, dance

Why are you here? I have asperger's

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): last september when I was 15

Favorite subjects: expressive arts, design technology

Year/Grade: i've just left year 11 so (hopefully!) year 12/lower sixth next september

Favorite music: mostly rock-type things

Books: Men at Arms, The Log, Round Ireland with a Fridge

TV shows/Movies:Evolution, The Shawshank Redemption, Shaun of the Dead (films)

Instrument: does voice count?

Do you like sports? If so, which ones?:no...i like walking though

Family: mum, dad , sister

Clothing: casual, comfortable with the odd party outfit

How did you find this website? Nuttdan

Job: don't have one

Plans for the future? pass my a-levels, go to university

Any comments? does this remind anyone of those FWD: QUIZ type things? but this is better because it serves a purpose and doesnt claim to give you good/ bad luck

ciamar a tha thu

Sonas càirdeas

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05 Jul 2004, 10:56 pm

What is your first name? Tom

Age: 26, 27 this month; look about 20

Location: Lady Lake, FL; originally Bridgewater, MA

Hobbies and Interests: Meteorology; U.S. Geography; Internet; Statistics; Broadcasting (schedules, personalties, call letters, station logos); DXing

Why are you here? I have Asperger's Syndrome

When were you diagnosed? Late 1990's

Favorite subjects: Meteorology, U.S. Geography, Internet, Statistics, Broadcasting

Year/Grade: Graduated high school in June 1996

Favorite music: Everything but rap and heavy metal; but don't tend to listen to much

Books: Mostly reference books

TV shows/Movies: I don't have one

Instrument: None

Do you like sports? If so, which ones?: Baseball if anything

Family: Mother, Father, three brothers and one sister (brother's are or will be 34, 32 and 31 this year, sister 33); none of them are on the autistic spectrum

Clothing: Don't care for writing on shirts, usually jeans

How did you find this website? A member told me about it, joined shortly after he did. :)

Job: N/A

Plans for the future?

Any comments? I am glad I was made aware of this site. I probably would of found it sooner or later. :)

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Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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06 Jul 2004, 4:53 am

the_enigma wrote:
This is a model of how you should answer your questions. All questions are optional. I thought this would be a good icebreaker for everyone.

Ookie, I do so then. ^.^

What is your first name? Call me Starling. Call me Clarice and die.

Age: old enough

Location: Central Valley, California

Hobbies and Interests: writing music, hearing music, philosophy, science, specifically biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, psychology; aikido, yoga, meditation, drawing pictures, tarot cards, reading, board posting, video games, stories, animals, fantasy, the common person, non-love poems and songs, ecology, humor, secular theology, debating, cooking, gardening, bicycle riding, swimming, standing in the rain--:brain fizzles out:

Why are you here? I have got to figure out how to get myself back on track.

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): my parents were very, very confused most of the time when I was young. Being the eldest, they just assumed my precocious insanity (speaking sentences at 1, reading at 3) was normal, having no prior experience with kids. This is why only trained professionals should handle child raising. 8)

Favorite subjects: Anything in my hobbies and interests, which include most things to be done under the sun.

Year/Grade: HS diploma, some college experience, but no degree and currently wishing fervently for the means both financial and mental, to get one.

Favorite music: Not sure, anything besides loud music, Country/Western, and love songs for the most part. Some times due to severe lack of non-love songs I enjoy love songs, if not for the lyrics.

Books: Tailchaser's Song, by Tad Williams. Pullman's His Dark Materials, except for the last book. Micromegas, by Voltaire. Anything that deals with normal people sent into fantastic situations. Because I, an abnorma person in a banal situation like to live vicariously through them.

TV shows/Movies: I liked "Bowling for Columbine." Moore is definitely a brilliiant satirist. That's the most recent movie I've seen. I'm more the art noveau type than the thriller or romantic.

Instrument: I play the Clarinet, though haven't gotten my amature back since those 3 months I had to work 13 hours out of the day and couldn't play it. I also play some piano, though being too poor for a piano, I still haven't been able to fall in love with the non-weighted keys of my synth. Did I mention they had baby grands accessible back when I was still allowed in school?

Do you like sports? If so, which ones?: I like the Aikido school of martial art. It's my favorite discipline: not too aggressive for me like Judo, and very concept oriented, all arranged around centers of balance and energy flow (aka flexion). Unfortunately here in Pavementville there isn't anything but commuters and Mexicans for miles and miles... 70 churches in town but no community center, and no qualified Aikido teacher. Been studying yoga lately, since it's the one discipline that you really can learn by looking at still pictures in a book.

Family: A mom. I had a dad, but he was emotionally abusive, and despite my family's urgings I try to stay away from him due to my own psychological unrest, and his generally unfriendly nature these days. I have a sister too, though she lives with him since she can stand him, and he keeps her in line, since she was never allowed to develop the ability to take care of herself.

Clothing: I dress in camoflage. Not the military style suitable for Vietnamese jungles, but the social style. I wear solid colors, neutral colors, the type of thing that doesn't stand out. My hair isn't wacky, my shoes aren't too wild, I have no piercings or tattoos. It makes my radical ideas all the more poignant, and keeps me safe from people who judge solely by appearance.

How did you find this website? From was looking for a forum. Found aspergia by Googling.

Job: Need one to pay for school. $2000 to my name currently and probably 3 years needed to graduate with a B.S. in something.

Plans for the future? I want to live somewhere where there is nice weather, lots of rain and colorful cloud patterns. I want to be able to get around without having to drive, and I would like to work with animals. I'd especially like to work with, or own ferrets. Of course, this conflicts with my other dream, which is to assemble or join a high tech team of computer programmers, artists and creative people, and make the best darned story oriented video game this planet has ever seen. I mean c'mon, the best story game out there right now is "Jak II," how hard is that to beat? :mrgreen:

Any comments? I stay up too late. :oops:

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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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06 Jul 2004, 2:06 pm


Age-15 at the time of this post


Hobbies-Computers, gaming, swimming, being very obnoxious and annoying. :oops:

Location-Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Where I heard about this site-My mother about 20 minutes before this post

Plans for older life-College and P.H.D. which will take me til' im 27 years old. (Yes school can be boring at times, but I'll survive.)

Pets-3 Dogs(Whiet, Lassie Colly, Harley, female border colly/lab, Max, part pug, not sure what else.) 2 Cats(One is black with white tummy, chest and chin, the other is very very furry with brown fur, and large black spots{needs to quit attacking my ankles}

Favorite Tv Shows-Family Guy, News, any sort of humorous Tv shows and occasionally Extreme Animals on Animal Planet, oh oh Law and Order, Cops, any sort of educational films as well.

Family-Very disfunctional history, Scitzofrenia, Autism, Alzheimers, etc., closest family members consist of my 10 year old brother, my mother and father, and my grandparents on my mothers side(never see my dads side of the family much.)

Diagnosed-Around age 7 or so, was very tough on my parents, they say my Neurotypical(normal) brother is a breeze compared to me.

History-if anybody is interested pm me and ill make a post about it and pm you about the post.

Grade-Going to 10th after this summer break, taking the highest lvl courses the school will offer, plan to have calculus 2 out of the way by the end of high school.

Addictions-Computers, Computers, Computers, Computers, making funny faces out of text on the computers. [size=18]<('-')> <('o'<) <(-_-)> <("o"<) <(`0`)> /size


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06 Jul 2004, 6:48 pm

What is your first name? Amanda

Age: 23

Location: California

Hobbies and Interests: I don't know.

Why are you here? I am autistic.

When were you diagnosed? July 1995.

Favorite subjects: I'm not in school.

Year/Grade: I'm not in school.

Favorite music: I don't know.

Books: I don't know

TV shows/Movies: I don't know.

Instrument: Hammered dulcimer.

Do you like sports? If so, which ones?: Ping-pong.

Family: Two brothers, a father and mother. I do not live with them. One cat, who does live with me.

Clothing: Right now mostly shorts and t-shirts.

How did you find this website? Heard it advertised various places.

Job: Unemployed.

Plans for the future? Not sure I think that way.

Any comments? There are undoubtedly answers to the questions I answered "I don't know" to, but open-ended questions can be difficult.

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Forum Moderator

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06 Jul 2004, 11:12 pm

This is a model of how you should answer your questions. All questions are optional. I thought this would be a good icebreaker for everyone.

What is your first name? Scott

Age: 24 - B-day: 27/11/1979

Location: Eastern Wisconsin

Hobbies and Interests: Internet, computers, TV broadcasting

Why are you here? I have AS and want to relate to others like me

Year/Grade: College Junior

Favorite music: almost anything with synthesizers

TV shows/Movies: Simpsons

How did you find this website? Through aspergia, which I found through google

Job: Grocrey stocker, TV camerman

Plans for the future? I want to go into broadcasting

Any comments? Finally! I feel as if I belong.

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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07 Jul 2004, 9:41 pm

Hidey ho

What is your first name? Davis

Age: 15 - My Birthday is 5/2/1989

Location: San Diego, California

Hobbies and interests: Video games, webcomics, anime

Why are year here? I have Asperger's Syndrome, and am interested in learning how others have coped with it so that I may do so better myself.

Grade: High School Softmore

Favorite Music: Anything along the lines of They Might Be Giants and Tom Lehrer.

Favorite Television Shows/Movies: Nearly all Anime (Trigun 8O )

How did you find this website: An e-mail to my parents

Job: None

Plans for the future: Math teacher or some type of scientist

Comments: I have always yearned for an online community of people more like me.