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Joined: 18 May 2006
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19 May 2006, 8:33 pm

What is your first name? No comment

Age: 45, in a couple of weeks

Location: British Columbia

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, computers, digital imaging....

Why are you here? One kid with high-functioning autistic disorder, another with Asperger's... and they are going to test me to make my diagnosis "official"

When were you diagnosed? On my way.

Favorite subjects: Chemistry, Biology - and now - any computer animation, imaging program I can get my hands on.

Year/Grade: Left university a year shy of a B.Ed

Favorite music: Anything but twangy country.

Books: Far, far too many to mention

TV shows/Movies: Movies - Casablanca, Dr. Strangelove; TV - oddly enough, I like Grey's Anatomy.

Instrument: Percussion, guitar

Do you like sports? Hockey, hockey.... and did I mention hockey?

Family: Cohabitating at present, and have 3 kids from previous relationships

Clothing: Uber casual, messy - and I am only wearing black until they come up with something darker.

How did you find this website? Surfing

Job: Analyst in the paper industry

Plans for the future? Stay employed until 65, raise my kids and then quietly expire with no fuss or mess.

Any comments? I am a bit of a loner, but have an outrageous sense of humour. People think I'm weird, but I like the way I am.

Aus der Kriegsschule des Lebens. - Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker.


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20 May 2006, 3:57 pm

What is your first name? Paula

Age: 14

Location: Argentina

Hobbies and Interests: reading, writing, tv, learning languages, writing on my folder covers

Why are you here? I'm pretty sure I have Asperger's, although I'm not diagnosed

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder):

Favorite subjects: languages

Year/Grade: 9th

Favorite music: Franz Ferdinand, Beatles, Franz Ferdinand, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Franz Ferdinand

Books: James Joyce, George Orwell, mostly anything at all

TV shows/Movies: sitcoms: Friends, That 70's Show, Will & Grace, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Gilmore Girls

Instrument: Guitar but I suck

Do you like sports? NOO!

Family: mom dad dog and temporarily cousin

Clothing: comfortable

How did you find this website? google

Job: student, if that counts

Plans for the future? nah

Any comments? Ich heisse Superfantastische

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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21 May 2006, 6:07 am

What is your first name? Adam

Age: 44

Location: Berkshire, England

Hobbies and Interests: I have about 40. Do you really want to know them all? Well I'll give you the most intense ones:
Florida, Thunderstorms, the Weather, Chess, Astronomy, Horticulture, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Philately, Travelling, Airplanes, Trains, Mountains, Photography

Why are you here? AS

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): Not yet formally, but my son has been

Favorite subjects: Biology, Geography

Year/Grade: Got to Ph.D student before social stresses overcame me

Favorite music: Classic Rock

Books: Lord of the Rings, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, any popular science book

TV shows/Movies: Star Trek, CSI, Seinfeld, Green Wing, X-Men

Instrument: Guitar

Do you like sports? Very much: Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf

Family: Wife and three kids

Clothing: no interest

How did you find this website? google

Job: Drive a van for a courier company, own web design company

Plans for the future? Very confused about that since self diagnosis

Any comments? Glad to find this forum. Not many friends because I am like a blind man in situations of social interaction. Is it possible for fellow AS sufferers to be friends?


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21 May 2006, 8:05 am

What is your first name? ____

Age: 20

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hobbies and Interests: Human biology, AS, dance, Final Fantasy and Square-Enix games, anime, science fiction, fantasy, movies, other random things

Why are you here? Social outlet, interested in other people's views here

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): Young age, can't remember

Favorite subjects: Biology, chemistry, psychiatry (and critically looking at it)

Year/Grade: In my second year of my bachelor's degree

Favorite music: Well I have a few favourite types but I don't listen to much music; trip-hop, electronic soundscapes (not ambient), some pop. Currently listening to unity album by george.

Books: Ender's Game sagas, The Demolished Man, LOTR, Harry Potter. I don't read much though.

TV shows/Movies: Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Clockwork Orange, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lain, Grave of the Fireflies, Amelie, LOTR (better than the books).

Instrument: I don't play anything, but I like the sound of the violin and the piano. Least favourite instrument is the harpischord.

Do you like sports? No, unless you count dance as a sport, which nobody does.

Family: Parents, younger (16) sister

Clothing: Whatever is cheap, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, which to me means something different from everyone else it seems - I don't care either way though if its stylish or not.

How did you find this website? Google? Or another website maybe

Job: Undergraduate nurse

Plans for the future? Go into nursing, a field that's stimulating and tests my skills

Any comments? I chose this avatar because Eeyore is apparently of my personality type. Not because he's depressed and cynical, although of course I have my sad moments. Not cynical, though - despite having been depressed over long periods of time before (not now), I generally believe in the best of people, even when they seem to only have a bad side.

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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Joined: 6 Mar 2006
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23 May 2006, 3:29 pm

What is your first name? Maya and my Son's name is Alan

Age: 33 and my son is 6 1/2

Location: Massachusetts

Hobbies and Interests: my son's interests are Star Wars, Harry Potter, Baseball, Numbers, Time, Math

Why are you here? I am a proud mom of an Aspie and I am here to get information and connect with people that are like minded...

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): Alan was formally diagnosed about a week ago (but has been informally diagnosed for a few months)

Favorite subjects: N/A

Year/Grade: Alan is 6 1/2 and is in Kindergarten.

Favorite music: Alan loves Star Wars

Books: Alan loves anything about star wars, dinosaurs, baseball (he reads at between a 4-6th grade level) (still waiting on formal test results on exactly what level)

TV shows/Movies: TV: Anytihng on Cartoon Network, Baseball games (Especially Red Sox); Movies: Star Wars, Harry Potter

Instrument: N/A

Do you like sports? Alan loves Baseball

Family: Mom, Dad and a sister (catey) who is 3 and 1/2

Clothing: Alan likes anything soft, like sweats...but will wear other clothes

How did you find this website? Pediatric Neurologist suggested we look at it....

Job: N/A

Plans for the future? Alan wants to play baseball or go into space

Any comments? Hopefully I am accepted here even tho I personally do not have AS... I am a proud mom of an Aspie :)


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Joined: 17 May 2006
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23 May 2006, 7:52 pm

What is your first name? Lauren

Age: 20

Location: Australia

Hobbies and Interests: Singing, writing, art, reading

Why are you here? I am here to talk with likeminded people and share the world that is mine with others who might understandi t :)

When were you diagnosed? When I was 13 (1996)

Favorite subjects: Art!

Year/Grade: N/A

Favorite music: Any except harcore rock, headbanging type stuff.

Books: Peter pan because I love the themes it deals with. I am in love with the idea of eternal youth and think there is so much beauty in the world of children adn Peter pan portrays an important message about the importance of keeping the spirit of youth alve.
Notre dame de Paris - the most moving and amazing book i have ever read...would recomend it to anyone. I will never get over this book, it is incredible.
Wuthering heights - beautiful story - amazingly written.

TV shows/Movies: TV: The little mermaid, anything disney!. the notebook, ever after,

Instrument: Voice

Do you like sports? I do trapeze thats it.:)

Family: My mum, dad and younger brother. All are amazingly supportive and wonderful. I have an amazing family!

Clothing: I love to dress up fancy when i go out otherwise its comfort and cash all the way!! I wont wear really short things, wollen things, i dont like vests or really thin tops or shawls.

How did you find this website? a friend told me about it.

Job: I work as a therapist for autistic and intalectually disabled kids.

Plans for the future? LIVE and have fun!! make the best of every moment!

Any comments? I am very excited to be a part of the community and look forward to getting to know you all!

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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Joined: 25 May 2006
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Location: Athens, AL

26 May 2006, 11:30 pm

What is your first name? Ian

Age: 21

Location: Alabama (Huntsville area)

Hobbies and Interests:
Model-kits (sci-fi);
Languages (Japanese, conversational; Mandarin, just starting out; American Sign Language, also starting out; some written Latin; a little Francais for the ladies ^_--; and bits and pieces of several others.)

Economics (Austrian), Geopolitics, Libertarian Minarchism/Anarchocapitalism, investing, history, literature, physics.

Why are you here? I am certain that I have Asperger's, because when I "discovered" it a few weeks ago, it's all I could read and talk about because it made my entire life make sense!

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): I'm looking for a doc who has some experience with adults on the spectrum.

Favorite subjects: English, Business, History, Foreign Language

Year/Grade: Sophomore (College)

Favorite music: Too much to list!

Books: The Bible, The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), The Art of War (Sun Tzu), The Complete Works of Tacitus (Gaius Cornelius Tacitus), Norstrilia (Cordwainer Smith), A Brief History of Time (Stephen Hawking), Catcher in the Rye (Salinger), Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky)... If it's historical, scientific, philosophical, science fiction, or true literature, I'll read it.

TV shows/Movies: I don't watch much TV, but I like House, 24, Prisonbreak, Simpsons, and South Park. As for movies, I like science fiction/fantasy, horror, comedy, and black-and-white films.

Instrument: I used to play the violin, and I'm considering taking it back up (I have one, it's just hardly used).

Do you like sports? If so, which one? I live in Alabama, where Football is an organized religion. I watch a couple of games a year, but I'm not a fanatic and I don't play. I lift weights, but not competitively. I also enjoy marksmanship, but I'm not good enough to compete. :)

Family: Best parents ever, an older sister (27), two younger brothers (19 and 15). My middle brother has traits on the spectrum more pronounced than mine, but I haven't talked to him about it yet.

Clothing: Jeans and t-shirts, but I can be fashionable when I want to be. I like the film-noir look, and 60s men's as well.

How did you find this website? O.A.S.I.S. link.

Job: My sister and I co-own and operate an online and convention-based retail concern specializing in printed t-shirts, beanies/hats, and accessories in the geek/anime/sci-fi fashion niche.

Plans for the future? Long term relationship/marriage, finish all these books I'm trying to write, get an MBA, and live life to the fullest!

Any comments? Well, since finding out about AS about a month ago, I've really found a number of websites and books helpful. My ex-girlfriend is an aspie (and proud!), and when I talked to her about my "discovery" she had a duh-moment, and told me I had neon signs flashing aspie all around me, but she thought I was just a peculiar NT. I decided that as I go about getting diagnosed professionally, and seek to interact better with NTs, I should get to know other people on the spectrum as well, which is why I'm here! I'm from Alabama but you wouldn't know it from talking to me ^_--. If you're from the Alabama/Tennessee area, get in touch and we should meet up somewhere! I travel across the U.S. quite a bit on business, too, so maybe my schedule will put me somewhere where lunch might be in order. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to getting to know you!

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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Joined: 15 Jan 2006
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Location: Salt Spring Island, Canada

27 May 2006, 3:48 pm

Age: 17

Location: Salt Spring Island canada

Hobbies and Interests: Mudic, Drawing,writting raising Stick insects" ( bugs that look exatly like a stick")

Why are you here?: I need other Aspies to talk to because i'm so loney.........the special needs program I go into i'm too high funtioning for everyone there is severly disabled............and ca'nt carry somewhat any conversation

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): I was eight

Favorite subjects: art,music,creative writing, woodworking,

Year/Grade: gradec 12

Favorite music: IT'S OBVIOUS! GUESS. :)

Books: "Freaks geeks and Asperes syndrome" "Flowers for Aldergon" "The curious insident of the dog in the night time" "Shout! The Beatles in there generation"
"The lovley Bones" "Lord Of the Flies.

TV shows/Movies: A hard days night, freddy got fingerd,poltergiest, supersize me, bowling for columbibe, the lion king, Family Guy, Honey wre killing the kids, the simpsons, sons of butcher and futurerama

Instrument: Drums

Do you like sports? not really...... but i like badminton and vollyball once in a while.

Family: Living with mom and dad and my dog Holly.

Clothing: Jeans and always a beatles t-shirt with a touch of a rock star kind of style

How did you find this website? someone at school

Job: still in school but i'm getting one

Plans for the future? artist, writer, drummer music therepast

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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Location: Madison, WI

28 May 2006, 10:38 pm

What is your first name? Aaron

Age: 24

Location: Madison, WI

Hobbies and Interests: Video Games, Movies, Computers, Fantasy & Sci-fi lit., Reading, Wine

Why are you here? To chill out and learn more about AS

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): I was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago, but it wasn't until about a month ago that I first heard of AS. I'm starting to believe that my behavior may be more in line with symptoms of AS than of ADD.

Favorite subjects: Japanese and Russian History/Culture, Video Games, Languages and Linugustics, Libertarianism, Wine, and someother stuff that I can't think of at the moment...

Year/Grade: I'll be starting my second year of my associate's degree in network security this fall. I should also mention that I have a BA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My BA didn't really help me get a job, so I'm doing something alittle more hands on now.

Favorite music: Movie Scores, Video game music, Chillout, some trance occasionally

Books: George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and FIre series, Lord of the Rings, Starship Troopers, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, The Prince of Nothing Trilogy, all the Harry Potter books, Killer Angels, Notes from the Underground, The Death of Ivan Ivanovich

TV shows/Movies: 24, House, Lost, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Family Guy

Instrument: nope

Do you like sports? nah, not really. I'm really interested in whitewater kayaking tho

Family: A Dad, a Mom, a Brother and a Dog that really loves to get into trouble. You won't hear me complain about my family because they are pretty cool and always have been :D

Clothing: uh, whatever is comfortable i guess :?

How did you find this website? Wikipedia

Job: I'm currently a student, but I'm in the hunt for a computer networking internship this summer with one of the NOCs around Madison.

Plans for the future? To make lots of money doing a job that I'll never get bored of. :D

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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Location: Ipswich, south-east England

02 Jun 2006, 11:59 am

What is your first name? Ben

Age: 20

Location: Ipswich, Suffolk, England. >Link!<

Hobbies and Interests: Music, films, using the internet, writing, learning new things, and exploring the world with Google Earth because I can't afford to go anywhere.

Why are you here? I am here to chill out!

When were you diagnosed? (skip if you don't have a disorder): Undiagnosed, uncertain of condition.

Favourite subjects: Maths, I.T, Geography

Year/Grade: Educated at home until I was 15, when I went to college to do some GCSEs and a GNVQ.

Favourite music: Bjork!! !! :D Besides her, I like Catatonia (R.I.P you guys), Coldplay, Blur, The Polyphonic Spree, among others.

Books: Books? What are they??! :oops:

TV shows/Movies: No particular TV shows, but films: Brazil, Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Delicatessen, anything slightly surreal and confusing.

Instrument: None currently, but I'd like to learn the guitar.

Do you like sports? Sorry but no. I occasionally play squash, which is great for hand/eye coordination.

Family: In order of age: Dad, mum, me, sister's boyfriend, sister, various pets.

Clothing: Clothes? Didn't you know that Ipswich is England's largest nudist colony???! ! 8)

Cothing (seriously!): Errrm, just whatever is clean and comfortable I guess.

How did you find this website? Family made me register and I complied because I was bored of IMDB and the lovely Bjork community.

Job: None yet, but I'm looking for something within I.T, preferably building and repairing systems.

Plans for the future? Live long and be happy! :D

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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Joined: 1 Jun 2006
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Location: California

03 Jun 2006, 10:52 pm

What is your first name? Shane

Age: 25

Location: CA, USA

Hobbies and Interests: T.V., Music, Computers, Books, Airplanes, Cars, Family, Hiking.

Why are you here? To Learn maybe make some friends

When were you diagnosed? (Skip if you don't have a disorder): 2 years

Favorite subjects: Science, Love to read, Music

Year/Grade: 25

Favorite music: Anything but twangy country.

Books: All of them Criton, Clancy, everything. Lets not forget about Hawkins

TV shows/Movies: House, Stargate, NCIS, Lost, Simpson’s, Family Guy, South Park and almost all movies.

Instrument: no rhythm

Do you like sports? Yes I can’t play well but I try. I will watch hockey that’s about it.

Family: yes mom and dad two older sisters nephew is Autistic

Clothing: loose nice fabric just whatever.

How did you find this website? Sister told me about it.

Job: YES stressful but fun.

Plans for the future? Wows don’t know yet just trying to be happy with myself.

Any comments? ummm no.


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Age: 36
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Location: Australia

03 Jun 2006, 10:57 pm

What is your first name? Richard

Age: 22

Location: NSW, Australia

Hobbies and Interests: Computers, Jungian Psychology, Taoism, anti-aging

Why are you here? Interested

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): Undiagnosed

Favorite subjects: Software Design, Engineering Studies, should have done French

Year/Grade: Completed the HSC (finished school) in 2002

Favorite music: electroclash, indie, NIN, NIN and NIN

Books: Non-Fiction

TV shows/Movies: From Hell, THGTTG, M:I I (II and III suck)

Instrument: None

Do you like sports? Swimming

Family: Two parents, younger brother and sister.

Clothing: Black, plain and modest. Never wear shorts. Boots, never sneakers.

How did you find this website? googled "asperger's" or something like that.

Job: None. About to go back to TAFE.

Plans for the future? Make money, use if for real interests (work to live, not live to work).

Any comments? Hi.

"Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur" - Petronius

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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Location: Texas

06 Jun 2006, 2:37 pm

What is your first name? Randall

Age: 17.8219

Location: Texas

Why are you here? Because I have nothing better to do.

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): Maybe 6 months ago (?)

Favorite subjects: math, history

Year/Grade: 12th

Favorite music: metal

Books: Inherit the Wind, anything by Dostoyevsky

TV shows/Movies: I despise Hollywood.

Instrument: baritone 5 years, guitar 3 years

Do you like sports? no.

Family: 2 sisters, brother-in-law, mother, father, stepfather, 2 grandmothers, grandpa, 5 aunts, 5 uncles, 12 cousins, my cat Pixie, niece, nephew

Clothing: dark blue jeans (Plugg), plain black shoes, black t

How did you find this website? Dr. Phil

Job: unemployed

Plans for the future? none


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Location: SC, USA

06 Jun 2006, 7:40 pm

Age: 33 (as of summer 2006)

Location: South Carolina

Hobbies and Interests: languages, christianity, drawing, Internet, mysteries (tv or novels), origami, duct-tape, other crafts ....

Why are you here? I am AS or similar.

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): self-dx around 1996

Favorite subjects: spanish, politics (trying to understand things!)

Year/Grade: have finally finished 2nd MA degree in spanish. 1st was in french. want to study more about web-design.

Favorite music: folk, world, punk, country, etc.

Authors: Borges, Cortázar, Dorothy L Sayers, Maeve Binchy, etc.

TV shows/Movies: nearly any british detective show, all movies I have seen by Terry Gilliam, House, american shows with weirdo characters like Ally McBeale or Homicide.

Instrument: almost learned to play the bagpipes, but quit.

Do you like sports? If so, which ones?: I like to watch soccer and would like to play it if they didn't care if you were bad.

Family: parents divorced, conflicting types of (unofficial) AS?!
Live with husband (unofficial AS) and mother.

Clothing: for teaching, pants and a hopefully nice shirt that I hopefully didn't have to iron. Comfortable shoes, always. Colorful or interesting but simple clothes if possible.

How did you find this website? I think i saw it on somebody's cafepress shop? or in aspiesforfreedom site? can't remember.

Job: Teach spanish and occasionally french or ESL at a state technical college.

Plans for the future? the South Carolina american dream: put a trailer on my mother's property for us to live in our own house.

Any comments? Don't know, I just got here...

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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Age: 44
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Location: up the faraway tree

06 Jun 2006, 10:57 pm

What is your first name? little bird of course ':wink:'

Age: 29

Location: "i come from the land down under..."

Hobbies and Interests: art, reading, crosswords, computer games, music, writing, making things, buddhism, the sciences in general.

Why are you here? the comfort of like-minded people who share similar experiences

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): december 05

Favorite subjects: art & science

Year/Grade: second year of visual arts diploma

Favorite music: joy division, radiohead, bjork, the smiths, my bloody valentine, sigur ros, the cure, tori amos, pj harvey, ella f, stuff from the 50s, 60s, 80s.

Books: haruki murakami, sylvia plath, banana yoshimoto, dan rhodes, j.d. salinger, the brontes, jeanette winterson, aldous huxley, peter carey, philip k. dick, j.g. ballard, italo calvino, the dalai lama, leunig, calvin and hobbes, and all sorts of non-fiction

TV shows/Movies: the x files, black books, red dwarf, black adder, couplings, futurama, the young ones, bottom, any british comedy, astroboy. Movies: naked, once upon a time in the west, toy story, finding nemo, the white balloon, amelie, the fifth element, the matrix, lotr, dark crystal, fight club, i heart huckabees...

Instrument: piano, guitar sorta (i suck/don't practice enough)

Do you like sports? not really, things like tai chi, yoga, and flamenco dancing appeal. i do like the outdoors though - if it's deserted - i like to wander off into the woods, or sit on beaches far from the presence of civilisation.

Family: i have family, yes

Clothing: what i wear depends upon my mood

How did you find this website? googled 'asperger's'

Job: nuh

Plans for the future? continue with fine art studies at a degree level, then do an m.a. if possible, so i can be an artist, and work in an art gallery, or a museum. especially the museum...full of collections of things...

Any comments? :wink:

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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09 Jun 2006, 10:04 am

What is your first name?Ryan


Location: Way out in the boonies somewhere in New Mexico (US)

Hobbies and Interests: Computer Music, Computer Programming, Computer Art, Computer Gaming, Computers in General, Hiking.

Why are you here? I'm an Aspie just trying to make sense of Asperger Syndrome

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): Just about a year ago.

Favorite subjects: Anything generally relating to computers, physics, history.

Year/Grade: Out of school (high school drop-out, college drop-out, GED)

Favorite music: 80s, classics, and anything that isn't heavy.

Books: Orson Scott Card books, any technical documentation I can get my hands on.

TV shows/Movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, Lord of the Rings, The pricess Bride, etc.

Instrument: Computer

Do you like sports? Used to have fun playing basketball, not into watching any sports, trying to do more running, hiking..

Family: 3 step-brothers, 2 Sisters, and a Half-Brother

Clothing: Jeans and Shirt, durability and comfort mean more to me then fasion.

How did you find this website? googling.

Job: Computer Programmer / SysAdmin

Plans for the future? Life better lived then now.

Any comments? How can people as non-social as I am manage to create such an active forum?