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03 Aug 2006, 6:14 am

blackduck wrote:
Any comments? Appeciate this site. Sorry if any posts have rubbed anyone up the wrong way (I think I have)

We all do at some point. Personally I play the ball, not the man, and as far as I'm concerned whatever happens on a particular thread stays on that thread.

So welcome aboard...I'm in Melbourne too.

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03 Aug 2006, 2:00 pm

What is your first name? Hannah.

Age: Sixteen.

Location: New Hampshire.

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, writing, television, horseback riding, the outdoors.

Why are you here? Because I have Asperger's, and I'm interested in meeting other people with Asperger's.

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): May 2006.

Favorite subjects: Everything really, but especially math and English.

Year/Grade: I'll be going into eleventh grade this fall.

Favorite music: Classical, popular.

Books: 'The Lord of the Rings', 'The Book Thief', 'The Riddles of Epsilon'... those are just some of my favorites; I really can't list them all.

TV shows/Movies: TV shows: 'The West Wing', 'Mystery Science Theater 3000', 'The X-Files', 'Third Rock From the Sun', and 'House M.D.' Movies: 'Contact', 'The Lord of the Rings', and 'In America'.

Instrument: Violin.

Do you like sports? Yes, except volleyball and field hockey. Soccer's my favorite.

Family: Mom, Dad (divorced, neither remarried), and a thirteen-year-old sister.

Clothing: Jeans, T-shirt, anything comfortable, really.

How did you find this website? Google.

Job: N/A.

Plans for the future? I'd like to try teaching elementary school, and I'd also like to be a novelist.

Any comments? This is an awesome site.


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06 Aug 2006, 7:17 am

What is your first name? Krisztina

Age: 16

Location: Budakeszi

Hobbies and Interests: I like drawing and painting, learning languages, reading, researching crime, walking in the forest, photographing insects.

Why are you here? I'm not sure.

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): I was incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD when I was 6, given medicine, but my mother made me stop taking it because she thought it was ''bullshit''. People kept thinking there was something wrong with me, so I started researching to find a reason. I found out about Asperger's. I haven't been officially diagnosed though.

Favorite subjects: Art and languages. I love learning languages, it's such a shame that the two my school offers (English and German) I've already learned so much that they told me I shouldn't go to te classes anymore.

Year/Grade: 11th

Favorite music: Our Lady Peace, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guano Apes mostly, but I like almost everything that sounds pleasant or has lyrics I like.

Books: The Day of the Jackal, The Dark is Rising, The Dice Man, Ayuamarca, We Need to Talk About Kevin, books by Isaac Asimov, comics (such as: Sandman, Watchmen, V for Vendetta.)

TV shows/Movies: Lost, X-Files, Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost In the Shell, Le Samourai, Monster, Star Wars, various documentaries.

Instrument: None. I'm hopeless at music.

Do you like sports? I like swimming. I used to do it competitively when I was younger.

Family: A russian blue, mother, uncles and aunts, two grandparents, many cousins, a half-sister, two nieces.

Clothing: What I take out of the closet first. Usually jeans with some kind of shirt and sport shoes for comfort.

How did you find this website? Researching Asperger.

Job: Student, sadly.

Plans for the future? I want to study art. After that, I don't know.

Any comments? None yet. I'm still exploring.


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07 Aug 2006, 6:51 pm

I... don't remember if I ever filled this in :roll: Whoops. Well, I'll post anyway...

What is your first name? Alex, 'though I go by 'Jai' usually.

Age: 21

Location: Surrey, UK. Relocating to Somerset in a couple of weeks.

Hobbies and Interests: Collecting Sonic merchandise, surfing the internet, listening to music, working towards my bi-plane pilot licence, Flash, graphical design, writing, drawing, technology

Why are you here? I'll assume that's not a deep philosophical question and instead only relates to me being on the forum... heh. I'm here because I hope to connect with others who might understand me better than most people I've known.

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): Age 14, after dropping out of school due to depression and an anxiety disorder.

Favorite subjects: School subjects? Or topics in general? In general... video games, world events, Sonic, autism... School subjects, I liked... english, maths, drama, I.T, media studies.

Year/Grade: N/A

Favorite music: Old school rock, old school dance, world music, anything really... just not rap/drum n' bass. Favorite bands: Queen, Enigma, Savage Garden, Linkin Park, Guns n' Roses...

Books: Memoirs of a Geisha, At Swim Two Boys, my dictionary

TV shows/Movies: The Lion King, Toy Story, Mulan... all the Disney classics... and Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow.

Instrument: Keyboard, piano, violin, drums.

Do you like sports? No. Unless chess counts?

Family: Wonderful mother, idiot thug brother, barely-existant irresponsible jerkwad father.

Clothing: Mainly casual... my Sonic t-shirts, and jeans.

How did you find this website? Word of mouth, I think. Or it may have been mentioned in a magazine or newspaper article.

Job: Was a Library Assisitant. Currently unemployed, but aiming to get a placement to do NVQ3 by September.

Plans for the future? Obtain a Green Card and move to America to live with my partner. Also, to own a bi-plane.

Any comments? Some of the questions were a little ambiguous and therefore confusing... oh well.

~I wanna fly high, so I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be waiting for me, so I've got to fly higher~

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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08 Aug 2006, 10:37 pm

What is your first name? Sarah

Age: 26

Location: not tellin'! Sorry, I'm that paranoid.

Hobbies and Interests: Internet, maths, lizards and Neopets. There's more, but I don't want to bore you.

Why are you here? Because I hate OASIS, er, I mean, I have Asperger's and this is the only board for us.

When were you diagnosed? age 4

Favorite subjects: maths, roman history and music theory/comp

Year/Grade: I have a BA in applied mathematics, a BA in Vocal performance, an associate's in Music Theory, and bits and pieces of a Master's in Roman History.

Favorite music: Nothing in particular, as long as it sounds good

Books: "The Chosen", and "the Promise", both by Chaim Potok. "Rules for the Direction of the Mind" by Rene Descartes, and "the Principia Mathematica" by Whitehead and Russell.

TV shows/Movies: I don't have a favorite one

Instrument: Piano and I sing.

Do you like sports? If so, which ones?: I like playing Cricket, but my team withered up and blew away last summer. I don't like watching any sports.

Family: One mum, one dad, one step-dad, 2 brothers. I also have two female cousins with Asperger's and one autistic male cousin.

Clothing: What's clean and not too wrinkly?

How did you find this website? Pure dumb luck.

Job: I'm a merchandiser, which means I go into stores for my companies and be sure everything is displayed properly, neat and tidy, priced correctly and my demo units are all functioning properly. I love it because I set my own schedule, my boss is two states away and as long as my stores are done well and on-time, he leaves me alone. I don't work well with others. I tried corporate america. I wanted to die. This works for me. 'Specially because I'm anal about getting as much done as possible in the first part of the cycle. Then if I'm having one of those days when I really CAN'T leave the house, I don't have to panic.

Plans for the future? Making a bigger condo for Fluffy, my gecko and getting my dishes done.

Any comments? Not right now. Maybe later.


Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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14 Aug 2006, 8:59 am

Haven't done this yet so here goes...

What is your first name? Claire

Age: 37

Location: Folkestone, Kent

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, reptiles, music, dance, Aspergers, and lots of things I never thought I'd be interested in until I moved in with an Aspie! (Science, aircraft, weather, politics etc...)

Why are you here? My partner is an Aspie. I came here to learn about AS as I suspected he had it. Now I'm sure he does (and so is he).

Favorite music: Folk, blues, jazz, reggae... well, most things but mainly those. And Marilyn Manson.

Books: Anything & everything! I eat them.

TV shows/Movies: Dr Who, Father Ted, Red Dwarf, Six feet Under, Documentaries.

Instrument: All of them! (I used to work as a sound engineer). But I wish I played the saxophone.

Do you like sports? I watch motor racing. Other than that, no.

Family: We all have to have one I suppose... managed to avoid having children but have 2 teenage stepchildren. Still sane though... just...

Clothing: Yes please! Lots! Especially shoes :D :D

How did you find this website? Google search

Job: Duty Officer, Social Services

Plans for the future? I plan to live happily ever after in a cottage in the country, with Les and Ozzie, our lizard.

'Do not crush the flowers of wisdom with the hobnail boots of cynicism' - Bill Bailey

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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14 Aug 2006, 5:28 pm


My name is Stuart and I am 45 years of age and I live in West Yorkshire in the North of England in the U.K.

My hobbies and interests when I was a child was Natural History and Drawing. Writing (poetry and prose) became vitally important when I left school (these interests didn't manifest at school because I'm sound sensitive and also school was terrifying). Writing and Drawing has continued to the present day. I've a small amount of writing published and I'm also studying a B.A. Hons Fine Art on a part-time basis.

I'm here because the confusion I encountered on being dxd Asperger's & A.D.D. six years ago at the age of 37 seems to be 'levelling out'. The diagnosis was complicated by a memory glitch which may or may not be a part of A.D.D. The specialist described this specific part of memory and explained that it was nearly non-existent. My long-term memory is very good but is a very much a picture-memory.

I was dxd after an assessment period of twelve testing session once a week. The assessment began in 1999 and concluded in 2000.

My favourite music is the music I listen to when I'm writing and drawing and I listen to particular tracks on track-repeat because it creates a safe repetitive environment which I find soothing and also helps me concentrate. These are usually classical pieces because they help me conjure images in my mind. 8O

My favourite books are books of artists work and other reference books. I have been writing a kind of novel for ten years now which I am perhaps writing for reassurance, because I'm pretty sure now that all the characters are on the spectrum. I usually manage a few pages a week.

I do not have a T.V. but I do watch DVD's on a player.

My family? My parents didn't seek professional advice when I was young because they couldn't work out why I was so uninvolved and yet could reel off the name of any kind of creature which was shown on T.V. My parents and my brother and sister simply hoped that that I would find order and stability when I grew older - and also that I might start talking to people and keep a job. I managed to get a few qualifications after school which persuaded them (and me too) that things were improving. The threshold of the spectrum is observable in other members of my family. My family is a very supportive and organised family.

My clothing is a tricky subject because I adapt to changes in the season very well.

I found this web-site through my research into A.S.

As for the future I would like to finish my book. I would like to continue to explore Drawing (both imagined/remembered and observed).


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14 Aug 2006, 5:34 pm

What is your first name?

Age: 33 in 11 days

Location: NYC

Hobbies and Interests: computers, music, crafts, reading, insects, rocks, etc.

Why are you here? AS

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): skip

Favorite subjects: when I was in school-- history, foreign language, astronomy

Year/Grade: :lol:

Favorite music: classical and alternative rock, like porcupine tree

Books: a confederacy of dunces, till we have faces

TV shows/Movies: 24

Instrument: piano

Do you like sports? no

Family: husband, 5 children

Clothing: sleeveless shirts, I hate the feeling of cloth on my arms

How did you find this website? another board

Job: taking care of my kids

Plans for the future? to keep living

Any comments? thanks for asking

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15 Aug 2006, 7:32 pm

What is your first name? Jeanne(it is not pronounced Jean or Jeannie. It's like john but the j sound is different. The only person who may call me Jean is my brother. I've been called Jean,Jeannie, or Janene all my life.)


Location: New Orleans and still standing!

Hobbies and Interests:Piano,Watching the rain, geography, reading, poetry,languages, how things work and are made; studying maps(I can stare at the map in my room all day :)), and smelling things.

Why are you here? I needed to find some normalcy

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): A few months ago

Favorite subjects:Fine arts, english, and history

Year/Grade: 11th

Favorite music: Rock, Alternative Rock, Billy Joel, and Frank Sinatra.

Books: Watchers, A Confederacy of Dunces, and anything by Brian Jaques

TV shows/Movies: Monk,House, and Scrubs. Chocolat ,Amelie, and A Fish Called Wanda.

Instrument: Piano

Do you like sports? Swimming, Flag Football

Family: Sister and two brothers

Clothing: Casual. I always wear a shirt and capris. I hate low rider jeans.

How did you find this website? I forgot... :?

Job: I want to be an author

Plans for the future? College(gulp)

tinky is currently trying to overcome anatidaephobia. They're out there and they will find you...

tinky's WP Mod email account: [email protected]

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15 Aug 2006, 7:36 pm

tinky wrote:
Instrument: Piano

I'm classically trained myself. Tell us more. Do you get much performance anxiety?

"The cordial quality of pear or plum
Rises as gladly in the single tree
As in the whole orchards resonant with bees."
- Emerson

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15 Aug 2006, 7:40 pm

i've been playing for 7 months now and i'm upsessed with the piano. when i come home from school i sit down and start playing someday from hunchback of notre dame and other songs. If i ever performed in public then i would be sweating all over the keys!

tinky is currently trying to overcome anatidaephobia. They're out there and they will find you...

tinky's WP Mod email account: [email protected]

you may tire of the world but the world will never tire of you

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15 Aug 2006, 7:43 pm

Hobbies and Interests: Internet, maths, lizards and Neopets

neopets huh? i go on there too! when i have time and am not so tired that is. It seems hard for me to sleep at times.

tinky is currently trying to overcome anatidaephobia. They're out there and they will find you...

tinky's WP Mod email account: [email protected]

you may tire of the world but the world will never tire of you


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16 Aug 2006, 4:49 am

What is your first name? Not telling

Age: 20

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Hobbies and Interests: computer & the net, movies, dance (many styles), jrpgs & v-games, 'pleasant' music like trip-hop, chillout, nu-jazz, pop & rock (not loud shouty stuff)

Why are you here? People here are more interesting than those in real life, plus I can open up much more easily over the net (I come across as bored and having no sense of humour irl)

When were you diagnosed? Sometime around the age of 7-9 (can barely remember it, but I know it was halfway through primary school

Favorite subjects: Not applicable

Year/Grade: In my second year at university studying to be a registered nurse

Favorite music: As above; my favourite artist/band is a Brisbane band called george (although you could narrow it down to one of the two vocalists, Katie Noonan)

Books: I don't read much, but I did enjoy the Ender's Game series, and those books by that guy who did the Leonardo Da Vinci books that everyone loves to hate

TV shows/Movies: I don't watch TV. The last movie I saw that I really enjoyed was Donnie Darko. Not sure if I have a favourite though.

Instrument: Violin and piano

Do you like sports? No, unless you count dancing

Family: One sister who is 17 years old

Clothing: Anything comfortable. I used to buy my clothes from the Salvation Army shop because I'm cheap, but I haven't needed new clothes for a while now.

How did you find this website? From the Aspies For Freedom forums, which I don't go to anymore (I don't like their views, at all)

Job: Will be a registered nurse following current study

Plans for the future? Not sure.


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16 Aug 2006, 7:09 pm

What is your first name? Born Rosalyi; Current: Amber

Age: Biological 35; Current: 32

Location: Puget Sound

Hobbies and Interests:

Why are you here?
To find a friend

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder):
July/August 2006

Favorite subjects:
I like light politics
light cultural anthropology
but I go through subject swings like the seasons

2nd year college

Favorite music:


TV shows/Movies:
CNN; CSI-and all related; Comedy;

flute; violin; percussion

Do you like sports?
yes. I like playing them alot (or used to) I only like to watch fighting sports

no not particularly outside of my teenage son and adopted sister and her dad

tank top and comfy bottoms; sandals

How did you find this website?
um. all roads have been leading to rome (here). I think the first link was from a woman (now deceased) who wrote a great article about her own journey and effects of.
Her name was Patty.

unskilled-this year steelworkers assistant/fire prevention

Plans for the future?
to conqcur myself and my failings in order to both reach retirement securly while being a helpful participating member of society-or just to find relavant happiness by not being alone-alone: ie: I didn't know you all existed.

Any comments?

I've given up on spell checking myself. It is an incredible amount of work for little return


HI!! !! ! I'm New!!


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17 Aug 2006, 2:57 am

Name? Devon.

Age? 33.

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Hobbies and Interests: In no specific order: history (very specific areas), fiction (many different sorts), trains, games of all kinds (except cards, for some reason I hate cards)

Why are you here? Figuring myself out; connecting with people who might share my differences.

When were you diagnosed?(skip if you don't have a disorder): I've been suspecting or curious about the possibility I might be an Aspie for about a year now.

Favorite subjects: History. English. Economics. Law.

Favorite music: Not generally a very big fan of music.

Books: Too many to list! Two recent favourites that come to mind: Shardik by Richard Adams and Aztec by Gary Jennings.

TV shows/Movies: Can't stand TV shows generally. But there are many movies I like. I think Life of Brian might be the most entertaining movie I can think of at the moment.

Do you like sports? No.

How did you find this website? Google.

Job: Basically unemployed, in any traditional sense of the term. I do a variety of odd work which keeps me busy and helps me to get by but falls short of really being employment (eg, superintendant for 16 unit apartment bldg, takes 2-4 hrs per week, work at family's rental cottages makes 8 weeks of pretty solid work every summer, few other things - total hours add up to an average of perhaps 20 hrs per week)

Plans for the future? Education. I imagine I have alot more to contribute, I just seem to have a few barriers I need help with ... I feel like I'm just a hair's breadth away from the difference between really functioning well and not functioning well at all, just the slightest bit of support would put me over the top but no idea how to access it.