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29 Jan 2015, 1:32 am

Really long post ahead!
I really got into it. Sorry!
Also, "Hi" sounded too personal for the title considering y'all don't know me. No offense to you, I promise!! !



It feels really weird to be on a site like this. All things considered.

I was going through a forum and there was a link to the AQ test, just for fun to see what your score is, right?

Well, I took it and scored a 32, which was a lot higher than pretty much everyone else in the thread's scores. Certainly higher than I thought it would be.

Immediately, I'm stuck between "don't put any faith in online tests. Results are skewed!" and "It kind of makes since... Are there any more tests for Asperger's?", with a little bit of "OMG, I TOTALLY got the high score. So awesome!" mixed in.

So, out of curiosity I Google Asperger's.
I didn't really get a satisfactory explanation, namely because one of the top results was for a list of Asperger's tests.

Naturally, I felt a little bit overwhelmed at the amount of links posted on the page. Seriously.
So I pick the path of least resistance (at least to me) and go with taking the AQ-10 and the Aspie quiz.

I scored a 10/10 on the AQ-10. This led to mixed feelings, of course. I was happy that I scored so high (for the sake of scoring high, regardless of what that may be indicative of; in short, I LOVE tests) but upset at the same time.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I thought "Surely, someone like me wouldn't have Asperger's. I can't be on the autism spectrum. It's just not RIGHT. I'm normal! I'm not different, I can't be different. I don't believe in "different" (universal oneness and all that). What would people think!?".
Horrible, but it's what went through my head. It's not as if I had been diagnosed either; just the thought of having something "wrong" (or as it seems to be perceived) about me made me deathly afraid.

TOTALLY warned you about sounding arrogant.

Next came the Aspie. Me and a friend took it together (she seemed to think it was like a personality test and had not been informed of my AQ score) and compared our results.
While we were taking the test, she would point out some of the things it asked about that applied to me. Not to be mean. At one point she even said "It's like this test was MADE for you!".

She was completely normal in the results. Except she wasn't a very intimate person. But that was it. She scored 63/200 for neurodiverse and 155/200 for neurotypical.

I, on the other hand, scores 130/200 for neurodiverse and 74/200 for neurotypical.

Neurodiverse Traits: 8.3/10
A high score is related to AS and OCD.

Neurotypical motor abilities and perception traits: 2.6/10
A low score is related to Dyspraxia.

Typical nonverbal communication traits:
A low score is related to autism spectrum conditions.

My scores also suggest attachment disorders and failure to connect with people.

My chart-thing:Image

My friend's chart-thing:

I just am not quite sure what to think. If I do have Asperger's, it doesn't really matter because I did pretty well with it my whole life. If I don't have it, then I don't have it.

Tons of people have Asperger's/Autism/ETC and are just fine. A lot of people have any number of things that are "wrong" with/about them; many people know someone with SOMETHING or another and have no idea unless the person tells them, right?
It's not a death sentence or anything.

I feel like I just went rambling on about me and my insecurities. Have a love-pie as a symbol of my (UGH, I would put gratitude but that doesn't quite fit. Insert, in your head, the best word. I can't think of one).

Also, this lead me to read a blog. In this blog, the person had a post on Aphasia. I literally started crying, because it sounds EXACTLY like something I suffer from that I thought were just brain farts or something. To a tee.

Waah, waah. I whine too much :/

So... I don't really know if I have Asperger's or not... But I like forums so I'll probably stick around.
Maybe I'll go back and take more tests?

Here's to hoping the pictures worked!! !

On to myself (wasn't I already talking about mself anyway? Narcissist.) :

I am 18. I live in Houston, Texas. My best friend breeds sheep less than a mile from my house. I like rhythmic sounds that result from hitting something (tapping, drumming, knocking). I'm obsessed with Japan (speak Japanese too) and currently speak Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Latin if you can count it. All are fluent. I am starting on Arabic. I like languages a lot. Sometimes I accidentally switch from English grammar to another language's grammar.
I like tests. I get a high off of having high scores. I play the harp, ukulele, and piano. I like to take baths and set the faucet to slow, letting the water run down my feet and between my toes. I really like hair; mine is past waist length and I can tell you pretty much anything about hair and natural treatments. I use rye flour and/or tea to wash my hair.
I like unicorns and rainbows. My room is in pastel and my game room is in neon.
We have a fake plant named Steve and a three legged frog named Wallace (the dog ate his leg). Steve is from New York and Wallace is Hungarian.
We have a dog named Puppy, and a cat named Fou. Puppy is from California and Fou is Russian.
In Our fish tank, we have the glo-tetras (from LA), Mr. Catfish (who celebrated his other year of life with us) (he's Austrian), and Leonardo De Fishi XI (he's a plecostimus) (all our plecostimus' are from Italy. Except for Truffle, he was from Cuba).

I know they aren't ACTUALLY Russian or Austrian or anything, but they TOTALLY act like it. My mind-sounds totally have them with accents.

I like to sing. I am very clumsy, I get hurt a lot from falling or bumping into things. My favorite colored makeup to wear is coral for blush and lips, with either gold shadow or black eyeliner.
I am really handsy. I like to touch things. I really freaked out the other kids in my Vet Assistant class because I would take the scalpers and press them onto my fingertips.
I work at a daycare on Sundays. My favorite toy is the maraca.

Every once in a while I get a pedicure. My favorite lady is older and she has flesh-pillow fingers. Not squishy, but plush and soft.

When I eat something new or really tasty, I rock back and forth. Opera music makes my skin tingle. I like fruit flavored anything.
One time I had a dream about the best tasting bacon ever. It was sweet and juicy with high fat content. I was groping a chunk of meat that had not yet been baconated. When I woke up I was squeezing my cat. Ever since then I wondered what she'd taste like. Don't worry, I didn't eat her!! !

That should cover it.
For reading all of this, I present to you...
Semi-Impressed-but-not-quite Rock Candy!
It tastes like the smell of rose-peach perfume. Just saying.

Anyhow, hi!

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29 Jan 2015, 1:37 am

Please excuse my auto correct. It seems to think that "sense" is supposed to be "since".

Actually, it was probably me just using the wrong one, let's be real here.

ANYHOW, that's what I meant to say.



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29 Jan 2015, 3:45 am

Hey Raini welcome. :sunny:

No power in the 'verse can stop me. - River Tam (Firefly)


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30 Jan 2015, 3:13 pm

Welcome to Wrong Planet!

Silly NTs, I have Aspergers, and having Aspergers is gr-r-reat!

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31 Jan 2015, 6:13 pm


As i figured, i confuzzle the test.

It was interesting though. Some of the questions are a little scary.

I really hope that there aren't many of us who believe we're magical wizards.


My ultimate destiny is to bring you unicorn rainbows:

Take this test, and give me a magical cookie, OF THAT WILL HELP ME CONQUER, ahem, sorry, aha.


It's a basic vague version. It's pseudoscience. Thru art Champion! If i'm right i want the magical cookie, so i can enslave humanity, for profit!

Step 1) Take Test
Step 2) Deliver cookie
Step 3) ?!?!?!
Step 4) Profit



Formerly I 80% N 85% T 80% P 15%, INTP, philosopher. Now E 60% N 65% F 90% P 15%, ENFP, ray of sunshine, unless i'm moody.
It clicked one day. I have empathy now. It has downsides i didn't expect. It's going somewhat poorly, since people tend to suck at new things. That's how you know it's true.