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06 Jan 2023, 9:50 pm

This is my autistic YouTube creator channel, where I explain autism and make YouTube videos of everything that I am interested in. Since I love art and music, I open up my video contents expressing my interest in DIGITAL ARTS and MAKING MUSIC. In the contents, my channel is identifiable wearing the Varsity\Collegiate tracksuit or t-shirt with downward prints on my pants, backward worn caps and always spinning around my fidget spinner.

On my staple videos, I show my special interest in growing succulent plants and Lego.

I just thought I will share three of my videos from my autistic YouTube content channel "Aspie With Attitude" and here are three things I do on my channel.

This is just really my word of advice how to weather any given challenges we face living on the autism spectrum. Originally in my older video uploads from 2018 - 2020 I once used concrete information from other sites like the "National Autistic Society". I don't do this anymore, instead I go by my own life experience living on the autism spectrum.

I am into making outdoor videos like for example the "Walk With Me" where I show the world from the eyes of an autistic individual and I film myself enjoying the environment and it's surroundings. I am always wearing the tracksuit that identifies my channel. Other outside videos is "Time For A Swim", once my trademark tracksuits begin to get old, the fun never stops as I film myself my favourite fun filled experience of getting my clothes wet while I swim with my tracksuit on. I like to show you one of my "Walk With Me" video uploads.

I am also an "ADULT FAN OF LEGO" and in some videos I like show off my Lego collection since I am into MOC builds, Classic Space, Town, Castle and Pirates. I even on some occasions do time lapse build and explain my background growing up with Lego through-out my childhood. I also demonstrate my cooking with another segment on my video called "ASPIE CHEF".

I am "Aspie With Attitude", an Autistic YouTube Creator talking about life, my special interest, autism issues etc.

I also make fantasy test card animation and mix my own music.

Please follow this link to subscribe to my YouTube Channel "Aspie With Attitude" --> ... Hb4eeYlodQ