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21 Apr 2024, 2:08 am

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it!

ChicagoLiz wrote:
Welcome back!

I'll be in Sweden for 2 weeks in June, but on a tight schedule with a group, so I'll just wave in your general direction while I'm there! If there's anything you think I shouldn't miss while I'm there, please let me know.

Oh, cool! Whereabouts in Sweden are you going? Been to Sweden before?

jimmy m wrote:
I will try and interpret what you wrote. I hit a key phrase of a condition which affects you. It was neuropsychiatric diagnoses. So I did a quick search and the internet revealed "Disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) produce a wide spectrum of disrupt in personal and professional life and activities."

O.K. I do not have this condition, but many people on the site do exhibit it. But I may have a treatment for this condition. The reason why you are suffering this is because you are out of balance. The treatment is to be yourself. Not hide your weaknesses. In fact many of what you think are weaknesses are actually some strengths. This approach will not make you friends but having one or two good forever friends are worth more then having thousands of people who call you a friend but are actually not telling you the truth.

My apologies, perhaps I should've been more specific. Autism is classified as a neuropsychatric diagnosis and it was mainly that one I was referring to in the previous post. I'm aware that you don't actually treat autism and when seeing a professional about your autism, the "treatment" (can't think of a better word right now) is often mainly about acceptance, being yourself, educating yourself about how you function etc. The problem I have is that I have a very hard time getting treatment for the diagnoses that actually need to be properly treated (i.e. depression, anxiety etc.) because I also have an autism diagnosis. It's like mental health professionals are like "oh, but you have autism so every problem you're encountering must have something to do with that and therefore we're not the right people to help you", which is incorrect.

jimmy m wrote:
There is a solution to this problem but you might be a little bit late to pursue it. The solution is to pick the one issue that causes you the most grief and deny the existence of the other issue.

I don't understand this. Denying the existence of an issue doesn't make it go away. I can't say it sounds feasible either.

jimmy m

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21 Apr 2024, 10:06 am

I know it may not sound reasonable but if you exhibit two problems and they will not correct either one, the answer is to have one problem and pretend the other problem doesn't exist.

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