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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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22 Dec 2023, 2:26 pm

Hi. I have a few questions about using this site. Right now I'm using an iPhone with a braille display hooked by bluetooth. I'll be getting a laptop on January 8, so hopefully then it will be easier, but for now I'm stuck with this.
First of all, is there a mobile app or do I just have to keep going to the website? Second, is there a way to just have a basic editor without all the fancy format options and smilies and all that good stuff? The reason I ask is because I don't have an easy way to get the cursor into the spot where I can start typing, and I just have to keep hitting the arrow key over and over until I find the spot.
The third thing is actually a site suggestion. I wish that when a post is unread there would be a label that says the word unread. The reason for this is that when I click on a topic, even if I click the option that says view first unread post, the braille display puts me at the top of the page. There is a find command, but since I have no way of knowing what the first words of the first unread post will be, I just have to scroll through the whole thread until I find a post that I haven't read before. Does anyone have any ideas?