Did any of your teachers/profs "have it in for you"?

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11 Mar 2019, 9:24 pm

During my middle school years, two teachers had a huge grudge not only against me, but also against other misfits. One teacher was from Russia (she was my school's foreign language teacher) and the other was my school's math teacher who enjoyed being a d-bag.

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02 Apr 2019, 11:13 pm

I had a third grade teacher who just hated for me for some reason. She purposely skipped the animal chapter in our science book because she knew I was looking forward to it since the start of the school year. She kept me isolated from the other kids and encouraged bullying. I found her on Facebook and confronted her. She never said anything but I know she read it.

I went to a high school program for people who didn't get their diploma at the traditional age. I basically had to drop out of high school due to a mysterious illness. I was being home-schooled at the time anyway and my mom had a stroke or something that made her personality do a 1-80 and she just turned mean and nasty to me for no reason. She would get mad at me for being sick. Tell me it was my fault I threw up or claim I was faking my seizures. I wonder if my illness wasn't stress induced. At this place I was a teacher's pet and "star student".

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