I have a few questions for people in college........

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12 Jan 2021, 12:13 am

Alot of your answers were similar, except the fun questions. But everyones answered gave me insight on what to expect. I knocked out a few more classes; psychology,sociology, English 1&2, and business ap/eng. I'm getting there :).

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16 Jan 2021, 7:36 pm

I started an M.Sc. in chemistry last December. Note: in Canada, where I live, "college" generally refers to trade school. Most Canadian colleges are called universities.

~~~~~~~~~~SERIOUS QUESTIONS~~~~~~~~~~

~1) How did you hear about your college?
I grew up in the same province as my university. It's moderately large, and is fairly strong in the sciences.

~2) How did you prepare to meet them in person( like interview)?
I did not interview.

~3) Do they have strict rules? For example: dress code, parking, fees, ect.....?
Not really. Parking is very expensive unless you have a bicycle (free bike racks everywhere), but you get a bus pass for a very reasonable price. I didn't live on campus so I can't say much else about fees.

~4) How are the people there?
Some are better than others, but on the whole, they're generally not rude. Some people are lazy though and don't pull their weight.

~5) Is it easy to find people you relate to?
Depends I guess? I get along well with most of the folks in the labs I worked in. I also get along well with most professors. But I generally didn't talk much to classmates.

~6) What is lunch like? Is there a cafeteria that all of you eat in? Does everyone have lunch all at ones.
There are classes, each one hour long, from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. You eat when you have time between classes. You can eat wherever you want except the library or in labs, where it's not allowed. Eating in lectures is generally frowned upon.

~7) How is traffic? Is it easier to walk, bike, or drive from class to class?
I take the bus to get to campus. On campus walking around works well. If you need to go to the other campus (located ~3 km away), biking's the way to go. Traffic is very light since COVID so commuting is a breeze.

~8) What are your schedules like? Are your classes back to back or spaced out?
I tried to have mine spaced out whenever possible, with a break sometime around noon.

~9) Are pets allowed? :) DOGGOS DOGGO DOGGO
Not in university housing, in general.

~10) How are the classes? Are they small or packed? Is there alot of one on one? I'm guessing no.
Started large in first year. Got smaller once in specialized courses for degree program.

~11) Is there dissecting animals? If so, what types?
Yes. I cut up a squid and a fish.

~~~~~~~~~~~FUN QUESTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~~

1) What are the parties like?
I don't generally do parties. Boring!

2) Are there ways to sneak out of class? (For emergencies)
Nobody minds if you leave a lecture without notice. When doing a lab, it's a good idea to say you're going to leave for a few minutes before you go.

3) Are the teachers nice?
One was a jerk, but the others were nice (a couple were ineffective though).

4) Good spots to hide bands?
You must have a very small orchestra if you're asking this question.

5) Who throws the best parties?
No idea.

6) Is popularity still a thing in college?
Sort of if you join a social group, like a club. Otherwise no.

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