What are your worst experiences in school?

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03 Mar 2014, 10:38 pm

Oh, you really, really shouldn't have thought of this forum. I just have OH-SO-MUCH to tell! :twisted:

Got laughed at for trying to pronounce my (African) middle name

Dude spat on my shoulder

Was called fat (which, in a way, I guess I was, but nobody enjoys being called that!)

Jackass X would always call me a loser while making a f****d up expression in class, called me a weirdo once because--due to my poor, practically nonexistent filter--I muttered 'not butt cheeks, though' while writing something, and mocked me during gym class until I finally flipped my s**t and punched him in the face, getting us both suspended (he punched me in the arm, but I didn't notice at the time due to the unbridled rage).

Jackass Y would torment me during Spanish class, and once told me that my love of Avatar: The Last Airbender was 'gay'.

Got made fun off because I would take off my bra before P.E. (I didn't know what bras were for back then, and sadly, nobody ever told me. I had to figure it out on my own, but by then, the damage was done...) and because my gym shorts were too tight, emphasizing my butt (it took me forever to convince my mom to buy me another pair)

Became a 'twig' (Denise Austin, sadly, was WAY TOO EFFECTIVE)

Got peas and food thrown at me at lunch by random people I could NEVER SEE

Got called out for being a virgin by FRESHMEN (in my sophomore year)

Had a lot meltdowns because the bullying was getting worse (and when people got me late for class) and got sent to the guidance counselor a lot for it

Had people jump in front of me the hall and make obnoxious noises

Got laughed at for spontaneously crying in Spanish class one day

Got laughed at by two guys passing by when I told a classmate that I was considering running for homecoming queen one year

Had one guy make fun of me in Spanish...even though we were in a HISPANIC-DOMINANT SCHOOL and thus I was capable of picking up a couple of things (including the s**t he said about me being a 'crazy woman')

Had a guidance counselor who was not my ASSIGNED guidance counselor pretend to be my friend, but then turn around and tell my mom one day after I had had yet another meltdown that I was a psychopath (still upset that I learned about it towards the end of my senior year and thus never got an opportunity to slap the b***h)

Got laughed at by two classmates while washing my hands for a long time while grinning in the bathroom (I'm co-morbid for OCD and my face tends to do weird things when I'm spaced out), with one of them calling me psychotic

Got called 'teacher's pet', had a paper airplane thrown in my eye, had someone keep on my shoving my chair, and had another someone try to cheat off of me during a test in Geometry class (that was the first and last time I ever took a regular class in high school--I think)

Got made fun of by peers in general for running around in the halls (I'm also co-morbid for ADHD, but didn't learn that--or about the Asperger's--until college)

Got a death-threat from an acquaintance for supposedly telling a 'fat joke' (when in fact, I did NOT); wound up having to sit next to said acquaintance during the graduation ceremony because the administrators wouldn't take my complaint seriously.

Got harassed by Jackass Z, who a.) rubbed a paper against my leg during a class, b.) constantly tried messing with my hair from behind, c.) tried flirting me with EVERY f*****g DAY of the last year of the program, and d.) messed with my friends.

Stereotypically-Ghetto as*hole A, who was the UGLIEST Motherf***er I HAD EVER SEEN (and who probably STILL IS), constantly mocked me, then bragged about how he had higher reward tickets that year than me (that year, the program would give you these tickets for good deeds; at the end, those with the highest number of tickets got a prize, I think), which is IRONIC since even I'M less of a pain in the ass than HE was.

Woke up one morning to find lotion slathered on my door--the HARD way.

Was forced to pee outside during a field trip to a river because there was no bathrooms--and subsequently had five girls call me out on it later.

Was told constantly that I performed 'African' magic by an acquaintance (the same one who later threatened to kill me), which is not only racist, but completely inaccurate, since the Ashanti DON'T DO VOODO.

I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning autistic/Aspie. Do your research.


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04 Mar 2014, 1:11 am

LMH wrote:
Too many to count, from the age of seven that still carries on today.

I'm not going to quote your entire post, but I'm not sure anything I've read has made me so angry.


I'm horrified that there are people out there who do these things. And those comments about 'why abortion is a good idea'...

I just can't...

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04 Mar 2014, 10:43 am

The person who gave the 'Why abortion is a good idea' comment was actually him, after leading me on into thinking I was friends with him. The 'reason for the death penalty' comment was his mum.

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25 Mar 2014, 9:46 am

In primary school (elementary school):

I was beaten up by the other kids on several occasions because they didn't like me and because of my mum being a drug addict. The bullies would also threaten anyone who tried to be my friend, so I literally had no friends.

In secondary school (high school):

Nearly everyone hated me and I was bullied relentlessly. I was usually too afraid to defend myself, but sometimes they would provoke me in such a way I would have some kind of outburst. They would then use that as excuse to bully me even more. I would frequently get things thrown at me and people would also shout nasty things at me. Once someone put chewing gum in my hair and I had to get a bit of it cut off.

I was mainly bullied by girls and they would take great pleasure in pretending to be my friend and then using me or humiliating me afterwards. One girl, Jane (who I really looked up to) set up me up to be punched by her for simply defending myself from one of her friends. The friend of hers wouldn't let me past so I shoved her out of the way (after several minutes of being harassed). Almost immediately after Jane came bounding up to me and punched me in the face for "hurting" her friend. This was all because Jane was sick of having me as a friend and was also embarrassed of me hanging out with her.


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26 Mar 2014, 8:48 pm

(I will not say any teacher's names to keep my privacy)

Loads of stuff. I start in around fourth grade. K-2 seemed to be OK for me and 2nd grade I will probably talk about at a later time. 3rd grade was probably one of my best elementary years. Only one time out all year.

4th grade - had a meltdown after Health (one of the specialist classes in elementary) and it lasted all the way into class again, so I got a communication slip (like a letter to parents that the principal keeps etc) I don't even remember what it was about. Kids and teachers liked me mainly.

5th grade - my teacher was not that nice, was funny about 1/2 the time and then the other 1/2 was getting on kids who were not following directions. I am very sensitive to teachers and adults who scream and yell a lot. Several times this year I ran out of the room and cried and cried. There was one time I remember I ran out of the room out the back exit, and all the way almost downstairs (it was a covered outside hallway) before the aides stopped me. I was in tears because he got on me for some reason.

6th grade - there were three teachers this year. Two of them were great - my english teacher was awesome and so was Sci/SS. My math teacher was another story. He has been teaching for many many years and frankly, I believe he might be bipolar. Half of the time he would do some funny jokes and the other half he was getting on EVERYBODY in the classroom, being mean, harsh , crabby and mad all at the same time. He would clap his hands VERY loudly and scream at kids who weren't following directions. There were several times where this happened. Several times I started crying and ran out, because I couldn't take it anymore. There was one horrible time where I walked in his room along with the other 24 of us, and started doing a math worksheet. As we entered, two minutes later he was SCREAMING at a dozen or more of them. (not me, but at another autistic student, she would pull her hair and eat the follicles, etc. - had some social/interaction problems) He screamed so loud I could probably hear him outside. As usual I took the "flight" response, ran out, cried for 20 minutes. The aides got on me a little bit, saying that I was crying too much and running out of the room way too much. I told them why I was doing that. At the same time, there was divorce and marriage conflicts with my family, so all of that combined was bad for me! I wanted to report him to the school principal several times because of his harsh behavior. If the other two teachers were so nice, why couldn't he. (At this time, he is still teaching, same grade, same school, a few years older, probably still screaming at other future junior high kids!)

7th grade was one of my best years ever so that does not count.

9th grade I was in Bellevue, WA (at Bellevue HS). This area is full of rich, snotty kids and I was one of the few that was getting free lunch (meaning pretty poor). Reason? We got kicked out of our home due to foreclosure and I was living at grandmother's house until I could move to Monroe, WA, where I would live for several more months). I had three "enemies". Two JV football players and my PE teacher. The two JV teachers harassed me verbally with F-bombs and "s**t" words. They got on me because I wasn't playing that great in PE games, *and* I wasn't doing the warmup exercises right. They also called others with N-words and "f*g" slurs. My PE teacher, on the other hand, was a jock. He LOVED running. He told everyone you *will* run up to a 5-K by the end of the semester. Are you kidding me?! I can walk and walk and walk for miles, but get me running and I give up after a couple of minutes. Another time we were playing soccer and because some freshmen were not following directions, he told *everyone* to go do a lap or two. I refused. Yes, I refused. I told him, I ain't doing it. I did not do anything WRONG. In many states that is considered corporal punishment. I got 5 points deducted from my grade that week, all because I didn't do the discipline run.
After leaving Bellevue HS for Monroe HS, it was awesome! Everyone loved me and I had a great experience.

Ever since moving from Monroe to the Yakima WA area it's still been pretty good. Any bad experiences I'll put here later.

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30 Mar 2014, 10:18 am

I got beaten up regularly in primary school and made fun of because of my lack of social skills. Classmates took advantage of me and spread false rumours about me which only made it worse.

Secondary school isn't so bad. I used to have a physics teacher who would try to force me to speak and humiliate me in front of my classmates when he was fully aware that I couldn't speak. He'd threaten me with detentions and phone calls home. I lost it one day at him and screamed, "Leave me alone!" at the top of my lungs. He didn't try to force me to speak again. He has left now, thank God. Sometimes my classmates will crowd me, aggravating me into lashing out. Another classmate regularly gets her friends to gang up on me. She finds it rude that I cannot speak to her.

The meltdowns that I've had in school are daunting and humiliating. They only scare my classmates away and make me even more of an outcast than I already am. Last time I had a meltdown, my other physics teacher was playing high frequencies of sound. It was overwhelming and painful. I lost control (covering my ears, screaming and crying hysterically while banging my head against a wall). My classmates haven't spoken to me since.

Hanging onto a thread of sanity.

I apologise for any spelling or grammatical mistakes that I may make. I have severe hearing loss in both ears.


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02 May 2014, 10:55 pm

I wanted to add some more memories...

PE (especially 8th grade) was a nightmare. Especially when doing a team sport - I would end up in meltdown mode if I couldn't do good on a game. For example, flag football and soccer, both, were NIGHTMARES for me. And, "Capture the Flag" in elementary - all I would do all period is run and run and run. At times I even sat down on the field, watching - while the TAs were getting on me for "not participating." I didn't want to be in the group because I knew I would go into the worst meltdown of the year if I would (i.e. someone would rip my flag out). I actually a few times got a little crazy and ripped off flags from my OWN team whenever I was upset!
Now, back to 8th grade-there were times where we would do soccer, or lacrosse, or flag football, and I just could not do it, or run as fast as others - and our team lost. Then I would start tearing up heading back to the locker room or even before that, because I would always think it was my fault and no one else's. They would say "hey, it's only a game, calm down buddy" but I wouldn't care. WE LOST!! I was always upset with this.
I don't think I've ever gotten too upset on the bus - I have had some mornings where I was sad about something at home, and the drivers would notice in a good way. All of my bus drivers were great! I don't think I've never had a driver that did not want anything to do with me. NTs don't give a rear about them, usually. Their routine on the bus is get there early, get to the last row of seats, and start gossiping and doing stupid stuff. I think some of them are rude. They should say just say hello to the driver when they get there, geeze! I have not sat in the rear of a bus in a LONG, LONG time, probably elementary school field trips. The last time I wasn't in the first 2 rows was last year on a field trip, I was right next to the side emergency door right in the middle of the bus - it was FULL when I got there. Only one bus for 60 students, so some of us freshmen had to sit 3 to a seat (that's a BIG no-no for HS!)

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03 May 2014, 4:21 pm

My worst experience was when my rapist got all of the high school kids to believe his lies and bully me everyday. This lasted from 8th grade to 11th grade. It was the most stressful time of my life that I became extremely depressed and paranoid. I am now in grade 12 with a small group of friends that care about me and I am happy. Throughout highschool, I've seen the worst people could be and the best people could be. The worst was brought out of me from this experience, but in the end, there is only the very best of me left.

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04 May 2014, 12:04 am

getting poked in the butt in middle school by a tin foil dildo, tho my case was so bad I thought because not ALL of the kids at that table we partaking, only SOME therefore were making fun of me. Then in high school at the lunch table, one of the elite bullies felt my penis and told people it was small, and he was much bigger than I was. Then in college when a bunch of kids in my grade started calling me troll and several people would yell it at me. How didn't I get the message from God to kill myself? IDK. I'm a p**** I guess.


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04 May 2014, 12:10 am

I feel so sad reading what's happened to everyone. At least I'm not the only one who suffered in much of my schooling.

I'll also tell my story:

Pre-school: Perfect, little to no issues.

1st Grade: Very good. Made good friends who I kept into the second and third grades. I once made a "friend" though who eventually betrayed me. He was the ghetto type. Some shady little weasel white kid who liked rap/hip-hop and acting "gangsta". He was swearing at only 7 years old.

2nd grade: Tyrannic teacher, still had my friends.

In my class was another shy, lonely, loner kid. His name was Kayne. A misunderstood outsider, I stuck by him and was the only one who stood up for him. Absolutely nothing in return. No respect, not even a thank you.

3rd grade: Was okay.

4th grade: Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Cruel, tyrannic teachers, loud annoying students who mistreated me, bullies bullies bullies.

This one black boy, Richard, would steal my lunch. The idiot of a teacher would let us out in alphabetical order to go to lunch, meaning Richard would always go JUST before Ty, and steal his lunch right in front of his eyes.

One time a boy in my class actually scratched a NAIL onto my arm, making me bleed and giving me a scar. He didn't get in trouble at all. Nobody batted an eye and this was in the middle of class in front of everyone while I was walking to lunch.

I became a bully myself from too much bullying over the years, but found solace in a 4th grade special education class. I learned how to be a better person, but was yet again bullied intensely.

These 2 older boys in my special education class were 7th grade while I was only 4th. They bullied and pushed me around, one of them was two-faced and pretended to be my friend sometimes, but turned around and betrayed me at other times. He couldn't be trusted because he wouldn't pick a side but switch back and forth.

5th grade:

After feeling much better in 4th grade and learning to get along with people, I was forced back into a mainstream class where things only got worse yet again. As expected, I didn't last very long in this class at all and went back to my 4th grade class.

The rest of the 5th, 6th, and 7th grade went pretty okay. Not good, not bad. Actually pretty good sometimes.

8th grade was a killer. After being my most happiest I had ever been in 7th grade, having many friends, getting along well with the teachers, etc. I went down a slippery slope back into how I felt in the 4th grade.

Bullying, tyrannical teachers, difficult school work, etc. At one point I was going to be attacked by a group of 4-6 boys. Luckily that was the last day I ever went to that school before changing to the school I am in now.

Things didn't get any better...In fact, they probably got much, much worse.

9th grade things improved, but barely.

10th grade things again were okay.

Now in the 11th grade and things couldn't be any better.

I went through slippery slopes of ups and downs in my schooltime, but made it to a steady point now...


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08 May 2014, 9:55 am

School itself was the worst school experience for me, but these were pretty bad. No particular order.

1. Getting social workers called for an SI threat.
2. Bomb threats, thieves and pot smoking at school
3. Having a meltdown in front of everyone.
4. Almost failing something.
5. Getting forced to leave school
6. People ignoring me.
7. Getting suspended for a month when I was little.
8. People taunting me about my phobia of bugs, telling me I was eating bugs.
9. Getting sick from sick people infected at school.
10. Homework all the time.
11. No real friends.
12. Getting out of bed at 5:30 in the morning.

Diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, Bipolar Type II, OCD, and generalized anxiety.


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08 May 2014, 10:52 am

1. Me stuck on middle of stairs. My classmates up and down stairs, not letting me pass - yelling "Disease! Disease!". The group upstairs splitting on me.
2. "My best friend" which I trusted ... taking off my pants on front of the whole class because of a bet...
3. Me hitting my real best friend using a stone because of a meltdown. It was caused by his cousin making fun of me and me being jealous of the best friend spending too much time with the cousin. I actually wanted to hit that cousin but missed. My best friend ended up in hospital for a few days observation (his head was bleeding) and I was afraid he will die and even if he survive he and his parents won't forgive me. But it was OK, we were friends for a few more years after that incident, our friendship ended when he got into his rebellious age.
4. Me breaking a window in school because of a meltdown. I felt so bad after that, I couldn't believe I lost control. I could have hurt someone! And my parents had to pay for the glass...
5. "My best friends" telling the whole class I got my period when it wasn't even true.
6. A weird one. I copied down an essay from the Internet (noone told me it is wrong and I didn't figure it out myself) and a classmate did the same thing. The teacher said the classmate copied the essay from ME! I got an A, the guy got F. So I said out loud "It's unfair. We both copied it from the Internet". Whats surprising apparently the teacher didn't believe me or something and I still got an A and the boy still was stuck with the F... I felt so bad about it. It was so unfair! We did exactly the same work so why? Either he should get an A too or I should also get an F... 8O I still have no idea why the teacher made such decision.

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17 Apr 2015, 8:06 pm

This article was written for my high school newspaper earlier this year. I wanted to share it on this forum to see if some have had similar experiences.

This May be Hard for Some to Read but please do….

To The Class of 1977

I know it's been a long time, but one question I want to ask my old high school class: Have you learned compassion?

That's right. I was the one who was different, odd, and the one you loved to pick on--stealing my books, shooting gum in my hair, being excluded from the group, not invited to social events. I was the one who sat alone at lunch and at break. I was the one with the bouncy walk, stringy hair, crooked teeth, and crooked fingers.

I knew I was different, too, but didn't know why. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism characterized by poor social skills.

I am 56 years old now. Let me tell you what has happened all these years. Sure, I went to college and got an education. But I never enjoyed a career because I can't hold a job. I have had two psychiatric hospitalizations for depression. I have been under psychiatric care for the past ten years--whether or not I am any better is a good question. My parents are dead now and I have no friends. No one ever calls me or comes to see me. I did not get a single Christmas card this year. Sure, I have all the academic accolades, but they are cold comfort.

Did you all hate me so bad that you wanted me to fail in life? If that is the case, you got your wish. Did you not think that I had feelings?

It's OK. I forgive you. If any of you would like to contact me, my email is [email protected] .

Any thoughts from anyone?


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01 Oct 2016, 11:57 am

Basically, all of the bullying that I've endured... Not to mention that my meltdowns were pretty terrible.

These next two are pretty specific: in middle school, a girl in my P.E. class had actually snapped a photo of me with her phone, while I was dressing in the locker room. Now, I honestly had/still have no idea what her full purpose of this was... Whether it was just out of spite, or she just took it for some pervy guy she knew, (who may or may not have had a crush on me). If it's the second idea that I've come up with, then that's incredibly creepy and disgusting. Worst part was, that I was completely oblivious to it... Thankfully, another classmate of mine caught her in the act, and immediately alerted our P.E. teacher, and her phone was confiscated, and the photo deleted.

The other incident was in high school... In one of my Math classes, the guy sitting behind me fell asleep and grabbed my bra strap through my shirt. It was very, very, very uncomfortable for me, and it didn't help that I wasn't able to shake him off or pull away, either...


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02 Oct 2016, 12:30 am

I have a rather expansive selection to choose from since my experiences in all levels of education were rather unhappy from primary school to university, I never got along well with these drab factories, I hope to one day study again and improve my fortunes on this front as I know I am very capable of acquiring something better from education but until that day may or may not fall my way, I largely have negative experiences to draw from which is a shame. I hope to transform all the effort and toil I put in to extract a positive conclusion, it may take some years to get back to the point I'd worked toward in the past, but it will all be worth it to stand atop the peak and say 'I changed the disappointments because I believed I could get something different out of it all in the end', so I try not to whine to myself, I try to persist in believing I will get ''there'' in the end :mrgreen:

'He wondered as he had many times wondered before, whether he himself was a lunatic, perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one?'

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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21 Oct 2016, 10:49 am

I have Selective Mutism, and that condition was not understood (or even heard of) when I was a kid. I was unable to communicate verbally or otherwise. I wet my pants several times a day because I could not ask to go to the bathroom. In first grade, I was pulled out of public school and put into a special school for kids with behavioral problems. They acted terribly all the time. I needed a quiet and calm environment, and they pulled me out of school to put me in an even worse environment, making my condition even worse. I wanted to die. The teacher punished me physically for not speaking. They had me sit in a desk in the corner and built a cardboard wall around it so that I could not see when my mom had arrived to take me home, because I would get up and run to her immediately to escape my hell. Sometimes I would pull out a hair (I had long hair) and twirl it around my little finger to make a spring that I could tinker with to occupy my time for the entire day. The teacher would take it away from me and throw it away. I had to sit there isolated and bored all day every day and get a paddling every time I was asked a question and was unable to communicate. Finally, they decided to put me in an institution, so an IQ test was administered. It turned out I was extremely gifted, and they put me back in public school to start the second grade. Their conclusion: I was really smart, so I must just not feel like talking, and that's ok. WTF? I still didn't get the help I needed. I continued to wet my pants in public school. I continued to hold in my coughs (in fear of being heard) until my eyes watered severely and I felt like I was choking to death. I continued to stay hungry because I could not eat in front of other people. The experience scarred me for life. Just thinking about it makes me incredibly depressed and angry.