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16 Nov 2011, 6:06 am

hi, i live in the northeast of england.
i dont go to school havent for nearly a year.
my school called me "ignorant" and "chooseing not to talk to pepole" that is what they woud say nearly everyday, somtimes teachers would sit down with me and tell me that, somtimes some would shout that at me.
ive had alot of bad times at school, it is one of the northeasts worst schools for bullying (it has the nickname susiside high, my brothers friend commited suside because of that school it was on the news on the tv.)
i used to do art and photography when i was in sixth form, i was officaly diagnosed with autism when i was in year 11 the doctors told my school, they still called me the names they did.
i was never allowed to wear headphones, we had to walk through corridores filled with other students to get to each lesson, basicly like sardines, stuck in corridors for ages trying to get to the artroom, like a sea of heads (there is alot of small kids starting high school.)
the teachers would never let me leave early to avoid the crowds. i would be pushed shoved and kicked.
the lessons were also noisey, alot of the classroms had lights that kept flikering, made it very hard to concentrate.
one time when i went into the art couberd to get some things, students locked me in, dark room couldnot see, i was kicking the door and screaming i could just hear laughing and the teacher just sat there refusing to tell them to stop it, i eventually got let out.
i have been abused alot in school... somtimes where teachers grab my arm to stop me when in meltdown and actually bruse my arms, my mum tried to prove it that the school hurt me because they had no idea how to handle me but got knowhere.
i had to sit in a huge lunch room with about 300 other kids, they would pull my hair and throw food at me.
ive had times where i start injuring myself and the school staff give me detention or some simalar punishment like being suspended.
one time in maths lesson back in year 9, the students were repetatly throwing maths books at my head, the teacher just stood there and watched. i couldnt handle it and started kicking tables and things like that over with my legs.
i got permently suspended from going to school after i had a huge meltdown becuase the art teacher hates me, she basicly made me over the edge, shouting at me when i lost control, making it worse, the lighting was very bad in that room i was mistreated and abused alot in school but dont want to describe them things...

i tried going to college local college, northumberland college.. but they wouldnt accept me.
because i lost control one day and smashed a table. they wouldnt let me come back either although they kept saying they would.
i had a application filled out to go to espa autistic college just waiting to see if i can go there, otherwise im just at home all day with my mum (not my dad.. he died in april :( )

moderate low functining autistic (i was diagnosed with autism, not aspeger syndrome).
my picture is my ear defenders that i wear all the time. pictured is silencio earmuff, l1 howard leight, i also own 12 howard leight (not pictured) .


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16 Nov 2011, 7:59 am

I know what you've been going through. I am in my 50s, but well remember the hell I went through all through school. Many of the other kids were basically devils. Most of the teachers were no help, and I was considered, and treated, as the source of the problem because of my melt downs when I couldn't handle the harassment any more. I would have been better off being home schooled, but my parents never considered that. Instead they put me in a special school for kids with emotional and behavior problems for several years. Back then autism and Aspergers Syndrome were not yet identified, although a lot of people had these conditions, including myself and some of the other kids at the special school.

I barely made it through high (hell) school. Because I was of legal age at the end of high school (I fell back a year while attending the special school.) I was able to legally refuse any further schooling after high school, and my parents knew that at that point they couldn't force me to go. I was not about to submit myself to any further torment from fellow students. Also, at that point I had no further interest in school, in large part because of the abuse I had endured, and I had no idea what I would have studied in college, so it would have been a waste of both time, and money for me to attend. I did hold a number of jobs over the years, while dealing with a number of other health issues of my own, and with my mother's health issues. None of the "permanent" jobs lasted more than a couple of years. I did temping a lot over the years. This let me take time off between assignments to recuperate a little from the job stress, and I was also able to help my mother out between assignments. Finally, an economic slump put me out of work in the early 2000s. Just as the economy started picking up, my mothers health deteriorated. She needed a care giver at that point. I was the only one of her four grown kids not working at the time, so I became her care giver, and was paid a small amount of money by the state to do so. My mother eventually passed away, but by that time my own health was shot, so now I am unable to work, and am on disability.

There are a lot of things I wish I had done differently over the years, but at least now I live alone, which is much less stressful than living with other people.

Based on my own experiences, I think you would be better off by first figuring out what you want to do with your life, and then look into what courses you would need to take to be able to do that kind of work. Taking a full load of classes is probably not a good idea for you, as school is very stressful to those of us on the spectrum. Just start with what you will really need in order to get employed in the work you want to do. I also suggest that you consider taking college courses online. This is catching on, and is a good idea for us on the spectrum, as we don't have to deal with school creeps while taking online courses in our own homes. While most colleges and universities charge for the online courses, there are a few that offer some free courses. You should be able to find both the pay, and the free ones by doing an online search. You might also want to consider working for yourself at some point down the road, but take some business courses before you do that, including accounting/bookkeeping courses, so you will be able to manage your own business if you choose that path.

Good luck with your future, and remember, we on the spectrum are all:

A Different Drummer

If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
Perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
Let him step to the music which he hears,
However measured or far away.

--Henry David Thoreau


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16 Nov 2011, 8:49 am

Your spelling is terrible, but good luck.


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16 Nov 2011, 4:18 pm

I really wish you the best of luck! Remember, it wil lend eventually :D

Diagnosed McDD at age of 6.
Diagnosed PDD-NOS at age of 17.


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02 Dec 2011, 8:22 am

Wow , i would rather be homeschooled in your case. your experiences are worser than mine , you better report this.