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31 Mar 2013, 9:34 pm

So, for this has been my first year in a MBA program. Well the program is big on group projects and presentations. As a person with AS, I find those two tasks exhausting. In fact, I have found this to be the first time I been exhausted with school. Even law school would be preferable than what I have been doing this year. (I am doing a joint degree program, and I had already completed two years of law before starting business.)

Group projects are the worse. People literally don't do their work, or worse are so incompetent you have to do it for them. And if you show any compassion, people just take advantage of it. For example, instead of going on spring break, I had to prepare for presentation on behalf of my group (the group receives grades based on how well two group members do in a presentation) and hound people all week to complete work for our semester project (which, in apparent display of stupidity, I offered to run it).

But the worst part is just the lack of acceptance I get. I told my group that I have. I assumed if they knew that about me they would understand my odd mannerisms and be understanding of the difficulties I face. Boy was I mistaken. Instead of understanding, my group patronizes me and have no empathy.

For example, in class presentations you have to look at people to connect with them. Well I find eye contact too distracting. To keep track of what I have to say, where to walk, talk loudly -- adding eye contact is a recipe for disaster. Yet zero sympathy. There was even annoyance that I have this problem or maybe just ignorance. I can never tell.

I would not be so freaked out about my presentation if my group had only said that as long as I worked hard, no matter the result they would support me. Well two more weeks and I never have to see them again. The group project is over. I have a job to edit a legal handbook awaiting, and hopefully a summer job. This will all be a bad dream. Eventually.

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31 Mar 2013, 10:42 pm

I am a girl with AS, and I understand where you are comming from. I often end up in groups where I do the most work, and it is as frustrating as heck. Good for you for making it through that. The key to eye contact is to over do it just a little. Force youself to look into the eyes of people you are familiar with to practice, trying to imitate a normal length of contact. To prcatice for presentations, talk to stuffed animals or chairs or something. I know you hear that over and over again, but it usually helps. Best of luck to you.


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02 Apr 2013, 11:04 am

Probably a bit late now as 'you don't see them after 2 more weeks', but maybe you could have seen if you could have changed groups? Or maybe something to try next time. At my university when there's group work there's often a 'group evaluation' at the end of the course where each group member evaluates how much everyone else in the group has contributed., so people generally take it seriously.

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