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25 Sep 2008, 4:42 pm

Dealing with IT, for he has been incredibly simple. All I had to was go to them and give the following information:
A) Here's the problem
B) Kinda important that you fix it
C) Needs to be done relatively soon
D) I know you're busy, so any time you can fix the computers would be good
E) I'm not mad
F) Sorry if anyone else has yelled at you
G) (When finished) THANK YOU! :D

Of course, I don't say it like that lol. More like. "My supervisor's phone is broken. If you could fix it ASAP it would be wonderful because it is imperative that she is able to use it. She needs it done as soon as possible since her being able to use the phone is very important. However, I do know that you guys are it possible for you to upgrade the status of her problem so it has more importance? [meanwhile, making sure not to raise voice or anything else, conveying that you are not mad]. I apologize if anyone has yelled at you." (Then, when it was fixed a day later): THank you!

Hmm...I wonder if these steps could be used in dealing with everyone?