What co-morbids do you have with your ASD?

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What co-morbids do you have?
Depression 18%  18%  [ 32 ]
General anxiety and/or social anxiety 27%  27%  [ 48 ]
OCD 8%  8%  [ 14 ]
Bipolar 2%  2%  [ 4 ]
ADHD or ADD 16%  16%  [ 29 ]
Dyslexia 2%  2%  [ 4 ]
Intellectual disability 2%  2%  [ 3 ]
Dyspraxia 6%  6%  [ 11 ]
Epilepsy 2%  2%  [ 4 ]
Tourettes syndrome 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Other I might have missed 15%  15%  [ 26 ]
None 1%  1%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 177


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27 Mar 2021, 4:40 pm

Just interested.

I have ADHD and general anxiety disorder as well as ASD (Asperger's). I do have social anxiety as well but that seems to be improving. I think I've got a bit of OCD as well.



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10 Jun 2021, 12:03 am

I was officially diagnosed with GAD in my late elementary school years and have been receiving treatment since. I'm also prone to depression and moodiness.

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10 Jun 2021, 1:22 am


Long-term treatment-resistant depression
Social anxiety/phobia
General anxiety
Sensory processing disorder

Not diagnosed but probable

Borderline-OCD (probably wouldn’t quite qualify for a diagnosis, but I have significant traits)
Avoidant personality disorder

Not officially diagnosed but certain that I experience selective mutism (which isn’t actually selective on my part, I hate that name), both due to extreme social anxiety and due to mental/sensory overload, and also have some memory and cognitive issues caused by ECT.

Sheesh, I’m a mess :roll:

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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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01 Jul 2021, 2:05 pm

Social anxiety


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01 Jul 2021, 6:05 pm

Dxed- currently schizophrenia

Not dxed but highly probably - avoidant pd/social anxiety, dyspraxia
probable- dysgraphia


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16 Sep 2021, 8:12 pm

ADHD, blind, Depression, Panic Disorder, Anorexia.


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23 Oct 2021, 2:19 am

I was diagnosed about a year ago with bipolar depression.

What fresh hell is this?


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23 Oct 2021, 2:36 am

For sure depression, general anxiety and social anxiety.

But also PTSD and at least features of dependent and avoidant personality disorders, Idk sometimes I do have to wonder if its the comorbids causing more problems than the autism itself. I feel my autism did not bother me, until it bothered other people...if that makes sense.

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28 Dec 2021, 11:55 am

These are the disorders I believe I have bedsides Aspergers :arrow:
Depression, OCD, General Anxiety Disorder, ADD, Dyslexia, Social Anxiety, & probably Dyspraxia. The Depression, OCD, & GAD, are manged by psych meds.
When I was 20 I had a Psychotic Depression & Panic Disorder as well. I also fit the appearance of Borderline Personality Disorder, Codependency, & had all the main features of Schizotypal Personality Disorder. My GP thought I was Bipolar at the time. I was officially diagnosed with Borderline Personality, Codependency, & Depression at the time along with Schizoid Personality Disorder but I really don't think I had Schizoid Personality but I was also told I fit all the features of Schizotypal Personality Disorder but did not have it. I highly doubt these days that I would give the appearance of BPD, Codependency, Schizoid, Schizotypal, Psychotic Depression, & Panic Disorder thou. Treating the disorders I already mentioned treating prevents these things from developing.

SyphonFilter wrote:
I was born with a very rare low vision disorder that includes a bit or a lot of colorblindness & was not diagnosed till my senior year of high-school. After I graduated I went to a place for blind & visually impaired people to learn some basic life skills. I also have a tremor disorder that acts up when I'm nervous, tired, or stressed. Both disorders are completely unrelated to my Aspergers thou except for my Aspergers symptoms like anxiety as well as some of the psych meds I'm on triggering or aggravating my tremor disorder so I don't consider them comorbids thou they are major disabilities & the combo of em majorly limit me with independence & employment.

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28 Dec 2021, 4:24 pm

Pull up a chair. :wink:

These are all diagnosed:

Autism Level 2
ADHD - Combined Type
Major Depressive Disorder (99th percentile)
General Anxiety Disorder (99th percentile)
Adaptive Functioning extremely low at 1st percentile
Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder
Selective Mutism (essentially "mutism")
Sleep Disorders (UARS, apnea, parasomnias)
Face Blindness, Aphantasia, and other NonVerbal challenges (PIQ = 5th percentile)
Sensory Processing Disorder: Identified in ASD report but also by clinical tests with OT
(misophonia, hyperacusis, photophobia, smellophobia, and textureophobia) -- I forget all the terms

On top of these I've had two acquired brain injuries (strokes)

The first one required a year of stroke rehab, three full days per week
- use of a walker / cane for 2-3 years
- physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vestibular therapy
- double vision

The second one turned my brain to mush, in terms of stamina and emotional resilience

* I've never been diagnosed with OCD, which seems to be the most common co-morbid that I don't have. I do have extreme hyperfocus but I guess it's related to ADHD / ASD and not a separate condition

* I also fit most of the criteria for Hyperlexia, but I don't have that diagnosis

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Blue Jay

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20 Jun 2023, 4:28 pm


Autism (obviously)
General Anxiety Disorder (on my medical records, it's listed as anxiety/depression)

There are a few other disorders I suspect I may have such as dyscalculia that I haven't been officially diagnosed with yet.

Diagnosed with autism as a toddler and diagnosed with general anxiety disorder at the age of 9.


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20 Jun 2023, 5:01 pm

All suspected:
OCPD (I understand OCD being debilitating, which my "ocd" is not)
General anxiety

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20 Jun 2023, 5:12 pm

ADHD - Inattentive Type
Treatment Resistant Suicidal Depression (that's what the shrink called it)

OCD - (never diagnosed but sent on ERP courses for it - SchizOCD flavour)
PTSD (self diagnosed)

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21 Jun 2023, 7:35 am

That I know of - Visual looming syndrome, anxiety

Probably a few others, given that I can't learn to spell certain words with any certainty, find it hard to construct a written sentence without vocalising, can go into a funny, slo-mo state when in a crowd. Possible ADHD, Dyslexia, depersonalisation or whatever the term is,and of course a bit sensitive to noise

The visual looming thing can be a bore, for example, when someone offers me food by shunting it towards my face it kind of puts me off the food and the person. If someone is gesticulating in the passenger seat while I'm driving, I have to blinker them off with a hand. Always surprised how my friends don't stop with these triggers.

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17 Oct 2023, 9:25 pm

Central Apnea
Obstructive Apnea
Peripheral neuropathy

Broader autism cluster (Aspie) score: 139 of 200 Your neurotypical score: 60 of 200
Aspie Quiz (v5) 155 of 200 .. AQ 48 . Detailed Aspie Quotient for adults 1,540 out of 2,200 (70%)
RAADS-R Total 192 of 240 Social Problems 91 Circumscribed Interests 42 Language 19 Sensory Motor 40
Meyer-Briggs: INTP Comorbidities: Narcolepsy, NPD, Alexithemia, Dyspraxia, Prosopagnosia, Anomia, IBS
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