Between aspergers and crohns, am I unemployable?

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10 Apr 2019, 5:41 pm

I've started wondering this since both are very unpredictable illnesses that can change your performance or how you're seen in the workplace in an instant. It's especially a problem now that my remicade seems to be starting to wear off.

I've been terminated or laid off from 5 jobs in my life and failed to create a side business because of either one of these or in the case of my most recent job a combination of both. I failed as a youtuber as well. I'm starting to wonder if disability is the only option I got left as I've been sitting in my bed writhing in pain the last 3 weeks. But my GI said I'm not that bad off.

I'm gonna try to send my resume out again soon as I get better whenever that happens, but it's been so difficult for me to find a job. Every time since I got to the job market in 2009, I have spent at least 1 year in trying to find a job each time I lost one and I have a masters in electrical and computer engineering! Then I fail to keep it longer than a year before things go south.

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12 Apr 2019, 7:47 pm

You might be unemployable. I advise you to do two things. First, apply for services through your department of vocational rehabilitation or whatever it's called there, to get assistance finding suitable work - which might include jobs in your field that you can do working from home, which I assume would be more comfortable for you. The second is apply for Social Security Disability. If you also feel well enough to job-hunt, you can do that, too.

The fact is you can't know if working is impossible for you until you try. If it is possible, vocational rehab people can help. If it is not possible, the quicker you get on Social Security Disability, the better.



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14 Apr 2019, 6:49 pm

You could be unemployable or getting there

But all you need is one job

There are plenty of jobs

Plenty of people with Crohn's and autism work

Reasonable accommodation


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14 Apr 2019, 6:57 pm

Bea's advice is well worth taking.

I failed at a lot of jobs (1-2 years each.) I have my own business and it works because I can take time when I need it to rest.

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14 Apr 2019, 7:10 pm

I only have ASD and ADHD, but NYC considers me unemployable so I'm on welfare till I hopefully get the appeal of my SSI application approved (as Bea suggests). I've never held a job for even 6 months and the last one was over a decade ago. I like you also have a graduate degree, albeit an academic one. But ASD has also wrecked my hopes for an academic career at least for now, since I had to drop out of a second masters program partly b/c the school's "reasonable accomodations" don't do very much for you. I've recently started CBT w/my new ASD specialist therapist so maybe this'll help to change things.

But yes, get on SSI if at all possible b/c it really can help you at least have a basic level income (the amount I get from welfare doesn't even get me through a whole month). I know nothing about Crohn's disease, but the other issue w/working of course is (at least re: your ASD) that you need to find something to pay the bills that you're interested in. That's central b/c in all likelihood, otherwise you run a high risk of continuing to repeat your past difficulties in keeping a job if you even get one. Lastly, I TOTALLY feel you on the job market. The precarious US labor market has SUCKED since the 2008 recession in most fields of work in many ways. It's totally normal that it would take even an NT a year or more to find something, let alone an Aspie.

Good luck!