Any other aspies have trouble using the Web service Slack?

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28 Nov 2022, 1:57 pm

Back when I was working in IT, my company jumped on the Web service Slack to "facilitate communications" in the department. (Having no smartphone, I was accessing Slack in a Web browser on my computers.) Up to this point, I'd ridden more than 30 years of changes in computer technologies, and had no particular trouble with any of them. But I hit a wall with Slack: I just couldn't use it!

I just could not make any sense of all the snippets of statements flying around among about a half dozen users at once, with another dozen or so inserting occasional comments. I could not follow what they were saying to each other, and I couldn't pick out when they were talking to me. When someone made a direct reference to me, I could not pick up the context of what they meant; there just wasn't enough information attached. I'd never felt like I was drowning in a new technology before.

I worked on this challenge for months, and never made any progress. Am I alone in this, or has anyone else hit this same wall? If so, did you find a solution, and what helped? I really hate discovering something I can't do.


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28 Nov 2022, 2:15 pm

Slack (particularly the mobile view on phones and tablets) doesn't lend itself to the way I communicate. While I've had to get used to it (and discord) I can't say I like the UI/UX. So yes, I sympathize very much. I do find it a bit easier on a wide-screen monitor than on a phone though.