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18 May 2006, 12:04 am

i'm too afraid to apply anywhere because of ya know the as social situations. i got laid off and i need a new one. i've become a bum not because i wont work because im too scared to go get one. like when i go into a store i feel like everyones going to laugh at me like 'he won't get hired here.'

i hate as. it makes me a weak person.

i should just make a portfolio site and do web design but i dont have the cash to advertise and get my name out there.


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18 May 2006, 4:16 am

"Who dares wins". I hate working with social people (read: in an office) but I guess I'm going to have to bite the sour apple.
I'm having an interview tomorrow, actually. I'm guessing I won't get it, but I'm going to put my back into it at least.

If anyone would ever to actually start laughing at you in your presence, just stand still and stare at them with you're best "going to snap" face, and just stand there for five minutes, twitching eyes, ten minutes, whitening knuckles, until they stop laughing and start looking awkwardly at eachother or leaving the room, and don't move a muscle.
Then when you go their attention, you have had enough time to think out something scary to say, perhaps something like:
"You think that's funny? Then you're going to have a lot of fun if I drag your ass down the alleyway and cut you up into tiny morsels and make stew!"
That's scary but not really a threat.
Just a thought ;)

It doesn't make you a weak person. You're weak if it makes you give up forever. "We don't give up. We retreat and regroup".

Making a portfolio is a great idea.
You don't need much money to advertise, especially when thinking about the nature of your business.
You shouldn't spam people, but you could design something nice to put on employment websites that'll draw employers' attention.
If you want to advertise in meatspace, you could, for example, buy a few sheets of white stickers, print out your contact information on them really nice and flashy and go from skyscraper to skyscraper in the business district and paste one on every bulletin board they might have. They might not like the glue, though so you could just print it out on normal paper as well and tack/tape it up.
Prepare a portfolio/resumé/introduction letter, copy it up to X number of copies, go to aforementioned businesses and leave one to every receptionist/secretary you meet. Address it to H.R.
That shouldn't be too expensive.