Adapting To Change - How do you cope?

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10 Nov 2012, 11:09 am

I love my job. I love my firm and the people I work with, and I honestly don't see myself working anywhere else. With that said however, there are more frustrating aspects of my job that I have to cope with, and the biggest aspect is adapting to change. You may have heard the witty quote "The only thing that's constant is change", and that holds true where I work especially these past couple of months. Just in the past month and a half, I and everyone else was reassigned to new teams twice and we expect that change to happen again next month. This means being reassigned new supervisors, new teammates, etc and moving all my office stuff around to a different desk on a different floor (while dealing with the person who wants to kick you out of your desk on a Friday afternoon to make phone calls to people that most likely left for the day). This I don't mind so much. Afterall, I enjoy meeting new people very much and I expect such changes to happen especially when the firm is hiring on more and more people to help out as busy season approaches. What really irks me is the changes that are made to the process on almost a daily basis. I work in a position where I'm required to follow a lot of strict rules, and it's really annoying when they keep changing the rules especially when things were perfectly fine the way they were. Such changes include how many pages max should a PDF file have, how information is written in a specific excel file, and how files should be named. The changes have been happening so frequently that management doesn't even have a chance to communicate this to the people doing the actual work; I find out about things commonly after my reviewer says "We're not doing it this way anymore; we're doing it this way.", and I've heard that quote more times than I can count. From an associate standpoint, it really seems that management just can't make up its mind on what it wants to do, but from a management standpoint there's probably a lot more going on that is causing these changes to take place and I don't see all the variables, so it is what it is.

Do you face a lot of changes in your job? If so, how do you cope?


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15 Nov 2012, 12:44 am

The most amount of change I faced was when I was not instructed properly about how to do things in the first place.

May I suggest seeing if there is a common file that everyone/management can post to regarding these minor changes?

These seem annoying to me too!

Any changes that happen, I try to alert my staff to in a one on one or two on one situation, and then at a general staff meeting (our staff is a small group).