The Longest Term of employement before getting fired.

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22 May 2014, 6:19 pm

Mitrovah wrote:
What is the longest period of employment before you were finally fired?
I have had two jobs so far after graduating, 1. I think maybe a month and a half before they fired me, after my first review which I got an "you are still learning don't worry" speech from my boss.

2. Worked for 4 months at a god awful s**thole of a proverbial trailer home before I finally quit and found my current job which helped me land this one thanks to the customer service experience.

I am two months in but I am afraid history may repeat itself, I walked in today and the first call I took I made a complete ass of myself and made rookie mistakes from the before day. Nobody has yelled at me and the mistakes are not that big, but I am just afraid the same thing will happen. I was doing really well last few weeks with no mistakes or asking questions I should have known the answer to. The problem is when something isn't working right away or I don't understand the question, I get very nervous and anxious and start to lose concentration and my mind sort of falls out of my head especially if my boss is in the office listening to me. This only happens if I have exhausted all my ideas for solving the problem. I have work notes that help me solve the question pretty quickly and I am starting to memorize quite a bit however. I just have this feeling of impending doom because of my experience at my last job.

Non-professional position that lasted the longest before getting fired: 6 1/2 years working in a cafeteria (never came close to getting fired)
Professional position that lasted the longest before getting fired: 8 months working at the branch campus of a major research university in the Midwest (USA). Boss was a micromanager and had issues

About to start work as a staff accountant in training at one of the largest 200 private employers on Forbes Magazine list from 2013. I don't envision seeing myself getting fired from there, given my past history of being fired more times than I wish to admit. I know myself better than ever, and the fit between the company and myself was excellent. I disclosed having autism at both interviews I had with this company, and feel I will do very well there.

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26 May 2014, 10:38 pm

I've had my current job for 2 years. I've only been fired twice from retail positions when I was a teenager. I haven't been fired at all in my twenties. 2 years is the longest I've had a single job for, though - which I admit isn't great. I mostly left my past jobs of my own accord for various reasons (health, boredom, want a new environment, etc.)

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26 May 2014, 11:09 pm

Three months but I was on a contract.

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27 May 2014, 8:17 am

i worked 15 years as a para in a high school specal needs class before i left to be a teacher which ened 3.5 years down the road.. ive subbed here for 2.. but having issues with finding anything more then that.. I also once worked 4 years in fast food..

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