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01 Nov 2016, 9:29 am

So last Thursday at work I kind of had a melt down where I said I hated my job to one of the higher up managers while on the job. My contract was terminated for unprofessionalism, however I managed to argue my case well enough and now I'm working in the fitting room. For those of you who don't know the Walmart set up, the fitting room is where all the calls come through. So now instead of decorating cakes I run a a multi line telephone system, taking calls from customers and from within the store, redirecting calls, paging associates and customers over the PA, using a walkie to communicate with management and certain other store members who carry them.

Pros of this new position:
- it doesn't stress me out in the same, unbearable way that being a cake decorator did
- I'm happier
- no more hair net
- my nails can finally recuperate because now I don't have to wash my hands 20 times a day at work to prevent cross contamination or use super potent cleaning chemicals

- it pays less
- I'll get less hours
- pretty much every area of the store is understaffed and we're in the holiday season. Often I can't get ahold of someone to answer a customer question within a department and have to either contact management to check or leave my post to check myself
- folding, retagging, and rehanging clothes is slow and tedious work. I'm still struggling to figure out how different garments are folded and wbat garments go on what type of hanger.

Regardless of the cons, I think I still will prefer this position. Because of being undertrained and expected to work miracles in ridiculously short periods of time as well as the second cake decorator constantly quitting, I hated being a cake decorator. It made me suicidal some days. I wanted to cry every day at work. I felt under a huge amount of pressure. It was insanely chaotic. There's chaos to working the fitting room, but it's more controlled.

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04 Nov 2016, 6:23 am

And I thought my job was hard! I hope you'll be happier in your new position.

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18 Nov 2016, 5:53 am

I think it's pretty cool that you dodged getting fired and instead got a new position. Hope you like your new job better :D

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