Are there really jobs in computer programming?

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12 Aug 2017, 9:30 am

Everyone totes this as the apex autistic-friendly job around me recently.
I never had much of an interest in it as I am not interested at all in developing games or apps. But recently I have been taking a course that involves a fair bit of computer work and I actually don't mind it. And as my tolerance for verbal speech continues to decrease, I'm more and more interested in any jobs that could be nonverbal. Programming is definitely a possibility there.
However advice claimed that programming courses were becoming redundant, as there was no work in it unless one wanted to be in game or app development and those starting from scratch with computer science courses were finding their content was already outdated and useless by the time they graduated. The computing world had moved on by then, and actually finding good jobs in programming was rare.
Insights? Are there good nonverbal jobs out there in computer programming that aren't games? What qualifications, knowledge or other skills are needed? What areas could one work in?
Just curious, considering options.

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12 Aug 2017, 11:18 am

Ideally, a computer science degree should provide a background in computer science. Fundamental concepts and paradigms that should be useful for many years. Which is different from a two year degree or vocational technical degree which merely tries to teach what is popular at the time.