Promoting yourself with social media.

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15 Mar 2019, 3:42 pm

Getting likes on facebook or youtube or whatever isn't just about getting self-esteem boost. It can help with advertising for starting a business. Plus I am told employers look at social media when researching job candidates. Unfortunately I suck at social media. If I post a comment on youtube, I am lucky to get two likes when other people are getting hundreds, and facebook I just don't get. How do you get people to respond to you on social media?


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15 Mar 2019, 4:13 pm

I'd only advocate using social media as a tool for employability or starting a business if the business you're starting is based around technology like certain tech support channels on youtube for instance (dunno if u heard of linus tech tips) if that's what you were going for. Anything else I would not, personally because a) i don't use social media except youtube (even then I don't get involved, only for music / entertainment purposes), b) my history/background is something to be frowned at seeing as I try to shy away from everything everyone considers normal like instagram, snapchat, facebook etc.

I've always assumed people who: selfie at least once a day, photographs everything they eat, acting out everything like in black mirror as if it's real life; to have some sort of ego problem and should never be mixed with employability skills.