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21 Apr 2021, 11:41 pm

I asked the Fed job about physical activity and they said it involved lifting heavy things sometimes... Could be an issue, but couldn't they accomidate this if I'm really fit for the rest of the job??? Or would a Fed job say "No, sorry!"

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22 Apr 2021, 5:04 am

This is my suggestion (not entirely sure its right for you - depends on the level of your physical your limitations):

If heavy lifting is not a key part of the job and only comes up occasionally, don't let that put you off going for the job and don't point it out as an issue until they engage you. It's better to try the job out and see if you can handle it.

Once you're in the job, it's in the employer's interest to keep you there rather than re-advertise, so they might be able to help with things like carts to carry heavy loads, or enabling you to get help from someone for loads over a certain limit.

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26 Apr 2021, 6:46 am

Lift Light Weights a Couple Times a Week . Build Your Core Strength . If The Work Load is Too Much , YounCan Always Look For Something Else in The Meantime