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Yesterday, 9:31 am

I've never done that before, but now that me and my coworker have gotten more work load, have a tight schedule and have had to make big compromises with our vacations, we've been talking about asking for a raise. I'm currently writing out the email about it to our boss (he doesn't work in the same place and we rarely see him, so asking face to face is out of question, not that I'd have the guts for that in the first place), but I'm gonna send it to my coworker first to get his opinion on it so he could, hopefully, make it more socially appropriate 'cause I fear, for a good reason mind you, that it'll be too blunt and on to the point if I write it on my own. I'm gonna list the facts that make us think we'd deserve more and I think I have good points for it, but the message needs to be softer, not to mention I think it'll need some kind of small talk opening, but I'm not good with those.

...Yeah, that's about it. Needed to get that out of my head, and while I could've written it to "what's on your mind right now?" -topic, I'm interested in hearing how have others here gotten salary raises.