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11 Feb 2022, 3:46 pm

My boss messaged me and said, “Some things were missed yesterday, I know that’s not on you, but let’s make sure it gets done today please.” I wrote back, “I wasn’t here yesterday.” And he wrote back, “I know, that’s why I said it wasn’t on you lol.” I’m confused as to why he messaged me in the first place, I never miss the things that were missed yesterday when I wasn’t here. Why would I need a reminder?


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11 Feb 2022, 10:18 pm

This may have been a message sent out to multiple workers. In an effort to be tactful (and hence, unfortunately indirect) he may have sent it to ALL under his wing, so to speak. It's a reminder for ALL to be aware of keeping up certain standards ... so as not to single anyone out, in an indirect manner.