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06 May 2022, 9:14 pm

Yes, I'm still applying to things..
I just don't give up...

Here's the current situation:

My first internship out of college was with a bird of prey center. I had to take care of them, use them in programs, etc.... I was overweight and weak muscles back then but the only accommodation I ended up needing was help carrying heavy things.

After this internship was over, a second bird of prey center hired me, but I took a position with National Audubon instead.

But anyway the same bird of prey center I turned down an offer so long ago interviewed me after I applied for a year-long job with them.

I brought up my weaknesses upfront, but they seemed really interested still. I find out next week and if I get accepted the position starts in June...

They do provide housing and transportation..... pay low enough I wouldn't lose all benefits, But the issues are:

1. Getting out of my lease!
2. Make sure my cat has a good home (cat is a no no there because they house other animals downstairs same building and it's a health hazard to the other animals)
3. What to do with my stuff (though I already told a friend of mine who needs a bunch of stuff and she might take it)
4. Could I really handle working with live birds again?
5. I told my caseworker and she thinks I'm crazy, there would have to be a complete change of services to another state (Michigan to Ohio, I'm not horribly worried HOW I'd get to this job, it's only a 3 hour drive, if I pay a family member well enough somebody would do it).

But the main issue here is currently I have stability... Sort of, but not enough to do during the day... This town has few employment opportunities for someone with my degree.... But I don't wanna start working again and have meltdowns!! !

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06 May 2022, 10:44 pm

Nope. Meltdowns wouldn’t work.

Do you know somebody who needs an apartment? Maybe you could sublease to that person till the lease ends—if the landlord isn’t an active landlord.