What challenges have you had with work? And what has helped?

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Emu Egg
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24 Aug 2022, 3:52 pm

I feel that when I'm at work I just don't feel motivated to work or feel discouraged about the work I have to do. Sometimes I get distracted by my phone or things around me.i recently got in a fight with my boss over the fact that she got on me for underperformed. It also seems that my personal life effects me at work


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31 Aug 2022, 9:11 am

When I was working as a Lot Lizard, I was trying to plug the electric cart into the outlet and a lumber cart with a bucket of paint was blocking the outlet so I moved the cart

"Hey! What are you doing? Mine!" A customer had the nerve to bark at me

"He's plugging it in" forklift driver Victor said.

The customer stopped overreacting but he didn't apologize.

"Pick your battles.". "customer always right"

So I let it go

Wrongful Accusation is a really big deal, but the customer didn't actually commit "wrongful Accusation"


Especially at work, when I am trying to accomplish something, I think about why I tried to do it, a why I failed.

For example, "Head Cashier Marie told me to get the carts from the back"

That way any confusion or failure could be clarified

For example, maybe Marie meant Receiving by "the back" and I thought "the back" meant "behind the building"

The building I work in has a video tape, but the litterbox, locker room and training room not video taped

Whatever I do, I remember the video tape and the misunderstandings it could cause

Whoever is looking at the video tape is neurotypical, extrovert, emotional and judgmental.

Try to make your actions less confusing

Although anything could get misunderstood

So when I am confused I ask the head cashier or someone for the answer to a question

And find out their name so I could quote them

The building is audio taped too

But not everything is audible on tape

Quite frankly I would rather get everything in writing. It makes misunderstandings easier to sort out. However, nobody has to do that. You can't make them.


On the other hand , no matter what you attempt to accomplish, "at will employer"


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01 Sep 2022, 8:22 pm

For me it's being told off for breaking rules I didn't even know existed. I hate being told off, it makes me feel silly and embarrassed. All I want to do is my work. But when I keep my head down and do my work effectively, I still somehow manage to get told off about something, usually by a supervisor who just looks for things, anything, to tell me off about just for the sake of telling me off so that they can show their authority. I've ended up in tears twice in one week before because of these sorts of people not leaving me alone. I think some rules at work can be petty and only apply to certain people like me but not to others.



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01 Sep 2022, 8:48 pm

I used to go through that sort of stuff at my job.


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10 Sep 2022, 4:08 pm

So, keep to these simple rules:

0. This rule is so important its rule 0. Do not gossip, ever. Be a gossip "heat sink." When people come to you with gossip, do not engage and do not repeat. Just smile and nod. It will happen. Gossip can turn a workplace toxic fast.
1. Reveal as little about your personal life as possible as default to all coworkers
2. Always be positive, say negative things in a positive way (say "we can improve this by..." instead of pointing out negatives of existing)
3. Never, never engage in a political or religious discussion
4. Learn to forget what colleagues and bosses say that is political/religious that offends you. Don't judge them, move on with it.

There can be exceptions, but its usually after you've known a coworker for a long time and can trust they aren't using what you are telling them against you. That happens!

Do not trust any coworker by default. I have seen so many backstabbers and people that seem like they are your friend but really they are trying to manipulate a situation.

I agree with all of this advice, especially when it comes to gossip turning a workplace toxic really fast. At my current job, we never had any issues with gossip until they hired a certain individual earlier this year. For the most part, I avoid that toxic coworker whenever possible, and don't discuss personal issues with any of my coworkers. Sometimes, keeping silent is the best thing to do so backstabbers and gossipers don't use anything against you.