Offered fast track qualifications in work.

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21 Jul 2022, 7:18 am

My employer has offered me the chance to effectively jump the queue in work. I started off as a labourer in a metal fabrication workshop for an engineering company and to this day after 8 years I still am. During this time my job has creeped ever more into skilled work and has now matched that of the boiler makers. Being unskilled I still get the chance to jump in the van from time to time and do more varied work however. I'm also virtually impossible to fire in my current position.

Accepting their offer will likely reduce this variation of work but they explicitly said there is no gradual pay increments, it'll just be an immediate full boilermaker rate after a short "course" to confirm I'm up to scratch. No need for an apprenticeship or improvers rates, just an immediate skipping of it all. I'll also lose some job security I imagine as I'm not cheap anymore to hire and need to hit high standards.

Seems like a no brainer to most but I'm actually a but torn. We all know the importance of job security for autisitcs especially.