I think they won't hire me becuase I'm autistic.

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22 Jul 2022, 3:15 pm

I'm a games tester and up until the start of this year I loved my job. I met a lot of like minded people and there's something I find about analytically figuring out where bugs will occur and documenting them into a database that I love.

However at the end of last year someone made a complaint about my communication skills, and despite explaining to my test lead that it was due to my autism and him being sympathetic and trying to accommodate for that, about a month later my manager terminated my contract and refused to give an explanation why.

I've been repeatedly trying to reapply for that and similar positions at the same company, but I keep getting rejected without even an interview. This is really confusing for me because I have much more experience now than when I first got offered the job and when I did work for them I had the highest number of bug reports on both projects I'd worked on. I also don't think it's an issue with my CV/Cover Letter because the last three jobs that I'd used them to apply for I got through to the interview stage.

Do I have any grounds for disability discrimination here? And if so would it better to go to the company direct about this or a third party? Many thanks.


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25 Jul 2022, 12:26 pm

People will hire a B level student, that plays well with everyone, than the A+ student that "causes" drama, and "can't play well with others".

Unfortunately "plays well with others" can be a job requirement.

I'm guessing lead test is below the manager. Whatever you did pissed off the person enough to go over the lead test's head, and straight to the manager.

My husband (Aspie) was fired because of communication and executive functioning skills. We lawyered up. His company said, "We are in the customer service business. ALL our employee must deal with people."

His job was like coding. He needed accommodations. The company pleaded hardship, and too bad. Then they played hard ball.

I would quit bugging this company. You got fired and now are black listed. You have experience, so hustle a new employer.

(Personally I'd want to find out exactly why they thought my communications skills were so poor)