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29 Sep 2007, 9:43 am

Well, right now I have a pretty interesting job - not the highest paying but interesting nonetheless. Of course as some of you remember I ended up with a 4 year accounting degree and while I hated public accounting when I tried it I did find that I do well with stuff that hangs closer to financial or alternatively niche auditing. The job I have right now of course is for an accounts payable recovery firm and the audits are us going around through recent AP history and finding various errors just off of how we manipulate the data.

However, like I said, not the highest paying job (35 to 40'ish) and after about 4 or 5 years I'd really like to do something where I have a more regimented work schedule and as a musician I not only want the cash to make the studio of my dreams (yep, more techstep jungle) but I want something that's closer to 60-70k, just so I can both buy the things I need, have a nice little townhouse somewhere (kinda the step between a condo and house) and be able to invest in retirement without feeling too much of a squeeze.

The one idea that I'm really starting to entertain is controllership. It seems like a job, much like being an AP supervisor, your making sure that department as well as a few others are running properly and as I understand it your also charged with making sure that what comes across the AP clerks desks is stuff that they should be paying, as busy as they are they're the last line of defense with maybe a 50% error catch rate if they really remember something from last week when they're putting in 1000's of invoices per day.

My question is this, for those of you in the accounting world, especially those who've really gotten to know what controllership is about, is it that kind of job where I'd be working 70 to 80 hours a week babysitting? Is my outlook on it as this great 5 day a week type thing where I could have my nights pretty much free about right? When I do get myself back for my masters degree I know there are controllership classes at one of our local colleges around here and I'm also kinda wondering if some graduate level classes may actually be offered on line.

Well, like I said, let me know where your thoughts are at on this - all educated input is well appreciated :)