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25 Jul 2009, 11:02 pm

I'm afraid that I may never, at least I HOPE I don't already, know what some are talking about. I mean cleaning your house, etc... may be done MANY ways. I used to be very fastidious, but I now keep things at only a certain level. You will not find any sandwiches lying around, or messy dishes. Even the toilets are pretty clean. But HEY, many "NT"s are FAR dirtier!

I don't know HOW they "train" you. I mean if you can't learn it on your own, how do you relearn it when things change? The SAME can be said of cooking. I learned the real simple stuff in like nursery school. You know, tsp, tbsp, pint, quart, gallon, cup, preheating, etc... As for other stuff? Hey, people are STILL coming up with new ways, and learning the old. Look at alton browns "good eats"! I speak of him, merely because he tries to teach history and theory as well.

And any decent teacher should determine what the student needs to learn, so they DON'T reteach!