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25 Jul 2006, 6:52 pm

We received a call from Ryan's peditrician and after a blood test we found that he has Lyme Disease. so it was not his teeth after all.. aLL THE PAIN HE HAS BEEN HAVING from Lyme disease. He had it last year this time and he had a severe case. we are pretty sure that he was not rebitten but it never went away and he now has Bells Palsy from the effects of the Lyme disease. its pretty sad.. because having a child who has AS he can be very non verbal and can not explain just where his pain is. so we think that it never went away after the meds he took last year and it lay dormat in his system and has flared up. we need to talk to the dr. this week and see what can be done for the paralysis on his left side of his face. I am not happy with the Dr. because she insisted it was not Lyme disease but something called TMJ. and all that time it was Lyme and now he looks as if he had a stroke. so his big worry is that he will go back to school in about a month with this and the kids who were terrible before will make fun of him more because he can't talk. the dr gets frustrated with him also because he can not explain the simple things she wants him too.. Hello he has AS and can not be as verbal as you want him to be.. pook kid... I spent the night last night crying each time i looked at my sons face and knwing all the pain he had for the wrong diagnosis.. I can say that this also has brought out some pretty bad behaviors.. he is much more frustrated and tends to talk non stop and now has taken to SCREAMING... Yikes.. :x at night I think I just wonder what the next day will bring.. Do any of you find it frustrating to try to communicate with your child and feel you get no further than you did before you asked??? the one thing I think I have gotten out of this is to trust our instincts.. i told her what it was and she disputed me. and now I can say I am correct! who knows are children like we do???