Multiplayer gaming and autism/aspergers

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21 Jun 2010, 4:48 pm

It really depends on how multiplayer is implemented in game how good it is. Differnt genre's come across differntly in a multiplayer setting.

Although there a pain to setup and find someone reliable and of an enjoyable skill level PBEM (Play by e-mail) games of turn based strategy games such as the Combat Mission Series are an ideal setup.

The beauty of this game series is that both players have time to make decisions on what moves to make and the actions are then carried out in a 60 second playback. So really its like a more sophisticated version of chess in some respects.

They are a more pragmatic way of doing multiplayer compared to the rather ad-hoc clumsy system of more traditional turn based games such as Civilization series.

FPS games have come along way from the days of Doom 1/2 and the L4D 1/2 games are quite clever in how they encourage co-operative play although you always get retards who will try to ruin a game.

I find Real Time Strategy games quite stressful for the pressure of time and the whole "clickfest" thing. It requires a certain kind of thinking that im just not good at. I tend to play either Supreme Commander or Company of Heroes in this genre. CoH can be more forgiving for laxes in thought or a lack of strategy as you have moments of down time were you are waiting to build up resources, whereas Supreme Commander from the get go you need a plan on how your going to build up your economy, get key tech levels before your oppositon and at the same time adapt and change plans at the drop of a hat depending on the map you play on or you will lose the game fairly quickly and eventually become a burden if you are on a team.


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26 Jun 2010, 11:27 am

I like it and the majority of people are cool. The occasional maniac comes around and some games are set up so you can boot them, like Halo. I like it is random, not a appointment with friends. I'm not good at making appointments or meetups and with online gaming it is easy to just stay nameless and faceless. I like the cods, halo, on 360 and bbc 1&2 on ps3, almost ready to play Killzone. MAG is a little big for me and I don't like it doesn't have a single player campaign but the graphics are incredible. I hardly ever talk when I play, just listen. If I get yelled at for being an idiot I don't care, I'm doing my best and I try my best to only let my mess ups mess me up and not screw it up for anyone else. I do like to have a single player campaign to work on, get the weapons down and the moves, before going online. It takes me longer and I give it all the time I need to work it out...alone...and then I've got enough game to go online. I'm addicted to fps and love the maps, the shooting and the vast number of games I can play online. I think playing online improves my skills because of the pressure without the anxiety of playing in a live social setting.