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Nerd of Darkness
by E. H. Garrick ([email protected])
Summary: Playing a Geek in the White Wolf universe.

This article originally appeared on Ex Libris Nocturnis at the URL: ... page1.html

You're probably laughing, right? Nerds as creatures of darkness - give me a break! They're weak, and too smart for their own good. And just the right size for a snack. But, after all, a group/pack/cabal etc. without brains is a group going nowhere. Or at least nowhere quite quickly.

Maybe a vampire is hungry and he looks like a good snack. It attacks him as he pokes his head out from the library. As he lies there, half dead on the pavement, his books scattered, his face pale, his long fingers, callused from writing, grasping. Poor thing. It breaks its undead heart.

Or maybe it's the camping trip from Hell and, being a cold heartless teenager; you decide to play a trick on him. You've brought along an old Halloween costume and there's a full moon. The little guy will never know what hit’ll be a blast...well, was...until you heard this sound from his tent and... well, the story gets foggy after that...

Or maybe she was working on an independent project... and with a blast of energy, the knowledge of how the world works and the wonders of Science and Magic open new doors to life.

Or maybe he gets electrocuted while hacking.

Or roams the Dreaming looking for lost information.

Even though many games focus on combat or social manipulation, a nerd can add an interesting twist to a group of characters. They are often fountains of information, opportunities to learn to skills and, if you play them just right, fun and humorous.

While nerd characters might start out stereotypical, there are lots of traits that will make him or her stand out. Maybe she took Karate lessons to ward of bullies or has great small motor skills from hours building robots. Maybe his parents enrolled him in charm courses or he tried to teach himself to woo a girl. Or maybe he's just not that bad.

Even the time after the Embrace/Awakening/First Change provides an opportunity. A Toreador may have taught him some social skills so he wouldn't make a disaster of a special occasion for all Kindred (and thus got a massive headache in the process) or a Bone Gnawer may have instructed the poor bookish kid some hand to hand combat... with mixed results (she still thinks back to high school and hits below the belt).

Nerds can be found in many factions of the World of Darkness and, with their intelligence, who knows what they can accomplish! Just make sure they get some air and a glass of warm milk every once in a while...

Obligatory pronoun note: You might notice that I tend to use "he" and male nerd attributes more often than female pronouns and characteristics. This is not because there are no female nerds or that you can't play a female nerd- on the contrary, I am a girl, there are certainly plenty of female nerds and they make good characters. However, in my research I have found that roughly eighty to eighty-five percent of all nerds on television, in the movies, in comic strips, etc. are male. Therefore, I have tried my best to alter pronouns (though too much just sounds silly). Also, the use of "they" as a neutral singular pronoun is incorrect. I'm a humanities geek, what do you expect?

Now, back to the good stuff.

Building Your Basic Nerd
The most important part to character creation is your concept. You're playing a nerd right? Dorky little fellow who trips over his own shoes. Badabing, badaboom, you're done. Right? Far from it. Even though the nerd is a stereotype, it only serves as a ground to build a character on and a general archetype. There are many facets to every archetype and several interpretations, and the nerd is no different. While playing the wimpy little guy with allergies might sound like a riot at first, this can get boring as he's just a one trick pony like any other "funny concept" or tired old cliche (yes, possibly the only comparison to be made between nerds and ninjas.) So who is this person you've decided to spend several hours a week portraying? Is he a leader? A follower? What is she interested in? What drives them and what are their goals? Of course, this is the hard part. Coloring in dots is easy...

Nature and Demeanor
While there is no nature nor a demeanor called "geek", some natures et. al. is more appropriate for nerds than others. This is not to say there can't be a nerd "martyr"- perhaps he gives up everything for his work and his cause, but this is a good place to get started. Remember, like everyone, a nerd has his inner self and outer self- while he might appear to be a Loner, inside, he might be a Visionary, with tons of ideas bouncing around in that brain of his. Also, depending on what type of nerd you are playing, some combinations might be better or worse and some natures are similar. If I may be permitted to go all academic and quote from my papers, I see in the media two types of nerds- hyper-aware or outer-focused nerds, or hypo-aware or inner-focused nerds. In real life however, most nerds are balanced, though may ever so slightly lean to the hypo-Aware end of the spectrum.

Hyper-Aware or Outer-Focused Nerds

From the worried neurotic to the chatty scientist, Hyper-Aware/Outer-Focused nerds are acutely aware of what is going on around them and interface with the world on an extreme level- that is, by somehow trying to affect it by either warning people of impending doom, going on and on about his interests, deeply involved in a project (though preferring to share the details with great gusto) or chiding his peers. Suggested Natures and demeanors for Hyper-Aware nerds are Critic, Fanatic, Pedagogue, and Perfectionist. Other good choices but less common ones are Competitor, Curmudgeon and Crackerjack. Gallant is a possibility as White Wolf templates tend to use this as a common demeanor for nerdy characters for some reason, though I really don't see why...

Hypo-Aware or Inner-Focused Nerds

These are the polar opposites of the Hyper-Aware nerds. These are the oblivious sorts, walking along with their nose in a book, banging into walls as they do so or hacking away at their computer and in some sort of harmony. Hypo-Aware/Inner-Focused nerds often seem out of touch with the world and really don't seem to care much about it. They are often disheveled and extremely asocial (the Hyper-Aware nerd may have friends, though they barely tolerate him). They tend to be rather dreamy but also focused at the same time, also getting involved in projects but rarely letting outsiders in on his activities. Suggested Natures are Explorer, Idealist, Sage, and Visionary. Demeanors are Loner, Poltroon, and possibly Child, Survivor or Autist.

When making nerds, one can either pair traits (idealist/loner) or oppose them (perfectionist/visionary). Either way, at this point it is important to understand what type of person you are creating. Many nerds may appear Inner-Focused but may deep down be Outer-Focused, or, though less common, vice versa.

Attributes, Abilities and Backgrounds
"Girls want boyfriends with great skills...nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills..."
- Napoleon, "Napoleon Dynamite"

Creating a nerd character? Go ahead and make mental your primary category. And make sure that Intelligence is at least three. The nerd's best asset is his intelligence which is above average. Perception and wits can be lower or the same, though remember that a nerd, when focused on what he or she is doing, may not pay attention to what is going on or might be slow to react, due to his involvement in the cerebral realms.

The tough part is deciding which becomes secondary- social or physical. Neither of these categories is the nerd's strong point, though there might be an argument for dexterity (fine manipulation, that is) or possibly manipulation (or, if your tastes are like mine, appearance...nerd boys are so cute!). However, your best bet is to go with the social ineptitude factor and make physical secondary, social tertiary. Why? You really think a lab lackey or bookworm is that tough? Well, the World of Darkness is a rough place and your nerd might end up getting tossed around more than a tennis ball in a clothes dryer - so it probably helps. Plus life as a supernatural being probably toughened him up just a bit. While not realistic (for some nerds anyway), it'll give him at least a bit of an edge and hopefully he can think his way out of a situation before his stamina or strength are tested to their limits.

While various life experiences can scatter dots all over a character sheet like someone sneezed on it, there are many abilities that are bound to appear on the nerd's sheet. However, while you might not think a nerd can have, for example, Athletics, different backgrounds (did he grow up in Hawaii?) might modify this.

Talents are usually tertiary but good choices would be Expression and Dodge. (He had to survive the WoD somehow. Better to hide than to risk getting your glasses broken.) Skills come in second as, while nerds might lack social graces, they usually can survive on some form of rote social skills training (Etiquette), if they even are that bad. Other Skills include Stealth, Research, Repair/Technology and perhaps Crafts, Performance (debate or an instrument) and Drive.

However, the majority of the dots get placed in Knowledges: Academics, Computer, Science, Enigmas, Linguistics and all sorts of yummy intellectual stimuli. Young nerds will often have one Academics dot and/or Science dot above normal. A nerd in elementary school or junior high will often have one dot, while the majority of high school nerds will have two or three dots. However, college usually places them with peers who are alike, and three dots and a specification is appropriate. If your game venue doesn't have the Academics knowledge (Werewolf, Changeling) then Enigmas would be an appropriate Knowledge to take, unless your Storyteller allows abilities from other game systems.

As for Backgrounds, go for the supernatural gusto. What the nerd lacks in social skills, Strength and Intimidation, you can make up with spirit (Rituals, Avatar etc.). Also, don't forget- lots and lots of Contacts! Like seeks like and most nerds, even if they lack social skills to interact with "normal people" often have webs of acquaintances involved in computers, information technology, libraries, and if out of college, the medical and scientific fields.

Merits and Flaws
"People speak about a geek as if it were a stigma/ Open up your eyes let's banish this enigma"
- M. C. Hawking and Electric Fun Stuff, "The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth"

There are tons and tons of Merits and Flaws available, provided your Storyteller allows them in the game. Most of them are applicable to nerd characters, such as Lightning Calculator, Concentration, Shy, Bad Sight or Internet Savvy. Others, such as Nightclub or Illiterate (perish the thought!), however, are not appropriate -nerds are rarely outgoing disco sorts and all nerds are voracious readers. Those such as Huge Size (yes, I have a nerdish friend who is six foot five) and Daredevil might take some good back-story, though they could work, in theory. However, if you want more-

With the In Crowd - 1 point merit
Whatever you did, you're one of the guys, part of the pack, a member of the club. You may even have a friend or two to stand up to others who might want to kick you out. While this might be akin to the Allies background, unlike Allies these "friends" aren't exactly the most wonderful people in the world and still might make fun of you - but at least you have someone to vouch for you push comes to shove.

Gift of the Nerd - 3 point merit or 5 point merit.
The stereotypical nerd is oblivious to members of the opposite gender and their wiles. With a three-point Gift of the Nerd, any rolls by your opponent involving the Appearance Attribute or other seduction or sex appeal related Traits (which would probably include Charisma and Manipulation as well) are increased in difficulty by three.

However, you can still be manipulated in situations that do not include seduction or sex appeal or interested in a charismatic speaker (though most nerds can see through a fraud). A five point version (or higher), could be akin to the Graceless Oblivion power, as seen in Subsidiaries: Guide to Pentex, in which one willpower point negates any effects of a another's mundane social roll, socially related supernatural power (Presence, etc) and any "attempts at seduction".

However, merit or no merit, many nerds are "gracelessly oblivious" anyway.

Annoying- 1 point flaw
You never shut up about your interests and/or intellectual abilities. While you may be useful, you have to work twice as hard to get a person to listen to you, which just makes you more of a pain in the neck. You are down one die in situations involving being quiet or being social, as most people will yell at you to shut the heck up.

Omega - 2 point flaw
When the dust settled, you ended up at the bottom of the pecking order. You might be happy and secure in this spot, though others pick on you, but you might also be trying to work your way up-and everyone better look out.

A few notes on Autism

While not a Derangement by a long shot (Autism is biological in origin), this disorder hampers the character's interaction with the world and thus, systems-wise, might work akin to a Derangement while not being one.

So, how does this relate to nerds? Many have proposed that the "nerd condition" results from very, very faint manifestations of certain Autism spectrum disorders- i.e. Asperger's Syndrome and High Functioning Autism. People on the spectrum, that is the range from severe to mild of symptoms and behaviors, tend to have poor social skills, narrow interests, hate being touched, and so on. Also, people with Asperger's Syndrome tend to have an "all consuming interest" in something unusual - whether it be train schedules, numbers, license plates and so on. While IQ levels also vary with spectrum disorders, nerds are on the intelligent end, with above average IQ (therefore, Low Functioning Autism etc. would not be appropriate).

In the end, though, a character with an Autism spectrum disorder might be better off having his traits and quirks integrated as aspects of the personality instead of as a separate Flaw. However, there are Merits and Flaws that can be used to portray parts of Autism Spectrum disorders, if your storyteller allows them.

Some people on the spectrum (and even nerds without the disorders) might be entitled to a variety of Merits- Lightning Calculator, Concentration, Eidetic Memory, and Ability aptitudes and specialties of all kinds, especially with Computer, Technology or Science or even Enigmas. Many children and teens with Autism Spectrum disorders are interested and thus, very talented, with "systems"- whether they be in machines, mathematics, diagrams and drawings, role-playing games or just puzzles that require a special attention to logic or patterns. There are also Flaws, which could include Black And White, Curiosity, Technobabbler, Big Mouth, Diminished Attribute (charisma, manipulation), Compulsive Behavior and Shy.

Be aware though that these disorders can manifest in each individual very differently and are still not completely understood, so you should, nay, must do your research - there is more to Autism and Autism Spectrum disorders than I can fit in limited space. Considering the difficulty in portrayal and the research needed, the player should get a few experience points for good research and execution, as one would award anyone with a solid portrayal of their character.

Note: Bad Sight is listed as various point values throughout the books. However, the closest to something similar to myopia has been the Weak Sense Flaw which, when applied to eyes, means your vision is correctable with lenses but there is still risk coming from glasses being hit off or shattered. With the glasses removed, there would probably be a serious increase in the difficulty of Perception rolls or a removal of dice. Yet if your nerd is a Supernatural, there are ways of getting around this problem from Auspex (Vampire), Rite of Object Dedication (Werewolf) to Correspondence or Life magic (Mage).

Fitting In
By accident of birth, or just a plain accident, the nerd stereotype can be tweaked and "back storied" to fit in almost anywhere. Nerds are very good at adapting to their surroundings, though they tend to be oblivious in the first place. However, nerds are often highly skilled and intelligent people, and even if they are "quirky", they make up for this in loyalty and depth. In this section, I detail the "Big Three" of White Wolf: Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: the Ascension. I also go over Changeling: the Dreaming, since the themes of the game, banality versus imagination, dreams and stories seem to be well suited to the fantasy sensibilities of some nerds. However, I've had little experience with Hunter: the Reckoning and Demon: the Fallen, but I've written at least a little something for them. Anyway, on to the splats!

"There was so much blood, and there... there was a symbol, and Percy said I was a nerd!"
-Willow, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Vampires are supposed to be sexy, seductive and manipulative, the creatures of the night. So what happens when a nerd gets Embraced and joins the monsters in their little games? Almost all nerds will side with the Camarilla, as the nerd's poor social skills can be compensated for by a few good friends. If they are in independent clans, they will side with the Camarilla when politics strike. Ghouldom would be a sorry existence for a nerd, as they tend to be very independent people or too oblivious to be seduced (or squeamish to consume Vitae), though if force is applied, it can be a possibility, all the bonuses of having a nerd at your disposal without having to take major responsibility for him. Another good option for Vampire nerds would be to go for the high Generation card, as either thirteenth Generation or higher (as thin bloods). If a nerd does get Embraced, chances are he was wanted for his intelligence, expertise or was an accident. Poor, poor little vampire nerd.

A Note On Disciplines: While these are mostly determined by the clan you are Embraced into, there are some that might be more useful to a nerd than others. Right of the bat, the physical Disciplines (Potence, Celerity, Fortitude) are the best choice, as since nerds can't really seduce their prey, unless they feast people who are attracted to brains, they're going to have to go with a hit and run, sneak attack method. Auspex ranks right below it, as it is not only a data-collecting device, but can probably get rid of the glasses problem. Obfuscate is also a good choice, and rounding out the bunch would be in-clan specialties like Necromancy or Thaumaturgy, should our dear nerd end up in the clans that practice those.

Completely inappropriate Disciplines would be Dominate and Presence. While a nerd might get a high over the fact that now, after all these years, he is possibly able to effortlessly wow someone or get them to obey, and probably seek out a teacher, keep in mind that a nerd will probably use them for information brokering.

Nerd vampires do not live for the vampiric night life and any obscure-Discipline twinking (i.e. pleeeeze can I take Temporis...or Vicissitude...oh! scratch that, I want to be a Salubri) is almost the complete opposite of what playing a nerd is all about- the best nerd can use just his mind to complete is mission and is often the underdog. While running fast and hiding may help, especially when dealing with vampires, the nerd holds some very important cards.

If you've seen the horror movies, you know that no one ever thinks the nerd can be behind any plot...and the nerd that plays the game of politics can use this to his advantage.


Brujah - A hard-driving type who thinks he's tougher than his 98 pounds would convey. He's a tough guy who writes beat poetry on a typewriter. He hopes people will take him seriously but, alas, this is fantasy. The best he can manage is an ill-fitting protest jacket and an underground paper. While most Brujah are street types known for their violence, nerds will most likely take up scholarly and more "rational" causes, though they cannot always deny their inner beast.
Gangrel - Nerds are often loners but the pairing of this with the Gangrels' bestial nature might sound like a mismatch. Yet it can work quite well. A computer type, alone in a dark room, his humming terminal glowing green and shining on his face as a claw reaches for the keys... In comic books, the nerd often starts off meek but with a series of events, he can be enraged into a beast. While nerds are rational, a vengeful weirdo might work well here.
Giovanni - A bookie, naturally. A wormy little accountant in a suit maybe a few sizes too big, his round metal glasses sliding down his nose as he quickly finishes up the accounts before sunrise. Since the Giovanni are a family organization, a nerd is likely to get Embraced in this situation, as opposed to being seduced or someone that the apparently socially normal vampires would want around for several centuries.
Malkavian - Two words. UFO enthusiast. A paranoid conspiracy nut who spends his nights running in the field chasing after strange lights and strange monsters, instead of the politics of the other creatures of the night. Of course, he's an x-file himself, but who's counting... Other concepts here could be ravenous fanboys, comic book geeks and "insane" scientists or mathematicians. Derangements like Obsessive-compulsive, Intellectualism/Desensitization, various Phobias and Paranoia will work best.
You could also use variants of Autism (see the subsection "Notes on Autism"), though Autism IS NOT, I can not repeat this enough, IS NOT a derangement and is one someone is BORN with and does NOT make someone who is mentally ill or insane. However, as I said, the "symptoms" are often bad enough to interfere with daily life significantly and if your vampire was embraced before, roughly, the 1970s, Autism was considered to be someone one acquired from having a cold, indifferent mother. This false theory could be used to create a "refrigerator sire" or, given that some Autistics are also savants, could be that something special a mad vampire could find attractive, the sick bastard.

Nosferatu - If you follow the stereotype, nerds don't basically have looks on their side. Well some of them don't, but they're not all that ugly, really. Add fangs, acne to the nth degree, long claws and messy hair with a few swatches missing and you pretty much have one, not as extreme as the pictures but something perhaps in the funny vein. Nerds are also splendid information brokers and plotters, and with the underestimation of not only the Nosferatu as well as the nerd card on their side, the geeks can be a force to be reckoned with.
Tremere - Scholars, researchers, bookworms closed away in their libraries and hunched over the computer, nose to the keys? Perhaps a doctor, a scientist, a curator... An online article called these guys the nerds of the vampire world but somehow the Tremere manage to fit in and have mild social skills. Personally, I don't see them as particularly nerdy, but to each his own.
"If you want a more challenging fight the werewolf or the kickboxer will be free momentarily."
-Merton, "Big Wolf on Campus"

Nerds are often of a calmer bent, and are probably not going to go raging on the street shooting things. While nerds don't mind the Weaver, they can still fight for Gaia in their own special way. Nerds are Homid-born almost exclusively, though a Metis might be interesting as well. Animal-born shifters are most likely very smart but have extremely annoying personalities or are quite submissive. Applicable Auspices are ones on the low Rage scale, i.e. the Ragabash and the Theurge. However, the seed of rage still boils inside those who change, making them not exactly the best "splat" for people who want to play nerd characters.

However, the geeks would make wonderful kinfolk characters, who, while not able to communicate with spirits (baring hedge magic or gifts), are intelligent and talented researchers and thus a good right hand in the service of Gaia, almost making better characters in service of the Earth Mother as the non-furry side of the family as opposed to actually being the nine-foot-death beasts. The tribe commentary, therefore, applies to Kin as much as to the werewolves themselves.


Black Furies -Yup, there are girl nerds and while mostly television shows geeks as boys and most scientists being predominately male, a nerdish Black Fury might have something to prove - especially if she must get a higher grade in her chemistry class than that boy who's sitting behind her...damn him...
Bone Gnawers -Nerds are primarily urban but I'm not quite sure what one could be doing on the streets. Out of work dot commie perhaps or maybe just a tough nerd or "battle bots" type. He could have a Lone Gunmen thing going, hiding out in a bunker near a junkyard while building stuff. There is also the Frankweiler camp of Bone Gnawers who live in libraries, museums and study history, art, science and literature.
Children of Gaia - While not noted here for their "nerd affiliation", the Children are accepting of anyone and thus apt to take in nerds that other tribes have neglected. In this environment the geeks could get into the hippie arena with undercover work and expose newsletters, a bit like the "Lone Gunmen" of X-Files fame.
Glass Walkers - Urban dwellers with a love of technology, cities, computers and human culture. Forget all the others; if you're playing a nerd, he's most likely a Glass Walker. The other Garou don't seem to like these guys because of their techie leanings but heck, they can adapt. But try to keep from falling into the "hacker" trap - the city has much more to offer to a smart person then just technology.
Silent Striders and Stargazers -The most curious and intellectual of the Garou nation, these contemplative wolves would welcome nerds into their fold. While nerds can sometimes be territorial, a prospect of something interesting will lure them out into the world. Also, many nerds are portrayed as being Jewish or Asian, so these tribes, respectively (or not, if you want to bend splats), would provide appropriate background.
Uktena- Also renowned for their inquisitive and investigative natures, the Uktena would be a suitable tribe as well. Nerds can be found in almost any culture, anywhere in the world. While many of the Uktena's kinfolk are poor and downtrodden due to racial discrimination, there are many opportunities available for a nerd who knows how to play the system. While I haven't mentioned any movies or media to much of an extent so far, I must mention the film "Smoke Signals" as Thomas-Builds-The-Fire shows to be a splendid example of Native American cultural traditions and a young nerd who is fascinated with them.
Other Fera, such as the Nuwisha, Ratkin and Corax, are applicable with an appropriate backstory. These shape-shifters tend to be very curious, intelligent and love to get their hands on tidbits of information - the divine ambrosia of nerd culture. Also, save the Ratkin, these Fera are often free agents, which frees the nerd from pack structure. Kitsune might also be appropriate, and though nerds here are not as charismatic or personable as most other fox shifters, they still fit in. This personality shift could also be applicable to Nuwisha. The Ratkin, however, tend to be filthy violent slightly insane little bastards which also might seem at odds with the nerd temperament, but the "rats of NIHM" technological tinkering aspect of rats suits them or the "lab rat" angle as well.

Others, like Gurahl, Nagah and Rokea, are inappropriate due to their upbringing, highly animal-born population or differing role in Gaia's great plan. The jury is out on the Ananasi - while nerds are stereotypically noted for their lack of emotions and apathy towards feelings, there is something in the nature of the werespiders that might not make a nerd character a particularly good choice, though the penchant for systems might speak otherwise.

As for the Triat, nerds are particularly Weaverish - not because they're boring but because nerds are creative people and love to solve problems and fix things - they're probably a good example of the Weaver before she went mad- nerds are shapers of raw material, of information and often innovators. However, due to the nerds' love of technology and puzzles, they are probably quite susceptible to the One Song and might get turned into Drones. This seems like a wonderful tradeoff as not only do the nerds get to market in information, but Lady Weaver can also take care of those pesky glasses. However, this process snuffs out that quirkiness, leaving them hollow and worthless.

For shifters or kinfolk, however, it could lead to a slight Weaver taint which brother or sister shifter might not appreciate...

"Plastic tubes and pots and pans, Bits and pieces and Magic from the hand We're makin' Weird science"
- Oingo Boingo "Weird Science"

Mage seems like a perfect genre for nerdy characters, after all magic requires a high intelligence, focus and a love of learning. (Actually, on some sites, mages are considered the nerds of the WoD.) There are some traditions that might not work, but then again, this is only one opinion. But a few Traditions might take a little imagination. Nature-oriented Traditions such as the Dreamspeakers and Verbena are probably not good choices. To quote a friend of mine, "Fresh air is overrated." However, with the rise of Technomancy, the nerds fit right in, inscribing runes of warding on their laptops, jacking into virtual reality to model the problems of the world in order to solve them or anything else which doesn't require leaving the basement.


Akashic Brotherhood - Many nerds, in an effort of self-improvement, take up martial arts. While nerds are not naturally athletic they tend to enjoy this pastime and sometimes are quite good at it. Nerds may not find enlightenment in athletics, but the mental discipline and structure appeals to them. Nerds are also interested in "techno-battles", though, granted, this style probably wouldn't fly with most Brothers. Also, as mentioned in the previous section, many nerd characters in the media are Asian, making, heritage-wise, the Brothers a natural fit.
Cult of Ecstasy - The tradition book has a hacker who gets "high" or "off" on coding but he's probably one of very few geeky sorts in the tradition. Also, if you've seen any teenager movies, it's true that nerds want sex. Perhaps a nerd might try this to meet up with a few girls. The poor thing... Geeks here would be few and far between, being not fans of large parties, drugs or crowds. On the other hand, there are always dating sims...
Order of Hermes - With their numbers, shapes and their mystical ties, precise ritual, lots of reading and hidden meaning behind words, the mages of the Order are obviously of an intellectual bent. Nerds love to read and will absorb almost anything you put in front of them, and the hierarchy and details of the Order's magical practices might draw in many nerds with a love of systems. However, they might initially balk at the structure and the "secret club" feel and become similar to a "sorcerer's apprentice", dabbling in things they do not understand, resulting in a disaster...
Sons of Ether - Weird Science, The X-files, Star Trek, etc. etc. Do I even have to give a reason? There's a reason they're mad scientists and, in this case, the word scientist is a dead giveaway. Provided they can explore to their heart's delight, the Etherites will be the biggest draw for technical and science loving nerds, though mostly the more innovative, creative and generally odd ones. While the Science here might be a little whacky for the more conservative nerd, the draw of science fiction elements results in many geeks joining this tradition.
Virtual Adepts - Every nerd's dream come true. Like the Sons of Ether, the Virtual Adepts are just as suited for techie nerds as the Sons for scientists and the Order of Hermes for intellectuals. There is also that anarch-punk of the hacker universe, but this is a rare find. Real hackers, the nerd faction, usually wear Star Wars shirts and have strange haircuts- and rarely leave the house. Well, why else do you think they master Correspondence?
One might also want to note the Chaoticians of the Adepts, as even though the Euthanatos Lhaksmists also work in the realm of computerized chaos, nerds interested in the application of technology to the study of randomness and entropy are much more likely to end up with the Adept faction than with the Euthanatos.

Other Magi (non-Traditionalists and static magic)

While Magic is all nice and good, nerds are "creatures of a cerebral bent" and if it is a toss up between some oddball in a funny outfit and a scientist of the Technocracy, the nerd is probably going to go with the Techies. Iteration X with their computer prowess and the Star Trek-ish Void Engineers are the most likely conventions a nerd would join - or be recruited into, though there might also be a few in the Progenitor methodology as well. The Technocracy is probably crawling with nerds straight out of college, as well as absent-minded professors.

If you allow Numina in your game, this is an area where nerds can really shine, especially in psychic Numina. Taking a page from Carrie and other supernatural/psychic oriented movies, nerds tend to be damn good with psychic powers. Considering that these powers are usually inborn abilities or the result of something traumatic, they can easily be grafted onto a normal nerd character. While Telekinesis tends to be the first to spring to mind (probably the nerd specialty thanks to scores of scary movies), other abilities include the newly added Cyberpathy and Cyberkinesis. While nerds probably don't have abilities related to people, per say (Psychic Hypnosis, Psychometry, or Synergy), other talents certainly could be worked with (the power-mad nerd with Psychic Vampirism...ouch).

As for Hedge/linear magic, Alchemy is always a good choice, along with some other of the more scientific types of Paths. The only exception is Fascination - while this could make for some interesting stories, it really doesn't seem something a nerd would waste his time on - after all, an alchemical potion or magic ring might get the girl just as well and here, he can employ his penchant for "making things".

Finally, nerds make wonderful acolytes, especially for the technomancers. A Virtual Adept without a set of mundane hacker/programmer friends on his side is a pretty sorry excuse for an Adept. Nerds can probably be found among all ranks in the Technocracy, Extraordinary Citizens or not, and a few Sons of Ether might have a lab lackey or two to throw ideas at.

"My field of dreams was a parking lot, With hot shots doing doughnuts, pissin off the grownups.
Me on the side writing unrequited love letters, That I would send to my imaginary girlfriend."
- Two Skinnee J's "Riot Nrrrd"

Who says science has to be Banal?! ! While the nerds love fantasy and science fiction, the erratic, chaotic, fun-loving fae might scare away a few Changeling geeks. However, this doesn't leave them at a complete loss. Nerds might be a bit... unusual as dreamers, but if a Changeling is willing to put up with dreams in the way of Star Wars or Tron, a nerd can be a valuable resource.


Nockers - These characters are as close to nerds of the fae world as you're going to get. They love to construct clever little devices and are fans of anything mechanical. Most of the concepts I've seen on web pages suggest Nockers who are hackers. However, they tend to be foul mouthed. Nerds aren't that vulgar and if they do swear, it's infrequent or limited to something along the lines of "fubar", other bits of geek speak.
Pooka - Well, maybe, if you can come up with a good concept. Pooka are usually played cute and childlike, and nerds, while stereotypically naive, are often very logical and rational. They also aren't the typical "cutesy", giggling type that I've seen done in many Pooka cases. And nerds have been the brunt of too many pranks, though they tend to have a good sense of humor, albeit strange and unusual. One could, however, always go Unseelie and use the Revenge of the Nerds angle. Good affinity animals would be ones noted for intelligence and cunning, such as foxes, rats, ravens, spiders and so on.
Satyrs - There are several flaws that I read about that were in the Kithbook- issues (neurotic, anxious etc.), breaking voice (ever hear Urkel?) and sexual hang-up (fear of sex or just problems with the opposite sex (or same sex if s/he swings that way)) that seem to fit the nerd perfectly. The romping and rolling, beer and cheer attitude of these guys would send any nerd packing. However, as they get older, some satyrs turn to scholarly pursuits like the philosophers of ancient Greece, the location the Satyrs originally hail from.
Sluagh - The most likely kith for nerds, as they are well known for their love of secrets and formal social conventions...and really cool bugs and creepy stuff! While the Sluagh's closeness to death and decay could turn our geek's face a slight green, Sluagh are mostly recluses, prefer to be alone and spend time researching. As for their entropic scent, ever walk into an old bookstore? You start having sneezing fits but to any bibliophile, it can be easily overcome and quite enjoyable.
Trolls - Erm.... Well, actually, I have a few nerd friends that top and exceed the six foot mark. You could work out a sort of gentle giant construct. The best example I can think of would be The Beast from The X-men, he looks ferocious but is really highly educated and loves to read and explore the world of academia.
Other Games
Other World of Darkness games, like Hunter and Wraith, while they do have splats, tend to a bit more flexible in the types found in each group. While Hunters tend to be "Joe Everyman", the abilities a Hunter needs, such as athleticism, being a good shot, etc. tend not to be found in our friend the nerd. While nerds would mostly be Visionaries, these tend to be the observation types and thus would provide for low-action characters, though there is nothing wrong with being the source of information and you may end up completely indispensable. Don't underestimate those information brokering abilities and the computer savvy, plus, as a fellow forumite mentioned "[intelligence] 3, science 2 or 3 is all you need to make good homemade explosives." However, since many Hunter games, seem, according to some forumites, to degrade into pen and paper versions of shoot-em-ups, your nerd may end up in the dust, if not dust himself. Wraith recruits from people with things left behind. Nerds tend to form weak attachments to things and while they might have a driving goal to finish a research project or love their favorite computer, it isn't the same as an unfinished artwork or a One True Love. Nerds really aren't emotional people - this doesn't mean they completely lack emotions, just that they don't really care. However, given that nerds like to "do things", death isn't likely to stop them if there is something in the lands of the Quick that absolutely fascinates them. As for the game Demon, a nerd could theoretically be possessed by a demon, you just have to figure out a way for the hellspawn to find his way in. You could go with conflict, putting a savage warrior demon in a nerd body or play to the mortal's strengths, in which, a Fiend aka Neberu will be your best bet. However, another option for nerds in a game of Demon would be as a Thrall. As seen in a myriad of films, nerds are easy prey for a demon looking for a smart servant. Besides, when you can be popular and throw fire balls at people, who cares about something like a soul? However, nerds might be skeptical at first- they're analysts, but if coerced, the demon could soon have a great resource to play with...

A Few Notes
"Bad Nerds" and Antagonists
"The devil was a nerd in high school/that probably ain't news to you/ he oozed up from hell on the tree of knowledge/with glasses and a big IQ"
- Tim Wilson "The Devil was a Nerd in High School."

"The band with glasses and hard looks/ has got you down in their black book/ computerized, the crust elite/don't need the smell of mission street."
- Voodoo Glow Skulls "Band Geek Mafia."

We've all seen them- whether launching an elaborate and deadly revenge scheme in the movies or sending you the evil eye during the science fair, there are some nerds out there that aren't so meek.... some of them are down right mean.

And in the World of Darkness, this means an easy fall into the clutches of the shadows. Condescending, sarcastic and often sexually very repressed, these poor souls use their high intelligence for less-than-moral means. While they might not think themselves as "bad", it's all in the eye of the beholder. When they've been beaten up, ridiculed, and their self-esteem is in the gutter, the internal willpower of these guys can strike back with a vengeance. If they are not taken into the supernatural fold, many of these nerds may turn to Sorcery as their main outlets. Sorceries mostly used would be Fortune, Conveyance, Conjuration and Hellfire, but with plenty of mental conniving behind them. Magic and/or science are a nerd's best friends when turning to the dark side.

Bad Nerds can also be used as antagonists, though these fellows are more appropriate as enemies in either Mage or Changeling, as those settings have "antagonist splats" that would cater to a nerd's special abilities.

In Mage, the nerd can fall in as the stereotypical anti-magic Technocrat or, if you're using a "Bad Nerd", then as a Marauder (mad anime freaks/otaku, science fiction fans or Trekkies etc.) or, while rare, possibly a Nephandus. Nephandi nerds are probably in bargains similar to those in "Bedazzled" or other deal with the devil films - so if the local nerd suddenly has hot women throwing themselves at his feet, he looks just a little nicer than normal, and he hasn't undergone a radical acne treatment nor made millions over the Internet, then you might want to have yourself a look-see.

In Changeling, while nerds can be creative, the more mundane ones often make good Autumn people, especially as "Minutia Mavens"- nerds love their little collections and while eccentric, these can also be terribly boring, monotonous, and the sort (well, to people without the same interest). Nerds may also reject their faerie nature (Faeries don't exist! I'm a scientist! i.e. the Lost) and become Dauntain. While they might not actively hunt Changelings, they're enough of a threat - the nerd may want to study these creatures for collection and subsequent dissection....

However, your nerd antagonist need not be supernatural nor does he even have to be "Bad"- the Arcanum has plenty of nerds at their disposal and the government might employ tech specialists on their teams to "check out the threat and terminate if possible." These two, however, are mostly curious sorts and might be persuaded to do no harm - and might even join in the party.

Historical Settings
"If there was a nuclear war, there'd be nothing left but nerds and cockroaches!"
- Random Jock, "Revenge of the Nerds II."

There have always been nerds and there always will be. However, the word wasn't invented until the 1950s. But that doesn't mean you can't play one in one of the historical settings provided by cannon or one you make up yourself. Before then, the nerd was the scholar- though he obviously lacked social skills as well and was probably interested in things the mundane populace wasn't- to quote the famous Greek philosopher Erasmus - "When I have a little money, I buy books. If I have any left over, I spend it on food and clothing." Dark Ages nerds will be tied to the Church or other religious institutions, these being the few places one could get an education. Also, early nerds could also be tied to mercantile families and thus be quite good at business and perhaps mathematics and the sort. There is also the "genetics goes boink" approach, in which a nerd could be born into an aristocratic family as well. A nerd in a low class family would probably be out of luck, though again, he will probably know how to read and write since these things might be of interest to him. Good inspiration for characters here would be the Scholar Rineri of Boccaccio's "Decameron" (day ten, story seven) or the Clerk of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" (though I much prefer Rineri).

If we jump ahead in White Wolf cannon historical settings, we come to the 19th century. And while the nerd may not be shooting things up in the Wild West (unless you're playing a variant of "Wild Wild West"-in which hydrolic wonders were all the rage and the nerd could employ all sorts of strange gizmos), there were great scientific endeavors occurring concurrently, such as the railroad, electricity, and the telephone which a tinkerer type could probably exploit. In the nearby cities, the nerd is represented by the eccentric scientist, the weird college student, and the steam-punk. Inspiration here could come from Milo from "Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire" or, while he's a bit early, Victor Frankenstein from Shelley's book "Frankenstein" (not the movie, oh Gaia, not the movie).

In short, the nerd will most likely be the brains of the operation and possibly the "neat stuff" provider, due to advances in science, math and mechanics that the nerd will take interest in.

Nerds from the Shadows
While I should have been politically correct and created two female templates and two male, there seems to be a pi to one ratio of nerd boys to nerd girls anyway, with Listener to the Machine being the sole female template. However, I've designed them so each template can be used for either sex. For those interested in the hyper/hypo aware theory, Collector and Listener to the Machine are Inner Focused, and Worrywart and The Normal One are Outer Focused.

The Normal One

Quote: Sorry guys but I can't come over to play video games, I've got a spec..., er, my cousin is coming in from Ohio.

Background: Growing up, you lived under the constant eye and thumb of your family. Though granted, because you were pretty bright, did well in school and stayed out of trouble, not like some of your wild child cousins, you were given a bit more leniency in what you chose to do with your time. Which basically included reading comic books, role playing games, video and computer games and weird random trivia. Yeah, you were a bit of an oddball... Your family was able to pull strings and, coupled with your own efforts, you were accepted to a fine university. There, you encountered freedom like you never knew. You didn't do anything bad but you stuck your nose into all sorts of interesting subjects, tried several extracurriculars, went to the theater, and enjoyed all the interesting people you met and unique experiences of university and met other oddballs just like you. Life was good.

However, things started going downhill when you started hearing voices. You delved into research to try to figure out what the heck was going on, and asked your parents if there was any history of family members with Schizophrenia or related disorders. What you found out was that your family had a different sort of unique lineage.

It was that moment you learned a terrible secret. That everything you read about in your horror comics and books of scary stories is true. Vampires, the undead bloodsuckers of the night are real. In fact, some of these undead bloodsuckers are your relatives. And that ghosts are all too real.

Concept: Your family consists of potent occultists, powerful necromancers and a handful of vampires. And somehow you managed to have a relatively normal childhood until you turned nineteen. Somehow this fact is just as amazing and bizarre as your heritage. What's even odder is that you're the normal one. Nearsighted, bookish, a comic book geek, a role player, science fiction and horror fan - and you're not the weirdest one in the family!

Role Playing Tips: You are loyal and consistent to your family. Heck, you almost fit in with them... well, except that your heart still beats and you can hold down your dinner. You're armed with an almost morbid sense of humor (you're the kind of guy who would keep a human eyeball in a jar for kicks). Face it, you're weird.

You're a bit of an airhead and a dreamer too and you doodle constantly. However, when it comes to dealing with the dead and not so dead, you're a professional. Not as skilled as your relatives, but pretty useful. Of course, you also have the social skills of a... well, let's just say you're working on it... You are technically a ghoul, vampires like to keep tabs on those that know their secrets but then again, who is going to believe you?

Nature: Loner
Demeanor: Deviant
Clan: Giovanni Ghoul
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3 Abilities: Academics (a plethora of liberal arts: history, poetry, psychology etc.) 3, Alertness 2, Computers 2, Crafts (cartoons)1, Dodge 2, Drive 1, Etiquette (proper protocol) 2, Expression (writing) 2, Investigation (research) 2, Linguistics 1, Lore:Vampire 2, Occult 3, Science (high school level in a variety, though mostly biology) 2, Stealth 3, Subterfuge 2
Backgrounds: Allies 1, Resources 2, Contacts 2, Domitor 2
Disciplines: Potence 1, Necromancy 1
Humanity: 7 (Conscience 4, Self-Control 3, Courage 3)
Willpower: 5
Merits and Flaws: Flawed sense (eyesight) 1, Medium 2



Quote: ...I can't believe someone threw out my 1995 survey from our trip to Florida... just a box of dead bugs indeed...

Background: While the other children collected stuffed animals, action figures, and various other plastic novelties and fads, you were a bit different. It all started when your uncle brought you a stamp album and a book about collecting them. Granted, you have relatives all over the world so acquiring stamps wouldn't be the hard part but rather, it would prove to be a good way to learn about the various cultures that composed your lineage. Of course, rather than become interested in global politics or art, you became interested in categories and systems. There was something about lists and sorting and types that absolutely fascinated you. Flags, coins, heraldry, everything had its own system and there was something hypnotic about reading about them. And then came biology. You were never an outdoorsy kid but when you found out even nature had systems, you were hooked. You became an avid birder, a collector of insects and plants, each pressed, carefully cataloged and put into an album. Yeah, you were a little weird, becoming known as "bug kid" and "swamp thing" but you really enjoyed yourself and your hobbies. And yeah, you still collect stamps and coins.

Of course, after your sister's First Change (then again, she was always a scrappy pain in the ass), you learned that there were some things that can't be cataloged...

Right now, your main goal is to reconcile your Garou heritage with the fact that you're human and have a human perspective on things- and that you're prone to categorizing things and like to have a sense of order and congruity in your life. Shouldn't you be out helping your sister and other relatives fight the evils of the world instead of hanging out at the local pizza joint with your friends? And what about college? Oh Gaia!

Concept: You love to research and dive headlong into projects. Whether it is working on a challenging problem, looking for a rare specimen, or doing something for the Garou nation, you love to be able to use your smarts and zeal to their fullest potential. You have plenty of contacts in your high school of wannabe computer programmers, bookworms and drama department technicians. However, you're really more visceral than your friends and some consider you a bit gross.

Role Playing Tips: You are the next generation of scientists. Whenever you are confronted with a problem, you dive into your studies with such vigor that people think you're a complete and utter square. You are ordered, methodical and intense. Of course, this not only stems from your rational leanings but from the fact that your the oldest of all your siblings and you're able to "tune them out" or in dire cases, find a solution to a problem quickly.

Tribe: Uktena Kinfolk
Breed: Homid
Relation: Older Sibling of Ahroun
Nature: Perfectionist
Demeanor: Fanatic
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3
Abilities: Alertness 2, Brawl 1, Computers 2, Crafts (scientific illustration) 1, Dodge 2, Drive 1, Enigmas 3, Expression (science writing) 2, Firearms (shotgun, for taking out wyrmish evils and general protection) 1, Investigation (research) 2, Linguistics 1, Lore: Garou 2, Medicine 1, Science (general high school science, biology) 3 Stealth 2, Subterfuge 2, Survival 2
Backgrounds: Contacts 3, Allies 2, Equipment 1, Resources (allowance, though you're usually broke due to your hobbies) 1
Willpower: 5
Merits and Flaws: Eidetic Memory 2, Flawed sense (sight) 1


Listener to the Machine

Quote: 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 !

Background: Some call you autistic, you call yourself quiet. While you aren't diagnosed with the disorder officially, you come pretty close. Spacey, silent and odd, you often don't speak a word - not when you can show someone - and even when you do show, you're timid, meek and oh so unobtrusive. That is, unless they want to go head to head in magic. Or technology. You were one of those little kids who loved taking clocks and telephones apart and putting them back together again. Soon you graduated to computers, though you were less interested in hardcore programming and electronics and more interested in the theory and essence of computers and how they worked.

While you might be a Virtual Adept, you are less techie then they are. You have a laptop and can code, but that's where your similarities end. You are more in tune with the spirit of the machine, you can hear it sing and when it speaks to you. It doesn't mind being manipulated and used, in fact, that's what it wants to do, it wants to spread information and be worked with. And that's where your power comes from and why you are so good at technological tasks. Your fellow Adepts don't know what they're missing. Now, shhh, listen, that's why you're so quiet... if you are silent, then you can hear the song...

Concept: You are...a different sort of "elite". While others hack away at their computers and bind them into submission, you are able to synch up to your machine in an almost mystical matter and work in perfect harmony, in a beautiful symphony of electric impulses and lines of code. While you're slow to accept the idea that machines have souls, you can't help but think that maybe they do and might end up becoming one of those "techno-mystics" after all. There seems to be something you understand about computers that your fellow Adepts don't seem to get. But you'll show them. What you've experienced is wonderful and you want to share it with the world.

Role Playing Tips: You love silence. You jump at loud noises, disturbances in your environment, strong smells, unpleasant fabrics and textures. You don't exactly lapse into tantrums but you can get really frustrated quite easily. You really are a bit of a space case but you're also brilliant so ideas just sort of pop into your head and out of your mouth- wisdom out of nothing. You might also be perceptive and notice changes in your environment (though mostly the weird inconsequential ones) but you also get so air headed out that you walk into oncoming traffic, don't hear the phone ring and forget almost anything that isn't pertinent to your topic of interest if you don't write it down on a sticky note. However, you are quite adept at picking up magical vibes.

Tradition: Virtual Adept
Essence: Questing
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Loner
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Charisma 1, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Perception ("useless" details) 4, Intelligence (logical thinking) 4, Wits 2
Abilities: Academics 2, Alertness 1, Awareness (magical resonances and "feels") 2, Computers 3, Cosmology (the Digital Web, Information spirits (progs, AIs) 2, Dodge 2, Enigmas (logic and puzzles) 3, Investigation 1, Meditation (listening to the spirit of the machine, finding your "safe space") 3, Occult (technomancy) 2, Science (Physics) 2, Stealth 3, Subterfuge 1, Technology (computers and other high-tech equipment, however cars et. al. are of no interest) 3
Backgrounds: Avatar 2, Arcane 2, Contacts (fellow computer geeks) 3, Dream (the machine song) 2
Arete: 2
Spheres: Correspondence 2, Forces 1, Mind 2, Spirit 1
Willpower: 5
Merits and Flaws: Flawed sense (eyesight) 1- along with High Functioning Autism (and thus, any appropriate Merits and Flaws, in this case, Shy, Concentration and possibly Technobabbler or Lightning Calculator).



Quote: "Most of the time I don't have much fun, the rest of the time I don't have any fun at all." -Woody Allen

Background: G-d forbid you should get dirty, or wet, or rip your shirt, or get in trouble. A neurotic bundle of nerves in the body of a teenager, you are cautious, nervous and adhere to the rules like gum to the bottom of a shoe (eww!). Then you underwent Chrysalis, which scared the living daylights out of you, and no one knows why the heck it happened- after all, if it wasn't for the fact that in the dreaming you sport a pair of hooves and a set of horns branching from your forehead, most fae would see you as a banal threat and not one of them.

And let's just say you and your Kith differ on politics. It's not that you don't party, it's that you party safely - or not at all, yes, that sounds right. Most of the other Satyrs think you're going to be Undone. Crud, if only your psychiatrist understood... Well, it's not like you can't enjoy life- it's just that typical entertainment of a Satyr doesn’t suit you, though you do enjoy music. While you might not be all that good, you play the clarinet.

You're a dedicated fan of not only classical music but also jazz and you're a voracious reader, well versed in not only the sagas and epics of your Kith's native Greece and Italy, such as the Odyssey and the Iliad. You speak both French and Latin fluently (well, as fluently as one can speak Latin). In fact, you're one of those overeducated prep school type- except that you're not really "preppie" and "cool", and rather more studious and serious- though ironically, you have a great sense of humor, if just a refined and intellectual one.

Concept: You're not the typical Satyr. Or rather, you embody the scholarly aspect of the kith but the fact that you are repulsed by the concept of intimacy makes the other fae dislike you as a whole, even if you've got half of the archetype inherent in your personality. In fact, you'd argue, if you had the guts to do so, that the fellows of your kith who were out screwing everything that moves, that they are ignoring the scholarly part of the Satyr and are no better than you are, who tends not to indulge in passions.

Role Playing Tips: You are neurotic, nervous, over educated and worry way too much about everything. You can't help it- you're just concerned about everything. You do see a therapist, which some of your fellow fae see as terribly banal and possibly the worst thing you could do, but why should you have to suffer? You don't exactly know what's better for others, but dammnit, you try to advise others as best as you can.

Kith: Satyr
Seeming: Wilder
Legacies: Aspirant/Craven
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Perception 3, Intelligence (book learning) 4, Wits 3
Abilities: Alertness 2, Brawl (surviving the school yard bullies) 1, Computers 2, Dodge 2, Drive 1, Enigmas (puzzles and riddles) 3, Etiquette 2, Expression 2, Gremayre 2, Investigation (research) 2, Kenning 1, Linguistics (Latin and French) 2, Performance (clarinet, but you're learning some other reed instruments as well) 3, Science (high school science, physics and psychology) 2, Stealth 2, Subterfuge 1
Backgrounds: Contacts 2, Treasure (clarinet, exists mundanely as well as in the dreaming, where it appears ornately carved, as opposed to a plain store bought instrument) 2, Remembrance 2, Resources (paycheck from job at the bookstore) 1
Arts: Chicanery 1, Legerdemain 2, Wayfare 1
Realms: Prop 3, Fae 1, Actor 2
Glamour: 4
Banality: 4
Willpower: 4
Merits and Flaws: Issues 5, Flawed sense (eyesight) 1, Common Sense 1

All Content and Art is copyright ©1998-2004 Katherine Burress and Christopher Simmons unless otherwise Specified.
Applicable information, books and products are © 1997 White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved, any reproduced artwork or text are for review purposes only.


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