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19 Mar 2010, 2:40 am

If so, what class do you like playing best?

I have an necromancer who i've soloed up to 81 even though it's nearly an impossible class to solo.

I also have a paladin, level 22, which is so different from a necro. With my paladin I can easily solo heroic level content--she's just a killing machine.

A few other characters I don't really play much yet--guardian, berserker, wizard.

And are you playing the new expansion content right now?

Darth Vader. Cool.

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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28 Mar 2010, 2:31 am

I briefly played EQ2 for a month in 08. I really liked the game, even though the highest level I got to and any of the characters was about 8. It's a much better designed game then World of Warcraft, and the people that play it are really nice and mature compared to the previously mentioned MMO. I would gladly get back into it if I could convince my friends to go back with me. I personally get very bored with all forms of online gaming after a brief while unless I have real life friends playing them with me. Currently they are all wetting their pants for the next WoW expansion so it looks like I'll be stuck there for awhile.