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03 Jul 2013, 2:35 am

1. As you get older, you start to appreciate the games that you used to play much more than you did when you got them. You're somewhat more easy at it, you don't take it at complete face value, you finally learn to just sit down, relax, and enjoy it.

2. When you start playing older versions of some series (especially sports, usually current gen), you really start to notice that old game was actually pretty bad, or so you think. You start to notice all those minor things like movements, graphics, etc, but you never noticed that (and never really blamed the devs for it) because that's what was your standard at the time.


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04 Jul 2013, 8:30 am

I had a similar discussion with my fiance last night. Not about games, but about the internet in general.
She says that kids today don't need the internet because we didn't have it and we go along just fine. I say the, because it didn't exist (wasn't easily commercially available/as enticing as it is now), we had no idea what we were missing out on. If we were kids today, we would probably have a stroke if we weren't online!
Same is true for games. I didn't know that a building could burn better than it did in Streets of Rage... I didn't know that stealth camouflage could look better than it did in Metal Gear Solid... But now they do. I look back on those old games and think about how far gaming has come (even just graphically... I could spin about many other positive enhancements to gaming, but I'd be here all day)!
I wouldn't say these games were "bad"... They were important milestones in the progression of gaming!

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