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23 Jun 2018, 12:14 am

Its called Necromunda, and it's a warhammer game...but yeah me and my boyfriend met with a group who wanted to play and so we have gotten involved. I am very new to this sort of game but I do enjoy it and I think I am learning pretty well. I am a bit nervous though because so far I've only played against my boyfriend...but on sunday I'll have to play against someone else. I guess it is sort of a campaign thing where stats depend on how you do in your we're supposed to play against different people and gain experience for our characters or something like that. But yeah I am a little nervous about playing someone other than my boyfriend...though it will likely be one of the main sort of leaders/more experienced people of the group so they'll be able to answer questions and such as I play.

Aside from that I have just started painting my miniatures for it, kind of wish I would have done a bit more painting this week...because basically I base coated some parts of one of my miniatures. So I probably will not have any done by the time I play but I guess at least I started. But I think it is a cool thing.

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24 Jun 2018, 5:22 am

Nothing to be nervous about - no one's an expert at anything right away. Best of luck. c:

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