Anyone struggle with typing & controllers?

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11 Apr 2021, 2:25 pm


I don't know if this is relevant to autism or if it's been brought up too many times, but I have always struggled with peripherals and wondered if other people do too.

I can't look at a monitor and type on a keyboard, I have to look at the keyboard and I see what I've written in my head. I type slowly and make a lot of typos. I also struggle with game controllers (I didn't grow up with them) and typing on my phone - Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard helps a lot. Even on my phone I can only look at the keyboard, SwiftKey and suggested words give me an idea of what I've written and helps me finish longer lines of text.

The only exception is that I'm very good with painting and drawing with a tablet, mouse, touchpad and on regular paper - Probably because I have been drawing my whole life to help communicate (but mostly for fun).

Does that resonate with anyone? I have never met anyone who had the same difficulty. I don't find it that hard to overcome but anyone I've mentioned this to seems really puzzled by it.



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11 Apr 2021, 2:49 pm

I have problems with typing and using controllers. I don't have great fine motor skills and it makes me press the wrong keys/buttons all the time, it can get very irritating.

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11 Apr 2021, 8:38 pm

Human_Trying wrote:
I can't look at a monitor and type on a keyboard, I have to look at the keyboard and I see what I've written in my head.

We had to take typing classes in high school, so ever since then, I've always been really good at touch typing. I do make a lot of typos though, especially if it's not a great keyboard (I just made one or two right here).

I grew up with game controllers, so no problem there, except for the typical "Xbox buttons are backwards", and Playstation USA and Xbox eschewing Japan's "accept/back" button layout.

Human_Trying wrote:
I also struggle with ... typing on my phone ...

Yeah, I don't know how people can type on touch screens, I need to be able to feel the keys. Trying to type on a flat surface with just my fat thumbs feels like hunting and pecking on a Macintosh in middle school all over again.
I know a lot of people use the auto-complete, but I feel like for short words, it takes longer to find the word in the list than it does to just finish typing it. And I always turn auto-correct off, for obvious reasons.

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