The Five Most Dangerous Gaming Peripherals

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17 Oct 2009, 5:24 pm

Tim_Tex wrote:
What was the deal with ROB, the robot that came with the original NES?

ROB ( known as the family computer robot in the case of japan)was used to help push the NES as more of a toy than a games console(only 2 games were ever made for the robot Gyromite and Stack Up in which the robot would act as a 2nd player to which ya relay instructions to using player one's controller) following the market crash of 1983 cause games consoles were kinda iqnored following events leading to it such as the epic fail of Atari following the E.T/Pac-Man flops for the Atari 2600(due to them games being total F'ing garbitch i should know bout E.T. i have it complete lol)

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18 Oct 2009, 9:21 pm

I joked around with my friend that they would make something like the OIOO eventually. I never thought they would though rofl.

And the pedosedate, isn't laughing gas classified as a mild hallucinogenic drug? I read that on wikipedia a while back. I'm positive that it is one because I hear voices and see my body twist into grotest shapes when the dentist gives me laughing gas.

Also, anybody notice that the helmet looks like a nazi helmet :lol: . Hitler's revenge from beyond the grave!

And where is the virtualboy, the system that could make you go blind?

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22 Oct 2009, 11:31 pm

NES had that weird robot arm glove thing lol
I'll stick to Xbox 360!