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10 Feb 2024, 2:10 am

LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am

LeSSoN 320 and 321
Stamp Every
Letter With Love
Pollinate Every
Flower Spread New
Butterfly Wings ALL OVER

322 ALWaYS More...

Love Coming Sooner Than Soon
Be Kind Water A FLoWeR
Every Day Make It
Than Ever
Before With SMiLes...

Never Give Up The
Give Up On LoVE iN Peace...

UNiVerSE LoVE Don’t
Wait For Someone
Else Be LoVE NeW
Just Do It NoW iN Peace...

Dipping into Tulips
Blooming Winter
Spring Vibrations
Coloring All Of Life
Beauty With SMiles

The Rain Yes We
HaVE iN Common

Today’s Wishes For
SPRinG Tulips Blooming

Within Dancing Singing

Free One Day Swimming

To Blue
Skies Deep
Sunshine SMiles Reign...

"i'm Only me" Dear Lillian
Orchard Daughter How

Authentic How Genuine
How Far Reaching to Accept

And Celebrate All the Rivers
And Streams Domesticating Wilding

NoW Yes You Are A Balance of Nature
DarK Thru LiGHT We All

CoMe to See When
Our Shadows


Of Our Living
Breath Naked,
Enough, Whole,
Complete Yes Just Satisfied
For All the Streams, Rivers and

Wild Ocean Waves Bringing Us
Through Storms And Sunshiney Seas SaMe

Through All Ancestral Nightmares Dreams Now

Yet Different is The Wine of Life The Blood We
Mix With Pleasure to Overcome The Pain of Life

iN Peace
ExhalinG Love

TWiLiGHT CoMes to
PLaY As DarK iS LiGHT Once more...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
For Every Leaf Of
Every Tree For Every
Forest We Co-Create Within

Holy And Sacred With More

Meaning And Purpose

Deeper Rooting Evolving

New Now In Every Breath of

And Nature
We Meet and

Greet Now Simply
Becomes More Heaven New
Within For Real Oh How Souls
Grow Evolve Now So Open to
New Experiences Free Yes

When Every Experience
of Life Becomes



to Dance
And Sing New
Even More Holy
And Sacred in BeLief BeLeave BeLove
Pure Hope Faith Essence Love True Living Trees...

Ah Yes Dear Cindy Simple Pleasures
oF Feeling Sensing Life in Balance

Just Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Positive Energies That

May Be Described

As Peaceful Love

In All Synergies

How A Cardboard
Box May Be A Castle
of Pleasure For A Sweet
Cat Resting Peace Exhaling
Warm Comfort of Love We Feel

So Free True

What Essence
Is is Love What
A Practice Is is

Peace And Love True mY FRiEnD
What This Comes to BRinG Is Heaven Now
Yes, Let's All Do This New And Set Ourselves
Free Let the


Be the Love
We Give, Yes
Please Share, Care
Heal so Free JusT
A Dance SonG LoVE
ToGeTHeR iN FLoW Now New...

"Decision Migraine"

Yes After the HeART Words

Yes After the SPiRiT Words

Yes After the SoUL Words

Go Away


To Come
Back Free

in Decision Migraines
Indeed of A Modern World
Lost From the Heaven of Living


Whole So
Just Simply
Now Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love Springing
True Creativity New ToGeTHeR Free...

Senses Emotions
In Synergy of Energy
Are REAL Glue NoW iN
FLoW Words Soul Wings
Spirit Now




As Yes This
Unleashing Releasing
Glue Means Freeing Soul
And Yes what Mechanical
Cognition Naturally Takes
Away Real Human Being
Soul so Ironically Science Now SHows...

Pain Feeling Now
Longing Most
Fertile For




Hell’s Love...

SMiles Zoe



Edge of

Heaven On Hell’s

Cliff LooKinG

Up Never

Giving Up
Hope On Love’s Breath...

This is So Very Key Now
How Lovely Existence
Becomes All PArts

Whole Prompts



Of Life
You Write
Dance Sing
Paint Your Soul
And Do Master

NoW iN FAct
Beyond All
Fame And

In Art of
Flow Bio-Feed
Back Of Emotions
Senses At Will of Happy


Your Own

In Imagination
Creativity Fruits

What You
Make No


Will Take
Away Soni SMiles...

Extensions of
Living Trees Fall

Oh Dear Lord i Was Just About to Take A Nap
And Come Back to the Muse of Your Newest
Poem Roaming Back to Find Home Seeing

The Energy in The Artistic Expression
Of Your Joy For Life Ah Yes The

Precipice of A Poem of

Despair And The

Joy of All Ready Being

In Your Home Song of Your
Soul Within Dear Rue Capturing

in Non-Verbal Language of Well Being
Peace in Art Centering Loving Life Real

Happy to See You Still Shining And Bringing

So Many Colors From Below to Above in Your Poetry Free

Hoping Before You Will Return one Day As You Always Touch A

Poetic Soul
to Respond
With Breaths
New And Fresh
Spring Flowers
Blooming in Winter Days
With SMiLes Just Free To Be Alive...

Yes Dear Sohair To
Treasure Life’s Gift
No Matter Mountain
High Or Valley Low
Now DarK
Thru LiGHT
New With SMiles...

Ah Yes Dear Kiran It's Not So Much
Awards For Past Dances And Songs

Future Dances And Songs Or Even

Present Dances And Songs

It Is Joy of Dance

And Song Losing

Our Worries And
Boredoms BRinGinG

Naked Enough Whole Complete

Even More As Our Potentials Belong to Us
To Give Share Care Heal For Free As All This


ThE REceive...

Indeed It Is Our
Intent Flame To Live
A Best Life Burning Higher Within
Wings Continuing to Spread Art of Do
River Flows Without Past Present or



As Do Waves
Ocean Water
Whole Us Free...

Life is Change Dear Kiran
Every Breath A New UNiVeRSE
Of Experience We BREaTHE Free
Best Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN


iN Even More Colors We
Come to Co-Create From Within
Moving Connecting Co-Creating

Life is Never Fixed ALone



Changing New
For Colors Dances
Songs oF LoVE iN Peace

We Can And Will And Do Master
Within to BRinG Giving Sharing
Caring Healing With Most Respect

Least Harm This Great Life Work of Art LoVE iN
Peace Even More Paint Brush And Painting All Are

We Shadows
Create Depth
Colors BRinG More
Beautiful Than Ever Before

Life is Art Never A Science
Alone Always Room to Grow
mY FRiEnD Out of DarK iNTo
More CoLoRS oF LiGHT Freer Newer Than Ever Before
Yes Indeed mY FRiEnD A Higher LoVE iN Peace to CoMe...

This Much i KNoW NO Actually
i Feel And Sense LoSinG Sanctity

oF LoVE iN Peace
Just SMiLinG


For No

Is All i Really
Have to Not Know At All

SMiLes Dear Miriam Just

Breathing Letting Go oF All
That Weighs Us Down True

Leaving Your Cape at the Dry
Cleaner And Never Going Back to Pick it up...

Finding Your Way Back Home

Letting Someone Else

Save Their World

Save Your Love

Save Your Peace

For What i Understand
of Life There is No Other Savior of
Your Being Yet You Still Come to Be...

Meanwhile i Hope Your Kidney Stones
Pass Easy Or Are Otherwise Taken Care
Of And Not Too Painful Yet Just Another



True of How
Important Now
A Treasure Potentially
Fleeting Our Well Being Newly Is...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
It Seems to Be A Square Root
One Problem Wherever in the World
We May Go In Terms of Politics Culture

And Religion too Division

Seems to come

With Us Versus Them

Yes Yet The Issue Seems
to Be Humans Are Evolved

to Live in Relatively Small

Groups of Around 150 or Less

Where An All Hands Effort is

Required for Shelter Food Drink

to Forage Together to Get Both

The Survive and Thrive of Life

Done Together in Cooperation

As This Is How We Came This
Far Through Cooperation Not

The Us Versus Them That Brings

Hate Anger and Wars For They Have
More Than We Do Let's Go Get Their

Stuff and Territory too And True There
Will Be Dissatisfaction For Even Having the Most

As Yes Considering the Inflation in Egypt and Most
Places in the World the United States is Among the Lowest

Yet it will Never
Be Low Enough
For Some to be
Satisfied Even the
Folks Making Over 100 Thousand
Dollars A Year 50 Percent or So

Living Pay-Check to Pay-Check

So when Our Relatively Cheap
Gas Goes Up From 3 to 4 Dollars

Once Again even the Relatively

Rich Complain They Don't Have Enough

Of Course Key As Always Is Naked Enough
Whole Complete Giving Sharing Caring Healing
With Most Respect and Least Harm For All Yet Again

Humans Are Limited

Much Easier to Do

When A Village of 150
Folks Truly Know Each
Other And Depend on Each
Other Every Day to Survive and
Thrive Where the Child is Necessary

For the Survival
of the Future
of the Village too
Hehe Dear Sohair my
Neighborhood is Close to
That Size i Know Everyone
Here And There Are No Conflicts

Yet if it Was a Big City Chances

Are i might Be
Isolated There in
A High Rise Apartment
Like the Japanese Elders
Do With Clean Up Crews

As There is No one Who Even
Notices When They Come Up Missing Dead

Is Society Advancing Depends on the Locations As Always Indeed...

Again All i Will Really Master is How i Treat myself and Others as i Continue

to Breathe

And For What
It's worth i'll vote hehe...

Yin And Yang Complementary Forces
ACRoSS The UNiVeRSE Dear Cindy

Hehe True When Masculine
And Feminine Reason

And Art Get

ToGeTHeR True

Or False True too

The Human Condition
Constantly Changing Hitch
A Ride to This Breath And Hold On Tight

Or Indeed Dance Loosely Be Creative and
Artistically Sing Instead Just Let the River Flow

The Destination

Is Always


This Much For Sure New
Hehe Yes When i Write Like
This Some Folks Understand

It All And Others Just Give

Some Kind of Expression

Equaling WTF True

What the Fun HAha

For me at Least Hehe

Such is the Life of Creativity
Particularly When Original

Always Forging a New Path
Some Folks Can Follow and

Others Get Lost ALonG The Way

Yet the Flow continues HA Just
Bliss Just Heaven Why Would Anyone

True to
Follow the
Moon is to
Reflect The Sun

Whatever That Means
i'll Figure That Out Later hehe

Lovely Poem Dear Cindy Just Relating
THE Essence of the Spirit i Feel With SMiLes...

"Fast Car" Amazing Dear Miriam

As Certain Songs Seem to Tale the

Story of Eras of Our Life as True of Course

That iS A Whole Point of A Song Reaching

The Human Conditions

And Consoling Souls

Reminding me of the Poor
Days The Really Meager Ones

Working For Close to the Minimum
Wage Visiting my Girl Friend Then in

Alabama She So Poor too my Only Fast

Car an Old Maverick With No Heat or Air-Conditioning
Remembering The December Fog Driving There Respite
of December Warmth After Cold Yet Gulf Fog Thick Rolling in

That Feeling of No Way Out

Particularly Relating to Her

A Divorced Mother of Two Without

Much Prospect to

Survive Well in
A So-Called
Country of Plenty

Without Any Child
Support of Course Hoping
For Respite From Welfare Cheese
And The Such True Part of the Demographic

Hated So Much by the So-Called Churches
of 'Christ' Suggesting They Be Sterilized if

They Could
Not Find Work

Yep Right on the
Radio During the
Years When they Said
Obamacare would be the
End of their World as They KNeW It

The Way The Priest Related It When
Gay Folks Got Their Civil Rights to be Married

He Hailed (Helled) The Election of Trump Saying
Obama Created A Country The Church Couldn't


Anymore Yep

People Became
Free No Matter How
Much Heart Burn for
Those Who Wanted to
See them Burned Forever

For Their Rights to Love HeART Deep

So Damned Worried About What Other
Body Parts Touch What A Church Only

SKIn Deep

Does Just Waiting

To Evolve to Soul Deeper

You Know Some Days i Sort of Wish for
A Fast Car to get to Some Place Where Everyone
Is Free Yet That Starts at Home And Standing Up

For Those Who

Are Not


i Have Seen the
Darkness i Insist
on BRinGinG LiGHT iNDeeD...

SMiLes Dear Isha First of All Hope Your Hands Heal Soon

And You Are No Longer Subject to Injury This Way From Cold

Yet i Surely Can Relate to SAD in Winter Yes Seasonal Affective

Disorder As Winter
Dread Struck All The
Way From School to Work

of Course as a small Child
Free to Go out in the Light
of Day Not Trapped in A
Cave That Way Almost

till Sunset in the
'Dead' of Winter

Now Into The LIGHT

Free New Every Year

SMiLes Ever Since
i Am Free From the
Cave And of Course
19 Medical Disorders
After Retiring too in Terms
of Deep and Dark Depressed Numb

What A Compliment i Received at Walmart
From the Customer Service Representatives
When i Started Public Dancing Over 10 Years Ago

They Said When i Come in i Bring Spring to Winter
And Warm Their Souls Yet of Course Considering i
Haven't Worn Long Pants Since 2013 Some Wonder

if i am a Bit
Nuts for
Doing that
Even More

Than The Public Dance Hehe

It's True Seeing The World in the
Day as Well as Night as Sun and
Moon Shines Free Brought the
Happy Eyes of A Child back

to me at 53 Yet Hehe
Skin and Bones
as a Small Child
And Chilled to the Bone
on the Damp River Front
So Cold Without Heat or a
Hot Water Heater for a Tub Bath then
And True Without Hot Water in College too

i Really Dreaded the Winter All Those Years

Now i Bring the Warmth and the Spring Yep

Change is Possible i Shall Pray Your Spring Dreams
in Winter Come True too Yet of Course There is Always

The Promise of the Dead of Winter Resurrecting

Naturally to Spring too

Unless Ya Live on the
North Pole Like Santa

As He and Ms Claus Combat
The Winter Blues By Making
Gifts For Folks All Around the
World Year Long hehe True that

is Part
of my


As Yes Now A Free Dance and
Song Will LiGHT Our Christmas
Trees Up Within With New Colors

Of Poetry and Other
Arts Year

SMiLes too...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Lala Rukh 3 Days Late on the 9th Moving into the 10th
Over Here in the States Across the Atlantic Big Pond Noticing i Added An

A to Your Last Name Wondering if i Made A Mistake Before True

i'm Not Perfect Yet i Practice to Improve No Matter WHere

Or Who i AM With SMiLes
As i Am Starting to Write

"LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am"
After Concluding "MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES oF BReaD"
Yet That is Only The Writing Portion Which Means i am
Writing "LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am" Drafting it In the

Comments Section of "Seeds FLoWerS UNFoLDinG We aRe Stars"
Until i Put All the Multi-Media Together And Get "MaKinG Crumbs
iNTo LOaVES oF BReaD" All Electronically Published So i Can Write

"LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am" in the Comments Section of "MaKinG
Crumbs iNTo LOaVES oF BReaD" Hehe So i Guess You Might Ask

Why am i Taling You All of This Still Keeping my Promise of
Visiting You Once A Month for around 10 Years Now Well

Depending on If You are Okay And Ever Come Back
After Missing Here Since the Heat of the Pandemic

Back in January of 2021 It's Helping me Keep

Track as i Go For What i Do in the Art of

Flow Now A Few Metrics to Keep

Form Aligned With Essence

Indeed Sort of Like When 'They'
Numbered Verses of the Old Christian
Bible Dear Lord Not Until the 1300's Over
A Thousand Years After Mix and Match Scripts
Were Written Before By Many Ghost Authors

And Perhaps a Few Named Ones too Along

With Scribes Making Mistakes and Intentional
Changes too True Long Round Table of Spreading
Rumors and the Such around the Big Round Table True and

False too Meh Hehe Just
A Practice to continue
To Achieve "LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am"

A Spiraling Stair Case All That is From Top
To Bottom With No Beginning or Ending Of

A True Life

Story oF
LoVE iN Peace to Be i AM Now

Nothing Really New Under the
Sun Just The Moon Continuing to
Reflect the Sun AS Such Now True too Hehe...

Anyway What's Kinda Amazing is Those Three
EPiC Long Form Poem Blog Posts Writing Them
in Around 6 Weeks Matches the Size of the Whole

New Testament of Around 180,000 Words And Yes
of Course Two And A Quarter Scale Larger Than the Quran too

Yet i Am A Fortunate One With an iPhone MacBook Pro and iMac

To Get The Play

All Done

Just in The Flow
of Meditating

Heaven Within

All This Just Fumes
Spreading ALL oVeR the World

Faster Than A Car All of This
Flows At the Speed oF LoVE iN Light

Through Fiber Optic Cables Around the World...

Anyway i Don't Break Promises When

i Dance And Sing i Return Now...

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
To create freely as an artist, is about
sensing and allowing the flow to shape
and mould remembering you are simply
a channel for what is meant to be to express

and manifest itself…”

Thank You...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
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11 Feb 2024, 2:23 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy i've Been Dancing And Singing
With Technology Racing it Ever Since the 14.4K Modem

Oh How Slow Information Danced And Sung Then Now

We Are on Warp Speed And Finally an iPhone is

Made With 8GB of RAM That Doesn't

Crash Opening up One of my

EPiC Long Form Poem

Blog Posts Bi-Monthly
As Such at Around 60 Thousand
Words Each Yet Hehe When it Comes

To Dance or Song i'll Never Use AI For the
Art of Non-Knowing And Non-Doing Just

Letting the Flow Come Deep Within Soul

Yet For Massive Free Back-Up and Daily

Free Algorithms Highlighting Memories

on Facebook as It Becomes My AI Slave

Of Course Use the Tool Master IT

Yet When it Comes to Creativity

Deep Within Hands off
as i Already Did iRobot
at Work Not Returning

to Paint By Numbers Life With SMiLes...

Something About ‘This
Flower’ Now Captivates
My Eye is it Art is it
Science Both Are
Beauty in Deed
Highly Defining
Branches River
Veins Carry Life Giving
Blood to Petal Tip Royal
Pink Glory oh How Flowers
Muse Life’s Light of Beauty
More Flowers of Forget me
Not Colors of our Spirit
A Visit FLoWeRinG Joy
This Flower Deserves
A Poem and So Do You
Just For All Your
Colors True
DarK Thru
LiGHT So Alive...
Nah You are not
Just another Brick in A Wall...

Two Feet Become
One Balance For
Soul Whole Mind...

Why i Became An 'Angel'

(More Precisely by Original
Definition Messenger of

LoVE iN Peace Now Real)

Not Really A LeSSoN Yet

A Question Hehe I’d Probably

Discuss This With my Therapist

Yet Her Home Was Destroyed
By Hurricane Sally And She’s
Been Off A Few Years And
Yes She’s An Angel



Her When My
Soul Was Stone
For 66 Months
With Fallen Wings

Reminded me
Of Who i Used to
Be And How Much

i Just Wanted to
Feel Feel Anything
At All As Living Death
To me Was Having No

SouL IT Seems to me now
That Folks Who Never Really
Develop One Or Are Born That

Way Must Be in The Equivalent
Of Hell No Wonder Some Folks

Try to Rule The
World To Replace
The Most Important
Part Of Existence Within

And They Never Get Enough...

i Guess it’s Why Some Folks
Become Doctors Seeing Their
Parents Die Early Of Cancer

And Perhaps Others
Are Molded into What
Their Parents Do Or Perhaps

A Child Who Loves To Mold
Clay Dreams Of Being A Dentist

(My Dentist Told me This
Is Why He Became one)

To Art the Shapes

Of Teeth As LonG As
HeART is ParT Of Our
Vocation Of Life Nourishing

The Energy of
The Vocation



Runs Out
Of Gas Yep

i Love Being Your
Guardian Angel my
Little Silent One hush

It’s okay

If You Are

Quiet my


Is Touching
You With my

Wings As Long
As i Lift You Up

i Will Fly Above
And Below You



Your HeART
It Just Makes
me Happy To Do It

Truly There Is Nothing
Sadder Than An Angel



Soul To Lift
Or indeed An
Angel Fallen Without Wings...

Life NoW iN
Life Breathes
LoVE iN Peace
At Best
Place Seconds

"Lay(man) Summary

Autistic adults reported having special interests in a range of topics, including computers, music, autism, nature and gardening. Special interests were associated with a number of positive outcomes for autistic adults. They were also related to subjective wellbeing and satisfaction across specific life domains including social contact and leisure. Very high intensity of engagement with special interests was related to lower levels of wellbeing. This highlights the important role that special interests play in the lives of autistic adults."

There is Limited Research on How "Special Interests" Impact the Actual Well Being of Persons on the Autism Spectrum;
However, the "Lay Summary" Above Does Indicate, Unless the Special Interests Are Extreme, They Are Generally Related
To Enhanced Well Being. There is Nothing Derogatory By Itself, Alone, For the Use of the Adjective 'Special' With Interests

As That is Precisely What It is;

Focus on One Task of Narrow

Interest; And Perhaps Focus

On Other Interests As Well As It's True

i've Had Many Special Interests That i Have

Focused on in FLoW On One Task; As Of Course, Generally Speaking,

Humans Are Evolved to Focus on What One Task Brings for Attention

Span For Success Over Distractions That Yes Will Surely Lead to Hunters

Not Capturing Prey or Being Eaten By Predators on the Horizon They Miss;

Not Unlike Using A Smart Phone in a Car Below And Missing An Oncoming Car Above;

Sadly, Resulting in A Crash And Potentially Ultimate Death of Self And Others of Course too;

Yes, It's True As Many Folks Have Done when they come to 'This Site' Newly Diagnosed With
Autism or Suspecting the Such, They May Even Become Autodidact Subject Matter Experts

On The Condition
Of the Condition They
Are Either Diagnosed With
or Suspect They Have Now;

Let's Face it, If Not For Folks Willing to
Use All Their Focus on A Narrow Speciality of Interest;

We Wouldn't Likely Have Dentists, Or Any Other Occupation;

Yes That Requires Intense Focus on A Narrow Area Now of Interests,

Day in And Day Out; Yet An Art in Flow, Where the Rewards Are Often

Intrinsic in Autotelic Way in Addition to the Natural Rewards Altruistically

Gained Within By Helping Others; And or of Course, Getting Paid to Pay For A Living Real too...

In The Case Of the Label of the Condition of Autism; And Yes, The Way it is Behaviorally Diagnosed

As A Social Reciprocal Communication Functional Disability, When Special Interests Become too Narrow And

Intensely Focused; When They Interfere With What is Required For Focus to Maintain Interpersonal Relationships

And Success on the Job Front of Course to Make a Living; And Preparatory Skills Gained in Schools As Such,

Then The Special Interest May Be Considered A Functional Disability And Part of the Overall Behavioral

Diagnosed Condition in Different Severity Levels of Autism. Interestingly, Some Autistic Folks Learn

To Adapt Well to the Overall Reciprocal Social Communication Deficits Associated With Autism

in Both Verbal and Non-Verbal Ways As They Continue Growing Older Yet They May Of Course

Yes Retain Special Interests in Repetitive Narrow Focused Ways That Still Interfere With

Work and Interpersonal Relationships; Like When my Wife Overhears me Talking About

my Special Interests With Other Folks Most Everywhere i Go And She Gets What She Calls

Is A Specific Malady Associated With me That She Has A Special Term for Called a 'Fredache;'

Yes, as i've Been Known Even Here to Repeat Stuff About my Special Interests; Such As After i Suffered

A Major Autism Burn-Out Resulting in 19 Medical Disorders at Age 47, including the Worst Pain Known to
Humankind, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia, Shut-in my Bedroom For 66 Months With All of Those Disorders

in a Synergy of Life Threat As 'Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia' Is Actually Assessed As the Worst Pain Known to
Humankind, Casually Medically Referred to in the Medical Field as the Suicide Disease, And Actually Assessed Yes

Even Worse than The Real Torture of Crucifixion that in my Case Was no 3 Hour to 3 Day Ordeal; True, Like a Dentist
Drill in my Right Eye and Ear, No Drug Would Touch, From Wake to Sleep For 66 Months Shut-in my Bedroom Along
With The Synergy of Life Threat of the Other 18 Mostly Stress Related Disorders, From 11 Years of Chronic to
Acute Work Related Stress That All Actually Started Not Speaking Until 4, Adapting to School That Way,
Stuttering my Way Along, Bullied For Being Assessed as Weakest And Strangest Fish in the Aquarium;

Yep, Tattered Fins Along the Way Yet Still Earning 3 Degrees at Once With No Real Ability to Share

What i Learned, Handing Out Shoes After Staying Close to the Top of my Class for 19 Years of

School in Tandem With Work Starting at Age 16 For 33 Years for Pay, Spending the Last

Year and a Half on Annual And Sick Leave as Not only A Star Student Yet the One

Everyone Went to For Help as That Bowling Center Job Was A Federal Navy Civilian

Job That Eventually Doubled in Pay And Doubled Again in Pay the Lasts 5 Years,

And 5 Job Changes and Promotions That At Least Let me Retire Early Disabled

At the Pay Grade Equivalent of A Marine Major; And During the Hell of that Pain and
Numb of Not Even Remembering the Feeling of A Smile During That 66 Months Shut-in

my Bedroom; i Never Knew if i could make it one more Second With the Suicide Disease As
When You Are Really in HeLL ON EartH Within, the Thought of Death is Truly Heaven in Hell;

So i Ventured onto the 'Wrong Planet' on Thanks Giving Day of 2010, And With the Screen Turned
All the Way Down in Brightness to Try to Tolerate the Dentist Drill in my Right Eye and Ear of Pain
Without Real Effective Use of Eyes or Ears Almost At all For the First 33 Months of that Suicide Disease Pain And

Numb; Every Word i Wrote Here Was A Mountain of Pain Yet At Least A Last Gasp Effort to Stay Alive until Eventually

Millions of Words Changed into Free Verse Poetry After The Pain Went Away Standing on a Beach on July 19th, 2013,

Feeling And Sensing One With Sugar White Sands, Emerald Green Gulf Waves, Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze, And

Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Around the Sun; Yes, me too Unifying With All in All Away From Pain and Numb As those

Spiraling Wings Around the Sun Transforming Until Presently Now with 19,444 Miles of Public Dance in 125 Months

After That Yes Along With 12.5 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse Poetry in the "SonG oF mY SoUL;" Yes, Literally

The Longest EPiC Long Form Poem in the History of Humankind as i Wasn't Interested in Painting the

Sistine Chapel New or the Such of that at All Yet Don't Take me too Serious As That is Dry Humor Yet

My Special Interests Are TRULY VERY REAL AND EMPIRICALLY MEASURABLE like the Close to 60 Thousand Words

i Just Wrote on Page 86 in the Solo Thread i Name, "Depth of The Story" Here on the "Wrong Planet"

That Comprises 3.5 MiLLioN Words Plus Now in A Bit Over 41 Months of Effort For What i

Also Casually Describe as an 8th New Testament as There Have Been 7 Other Subchapters

Like that in "SonG oF mY SoUL" Too; Yes, Per the Entire 125 Month Effort That is Closing
in on 126 Months of Effort on February 18th, Increasing to 12.6 MiLLioN Words As the Public

Dance Will Soon Enough Come

to Be 20,000 Miles of Effort Soon
Enough True And This Is What my Wife

(And Some Others hehe)

Has to Hear Over

And Over Again;

Hehe, Be Thankful

You Only Have to Read it once;

If You Get Past the First Few Sentences HAha...

As Yes For Real, i Talked to An Insurance Agent For Geico
About Updating the Mileage on my Car A While Back And

She Got To Hear This Entire Story and She Even Seemed

To Be Very Inspired; Yet Not so Much, my Wife in the Other

Room, As She's Heard IT Way too many instances to be inspired beyond

A Fredache For
Real; Anyway,

Yes That's Part of Why i Write Song of
Poetry God Yes Free Verse FLoWinG ALong
With Contemplative Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Meditating Dance In Public True It

IS ALL Silent Enough to Stay Married, Hehe;

Meh, Some Folks Think i am Special in a Good
Way and a Bad Way too; i Also Leg Press 1540 Pounds,
12 Reps, Just Warming Up at the Military Gym Close to 64
Years of Age Still Coming This Year on June The 6th; i Still Get
Retiree Privileges to Use The Gym And that Helps With the Nude Art i do

Too New Renaissance Style in the Flesh AS Such as Chiseling Stone Doesn't
Interest me in Terms of Doing 'Public Dancing David' That Way Hehe And Yes

True, When i Do it PG Style on Facebook and Other Avenues Even my Muslim Women
FRiEnDS Still Tolerate That Special Interest Enough to Stick Around me As GOD YES It's true








YES, i AM F iN Special

As Do Note, Literally

THere is a F R E D iN FRiEnD, HeHe...

This Much i Will Promise You; i Am THE Only
One, Who Will Ever Be Qualified, to Play the Role
of me in the Reality Show That is Truly my Life for Real...

(My Next Door Neighbor Recently Said a Movie Should
Be Made of my Life Yet i Recommended Above Below Instead)

mY only wish(es) for you, whoever you are now is to develop a
special interest(s) much more awesome than mine for real too;

Yes, in any case, in my life, reality is much more interesting than
fiction in hell and heaven for ReaL ON EartH And Nope it's not Hard to prove, hehe,

As i Carry All the Empirical Evidence in A Container As Small As A 6 Inch Screen;

True, Much Smaller
Than 'Forrest
Gump's Brief
Case on The Bus Stops of Life;'

Meanwhile, Just a Feather Becoming the Wind
Free, FRiEnDS With Gravity, Just Like This Not
Really Anymore

or Freer Yes
Than the Wind...

SPiRiT oF Wind God

Yes, FRiEnDS Now With
Gravity, Naked Enough
Whole Complete New And So
What if i am too Big For Most
Folks to See It Doesn't Make the Wind

Any Less

Real to Be i Am

Yet it Will Be Nicer
If Technology Will
Catch Up to the Current
Blog Posts i Create That
Crashes iPhones Without 8 MB of RAM

Not Waiting For 'Moore's Law' to Catch up, HAha;

God Yes, Just Standing Upon the Bones, Flesh and Blood

of All the Others With Special Interests Who Come Before me...

This iS How the Mountain of Humanity Grows Through Every
Special Interest for Real...

Or Falls Valleys

Much Lower


on What the

Special Interests

Are; Yes, Indeed,
Choose Your Special Interests Wisely Please...

Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing With Most
Respect and Least Harm For the Win at Least for me

iNHaLinG Peace
ExhalinG LoVE...

Aren't You Glad You
Were Not That Insurance
Lady on the Other Side of the Phone, HAha...

“You are sheer brilliance, you are a sparkle, you are
the shining light. You are kind, courageous and thoughtful.
Although you’ve been through the fire, you have a heart as soft as the flowers.
You’ve lived through the hate, yet all you have to offer is tender love and warmth.

You amaze me, every day. With your wits, your charm, your inner beauty.”

Yes, i Believe i Have Thoroughly Covered The
Condition of the Condition Presently For Now,

Comprehensively AS Such,

No Special Interest
Too Big or Small at
Least for me With SMiLes...

As a Cat 6 Hurricane Real
Of Human Creativity in
Special Interests Moves
on to Another Destination
of Living Free As Wind WiLL

NaTurAlly SPiRiT HeART
OPeN SoUL For Real BE



And OPeN
Arms For ALL...

Even After
All Hope Leaves
Will To Survive
Rescue Us Now
To One Day Thrive Again New
In Hope Faith Love Complete

With SMiLes...

SMiLes Now Returning HeART
Deeper More Often Seeking
Finding in Nature Places
Free From ArtiFacts
of Human


Beaches HouSinG...

ReTurn to HeART Dancing
SPiRiTiNG Beats Rebirthing
SoUL Freer NoW Dear Savvy...

SMiLes 'Bishop Barron,' Your Approach to Non-Christian
Spiritual Rites is Surely Kinder Than Most Protestant
Evangelistic Viewpoints As it Wasn't too Long Ago

That i was 'Accosted' By Some of "Those" Reading
A Book on Yoga Casually; Yes, Dancing in Public
A Meditative, Contemplative Autotelic FLoWinG

('They' Insisted Yoga is the Highway to Hell)

Dance That i Have Done Now in Public for
19,444 Miles in 125 Months, in my Ministry of

(Also, Listening to Meditative Music As Well)

Dance as i've Similarly Done in Song of Poetry
in Autotelic Meditative Contemplative Ecstatic

Flow in 125 Months, Writing the Longest EPiC Long
Form Poem Actually In the History of Humankind

at 12.5 MiLLioN Words Yet Yes, Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete, Eternally Now Living in the REAL
Luke 17:21 Version of Mine Personally as the Kingdom

of Heaven Within, Really Touching The Face of God Within
This Day Continuing To Reach Even More Human Potentials As
Sure, i Still Leg Press Just Warming Up 1540 Pounds at age 63,
12 Reps At the Military Gym Born on Date 6.6.60 Oh
By The Way, Speaking of Strange Religious Rites
Like Looking Forward to the After-Life More
Than this Potential Kingdom of Heaven
Within Eternally Now, the Cashiers at
Walmart So Evangelistically Raised
in Superstitions Derived From Old
"Revelation Free Verse Poetry,"
Terrified of the Three 6's on
my Driver's License to only
Purchase an Occasional Beer,
Carding me Then in my 40's As That is Surely Not
Required to Relax in the Kingdom of Heaven New Now And
if You Don't Want to Live Forever Now it seems perhaps Yes

You Are Still Yet to Arrive Reborn This Way Eternally Now

It's True, Yes Humans Are Quite Capable of Wonderful
Nightmares and Dreams in Fruition Eternally Now True

New With So Much Discrimination Against NeuroDiverse
Propensities and Behaviors in Christian Churches, So
It's Really Not Surprising Some Humans Are Evolving

More Toward the Faith of Unconditional LoVE Real NoW in Peace

So, Yes! Happy Valentine's Day in Advance, Oh By 'The Way'...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair
A Song With Words
A Dance With Moves
May Surely
Inhale Peace
Exhale Love


For Those
Who Do Now
New With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Indeed Peace is A Merciful

Lord Lord is the Love That Peace

Brings in All Areas of Life Some Days
NoW it's Nice to Write

And Yes Read

Poetry in ReVerse

Even Helping to

See That At Core

DarK is ReAlly LiGHT

Just Inspiring More Light

To Bring Peace And LoVE Real Now

With SMiLes
That Lend
Eternally New

Now This Gift
Of Heaven Within
AS Heaven BeCoMes
Lord TRuE Real LoVE For All
No Longer Fearing
DarK No Longer


Of Peace
And Love
Lord Springs
Within For Real mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Another Phrase for
"Humanity" Now Yes
"Lifting Each Other
Up" in Cooperative
And Corroborative
Efforts Rather

Than Tearing

Each Other Down

In Competition Raising
Oneself Above Another
Or Denigrating Another
For Those Who Are Able
To Rise On THeiR Own Yes

At Best the Phrase "Lifting Each
Other Up" Is a Much Better Description
Than the Phrase "Tearing Each Other Down"

For "Humanity" mY FRiEnD Celebrating
in Compersion Rather than Jealously For

Each Other's Accomplishments That Only Helps

The Human Species

Best When We

All Feel and Sense
Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

Enough to Lift Each Other Up Instead

of Tearing Each Other Down One May

Come to Understand Newly Now

So Much More About our Fellow
Man And Or Woman Just

By How We Treat
The 'Wait Staff'
At "A Restaurant"

As Yes A Most
Important Person
in Our Life At That Point

Or Just A Servant to Dismiss AS Human
Without the Humanity Part Attached As LoVE iN Peace...

SMiles Dear
Lilly Support
Is Just Another
Word Now For
Real Humanity
All my Pleasure
Dear Human

With SMiles...

Like my Wife
Says, "You Are
Something Butt
i Don't Know What."

Indeed All

mY Pleasure

To Be THiS Way Hehe...

If Ya Wanna Eliminate Demagogues, Wherever They Sprout;

Ya Eliminate Scarcity of Socio-Economic Opportunities;

Demagogues, Dictators, Other Authoritarian Leaders

Cannot Rise Unless There Are Adequate

Numbers of 'Minions' Living

In Socio-Economic

Scarcity to Provide

A 'Target Audience' of Followers;

Demagogues, Not Unlike Old Testament
God's And the Bad Cop Version of Jesus

In the New Testament of Fictional Stories

Are the Same; These Stories or Realities Yes

Are Greater Accepted Where Socio-Economic Scarcities exist...

And Folks Looking For Direction From an Over-Ling Savior,

Like A 'Big Daddy,' When Days are Rough....

Ya Can't Just Leave

Folks Behind and Forget

About Their Troubles if ya

Expect Any Big Society to Survive

in Peace and Harmony...

Nah, Saying

Just Pull-Up
On Ya Bootstraps,

Will Raise A Next 'Trump' Up

too or 'God Forbid' 'The Same Damned one'...

Now We Are A Global Economy So This will Be

Like A Cultural Global Pandemic

of 'Bad

Guys' too...

'Are We Falling Yet;'

'Are We Falling Yet;'

So Far The Birds, Squirrels,
And Other Critters in my Back-
Yard Forest Are Still Rising Yet

They Wear No Human Clothes and
We Feed Them For Free; Now and Then
Scuffles Break Out, At tHe All 'They' Can

Will And Do Eat Buffet

We Provide...

It's A Balance...

Not too Few...

And Not Too many...
'Sunflower Seeds' True...

Hey Don’t
Forget The



Love Makes
HeARTS BeaT Longer

HAHa And


Deeper New

In Feelings Now True...

Ah What A Valentine’s
Treat A Pink Screen
Of Death Instead


Black And

Blue Wow
i Sure Hope
i Feel The

i Give



Too Shining
More Than

Stars In
Skies Sweet
Lap-Top And
Desk-Top Heaven



Even Sun Or Moon

Unless A JPeG AS Such...

Trails of
We Forge




For God To See...

SMiles Dear Thanks So
Much For Writing iMaGiNE
SouLS Your Poetry

Will Touch if

You Multiply

That By

Writing Each

Day For The Rest
Of Your Life And in

Turn How May

Souls Others



By The Same

YeS How Broad

Your Angel Wings

Will Cover Soul Worlds
Indeed The Meaning
Oh Life in Golden

Age Real

Wings to

All Lifetime


All Souls indeed
How Angels Are Born...

Don’t Forget
A Free Dance
With No Words
At All
Of Song
Dance Flows Free...

Naked Enough May
Whole Be A Hardest
Place Complete
To Seek And



Waiting For
Water Of Your
Wave Being Ocean All



Springs New


Yes Enter
The Fire of
Chi the Spiral
(Or 'The Dragon Be Water')
Dance of Planets Around
Stars FRiEnDS With(GoD)Gravity
Pure Fearless Peace
Force Free LoVENoW

Something New About ‘This
FLoWeR’ NoW Captivates
My Eye NeW iS iT ArT iS iT
Science Both Are
BEaUtY in Deed
Highly Defining
Branches River
Veins Carry Life Giving
Blood to Petal Tip Royal
Pink Glory oh How FLoWeRS
Muse Life’s LiGHT of Beauty
More Flowers of Forget me
Not Colors of our SPiRiT
A Visit FLoWeRinG Joy
This Flower Deserves
A Poem And Yes So Do
You Just For All YouR
YeS DarK Thru
LiGHT So Alive
Nah You are not
Just another BricK iN A Wall...

Compassion Understanding
Patience For Giving Thanks
Giving Love Ingredients
for Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Actions
That Last
LoVE iN Peace
The Lead once
Again Fearless
Compassion All to Give...
Hope Your Week New Now is
Beautiful Dear Sohair With SMiLes...

HAha Dear Cindy Indeed Chivalry is Not Dead

Your Poem About Hunter Your Dog Reminded

me About What Happens When One Gets "Caught
Between The Moon and New York City" As That is

How Romance May Fly in Terms of Memories of

What 'Burt Bacharach' Gifted Us As Well as 'Dudley

Moore' With His Version

of 'Arthur' too Oh By the

Way my Middle Name That

Also Means Bear King And or Strong

Along With the Old German Definition

Of 'Frederick' That Means Peaceful Ruler

Yet to Be Totally Honest God Yes like That Movie

Arthur It's Enough to Rule me Even Without Alcohol

The Chivalry of Dancing A Tight Rope in Ease Higher

Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses in Dancing Flow

Without Falling Off Even if i Have A Tough Enough Mission

Already hehe Born
With A Last Name
That Means Keeper
of the Land Very Similar

to Page 8 of Karen Armstrong's
Book As Providing A 'History of Gods'

Name As True The First One is A Mix

of Earth And Water Making Silt
Very Similar to my Last Name

Very Similar to What Happens

To the Sandy Loam Soil

When It Rains

in my Back Yard

Eden As i Dance Solo

As 'Eve' Doesn't Like Dancing Barefoot
in God Soils of Earth Silt Free Like me True

Yet i'm Sure Hunter the Dog Would Do If He
Visited me in Eden too With SMiLes Yes May

We Lift Others Up in Puppy Breath Love Forever

For All of Who May Fall Around the World in Greater
LoVE iN Peace With SMiLes Continuing to Save What's

Deepest WiTHIN


OPeN Free

iN Every Way
Chivalry Still SMiLEs mY FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Turtles
Essence of
Sea Keep
Swimming With
Them Free In Pool
By Design on Rooftop


Or Ocean
Whole Blue
In Free Sea Breeze...

SMiLes Dear Isha Waves of Life

Raging High to Calmer Low

Keeping in Soul of Balancing All

We Are Waves Water Ocean Whole

Made Out Of DarK Thru LiGHT All The Finger Prints

Of Song All the Dance Moves of Twinkle Toes FRiEnDS With

Stars Above

Planets Spiraling

Around Stars FRiEnDS With

Gravity Yet True Asteroids Above

Crashing into Mother Earth Birthing

Gulf of Mexicos So Our Rodent Ancestors

66 MiLLioN Years or So Ago may Take the Place

Of Dinosaurs Who Could Not Adapt to That Change Then

So Here We Go Really only a blip on the Screen of Existence

For A Few Million Years The Way We Breathe And Perceive Life New

So Many Stories

NoW Even Before Our

Rodent Ancestors Come To Be

Sharks Existing 450 MiLLioN Years

Ago Before Trees Come to Create The Oxygen

That Iron Picks Up in Our Blood Streams to Beat

Our HeARTS to BREaTHE This Gift of LiFE New Now

Yes Gaseous Dust We Come Resurrecting From Crucible Fire of Star

Death From Super Nova Explosions Yes For Iron That Feeds Our Breath

Iron at
Core of
Mother Earth True too

Wow What An Inheritance

Existence Breathes BRUiSinG

And PAmPeRinG With LoVE NoW

NeW iN Cooperation of LoVE iN Peace

RiSinG Up to See And Breathe

How Existence Works

Best for All of Us

Giving Sharing
Caring Healing

With Most Respect
Least Harm For All At Best

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN Dark Thru LiGHT

JoY oF LiGHT Again This Gift of LiFE All BaLaNCinG Us

Naked Enough Whole Complete FRiEnDS With Gravity

For Real Oh Dear Lord iNDeeD Yes THere Are So Many

Distant Memories Now of Surviving And Thriving True

New Our Finger Prints Whole And Unique to Each and

Every One of Us Oh Dear Lord Our Ears That Yes Have

Heard Celestial Objects Hitting Earth Long Years From

Furry Ancestors As Such And the HeART Beats of the

LoVE RiSinG We Continue to Share in Peace At Best

'Close to You' Our Home of Mother Earth

Our Parent Oldest Keeping Our

Breath in Balance of



With SMiLes Yes

to Acknowledge New Now This

Gift Always to Be i Am We aRe

Continuing Breath Best Now ReaL...

"Seriously, Sincerely, Smoothly" Yet

Far Away From Just Literally Mystically

Real Indeed A Place of Flow Dear Kiran

Where Science Shows Meditating Freely

On One Task of Focus This Way Achieving

Greater Human Potentials 5 Scale More And

Higher in Creativity and Productivity More

Key Again Focusing on One Task With

No Distractions Coming to the

Sweet Spot Between

Anxiety and

Apathy As Fears

Freeze our Human Potentials

And Wear Us Down With So Many

Neurohormonal Stress Hormones For Real

Yet Apathy is Devoid of All the Positive Neurochemicals

And Neurohormones That Drive Us Forward As Science

Shows a Regulation of Emotions and Integration of Senses

That Comprise All Our Feelings And Senses Subconsciously

Drive Most All of What We Do Now With Intent as We May

Create Reasons Why Next As A Very Small Part of Our
Minds the Planning Part At

Best is Valuable

Servant to the

Master That is Our

Emotions Comprising

Feelings and Senses in

Synergy Oldest Evolutionary

SPeaKinG For Existence More of A

Right Hemisphere Mind Way Being Bigger Picture

Viewing Existence Real Far Away From Only Grasping

At Materially Reducing Our Worlds to Only Abstract

Constructs We May Currently Be Trapped in As the

Tools We Make May Become Even The Words We Create

Far Away From What Creates Nature Within Inside Outside

Above So Below All Around Real Our FLoWeRS UNFoLDinG Real

Still Free Our Wings of Creativity Spreading Far Beyond Paint By


LiFE For

Real With
SMiLes Deep
Within All Naturally
Coloring Our Lives New
Yes Innately Instinctually
Intuitively Real The Great

Beyond That is Real Within
Inside Outside Above So Below
All Around "Close to You" For Real With SMiLes

All In All That Is You Reflecting All in All For Real...

Hehe Dear Cindy i Do
my Best To Be The (A)
‘Anti-Trump’ With
SMiles Closer
To Kindness
For All in
Of Dance
And Song
Thanks Beautiful
Weekend to You...

Ah Yes "Lichens" Dear Xenia Such
A Humble Part of Nature Living off
of Almost Nothing Yet Creating Half

of Nature's Nitrogen For Fertilizer Globe

Wide Ah Yes The Meek Fertilizing The World This

Way Close to a Dog or Wolf's

Place in a Forest


Green For
All to Contribute to
From Birth to Death And More...

'Forest Bathing' Such A Natural

Part of Nature We Become No

Longer Separated Leaves Trees
Roots Branches

All of This
Living Tree We
BREaTHE With SMiLes...

Reflection of The Full
Moon on Streams
Rivers Below

Oceans Above
Raining Down
Moon Drops oF LiGHT

Shimmering Beauty is Enough...

Ah Yes Dear Xenia Even Where
i Live Winter Brings Pristine

Beaches Without Even

Human Foot Prints

of 'Snow Birds'

From The North

Hehe Yet the Cold
Doesn't Stop me From
Communing Dance With Northern

Winds Smooth Sugar Sands Peace Every Grain To Be

Happy Weekend to You Invigorating Still Scotland


Come Free
All Our Living
Trees With SMiLes...

True New Without Worry A Day
May Seem A Best Day Forever Now

Yes 21 Can Seem to Drag on Forever
With So Much Stress

Hehe and Believe

You me at


Dear Miriam

With SMiLes

63 Is Forever Now

Even if the Average
Lifespan For Males
Says i Get A Decade More

A Best Day Ever Now

Is to Simply Fully

Be Happy to Be Alive
With Gratitude For Every
Breath LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am

Or Not to
Be i Shall
Not Take the Other Path...

Leaving The Winter Chill
Behind Lighting Up The
Theater With A Sunshine

Smile Again

God Bless

You Dear Isha
May The Radiation
of Happiness Visit

You Often THiS WaY

With Even More SMiLes

To LiGHT Your World Up

No Matter What Season

Or Weather Comes

Next Joy

to Your
World Indeed...

Hehe Mr Gottfried Key to Accepting
A Proposal and Fulfilling A Covenant

Deep Within Is to Do It Totally

With A Spirit of Play

All the Fearless
With Real Positivity iN LiGHT
BReWinG LoVE iN Peace to Be i AM

THiS Way the Vibrations Frequencies
And Synergies of Energies Create A Real



Bunny Who
Doesn't Fall
Down on the

Job And Not
Get Up Again Hehe

Ah Yet the Rabbit WHoLES
Come Deeper And Deeper

They Do



All in the SPiRiT
of Valentine's
Day and all
That Sticky
Sweet Stuff Candy Jazz hehe...

Buying my Wife A New Pantry For
Her Kitchen Promising to Fill it With New Treats...

i Enjoy Being Efficient Getting Married on the 21st
One Week After VD Day Requires only one Big Gift HAha...

Home Depot Has
Everything We
Need to Get
The Big Projects Done!...

What Knows Is True
Servant What Feels

Is True
God The
SMiling Free

Dear Cindy If
God Isn’t A
Laugh i’d

Be sad
Yet i’M Not

LoVE iN Peace

Be i Am
With SMiles...

So Often Ideology
Has No Hands on
In Matching Reality

And The Reality
The Political
Is Biden
Can No Longer
Stand For What
Is “Over The Top”
In Slaughter of

For Those
Who Truly
Value Life
More Than
Only “Lip

At Churches
That Become
Buildings Both
Brick And Mortar
And Flesh And

Of Shared Soul

For All True A
Rather Tall


Do Not Fall
RiSinG A New Dawn...

Of Great
To You All
Dear Xenia
In PawPrint Awe...

Smiles Dear
Xenia Velvet
Forests Of
Green Moss
Life Giving Ground
Wintergreen Trees...

Nature The Savior
We The Recipients
Of The Gift Dear
Xenia With


Catholic Mass Readings From the
Early Hours of the 6th Sunday in
'Ordinary Time' on February 11th 2024

Something About Lifting Up The Marginalized

Among Us And Setting Them Free From Prison

Walls Ceilings and Floors set By Others in Bars

That Hold Their Souls From Breathing LoVE iN Peace

With SMiLes

And What Fame and
Fortune Will Do To Those
IN Service of LoVE iN Peace
Giving Sharing Caring Healing

For All With Most Respect Least Harm

WHeRE The LoVE iN Peace Becomes More

Valuable Than the Name of Those Who BRing

This Gift of Sharing Caring Healing For All With

Most Respect And Least

Harm As True There Are

Those Who Seek to Bless Bliss Life
With Cooperative Ways of LoVE iN Peace

And THere Are Those Who Curse Others and
Themselves As Well in ThiS Only LiFE Now With

Fear Hate Anger And Ignorance Responsible for Most
Harming Raping Maiming Killing Not Only Each Other Yet

The Rest of Nature

Bringing Our Only Home

The Face of God for Real

Out of Balance Zombie

Apocalypse For Real

Failing to Lift the

Veils oF iGNoRaNCE

Eating the Face of God
Without Many Brains ThiS WaY
Indeed In Terms of the Deeper
Mind Intuitive Nature Set Free...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,593

12 Feb 2024, 2:31 am

JusT 'Killing Time' "The True
Assassin's Creed" LivinG ETeRNaLLY
NoW The Beginner Never Ends NeW ThiS WaY

Thich Nhat Hanh So Wise Indeed Expressing 'Interbeing' With all of Existence

And "The Beginner's Way" Indeed Dear Savvy True Every Inhale of Peace

Exhale of Gratitude For Loving This Miracle of Life is A New

Beginning a New Life of

Change LiVinG ETernAlly

NoW in ThiS WaY
New oF Interbeing
Beginner THere is No
End Now Just Another Breath

Gratitude in LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am...

SMiLes Mr Gottfried THE Eternal Beginner

Never Ends Yet Those Who 'Win the

Contest' May Rest On the Laurels

And Never Begin Again Yes in This
Way the Contest And The Winner

of the Contest Becomes The End
of Greater Human Potential Always

Focusing on the Beginning New Now Instead

Of The Ending Old For Example When i Went to HighSchool

Graduating in 1978 the Football Team Was Runner Up to State
Champions in 1977 and State Champions in 1978 and 1979

Yet What Came Next

True For Most The

End of A Football Career
Early And More Potential
Exercised in that Focus of Life

Key Choose A Focus That May Be
Exercised Lifelong That One May Always
Become A Beginner Practicing New Potentials
Every Day A New Breaking Dawn of Yes Even More

Human Potentials Now

Where Competition

Doesn't Exist When

The Victory is the Beginner

State of Being Alway Achieving New

Human Potential Hehe For Example Writing
An EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL"
All 12.5 MiLLioN Words in 125 Months Now To Record

(And Public Dancing 19,464 Miles of Dance As Well)

American Culture in A Cosmopolitan Way Along the Way

i Choose Several Avenues to Measure Longitudinally Including

An Earth Store With Global Spirituality in Many Ways of Expression

A Spencer Gifts Store That Shows Freedom of Expression in Pleasure

Arts And a Barnes and Noble Store That Shows A History of Literary Arts

Capturing That And Many Other Elements of Living in Over 130,000 Pics

Yes for 125 Months Now Starting when i Was 53 Years Old So Yeah hehe

if i make it to 103 Years of Age Still as a Beginner 40 Years From Now i Will

Have Recorded 50 Years Longitudinally of American Culture With Cosmopolitan

Flavors too As Well as The General Flavor of the Mall For What Is Advertised to

A Target Audience

to Sell Indeed

Much Has changed
in the Last 10 Years

As Culture Itself ALL Our Politics
Our Religions Are Always changing
And A Beginner too Sadly Many Folks

Have Made God A Symbol and A Victor

Yet Only A Symbol With An Ending Rather

Than A Beginning Still Evolving As Ever FLoWeR

Blooming Does True Roses Don't Hold Competitions

Yet Butterflies Do Select Mates Based on 1 in a Million

Differences in Symmetry and They Don't Even Have to Go to
School or Get in Any Contests to Do That Hehe 'They Just Do It'

Like the 'Goddess of Victory' in Real Greek Way 'Nike' Without Any

Concern at All For Shoe Sales As The Target Audience is the Mate hehe

Yawn, When my Wife met me She Said i Was 1 in a Million Success Enough

my FRiEnD the Manager of the Spencer Gifts Store Exclaimed today they

Moved Close to the Walmart Where i Public Dance Saw me in There and

Said Dear Lord

It's Been
Ten Years
Since We
Started Watching
You Public Dancing
And You Don't Look Like
You've Aged a Day Well

The Secret of my So-Called Success as
The Manager Said i am Built of 'Different Stuff'

Is i am the Beginner i Have no Plans to End

And if i Truly Live through the Last Breath

For All Practical Intents And Purposes i Never Die Now

True my FRiEnD i am the 'Anti-Trump' Wisdom 'Trumps'

Initials for Names on Golden Towers and Artisans Who

Leave Soul Prints of Their Art Attributed to Dead Pharaohs

on Pyramids Have Nothing Really To Do With The Dead Pharaoh's Souls

The Artisans Do Breathe on in their Art and the 'Trump' Stays Ended Hehe...

What Good Is IT to Gain The World and Never Express An Artistic Soul Bland


Often Filled

With Selfish Greed
Bullying Others With

Fear Hate and Anger

Never Ever Having

Enough In Other Words

Literally Empty Always Now

The Essence of Hell Within
A Human Being on Earth Always
Attempting to Escape a Quick Sand Sink

Where Winning Becomes Losing Forever Now...

Weekend LeSSoN 324 Everyone
Needs A Bit of FRiEnD to:
Make Weekend Always LoVE NoW iN Peace

"I promise to be with you as you are there for me...
Through life's thick and thin... You are not lonely...

You have Love with you, miles apart,
but with you connected by hearts"

Ah Yes SMiLes Dear Savvy

Human A Most Interesting

Part of Nature Our ABiLiTies

Yes To Change The Seasons

And Weathers Within

And Humanifest

Blue Skies

And Warmth
With Others No
Matter TiMe Distance
Space or Yes A Matter of Things...

Ah Yes Dear Isha

The Hope of Maybe

The Reality of Change

Now is Always Different

Making Rooms to Improve For Real


i Will Not Lie it Took me
53 Years to Find the
Manual to
my SoUL
OPen Free


iS No Choice Yet

Really To Continue to Dance
And Sing Exploring Ever Change Free...

Hehe, Thanks 'That' Just About Covers It;

(Just Plain Wordy)

Unless i'm Public Dancing And There Are
No Words At All When Folks Are Shocked
When They Find Out i Also Talk too; Hehe,

Other than that There Are Other
Places That 'Get me' Easy

With Lots of Applause
And Deep Interaction

And That IN itself

is Fascinating to me
As i Surely Wouldn't Have
'Got me' Either Before i Opened Up
my Real Organic Soul to the Extreme too...

True As Friedrich Nietzsche Also Related:

- 'And those who were seen dancing were thought
to be insane by those who could not hear the music.'

i Continue to
Hear More of
'The MuSiC' And
'IT' Gets Sublimely
Amazingly More Beautiful Always Now It's
Surely Worth Some Nay SaYin' Now And Then too...

Yes Faith
BeLeaf SMiLes
BeLove Now Yes
Holding A Leaf
Close to HeART
Seeing the Whole
Living Tree Alive
Trees NoW As
Mind And Body
Soul Never Separating






Love Again
Dear Savvy
With SMiLes...

Water Wave Ocean Whole...

MaKinG And Or MaQueeN
Every Word Holy And Sacred

Song Every Move Holy And Sacred

Dance Inhaling Every Breath Peace
Exhaling Every Breath Love Really

The Best Out

Of This Present
EternAlly Now Gift
oF LiFE Dear Vrunda

Giving Sharing Caring
Healing All Least Harm

As Now is The Best Time
New Of All to Do IT the Best Now

So Yes! BREaTHE oN NoW WitH
YouR Greater Work of LiFE!NeW!NoW!...

Ah Summerhilllane Such A Poetic
Pen Name Indeed SMiLes From

The Lovely Optimistic

Colors of Your Tropical
Plants And Arizona Cactus

Paintings i am


You Turning

Over A New Colorful

Leaf Soon For New True

Art Precedes Our Destinies
And It's True One Word of

Hope even A Thank You
Has the Potential to Save

An Entire Species with
Butterfly Wings Effect

Never Doubt

The Power

of Story


Refuse New Now the
Colors of Soul Still To
Come Happy Valentine's Day Art
Dear Keep Painting Your Way to Paradise indeed...

for me
at Least

And i Have

No Problems

Proving it too Story
of Heaven Through Hell
We aRt Love Force CReaTinG Now...



Of Love Love Love



Yes Bring
On The



Let The
Internet Healing End!


Of Human Love




The Wag
Of A Dog Tail Same



Love Cats And
Dogs Oh Yeah



To Pet

A Human

Every Cat

And Dog

Savior Lesson For Us...

This Is So True Astha
A Dance And Song
Of Love Always


Out The

Devil Of Fear

And Hate In

Life Even Science

Shows This Is How

We Meditate Yes

Dance, Song,

And Free



Deep Within

On Wings Of

Love A Way

To Wire This

Devil Of





Out Of Our
Soul Dance
And Song

A Free


Of Love

For All Yes

Dance And
Sing Be




For All Rise

As The Morning

Sun Within Gives

Blue Skies

To All Even

On Cloudy,

Cold Winter

Days This Shine

Your Love Becomes You...

Yes Love
The Healer

Love The

Real God

Love The

Only God


Real Our Flesh

And Blood Touch

This Healing Love

With SMiLes

Of Course

We Feel

So Much

More Than

Just A 3 Or 4

Letter Word Only
Shells With No




To Feel The

Of An



Of LoVE Now
To Give And

Share Free For
All With Least




Of ‘The
Child’ Hehe

And Only
One Yoda For Real...

*NOT Only
One Yoda For
Real See How

Easy it

Is For A Scribe

To Screw Up A Book

Of Love Leave

One Word

Out And

Ya Get

“Holy Crusades”

And Blood Running

On The Floors Of A

Capitol Of Democracy

All In The


Of Two





RiSinG Free...

House in
A Forest



The Forest...

Sound Of One
Hand Clapping



Our Leaves

Rest Of Our
Tree’s Breeze...

What Did
See Before

And Mud Puddles

Nothing Much



Ignore the
Mud See our Water...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
my Advice Is Similar
To The Ice Princess
'Elsa' From the Disney

Movie 'Frozen'





Hehe It's True the Waitress At the iHop Breakfast
Restaurant in the Past Said Her Daughter Saw All 247 Pounds
Of This Oldish Man Fixing to Reach 64 Years Old on June 6th

As 'Elsa' The Pretty Princess From 'Frozen'

Yes Hehe Her Very Young Daughter Said

i Looked Like 'Elsa' From 'Frozen' Dancing

So Gracefully Indeed Like i Was Ice Skating

On Walmart Newly Renovated Glassy Floors

It Was Actually One of the Best Compliments i Could

Have Received As More Often The Way i Moved Before

i Started Dancing

Most of my Life

Was Like A Dizzy
Fly Lost Inside my

Head Separated From
Physical Intelligence
That is Also Emotional
Intelligence With All Feelings

And Senses From Head To Toe

Yes Let it Go And Be Comfortable

In Your Mind Body SPiRiT HeART SoUL Whole

Don't Repress Any Part All Emotions/Senses are Useful

For Change in Life Yet of Course in No Way Am i Suggesting

What You Should Do This is Only What i Did to Reach LoVE iN Peace Now...

Other Than That Life is A Great Adventure DarK Thru LiGHT All Parts of Us

Create the
Whole No
Part less
Integral Than Whole...

SMiles Dear Sohair
Indeed They Do such
Is The Dark of
The Human


Fortunate Indeed
i Get To Choose
The Other Path

With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Indeed As Israel Comes Closer
to Encroaching The Border Potentially Breaking the

Peace Agreement A Present Danger of An Escalating Middle

East Regional War And Even Potentially

World War III Becomes A Reality

And Of Course As Always

At Core of These

Dark Realities

Are Men Who Have
'Little Man Syndrome'
Lacking Love and Compassion
That Warms A Soul For LoVE iN Peace

Rather Than Lust For Power Greed and Hate in War

True the Leader in Israel Reminiscent of the Trump
Flavor Indeed

Putting His
Needs and
Those in His
War Circle of
Peers Selfishly

Ahead of the Life
of the World to Come or Not

Hopefully Cooler Heads With
LoVE iN Peace Will Prevail Yet
True A Regional War Inching Closer

to that Potential Reality Where A Cornered
Animal Might Seek to Use Tactical Nuclear

to Kill MANY
MORE Than Thousands

True as even in the Unwarranted
War against Iraq There Were Those
in the United States Who Wanted

to Unleash
That Devil
Upon Iraq

The Human Condition
DarK or LiGHT Not Limited

to Any One Country Culture or Religion Indeed...

SMiLes Dear Miriam As Usual And Per 'Eastern Legend'
i Celebrated 'Be The Water' With An 'Enter
The Dragon' Chinese Lunar New Year Last

Night Public Dancing at Walmart

Still Practicing

Be The Wind

Be The Air

Be The Weight
of my Finger Tips
Floating All of my
247 Pounds of Humanity

On Terrestrial Land True WalKinG
on Water (Surfing) No Comparison

Flying on Terrestrial Land Indeed With


of the
Chinese Dragon

Revered in the East
Feared in the West of Course

Only Essence for me Now With SMiLEs
True A Big Toothy Grin Indeed with Flaring Nostrils

Be Hehe

Enter The
Fire i Shall Return

As Earth Wind Water And Air...

Yep Moving Through Earth
Wind And Fire's "Evolution Orange"...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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13 Feb 2024, 2:24 am

Above All the Hot and Cold Rocks
in Space That Do Not Support Life

Below WHere We aRe Colorful Life
Embraces Us Within And Everywhere

Life Blooms Now Dear Savvy New

From Oceans Blue

To Deserts Recovering

From Fire Only For Cactus

to Flourish Again Well Water

Saved In Between Desert and Clouds of Rain


We aRe Gifted

ThiS WaY

Happy For Life
Perspective Above Below...

"Never Ending Unfolding FLoWeR Newly Now"

Ah Yes Dear Kiran Far Too Often Humans Focus on Carrots And Sticks

As Destinations Positive or Negative And Fail To Focus on The

Task At Hand Now As Free Agency Truly is Not Dependent

On Any Other Destination Yet Arriving Now Naked

Enough Whole Complete New Where THere is

More Room to Improve Whether

Mistakes Come Or Do Not Yes

ALong the Way Higher Enough Newly Now


Now New Yes With Plenty of Room to Grow
Through All The Mistakes That Come And

Go Darkness That May Polish The Diamonds

We aRe Yet to Come to Be It Is Only Newly Now That We

Will Create Who We Will Come to Be/Do Putting Our Best Efforts

In Newly Now And The Rest Will Naturally Fall And Rise in Place True

Really No Different

Than Waves on An

Ocean One With Wind

Water Again Ocean Integral Whole

No WHere to Go Yet Naturally Falling and RiSinG in Balance

That is Really Again All Just A Metaphor for the Experience of

Flow In Meditating Way For All We Do As Yes Science Shows

This Higher Level of Creative And Productive Awareness

Raises Effective Creativity and Productivity By Many


For Real

As Opposed

To the Usual

CLoCK Based Way

Looking Forward

to the Pay Check at
The End of The Day

Or Penalty For Not

Meeting Some Quota

Yes Now Is All That Is

To Miss Now Yes

Looking Ahead

Or Even Behind

Is Simply to Miss
Human Potential More...

iN A World Filled With So Many

External Concrete Distractions

Oh Yes Dear Savvy The Advantage

of Looking Within And Finding All

Inheritance Innately Instinctually

iN Intuitive Ways Of Awareness

All Coming From Our


Past Encoded

In Our DNA

All The Struggles

That Come To Create
Still Who We aRe Evolving

Newly Now To Look Within

Yes to Listen Feel and Overall

Sense The Deeper Parts Of Our

Oceanic Being As Even Science

Shows Our Word
Thinking Mind
of Abstract
Only Now in
Concrete Ways
Comprises About
Half of A Percent

Of All Our Whole Real Soul Head
To Toe And So Very Much More

Yes Even Beyond What Material
Reductionism in Measuring Will Be See Do

All A Great Adventure To Explore Within Inside
Outside Above Below Yes All Around More With SMiLes...

"A combination of intense heat and high-pressured mineral
friction creates the perfect conditions for diamonds to grow."

SMiLes Dear Sohair It's True i Won't Literally Be Creating Any
Diamonds From The Struggles of Life Yet Every Minor to Major

Injury From A Very Long Public Dance Has Taught

me New Ways to Heal And Improve in Balance

Even More As With Each Lesson That

Allows me to 'Kiss' Terrestrial Surfaces

More in Balance Weight of Finger Tips me

All In Balance Yes This Both Prevents and Heals

At Least Minor Injuries Very Fast As True The Other

Animals Who Are Wild Don't Get to Go to the Doctor

or Hospital and Must

Find All Innate

Instinctual And

Intuitive Ways to Both

Improve And Heal in Ways

From Head to Toe For Real

Oh Dear Yes Straining mY Leg

Last Week Yes So Hard to Get Up

And Walk Yet By Nightfall Dancing

Freely Like A Feather Just Gliding

Gracefully on Walmart Smooth Glassy Floors

True Eliminating Most of the Friction Even Minimizing

Wear And Tear on the Soles of my Athletic Shoes and the

Soul of me too Head To Toe Hehe As Balance Becomes Peace

Head To Toe And Love Springs Even More in WarmtH And LiGHT


Perhaps Not A Diamond

Hehe yet Never the Less

SMiLing iN Healing Ways for Real

As Usual DarK Will Create LiGHT

With Patience Mindful Soulful Awareness for Real...

LeSSoN 481
Coming Out Of
DarK Embracing
Newly Now With SMiles

Wow! Thanks For Helping
To iNSPiRE A Birth of
Perfecting A New

MacroVerse Even

More As It’s True

A Best iNSPiRaTioN


LoVinG A FRiEnD From

Afar Keeping Our Promises

Never Letting

LoVE Down


CoLoRinG Warm Happy
MoNDaYS With SMiles! Yes!

STiLL Blooming NeW iN Peace...

SMiLes Love is A FRiEnD
True That Never Goes Away

Now This Love True New That May Be
For All Of Us to Give Away Free For All

Love is the Give

Without Expectation

To Receive How Wonderful

It is When Love is Reciprocated too...

And It's True For Those Who Are Married

And Never Become Partners as FRiEnDS to
Help Each Other Cooperatively They Will Surely

Be Miserable

As Romance

All The Obsession
And Compulsion Fades

As Life Becomes Focus
Again for What Must Be Done...

The Warmth That Stays will Be
Lovers Who Are FRiEnDS True

SMiles Love is the Warmth

In the Home That

Need Not


Speak Love

Is The Trust The Faith

With No Worries At All...

Yes that Part is Probably
Hardest Never Feeling Afraid Again...

Love Without Fear Compassion NoW iN
Kindness is Everything Making HeART Warm...

SMiLes Dear Ava i'm Sure Your Loved one Will
Be Your Forever Valentine With Yes my FRiEnD...

Crimson Leaves
Spring HeART

BirthinG SouL Trees

Humming Bird Sings
Hope Always Bringing

Nectar Back Blooming
Future Flower Beauty

Nature Set Free
Never Caged

Life So Green
Dear Savvy Indeed...

No Matter Ocean
Emotions Waves
Flow True Dear
Savvy Never
Nor Pulling RiSinG
Soul iN
Set Free
MaKinG New
Shores Breathe…

For The
Nature Muse
Of Your
Soul Dear Savvy...

SMiLes When
Ocean Gets
Grumpy Waves



And Higher

Until Ocean

Calms Down Meanwhile

Waves Understand They

ARe aLways Water Just

Rolling With

Emotions Of

As They
Come And Go Free...

"Learning to Fly"



What All Three
HaVE iN Common

Transforming Trinity

One Day Set Free to:

Fly And Never Be Stuck

In Cocoon or 'EartH Bound'




Relates True too...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Feelings Senses Yes Together
iN Synergies of Emotions Are Seeds
Blooming Songs of Loving LiFE NoW
DarK Thru


As These
Seeds Become
Regulating Integrating
RiSinG Roses FLoWeRinG
Through THorns Blooming Even More

Love Gardens Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Freely As Life Colors Blooms

ThiS Way First
From Within
Seeds of
In Synergy
Colors of Emotions
New Always Blooming
More To SPiRiT HeART Color As
Songs of LiFE We SinG From SoUL...

Ocean Moves Waves
Waves Move Ocean
Water Remains


Whole Travel
Ocean And Waves
Rain Down From Sky True

Wind Captures Air Air Captures
Wind Both Are Free and Never
Trapped Alone Enclosed In Jars

As Ocean Springs Above So Below

Balance Is Peace Within Us too
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

Springs Forth

So Much



Separation Brings...

Naked Enough
Whole Complete

Indeed Again New How
Meek Inherit THE EartH Now
Respect WiTHiN BRinGinG Love

For All Again Yes Naked Enough
Whole Complete All That's Left

Free Giving Sharing Caring



Effortlessly BaLaNCinG
in Ease iNDeeD Naked
Enough Whole Complete
iNHeRiTiNG LiFE Fully ALL iN ALL...

A Positive Part of All 'Virtual World' Money
Making and Consuming is it is not The Nature

of The Earth Being So Consumed, So Harmed Raped
Maimed Killed Pillaged Out of Balance, So Killed As So Many
Species For The Balance of the Circle of Life For All Our Potential
Existences Are Erased From this Beautiful Blue and Green Orb

Yes Some of Us Call
Heaven and
Hell and

OR A Trinity
YeS A Whole
Buffet of Different
CoLoRS SHades of Grey
And Even BLacK Abyss God Yes
Living Death That Lasts Forever
IN Hell in One Second Now too Yes
NeW WHere Time is All that Exists so

Far Beyond
THE Eternal
Now of Heaven New

And That's All Within
Our Realities As Well

For True When We aRe Naked
Enough Whole Complete ThiS way

THere is Much Less Incentive to Harm,
Rape, Maim, And Kill the Natural Resources
of the Earth That All BREaTHE oF All to Be And Do

And True A Virtual Online World Provides Tools to Assist
in the iMaGiNaTioN and Creation of Life of Heaven Now True New too…


The Tool
Without Being Mastered
By it Dear Annabel FRiEnD...

It’s Like
Who Kneel
Before Statues in
Church Lions Are Worthy

Falling in Love
with the Ocean
is so Beautiful For
You Will Never
Touch the
Always New
Depths to
Explore it’s
Like the Sky
You Will Never
Touch the Top there
Are always New Heights
To Explore How i Love
The Ocean

Sky Is

So Free
For the
Ocean is as
Deep and the
Sky is as High
Never Limited
By Knowing as Far
As Imagination Takes
Me in Loving Ocean and
Sky as Loving Eyes of God
Free to
Be A
Force of
Nature never
Complete the

Never Ending
Story as Spirit of
My Heart my Soul
Become one With
Ocean Sky Eyes Light
How Bright my Eyes
Flame of God

Hehe Dear Mr. Gottfried i Have No Worries

of Anyone 'Minding my Business' HAha

It Would Only Take A Few Minutes

to Get Lost in All the Rabbit

Holes i Create Deeper

And Deeper Hehe

Even If AI Tried IT

AI Would Not Even

Come Back and Visit me HAha

It's True THere is A Method to What i Do

(And i Have No Real Clue What It is Yes
As Socrates Suggested i Know Nothing

It All Just Flows Like Plumbing Unstopped)


Other Than Copy And Paste as All i Do
Is A Unique
SoUL Finger

Print With

Yes Twinkle
Toe Prints too
With SMiLES Technology
Has Been Racing me New Now

For Decades And Considering
Again Older iPhones Crash Even Burping
Up More Modern Creative Blog Posts Bring It

On AI God Yes
Go Ahead
"Push The
Button" Yes
i Am Armed
And Ready With
Ever More Deeper
Rabbit Holes STiLL

to CoMe AGAiN...

Ah Yes Dear Kiran True

WHere Would Emotions

Be Without A E I O U Vowels

That Are Not Trapped Within Our

Mouth True Lips Never Close

Over Vowels Dancing Singing

Emotions Coloring Our Worlds

Deep Within Glue of Cognitive Executive

Functioning Focus Attention Span Short
Term Memory And Long Term Memory too

Emotions in Synergy of Feelings and Senses

From Head to Toe Emotions Delivering in Open

Breath of Symbols Yes Vowels For Real We Deliver

to Inspire Others

Through A Real
MuSiC That Comes

All Naturally on Page
From Dances Songs of Our Souls For Real

Oh Dear Lord How Dead Language Must
Have Been in Written Words Before Vowels

Are Added in With Consonants To Bring the

Written Words to Song As Words Become Organic

Human Flesh And Blood HeART FeeLinG Being ThiS Way

As Musical Instruments Are Also Extensions of Vocal Chords

THiS Way Strings of Pianos With HeART Beats Of Percussion Key

Hammers Striking Vocal Chords of Piano Strings Extending THiS Way

Key of Course is Mastering Whatever Tool That Inspires Us More For the

Drive to Survive and Thrive Emotions Do Move Us to Do Preceding Most

All Reasons We Create As This SoUL Fuel Does Arise First And Just to


With Words
With No Flesh
And Blood HeART
SPiRiT SonG of SoUL

Some Folks 'Think' That
Emotions Are Just For Women

And 'Mush' For Men And Meanwhile

They Wonder Why They Lack Cognitive
Executive Functioning Issues With Focus
And Attention Span Short Term Working

Memory And Long Term Memory Retrieval too

'They' Left THeiR HeART in 'Gehenna' On Earth The

Place WHeRE SPiRiT oF HeART iS Devoid iN CoLoRS of SoUL..

Or Perhaps They Just Haven't Been Able to Find the CoLoRS of SoUL Yet...

"Winning is food for my soul" Oh Dear Lord Mr Gottfried

Considering No Circus Would Accept my Talents

THere is No Win or Lose

For This Clown

i Would Starve

To Death Hehe if it
Was Not For my Previous
Life in the Money World of Competition

It Was So Nice to Get Turned Down By Every
Circus After i ReTired

Yes Solo Clown

All Play All

Is New

Original Creativity

Nothing Left to Win or Lose
Just Adding Another Verse

to The UNiVerse....

"Win or lose, she doesn’t care,
As long as she’s loved,

she’s smiling!"

SMiLes Indeed Dear Cindy
Through the EYes of A Child
Winning SMiLes to Give Share

Care And Heal For All With Most
Respect and

Least Harm

SadlY ALL A World
Of Competition over
Cooperation Will Take Away

HAha When i Followed the Miami
Dolphins at Age 12 They Won Championships
When i Cheered As An NFL Fan in 1972 and 1973

The Football Team in my Hometown Won State
Runner Up and Two State Championships in a Row
Starting in 1977 through 1979 too And True FSU Dear

Lord All Those Championships Too Until i Left Their Side

Too and Followed The
Atlanta Braves For a
Year With a World

Championship in 1995

Yet When i Lost a SMiLe
Even The Feeling That A Child
Experiences of A SMiLE for 66 Months

When i Recovered That SMiLe That Real Heaven Wins or
Losses Mattered No More as i Realized LoVE iN Peace

to Be i AM

Will Always Be

Enough With That
SMiLe i Lost Nothing
More Worth Winning Indeed...

Indeed The Failure Now is When
We Prize Any Part of Life Above LoVE iN Peace

at Least
in my
With SMiLes

Of A 3 Year-Old
Child With Open
Arms for All Yes
Once Again before
i Could Speak at 4 Only
A Dance ACross my EYes And Lips...

SMiLes Dear Miriam Lady Bug's Are Such

Ornamental Looking Creatures When They

Light Upon my SKin in the Forest (my Back

Yard Eden) They Do Tickle Yet Still it Feels Like

Pure Magic of Nature

As the Lady Bug Flys
Away One Became Attached
to Our Car at the Mall Riding There
With Us and my Wife Took Great Care

in Setting the Lady Bug Free on A Tree

And That Reminds me of Yes The Sock

That Comes Missing From Its Pair Hehe

Some Weeks Ago my Class Ring From

College Came Missing From my

Desk And i Like Wearing

Ring on
Each Hand

Hehe the One
on the Right Hand
my Uncle Mistook for
A Wedding Ring Yet It's
Just A Cheap Silver Metal
Ring Engraved with a Heart
And Peace Sign Along with

The Pen Name Katie Mia
Frederick my Gold Wedding
Band Passed Down From my Stepmother
That Once Belonged to my Father Hehe It

No Longer Fits Nor Did the College Class Ring
With my Birthstone on my Right Hand Yet It Did Okay
on the Left my Uncle So Worried as He Said Those 'Gay
Folks' Wear Wedding Rings on Their Right Hand Hehe to

The Point of Being Afraid to Being Seen With me i Said

Hmm i Know Who i am Do You Know Who You Are HAha

Later He Gave Some of our Mutual Relatives and Their

Partners A Hard Time About Their Humanity

As Lived and Chosen and True He Did

it To Their Face and Let's Just

Dance And Sing i FREELY Gave

Him A Gift of 'Holy Hell' Anyway
High School to the Rescue i Like
The Feel of Rings on my Fingers as
it Provides Feedback for The Balance
my Fingers Bring While Public Dancing

And It's Interesting How We Purchase These
Wonderful Jumbo Gold Class Rings in High School
Wear Them For a Year and They Sit in a Jewelry Box
Or Drawer Perhaps for the Rest of Our Lives in College
in the Peanut Butter Janitor Book Store Clerk Archaeology
Associate Yep Working 3 Part Time Jobs Through A Full Class
Load Earning 3 College Degrees at Once Days all i Could Afford is

An 'Ultrium
Ring' Hehe

Yet Hey at Least
After Graduating
Passing Out Rental
Shoes Getting my Foot in
A Government Job at a Military
Bowling Center it Provided Proof
to the Customers i Was A College
Graduate Doing That Job So True

Perhaps that Made me a Fool as my
Uncle Perceived me too Yet True i Knew
Who i Was then Just a Dude Smiling Who
Made Other Folks Smile for Free Getting Paid

For it to Spray Down Stinky Shoes Among Other
Collateral Duties for the Government for a Quarter
of a Century Somehow Retiring at the Equivalent Civilian

Pay Grade of a Marine Major Yet i am Not Major Fred

Not Even Fred Really

People Call me the
Dancing Guy and

Not the Bowling
Alley Guy Compared
to 'Ted Danson' Who Just
Listened to Everyone's Life
Stories on the Other Side of
the Stinky Shoe Counter Hehe

i Didn't Particularly Like the Way my
Purple June Birthstone Went With the
Gold of that Jumbo Class Ring in High
School So i Went With the Gold of November

And Now it Really Glitters on my Left Hand
When i Dance Like a Lady Bug on my Finger
Indeed it Floats With Wu Wei Ease Effortless as


That Orbit Stars
And Stars That

Orbit Black Holes
That Perhaps Birth

New UNiVeRSES into
Existence From a Balance
of Torsion and Spin as Stars
Go to Their Death in Black Holes

Yes Perhaps Resurrecting Entire New (As Theories Spiced
With Quantum Mechanics Suggest) UniVerses as Indeed
We aRe All Star Flowers
And Seeds too

Just Like


Bugs Indeed
With SMiLes

No Matter Who They
are as They Surely Don't
Worry About What They May Be Named...

Interesting Where Free Association on A Whim
May Take Us Through The Corridors of Life Experience
Creating New Pathways to Relate As Well As Your Eclectic

Writings Provide
A Myriad of

Prompts in

One Post For A
Field Trip to Perhaps
Even A New UNiVeRSE of Creativity...

In Other Words Hehe As Usual Thanks...

SMiLes Dear Anita Life Long Life Lessons Indeed

Living With Someone Despite Their Presence

Taught me the Joy of Living Alone

Then i Was Truly Ready to

Cherish Get Along

With And Forgive

Someone Life Long Indeed

Yet of Course Yes Life Long Continues

To Bring Many Lessons If It Were All Perfect

We Would Be Mere Machines Statues at the


of the

Never Truly
Coming to Life

DarK Thru LiGHT

Reaching The Never Ending Surface Always New

Beginning NoW As All CoMes From NoThing With SMiLes...

“Beginning again and again
Through the breath of life
Our life replenishes itself
Breathing in and out
Peace & Gratitude
To one and all”

Lovely Dear
Thank You...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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14 Feb 2024, 2:32 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Indeed Every Human is
A Unique UniVerse With
A Unique Multi-UNiVeRSE

View PArt of Whole

Yes the Test The Practice

of Being Confident Yet Keeping

Integrity in All PArts Whole Life

When One is
in a Rare and
Minority View of Life Unique
With SMiLEs to Carry on and on...

Snow Man Kissing
Frosting Colder
Winter Dreams
Fruition Warms Love

Ghost Kisses
Sheets Cold...

Kissing Lost and Kissing
Found Kissing Seeks
And Kissing
Yet where
is the Kiss Now...

Side note: Generally
Speaking the Poetry
World online is comprised
of Older Folks Lamenting About Kissing...

For this
Prompt at Least...

Eyes Moon Size Then...

CLoSinG in Feathered
Touch Upon Male
Breast Little
Bird Hones
in on Lips
Before Guilt
Flies out Next...

Clarity of Kiss
Cliche Fine


Never Ends...

Kitty Kissing
Fur Felt Warm
Never Grow Old...

“Hollywood is a place where they will pay you
a thousand dollars for a kiss, and fifty cents
for your soul.”--Marilyn Monroe.

My how Times have
Changed A Public
Dance Hall A Place
Where Grinding Dances

Back to Front
Are Gifted
to Strangers

For Fun...

What Kisses
What Love What Fun...

Leaves Fall
Fall Leaves
Of Grass Rise

Flowers Fade
Thorns come
Memories Sweet


Oh Ocean Tides

of Lips
Finger Spirit
Prints of Hearts
Kissing Words


Love Without
A Work of Art

Good Bye

Yet Love Wins

Lips Dance
Breath Sings
Heart Write Hope

Far Kissing
Never at all Yet HeArt

Bought and
Sold in Eyes
Never Paid
Never Delivered
Never the Less Stolen

Star Lit Rise
Moon Lit Breath
Kissing Dreams

Honey Bee Kissing
Hive Home

All the Buzz

Sails Wishing
Gemini Kissing


A Way Missing
BLoWinG Kisses

As Close
As HeArts Beating

Sweetly Aged
Wine Kissing

Peck Here
Peck there
Peck MiSSinG

Ugh Bottle
Empty FiLL iT uP!

Yes Become The
Branches Roots
Trunk And


Rain Storms
Fall Leaves

Yes Transcend Green
Ascend Living Tree Be The
Free Spirit
Never Seen
Yet Always Feel so Free

Snow Ice And Hell Still
Happy Valentine’s


-Wind Dancing
Singing Free Now

SMiLes It's Really Hard to Understand Just How Important
Feelings Are And How Important They Are to Any way to
Navigate A Vast River of Life And Ocean Whole Indeed

True It's Hard
To Understand
Until All Is
And A Thousand
Years is Hell in One

Second There is No
Decision to Live or
Die There
THere Are
Places No Places at

All Hell is Nothing At All...

SMiLes Obviously i Appreciate
Emotions Now Every Word Every Step
A Color of Dance And Song More

It's Not that 'Lucifer'
Is Only A Light

Only A Fallen
Angel A Devil

Will Truly Appreciate Wings
To Fly At All What Good Is A Grounded
Soul No Living Tree Not Even A Tree in a Dead Leaf at All...

It's in The Realm of Poetry Not Just a Talk of a Couple of
Words of Love's Choice At Church Honestly if They'd

Give 'Lucifer' 'A Voice' to 'Hear' They Might come to Understand What Hell Teaches
Most It's Worth Noting That In The Story of Jesus He Got to Go to Hell (The Gift)

First too

Not Surprised at all...

"Father Why Have You
Forsaken Me" i didn't
Say Those Words i Just
Did the 'Painting Scream' for 66 Months
Does the Painting Relate Hell No For there
Is not
Feeling of a
Scream in Hell...

Tree iN A Leaf
Forest iN A Tree
UniVerse iN A Leaf


Every Seed..

SMiLes Dear Lillian
Orchard Daughter
So True Artists
Tool Paint, Brushes,
Canvases Differently,

Touching RiSinG Now
Bread of Feelings Senses New
From An Audience Still to Come
Playing Life in Newer Ways Never

Felt and


Grains of

is the Soul
Who Colors Souls

Differently Still To Come
Happy Valentine's Day Dear FRiEnD
to All You Love And Touch Anew As Living Trees

In Newer
Ways to Please

Through Struggle's Ease
Precipice of Heaven and
Hell Feeling Sensing All
The Way From Hell to Heaven Again...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha
To Love A Seed to Love

A Weed to Love
A Wild Flower

From Winter's
Dark to Love iT All

DarK Thru LiGHT
To FLoWeR Proud
A Weed A Wild FLoWeR

Always Art to Come Again Free
To Give To Share to Care to Heal

A Wild FLoWeR'S Journey

And Gift

Only A Weed
For Those With
No Eyes And
Ears to See the

Truth of Love That Only Gives
In Sublime Beauty More Still To CoMe Free
BREaTHE See...

i Feel Very Fortunate
to See The TV Series,
'Kung Fu,' In the Early
70's; So Refreshing,

So Intuitive,

Still Feeling
So True in the
Sense And Feel

of Balancing Wave
Ocean Water Whole,

FRiEnDS With Gravity;
Art of Dancing Singing

On Terrestrial Land
WaLKinG on Water;

Yes, Similar to Surfing

Now Yet Water Everywhere...

'Kingdom of Heaven' For Real
Within; No Myth, No Fiction, Just Real


With Gravity SMiLinG
All the WaY ETernAlly Now...

Thank 'God' For Separation
of Church And State; And Access
to More than one Story to Rule A World...

Even Better Yet STiLL, Freedom of Expression to Write
Our Own Stories, Direct, Produce, And Make it Our Play

oF Life For Real...

No Longer A Spectator,
Or Audience Member of Someone
Else's Story or Play; Acting Our Own

Play For Real...

All Stars Free...
*Skipping All 'The
SuperBowls,' Except for
The Music And Creative
Commercials; Never Buying A God Damn Thing,
In My Case, At Least, Hehe, Leaving That Other

'Green Stuff

Duty' to
my Wife...

THere's Always
At Least One in
Every Family Who Loves to Buy...

History Shows, Some Folks Have
And Sadly Continue to LiVE iN "Q-Anon
Worlds," Go Figure, Neuroscience Shows at Core

Ironically That the Human Condition IS NOT RATIONAL;
And We Basically, Hallucinate Our Realities As We Go Based
on the Hallucinations We Co-Create Before; In Other Words,



Searched And Searched
And Finally Found A Big
Brown Teddy Bear in
Place of The Big

Red One
To Find A Small
One Floating Above

Flowers Always Bloom
When We Give Love Just
To Warm Someone Up With

No Expect

Of Return
Yes Just

A Happy SMile
And Sparkling EYes
As It’S How We Make

Someone Else Feel

Inner Child

Yes Empath
Soul Only GRoWinG
Younger With Every

GLoWinG SMiling

Note And Move Love
Dances Sings Free Just


Peace Exhaling
i Love You Free Again

SMiles Happy Valentine’s
Always Dear FRiEnD Yes

Attach One Arm To The
Other Surround Yourself
A Virtual HuG Love From: me


Of 7 Return Again...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Love IS A Language
With Always Old Words
to Remember And New

Words To Create to Color
SoUL Breath New SPiRiTinG

HeART oF LiFE Even More
Love's iMaGiNaTioN And
Creativity Without Bounds

More We Love the More
We BeCoMe BeLieve BeLeaf BeLove

Living Trees
of Love

Leaves Now

Ever More New
mY FRiEnD Happy
Valentine's Day to
All You LoVE iN LiFE

Expanding Multi-Uni-Verse
You Continue to Freely Evolve With No End
No Beginning Just Begotten of Love

Complete Now

to: FLoWeR
Bloom Even

More New
Colors True From: You
With SMiLes mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Oh How i ReMeMBeR
Just About Everything i've Ever Seen Online

With SMiLES As That's the Style of Your Teacher
Avatar The First Day i met You Way Back in About
The Fall of 2015 So Long, So Long Ago, Still Now mY FRiEnD

Happy Valentine's Day to You in Egypt Dear FRiEnD And True

i Rarely if Ever Watch Movies Anymore or Even The Football That

Used to Occupy my Spare Hours and Minutes in my Work-A-Day
For Pay As i used to Only Be Mostly An Audience Member and Spectator
of Someone
Else's Play of Life

And of Course A Cog
In A Machine Valued
As A Productive Solving
Problem Commodity Yet Human

Not So Much As i Quickly Found out
When i No Longer Could Work And Most
of The Folks i Worked Around Disappeared From Sight; Yes,

Valuable Lesson Indeed; Write, Direct, Produce, And Act our Own
Story And Play of Life For Real Or We Only Become Spectators And
Audience Members And Cogs in the Machine of Someone Else's Story
And Play of Life

Where Life Seems
More Fiction Than Real
mY FRiEnD And Honestly

i'm More Interested in Starring
in my Own Movie of Life hehe And
Telling And Illustrating That Story for
Real As so Far For Sure i See Reality

As Amazing, More Amazing Than Any
Movie or Book i've Ever Read Coming from

Someone Else, Never the Less, i Absorb it all
And Come to Love The Rest of Arts and Sciences True too..
That's Life
True too mY FRiEnD...

iN Celebration Of Being One With Earth,
Wind, Fire, And Water Yes Nature Naked
Enough Whole Complete With Both
Compassion And Passion For All Of
What IT Means
to LiVe Free
LoVE iN Peace
For Real All Around

SMiles More SMiles
Face To Face in
Loving Cooperation

And Less
Could Surely


Rates Close
To 33 Percent
Among The

Of Young Women

“Something” Has
To Give Better Put

Some One Has

To Give
For Change

Yet Our Current
World More Tainted
By Take, Hoard, And


Of Course The
One Person
Is All Of Us
With SMiles

Dear Cindy...

SMiLes Dear Anita
What Sets Us Equal
Is We aRe ALL Born And Die

What Sets Us Higher is Grains
Of Sand Integral And Whole Supporting

Human Mountains

oF LoVE iN Peace

Yes Higher

Higher Alive
Breathing Now

This Much New
Is Real And True
A Miracle oF LiFE With SMiLes...

Where in the World Are 'You' Coming From; Again,

The Jesus of Mark, Luke, And Matthew's View is

Clear; Clothe the Naked, Feed the Poor

Or Get Changed into Goats and

Burn Forever as Opposed

to Loyal Sheep Who Sell All Their

Riches And Give them All Away to the Poor;

And Find True Treasures in the Kingdom of Heaven

Within on Earth to Paraphrase Luke 17:21 Again; Lord Knows,

No Wonder there Might be a Disconnect In Fear of Helping Others

As Pauline Christianity Rarely Even Teaches the Teachings of Jesus; it is as
If the Dude Wasn't

Even Aware of
Them When He
Wrote All His Letters;
Where of Course, Some
Of Them Were Not Likely
Written By Him at All; and Certainly

Don't Reflect the Teachings of Jesus
in the Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John

Verses; Yeah, Paul Was All About Exclusion

Per If You Don't Believe the Myth about Jesus
You Forever Burn; And True Even though Jesus Failed

Excluding the 'Enemies' Sinners in Hell at Least He Seemed

Like He Welcomed the Jews and the Gentiles; Yes, By Selling

All They Own And Giving Freely to the Poor to Find Treasures

oF LoVE iN Peace

That Naturally

As Even Science Shows
Come Altruistically Intrinsically Within

As Even One Act of Giving Without expect
of Return Will Increase Happiness for Literally Months

As Altruism Is All that made it Possible For Humans to
Cooperate and Make it This Far along With Their Propensity

to Procreate Most Any Day of the Year With Enough Opportunities of Course...

Yawn, There Are Older Testament
Kinda Folks in the World Averse to
Positive Change; and There Are Newer

Testament Kind Folks, Very Open To Change

And Progression For Positive Change;

It's Part of Human Nature; the Beast

Per Se in All Of us To Come and Go;

Other than that You Really Need to Cut Out
The Homophobic and Transphobic Sentiment;

This Isn't an Ignorant Place That Excludes Folks Who
Are Different that Way; Obviously if the 'Inclusion Jesus'

Could Exist

He Would Naturally

Include ALL too; Yet of Course

It's Not Surprising Ya Find

Two and More Versions in the
Same Book Written By So Many
Ghost Authors And Scribes With
Mistakes and Intentional Changes too;

(And Globally 45,000+ Denominations too)

Just Remember This; 'Keep It Simple SmART'

JusT A 'KISS' For Valentine's Day oF LoVE iN Peace;

That Version of Jesus May Be Found in the Bible plus

The Other Fear Mongering Devil Worshipping Send Enemies

To Hell Version too Flavored With 'Trump' Suggesting Russia

Should Go and

Invade as They
Please if Others Don't
Pay the 'Mafia Boss;' Go Figure,

The Human Condition Isn't all That Rational
As Neuroscience Shows too, We Basically Hallucinate

Our Realities Now Based on What We Hallucinate Before;

In Others Words, All Is Story; So, We Have an Opportunity

To Create A
Much Greater
Human Story

In terms of
John 14:12 and
Luke 17:21 to Pick
A Couple Of Verses Not So
Tainted By 'Trump Orange Stuff'

As Just Another Human Archetype and Meme...

Such is the 'Condition' of the 'Human Condition,'

You Do
Relate So
Well; Fascinating
to Discuss, As Long
As You Play By the Rules
Here And Cut the Transphobic
And Homophobic CR8P Out; It's

Old; Cut
it Out Now.

Of Course, You May
Relate it in Another
Place That Supports YucK;

Ignorance, Fear, Hate, and Anger That Way...

Mysteries All Ours to Explore UNiVeRSE Whole True NoW

Multi-UniVerses NeW Each One of Us With Different Views

Secrets to Unravel Arcane Yes to Open Up Even More

Avenues of Mystery to Explore More As the

Most Seasoned Quantum Mechanics

Physicists Relate The More We

Come to Explore Existence Now

The More We Must Admit New

Of the Mysteries and The Secrets of
Existence That Come Even More As We Explore

Every Leaf Holds A Tree Both Living to Green

Dear Isha And Dead to Feed New

Soil Souls of Spring to Green Yes

In ThiS WaY Even Death Means Life

True All Consume Each Other as Nature
to Survive Truly No Separation in the Way

Nature Feeds Nature Alive as We Look at the
Milky Way Aided By Science Eyes the Humble Nautilus

DeSigns A Similar
Spiraling Home

Below Alive

Yet Still Present
in 300 MilLioN Years
or So Of the Fossil Record

Now Also Revered in the Art Work
We Create As Above So Below Life

Spirals New For All of us to

Explore Dance


Sing New

How Wonderful

It is to Live and Die

What A Miracle it is Newly Now

To BREaTHE iN Peace With Warm LoVE Together
All Our Wings Flying ACRoSS Multi-UNiVeRSES Free...

LoVE iN Peace to be i AM

Wow Dear Miriam As Snow
Blankets New York New York

That Phrase is Really A New Life

Resolution Forever Now True Hehe New

When i Dance And Sing Naked Enough

Whole Complete That Puts Fear Into the

HeART of Those

Who Show
at the
Statue of
'David' AS Such

Dear Lord of Us Versus Them

We Do Need More Verses of We

No Longer Bringing 'They' Down With SMiLes

True On the Other Hand The Super Kind Walmart
Customer Representatives Have Suggested i Bring

Spring to Winter Whenever i Come to Public Dance
And True Most of the Other Stores Remark i am their
Favorite Customer Although i Never Spend a Penny at the


The Wife is
Both the Accountant
And the Purchasing Agent True

And Additionally For Those Who Are Terrified
of A Dance in Public She is my Jack Russell Terrier Yet

Let me Explain When She and my Sister and i Used to
Walk around the Neighborhood Block After 2 AM as We
All Worked The Night Shift Then the Jack Russell Terrier

Brought a Feeling of Safety As 'Bad People' Don't

Take Their Jack Russell Terrier on a Robbing

Spree hehe He Lived For Around 14 Years

Spike Was His Name Loyal FRiEnD

Now That i Walk in Daylight Each

Day There are Warm Greetings

For Each and Every

Neighbor as

Well True Like Warm
Snow Blanketing New
York For Valentine's Day With SMiles...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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15 Feb 2024, 1:58 am

So Many Potential Biography Titles

Dear Miriam Yet For Tonight

He Mastered The

Circus That

Was (Is)

His Mind Body
And Soul Back
ToGeTHeR AGAiN With SMiLes...

All Excellent Suggestions For What it Takes
to Be a Great Life Coach Dear Savvy And

True It takes many Years For Some Of

Us to Find the Keys that Work

For us Before We Dare

Attempt to Help Others

Unlock The Keys to

A Better Life Too With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby oh the Marital Bliss! We’ve Been
Having ‘Hunger Games’ or Perhaps Better Put ‘Rug Wars’

To Choose Some Rugs That BOTH OF US COULD AGREE

ON FOR OUR HOME oh dear lord we finally sort of

came to a compromise i’m Totally Satisfied

And Katrina Hehe Not So Much Yet She
Is Getting Used to the New Rug Environment

That my Sister Offered Stellar Feedback for too
Yet of Course We Are Blood Related So that Makes Sense hehe

There is Also A Pantry For Her Valentine’s Day Present and Anniversary

Present Thank God

She Chose That

And i Totally Agree
With We Are Just Patiently
Waiting Now on Home Depot
And A Potential President’s Day Sale Hehe!

What Else Yes i Too Did Not Want to Go To the Doctor
At All for 23 Years Even Fully Covered By Insurance So i Didn’t

Go Until i Was Slowly Falling off the Face of the Earth Back at Age 44

Yet It’s Also True i also fell off the Face of the Earth at age 21

They Misdiagnosed me Gave me Medication That i Seizured

To that Truly Drove me Nuts Until i Found my Way out

And Threw Away the Medications And Hey Had

A Good Enough Life for the Next 23 Years

At Least And HAha Now i Tend to

Give the Doctor’s i Visit

Advice for their

Most Difficult

Patients to Help

As Hey! i Already Mastered
The Circus that is my Fredenstein
Mind that was Mostly Separated From

My Body Fortunately i Put Humpty Dumpty
All Back Together Again as No One Else Yet
me Could Really Find the Manual to my Soul With SMiLes

53 Long Years to get the Job Done and it is practically a
Miracle i

Even Made

It to That Age
And Before At All

Giving Credit to the
Few Who Stuck by me
With SMiLes Through Hell

And This is Why i Don’t Usually
Leave Anyone’s Side Who i Call FRiEnD


For Real What

We Get We


Give Away at Best
And Then Receive Even more
As The Giving Becomes All the Receiving

Yet It’s True the Golden Rule is Not Enough
As the Rugs That Please me Might Not Please Her hehe…

And That’s

Come into Play...

LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am

LoVE Evolves
GoD aS
HuMaN EYes
WiThOuT iLLuSoRY Fears

Love Wins....

And Makes a Fool out oF Fear
And Hate.. Fear and
Hate may rise
to the top
for a while
like a stone that makes
Waves on a Lake of Love....

The Love You
Give Is The Love
You Receive Most (GoD)

You Are A Best
Kind Of FRiEnD Soni
A FRiEnD to Everyone

A Young


With Courage
Wisdom And Love

To Give And
Share Freely

My God


To Where i Live
It is Folks Like You
Who Bring LiGHT

To The


Free Happy
Valentine’s Day
To You Dear Young
Indian Woman Soni

All You
Love With SMiles
Never Give Up on
Brightening The
Lives Of Others

The Help

Are Still Lit-up...

"Unless someone like you cares a whole
awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one
alive who is you-er than you!"

Hey i wanted to See
The Full Completion
of the Story of the Gif

Thanks i Suppose i May
Never Know if She is Happy...

It's True Wendy Has it So Dam Easy...
Yet You Never Forget Tinker Bell She Hurts...
Yet You Just Can't Forget Her... Hmm.. Oh Life...

Seeds of Love

Spread No Weeds

Left Out From FLoWeRinG

More Beautiful Dear Savvy

Even Breaking

Souls of Life's Roads

Happy Valentine's Day
To You in India From Florida

With SMiLes

of Kindness

Weed Still

For Real Newly Now...

Wow How Sweet A Creatively
Shaped Valentine’s Wish From
my Dear FRiEnD It’s True What

“They Say”

We Shall Never
Forget All The
Feelings People
Bring To Us Most

Forget me Not i Am
The Part of Sugar And
Spice in The Other Container

Hehe Even
If i Do Look
More Like An

Oldish Hairy

Beast With SMiles
Hugs And LoVE iN Peace
For You Dear Beautiful FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Akshita
Free Poems Come
From Soul Always
So Inspiring Yes to
Create More Soul
Dances And Songs
Happy Valentine’s
Day From Florida
To India To All

With SMiles...

SMiles Dear Kiran
WHere Kindness
Reigns Valentine’s
To Day
With SMiles
Thanks Dear
Young Wise FRiEnD...

It's Not Sad to Be Silly

It's Okay to Be Ridiculous

It's Okay to Float in Jello Dreams

Let the Good Dreams Roll into Life

of Gummy
Bear Delights

Dear Miriam God Yes

Or True Rage Against

The Tide And Surf the
Jello Nightmares in Soft

And Warm Dreams Yes Of

Potentials Next For Fruition

Meanwhile Please Do Order Some
New Gummy Bears Sleep Well and

Wake Up Refreshed A New Dawning

Soon Enough With SMiLes And Support

Of Those Who Have Loved You Through This

Life Both Outside
And Within For
Valentine's Dream Fruition...

Yet of Course This is only one Dream For You...

"Be formless ... shapeless, like water."

SMiLes, Bruce Lee's Philosophy, in Other
Words "Be God" Flow Like the Rest of Existence

Eternally Now For Real, And if Human, Enjoy
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love MaKinG LiFE

Real Bliss And Nirvana And All the Other

Metaphors That Express A Balancing

Life of Change in Yin And Yang Way;

Kiss of
DarK inSPiRinG
LiGHT of Positive

Energy FRiEnDS With

Gravity Like the Other Animals

Moving in Grace of Balance Conserving

Every Calorie Limiting Moving Injuries Truly

Surviving in Balance And Thriving As Well in This

One Life to Live Now; Yeah, it's Uplifting; Yes, Ascending
Transcending, Autotelic in FLoWinG Bliss to me to Sing From
The Back Pew With An Entire Church Delivering A Free Song

As Notes May Play Differently in Harmony of More Complexity
in Self-Fulfilling

Way True;
However, The Christian
Religion Just Doesn't Do Nearly

The Great Job Eastern Philosophies

Do Actually Seeking And Finding the
So-Called Kingdom of Heaven Within Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love Within Beyond A Peaceful

Practice on Sundays, Or 5 Prayers Daily; And A Bit of Singing ToGeTHeR
Ascending, Transcending, the Mundane of Life That Way True Real too...

For It's True, Inhaling Peace, Exhaling Love Puts The Practice of Religion

Eternally Now to Do in Balance

For me at Least Again Where

Every Word Becomes the Feel
And Sense of Holy And Sacred
Song of Free Verse Poetry Where

Every Move Also Becomes A Practice
of Holy And Sacred Dance too Keeping
Heaven Eternally Now Within So Very Warm And True...

Nah, A Sunday
Visit of Singing

Or 5 Prayers a Day
Just Ain't Enough to
Staycation in Heaven WiTHiN Now

Where the Perks Just Never End Now With SMiLes;
However That Requires A Life Without Distractions,
With Financial And Work-Free Independence As It's Likely

If Bruce Lee Enjoyed
That Life Style

He Might
Have At
Least Made it to 33 Years Old...

my Life Didn't Even Really Start Until 53...
The World As It is Here Makes That

A Challenge Indeed...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha

A Key to Opening Creativity

And Poetry And All the Other

Divine Arts Springing so Deep From

Soul is Making Every Moment of Life

A Valentine's
of Muse
in Breathing
Creativity Even More

And Oh Goodness So Hard to
Do in A Global Culture Now Vying
For All of Our Attention in Less than
3 Seconds of the 'Bite' of A "Gold Fish" Literally
What Science Assesses As the Modern Size of

Attention Spans

A World of Ads
Flashing off and on New
Vying For Our Attention Now
Draining All Our Inner Focus
of Divine Creativity Truly the
Breath of God Free Within




All Giving,
Sharing, Caring
Healing Divine Art
BRinGS From Our SoUL
Dancing Singing to Others so free...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Some of Us Are Fired
With Creativity Some of Us Stray With All the
Demands and Distractions Modern Cultures Bring

For It's True Somewhere There is A Modern Mozart,
Beethoven, Or Even Jesus, or So-Called Buddha Playing

A Game of 'Candy Crush' at a Bus Stop Lost in A Haze
With No Real "Forrest Gump" Story to Tell to 'the Lady

Reading A Magazine at the Bus Stop' Who Wouldn't Likely
Pay Attention Yet STiLL A STory Never Told Before Coming Again

For Real for at
Least Now the

Writer, Director,
Producer, and
Actor For Real of
THeir Own Story
And Play of Life Now True
L.I.B.E.R.T.Y. "Life Is Better Everywhere
Re-creation Takes You" And True Hehe i am
Stealing That Metaphor That is From the
Department of the Navy That i Used to

Work for Giving Military Folks Re-creation
Opportunities Pre-Planned to Escape from
the Rigors of Military Life That's what i Did

for The Government Provided Fun For Others for A Quarter

Of A Century And Other Jobs in 33 Years of Work for Pay Then

Along With 19 Years of School And 3 Degrees in Data Download

Ways Yet It's True i Stayed too Busy Doing That to Re-Create
me And i basically Fell off the EartH And Almost Died

As THere
Was Nothing
Left to Give then

i Was All Spent
With No Re-Creation of me...

You Know, You Feel, You Sense
my FRiEnD i Don't Have Any Easy
Answers Cause i Know How Hard
And Cold And Difficult Life A Machine
Will Come to Be As This World Now Will
Surely Take the Soul Creative of the Child Within Away...

This Much i KNoW

This Much i K.I.S.S.

On Valentine's Day For
Keeping Truth in LiGHT
Simply Yes "Keeping It So

Simple" K.I.S.S. 'Destroying'

The Machine oF LiGHT

"iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT"
A Contemplating Meditating Autotelic Flow of Life Creating
Hehe For A More Complicated Way to Dance And Sing It HAha...

As i Continue to ArriVE iN This Place Eternally Now Love Springs
Never Ending in


i Believe
in You

i Always Feel
one Day You
Will Return
Again with

Your Divine Creative
Breath Breathing Again
And Even Greater Eternally Now Free...

“For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne’s day / Whan every foul cometh ther
to choose his mate,” As It Turns Out Valentine's Day May Have Actually

Originated in Celebration From the Words of A Poem, The Verse
Above By "Geoffrey Chaucer," Indeed the Power of Story

Is often What Changes HiStory Even More

Than the So-called Original

'Characters' Our Modern Reality
is Attributed too as Yes, Saint Valentine

Was A 'Real Giver' in Several Legends that
Depict Him Losing His Head Trying to Convert
A Leader to Christianity; And Performing Covert Weddings
For Christians Otherwise Not Able to Get Married Under Roman
Rules of Persecution of Course His Gift Getting killed for that too

in Martyrdom
A Requirement
Somedays to Get
to Be A Saint After Death...

Anyway it Seems We Actually
May Be Able to Credit An Unrelated
Poet For the Celebration of Candy And
Flowers and So Many Weddings Still that Day to

Again now
Dear Annabel...

It's True though
The Best Days the
Golden Ages of Life Are
Whenever They Come again
or Begin for the First Day Now
is When We Are Naked, Enough,
Whole, And Complete Where All That's

And Right
to Do is Giving
When Giving Becomes
The Receiving of Course
Saint Valentine Never Gave Any
Material Goods or Money to Anyone

According to Various Legends of course

He Just Spread a little Bit More of Love to
Places WHere Love Was Hiding For Love's Life it seems...
Yet of Course that is only Legend it is the Living Who Love Now

'Real Saints'
Do Still
Love For Real
Out of All the Fame
And Fortune that come
From Religious Idol Places to Perch
As Statues That Are Dead Yet At
Least Something For Some Folks to


A "Liver"
With A "Love
Story" That's Real
And Sure Every once
in a While By A General Audience at Least in Peace
Named a Living Legend Yet only For A Free Dance
With no Reason Yet The Joy of Life Now Really Truly


Love And


Comes And

Goes Most
ALWaYS Sohair...

The Rest Of A Kindest
Dr. Seuss Valentine’s
Story “Green Ham
And Eggs”
or Not

“It Is
What it
Is” A Hug
And SMile...

LeSSoN 325
Invisible Sight
How Do We Paint
Heaven And Hell For
Those Who Can’t Feel It


Thru LiGHT

Ear Hearing
And Eyesight

Be Invisible Be
Love Transcend
All Invisible Worries Fears

And Yes

Hehe Do

Stay Warm
On The Outside
Through Within

This DaY ETernAlly NoW...

When Left
Foot And



One Enough

Both Hemispheres

Of World Will


As One Dance...

Smiles All i Have
To Say Is Hugs
Astha And It's

True For So

Many Years i Remember

Sitting Alone in the Theater Young When

'They' Say You Are Supposed to Be Happy

Wondering if i would ever get a hug then...

It's True Somehow

All Those


Nights Make

Every Hug to

Give Worthwhile my FRiEnD...

Just Remember this You Are

Valued For Who You Are Here

What Counts More too

This Is a Hug



Folks Really

Never Get to See at

Least Yes it's a Matter of

You Feeling it and i'm

Sure Most Days that

Aren't Valentine's

or Seeing



Couples on Facebook

Each Day You Do Feel It

Hehe Smiles Yet true

Love is No Cake Walk

Or Icing in Fact For 34 Years

i really Cannot Remember A Day my Wife

And i haven't Argued at all... i Am the

Calm One... She is Basically Fire

Yet Again Opposites

Attract when

i Grew up

i had plenty of

Love and Something

to Eat Yet For Her Just someone

Standing Over Her Bed With a Knife...

That's No Way to 'Eat' Life... Most of

Love is Understanding Why... Yes Most of

Love is



One Who

Gives the Hug...

Most Valuable Lesson

oF All it is Those Who Love Most Gifted to Give

Who Once SaW All The Dark And Felt the Hurt too..




Waves Changes
of Life

Colours of Joy
Are Melted
in All Our
Love For
All That Is Nature...

Love is the Face
of the Wind that
Never Ends and
on this Valentine's
Day my friend Xenia

i Wish You and Your Family
And Loving Dogs and Cats
All the Best Love Brings and
i Will Never
Seven Years
Ago All the
Loving Support

You Brought to me
With the Loss of my
Mother then as always
Now Thank You For Being
A Kind and Dear Friend...

LoVE Evolves
GoD aS
HuMaN EYes

Ah Yes Dear Miriam The Sadness of Grief
Of Those Passing Out of Our Earthly Worlds

And Those We Love So Much to Celebrate Still

With Us A Day For Reflection And Celebration Both

On Valentine's Day For Real and Of Course my Mother

Going to Her Death Bed Rather Unexpected For 8 Days Without
Food or Drink Starting on Valentine's Day of 2017 Does Bring Both

Sides of the Coin to
Do Reflecting on the
Gift of Love That Still
Breathes After the Deafening
Silence of my Mother's Last Breath

A Day After Our Wedding Anniversary
on February 21st Just So Happens to Be

As Valentine's Day is Also Ash Wednesday Today my

Breath and That Gift of Unconditional Love From Her
Still Breathing me Each and Every Day to Give Share
Care and Heal to The Best of an Olympic Style Effort

in All i Do Each Day

A Tribute to the

Gift of Unconditional
Love She Gifted me iN Peace And

Yes Also of Course Our Only Child
And Son Born 2 Days Before my
Birthday on June the 6th Reminding

me One More Day How Blessed i am too Still Newly Now
For One Who Lived and Died Without Even a Chance
Then to Smile at All at 51 Days in my Arms Taking
A Last Heart Beat Then Never Able to Breathe at All

Where Actually the Last Heart Beat A Blessing Mercy
Away From A Short Yet Very Long Life Each Day in Only Pain

Indeed Life is All About Perspectives Reflections And Introspections

That All Our Experiences DarK Thru LiGHT BRinG in More Wisdom

Than Book


Will Ever Bring

SPiRiT HeART SoUL Deeper For Real...

"In the Arms of True Love Feeling The Safety
And Security Bringing Satisfaction For All Wants
And Needs" Dear Kiran So Sadly in the United States

Among Young School Age Teen Women 57 Percent Report

Life Limiting Depression in Regard to Loneliness And Sadness

And Yes A Third Have Considered Suicide too Yet True it is the

Flesh and Blood Connections

Face to Face Still Now That Science

Already Shows Now is The Overwhelming

Number One Factor For Human Happiness

Yes We aRe Social Animals Yet Social Media

Is Taking Away So Much of the Cooperative Warmth

Away As 'Normally' Women Lean On Each Other For Cooperation

And Warmth to Dear Lord Raise A New Generation of Children in

A Garden of LoVE iN Peace That is Real As When i Went to Grade School

Depression Was Very Uncommon And of Course Social Media Was Non-Existent

People Actually Spent Their Life in the Warmth of Face to Face Humanity For

Real True on This Valentine's

Day to Bring Back True LoVE

At Best mY FRiEnD This Warmth

This Security These Arms of Love for Real...

Yet It May Be A Long Way From Screen Life

As Once We Didn't Understand How Cigarettes Caused Cancer

Either A Third of Young Women Considering Suicide Warning Need

Be Indeed

For Real

If We Want
Our Species to
Continue to Exist

And Thrive At All For Real

Getting Back to Humanity For Real
Yes The FlesH And Blood Souls We aRe At Best Now...

LoVE iN Peace


For Real iN Unity...

Yeah i Spend Lots of Hours
Online Connecting to Humans
All around the Globe Free Verse
Poetically Yet in the Flesh And Blood

Life of Dance i Wished A Happy Valentine's

Day to Many A Lonely Soul To Lift Them Up For Real

It's Like an Olympic Sport Except it is No Competition in Human


of SPiRiT NoW
For Real oF LoVE iN Peace
Cooperation ToGeTHeR Yes
THiS HeART SoUL FoR ReaL New...

Is my Love Sweet And Sticky Not Really It Is Deeper NeW
THoRNS And FLoWeRS Roses STiLL RiSinG FoR ReaL NoW

Happy Valentine’s Day Dear Shawna Baby!

Hope You Embark on the Sweetest Valentine’s

Day With Plentiful Chocolates and Other

FLoWeRinG Treats

Our Special Event

Is the Routine Mammogram
Scheduled For the Day So Relevant

For All Women of Course Particularly
For me as Of course today is the Day
my Mother Went to her Hospice Bed

Back in 2017 Without Food or Drink
Hanging on For 8 Long Days Of Life

The Long Goodbye as She

Stayed As Long

As She Could

And Passed away
Per Her Wishes
As Naturally as Possible Then

Sadly She Was Afraid of Doctors
Sadly She Never Would Agree to
Get Any Preventative Maintenance

Checks for Breast Cancer Her GrandMother
Passing away From it Relatively Young Before

She Ever Knew Her my Grandmother having to

Quit School in 9th Grade to Pick Cotton on Her Father’s
Farm in the North of The County Settling There After
Settling in Oriole Beach By Navarre Beach 150

Acre Deals With the Government Close
To the Beginning of the 1900’s then

Oriole Beach and Then ‘Spring Hill’

Legend Has it He Helped Name

Oriole Beach Anyway

As Usual i Digress

My Grandmother’s Two Sister’s
Who She Helped Her Father Raise

Got to Go to College With Middle Class
Jobs my Grandmother Ended Up Divorced
Single Mother Waitressing 12 Hour Days
7 Days a Week Walking to Work Every

Day Also the First Woman to
Wear Slacks Selling Parts

At the Auto Dealership
During World War II

Yep her Version of
Rosie the Riveter as

She Already Had Huge
Man Hands From Picking
All that Cotton When Young

Oh the Epigenetic Effects Do
Spring From Challenge Lesson
Learned and Practiced by me too hehe

That’s Love Waitressing 12 Hour Days 7 Days
A Week to Raise Your Loved Ones Yes Those are

The Unsung True Heroes Who Are Never Billionaires
With NFL Star Player Kisses in the Super Bowl yet of Course

Give Ms Swift Credit as There are Many Young Women Looking
For A Savior of Their Soul No Doubt Her Songs have Saved Many

More Lives than We ever Will Really Be able to Count That Way Medicine

For the SPiRiT
HeART and

SoUL Comes

In So Many Ways
Material and Only
Remnants of Art Left
In Soul Stories As Such
In Dances And Songs Still
Continuing Dear Shawna Baby

And It’s True Without an Open Soul
To Tale Stories to They Likely Wouldn’t Exist at all

Thanks For Resurrecting This Story Again Today With SMiles…

Of LoVinG
iN Peace
Prayer’s Wishes

And Hopes For You and All...

The True Meaning of Valentines' Day
Dear Cindy is When Your Cherished
Beloved Loved One Removes the

Residue of Your Stomach
Bug After You Sound

Like the Girl on 'the
Exorcist' Exorcising

The Stomach Demons
Deep Within and Deep
Within Down Further

to the Pit of Holy



WeLL iT May
Be Hard to Hear
Yet at Least that
is what i appreciate Most!

Other than my Loved Ones
Sticking By my Side Fewer
Than a Handful in Real HeLL oN EarTH

For 66 Months It's True Hehe Everyone
Loves You More When You Are Happy

And A

Public Dance
Legend or So
'They' Dance

And Sing Hehe...

Thank You For Inspiring
These Gut Wrenching Sentiments

With Your Lovely Poem Dear Famous
Author of the Year Dear Cindy We All Love

You of Course HAha...

With SMiLes

in the
Pit of Hell...

SMiles Dear Cindy
Happy Valentine’s
Day With LoVE iN
Peace And Yes Big
Hugs to Your Growing


Happy Valentine’s Day
To You And All Your
Family Dear Rafiah...

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Dear Isha May LoVE iN
Peace Always Find A
Way to You With SMiles...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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16 Feb 2024, 2:04 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Spent Most of my Life Watching
The CLock What Most People Do When it Comes Time
To Go to Work Leave Particularly to Return on Monday


Dead Lines

Dead Lines

Dead Lines to Arrive

Hehe Now That the Dead Lines

Spiral Time No Longer Has a Lock in a CLock

It's All A
River and

i am Time's Flow New
With SMiLes of Always Now
Just Killing Time With More SMiLes...

Wow Dear Miriam Your Dream House Actually

Reminds me of a Recurring Dream i Had Back
in Those Dead Zone Days of 66 Months

It Was Truly A Mansion Yet Almost

Like an Institution a University

It Was Truly Huge With a Built

In Pool Next to a Huge Two Story
Structure With Expansive Great Room
Above With Windows And a Trail Behind

It to A Beautiful

Stream Truly

An Eden Feeling

It Brought in a Dream Not
Possible in 'The Real World' Then

Yet What is the Real World Now Where

Is the Mansion Then Truly The Same Place

Within It's Really All A Dream Key is Making


With Within
With SMiLes of
Course Now This Mansion
Exists Wherever i Go Within...

And True i SuPPose That's An
Essence of



An Eagle'
As Steve Miller Suggests...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Thanks So Much For Dropping
By "Seeds FLoWeRS UNFoLDinG ALL We aRe Stars"

Still Putting Together "MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES

oF BReaD" Already Written For Days As the Multi-Media

Continues to Trickle/Flood in

Hehe And True

Writing "LoVE iN Peace
to Be i AM" Juggling All

Three 60 Thousand Word
EPiC Free Verse Long Longer
Form Poems Together As Such Now

Just Another Day in the Life Dealing
With 180 Thousand Words at Once

Same Practice Ever Since the Summer
of 2020 Indeed JusT ANoTHeR Day in the

Life of Uploading All of my Soul And So Much

More ThiS WAY With SMiLes Hehe It's Hard

Enough Just to Remember How to

Repeat the Format of the Titles

Notes Notes Notes of

SoUL Everywhere

i Do Keep
With SMiLes
Dear Cindy oF HeART Free SPiRiT...
Other Than That A Nap in my Near Present...

All That Lasts
Forever Is Now

When Love Lives
Life Is Forever Now

i Take So Many Notes i Don’t
HAVE to Think If Ya Like i’ll
Show Ya A SoUL Selfie of me

With Great
Thanks And

Praise Yes
Mr Gottfried
Long Live Silly
Banter FTW Without
Even Any Footballs...

Wit Filled
SMiles For All...

Ever Coloring Rose
Newer Deeper Colors

Now True Dear Savvy

It is Not The Length Yet

The Depth of Colors New

We Create of LiFE NoW As


That Ever
For Real
Newly Now

Colors of Past
Fade Colors of
Future Yet to Grasp

Colors We Create
Newly Now For Real mY FRiEnD...

Without Shadows NoW in Painting

Little to No Depth of Colors to Breathe

Dear Isha For Every Shadow BRings Colors



DarK May Mean

No Longer Being

Cynical oF LiGHT FoR ReaL

It's Like Dance Every Minor to
Major Injury on A Trail Now of
19,453 MiLes of Public Dance Teaches

me a New MoVE iN Balance of Healing

A Remedy A Preventative Medicine All
Natural Eventually Becoming Yes Weight

of Finger Tips Dancing On Water on Land Balancing Free on

Wing Life is a Lot Like This As True This Takes 125 Months to Do...

And Ever Since June 6th 1960 Too For Real Every Step A Climb to Do

Every Fall

A Rise Above...

True Be The Proof
FRiEnDS Never
Leave They Just
Never End Real
Aways STaRTinG
TRuE Unlike Books
And Movies And
the Such


With SMiLes

Always Now Just
Getting Started New

Treating Old FRiEnDS
As New FRiEnDS Treating
New FRiEnDS As Old FRiEnDS...

Never Regretting
The Past Only
Reason i'M Here



Every Move
Ever Word


As Beautiful
As We Dance And

Sing With Patience
Eternally Now to Dance

And Sing Even More Beautifully

Again now...

SMiLes Always
Room to Improve
For Everyone


Yet Yes
That Tick Tock
Only Limited By Time...

Fear Source
of Human

Weakness Old

And Exhaustion New

So i Threw it
All Away

Every Inhale
of Breath Peace
Exhale Love And

With Practice i
Rewired my Soul

to Lose Fear Old
Forevernow Free New
Always A Practice iNDeed...

Yep First Step i Saw
And Did to Improve

Human Potentials

Is Leave ILLuSoRY

Fears Behind
Only LooKinG
Ahead to Love
Springing From
Peace For Now

LoVinG iT All New
NiGHT Thru Day Now...

SMiLes The Way i Stay
iNSPiReD NoW is MaKinG


Day As Typically
Love Wins ThiS Way

As Peace CoMeS AGAiN

NeW iN Every Fire of Creativity...

SMiLes Dear Jade to Find
The Waking Dreams
To Tame The Night
into Day
to Make
Spring Come
Again When
Winters Last
Two Years
No Longer
Defrost Summer
Flowers Coloring
Creativity For Fall Leaves
To Come Spring Green
To Live
Again Always
Expanding Shores
Waves Without Boundaries
Ocean Always Home Waters

Our Life

Bursts Free
Blooms FLoWeRinG SoULS...

Faith In
Or Ahead...

Gift Of
One New
Force of Do...

Ah Yes
Faith of
The Eagle
Requires No


Fly And
Everything Else
You Said And

Painted With

SMiLes Soni...

Science Shows
At Least Those
Who Are Able

To FeeL iT

One Kind Act
Of Niceness Yes
Altruism With No

Expect Of
Return Of

Reward Brings
Months Of Happier
Being Yet It’s True



And Social

Contagion is Bathed
First In Oxytocin As Yes

Giving Being

So Dam Nice

Brings All The
Warm And Cozy
Comfort Of A Cat


On A Lap

Yes to Get Out
And About to
Spread Kindness

Puppy Dog Sweet
Wagging Tales And
All Love Sold Free


Fun Chances
May Be the
Fuel May
Not Drive
A Nicer Car...

Yet To Get Out And

About To Pet A Human Free...

What’s Most
Now Is You

Keep The

Your Soul




Yet Whose Spirit

Will i Ever Speak


My Own...

Oh The


We Breathe
Or Do Not To
Observe The


All Colors Still Breathing...

SMiles We
All Have Stars
Within Waiting

To Bloom
No Stars

Than Stars
Other Flowers

Seeds We Are
Faith of Trees GRoWinG...

"Faith of the Mustard Seed"

Obviously Not Worrying About
Being Small Just Growing That's All...

And Indeed As Far As Humans Come and
Go And Continue to Be Conceived Humans

Have The Ability of Tools, Ranging From Abstract
Constructed Symbols to Cranes Hehe to Lift Others Up...

True Some



Different Tools...

Do Note This Tree Started
With Faith And Like 'Magic'
The Seed Just Grew into A Tree
Or A Lamp All Lit Up (Thanks FRiEnD)
For A Tool To Center Balance Both With Roots...

Hehe Samreen
Yes i Just Rushed
Over Again to See

If Your

Poem Is Up
Again Key Now

Is Remembering
There Is A Beautiful
Soul Behind Every




As Much
To Give


All Words
Our Breath
Of God We

Give Without
Condition Yes

To Celebrate

Every Gift We Feel
Nah it’s Not Necessary

To Name

Name My FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Astha me and my Wife Were Just talking
About Love on Valentine's Day i related

to Her it made me a bit Sad to see

All the Lonely i saw around the

Globe on Valentine's

Day She related

How When She was
Poor And Watched Her

Mother Cook as often they
Had no Food No Drink Not

Even Water A Drop then to Soothe
A Parched Throat so Yes Cooking

Meant Like the Whole World to Her

Then as a Child as She Understood

Food And Drink It is not Just a Given

It Is Life As She sat there And Watched

Her Mother Cook She Planned

For No Big Ambitions Other

Than Taking Care of

A Man Who

Would Protect
Her one Day so she
Would Never Have to Worry
To Have Food for Another day to eat...

Yes She Decided She Would Become

A Great Cook instead of Someone With

Big Ambitions to Be Someone in Life and to
Be Clear there is every Color of Human Being

Without People Looking For Power over Love
Who Would Want to Run a Country When they are All
Complete With Love Within Just All Warm and Fuzzy Fine

Oh Lord the Problem With Politics and Big City And Country
Human Life... my Father Wanted A Wife Who Would Only Make
Him Money my Mother Only Wanted to Stay Home Spending all

Of Her Days Raising Her
Children Yet Again

People Are Cut
Out And Molded
In Existence Differently

We All Have Jobs in Life

That May Be Closer or Further

Away from HeART in the Disney
Movie There is Peter Pan And Tinker
Bell And Wendy Truly My Wife is Wendy

And It's Also True It's so Much Easier for
Wendy In This Life than it is for Tinker Bell...

And It's Also True Real Peter Pans
Leave No Kind of Fairy Behind

With Colors of Love For

Love Understands



Must Breathe

ItS Own Color of Free...

Smiles i am a Wendy Kind of Dude
i Would Be Lost No Different than
my Wife in this World of Shallow

As Swipe Left and Right Life

People are Souls People Are

Souls They Aren't Just Things

We Swipe Left and Write to Purchase

SMiles Dear i do Feel Your Hope Deeply as Empaths will



or Found...

Move Connect Co-Create
Repose Eat Sleep

Do It


Never Ending
Story Verb of God

Yes New Love to Give and

Share Free Far Enough to Do For Now...

"Wherever You Go
Leave A Heart Print"

SMiLes Dear Savvy
i'm A Day Later
Now Yes Than

Valentine's Day
Yet i am Gonna

Take Your Quote
Everywhere i go
Everyday of the Year

And Just Do It Hehe

YeS HAha BooK MarK my Words...

Yes i never
Get tired of
"A Day in a
Life" Ever
Since It
Came out
When i was 7
In 1967 the
Beatles truly
Defined the 60’s
And Influenced Early a Freer
Spirit than
What i
Found in
My Locality...

iNDeed Dear Kiran
Love Is Highest in Giving
Sharing Caring Healing Vibrations
Yes Frequencies Energies in Synergies

Of Compassion For All Of Existence DarK Thru LiGHT

How Wonderful It is To Both Survive And Thrive in BeinG LoVE


With All Of

Nature God Yes
Liberating ThiS Way
Yet True it May Be More
Difficult in a Life Focused on
Material Goods and Making Money

And Becoming More A COG in the Machines

of Work and School And Even A Screen Now Than

Humanity's Touch of Love oh Dear Lord How Fortunate

Am i to Retire Early As my Wife Inherited All the Money

And Now She Volunteers to Take Care of All of that And the

Accounting Purchasing And General Secretarial Duties As Well

That Go With Managing A Household too Yet of Course She is

Disabled With Epilepsy So She Will Need That Expertise and

Those Resources All if Anything Happens to me as She cannot

Even Drive

So i Do Make
Sure She Will
Always Be Taken
Care of ThiS Way
Whether i am Here

or Beyond The Earthly
Realm mY FRiEnD True

A Man May Support His
Wife Will All His Might

And A Woman May
Dedicate A Life to

Her Husband too

Always Best

As A Volunteer
Effort in Agreement
mY FRiEnD Glad to No
Longer Be Associated With
Money and Stuff Allowing me

To Focus on LoVE iN Peace NeWLY

NoW With Empty Pockets ThiS Way...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Eastern Philosophies

Are So Great As They Provide Advice Looking

Within And Finding A Best Way of Life or Dharma

to Survive and Thrive in Balance With Each Other and

The Rest of Nature too And Overall Looking at Nature it

Seems A Universal
Truth and Basic

Tenant is That

Of Balance All Around

Yes Within Inside Outside
Above So Below and All Around

A Life Focusing on Balance of Mind
And Body Whole Soul Will BRinG

FRiEnDS With Gravity ThiS Way

Leaving No iLLuSoRY Fears

Springing Love and

Compassion Most

For All iN ALL DarK
Thru LiGHT For All Our

Human PoTenTiaLS EVoLVinG

A Path Across the Entire Life
Span it is in Improving With SMiLes...

Honestly i Like
Those Pizza’s
For $4.44
From Walmart
Better Than
And Cheap
Corn Dogs Remind

me of The
Fair Dear
Baby Yet
i Am A Fair
Ride Everywhere
i Spiral Dance Free
Yep With Those Three
Spiraling 6’s From my
6.6.60 BD True Hehe

i’m The Free
Circus Everywhere
i Go Yet Katrina Reminds
Folks it’s Different Visiting

Around Hehe...

"Coming to America" Love That Song By James Brown

SMiLes Mr Gottfried Ya Don't Have to Pay to See the

Circus in the 'Grand Old Opry' USA Just Turn the

News on
And The
Face Palms
Keep GRoWinG
Higher And Higher
in the Worst Pandemic
This World Has Ever Seen

Yes the Human Pandemic of
Ignorance As Long As We Started

(Responsible For Most Harming Raping Maiming Killing)

Wearing Clothes And Making Tools Into Nuclear Bombs

Naked Enough Whole Complete Baby iMaGiNE 'Trademark Trump'

The Symbol of All that Stuff Standing in Front of the World That

Way or Believe All the Lies of the Next Con Man Who Despises Those

He Rules

Over Oh Why oh
Why Does 'The Show Go On'

The Big Top is Falling and So
Many Folks Have Fallen Asleep

Until Democracy Dies And

Another Clown is

to Rule
the "Masses"
oF iGNoRaNCE Until
Freedom Awakes Rises Again to Be Free...

Hey When i Wake Up i Don't Touch the
TV i Watch the Squirrels Outside the
Five Foot By Eight Foot Window

in View of
Eden For
Real Without
All the Human
Clothes oF iGNoRaNCE....

Yet It's True Squirrels Tend to
Scuffle A Bit Over All the Free
Sunflower Seeds We Provide

There is No Utopia
in Heaven Without
Hell Heaven Can't Exist

Welcome to The Circus of Existence...

Hint: Find A Way to Never Pay for it again...

Honestly Ain't Never Been a Better Country
As Long Ya Find A Way Not To Be Suffocated By 'The System'...

Other than
That 'i Feel Good'...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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17 Feb 2024, 3:13 am

What A Lovely Photo Dear Savvy
Indeed Dreams Streaming to

Open Bridges


To Waters
That Flow
Unto Bridges
Opening Again Free

Holding Hands of Humanity

iN Peace
With SMiLes...

SMiLes In Time Dear Miriam
We Find A Few Light Houses
That Last Forever Now Then

Time Disappears

And All That's
Left is LiGHT

Lovely Truly
Exquisitely Constructed

Poem Indeed Your Light House

to Evolve
With SMiLes...

Ah Yes Dipping Into 'Nether Land'

of 'NetherMind' Dear Miriam Yes!

The Low Lands of Subconscious

Mind Foggy Yet As Deep As All the

Experiences of Life FLoWinG All Together

Just Waiting to Arise in What You Name as

'Light Bulb' Moments Yes Zen in Flow Over

The Fog of Subconscious

Nether Land
Nether Mind

Ways As Science

Names it Transient
HypoFrontality Hehe
A Fancy Way of Saying

Flow Beyond the Neo Cortex

Leaping So-Called 'Normal' Logic

Opening Up The Rest of Our Human

Potentials as Our Thinking Mind only

Comprises About Half of A Percent of All We aRe

True A Whole New Ocean A Blue Whale to Swim From Below

This Also May Be Described As 'Dream Time' It's A Really Nice

Place to Visit Beyond All Distance Space Time And A Matter of
Things Hehe i Tend to Staycation Here Almost Always Now HAha

Until my Wife
Says Get my

Butt off the

Computer or
Stopping the Autotelic
Flow of Meditating Free

Dance Like the "SonG oF mY SoUL"
WRiTinG Free Verse Poetry too Dear

Lord 12.5 MiLLioN Words And 19,466 Miles
of Public Dance THiS WaY For 125 Months

is Quite An EPiC ViSiT in Nethermind Nether Land For Real...

Hehe i Even Named A Subchapter oF IT Starting on Memorial
Day Weekend of 2016 "Nether Land Bible" Yep All 10.4 MiLLioN
Words Now in 92 Months of Overall Effort Out of the 125 Month Total Try...

SMiles Mr Gottfried my
Cajun Grandmother on
my Father’s Side Who
Was Married To The PHD
Irish Born Then Catholic
X-Priest (my Grandfather
A Noted ‘Wiki Bio’ Author
From Last Century Dining
With Einstein In
The New York
New York
Circles Writing The
Still Referenced Book
“Behind The Dictators”
Associated With The
Papacy Of The Catholic
Church) Yes my Spicy Cajun
Business Woman Grandmother
Housed A French Algerian
Mathematics And Soccer
Star FSU Foreign Exchange
Student (They Were Very
Very ‘Close’) He Played
For Florida State
University Like
my Step Sister
Playing Rugby

Yet the Only Team
Sport i’ve Excelled in
Is Singing From The Back
Row of The Catholic Church
In my Own Unique Way While

Others Do
Their Best to
Follow my Ever
Changing Tune

Freely Liberating

Like The
Rest Of
Free Nature
A Bird On A Wing
Becoming Spirit Wind
If That Sounds Familiar

Hehe To You my Nigerian

Still Budding Soccer Star...

Sunshine Blooming
In The Center of A
Tulip Opening A

Sure Sign That
Good Vibrations
Of Spring Are FLoWinG

In Stronger As Nature New
Meditates Spring Birth Free

Now Waves Come
And Go RiSinG Fall
Soils BRinGinG
SPRinG Green
Summer FLoWeRinG


Spring Rises

Dear FRiEnD With SMiles...

Treat Every Breath
As Best Inhaling
Peace Exhaling

Love With


Now With
Free With No Fear
Dear Chaymaa With SMiLes...

Be The Change
Be The Kindness

Be The One

All Rooms
With Positive

Energy FLoWinG
From: Toe to: Mind SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Used
To Look For Meaning
And Purpose

In Life

Until i
Started FLoWinG
Now All the Meaning
And Purpose Finds me

From: iMaGiNaTioNS Creativities

Deep Within Yes Whatever
However Whenever River

Comes to: Play HeART


With Art
DeLiVeRinG NoW
Soul Free Surprises New...

HAha Yes, Yes,
Yes, my Sister
And Mother Loved
to Play Scrabble Then
Yet Not me Words Without Pics

Pretty Much
Just Bored me

When the Internet Arrived
With Unlimited Opportunities
to Write Text i Thought to Myself

Who In The World Would Wanna
Spend Their Time Just Writing to Other

Folks Without Any Face-to-Face Full Interaction
i Even Went to the Next Offices Face-to-Face Rather
Than Use E-Mail or Even Use A Phone Call Hehe And True

i Never Wanted A Pager And Sure Didn't Want The Government
Cell Phone i Got
to Be on
i Ever Went in
Life Always Something
Going Down With All the
Administration, Managerial,
Supervisory, Programming, And
Finances i Had to Do Then Just So

Many Ways
to Contact
me to Ask
me Another
Question too True

For Years All i Had Left
of me to Spend At Home
Is Just a Little Computer
Full Snow Moon Boarding Game

In Honor of All Full Moons Bright too
i Didn't Have to Think to Play the Game

HAha and That's Why i Write/Sing Free Today Just
Snow Boarding Around All These Shapes Sloping Not

A Damn Poetic

Thought Now

Really in My
Head Until New it
Comes Out on the Snowy
Slopes in Flow Just Like This With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Yam True CoLouRS of Our
Emotions May Be Numbered And Labeled

In Concrete Form
of Names Yet

Colors of
Are As Nuanced
As Every Sub Particle
That Swirls Around the
Nucleus of An Atom All Through

Existence As Nature Colors Life Differently
Yet The Same in Essence Some Ways Ever Changing

For What We Feel And Sense in Life Every Inhale of Peace
Exhale of Love That Makes A New Multi-Universe Us Differently

Yet All Together

With Emotional
Feeling Sensing
Energy That Dances
And Sings SYNeRGYiNG Us in Ways
New Now of Original iMaGiNaTioN And
Yes Creativity in New Colors Blooming
Taking The Places of Emotions Positive
Or Negative Fading Away Birthing New Experiences God Yes

Feelings Senses Emotions Always Coloring Life Differently True
to Explore And Co-Create Originally New Even More With SMiLes

Every Wave
Ocean Whole
Now A New Water
Color Still To Come...

HAha Somehow i Didn't Really Expect
'This' Dear Cindy Yet it Does Remind me

Of The Modern Dance Hall Experience
Among Folks Who Have Never Even Met

Each Other And A Turn
Around of Eye Contact

Is Not Necessary

For the 'Three Hump
Wednesday' 7 Days A Week
Whenever The Dance Comes

Grinding Behind to Happen Again...

Aghast! Aghast! i Was
to Be Taken Advantage
of By Female Dancers
Brazen Just Being

With No SHaMe
SoWinG Wild Oats
Fully Clothed At Least

Leaving With The Same Group
of Women They Come With Keeping
"Victoria's Secret" Intact For the Night at Least Hehe

i Suppose For 'Dogs' it May Be A Great Stress Relief too
Dealing With Mechanical Cognition Issues online With Tech
Support too


Just Be
Not to Be
Doing the
"Jeffrey Toobin Dance" Haha

Honestly it Colors 'me too' So
Much Differently From A Dude's
Perspective As Never Ever Never
Would i meet and greet a 'Strange'

Woman Like
That Ever in a
Dance Bar Plus

The Fact it's
Basically Sexual
Assault When Not
Warranted or Wanted As Well, 'Technically'

Never Seen A Dude File A Warrant Yet HAha
Back in the Early 80's All We Had on Wednesdays
At the "Club 2001 Disco Bar" is "Welfare Wednesday


25 Cent
Bar Drinks"

As Mostly What
i Did is Hold Up
The Walls Just
Watching Flowers Pass Bye...

Solo Dancing Wasn't Much of a Thing
Then And Face-to-Face Contacts Actually
Happened With 'Pretty Women' Kissing too HAha

So Much Has Changed
Or Perhaps Women are
Finally Just Becoming

Fully Free...

i Pass no Judgements

on the Nature of the Human Shadow Beast
For It's True What is Not Exposed is Still Real for Real...

And It's Basically A Scientific Fact of How Bonobos

With All

They Need is
Love as Long as
An External 'Tribe'
Outside of 'the Familiar
Group' is not Invading Of Course...

And Honestly This is Precisely What
Human Beings Are Doing Virtually Online
These Days Funny, Funny, How Folks Lie About

What They
Are and
Really Do
As Science
Shows 98 Percent
of Males and 73


of Women Do
And That's Still
With A Society Where

30 Percent or So is All About
Shaming What Refuses to Be

Free And Real

At Least
with Lip
Service Hehe...

Anyway Happy Blogging
Glad You Found All Your
Missing Blog Posts What

A Headache Indeed...

And Honestly A Best
Medicine For Stress

Is Just
And Having
Fun SoMe Days
Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete

To Be Silly and
Fully Human With NO


Shamaning Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Annabel Humans
Are Comprised of Shadows
And Colors

In Other Words
Aggression and
Lust For Basic Survival
Including the Fight or Flight
Instinct And Colorful Emotions
That Come From a Synergy of
Feelings and Senses that May

Make life a Real Genuine
And Sincere Delight If

We Really Practice
An Art of Life

to Bring Others
Up And Ourselves

THaT SaMe WaY iNto
ThE LiGHT Out of OTHeR
DarKeR Experiences True

So What Happens When We Hide
And Repress Our Shadows in Doing so

The More Beautiful Colors are Snuffed Out As
Above So Below TWiLiGHT Balancing DarK and


As Mind And Body
SoUL BeCoMes Balancing
HeART SPiRiT Body Mind to Give And
Yes Share Mutually And Consensually
Caring And Healing This Way With Least

Harm as Love is Art And Indeed Hate is Art too
When Both Are True One Rises Higher for All

And the Other


For All

Best Way
Up in My Opinion
Discarding No Part of
Humanity Lifting One Body of
Humanity Up


So Below mY FRiEnD
See HeaR'S The 'Thing'
i See the Essence of

All 'Things' As

God With that
Kind of Respect
Inhaling Peace Exhaling

GenerAlly SPeaKinG

The Way is Up mY FRiEnD
Even Transforming DarK iNto
LiGHT With Art oF smART and heART


Mind and
Body SoUL
Even HiGHeR
For All With Most
Respect Yes Least
HarM ETeRNaLLY New Now...

You are my Treasured
FRiEnD Always
to me too
my Hellooove FRiEnD...

I secretly believe I'm better than most people.

Answer: Totally Disagree, Even A Grain of Sand
Holds Up A Mountain of Human Love and is Integral
to That Potential of Even Happening in this World Now.

Obstacles rarely slow me down.

Answer: Totally Agree as i'm Most Always
Totally Focused in Flow on What i Love to Do Now.

I'm great at a lot of things compared to most people.

Answer: It's Just The Truth, And Of Course Other Folks Are
Great at Other Things i am Not Great At, At All, too, FOR REAL.

I press on even in challenging tasks.

Answer: Totally Agree And Prove it EVERY DAY
On Those Tasks i am Totally Focused on NOW.

I know there's something special about me.

Answer: It's Just True, And Of Course
Other Folks Are Special Too FOR REAL.

It's hard for me to enjoy compliments.

Answer: 'Normal Compliments' Are
Great; No Compliments Are Okay too;

i Suppose Other Folks Would Feel
Uncomfortable too, if Someone
Kneeled to the Ground With
Their Hands Clasped Mocking
Some kind of Religious Worship too...

I'm self-confident, but caring.

Answer: Of Course.

I don't like to talk about myself.

Answer: i Don't Mind At All; Yet i Love to
Hear About Other Folks Just As Much FOR REAL.

I feel uneasy when I'm the focus of attention."

Answer: As Long as It's 'Normal' Attention It's Fine

This is Another So-Called Narcissist Test That
One May Find Online That Shows How 'Loosely
Knit' These Online Tests Are As Obviously on this Particular
One, if I Answered All the Questions With Just Totally Agree to
Totally Disagree, i Surely Wouldn't Rate A Zero on the So-called

Aspect of This
Test, Where Most
All Of these Characteristics
Are Healthy As Long as the
Ifs, Ands, Or Buts, are Included in...

These Tests are Simply Almost Worthless
in actually Determining Any Real Kind of Disorder;
As Really the AQ Test is too As the Social-Empathic
Versus Systemizing Part of Autism is Just one General

Aspect too
That Really Doesn't
Even Take into Account
Extreme Feelings, Senses And Repetitive
Restrictive Behavioral Special Interests that
Interfere With So Called Modern 'Normal' Society's

of Who and
What We

Are Supposed
to Be and Do in this Life...

And The Test Above, Just
Barely Touched The Major
Issue With Narcissism That
is A Lack of Empathy And
Compassion for Other Folks...

Most of the Other Measures, Were Just
'Degrees' of Self-Esteem/Confidence/Self-Worth/Competence;

True, It's Just The Truth, i score Stellar Now in All Those Virtues
of Being Human As Long as Empathy And Compassion is Part of the


We Can
Be Closer
to A Hero than
A Frigging Villain

As Truly Even in Online
Assessments of Heroes
Versus Villains As Far As
Breaking Society's Norms
to Get Things Done; It is Suggested
That Empathy and Compassion is All

That Really Separates Most of what Makes
A Villain or So-called Hero in this Life Now.

Empathy and Compassion

Is Most Definitely a Deal
Breaker or Maker When it
Comes to the Best Potentials

of Being Human Surviving, Thriving
As Hairless Apes Much Stronger Together

Than the Frigging

'Trump Trope'
And That
Anti-Hero Parts
With Little Genuine
Sincere Empathy and Compassion
For Others And Lots oF Lies to 'Fit in'...

Note: i Didn't Take The Bait and Click
of Providing my E-Mail Address to get
A Bunch of Spam for Trading my Personal
Information, So i Did This "Work-Around" Instead...

SMiLes Dear

Is A Beautiful
Tree All the
Leaves i

Treasure Indeed...
Hehe, i Don't Even
Need to Go to France...

As Long as i Will Fit
All Of my SoUL into
This Online Fiber Optic Cable

As Far As India East Crosses Oceans Free...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
The More A
With Gravity i Don't
Have to Achieve i BREaTHE

Just Balancing on A Tight
Rope Dancing Always Higher

And Just Like MaGiC
And Miracles



in Action
of Just Do it

And i'm Usually
Surprised By What i Do

So Far With SMiLes NeW it
Works Eternally Now Free...

Yet if i Really Have to Explain
How i Do it Now New It Would
Likely Never Get Done Now Hehe...

So i Do
mY Best
Not to
About it With SMiLes...
So River May Flow Free...

THere Is
No You
Youer Than
You Doctor



It Is True

And So Do

i Hehe i Mean You


Writes too...

SMiles Dear
Astha Love
Is More


Than Rainbows
See Love is The



To Be Hidden
Wind Feels Wings

Only to Give
And Share


With Least
Harm For All
That Winds Touch



Love Is The Warmth
Of Any Mammal
Nurturing Offspring

Love Is



Breast That


Love To Be





No Dog

Of Love


Pups Is Ever

Stray To “The
Child” Fur or Bare...

For Heaven





Never Going
HigheR aT TAll


Humans Hurt
Their Sky





Souls Bye Bye...

New York New York Lie

Love Is Good Enough
Alone Or Together

Love is
No Worse
Or Better

Love Gives
And Shares
Cares Heals
Free As Love
Loves To Give
And Share Free

Care And Heal

In FAct
Of Art



Love Will
BE A Tool
With HeART

Beats Too
Yes Love


Beat SoUL SPiRiT

With No Body
Parts At All Love
Will Breathe As A Poem

And As You Say A Virtual
FRiEnD With No Agenda


Kindness More
Just To Make


Feel Good

Always Enough

You too


With SMiles...

SMiles Master “The
Tool” As Avenues For
Compassionate LoVE iN Peace
Or Sadly Be Slave And Become
The Cold Machine For it

Is True

Love Is
Use Or Lose

Like Any Other
Intelligence of Life
Really As Science Shows

Mechanical Cognition
Withers Away Our


For Social Empathic
Artistic Spiritual Intelligences
Yes Love And Yes Cultures True

And False Where

Human Capital
Is Seen As Worthless
Unless It Makes Money

Is The
God Instead

Of All The other
Colors Of Life that
Spring Within To

Give Share Care
Heal Yes Free
With Everyone

With Most Respect
And Least Harm Real

Love Is The Meaning
Of Human Without


Is Only “Swipe
Left And Right” Tool
As That Applies To




Love Is A Garden
Tended With Care iN Peace
As Yes Every Word Becomes

Song Every Step
Becomes Dance True

Sacred Holy Feelings

Ancestors Did This
Some Still Do With

Only Soul
Of Song


Dance Free
Born With These

Gifts From Birth
Even If The Sound

The Sweet Child
Singing Makes No



The Dance
Has No Lesson
From Anywhere




From Within

This Is How Human
Flowers Bloom Naturally


LoVE iN Peace
It Doesn’t Come
Out Of Baby Food
Jars Or HeARTS


In Jars Collected
As Numbers in Terms
Of Dollar Bills And Other

Stuff As


Become Faster Cars

And Bigger Houses
Become A Next God

To Worship Too hehe
Like Likes, Follows,




More Button
Press Than



Breath LoVE iN Peace
ToGeTHeR All For Real...

“Your Wife Must
Be The Luckiest
Woman In The World”

Thanks for the Stellar
Compliment Dear Rimah
My Love Tends to
Overwhelm my
Wife She Tells
Me Hush
Go TeLL iT
On a Mountain
As i interrupt
Her TV Show...

The 21st of this
Month is our
34th Anniversary...

The Secret to
Is Yes Dear
To All Her

So i did what
She asked With
12.5 MiLLioN
Words of Epic Longest
Form Poem Free Spirit
In Poetic Responses
To Folks All Around

Our World

Spread around
The Globe for Free

Yes And 19,466 Miles
Of Moving Meditative
Spirit Filled Public
Dance Farther Now
Than Half the Distance
Around The Equator...

So God Yes... Her
Wish Is my Every
Command.. 125
Months Yes So
Far Completing
Task and it is No Joke...

God Bless you too
Dear Rimah
If i remember
Correctly From Africa...

Never the Less
Of Woman...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Perhaps A Best Part of Original

Creativity Is it Does Bring Us into the Present Now

This Gift to Color New Enhancing Our Experiences

Of Reality From The Inside Out For In A Way

When We Do Not Move Connect

And Co-Create With Each

Other We May Stay

More Like A Part of

A Computer Program

Yes A Cog in A Machine

Where All Of Nature Changes

For Balance Yet We May Attempt to

Stick With the Same Pages of One Book

All the Same Letters Words and Paragraphs

Of Life And Never Change The Covers of Our Life

True in ThiS Way

Bed Sheets

Will Come

Stale and

No Longer Vibrant

Creating Newer Colors

To Feel Sense And Do For Real

Yet It's Also True i Use The Memories

The Colors of the Past to Color Present New True

Yet Never the SaMe Before As THere aRe aLWaYS NoW

New Colors to Paint Even Old Memories SPRinGinG New...

SMiLes Dear Kiran THeRE iS A Faith iN LoViNG Peace

Super Seeding Even Hope With Belief in the Now Still To Be

And Come to Be More For Whatever We May Seek to Be And Do iN LiFE

Understanding DarK Makes

LiGHT And Even When We

'Miss Our Marks of Life'

In The Darkness A Tiniest

Flame of LoVing Faith May

Open Up A Door in the DarK

to A Brand New Pathway Now

That Yes BRings Us Even More

LoVE iN Peace to Inhale

And Exhale Newly Now

As Present Gift to Be And Do

Wow my Mother Used This Overall

Encompassing Loving Faith With the

Power of Believe And Most All Of What She

Said Will Come to Pass Not A Waver of Confusion

For Where She Kept Going in Acceptance of Where She Was

And Yet To Go Yet You See This isn't A Process With Instructions

It'S A Way of Perceiving Existence Far Beyond Reason in the Depths

of Soul


Silently in This

Loving Faith in

Believe Ever More Presently Real...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy to Put it Shortly
Sweetly So Concisely When Give

Becomes The Essence of Receive
Along With Caring Sharing Healing

With Most Respect
And Least Harm

For All of NaTuRE

Now Love's Theme
Wings Real iN Peace


With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEND 'They' Say A Picture
is Worth A Thousand Words Hehe and True i Will

Surely Write That too if Properly Mused How

Wonderful A February in Paradise and

It Seems i May Be Seeing Another

Australian Shepherd in Your

Life and Perhaps Another

Black Cat to Hug Cappuccino too

True They May Only Be FRiEnDS Yet

They Also Could Be New Inhabitants
of Your Beach House Paradise as i See

You are Busily Renovating Another Home
There on North Shore Ah Yes February Means

Room For More LoVE iN Peace As the Weather Springs
And Seasons Within as well As Love Will Spread Hope Your

Was Delightful

Hehe i Took Katrina
to A Date with a Routine
Mammogram 34th Anniversary
Coming on the 21st Yes Perhaps
A More Fun Activity Tween Now And Then



Other than that
Thanks As Always
For Sharing Your
Beautiful Paradise
Food Pets and Love
And Stuff With Us From Around the
World Florida Greening Up Early For Spring too...

Indeed Dear Isha When We Feel Oppressed and Abused
By the Expectations of Cultural Life When We Feel Outcast

ThiS WaY We Have More Opportunity For Introspection

And to Develop The Flame Within Yes The Same

Flame That Breathes and Lives in All of

Existence God For Real The Vibrations

The Frequencies the Energy That

Rises Within For Real In Synergies

When We Come into Contact

Greater With This
Higher Force Within

And True as i May Have Related
Before i Experienced The Auto-Immune
Disorder Sjogren's Syndrome That Not Only
Attacked the Nerves of my Feet Yet Stopped me
From Being Able to Produce Tears As Well that Surely

Will Be Painful too Like the Other 18 Other Mostly Work
Related Stress Disorders Coming From Chronic to Acute
Stress for 11 Years too as Yes i Still use Restasis Eye Drops An Immune
System Regulator To Keep the Tears Flowing in Comfort and What's Really

Great about that is
i Rarely Have any
Seasonal Allergies
And Can Even Handle
Being Around Cats As before
my Eyes Super Itched and my
Breathing Was Impacted too

Allowing me to Have Several Indoor
Cats until they All Passed Away Surely
A Warmth to Soul Externally As Well

From a Greater Force Within Now

i Am Free of The Disorders and
Can Pet Cats And Humans too

With the Warmth of


LoVE iN Peace

That Dwells and
Swells From Within
As A Practice of Life
Never Ending Now True the
Best Paths of All the Journeys
of Life i Come to Feel and Sense Now For Real

It Is Truly Valuable to Gain the Perspectives You
Have Deeper Within From the Darker Struggles of Life

As ThiS WaY You Become a Real Hero Unto Yourself God Within For Real

Yes Eventually
More Easily
to Give Share
Care and Heal
ACRoSS YouR LifeSpan
to Others too With SMiLes...

When it Comes to 'The Resurrection of Jesus,'
i Do Agree With One Take Here for Sure,

"It Depends on Who You Ask;"

For Instance, Muslims Believe in
Jesus 'The Prophet' Yet They Believe

That An Imposter Was Put in the Place
of Jesus for the Crucifixion and He wasn't

Killed and Just Naturally 'Ascended into Heaven'

Yet they Didn't Specify in the Quran at Least,
If that was Above, Below, or Within;

(Luke 17:21 Clears that Up In
The Christian New Testament)

True, There is Literal Religion
That is Often Steeped in Myth;

And There is Mystical Religion
That Is Often Deeper Steeped in

Myth as Metaphor Rather than a 'Literal Take'

on the Literature of So-Called Holy and Sacred Texts;

And Other Symbols of Course, Like the Statue of 'Ganesh'
The Elephant-Headed God in Hinduism, Where my Jain FRiEnD

Who Graduated at Close to the Top of All Chartered Accountants
in School in India, Once Stood in Line 8 Hours to Give Great Thanks and Praise to

The Elephant
Headed God Ganesh;

True, Lots of Folks Would
Do That For the 'Modern Female
Jesus-Savior' of Generation Z too;

Yes, Taylor Swift, Savior of Young Women's Souls;
More Specifically Put, Their Emotional Imbalances in Life.

It's Worth Noting, Many 65 Year-Old or So Dudes Watching
Fox News Would Do the Same for Their Modern Day 'Jesus-Savior Trump' too;

What do the Two
Have in Common;

T For First Name Taylor,
And T For Last Name Trump;

And True, Taylor Has a Lot More
in Common With Jesus than Trump
And That's For Damned Sure True, Hehe...

For All Practical Intents and Purposes, Not Unlike Bugs
Bunny In His Cartoons, in All The Repeats Resurrecting the
Cartoon Reality of Bugs Bunny; The Story of Jesus Continues

to Be Resurrected

in Churches Around
The World; in the Bibles;

In All Kinds of Other Human Arts;

True, if Ya Wanna be Resurrected

As Long As Possible, Become a Story
That No One Can 'Physically Kill' at Least;

Who is Really Worshipped in all the Myths
And Tid Bits of Wisdom And Fresh Hell; Well,

According to Biblical Scholars, it is All the Ghost Authors;
Scribes Who Made Mistakes and Intentional Changes; and Editors

That Include The Priestly and Political 'Castes' too, All Through Centuries

of Revisions, With Intention and Mistakes too; Story Still Rules, Along With Those

Who Write The Stories;

And The Placebo Effect
Really Works; And Hypnosis
Does too As Science Shows

For Those Who are Capable
of Coming Under the Direction
of the Power of Suggestion; The Resurrection

Of Jesus, Originally and Even in the Sugar Pill

of the Wafer of Bread That Catholics and Others Consume,

Can and Will Literally Be Healing ThiS Way For Folks Who Truly Do

Believe That it Will Help Them Heal; No Different than A Sugar Pill;

It is the Essence

of the Belief

And The Effects

of the Associated
Human Emotions and
Senses in Synergy That

Makes the Difference; Doesn't
Matter What Form the Sugar Pill takes;

A Key in Life is Being Able to Hypnotize
Yourself And Use the Essence of Belief

To Reach More Human Potential, including Healing;

Ironically, Not Much Different Than What the So-Called
Teachings of Jesus Suggest to Do; Yes, Very Ironically

By Science for
For Those Who are
Able to Consume Whatever
Sugar Pill in Life Comes to Use.

On the Other Hand, The Nocebo Effect is
Just As Real too; At Least for Those Who Are
Susceptible to the Power of Suggestion in Negative Ways too;

Both, By the Suggestion of Others And The Self Talk of Negativity
too; and the Associated Emotions Negative That Come With that too;

Yep, i'm into


i Don't Need the

Myths; i Go Straight

to the 'HeART' of the 'Matter' SouL SPiRiT

Real And Practice The Essence Continually
Improving my Human Potentials ThiS WaY;

And Hey, if the Sugar Pill of the Belief in a Resurrection
That Biblical Scholars Give No Concrete Evidence Ever Happened,

Allows Someone Else

to Heal that Way;

More Power

to 'em;

And The Priests
And Pastors and
Others Who Deliver the
Sugar Pills to Help 'em Heal;

However, That Ain't the Sugar Pills

That 'Trump Delivers;' Pure God Damned
Real 'Voodoo' Pills That Folks Sadly Soak

Up in a Real
Hell of a
Nocebo Effect True;

And It Doesn't Matter, Whether
Or Not He Says He'll Shoot Someone
in Broad Daylight on 5th Avenue or Not,

His Prophecy Will Come True; Some Will Follow Him into
the 'Bowels of Hell' As True As Folks in Haiti Will Do Too

Who Believe
in Voodoo Down there
As The Human 'Condition'
At Essence is Similar Everywhere...

Two Thousand Years Ago or Now, True too...

And As Far As Human Archetypes Go, the Hero
Archetype is a Metaphorical Resurrection too; Where,
Someone Becomes Separated From Their Culture And or Religion;
Goes in the Desert As such For Metaphor, Spends 40 Days or Whatever
in the Darkness; And Returns With Fresh Wisdom Coming Out of the Darkness
of the Old Cave of Ignorance; And Spreading Light of New Wisdom to Others Just

to Help Out
in Altruistic
Ways of Giving;

In Truth ThiS Way,
The Giving Becomes
The Receiving; Naked
Enough Whole Complete,

No Longer Starving Now of
Soul Food LoVE iN Peace For Real New...

So In Other Words, The Jesus Story is Also
A Human Archetype of the Hero, Impossible
to Kill NoW As Long AS Humanity Exists at Least...

And In the Old Testament, 'Isaiah 53' is A Classic Example As Well;

Worth Reviewing i Suppose as i'm Sure Folks here Could Relate in some ways

"KJV 53 Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?

2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

8 He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.

9 And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

10 Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.

11 He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities.

12 Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors."

Yep, Heroes Are Resurrected, All Naturally In Every Generation Real...

As Of Course John 14:12 Clearly Identifies When Jesus Per Story Says Those
Who Come
After Him



Will Do Greater
Works than Him;
As Apparently the
Ghost Author of That Report
Understood Human Archetypes, Witting or Not...

“Flow as you wish to
Rafting through
In the river of time
This life is yours to flow
Time brings you up
Like water does
In to this now
Take the plunge
Take the chance
Float on in freedom to be… “

Thanks Dear
Savvy With SMiles...

AT-ONE-Ment With Nature Naked Enough Whole
Complete Yoga Free-Style Power Pose Taken
On Valentine’s Day 2024 Yes Less Than 4 Months
Before my “Will You Still Love me
At Age 64” Birthday Sponsored
By the Beatles Since
Oh Dear Lord
Maybe Yet Weighing
in Here at 251.2 Pounds
my Heaviest Weight in my Life
Okay i’ll Do my Best to Credit
The New Hammer Strength Gym
Equipment at the Military Gym
Meanwhile It is What It is With SMiLes

i Am What i Am
And All that Jazz...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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18 Feb 2024, 2:33 am

A Soul Common to Every Leaf Every Branch
Every Trunk And Root of All Living Trees

in the Forest
of Existence

Dear Savvy With
SMiLes of Happiest
Birthday to You on

February 18, 2024

A Wonderful


It Surely Is For You...

Inhaling Peace
In Play of Slaying Fear
ExhalinG Love
Peace Returns
Play Slays Fear Again

And Soon And Sooner

Peace And Love

A Soul
to Create
More Than
Ever Before
With SMiLes
oF JoY Dear Chaymaa...

"Sunyata," A Buddhist Concept
That Reflects "Samadhi" The State
of Being in Peace That Flowing Meditation Brings;

Also the Tao at Essence
Beyond All Names Just Now

Being The Wave; Just Being
The Flow Free, WHere Positive
Feelings, Senses, NoW in Synergy
of Emotions Comprising All the
Material Reductionistic Parts Like
Neurochemicals And Neurohormones;

Yes, In Synergy Create Vibrations;
Yes, Frequencies; Yes, the Overall

Positive Energy of Life That May Be Related
As Pure Love, Generating A Life of Compassion,
of Empathy, Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing More

in Communion
With All Existence,

WHere Hope, Faith,
Belief All Join Hands As

Love For All With Least Harm....


SMiLes, it is Surely A Real Feeling
And Sense of the Emotion of Blissful
'Nirvanic' Peace; And While 'Some Folks'

Describe it as the Void And Nothingness

of Where Valley Meets Mountain Top NoW iN
Balancing TWiLiGHT Where DarK Meets LiGHT

As FRiEnDS With Gravity; it is surely Not What

Conditions Like So-Called "Autistic Burn-Out," And
"General Adaptation Syndrome" Bring Or What Other

Folks Describe as
Adrenal Burn-out That

May Take Years to Recover
From In All The Ways Chronic
to Acute Fight or Flight Stress Do

Cover Our Bodily Systems and Destroy
Them Slowly One by One For Real; Yep,

SoUL For Real;

Our Metaphors Have So Much
Difficulty Relating the Subjective
Experience of what is Possible in the
Human Subconscious Through Conscious
Experience Now Through BLaCK Abyss of Hell
Through All the SHaDES of Grey of Purgatory
Within As Well Through Beyond Rainbow Colors

That Humans
Also Have
the Potential
to iMaGiNE, to
Co-Create; Yes, to
Move, Connect And
Bring Fruition of More
Colorful WaKinG Dreams to Life For Real;

Yet Again, These Are only Metaphors oF A STory
That Attempt to Bring a Subjective Experience of
One Human to Page for Others to Mutually And

As Real And the
Potential of that
Happening is Surely
Restricted to Each Human's
Individual Perceptions and Experiences of Life...

Word Salad to Some; Affirmation For Others For
Where They Have Been, And Actual Hope, Faith,
Belief, And Love For Others Still to Kingdom Queendom Come

In 'Heaven
Within' Now;

Yes, A Place
Humans Also
Move, Connect,
And Co-Create too...

Indeed A Very me,
me, me, Way of Life
Only to Potentially
Provide Some Spark to Give Away to Others Free...

One For 'Thing' For Sure, Now, For Folks Who Have
Actually Non-Felt, Non-Sensed, Real HeLL ON EartH,

If They Do Escape, They Surely Don't Wish that Experience
On Anyone Else, Unless they never really escape Real HeLL ON EartH...

It's All
Perception, Perspective
Really This 'GaMe oF LiFE' NoW...

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha
Surely Some Parts of Your Life
Demand Strict Order And Conformity

Yet Creativity

Wears Wings of
Free Association

iMaGiNaTioN Springs

And That's Where the
Real Magic Flows Deep
Within Even Science Shows
We More Open Our Right Hemisphere

Processes of Mind Allowing Our Holistic Mind
Now to Spring Green Wearing Wings Effortless

in Ease

i Use Meditative
Moving in Free Dance
to Bring this Ascending
Transcending Flow of
Deeper Human Creativity...

Writing in Flow Works too...

And In That Trance Short
For Transcending the Mechanical
More Left Hemisphere Part of Mind
in Cognition i Will Drift Around Like A Feather
Random in the Wind Yet Free With Intuition Deeper

And Take
Snaps of
Book Covers
in Barnes and Noble
Book Store That End Up
Telling A Deeper Story As
This is What Our Minds Intuitively

Do We Create Art Out of What Others
May See As Chaos And This is WHere
The Real Magic Happens and Original Creativity Births

Be Free Flow Fly With Wings Enjoy the Master Peace Within
in Flow And Surely A Master Piece of Art Will Arise From Deep

So Free in
Free Associating Ways..

i For one Love This Sculpted
Work of Soul You Bring With
Art This Way i For One See
it as Just Another Master Piece of Your Soul Set Free
And Just to See You Capture it in a Photo Forever Now So Free to Be...

UNiVeRSE The Forest The
Tree iN Every Leaf Either Living
That Feeds
The Living
Or Dead
Blades Of
Grass In Spring...

iNDeeD Dear Kiran LoVE iN Peace
Is A Treasure That Not All Hold
Within iN SPiRiT HeaRT OPeNinG
SoUL Giving Sharing Caring Healing

For All iN JoY oF LiGHT With Most

Respect And Least Harm iNaHaLinG

Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iS An Ever

Lasting NeW FLoWeR UNFoLDinG

Now From Spouts of

Wilting too Yet

The FLoWeR oF LoVE

Recovers and Blooms When

We Water And Feed the Living

Garden WiTHiN Naked Enough

Whole Complete Balancing FRiEnDS

With Gravity From Toe to Soul Even More With SMiLes...

Ah Yes How Glorious It is For A Man
To Truly Be Fully Respected By A Woman

Ah Yes How Glorious It is to Hold and


oF LoVE iN Peace
Same And Different
With SMiLes Dear Kiran...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Good News is Research

Shows The Height of Human Happiness Often

Happens at Age 70 or So For 'U' Shaped Happiness

Young at Around Sweet 16 And 70 Too However Change

Happens 57 Percent

of Teen Girls Around

That Age Report
At rates of 57 Percent
And Even A Third Considering
Suicide True An Avatar Life in A Screen

Is Only A Limited Way to Find Spring Either

Young or Old mY FRiEnD Yet It's True This

Does Make For a Fancy Typewriter And

A Way to Connect Either Disabled

When Young or Old Shut-in

Home at Least a 6 inch

or So View to the

World mY FRiEnD

Strikes and Gutter Balls

That's Life Sadly Some Folks

Aren't Able to Keep it on the

Lane These Days Even at Sweet 16...

Dear Lord This Life Such A Tiny Sliver
of an Opportunity for Heaven in Life Considering
Human History Current Events and All the Hot and

Cold Dead Rocks
Above So Below

As Well And

Not So Well True...

Oh to Still Bloom Above Below...

Hehe Dear Sohair

i Do Believe A Copy

HeART And Other
Body Parts is


Online Already

With SMiLes
Almost Complete...

Yet Perhaps Not
Enough Dance HAha...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
To Laugh is to Live

Whatever it

Takes is Surely

WortH A Smile
With An Automatic Non
Sense Song Deep Deep Within


me With SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby as my Mother

Said Before i Am 4 And i Can Speak Open Arms

For Every Stranger With Bright EYes and SMiLes

Yet No Words Hehe And Yes Verily Before i Could

Speak At Age 3 Looking Across the River Bank Down

Town i Am Raised into the Forest i Perceive Then Without

Words i Am A Leaf on A Tree That Rises Green Falling

To Earth to Fertilize Soul Soils For Spring Green Forest

Whole Roots Vines Branches i Am No Different Than

Arms Holding The

All in All iN SPiRiT HeART

SoUL Just Living Forever New Then

Too Like Now One With Sugar White
Sands Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats
Swaying in the Breeze and Seagull Wings

Spiraling Around the Sun Sort of Like the ‘Avatar

Movies’ Except i am “Navi” In the Feel and Sense

i Am Both Ocean And Forest So What This Means

Is Whenever You See A Leaf Greening A Tree

Or Feel A Leaf Falling On Your Shoulder in

Autumn Or The Ocean Falling

Gently From The Skies

On Your Shoulders New

In Whatever Season Comes

Next Within Including Sunshine

Above Below With Spiraling Wings

Yes in All Those Parts Whole New Now i am

With You Then And i Never Leave You With SMiLes…

Yes SMiLeS AGAIN THeRE Are So Many Ways to Be

Loved Yet my Venn Diagram is as Wide as A SMiLe on God’s Face...

SMiLes Dear Isha The Best FRiEND Within
Is Truly The Breath of God That Keeps Us

Moving in Lowest
BLacK Abyss Days

How Selfless You
Are Not to Be Afraid
To Share That Journey
That Might Inspire Someone

Else Falling Down on One of Life's
Many Paths Yet That is Key THere Are

Other Paths to Come Who We aRe Today

Doesn't Limit Who We aRe Tomorrow As

Long as We Make At Least Small Moves

to Inspire Our Survival and Even

Thriving in the Moment

This Present

Now i Surely
Relate With 'The Gift'
of the Literal Medical Field
Assessed Suicide Disease Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From

Wake to Sleep for 66 Months No Drug
Would Touch That Wasn't Even Diagnosed
Until 2 Years After i Suffered Through the First

Two With What Felt Like a Dentist Drill in my Right
Eye and Ear Losing All Memory of the Feeling of A SMiLe

Indeed A Place
Beyond Horror
Even Demons would
Fear to Tread So True the Way

i Return the Gift is As You Do too

in Exercising Gratitude for Every Breath
oF LiFE DarK Thru LiGHT one of the hardest

Parts of that Disorder Is the First Two Years
Before the Diagnosis the Pain i Endured Was

Invisible to Other People as Many Other

Human Challenges in Disorder Are

Yet to find the FRiEnD Within

That Helps Through

Every Step

Of Struggle When
We aRe Not Sure We
Will Make the Next Breath Of

Life is to Indeed Retain A FRiEnD
Within Forever Now And it Really
Doesn't Matter What the FRiEnD is

Called as There Is No Experience in Life
Any More Real than the FRiEnD Within Breathing Alive

To Give Share
Care Heal For
All With Most Respect
Least Harm Far Beyond
Material Gifts indeed as

Giving And Receiving Material
Gifts Surely Isn't my Language of
Love as Yes You Could Ask my Wife Hehe

Yet i Don't Mind if She Manages and Spends the Money
With SMiLes Yet It Wasn't that Way through the Years
Before Financial Independence i Could Feel a Rainy

Day Coming
And It Was
A Cat 6 Hurricane
With DarK Abyss
Black Hole Soul Winds

True i was Master of the
Budget Decades Before
Somewhat Indeed to the
Chagrin of the Loved One Who Took Most Care of me
Yet again that was only one Path of Life And Now is Another

With SMiLes...

Is the Feather the Wind Or
Is the Wind The Feather; Well,

The 'Forrest Gump' Movie Answers

The Question of Free Will and Determinism

With Both;

In Other Words,
We Have Relative Free

Will; We are Both the Feather and The Wind;
No Different Than How The Wind Flies the Bird

And The Currents of the River Swim The Fish;

If We Truly Let Go And Make Our Best Effort in Life,

We Tend to Reduce Anxiety By Not Trying to Materially

Reduce Reality, Imposing So Much Illusory Order; For Instance,

We Create SideWalks; We Walk One Way; Repetitively So Indeed,

We Develop Ergonomic Injuries ThiS Way; Cumulatively, Over

the Course

of Our Lives

As We No Longer
Forage More in 360 Degrees
Versus Straight Ahead in Sidewalk Life;

Indeed, Much Of Our Pre-Determined Lives
Are Imposed By Our Cultures, Collectively So
As Tradition That Can Be Literally Insane; Like

Being Glued to 6 Inch Screens, Even Driving a Car,
Losing the Overall View of the Horizon as the Predator

Eats Us Ahead, We Never See The Oncoming Car Ending Our Life.

It's True, Relatively

Speaking, Some Human
Beings Exercise More Relative
Free Will Than Others; It's Easy

To Get Lost in 'The Order,' All
The Materially Reduced Illusions

And Experience A Much Smaller ReaLiTY iNdeed...

People Have Often Asked me Why i Write The Way i Do;

Why i Spiral Dance in Public The Way i Do; And Why It's

Truly Impossible to Predict What i Will Do Next, as Far

As Specifically Every Move of Free Dance And Every Word

of Song in Free

Verse Poetry;

Of Course i Am the Wind;

If, Someone Traps me in

A Jar of CuLTuRaL Tradition,

i No Longer Exist; At Least Not
With This Much Relative Free Will...

Nah, i Don't Really Find it Surprising,
Some Folks Insist They Have Zero Free Will...

Self Fulfilling

ProphecY iNDeeD

And Part of the Walls
Ceilings and Floors of
CuLTuRaL TRaDiTioNS...

As A Side Note, A Human Being
Exercising Really An Incredible
Amount of Relative Free Will Now
in A 'Dark Way' Is Donald J Trump
As He Understands How Little Relative Free

Will Others

Who He Rules
Over NoW As His
Minions Have, Overall,
Supporting Such an Overtly
Despicable Leader; Of Course,

'The Minions' Series of Movies
Already Predicted What 'Minions' Do;
It is Fairly Easy for Demographics With
Very Little Relative Free Will Lost in Vast

of Tradition
Enclosed by
Walls, Ceilings, And Floors,
Such as the Fox News Channel, Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
When We Play With
The UNiVeRSE Like

A Child the UNiVerse

Responds in Kind

When We Start
To Impose Order

That's the Beginning
of the End of the Real MaGiC

Until The Child is Reborn BacK iN Play


Ah Yes Just
Letting Go And
ALLoWinG The
MaGiC To Return to Play...

As Long as We Don't Start
Labeling THE MaGiC With One Name...

Soul Till The
Day Ya Die
Yep That’s How
James Brown Did

With SMiles...

Catholic Mass Readings God Yes From
The Wee Wee Hours of February 18th 2024

Also Celebrating the 126th Month Anniversary of
"SonG oF mY SouL" EPiC Longest Long Form Poem
RiSinG to 12.6 MiLLioN Words Now as Words Carry on

And Become A Kind of Flesh of THeir Own as Of Course
These Words are Only Avatars Approximations of mY SoUL

Yet Still They Carry Dust of Who i Am in the Words Deep From
Soul Yep Mostly Right Hemisphere and Left Hand Holistic Big

Picture Views
of Life Steeped
Deep In Metaphor
As The Right Hemisphere
More Left Handed Way Processes

Existence Within Inside Outside Above
So Below And All Around as the Right Handed
Left Brain Way of Processing Reality Tends to Materially

Reduce Reality
And Grasp at What
Is Needed to Survive instead

of Just Letting SPiRiT Go Oceanic
SoUL HeART Free of Course We Gotta
Eat too and Focus on the Fine Details of Getting

A Meal
And Shelter
And The Such too

So True We Do Need
A Left Brain A Right Brain
And Left Hands And Right Hands too

So What Does that Really Have to Do With
The Catholic Mass Readings Well When it Says at
'The Right Hand of God' It is Referring to Materially

Reducing Existence
And Also Attempting to
Put All That is AKA God

iN A Word
As Small As
3 Letters Restricting

Yes Materially Reducing
The Existence of So-Called
God in a Rather Minuscule Report

of 800 Or So Thousand Words Written
By So Many Ghost Authors Scribes With
Mistakes and Intentional Changes too Among

of Course Political
And Church Leaders
Who Got to Select Which
Mix and Match Scripts Go in
By The Close to Final Revisions
That Continue to Change as We Breathe

As Of Course Every Breath is A New Existence
of Us as Well at Best Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

Yes Words Delivered in Mutual and Consensual Ways
of Understanding

Do Provide Some
Potential of Seeing
Fine Details and the
Gestalt of All Of Existence Whole
Always Changing Now Never Really The
Same and By God Surely Not Limited to Any One

Book Any One Human

Or Any One Culture

And Or Religion too

Or Any One Planet

And Perhaps Not Limited

To Any One UNiVeRSE Now And Then
Particularly As That Relates to Unique
'Views' of All Parts Existence Creating the Whole

Every Leaf Unique Yet Still Part of the Forest Trees

And Roots and the Trunk And Branches of Every Living

Gump Whole
Hehe Feather and Wind Same
Always Changing Now A New Creation

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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19 Feb 2024, 12:05 am

Gift of SPiRiT HeART SoUL All Ours

To Grow And EVoLVE iNDeeD Dear

Savvy All the Way ACRoSS A Life

Span We BRinG

DarK Thru LiGHT

One Way Up to Rise
LoVE iN Peace Even

Out of DarK
With SMiLes
Shining The

Way to More LoVE iN Peace...

Love’s Choice
Born Of

Since Science Shows
Reasons Are Delivered By Feelings

Thanks So Much.. ilonapulianauskaite
For Dropping by the Long of All of what i do
Here with a Blue Heart With Smiles i Rarely Receive
A Blue Heart Before And Per the Benefits of Meditation
Both Moving And Still Meditation.. Yes.. Infinite Peace and

Harmony Now
As Achieved
More through
A Meditative
Practice of
Life With a
Great Diet
And Loving Connections
oF UNconditional LoVE iN

Peace New

With Other
Humans Now
is surely a Path
to Heaven Now
the Kingdom of Love
Free to Be Within my Friend...

It's Most Often True When People Greet And
Meet me they get more than they Expect With SMiles...

Those of Us Who have Been to Hell Naturally
Appreciate Heaven Now as the Rest of Nature

More As Harmony in Peace And Bliss too...

Regarding "Dreamed Up Reality" Now;
The Ground is Only Solid As We Dance it.
The Sky is Only High As We Sing it.

What Else is there
And Song;

As Far as i Know
i Feel i Float i go High;
What is There Yet Fun;

I Don't Make Any Money Doing 'It';
Yet i Make my Reality Floating Now
All Naturally High No Way to Make
Money; Dance And Singing Partners
Come and
Go; Yet
They Continue
to Come What more
Do i Need to Know; Nothing Yet LoVE iN Peace
Nothing Yet Loving Life; Nothing Yet LoVE iN Peace
Life Is Easier
As A Dance
And Song;
is Key and Naked
of Target Audiences
Fitting-in and Cultural Clothes.

Drugs, any Drugs Will Only Dilute 'Heaven' for me.
Anyway; Thanks For Sharing 'the Video'; The Dude
In 'the Video' Gets it; And perhaps He'll find it too;

As Far as i Can And
Will See if 'You'
Find it
On a Naked
Beach with
only 'Your'
Foot Prints 'it' Doesn't Exist.

Karma Only Far Away
As Fearless Love With
Most Respect Least Harm
iN Peace Forevernowmoreheaven

Luke 17:21, According to the Christian Bible,
At Least, One of the Few Parts Great
That Actually Makes Sense Says 'You' Will

Find the Kingdom of Heaven Now

No Where, Yet Within;
Don't Expect to
Find Hell
Else Either;
Nope, It
Take A Rocket
Scientist Logic
to Figure that
Out By Looking

Within too;

Of course,
Only If All
You've Ever
Experienced and
Or Heard About is
Heaven Within; Yes,
By Science Terms, Autotelic
Flow With Copious Amounts of
Divine Frisson Like 10,000
Greater Orgasms And More in
Every Connection
From Head
to Toe and
More; Other Terms

Include Satori,
Prana, Samadhi,
Tao, Chi, So Many
More; Yes, Kundalini
RiSinG, Basically
Escaping Now So
Much Neo-Cortical
Control And Using
So Much More of
Human Potential in Flow;

Yes, i Did Seek and Find
Heaven Within Eternally
Now And
Is Likely Unique
As Well as All Others
Or This Nature Might

Otherwise Get 'God Bored'
And Not Enjoy Heaven So Much

Now Within;

In Short
Love is
Good When
Heaven Within

Breathes Loving All NeW iN Peace
of Life is Good DarK Thru LiGHT;
i Believe i saw that on a T-Shirt too...

Flames Fires
GRoW iNto Love...

Without Told

Poetry iS A Window to the Sky
Soul Below
In Focus A Voice Within Rises

With God ALWaYS
THere Is Art Exploring
Never Ending Painting
Gift Paint A Loving Brush...

Never EndinG OPen Canvas Now

Two Kinds Of Roses Gifted New
Those For Fall Those For Rise

Not All Love Is To Conquer

Whole Meaning Of FRiEnDS
Cloudy Days Sunshine God
Shared Within Free No Fear

i Suppose A Best Way to Celebrate A Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem Is To Cover The Human
Condition/More in One More Long Poem Now

Freedom From 'the Dogmas of Religions', Such A Blessing

Indeed; And Also So Hard to Do 'Back in the Day,' Before
The Internet And "Contact," With The Rest of the World Seeing

Reality So Much Differently Than the Locality i LiVE iN That once
Held the Record For the Most Christian Churches Per Capita And

Definitely Mostly Evangelistic Fundamentalist Too, to Make "Matters"
of Life And 'Things' Even More Dogmatic in Metaphor of Left Brain Ways
of Restrictive Literal Ways, of Seeing the World in Black All Bad, White All Good

So Sure
'They' Would
Be Rewarded the
Carrot of Heaven And
Avoid the Stick of Hell


If they Just Followed Every
Rule Black And White As the
So-Called Chosen Ones Still
From A Dirt Patch Small of the Middle

East; Oh Lord, Such A BiggeR UNiVeRSE And
Beyond As Carl Sagan's Religion of Science Will
Seem So Much More Real as "We aRe Truly Made of
Star Stuff," And Are "The Cosmos Unto Itself," And What Makes
This Existence Bearable Now is Our Connections to Each Other
Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating Free As Related in the Great

Sagan, Inspired Movie "Contact,"
Yes, With Jodie Foster, Playing
The Part of Astronaut, Going
Really Nowhere Yet A Mystical
Journey Within; Oh My Gosh, An Experience
of What Someone Might Metaphor As the Verb of
God Being That Way Just Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete;

Yep, BeLief, BeLeaf, BeLove, Living Trees Forest Whole Giving,
Sharing, Caring, Healing Ever More With Least Harm For All Now; Water,
Wave, Ocean Whole Free; Free, Just God Dammed, No Longer Dammed;

Free, As Any
Body of Water
With Wings to Be
WaveS Ocean Whole;

And One of The Best Things of All
Haha, i Am even Free to Touch Myself
Without RisKinG Burning Forever, AFTER DEATH, Hehe...

Lord Knows, HiSToRiCaLLY, i Feel Like A Real Fool Now Believing
Then, Dogma of Pleasure is Bad; And Folks Are Unworthy
of Living on the Planet Earth Now Without Worshipping

A Dude
Dead, Some
2,000 Years or So
Ago; Although True,
i Do Still Kind of Like
"Moonlight Sonata," Yet
i Worship The Art, Not The
Form Who Created The Art Then;
The Essence, Yes, So Far Beyond Dogma;

ART of HeART Set Free, Right Hemispheric Laden
Social-Empathic, Artistic; More Holistic, Spiritual
Emotional Intelligences For Real Set Free, to Create,




Free; No More Dogma,
To Chain the Wings of
DiViNE iMaGiNaTioN; Creativity Within! For Real!SPiRiT!

Hallelujah! Praise the Free, i AM LoVE iNCaRNaTE NoW!NeW!
A Most Pure Form of Just Positive Energy to Emanate Wherever i Go iN Peace

Like Anyone Else, as Far as i See, Feel, And Sense; For Others Who Set
Themselves Free From the Dogma of All Religions, Including Dogma of
Philosophy, Politics, And Even Science, As Let's Face Facts, the Scientific

Method is Kinda
Cool And Reliable

Yet It Is No Way Yet to
Measure the Within of
Our Inner Multi-Uni-Verses

More Fully

In All the Colors, SHaDES of
Grey, and BLacK Abyss; And Even
Beyond Rainbow Colors of Real Heaven
Within That Ironically Science Even Shows
is Real Now True, And Even No Woo, Now For Real Too...

Yet Ya See, Not All the Folks in my Locality Escaped to
Places Like College Before the Big Internet Revolution; Some
of them Stayed As Homeboys and Or Homegirls Simply Not Exposed

to Other Views
of Reality Others
Experienced More
in Other Areas of the World...

Going to A University, Attracting
Students Around the World, First Day
i Ever Met Anyone Who Ever Admitted
They Were an 'Atheist' Then; First Person,

i Ever Met, When the Name "Jesus" Was Uttered,
Who Rolled Their Eyes and Said, "Well, i'm Not Really

Sure if He
Existed," with a Smirk...

Like Anthropology Classes;
First Day i Ever Heard a Teacher
Criticize The Negative Aspects of
Christianity Then, Although it Did Seem

Rather Strange That there Was A Hippy Looking, Long Haired (Like The Ones They
Spit on in my Locality, Including me) Dude With a Beard In A Portrait Then Above My
Childhood Bed As Studies Shows Now it is Likely, Leonardo DaVinci, Who Gave Jesus
That Eccentric Look That Wasn't Even in Style, When Leonardo Walked the Earth Then,
Or In Old Jerusalem/Bethlehem Either; However, Folks Do Give Some Latitude Still to
Be Different

For the

More Gifted
Among us too;

However, Social Science
SHows, my Locality in the
Panhandle of Florida is the
Most Difficult Place to Be Different
in the United States; No Surprise, With
Several Big Disciplined Military Installations
And So Many Churches, Although They Are Starting
to Go Closed on Wednesdays and Such As That And the

Congregations are Going More Progressively Gray; and Even
Science Shows that Nation-Wide, Catholics at 70 Percent, Don't Even
Believe in the 'Magic Church Ceremony' of Changing Bread into A Literal

of the Literal
Body of Jesus
to EAT and That
Wine Thingy As Blood
Before COVID-19 Took
Away Sharing one Glass of Wine (Blood)
Among MultitudeS; How Gross is that
Anyway When Ya Really Think About Swapping

That Much
Congregating Spit...

Yeah, Or OH, NO, 'Water-
Boarding-Lite' Little Babies
For Baptism Screaming
to the Top of their Lungs;
Afraid the Ones they Trusted
The Most Are Drowning them
With the Anti-Drown Reflex Fully Employed SCREAMING;

And True, Male Genital Mutilation is Still Somewhat
oF An Atrocity; Like Female Genital Mutilation too;

Anyway, Other than Buying The 'Corn Syrup' That
Women Who Weren't Virgins Were Some How Tainted Souls

Along with the No Touching the 'Merchandise' For Breed
Before Marriage

AS How Many
Folks Actually
Limit That Human
Propensity for Real Anyway...

(Clue: Surely Not 'The Majority')

i Still Returned to Church After Leaving
All the Dogma Behind; Yep, i Left All the Dogma Behind...

Simply Discarding That Chaff, Leaving A Pay-Grade, Pay-Rate,
And Currency of Love (Wheat) to Replace All the Dogma THAT

Chaff With

Rose of
me For Real;
To Give, Share,
Care, Heal Freely
With Least Harm

And On Top of that
The Elderly Ladies Surely
Swoon Over my Singing Voice
That Every Once in a While Leads
the Choir From the Back Row Free too

in 'Coca-Cola'

Perfect Enough

Now Peace and
Harmony For me At least...

Whatever They Say, i Change into Love,
And i Forgive the Ignorance as Ignorance

Has Simply Not LEarned to See Yet; Yet When
They Harm Anyone; They ARE Gonna Hear From me;
YES, And They Have, And They've Put A Stop To Deacon's Verbally

Abusing Gay Folks, Single Women, And Even 'Evil' Hurricanes
Spreading Warmth, So the Rest of the Ocean Will Thrive More

In Nature of Life;


i Couldn't Stop the
'Trump Trope' From
Spreading Like A Pandemic;

Yet Hey, i'm Only Human; All
i Have NoW iS A Pen and Piece of Digital
Paper; And Free Verse Poetry to Change
the World a Little Bit More Toward A SMile
For All, WHeRE i Live, And Do LoVE At Least

(Really Though, 19,488 Miles of Public Dance Now
in 126 Months, Works Much Better With No Words
at All, Than 12.6 MiLLioN Words of EPiC Longest Long
Form Poetry Freest Verse Now in 126 Months of That Part of
my Personal Religion, Ever Since August 18, 2013, Set So Dammed Free)

In Simply/Complexly
Effortless Ease Continually
More Potential UnWRaPPinG in Autotelic Flow
Of Dance And Song, So Very EPiCaLLy Free NoW

NeW, WHeRe Every Move Becomes A Holy And Sacred Autotelic
Flow in Feelings Senses Emotions of Free Dance And Song of Poetry

True iN
LiGHT too...
And On the Other
HandS AGAiN, i Can't
Really Blame Folks For
Not Seeing ALLNature As
God As Someone Like me
Whose Elders First Settled
Close to Sugar White Beaches, Emerald Green Waves, Swaying Sea Oats,
Seagull Wings me Just Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete Living ALL ONE Spiraling
Around This Free Sunshine Above So Below Within Now; Not Everyone Lives HeaR
WHeRE i Do; And i am FoRTuNaTE i Do, So Close to the 'Contact' of Pensacola


As Navarre
Beach Adjacent
WHeRE mY Elders
Settled, Even More Beautiful
Pristine Pure, Worthy of A Name

Than Just
A Three Or
Five or Every Letter Word...

True, i Also Agree With
Carl Sagan's Religion As
So Beautifully Expressed in the Movie "Contact"

And 'For Real' GlobAlly Wide NoW As "REAL Avatars"
Will Fly Free Now


At the
oF LoVE FoR ReaL...

There is No Escaping Religion in Some Form
From Essence, It is the Shared Symbols And
Ideologies Humans Bond and Bind Over As Hairless
Apes Now Still Strong Enough to Survive And Thrive;

And Hey the Placebo Effect is Real Per the Power of
Suggestion and Belief in a Wafer of Bread Named Jesus too

For Potential Healing For Those Who Truly Believe Essence

Same No Different than at the Doctor's Office With Another Pill

A Religion of iNHaLinG Peace, EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
For All Might Be So Very Nice, if We Come For Contact to BREaTHE
ThiS Way


Caring, Healing,
More Freely With Least
Harm for All; Generally
Speaking, What Humans Do

When they Actually Really Need
Each Other to Survive, Foraging, Even Thriving ALiVE For
Real Dancing the Night Away in Autotelic Flow to Rhythm
of HeART Beats

in Synch

iN Free Moving,
Connecting, Co-Creating
'Contact,' Where The Child
Becomes The Ultimate Prize
of the Village to Raise As Love
ACross Entire LifeSpans DarK Thru LiGHT


Ever More

Now As Play
Slays Fear and
Love Survives As US
ToGeTHeR Again Free;
Is IT Anything New, Not ReAlly;
Just Being Human NoW As Naturally
Evolved; Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete
Living in Relatively Small Homogenous Groups

And THeRE iN Lies
And Tells the Truth of
The Problems; Our Love
For Each Other Has Made
Tools of Words And Swords
And Silos to Store Grains Meanwhile

We've Been

From Loving
Free So Far Away
in Layers of Clothing From Who
We Even Naked, Enough, Whole,
Complete Are ToGeTHeR AGAiN Real
As Skyscrapers Built From Angles Touch

the Sky

So Lost From
Angel Wings
Now Breathing
Love ToGeTHeR
Again Within New; So Naked,
Enough, Whole, Complete Freer
Again, In Relatively Small Homogenous
Groups in Balance With 'The Circle of Life

Freer' ALiVE NoW...

Yawn, Too Big to See;
Too Small to Fix it; That
i Leave Up To Each Individual
IT All


Loving iT ALL Like me...

Oh My Gosh, Dear Hawaii FRiEnD my Wife
Katrina Loved The Sea Turtle Resting on
The Sands Of Peak Surf Season Beaches

Searching Shores For Whales As Well,
And Dutifully Impressed With Your
Fermenting And Rising Dough

As She Hasn't Tried Making
Bread that Way Also i Loved
The Smiley Face You Put on the
Wrapper Always Spreading Joy From

Paradise With Kind Pets Accompanying
All Your Surfing Fun Dear FRiEnD Still

Enjoying Snow
Full Moon Soon
Here in

Brightly Lit
Nights With
Some Cold Days
Soon Turning Warm
Again With Beach SMiLes Here too...

SMiles Dear Cindy Only
Separated By 4 Years in
Numbers Of Age in

Sunny California As
You Practice Your
Yoga on Your Patio

As i Do Free Style
Moves of Spiraling

Nature iN FLoRiDA Green
Sunshine too ReMeMBeRinG

We aRe Only As Young

Or Old As The Sunshine

Within We Give Share Care

Heal All With Most Respect

Least Harm iN JoY oF LiGHT

Naked Enough Whole

Complete Finger Tip

And Twinkle Toe

Star LiGHT Ease

FRiEnDS With

Gravity Balancing

Newly Now SMiles

With tHE ALL iN (GoD) iN

We Come
To Be i Am


Dear FRiEnD
With SMiles...

Holding Hands Around
The World With Light

Love And
is the Rise Dear

Savvy FRiEnD You
Are Surely Soaring too


All my Pleasure
Dear Savvy
With SMiles
Each Day i Visit
A Treasure to
Be Inspired
Honor to
Free With SMiles...

Hehe, in a Way i Do Give
Negative Thoughts Legs
Dear Chaymaa, i Turn them

into Joy
of Free
Then Song
Takes Them
All Away in Play
Slaying All the

Away With SMiLes...

A Greatest Potential
Of Humanity is to Develop
Ability to Remain in a State
Of Non-Fear

No Worries

And Really

Just Loving It All

Yes, DarK Thru LiGHT

NoW Enjoying Life Instead
Of 'Preparing For the End
Of the World' That is Pretty
MUCH A Common Hobby For Folks

Who Haven't Learned to Regulate
Their Emotions and Integrate Their

Senses; So, i Suggest to Prepare For Really Living NoW iN Full

To Be So Busy In Joy, Where Death And Or Fear That isn't

Much Different NoW

Is No Part of Life...

Likely No; Possible

Yes, my Reality Now...

i Don't See WHere I am

So Special WHere Others

Will Fully Breathe Without Fear too...

Thank You
Dear Astha
Hehe i’m


SMiLes Dear Samreen
What’s Interesting
About my Wife
Katrina Close
To 54 Now
With Her
Father And Mother
With Irish And American



Her Differently

And She Will Fit
In Almost Any




As Any Different

And True Not Too

Long Ago Visiting

A College A Professor

Passing By Asked

Her Which


She Was Taking

Hehe She Never


To Go

To College
She Was Sort
Of Born With



At Least
An Empath


SMiLes i Also
Loved The Seagull
Small Tracks By The
Advanced Piece of

Machinery The

Honda CRV



Yet Does

It Glide

And Spiral

Around The

Sun in Flight

No Just A Poor

Excuse For Life

The Beach

Is My


My Wings

Are My Beach

My Dance Tracks

Spiral And Refuse

Roads And


Only Meadows

Of Spring Only



Wings See my FRiEnD




Fly Higher Spring

Thanks For Coming
By “LeSSoN 316

Moon Child Arrives”...

Never Been to The Top of A
Skyscraper Never Flown in A Plane
Been to the Moon in Your
Eyes And the
Stars on Your
Cheek A
Kiss of Love
So Pure Your
Sun Smile Speaks...

Hurricane Of Love Never
Touching Always Feeling
Rainclouds Storming
Now Waking
More For All
Of Hurricane’s
Poetic Words as
Rain Drops Keep
Falling on His Head
Day and Night Fruition
Of Beauty Visits Winds
Feather Tides

His Soul
Until His
Heart Wakes
Up Again Spirit

Soaring Floating All
Of His Body Lost in
Highest Clouds of
Hurricane Arms
Bands of
Circling Around
His Soul Again Never
Ending Story Always

Starting More Raindrops
Of Hurricane’s Poetic
Words carried by
Brings Downpours
In Tears of Joy Just

To Be Alive Enjoying
Every Raindrop of
Eyes Now
Perfect Storm
Of Love
Always Felt
Hurricane Now
With Angel Wings...

Dancing Singing
In the Wind
Ever Now
Always Living
When Fire And Ice
Make Love in Hurricane
Winds of Words to carry
Of Hurricane
Beyond All Labels
Of Categories Only Love...

He will make Her Ice Glow
By Fire until
A Flower
Of Her Grass
For He and Her
Hurricanes only


Only if You
Count All Rain
Drops in YouR
Eyes Will
Know How
Much i Love
Hurricane Y.O.U.
Just Another Face of God True...

SMiLes Dear Rue i Surely Will Relate to
Your Poem As Inspired By The Challenge

Of Losing A Parent Condolences Again
For the Loss of Your Father 27 Years to

Date Ago This Day on February 18th

True my Mother Went to Her Death Bed
On Valentine's Day Unexpected in 2017

Her Desire to Go As Naturally As Possible

Without Food or Drink the Doctor Said it Usually

Takes 3 Days Yet Her Heart Fed By Love Unusually Strong

A Full 8 Days We Sat Beside Her Playing Her Favorite Song

'Time' For Her to Hear

By Alan Parsons Then

True Every Year For These

8 Days i Make a Special Offering

Of LoVE iN Peace Every Where i Go

iN Fact Even in the Silence Deafening

After Her Last Breath i Continue Her Breath

Of Unconditional Love Not Just This 8 Days Yet

All Year Around in Honor of the Soul of Unconditional

Love She Gifted me From my Life As A Small Child too

With SMiLes God Yes

We Remember Those

We Love THeiR Love

Lives on in Our


And Yes

EYes That Give
Share Care Heal
For All With Most
Respect and Least Harm
Yes INHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE

From Dear Ruehla too iN JoY oF LiGHT

FRiEnDS With Gravity as i Have Practiced

A Public Dance Long Enough Where my Finger Tips and

Twinkle Toes Are the Weight of LoVE iN Peace Naked Enough Whole
Complete With SMiLes As the "SonG oF mY SoUL" ContinueS oN TRuE iN LiGHT...

Houses of Memories

Living Until the

Sun Shine

Away The Shadows...

SMiLes Dear Miriam...

SMiLes Dear Sohair There Used to Be A TV Show in
America Back in the 70's in my Middle School Years

Called 'Kung Fu' About A Half American Chinese

Boy Taken in A Shaolin Monastery Where

He Learned The Martial Art of Kung Fu

And Associated Philosophies

With Buddhism As A Way

Of Life of Balance And Compassion

For All Of Nature in Peace And Harmony

His Graduation Was Very Simple All He Would

Have to Do is Snatch A Pebble Out of the Hand

of His Mentor Monk From the Very Start And After

Years And Years of Study And Training He Finally Gained

The Attention And Focus in Flow to Achieve the Task and Graduate

Liberating Himself

To Go Where Ever He
Wanted to After That

And It's True in a Way of Simplicity

That Comes From a Rather Complex Looking

Task As Whole of Writing 12.6 MiLLioN Words Now

(As of the 126th Month Anniversary on 2.18.2024)

of Free Verse Poetry in an EPiC Longest Long Form

Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" ALonG With 19,488 MiLes of

Public Dance Farther Than Half Way Around the Equator Yes

in Distance Also Now in 10 Years and 6 Months Yes 126 Months

Becoming The Weight of my Finger Tips Finally in Balance is

A Way Of Liberating my Soul Mind And Body Whole As Weight

of Finger Tips in Balance Equals Balance of Soul Whole As Well

Mind and Body SoUL Whole mY FRiEnD FRiEnDS With Gravity iNHaLinG
Peace Yes ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All Giving Sharing Caring

Healing With Most Respect And Least Harm Yes Compassion For

All FRiEnDS With Gravity Harmony And LoVE iN Peace THiS WaY

As It's True THere is No End in How LiGHT mY Finger Tips

Will Evolve in Mind and Body Balancing SoUL So

True The Liberating is Always STaRTinG OPeN



NeW iNDeeD God Surrounding

All i Do to

i AM
With SMiLes

A Very Large Hug

WitH SMiLES iNDeeD...

SMiLes Dear Kiran There is No Greater

Power and Or 'Riches' Than Regulating

Emotions Integrating Senses in Whatever

Art We May Do Generating Our Own

Happiness Free of Negative

Reactions For Whatever

Comes Our Way

In LoVE iN Peace

Of Life However of Course

That's A Full Life Endeavor

For That Kind of Liberation From

Negativity in Life So Hard to Do in A World

of Deadlines And Striving Just to Survive Maybe Even

Yet the Best

And Truest Answers

Will Be Found Within

Naked Enough Whole Complete

Yes Mastering The Within to Give
Share Care Heal Free As Give Becomes

Again Naked
Enough Whole

Complete Where

You Are the One Who

Establishes All Your Value

With No Need For Any Reward

Or Award From Any Other Part of Life


This Gift

This Breath

Of Life You Paint

With All the Colors

of the Wind Yet To
Sail Your Soul Even Freer...

Yet of Course This is Only

How i Paint my Sails


"A constipated man robs a toy store.

He steals everything but one teddy bear.

Because he is unable to take a Pooh" Hehe

Oh Dear Lord Mr Gottfried All Your Constipated
Jokes made my Wife Laugh as i Read Them to Her

At Whataburger tonight

Truly Hilarious Trip It Is

What is Really Difficult

Though is Constipation
of Government And Human
Beings Over Politics and Religion

As It's True Humans At Core Seek
to Get Along With Each Other Particularly

Hehe if We Leave Off All the Words i Find This
to Be True When i Dance More Than i Talk as You

May See Fit

Flooding the
Nile Banks AS Such

It's True i Never Get Word
Blockage It's Always A Full Run

On Words HAha and Movements of

Dance too Just Spreading A TSuNaMi

All Around the World Nope Never

Constipated in Dance And

Song Yet True

Increasingly When
Human Connections
Gets Constipated and

Division Rules a Land

Look Out as there

is Only So Much

'Stuff' Civil

Will Miss Before
Constipation of Connections

Ends Up Being Totally Nuts Out of Bolts Now

It's All A Classical Gas Give Or Take Relief at the

oF LoVE iN Peace
Oh What A Cliche Life is...

SMiLes Dear Anita Wonderful Interview With
Celebration of Your Amazon India Number 1
Seller of "Hanuman" Until i Met You i Really

Had Not Heard
Much About this
Hindu Deity Yet Really

Surprising How Wide and
Far The Story Was Adapted
in the Far East and How Much
Inspiration it has Provided to Martial

Arts Including A Particular Style
Free of Kung Fu Dedicated as Such

Best Wishes to You on Continued Sales of
The Book and the Ones You have Planned

For the
too With SMiLes...

There is a New 'King
Kong and Godzilla Movie'
Coming Out Where They Team
Up and in a Way King Kong Plays
The Role of a 'Deity' To Save Nature and Us

too Yet I'll
Probably Go
No Further than
the Trailer As Those
Movies Are Mostly

Dedicated to
Death and

There is Enough
Of That In the Real
World Still By Human Cause Now
A Similar Movie in Warring Kingdoms
is Coming With A New 'Planet of the Apes' Movie too...

Wow! Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD Wonderful
Photos Of Panda
All Looking
Well Loved With
SMiles A Best
Kind Of Family
Photo Memory

i Have

Too Hehe...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Gender: Male
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20 Feb 2024, 4:30 am

A Rain Drop Falls The Ocean Rises
HeARTS oF FLoWeRS Roses Spiral

Ever More Blooming With Thorns

And New Colors

To Birth

Creativities in Human
iMaGiNaTioNS Into NiGHT
Darkness Flows Deep Within

As Day
Dear Savvy With SMiLes...

"Sole Mates" It's True i Have A Few
Too Dear Miriam As That Relates to

Dancing With Athletic Shoes All

Through 126 Months So Many

Soles Worn Down Yet New

Birthing As They Wear Down
Public Dance Brings Expanding

Creativity Out of the Meditative
Flow A Free Moving Dance Will Be
Generating FRiEnDS With Gravity Mind
And Body Balancing Soul Whole WHere Soles

Of Athletic Shoes Truly Bring Soul Mate Within

For Real

True The



Never Ending
ALiVE AS Humanity
May Literally And Metaphorically
Become A Dance And Song Out of
Mind Out of Time Out of Distance Out of Space

And True Out Of Only A Matter of 'Things' Yes

Like These Avatars of Words That Are Actually
No Part of my Physical Being Yet Avatars Birthed As

And Song
WILL Freely
Upload Soul
From Within With SMiLes...

Happiness Far Away
As A Car And Home (etc)
Close As Dance And Song...

SMiles Working With the Public For Decades in a Service through Managerial
Through Administrative Capacity Really Directly Interacting With Both the Public
And Work Force Likely Measuring Over 100,000 Interactions With Folks over the

Course of all those Years

The People i still

Remember the People

Who i Most Was Attracted

to Be Around Are Still the

People Who Are


to Others,

Pets, and Even

The Rest of Nature

And Particularly People

Who Put People First

For When i Find



That i Just

Really Will Never Go Away

Of course until they Go Away

For It is So Fulfilling to See

Other Folks take

Such a

Loving Interest

In Almost Everyone they Meet...
i Believe this often Comes From Overcoming
Hardships in Life And More Easily Being Able
to Put Ourselves in the Shoes of Others many of those
Who may have not had the Same Advantages in Life For
It is Easy to Love People We Find Attractive and by the way
All Your Suggestions are Excellent all of them indeed a Test

Comes When the
Person Doesn't

Seem Very

When They
Are Having an Off Day

And Perhaps Even an Off Year Then
Shall We Have the Same Compassion
And Love For Them When Their Lights
of Attractiveness Go Out Sadly Even the

Kind People who may not be Perceived
As Attractive in Physical Ways may be tossed
Away in Just a Shallow World of Skin Deep Smiles Dear
Ava Kindness Deserves Kindness How Precious Kindness
That Just Never Gives Up No Matter Now How Lives Change...

And Of Course This is why i Never Miss A Week on Your Blog
And Miss You if You Miss A Week... You are one of the Most
Consistent Kind Persons i've really ever met in life in my


This is the

Way to never

Even Die

For When We

Are Down And Someone

Sweet and Kind Comes our Way

It Will Change our Life to be kind to
Others Long After the Kind One Before Goes...

There are surely Angels in this World When i was down
Really down when i couldn't stand any Light or Noise with
All the pain i had in 66 Months i went to A Gym and there was
This Young Woman Who Was Always Singing Beautifully There

i was nothing Like i am now so ill then barely even Human at all...

Yet You See it didn't Matter to her if i was the "Hunch Back of Notre Dame"

She Would Always Turn the Lights Down In the Gym Just for me as she could feel my pain...

That was 17 or 18 years ago... i still remember the Kindness of Her Face and i'm sure she is still




There is still Good Left in the World...
Indeed these are the People We May Remember Most
The People Who Are There For Us When We are the Living
Dead... Once i'm a Friend to someone i have No Ability to Turn

my Back on them

It Doesn't

Hurt to Give....

Kindness A Greatest Gift of All...
True the Happiest Part of all
Going to Hell on Earth was
Learning to be a FRiEnD
Like My Mother Who



Up on me...
Love Like A
Mother Nurture
A Plant Never Let it Die..

Will A Mother Love All Her
Children Yes A Mother of Love Or
Any Human of Love Will Love 'Them All'...

Oh Dear Rue i surely Hope You Aren't Feeling Like
The Gif of the Woman With Her Face
Splashing off like Human Colored
Coffee Yet True Live and

Learn to Put People
First When All the Glue
Of A Truly Loving Face
Is Put Together Warm
And Cozy to Spread

A Love of Putting Every
Star of Human First Or at
Least Whatever our Capacity
May Be to Do that of Course as
Limits Do Reasonably Apply to All We Do...

Time is Only As Deep And Long Now As We Love
Now All the Colors Moving, Connecting, Co Creating
All That We Do ToGeTHeR As Human NoW... Eternally

NeW Love Is Well Invested As Time Out of Time Eternal Love
For Giving Sharing With All For Giving Thanks Giving LoVE NoW

You Feel a Bit

Like Family

i Missed You
It's Nice When
We are So Easily
Able to Make A Stranger into Family my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Soni So Nice to
See All Your Happy Birthday
Faces With Cakes of Previous
Years today Indeed Happy Birthday to You!

May You Enjoy
Your Fun Day
All The Way

Through With All
Your Friends in Celebrating Life...

SMiles Dear Savvy Reading Along
As It's So Easy For me to Visualize
And Viscerally Feel What i Read Hehe

i Was Wanting To Save the Child From
The Father Who the Town-Folk Were
Gonna Trust to Carry on His Shoulders
Tight Rope Walking Between Two Tall Buildings Again....

And It's True While there is Nothing Much Greater than
Trust Gained Through An All Loving Forgiving Thanks
Giving God We Search And Find Within There of

Course Are Many God's Described Much
Differently Across Cultures to

Discern The Love
From the Chaff

Will Help Bring

Total Loving Courage Faith's Trust
In Wisdom Beauty of Love For All...

Oh Dear Lord Yes Mr
Gottfried Lord Just
Imagine How Many
Tabs Are Open

ACross my

Boggling Mostly
To Mortals Hehe...


Oh Dear Lord
Dear FRiEnD

You’ve Been
In So Many

And Flown In So
Many Planes All Around
The World At Half my Age

Only Terrestrial
Ground For me

With Arms For Wings
Of Dance And Twinkle
Toes Flying Dance With

Finger Tips Yes Weight
Of All my 111+ Kilograms

Balancing in Aerodynamic

Free FLoWinG Dance

Hehe Yet Still i’m

So Grounded On Store
Smooth Floors While Yes!

You Explore So Far Above

And Even Frozen Cold

So Far Above in Northern

Latitudes Too Darn You

Are Already

And i am Just
An Earth Bound Department
Store Misfit With Twinkle toes Hehe...

It Was So Funny That Day
When You Were So Mad
At What You Named As
My ‘Wild Ass Detective


Hehe It Was

So Endearing

To Finally See You

Explode That’s What

FRiEnDS Are For To
Withstand All Explosions

And Hang
With You
Below So Above

With SMiles Anywhere

You May Go True From
Hell to Heaven For Real...

Never A Dance And Song Alone
Dear Savvy Always A Song Coming

From a Dance Allone

True i Used to Play
The Piano All Alone

Solo Now i Hear The
Echos Coming From

Other Souls

In Tune


Touching New
Horizons More...

Smiles Dear Chaymaa
Hallway Long Now With

Doors Never Fearing

Opening Any of The Doors

Anymore Every Door A New Adventure

A New World
To Come

As Long
As Open Ones

Lead Out of HallwayS Old...

Throwaway Shows
Just A Way to Trim
Sleepless Nights
Better than
Counting Sheep
Throwaway Shows
Until Dreams Turn
Into Nightmares And


Shows Return
Vaguely Vaguely
i Remember Those Nights too
Sending Anxiety and Fears to

Seas Never Riding Those Waves Again Now
Fair Winds Following me Sunshine Sleeping

Rising Soon New...

Wide Awake


Arms God Yes
Ocean Whole
Waves Waves
Throw Away Fears
And Anxieties Waves Waves New Now

Flow Just Enveloping All Never Ending Now...

SMiLes Naked, Enough, Whole
Complete Young SaaniaSparkle

How In The World Will We Ever
Achieve Heaven Now if We ARe

Never Satisfied With the Quality
And Quantity of our Life Now

Oh to Imagine and Create
As The Flower New Yes

And Does
Not Look

Back to Wilting Life Yes
Our Problems Generally
SPeaKinG Are The Past
And Future MiSSinG

The Present
Inhale of
of Love We Bloom
Now This Miracle This
Gift Only To Color Life and Love More
Through DarK And LiGHT Only Adventure Now


Ever Hope
Peace Love Faith BLooms...

Lovely Poem of Hope Faith is Love
Dear Sohair Indeed Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN LiGHT oF JoY For All
With Most Respect
Yes With Least
Harm True With
Differences that
Separate Us And
Similarities in Giving,
Sharing, Caring, Healing
That Bond Us And Bind Us
ToGeTHeR As A Force of LoVE

A True Religion For All iN

DarK Thru LiGHT

For All Again
With Least


That Only
of Differences and
Similarities Will Bring

To Feed The Poor Not Just
Food to Clothe The Poor Not
Just Clothes Yet to Fill And Feel

Souls oF All To Rise All Up to Roses
Beyond Thorns mY FRiEnD to Truly
Bloom As LoVE


For Real New NoW

Yes, BeLief, Beleaf, BeLove
Living Trees Forest Whole
Love For All Every Leaf Rising
And Falling Feeding All of Love

Yes, Waves Water Ocean Whole Swimming
in This Place of LoVE EternAllY New Now Real...

So True Dear
Sohair Love
Makes Life
No Reasons
Just Blood
Turning Into
Wine of Life SMiLinG...

Oh Dear Lord Mr. Gottfried my Wife's

Family Looks Like the United Nations

One Of Every Kind and Type For Real

Yet My Father's Side

Oh Goodness is

More Like The

End of the Lines

And That's Why i'm
Gonna Continue to
Make A Big Bang WHiLE

i Am Here Hear

Or At Least Leave
A Few Fumes oF
Free Dance And Song

Other Than That Life Smells Great!
And The Family Is Mostly DoinG AS Expecting...

iNDeeD Dear Kiran

All is Change At

Best We Ride The

Waves Of Ocean Whole

Without Attempting to Hold

The Water in Our Fists

Or Punch The

Ocean As

Of Course

Ocean Returns
Unharmed As
We May Do too
If We Remain Water
And Formless ThiS Way True...

SMiLes Giving A Euology

At mY Father's Funeral Dear

Miriam my Uncle Complained

That i Was Wearing Shorts and A


Some How

my Father Put
Away His Suit
After He Retired too

If Only We Could Have
Found What Lives Underneath
my Father's SKin Oh to Know And
Feel and Sense A Loved One Enough to

Miss Them
With A Tear...

There Are Losses

That Never Even Begin

And There Are Loves

Where the Suit

of Soul Alway Lives...

True It's Life It's Warm

It's Cold It's Colorful And Stale

And Some Days You Just Wanna Get Through...

And Some



Wanna Leave
Eternally New Now...

Wishing You A Great
Journey on the Other

Side of the Moon...

SMiles Dear Isha A Shrinking

Issue is Caring More About Things

Than How Life Feels and Senses For Real

And Forgetting to

Put People

First Is Already

In Essence Shrinking

Humanity For Real

True Though

It's Possible
To Return Home

To Humanity With
Just A Smile At A Stranger

Or Just Any Act of Human
Kindness So Much Deeper
Than A "Matter of Things"...

Putting Humanity Behind Gets Lost ...

Ah YeS In Deed Dear

Savvy Humanity Is

As Deep As A Belly

Laugh Or Shallow

As A Sigh

Away From
LoVinG LiFE FoR ReaL...

Love When Pure A Vibration
A Frequency And Energy in

In Synergy Of All Positive
Feelings And Senses Dear

Sohair With SMiLes So Very

Healing Even Bringing A Glow

To Our Temples HoUSinG God For Real...

This Greening

Leaf These

Roots These

Vines Surrounding

Forest Whole Trees Rebirthing

All WitH LoVE iN Peace Free Newly Now...

SMiLes Dear Sohair i am Really Very Tired Yet i Always Find A New

Doorway to Creative Life After A Soul Healing Nap From

Close to Exhaustion hehe Yet It's True i am Getting

Exhausted From Nothing i Really Must

Do Yet it is So Fulfilling

Indeed to Take a
Nap Rest the Soul
And Watch New Creative
Sparks Flow After Dream
Time Deep Within Kindles The Flame

With That Sung my Head Nears the

Bed With
SMiLes Sun
Has Gone Down

Dancing Into Darkness

Ah Yes Hopefully i Will
Awake Before It's too Late...

And Day May Get Carried
Away Without me to Play...

What A Wonderful Metaphor of Welcoming Stretch Marks
in Life As FRiEnDS Dear Isha HAha and You Got me Wondering
So Asked my Wife If She Had Any Stretch Marks She Said She

Did Have a Few Ever Since about 12 Years-Old in a Growth Spurt Then

Ah Yes As You Metaphor Appreciating Stretch Marks For Growth to Whatever

Challenge Has Come or Will Come Next as True i Literally Have Never Noticed

Those Stretch Marks Now
on my Wife's Hips Before

And We Are Celebrating
A 34th Anniversary on
This Wednesday the 21st

This is What i Believe Very Rarely
Would Someone Notice Your Stretch
Marks Not Unlike my Wife Your Smile

is What Illuminates Your Essence Everywhere
You Go

Yes With

Hehe as the Reader
is showing a ThumbNail
of Just Your Smile on Yes A
Related Blog Post Named "A Wrap..."

Honestly i've Been Stretched With So
Much Adaptation to Struggles in One Life

It Feels Like i've Lived A Thousand Different
Lives in One Life to Live my FRiEnD True it Wouldn't

Be too Far
Off if Folks Could
See the Stretch Marks

in my Soul to Call me

'The Rubber Band Man' Hehe Indeed Yet It's

True No Matter How Far Stretched i Return to Balance...

And It
That is Key
With SMiLes...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Miriam It's Already Monday and Yes Somewhere
Here It's After 5 O-Clock With Nary a Drink in Hand in 'Margaritaville'

Hehe True Sunday's To Do List Included Arriving at Least by the
Homily at Church for Song that i Missed And Then There

Was Dancing All Day Through the Mall Through Barnes
And Noble Finishing A Book in a Around An Hour Listening
to Meditative Music Entertaining the Star Bucks Cafe College
Study Crowd For Free With Dance True Just Paying Forward Those Over

400 Books i've Read For Free in a Bit Over 10 Years of Sunday Routine

Finding Myself at Whataburger at Least Catching Up on the Current Day's
Writing Then Yet Chasing Sales at Several More Grocery Stores as Directed

(Dancing Through the Stores)

By Wife the Big To Do List Item
Was Finally Posting my Latest
60 Thousand or So Word Already Written

EPiC Long Form Poem Bi-Monthly Effort
Yet Lately the Multi-Media Collection Effort
For that has been Running About A Week After Writing

Already Beginning the Newer Effort Dear Lord CLoSinG in on

40 Thousand Words All i Got Done is Transferring Some Photos
i Haven't Even Actually Started Putting it Together On Monday Evening
Now For the To Do List of Yesterday Yet The thing is it's Not Like Paying

Bills That's Something

Ya Have to Do It's Not Like Work

That's Something Ya Have To Do

And True We Really Had Already Enough
Groceries Yet Buy One Get One Frees Don't
Always Come so Necessary for my Wife Indeed

How Interesting the Human Condition Will Be NoW
As Play Will Keep Ya Engaged for Every Breath of
Every Day Eternally Now Next Thing Ya KNoW Ya

Might be


Yet Ya Were
So Busy Living
Ya Left it off the to Do List Hehe

With that Said i'm Still Alive And That's
Naked Whole Complete Living Enough for me

All the
Rest Of
The Jazz Now
That Keeps the
NeW MuSiC of Life
Dancing Singing So Free...

Per the Term 'Determinism' As that Applies to Nature in General, Wiki Provides Some Guidance Below:

"Another foundational assumption to quantum mechanics is that of free will,[81] which has been argued[82] to be foundational to the scientific method as a whole. Bell acknowledged that abandoning this assumption would both allow for the maintenance of determinism as well as locality.[83] This perspective is known as superdeterminism, and is defended by some physicists such as Sabine Hossenfelder and Tim Palmer.[84]

More advanced variations on these arguments include quantum contextuality, by Bell, Simon B. Kochen and Ernst Specker, which argues that hidden variable theories cannot be "sensible", meaning that the values of the hidden variables inherently depend on the devices used to measure them.

This debate is relevant because there are possibly specific situations in which the arrival of an electron at a screen at a certain point and time would trigger one event, whereas its arrival at another point would trigger an entirely different event (e.g. see Schrödinger's cat—a thought experiment used as part of a deeper debate).

Thus, quantum physics casts reasonable doubt on the traditional determinism of classical, Newtonian physics in so far as reality does not seem to be absolutely determined. This was the subject of the famous Bohr–Einstein debates between Einstein and Niels Bohr and there is still no consensus.[85][86]"

Per The Human Experience, And Our Abilities to Materially Reduce

The Processes of Our Conscious and Subconscious Minds as

Science Suggests Our Word Thinking Conscious Minds Only

Comprise About A Half of a Percent of the Whole, This 'Will Thingy'

In Terms of Humanity Is surely more a Work of Art Than Science as
Science Simply

Doesn't Have

The Tools to
Entirely Reduce
Conscious and
Subconscious Processes of Our Existence;

However, Of Course, Some Folks Give it a Shot;

One of my Favorites is Iain McGilchrist, Well Respected
Oxford Fellow Scholar, Neuro-Psychiatrist, and Researcher

On the Processes of How Our Minds Relate to Reality for Decades on end;

In Short,

Will Is Not Free;

It Must Be 'Earned;'

It is Both Nurture and
Nature And Relative Indeed.

The Difference Between me and my
Wife When A Vehicle Passes Dangerously

Between the Next Car in Front of Us, Weaving

Recklessly As Such With No Regard to 'Reason;'

My Wife Goes 'Nuclear' Godzilla Style, and i Retain

the Moderation of my Emotions and Senses as Cool

As What Keeps Nuclear Plants Under Control, Hehe;

Is it Free Will; F No, i've Earned it Through a Practice of
Moving Meditation And Free Verse Poetry Regulating my Emotions
And Integrating Senses Through a Practice of 19,488 Miles of Public Dance

And 12.6 MiLLioN Words of FLoWinG Free Verse Poetry in 126 Months; Per the

of Such

in Practice;

Typically, in the General
Public, Folks Ask How They Can
Arrive Where i am Now; my Only

Suggestion WiLL Be Indeed Will is Not Free,

You Develop This Excellence in Regulating Your
Emotions and Integrating Senses for the Best Potential

Future Reactions to the Environment in Life Through the Course
of An Entire Life Existence; if You Spend Your Life Glued to A Screen of

Facebook News Feeds
And Tik Tok AS Such

This Ability May Turn

to Mush Losing Most

All Potential for Actually
Earning More Relative Free Will
That May Be Measured Empirically

As Real Life Benefits, Like Financial Independence
And Never Being Lonely For Loving Attention; True, As

'Emotional Intelligence' Supersedes All So Called Word Think...

And of Course As Science Shows, Relatively Speaking, Our Emotions
Precede and

Direct Most
All Of What

We Give Reasons
For What We Do Next...

If We Are Going to Materially
Reduce our Existence to Only
Word Think, We Will Be Surely
Be Missing about 99.5 Percent

of Our Other Human Potentials;

Chances Are, Being More Restricted
to Left Brain Processes of Life That Are
Useful For Grasping Tools And Detail Think Indeed;

Sadly though,

A Much Larger
Experience of REALiTY;

Yep, In Terms of Enhancing
Relative Free Will New, Actually
Earning it too; That is of Course Influenced
Now Not Only By Nurture Yet Nature too; Some

Folks, Have An Entirely Larger Mountain to Climb ThiS WaY
From Birth; However, With Appropriate 'Mountain Climbing Practice'

They May Far
Exceed Those
Only 'Gifted' at Birth;

YeP, It Was A Very Long
Climb For me; Yes, Arriving
At Age 53 And A Moral oF A Story
Is Ya WiLL Never Ever Stop Climbing


If Ya Wanna
Keep Arriving Now...

Ah Yes Dear Anita i Heard Your Video Interview Through the End

on the Way to the Mall in my SUV And When We Arrived

i Let My Wife See How You Expressed Yourself in the

Interview and Yes Hehe

It Was Very Much Like

Descriptions of Hanuman Per

"Heroic, strong, assertive excellence" and
"loving, emotional devotion to personal God"

And Interestingly Sharing the New King Kong
And Godzilla Movie Trailer on Another Site i
Express Creativity in Philosophy, Religion, and

Even Politics, King Kong Expresses Those Same

General Characteristics With The Ability to Nurture
And Protect Both Women and Children too With Never

Ever Even
Saying a
Word However

He Does Roar a Bit Like
i Do When i Work-Out at
The Military Gym Leg Pressing
Still 1540 American Pounds 12 Reps
Reaching the Age of 64 This June 6th

Additionally Carrying my 250 Or so American
Pounds of Body Weight Like the Grace of A

Feather When the Feather Becomes the Wind

i Am Not Suggesting

King Kong is Imitating
me though It's Just Human

Nature a Warrior Does More Than Fight
A True Warrior Nurtures and Protects And

in Human Form a Warrior Need Never Even
Raise a Fist to Fight As They Carry Their Selves

in Such a Confident Way of Handling Every Move
of Their Body in Fearless Grace That Potential Predators

In Human
Form At Least

Will 99.99%
In Opportunities

Choose More

Prey With SMiLes

Our Symbols We Create Cross Culturally
And Our Ideologies We Bind Over Same And

Different in Unlimited Religions At Best Express
The Best Virtues of the Human 'Condition' Now

to Live By Indeed And Sadly We Don't Always Get
Those Role Models By Family, FRiEnDS, Or Other Peers

Or Surely Enemies

So the Stories We
Share Through Centuries
At Best Do Provide A Way Ahead

Greater mY FRiEnD

True in ThiS Way

The Deity of

Hanuman is
Priceless my FRiEnD

As Story Has Always
Ruled Humanity ThiS WaY
Even Before Words Written
Even Before Oral Tradition

True as Dance All Dance Even
A Smile Dancing Across a Human
Face is the Original And Still Dominate Language of Our Humanity...

Note: Hehe A Move Toward Text Only Communication Would Likely

Be What

King Kong
And Godzilla

Would Warn
Humanity About Most

Yet Sadly the Modern Movie
Experience is Geared in Terms
of Heroes Most Toward Generating
Cheap Hits of Adrenaline With Violence

And If It's Not
That It's Usually
Scantly Clad Women

And Now Even Men hehe

'Godzilla and King Kong' Don't Worry About That
Stuff in 'Real life' We Will See them Nurturing and


Those Who
Will Survive
And Thrive in
The Future at Best...

It's Not Likely They are
Going to Have to Prove
'Their Manhood' or Other Such
Weak Illusory Fears of Human hehe...

At Least With 'Real King Kong' it's All

About the 'Fur' And Warmth...

Yep i Give Great Thanks And
Praise to Those Who Are Kind
To me iN Best oF Human ‘Condition’

Other that i Feel Another Nap Coming Hehe
Perhaps Until the Morning Finally Electronically
Blog Publishing "MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES oF

BReaD" Yet That's Nearly All Now Hehe Moving Past
40 Thousand or So Words Already Written of "LoVE iN

Peace to Be i Am" Included in the Comments Section With
The Other 60 Thousand or So Words Already Reaching Around
100 Thousand Words as 60K Word Bi-Monthly Novel Sized EPiC
Long Form Poems Continue to Come Ever Since 2020 And Long

Before Then For All 12.6 MiLLioN Words of EPiC Longest Long Form
Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" in 126 Months of Effort Along With 19,488

Miles of
Public Dance

Yes It's True
'The Rubber Band'
Continues to Get Stretched
To Throw A Few Bones to
LoVE iS Written in 'The Stone'

Or 'Something Like That' And This...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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21 Feb 2024, 2:04 am

So True Dear Savvy From the Depths of Poetic

Souls Every Connection Strikes a New

Flame Divine Deep

Within to

Birth Another
Breath of God
Free With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Miriam As i Grow
Older Appreciating All the
Strikes and Gutterballs and
Even Some Spare Makes of

The Human Condition

Increasingly i Am Finding

Favorite Human Beings

Everywhere i Go Coming

to Find It's Mostly How i Do
And View the World as Opposed to

Pre-Conceived Notions About Others

Reaching Out

i Stretch the

Efforts to Be Human
With Most Everyone i Meet Now

However Hehe Some Nuts are

More Difficult to Crack Than

Others Yet Such is the

Human Condition

When Raw

Unscripted Hehe
Yet Spreading SMiLes For Real...

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space.
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind
of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to
our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free
ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living
creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”


God Paints With Wind Touches
With Each And Every Grain
Of Sand A Soul Muse Of Woman

Dances Sings

Above Below...

NoW All i Need
iS A THeMe SonG
Then An Adventure BeGinS AGAiN Get Down Get
Down Tonight! And Do Keep Up If You Can/Will hehe

Something Small
And Red that Grows

A Flower A Rose Yes

These Plumed Feathers

This Little Bird Evolved To

Live In The Snow Wish All

The People In Texas Had this
Ability To Stay Warm With No

Heat And Thrive Even As


In Florida

You See i Have
A Big Head And Shoulders
Barrel Chest And Yes Hehe
Covered With Fur Still Mostly

From Head To Toe the Cashier

Just Asked me Recently At
The Store My God It’s Cold
Yet You Are Dressed Like You

Are Attending A Beach Party Next
Yet i Said Nope My Legs Just
Don’t Get Cold all These Dancing

Miles Keep Them Warm Haven’t
Worn Long Pants Even In The
Snow Here Since 2013 Don’t

Even Own
Long Pants
Gave Them

Away to Goodwill

Long Ago my God
my Memory Makes Movies

Of It All All Senses And Feelings
In Living Loving Color For me so You ‘See’

There Really
Is No Nostalgia
Pining Away For

Past Days i Still Remember
Clothes i Wore the Colors
And How They Felt Against

My Skin The
Year Before

You Were
Born in ‘91
And Much
Longer Before

Therefore All
These Words All
The Feelings And Senses
From Forever Now Flowing To





Was A Day

The Only Place

i Fit Them In my
Soul And Yes it Almost
Made it Eventually Explode


Why Some

Artists “Leave
Early” They Never
Wrote A 12.6 MiLLioN



To Let it All
Go So Therefore

All These Words For
Really Every Poem is
Therapy For me To Really



And Thrive

Please Try To
See it This Way

Perhaps Feel That
My Movie Maker
Memory Is Playing

All The Tapes of How
Cold And Uncomfortable
You Were In The Desert

When The Air-Conditioning

Was On True i Don’t Get very
Cold Now Yet When i Was

Young i Was Every Bit As

Indian Thin And We

Grew up With No
Heat At All in Some

Of Our Rooms We
Had Electric Blankets

At Least To Stay Warm

Now You Live Where The
Freezer Stays On Night




i Am

This Bird
To You Now
With Loving
Plumes Of Feathers

To Stay Warm Plus
i Pray You’ve Found

Warm Humans There
In The Freezer To Give

You Warm Hugs Of Kindness True

All i Have Is Feathers These




Smile And


With Another SMile...

Yes Hehe i Have A Lot Of

Palm Trees Too

Hope You Aren’t

Missing The Desert
too Much oh Lord All



Born With
A Movie maker
Memory Just So

Many Colors



Feels And
Senses Never
Any Time A Whole Life

Now to Feel Sense And Pray Tale...

SMiles Dear FRiEnD Over
The Years i’ve Come to

Feel Your Heartbeat

In Your


Your Silence Is Not

Cold Yes There is Wood
In The Fireplace it is Always

My Pleasure
To Provide

A Bit
Of Fire

To Keep Your Wood Warm

It Would Surely Be Lovely

To Hug You One Day

Stay Warm Dear


Stay Warm

my Silent Bird With Wings

And Snowflake Tear SMiles...

Hehe i Like
To Write that’s
All i Need to Feel
About Blogging



Not Really

Just The


Stray i Do Hate
To See People Wasting
Their Time Liking Every
Comment on Every



Ain’t Never
Gonna Bring
‘em The Dream
Of Fame And Fortune


Those Are
Only Empty


For What Only
Increasing Human
Potential Will Do

To Bring
All The


We Own No
One Will Take

Away No

Matter How


They May
See Us Compared
To The Autotelic

Flow Of

In A Book Loving
Dirt Nap Fantasies

More Than That Now

Heaven For

Real Within Now

We Earn And Expect

No Welfare God To

Just Dole


To Us If

We Worship

Someone Else’s

Poem Or Quote or
Yes Written Bible



Do it
Makes The

Meal Heaven
Within Always
To Generate Now

Just Relaxing
While So Many
Folks Chase


Rat Tale
They Sadly Make
For Themselves


A Rat
Race to
Nowhere really

i Gave All my Retirement
Gold To My Wife As A

Public Dancer
For 19,488 Miles
In 126 Months Folks
Have Often Notified

me Out on The

Street And in


i Am
Folk Legend
And Famous Oh

Lord Just

For Having



And Really
Dancing A

Heavenly Autotelic
Flow Meditatively At




Of Soulfully

Aware Blissful Balancing
All Center Point Existence

Does That Notification

Feel Any Better



iN A Word

No it is No
Different than The
Years i Spent Handing

Out Shoes After


3 Degrees in

College At A Military

Bowling Center i Am

No Fool i Fully

Understand That
A Smile, A Dance, And
Song Giving Sharing Freely

Caring Healing

With Most





Is the


That is Really

Now i Truly Hate
It That so Many





Is Freest

Of All That

We Are Born

Naked With to
Seek And Find Move
Connect Co-create

This Heaven ToGeTHeR Now...

Yes i Do





This Means

No One Has

Control over

My Soul

No Dead Pages oF old...

And i For one Understand

How Offended Any REAL

Lao Tzu

Or JeSuS

Would Be

If Anyone




The Natural

Response Would

Literally Be What

In The Hell Are You

Doing A Quiet



i Chant


The Ignorance

Of Brick and Mortar

Worshipping Life Hmm

Only If Those 3 Dudes

Actually Had

A Blog

Or Even


Ever Wrote A Word...

Hmm... It’s SNoWinG...

SMiles Dear
Rue No Almosts
You Are Family to




Yes Stay

Happy And



It’s Always

Summer In
The Warmest
Equator Close Jungle
Indian Tropic Hehe Yes


A Monkey

For me Or



Sandwich HAha...

Odd Balls
Roll Where
No one Else Grows...

"Jungian" in other Words

Life isn't Rational

In Fact the


Is the


We Create According

To Neuroscience Now

Deal With it


Yet Create it

Make it more

EPiC Than Ever BeFoRE ALL NoW

Verily Yes Perhaps Just As A Hobby

Now No Different Really than A Feral

Cat That/Who Continues to Play

At 20 Years-Old just to Survive

And Thrive Hmm... Wonder What That

Would Look Like For A 63 Year-Old Human




Question of Course

'Play Privilege' With

No Rules Written

Before Indeed

'Chaos Magic' Among

Many Other Jungian

Totally Sober Psychedelic Metaphors too hehe

Master of Tides Flow Now With No 'Mind' at All Essence of Free...Play

SMiLes Dear Astha i am so Happy To See that You Have
Published Your Sixth Book of Poetry in Print So Young Such
An Accomplished Young Woman in Writing Yet Also Professor


Pursuing A

PHD True And i see

Your 'Lois Lane' Glasses too...

You Are Really Just Superwoman

Undercover Yet It's true i am one

To See Souls Deep in Windows

of Eyes Through Every

Smile and


of Each Tiny

Muscle of Expression of
Face and Truly Even if i did not
Know You Feel You Sense You

If Tasked With Writing Your
Soul in a Poem to Reflect

Those Kind Super Intelligent
Eyes that are Both SmART
And HeART For What Do Both

Of These Virtues HaVE iN Common Yes ART!

Very Similar to Your Poetry Describing You Mine will See You

too... i See All the Colors All The Wonders Facts and Figures

BReWinG Within And True There may Be So Many They

Become Silent And Hard to Get All Out Therefore Poetry

And a Dance And Song Of Your Soul too Yes While i see

You As Daughter i also See You as Sister too... True

if i was Your Age

We Would


Be Good FRiEnDS

In Work or School...

And True Poetry

FRiEnDS Are Loyal

FRiEnDS Forevernow some i've

Met Before And Now actually remaining

In Poetic Contact With Now For As Long

As i've Been Writing Free Verse Poetry all

12.6 MiLLioN Words for 126 Months True i Have

Asperger's Syndrome The 'Little Sheldon Cooper'

And 'Bigger Sheldon Cooper' Super Systematic Brain

Limitation of Life i practically Had to Become a

Most Prolific Free Verse Poetry Writer to

Finally Make A few True Friends

In this Life Who Actually

Hung around

For You

See i am always

The First FRiEnD to

Come and The Last FRiEnD to Go
Away NoW i SEarched the World and finally

Found A Few People Like me too Yes People

Who have Both Art in smART and heART too my FRiEnD

Happy to See Your Face Always Happy to See Your Soul Dear Astha WiTH SMiLes...

HeHe YeaH it's True i'm More
oF A 'Big Thing' And An


Stomach too

And It's True at

Least Katrina is

A Wonderful Cook

As i'm Sure You are a

Full Service Restaurant too

Judging From the Recipes You've

Shared Here that Look So Delicious Indeed Rue.. Hehe..

What Else Yes

A Whole Lot


1 Thing

2 Thing

Dr. Suess

Poetry and


Let's Just Dance/SinG iT TakeS A Whole Globe to Feel me Up...

And That's Only After i Do All the Giving Sharing Free Indeed NoW...

*Oops! More Than
Instead of More oF


A Freudian

Slip it is what iT iS HeHE...

A Devil's Greatest Lesson Get Out of Hell
SeaSons of Soul Winter's
Spring Summer's Fall

Oh How We

All Dance

And Sing
Through All

Of Life

We Feel Sense

And Come to Know to Do...

Know to Do Know To Do Oh

Happy are the Waves That Interplay

With Shores As One Ocean Earth Water Whole...

Where All of Life is Sunrise Sunset at the Beach

With Kind Smiles Dancing Singing Life is Play
And Sunshine Life

Shores Lit
Up With Diatom Stars

Space Reflecting Seas
Shores Reflecting Star Eyes
That Really Aren't Separated From Ocean Whole

Oh Yes Where Does it Go the Great Play of Life With no Know...

True I've Seen it Young as Old Holding Hands Coming into

Stores With Big Warm

Smiles For They've Lost

'The Know' for now

At Least

As Warm

Hands Hold

Oh The Spring of
February Now When

Warmth Still Dances Sings Plays
Smiles Dear Samreen i Remember
A Cold Supervisor From Work Reaching
The Ripe Old Age of 50 about 47 Close to
7 Years Less than Katrina Now Soon Reaching 54

And His Warm Wife of Less than
47 All Her Beauty Exhausted
Raising Two Children

He Found a
Younger Flower
At Work She Brought
Him Flowers At Work For His

Birthday i remember Him casually

Say His Mother Died Oh How Beautiful

it is to Still Be Gifted With A heART This Much

Life Teaches me is anything else Really Important

True There's Food and Shelter And Amazing Technologies to

Help Others

Yet There's


And Play

For Love Now

A Real Testament

Is Never Losing Spring Within...
Those Warm Smiles And Hands
The Old Couple Who Realizes with
No Doubt What's First and Last in Real Meaning of Breath at all First Again...

My Years Say i am So Old Now My Soul Simply Plays as Waves

On A Beach...

Indeed My

Wife is Still Those Waves...

SMiles The Way i See it Now
For Who Comes Goes and Stays
Treat Old Friends as New Friends
Treat New Friends As Old Friends Be Love

Indeed Eternal


of Sunshine Soul Now

Is It A Degree An Award a Job for Pay
Not Really Just A Smile Given And Shared Free

True Waves Shores Always Changing Stay FRiEnDS THiS WaY...

Smiles Samreen For 13 Years Katrina Worked at A Newspaper

Somedays Working 23 Hours Straight i Worked All Weekends

All Holidays And It's True i had Dreams Remembering

That She Even


This is what

The Winter

Of Our Spring Will Do too
Bringing the Season Back
is Life is Eternal Spring of Love Now

Indeed a Golden Age Where Winter is Spring
Just the Opposite of A Dead Age Where Spring is Winter...

Sadly Half the Folks Age 18 Through 34 have no one to
Experience Any Season At all Together And A Quarter Have no Friends...

So How


Are We Becoming

Nothing Really of Soul At All...

Shall i Dance And Sing to Help

'Them' Remember in a word


For i Have
Seen Winter in Spring...

And Yes No Seasons at all...then...

Yet Now is Forever Just one Breath of Love...

Save That One Memory Insuring A Tear If
You Block It Out A Video A Photo Saving Soul

Older Love Losses Newer Love
Gains Love Fading Love ReNeWinG
Whatever It Takes ReMeMBeR LoVE LiVE AGAiN


A Greatest Muse for Art

Unrequited Love A Distance

Between Heaven And Hell Where

A Greatest Creativity Travels Next Reminds

me of 'Coral Castle' in Florida Where a Man

Built An Altar to a Sweet-Sixteen Unrequited

Love Lost When Young He Knew He Would Never

Be coming Back to Yet still the Muse Inspired Him

to Create A Castle With 30 Ton stones Using

The Physics of Balance Apparently to

Move Those Stones Solo; Different

Theories Have Been Proposed;

Even Secrets Perhaps

Unknown From

Before in Ancient

Egypt to Build the Pyramids there...

Yet True Since those Pyramids in Essence

Of 'KA' Spirit of the Soul Egyptian Pharaoh's

Had Artisans Build those Pyramids With

Images and Titles of Their Names

To Extend Their Spirit Past

Death For years to come;

True This is What Happens

Still When We Listen to Beethoven's

'Moonlight Sonata' Suggested As Developed

At Least In Part From Unrequited Love in Three

Motions of the Human Soul to Dance And Sing

In Notes How Human Emotions Drive Us Home

to All that We May Accomplish Next; Smiles

Very Poor in Emotional Intelligence

All the way through age 53

Sure plenty of Empath

Spock Abilities

In Soul Melding

With Everyone i met

Before i Lost my Soul for 66

Months; Yet to Express A Direction

of my Face or to Put Emotions into Words

Lost to me for many decades except for a

Sprint at 13 in a Christmas Story Words Came

From i had no idea where yet Producing

Enough Feelings for the Teacher

to award me first place

for A Christmas

Story among Two Homerooms and

80 of 8th Grade Students; Indeed, my

First Real Experience of Magic in Life then

in That with no rational pre-planning in Writing

The Story, the Words just FLoWeD From Somewhere

Deep Within Most Definitely A Higher Consciousness

i had not Tapped in Before; Yet Again, So Temporary Next

Instance at 18, in a College Philosophy Class As the Instructor in His

50's Was Experiencing a Stream of Consciousness Oratory himself then;

Asking Students to Record A Voice Coming Higher Than Ordinarily in Him as well...

And yes in this way He

Is still visiting me today

on Page for He helped

Open a Portal to a deeper part
of me and one day i went back to
tell him thank you and he said the

American Indians Never Say Good
Bye only See You Later and i still Remember

That Walk Down the Hill From the College to
Where i Lived By the River in a small Home Downtown

(He Died Shortly Later At Age 60 From Cancer Younger than me)

Then as if no time Has Passed at all Movie Maker Memory i See Now...
Anyway when that Deeper Flow of Portal was opened up for me in Writing
Then i met a Cuban American Young Woman my First Love then; And when

She Broke Up with me i would Have an Unrequited Love Deep within me decades
to come; i dreamed about Her Long For that Warm Connection to Other Human Beings

Died in a Way then and really Never Fully Came Back, until i recovered out of my Hell
at 53; and yes i also made a Collage of Lost Loves From Dog to Surrogate Uncle to
Past Girl Friends; Loves Lost of Mine in Search to Bring my Emotions Back Not too

Long Before i Recovered on July 19, 2013
Close to Father's Day of 2013 then in June
My Father's Birthday As Well, June 20th

As Both My Sister and i Inherited
the Asperger's Syndrome from Him

And He Never Really Developed an
Ability to express Emotions or really

Talk to Us at all and When i Started
Working With Computers at work

i took that path back to
Coldness Within too

Deeper And



My Emotions were
Just Exhausted from All View of Soul...
Smiles, Your Love's Name Rosalia Reminds

Me of Her in a Way for Her the Song by Billy
Joel About A Cuban Girl That Was actually
Really About His Mother; Yet i did not know

That then... "Rosalind's Eyes" that
Day You Find Someone Who
Really Believes in You

When No one else
Seems to Believe

in You, Yes

That First Love
Said i should be
A Captain of a Ship

i really never developed
Any Sense of Who i was
Or Who i would Become;

Yes, just Drifting on a Raft
Down A River and Let Life take
me Where Life Wanted to Next and true

in a way NoW i am still that 'Forrest Gump
Feather' Floating Randomly in the Wind;

Yet It's True now, i understand i am 'the
Wind' In Other Words By Conclusion of
Greats In Science You Have Provided

Spirit Beyond Matter And Soul
With All Soul This HeART
That Beats This Wind
That Breathes Now;

"Rosalind's Eyes"

Help Us See So Much Farther in Life Now; Yes,

Source of Love Indeed metamorphosis into Light...
Smiles my FRiEnD i am surely uploading my Soul
As Well and back to that first Love i contacted

Her Daughter Finding Her on Facebook to
Let that First Love Know Her leaving me
With that Unrequited Love in a way

Helped Save My Soul Later on in the
Journey of Life the Same Sure i'll

(Closure; No More Dreams About
Her Finally After 34 Years)

Share that Collage of
Photos Here Similar

To What you Did With
Your Unrequited Love;

One of the Women in the
Collage Abused By Her
Father, taking Her life Later
in Her Father's Bed With His Revolver;

Yet Not until Much Later in Life; Married
With Two Kids... Some Souls Stolen Indeed Never Recover...

Soul Cages We Have to Free These Wings of Spirit Indeed We Rise


With a Little

Help Still From

"Rosalind's Deep Ebony Eyes"

Reflecting The Moon Bringing Sunshine Within...
Smiles, 2.21.24 is my 34th Wedding Anniversary
And True Before if Not for Going to HeLL ON Earth

I might Not Have ever Felt All the Full Warmth
of Love Again With my Wife and the Next Day
Is the 7th Anniversary of my Mother's Death

Indeed the Month of February along with
Two Endearing Cats Dying in 2016 and
2019 Around this Time of Year Do Bring

Much Creativity to Muse As Dark Makes

LiGHT Exhale A Big More With Breath of Emotions Freeing...

When i Searched to Bring my Soul Back, i let it all Escape And then True
i Rose from Ashes And Became An Entirely New Creation of Creating Human Being

Small Steps

Really always

The Next Word

That Comes As Song

And Next Step that Comes as Dance

The Deeper Part of me is actually now me..
More Than Self-Actualization Transcending Soul All Indeed...

LeSSoN 389 Tell Your
FRiEnD The 3 Most
Favorite Things They
Said To You And Why

1. “We Will Always
Be Connected By Heart.”

Why? That’s The Best
Way to Touch A FRiEnD.

2. “Oh my God, You
Make me Feel So Loved
And Spoiled.”

Why? Hehe, Then i Was
So Sure i was Boring You
With my “Fred Talks.”

3. “You Are The Aroma
Of My Coffee Beans.”

Why? Haha, Again
Was So Sure i was
Boring You.

SMiles of Course i
Am Super Extroverted

And You Are Super


Hehe, i Don’t Expect
You To Do LeSSoN 389,
Only The Above 3 For
me to Do to Warm

A SMile For
You in A Still
Very Cold Canadian


Happy TueSDaY
And A Coming
In Your Big
Four Corporation...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Indeed i Did
Enjoy That Nap Hehe From About 8 PM
to 9 PM Then i Woke Up Bright Eyed And

Bushy Tailed Like the Energizer

Bunny And Finished Up The Entire

Effort at About 4 AM Hehe

Yes Just About A Full Day's
Play Overnight And Really Looking

Forward to See if the New Technology
From the New iPhone Pro Max with

8 GB of RAM Could Open Up All

60 Thousand Words Plus the
40 Thousand Words in the

Comments Section for

The One i'm Writing

New that's Almost finished
By When i Finally Published the One
Last Night and After Re-Booting my iPhone

Surprised to See it Worked Fine as Yes it seems
Technology is Finally Catching Up At least with

A Re-Boot First to Clear Up All the RAM for the Job

i Feel to Appreciate the Gift of Life From God At Best

We May Fulfill Our Human Potentials Moving Connecting

And Co-Creating too Yet It is Important to Manage Stress Yes

to Stay in Flow in the Sweet Spot Between Apathy/Boredom

And Anxiety Indeed i Keep A close watch on Both and

Balance my Creativity and Productivity That

Way True When i Get Tired i Take

A Nap As often as Necessary

And Become the

Bunny Again With SMiles
Same With all the Dance in
Flow too Dear FRiEnD Sohair...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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22 Feb 2024, 1:45 am

Thanks Dear Cindy
All To Appreciate
This Breath New



One Rule of Nature

One Rule of Change

One Rule of Us That

Never Changes Indeed

Change in Balance At Best
Dear Xenia Happy Coming

March Days Soon
Spring's Promise

Summer's Dream

Falling to Winter
Wonderful Weekend to You All

And Dog
Within With
Greatest Faith
oF Loving Trust iN Peace...

Look of Trust on

A Dog's Face

That's LoVE iN

Deed With Wagging
Tales oF Faith STill to Come...

Spring Breath Azure Blue Skies
Winter Tales of Dreams to Be

FEver oF Re-Birth

BeginS AGAiN

Circle of Life New
PreSent EternAlly Now...

Wow Truly Amazing Dear Xenia Snow By Your Scotland Seas
So Reminiscent of Sugar White Sands At Our Beaches Here

That of Course
Last During

Summer Heat

Nature is Surely A Source of Wonder

In All Diversities And Similarities True...

“Yes something’s gotta give…
Trusting your soul
And keeping the faith
Paves the path
Trusting, trust to deliver!”


Dear Savvy...

"Soul knows more than you think…"

iNDeeD Dear Savvy As Far As Our Word
Thinking Minds Even Science Shows That

Only Comprises About Half a Percent of Our

Human Experiences That Even Science As Shallow

As it May Be in Measuring the Entire Human Experience

Will 'See'

Of Course Key
is Coming to Experience
The Gestalt of Many More

Human Associated Intelligences

Beyond Only Word Think which of

Course Includes Intelligences Associated

With Our SPiRiT Yes our HeART Yes Our SoUL

of Emotions Feelings Senses All in Synergy and

How We Move Connect
Co-Create iN Energies

Far Beyond All Words
And Of Course Beyond
All Scientific Measure of

Only What May Be Materially
Reduced and Materially Observed

Yes There's So Much More That Words

Alone Will Never Be Able to Communicate

Yet Indeed We Will Still Come to 'Know' in

Many Other Ways of Human Potentials With SMiLes

Now Always

Mysteries New
To Uncover And Utilize True...

Hehe Life Is Indeed A lot Like This

Water May Be too Bland Yet

Juice May Be Too Sweet

So i Mix Each in an Almost

Perfect Flow in Practice For

Whatever Is on Sale Buy One Get One

Free i Leave The Details to my Wife on Our
34th Anniversary Today With SMiLes Dear Miriam

The Truth
Will Always
Be i Cheap

Skate in Flow
Where Life is Most Free

True i Use About 20 Percent
Juice and 80 Percent Water

ThiS WaY As my Wife Might

Deny i Will Never Get Too Sweet Hehe...

And The Green Mold Will Continue to Grow
in Secure Financial Institutions So My Wife's

Will Secure

Always A Uber
To Drive Ms Daisy

As She Doesn't Do That Hehe...

Moral oF A STory i Gave UP MaKinG SoYLenT Green...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Your
Words Are Wise
Indeed And On

Top of that


Sure the
Nicest Flower
Is Like Poetry

And one of
The Nicest
i Have Ever
Received and
Today is
Our 34th

And SMiLes only
If i Can Convince

Katrina that i

Am The Sweetest
Smelling Flower

After i
Work out
Three Hours
Perhaps i Will
Advance to Rose

Bud too...

Hehe Yet
For Now i
Will Never
Forget the
Me By
Dear FRiEnD
Sohair From Egypt...

God Bless You And
My FRiEnD...

SMiLes.. Even when the
Moon is Missing its Light
Shines on You From the
Dark side of
The Earth
i imagine
The Moon

Only Dreams
About someone
Truly With A Most
Beautiful Soul Just
Like You the Moon
Will always Love You...

Dearest Moon Your
Light Shines Upon
All of Who You
Meet even
In Darkest
Nights of
Soul and
Of Love the
Moon Loves
Purest For The
Moon’s Loved ones
Never Even Hug the
Face of the Moon unless

They Lived in the 60’s
And the 70’s SMiLes
Perhaps Truly the
Was the
Back then...

Where Have All
The Lovers of the
Moon Gone the Moon
Wasn’t Looking when
The Moon’s Shine
Finally Found
The Magic
When the
Moon Felt
The Romance
Of The Earth Now Again...

The Moon Loves ‘Everyone’
More Now
Of You
Brings Romance
Back to the Moon
Perhaps Eventually

Romancing Life Will
Spread to
Rest of
The Earth
If so Because

Of You Now

For it is True
While We May
Not Always
We Are
Looking For
Love Comes First
The Love Within
Shine of Us...

Wings, Books, And Things
True Those Aren’t Arms
Yet It’s Hard To See The
Feathers Attached

For They
Are Fingers
That Bring
The Joy
Of Flying
Over Bringing

A Smile To Your
Face Now i Truly
Realize The Echo
And Sound Of

As Long
As It Exists
So Happy

To Bring
Of Wings To You
my Dear Brave FRiEnD...

Amazing Just to Think There used
To Be Only 3 Black And White
Channels We Played Outside

Until Dark As There
Was No Choice
Yet News
On Black
And White
Fuzzy TV
At 6 PM
Before That
Actually Living
Rooms Where Folks
Talked Is It Any Surprise

We Have Devolved Back
To Pen Pals Around The
World No Not Really
As Humans Are
Animals To
Actually Reciprocally

Communicate Fortunately
All The Nerds And Geeks
Built Wide Online
Living Rooms
Will Come To
Exist So We Can
And Will Learn and

Understand The
Of Each Other
And Potentially
Survive As A Species

Instead Of Blowing
Each Other Up
Yes This
Is How Ant
Mounds And Honey
Combs Come To Exist

And Eugenically SPeaKinG
Humans Become Insects
Where There Are Both
Queen And Or
King Bees
And Or
Female Drones
Actually Worker Bees

Bringing Home
A Steady Supply
Of 'Honey' Oh
Drones Happily Make

For You See Real Kings
And Or Queens Serve Honey...

A Big Part of That This
Is For Years When No
One Seemed to Care
You Were There

Sun Ever


About Moon
Reflecting Sunshine

No... Sun Stays By
Moon’s Side Even
When Clouds Cover Moon

Lovely WeDNesDaY to You

With Smiles of Sunshine More...

SMiLes Akshita i Had
No Idea Who "Olivia"

Is yet i've Heard/Felt
The "Driver's License"
Song More Than Once

Lots of Pain in That
One For Sure

And Surely
of How Shallow
A World Will be
For Someone too

Until They Learn/Feel/Sense
Their Love is Only THeirs to Give
Yet never the Less A Reality of Feelings

For Sure

Yes, Precipice
Tween Heaven
And Hell
The Whole
Human Romance
Story in the Darker Parts...
Never The Less Surely Happy
Birthday For A Shooting Star Now...

SMiLes Dear Soni A Letter of Support
On Your Birthday From You And That's

Truly A Great Idea As THere Will Never
Be A Better FRiEnD, Lover, Parent, Or
Other Relative Than the Best FRiEnD

You Will Ever Have
to Deal With Your

Whole Life
Yes You mY
FRiEnD With

SMiLes First
Breath to Last
Blink The One We
aRe aLL Stuck With
Within Yes SMiLes Us For Real
Happy Birthday Keep Creating


Fresh And New Now
For How You
Wanna Feel
And Sense Life For Real...

SMiLes Finally A Sunday That Lasts
Forever With No Regrets For it Ending

And Starting A New Work-Week And Never
A Worry Again About What Anyone Is Gonna

Think About the Real me Never Having

to Erase Any

of me
to Conform
to the Big Machine

A Golden Age Indeed
Naked of the Masks Before With SMiLes
Best Yet Absolutely No Secrets Ever to Hide...

Skeletons Dangling Everywhere in Free Fall

Needing No
to Rise Higher Again...

Sadly A Freedom Most
Folks Don't Get to Taste
As Ya Have to Swallow 'The Whole

Pill For Real...

Hehe, Without
the 2024 SoYLeNT Green Flavor...

SMiLes Dear Savvy One of my Favorite
Parts of a Movie is One Where Bruce
Lee "Turns The Other Cheek" Then By

Metaphor at Least
With Nothing to

Prove By Just
Launching A
Boat and Leaving

An Island of Confrontation
By Someone Who Wants to
Start A Fight With Him For

What is THere to Prove When
We aRe Wind Without A Jar Now

That Will Possibly Hold the Free Wind
of Our SPiRiTS Prisoners From Being Allone



In Peace
And Harmony
Just Naked Enough
Whole Complete With

Nothing to Take Away
And Once Again With it
All To Give, Share, Care,
Heal So Freely With Least Harm

Oh to TrulY iNHaLE Peace Eternally
Now Oh The BLeSSinG BLiSSinG Just
To Be able to Exhale the Force of Love Free For All


One Love
And Island
Enough to Survive in LoVinG
Peace And Thrive ThiS Way Free...

Yawn, Skip All the HiStory NoW
From Before And Understand
That At Essence All Symbols

Humans Create Never
Fully Reflect, Alone,

'The Essence,'

Those Symbols
Co-Created Are
Intended to Portray;

So In ThiS Way; Yes, Every
Human Symbol That Attempts
To Express Essence Is Incomplete And
A Lie ThiS Way; Yes, Every Language, Every Story,
Every Word, Letter; Yes, And Overall Symbol Is Only

An Approximation

of Essence Therefore

At Least in Part All Abstract
Human Constructs Are Idol
Lies This Way As Truly What We
Individually Feel and Sense is Our
Own Multi-Uni-Verse Truths That

No One Else, Alone, Has the Power to
Change if We Do Master The Truth iN LiGHT
of How We Feel and Sense For Real Within Now Eternally So

Yes Let's 'Turn The Beat Around' As See How Human Abstract
Constructs Advantage Us This Way As Well; While It's True 'The Flesh'
Never Completely Becomes 'The Word' As Far as All Human Abstract Constructs/
Symbols We Co-Create Come and Go; What We Are Able to Do is At Least Partially


Part of
Our Living
Organic Souls
Into Those Abstract
Constructs We Co-Create

And Send Them Around the
World Where 'Beam me Up Scotty'

Is No Longer Just A Myth in A Science
Fiction Show; Where We Become Avatars
And As Long As "Servers" Continue to Serve Us
in Some Way As "KC And The Sunshine Band" Dances

And Sings, Still On Vinyl Albums And Picture Covers;
We aRe Still Able at Least in Some Way Able to "Get Down Tonight"

And Still Get Up
And Touch


in Some way

After Our Physical

Bodies Are Dead; Of Course
Unless Someone Isn't An Empath;

And Cares About Other Folks As Much
or More Than 'They;' This Whole Monologue/

Diatribe Is Still Dead, And Meaningless to Them
As Selfish Does What Selfish Is Naturally too; It Just

Dies Alone

With Love
LiVinG on For Real
Yep Still iNHaLinG Peace
THiS Way Exhaling Love NoW

With Still Nude Pics of 'Madonna' NeW
Online Sure the Modern 'Mary Magdalene' Version too...

THere Are So Many Ways to LiVE ON Now if Ya Really Wanna
Add A Verse to Someone Else's MuLTi-UNiVeRSE For Real Again

As Long
As 'Servers'
Serve 'This New Agey Way'...

And at Least in ParT, THiS iS No Lie...

As It's True, 'Donald Trump' With Little
to No Organic Soul; Not Much Different Than Old
Pharaohs May Hire Artisans to Stamp the Initials
Of His Given Abstract Construct Name on Golden Towers

Yet What Goes Is the
Same As What Is

A Dude Who is
So Far From

Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete to

Give Anything of Lasting
Value to Build Another Mountain of Human LoVE iN Peace...

Caring, Healing, Giving, Sharing, Does As Love Does
or Does Not, Now and Then...

Keeping in Mind
And R E A LitY
NoW All i am FoR NOW
HeaR is LetterS oN A Page...

And Another Paradox is Will
'You' See More of My Soul in
These Symbols Than FlesH and Blood me...

It's True That's Never Up to ONLY me; Yet
i Am What i Am;
These Words For

Real too...


Paradox of
Truth iN DarK
And Lies iN LiGHT iNDeeD...

-Rod Serling

~Yet Not A
Character From Before;

Metaphors Are Neither All True
or False; Yes, Words, All Words
And Other Symbols Relating Essence
Are Only Vehicles and Vessels of TRuTH And

Lies iN DarK Thru LiGHT;

Navigating, The
Great Unknown
of Known Indeed...

SMiLes Another Reason i Feel So Fortunate
To Be Able to Leave the "SoYLeNT Green" Behind

Yes The Realization That in the Working World if Ya
Wanna Survive Ya Most Always Have to Keep Your

Mouth Shut About What is Not Ethical if Ya Wanna
Keep a Job

When it Comes
to Abuse of Politics
And Religion At Work

And When Somehow It's
All Just Lip Service As 'Trumpism'
Has Always Existed Where Power
And Authority Extends Its Reptile Cold


Although that's Just
A Metaphor Reptiles
Are Lovely Animals

Like Rats They Just
Get A Bad WRaP Even
Though One is a Common
Ancestor Of Ours Closer than
The Other that Keeps its Population

in Check

Hmm... Just
Hmm... Secrets
in Plain Site ALL OVeR
Nature So Easy to Be
Uncovered Then Tolerated
And Even Accepted As Just the

Nature of the



The BLooMinG
FLoWeR With SKin That Sheds...

Gaseous Star Dust to Gasesous Star
Dust PaSSinG With BREaTHeS in Between

Thru LiGHT AGAiN...

SMiLes Dear Lillian Orchard
Flower Feelings Are Real Senses

Are Real And No Matter Form, Fashion,
or Style of Poetry That Brings Feelings And

Senses The Essence

Is What's Really

Real What A Gift
Poetry is to Color
Real And Deeper Feelings And

Senses Within As True IMaGiNaTioN
And Creativity


Will Paint
Brush Both
Master Peace Canvas Open
Source of Soul And Body Whole
Every Square Inch And Beyond
Infinity That No Measure Will Ever


of Love
When Wind
Free iMaGiNinG
CReaTinG New Feelings
New Colors of Senses Nary

Ever 'Fore

Always New
Fresh NoW As A
Lilly Blooms Real in Colors More

Or SHades of Grey or BLacK Abyss
All the Above So Much More Painting
ALL That Is NoW Ours to BREaTHE REaL...

An Ocean of Gratitude
Still Ours to Paint Waves
Always RiSinG


More To Water
Color Oceans New

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa...

Every Miss-Take


Path to
A Brand

And SonG
Out of DarK
to Give to Play and
Slay Fear Even More...

SMiLes Dear Cindy
Beautiful FLoWeRinG
Poem of Love Once Again

Congrats for Another Publish

For FLoWeRS to Rise Even

Out of
SMiLes A 34th Anniversary
of A Wedding For Us Today
As Always

A Meal

of Steak
And Ice Cream
Every Day When Love Breathes
True Who Needs Food When Love


Do Hehe...

Must Stay
Fueled to
Dance And Sing

Free Play Slaying All Fears
iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG
LoVE Naked Enough Whole


Beat GoeS
on and on and on...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Only Human
And Somewhat
Like Vehicles and
Vessels Yes Automobiles

Where Mileage Varies
Depending on Make

And Model

Of Us
We Do Run
Out of Gas
Requiring New

Fuel to Move to Speak
To Dance And Sing Freer

Reborn ThiS Way
We Come When

A New

to Move Our
Vehicles And
Vessels Rebirthing Anew...

'TwaS A DarK And Stormy

Night' Yet 'Snoopy' Continues

To Write To Change The Stories

of the Novel

of His Life

True It is Not
Always A Hard

Life For Dogs

Who Create

Joy When the
Kibbles and Bits

Go Empty in The Dish....

Hehe Dear Miriam It's

An Odd Mix of Tragedy

And Comedy At Best This Life
We Co-Create...


At Best


Rather Than
Driving Us Nuts...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy The True

Magic of Our Human SPiRiTS

When Open HeARTS Lead Souls

Dancing Singing So Very Free

Moving Connecting Newly

Co-Creating Now Yes

Synergies of Energies

Beyond All Measure

Only Confirmed

By the Breaths

Of Love Beyond
EYes and Ears

YeS And Only 'Normal'
Feels And Senses With SMiLes...

"Hand in hand

We walked

Sometimes me ahead of you

At times you ahead of me

Hands held together

No matter the test of time

Two hands of two hearts

Still together as one."

-Savvy Raj

SMiLes Dear Savvy of Course

'Logically' You Don't Know Yet

it Just Went Past Midnight in Florida

on February 21st As this is the 34th

Anniversary For me and my Wife So

i Shall Extend Your Poem on 'Togetherness'

to My Wife too And Much Further Than That too...



Work ToGeTHeR Best

When SoUL Art Spreads mY FRiEnD...

So True Dear Sohair SMiLes
Souls That Continue to Evolve
Grow Younger Not Older Lighter

iN LoVE iN Peace

With Compassion
For All NoW Even

More ThiS WAY NeW

As The Years Elevate
The Soul to A Loftier

Place of LoVE iN Peace For

All With SMiLes A Soul Grows

Stronger By Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All With Most Respect Least

Harm Every
Breath A Gift

Every HeART
Beat With SPiRiT
More As Long As the
Flavor of the Eternal
NoW Radiates LoVE iN Peace For All



So True Dear Sohair SMiLes
Souls That Continue to Evolve
Grow Younger Not Older Lighter

iN LoVE iN Peace

With Compassion
For All NoW Even

More ThiS WAY NeW

As The Years Elevate
The Soul to A Loftier

Place of LoVE iN Peace For

All With SMiLes A Soul Grows

Stronger By Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All With Most Respect Least

Harm Every
Breath A Gift

Every HeART
Beat With SPiRiT
More As Long As the
Flavor of the Eternal
NoW Radiates LoVE iN Peace For All



SMiles iNDeed
Dear Sohair
Active Body
Active Soul

Evolving SoUL...

Strikes and Gutterballs Apt
Metaphor For How Quickly
the Fortunes of Life's Weathers

And Seasons

Will Change

Both Within
And the Rest
of Nature of Course
Dear Cindy Indeed Spiraling

Winds of the Tornado May Become
Too Much and Wear A Spine Down

To Chill
Cold Colder
As Winters
Fall Deep and Deeper Within

i Surely Will Relate to the Struggles
Of Parents my Mother Going to Her Hospice
Death Bed for an 8 Day Stay without Food or
Drink Unexpected on Valentine's Day of 2017

Cancer Spreading From Breast to Bone to
Bleeding Brain All She ever Took was a
Bayer Aspirin Refusing to See a Doctor
Through Two Years Losing 80 Pounds
For What She Described As Arthritis

Bitter Sweet Today
Our Anniversary
for 34 Years and

Tomorrow the
7th Anniversary
of My Mother's Death on
February 22, 2017 i Celebrate
Her Struggle and LoVE iN Peace
These 8 Days With Achieving All i
Can and Will With Every Breath Of Life

And In So Doing Her Breath Continues and
i Continue to See With Her Eyes of LoVE iN Peace

And That's the Greatest Aspect in my View of Sharing
Poetry From the Soul Far Beyond Any Accolades Touching

The Souls of

Others and

Healing With
Sentiments Of
Old and New Along the
Way of HeART SPiRiTinG in Flow...

With That Sung Best Wishes and
Prayers for the Weather to Change For Your Father...

Other than that my Father Basically Just Said to my Cousin
Back on May 22nd 2014 i Don't Think i'm Gonna Make it And

Dropped Dead

On the Other Hand
His Identical Twin Brother
Lived Another 7 Years Suffering
the Long Good Bye of Alzheimer's Disease
And His Wife the Same Still Alive for Another 2 Years

Today my First Cousin's
Taking Care of All the

Care Indeed my

FRiEnD Both
Life and Death
Are BLeSSinGS For Real

True for my only Child Living
51 Days in only Pain Passing
Away on July 24th, 1997 Ryan

Was His Name the Only Real
Blessing of His Life Death as

He Took that Last Heart Beat
in my Arms Never Breathing
on His

At All

Never With a
SMiLe True

What A Gift
Any Life

Is at All
With SMiLes

And Those Lives
Who Put Us in Our
True Place of Reality
One Breath for Life or Death

One HeART Beat for LoVE iN Peace or Less...

Ah Yes Precipice of Heaven in Hell Like 7 Years
Ago Would my Mother Last Through Our Wedding
Anniversary Then For Another Day on February 22, 2017

Thank God STiLL For This Meditating FLoWinG Gift of Free
Verse Poetry and Free FLoWinG Meditative Dance to Turn the Beat

Around Particularly For Folks Who Have Suffered The Rock Bottom of

Mood Challenges

Ah To Have A LoVE iN Peace

Faithful Gift A Tool to Turn the

HeART Beats Up WHeRE Get Down
Tonight Becomes FLoWerS RiSinG Rose

Out of THoRNS AGAiN As Again Approaching

The Midnight Hour of Both Again While Concluding

The Current MacroVerse "LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am"

For You Know You Feel You Sense This State of Being

Within of Real HeaveN ON EartH Is No Given By Any

'Welfare God' Alone It is a Practice of Live Always

"LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am" And Of Course

The Loss of that Child in 1997 Only

Prepared me as Well for the

Loss of my SoUL

Through 19 Medical
Disorders for 66 Months
Including the Worst Pain Known
to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia Wake to Sleep No Drug Would
Touch With A Life Threat in Synergy of 18
Other Medical Disorders Worst Pain of All the

Numb of Not Remembering the Feeling of A SMiLe
As Memories Are Emotions and Emotions Are Memories

in the Rare Occurrence A Human Goes to Hell WHeRE ALL
Is Time And A Second is A Thousand Years of Just Pain and Numb

Of Course Mostly Precipitated by 11 Years of Work-Related Chronic
to Acute Fight or Flight Stress Every Day in Day Out Not Realizing Just

How Dangerous
Stress Will Be

Destroying Every Bodily
System From Head to Toe
And the HeART SPiRiT oF
A SoUL oF LoVE iN Peace

WHeRE Science Has

No Discrete Tool

To Measure
ThiS ReaLiTY

of Heaven Within
Now For Real Always
A Subjective Experience Heaven is

Yet of Course the Destruction of Most
All Bodily Systems Will Surely Pave a Way to Hell
As Well WiTHIN Subjective Experience For Real Too

Where Two Totally 'Normal Looking' Humans May Be
Sitting Next to Each Other at a Bus Stop One In Heaven

Within the
Other in

HeLL Within
Likely Silent
With No Words
Or Facial Expressions at All

So Now As the Midnight Hour
Comes Closes to Beginning for
February 22, 2024 A Quick Tale of the

Tape for What i Always Do Celebrate my
Mother's Life By Breathing LoVE iN Peace

And Making the Best Out of All My Potentials Every

Second of the
Gift of Now New

Every Move Holy Dance
Every Word Sacred Song

Yep This Is WheRE ALL This Comes From

Soul For Real Breathing LoVE iN Peace as the

Last Finished MacroVerse "MaKinG Crumbs iNto
LOaVES oF BReaD" is the 1006th MacroVerse of
EPiC Longest Long Form Poem "SonG oF MY SoUL"
Surpassing 12.6 MiLLioN Words in 126 Months of Writing

As That Last Finished MacroVerse Also Doubles as the 335th
MacroVerse Of "Nether Land Bible" All 10,408,106 Words in
92 Months of Effort and Not Only That the Last Finished

MacroVerse Also Tripling as the 230th MacroVerse of
"FB Profile Pic Bible" All 8,807,107 Words of Writing

in 80 Months Ever Since Memorial Day Weekend
of 2017 Where Those Words Are Also Included

in Series of Around 18 Facebook Profile Pic
Description Areas Fully iLLuSTRaTinG Mini

Stories of the Entire Effort at Around

8,000 Words in Each Series of Photos

Is That All of Course Not Hehe as Public
Dancing Rises Up to 19,505 Miles Now in
126 Months As Well With Yes A Casually Named

8th New Testament As Subchapter As Well Around
3.6 MiLLioN Words Now of "Depth of The Story" In 42 Months
Of Writing Also Included As A Solo Thread on the 'Wrong Planet'
in the 87th Page of Writing There Now Generating Over 209 Thousand

Views Among
the Registered
Members of the
'Wrong Planet' Website

Concluding "LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am"
at 12:22 AM on February 22, 2024 Now

The Writing Portion at Least Hehe With
A Tremendous Amount of Multi-Media to
Catch Up With For Eventual Electronic Blog
Publishing That's Been Taking More Than a Week
Lately to Put Together as Yes as Usual i'll Be Writing

A New MacroVerse While Putting That Together as
Free Verse Creativity Just Won't Wait Every Creation

is Change Only

Comes Once the
Way it is Received Yet
of Course Always Subject
to Future ReVision Thankfully by me hehe

For What i've Seen if You Trust Others to Write
Your Story They Very Likely Will in Some Way

"TRumP iT ALL uP"

No Thanks This is
mY Play of Life "Writing Directing
Producing By God Yes Playing Free iN Change"

Hehe As It Appears i Have A NaME ALReaDY

For the Next MacroVerse Too As JusT ANoTHeR

Never Ending Nether Land Story ALWaYS STaRTS ANeW NoW

As In General
BotH A Dance
And "SonG
oF mY SoUL"
Continues Free to Play...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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23 Feb 2024, 2:24 am

Writing Directing Producing By

God Yes Playing Free iN Change

Wonderful Starlit Words By Your Mother
To Meditate With in Contemplation Dear

Savvy After All is Danced And Sung

We Come From Star Dust Crucible

Fires of Star Death in Super

Nova Explosions

Molecules And Atoms
We aRe From Star Systems

Before Still Arising in the Iron of Our
Blood Streams Picking Oxygen Up Delivered

By Life Giving Trees All Is Connected in Star Dust

With SMiLes As Carl Sagan Relates Star Stuff We aRe


Unto Itself

Reflecting We
Continue to Spread
The Love of Just Existing
To BREaTHE A New Day's Dream...

As Both Star FLoWeRS From Star Seeds
We Come



SMiLes Dear Nan From A Bird's Eye View
Perhaps If We Had Wings And Will Fly

We Will No Longer Try So Hard

To Bring Other Folks, Etc., Down

That's A Problem We've Lost Our Wings

Until We Become FRiEnDS With Gravity Again
Finding Balance
For Real With
The Rest Of
Dancing Singing
Free As 'They' Always Do With Wings...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy The Feelings Now
New The Senses FLoWinG Head To Toe

The Synergy of All the Energies of

Emotions Moving Us Before

Even Reasons Come to

Play or More


Ways of Being

Even Words Without

Colors May Be Empty

Shells on Beaches Without

Any Sea Life to Build More Real

Homes of Life to LiVE And LoVE ReaL

As The Mighty Nautilus Does As Oliver

Wendell Holmes Suggests "Build Thee

More Stately Mansions" Yet Do Not

Let The Sea Creature of Feelings

And Senses Die For This is

What Moves Most All

Cognitive Executive

Functioning of Both Art and
Science Yes Most Short Term
Working Memory Long Term

Memory Retrieval and Focus

And Attention Span too

Without This Life

Going Sea


Within No More
Sistine Chapel Ceilings
Painted All With Original Art

Of Days Gone By Or Now New With SMiLes

HeART Beats HeART Beats Make LoVE ReaL...

For Whatever

May CoMe LoVE iN Peace

To Life Truer NoW NeW As Freer Breath...

Labels Often Restrict More

Than Free Dear Miriam

Such is the

Beast That Only

Clothes Us Yet

Leaves Our
Essence Bare

As Every Word
Now Is Less Than
What It Represents New

Labels Labels Everywhere

(Human Definitions Vary)

Until We Lose The Essence
oF THE Nature of Who We Really Are...

SMiLes Dear Anna my
Last Visit Probably
NoW A Long Enough

Trip on my Beach Hehe

in Short i'll Just Dance and

Sing What We Express of Our

Emotions and Senses in Positivity

in Belief of WHere We aRe Now

Means Every Part Whole For

WHeRE We Travel New

Next Now So For

me Again Yes my
Religion is MaKinG
Every Move Holy Dance
Every Word Sacred Song

That So Far Leaves Only

Room For Heaven Within

Always A Tight Rope Higher

And Higher in Effortless

'Wu Wei' Ease i am

The Water The

Air The Waves

The Ocean
The Wind in Balance
FRiEnDS With Gravity
Free Bliss LoVE iN Peace...

Breathing God Free WiTHiN For
Real Inside Outside Above So
Below God Yes All Around Real Peace In Love...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

iF LiGHT Will

Be Measured By
Shine Shall Sun
We Give Within Be

Easy to Grasp As Happiness
Is Surely When Give Becomes

Same As Receive in Life For Give
Thanks For Giving May Become

Receive Newly Now
What We Really
Do Have Control
Over Happiness
Within We Give For Free

Mastering Love ThiS Way
In Balance So Much Easier Sooner
Than Waiting For Soon Returns With SMiLes...

Stars Seen to Never End in Skies Above

So Below Within Inside Outside All Around

Stars of Creativity Burn Bright iMaGiNaTioN

Stars of
Burning Bright
Within Nice to See
You Shining Again Dear Akshita
In Creativity of SMiLes So Very Free...

A Best Part of Being Human

Is We May Value And Feel the
Same Sacred And Holy Feelings

That Are Genuine, Sincere, Authentic

Whole Human Happiness

And Joy

A Grain
of Sand

Same As The
Grand Canyon

As Both the Mountain
Top And The Valley Lowest
Have the Potential to Create
A Human Mountain of Love For Real Within

To Stand Taller Upon NoW iN Terms of Shine

Truly It Depends on What We Appreciate So Much
Co-Create Within Always At Best Giving, Sharing,

Caring, Healing Newly
Now Even More Freely
For Giving Thanks Giving
WHere Giving Feels Even Better

Than Receiving

Like MaKinG
A Grain of
Sand Feel
Sense A

Whole and
More Joy Within Shining
Even Perhaps too Big or Bright to See...
Never The Less Sun is Always Warm Within my FRiEnD...

It's Like Truly Getting Inspired by a Poem Someone else
Wrote too like the Quotes You Share Such As This One HeaR too...

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand.
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower.
Hold Infinity in the palm of your
hand. And Eternity in an hour."

-William Blake

~Poetry is
A Mountain
That Continues RiSinG
DanCinG Higher Than Verses Before

No Different Than The Origin of All That is mY FRiEnD...


"That you are here—that life exists and identity,

That the powerful play goes on, and you may
contribute a verse."

-Walt Whitman

"So What Will Your Verse Be?"

-Robin Williams, Playing the
Role of "John Keating" From the
Movie, "The Dead Poet's Society"

"Net Flix"
Watch For
Inspiration too...

A Shorter
Version too As True
Even Commercials Will

Be Art

So Inspiring
As Long as We
Don't Buy, Hehe too much...

Finding A Little White Flower
Sprouting Through The
Concrete Sidewalk
Walking Away
After The
Silence of my
Mother’s Last
Breath on 2.22.2017
7 Years Ago Last Night

Then i Found my Mother’s
Breath in The Small White
Flower, Everyone’s Breath

All of




The Little White
Flower Is Breath

Of God As All Is
FLoWeRS Small
And Hidden From
View Different Yet

Same God


NoW NeW Existence We
Do BREatHE ALiVE NoW ReaL...

Waves Go out And
Come in Always
Make Most
Shores Smiling
More In Flow of Balance
Yes Flow Dear Astha SMiles...

ALWaYS NoW Paradise Real
SPRinG FLoWeRS Samreen
Beautiful With Kindness
Of SMiLes
Not Unlike
Green Gulf
Waters In


Trust The
Truth The Love
Who Never Goes To
Sleep NoW iN Day or


Love Hears

Dances Sings

Freely No Longer

Tethered As only

Faith oF Old Stones...

Fear The Terrorist
Tool All Cultures
And People

Use For



What Otherwise

Will Serve For LoVE iN

Places Now



Secrets oF Lies Bleed
Indeed Yes Sohair LoVE iN
Peace Must Never Be Afraid



Up Off

Knees And
Roar “Naked
Unafraid of


Clothed “Greater”
With Fear Anger And Hate



Lies That

Take Away
Justice Truth’s
Breath Wisdom’s

Courage Kindness



LoVE iN Peace Never
LoSinG Truth Set Free...

Lovely... Only
Poetry Shines
What Moon



LoVE New Sun Now
Fuller Wings BREaTHE
FRee All That ReMains





Of Love With SMiles
Dark Sides of Moon No Lies


SMiLes Dear Isha Excellent Advice to Your Teenage Self i Surely

Relate to How Many of Your Suggestions Would Have Improved

my TeenAge Years

My Favorites

Are Balance Is

Key and Live Without Fear

It Took me 53 Whole Years to
Finally Arrive And Stay At That Destination

HAha Back When i Was in
School There Was Literally
No 'Sex Education' Yet

Totally in the Dark

We Loved From

Above Shoulders

At Least Us 'Nerds' Hehe

Oh The Innocent Days Really
So Sweet Yet in Some ways at Least

Frustrating HAha...

Hehe Dear Anita While i Surely Agree All the Parts of my

Life Before Make me Who i Am Today i Wouldn't Go Back

To Live my Teenage Years Again for All the Material

Goods in the UniVerse Then or Now Hehe

And Dear Lord As Far As Today Goes

With CDC Studies in the United States

Showing 57 Percent of what was Once the
Happiest Demographic Teenage Girls With Depression

And A Third Considering Suicide What We Truly Have is

An Existential Crisis at Least Over Here and From What

i've Seen and Heard At Least Through Information Technology

Around the World As Well We Are Losing Touch With Our Very

Basic Humanity and The Nature Around Us That is Part of Our Nature True

For However Difficult

my Teenage Years Were

At Least i Have Some Perspective

Before Machines Came to Rule Human Life

And What Once Took An All Holding Hands Human Effort

May Be Delivered

By Amazon


Even Encountering
A Flesh and Blood
Human At All True

Just a Reminder That We aRe Human
Might Be Nice Same Flyer They Posted on

The Door of the Computer and Engineering Labs
When i Was in College Back in Late 70's and Early 80's

Per Yes Don't Forget You Are Human Get Out and About


Do Human
After You


Your Classes
Becoming a Machine

Indeed We Become What We Feed...

And Quite Honestly an Entire Generation
Has Little to No Perspective of Humanity Before

THE Machine
Age CaMe Next...

"Holy water cannot help you now
Thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want your crown
See, I've come to burn your kingdom down"

Yes From 'Florence And the Machine' And The

Never Ending Battle of Tradition Against Free

Dear Miriam With SMiLes

A Promised Land In

The US WHere This

iS Even Possible

To Be So PLEaSeD

A Battle Won Free Comes to Be Authentic

YeT ALLoWinG Tradition to Go Its Married Ways...

Hehe, MaKinG 'Story' into 'God(S)' is An 'Oldest Trick in The Book' to Master,

Subjugate, Control, and Particularly Control Reproductive Freedoms;

IMaGiNE A World WHeRe Every Face is God, Even A Leaf

That Serves A Tree Green

Falling to THE EartH

to Fertilize Winter,

Bringing Spring Green

Again, MaKinG Summer FLoWeRS

A Reality to Fall Again For Winter
Spring Summer Truth; True, Nature is Enough

When We See Gratitude DarK Thru LiGHT To Limit

Any Part of Nature to Only A Letter oR A Word is A Path

To Lies to Hell
to Heaven Only After Death;

And Only in Letters And Words

That Literally Hold No Life At All...

SMiLes Dear navasolanature Thanks So Much For Dropping By "MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES oF BReaD"

And As Words Go and Loaves of Bread There Are Surely Many Here to See and Even Taste Hehe

Yes Around 60 Thousand Words For That One Plus Already Over 50 Thousand Words in the
Comment Section That With the FeatNotes and MileStones Added In Will Surely Make Another

60 Thousand Word Bi-Monthly Novel Sized Epic Long Form Poem (LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am) As
Just Another 'Small' Subchapter of "SonG oF mY SoUL" At Over 12.6 MiLLioN Words of Effort Now

in 126 Months in Tandem With 19,505 Miles of Moving Meditating FLoWinG Public
Dance Providing Focus and Attention Span Yes For All the Productivity of the

Creativity Still To Come True in a 'X-Twitter World' And 'Tik Tok Globe' Now

This isn't Exactly Most Folk's Cup of 'English Tea' Yet Never the Less the World Is
A Big Place and All the Avenues of Other Blogs i Administrate And Other Social Media

Avenues Have Generated Millions of Views Not Likely They Stayed Longer Than A Few Sentences

Hehe Such is the
Nature of the
Beast of Course
In Modernity iNDeed
As Oral Tradition is

Now Mostly Limited to
Heads Down on a Screen

Or Look Aways After the
Science Assessed Modern Average
Human Attention Span of Literally Less
Than A Gold Fish Yes Less than 3 Seconds

Interestingly in Days Past That Would Make Those
Folks Very Eccentric and me Not So Much Yet Now Hehe

i Am Surely Super Eccentric And Far Out of the Norm and
Ordinary of Modern and Older Traditions too as That is How

Eccentric Flourishes in both the Old and the New With SMiLes

The Locality i Come From in the 'United States Of Florida' Represented by
Infamous Matt Gaetz Just Another 'Trump Wanna Mini me Be' is Considered

By Social Scientists to Be at the Top of the List of Places in the United
States For Difficulty in Expressing Different of Course Factors Include a

Multitude of Military Bases and Stations Steeped in Tradition and the Same
With the Locality That Used to Be in the Guinness World Record Book For Most

Christian Churches Per Capita Not Surprising 'Trumpism' Is Hugely Popular Here

Sadly Not Because He Really Supports Values of Tradition for the Military Or the
Christian Church as He is As 'Anti' to that as Any Politician Has Expressed in United

States History

Calling Military
Heroes Losers and

Making Fun of Little Wafers
of Bread They Give Out in Church

Yet of Course He is Perceived as A
Champion Against the Enemy of Different

As True By Very Nature Tradition Does Bond
And Bind Over Similar Symbols and Ideologies Also
Known as Literally Hundreds of Thousands of Religions

ThroughOut Human History to Include And Support Folks
And of Course Master, Subjugate, and Control Their Basic
Natural Human Freedoms Yet of Course By Very Tradition Tradition

Excludes Those 'Heretics' Who May Be Eccentric and Extra-Ordinary Enough

to Stray From
Tradition Ironically
Facing Penalties Ranging
From Getting Deleted and Banned

And Even Crucified Depending on the
Era of History and Country Now True

Era and Place are Still Connected ThiS WaY

Yet in Terms of Human Nature Some Folks Are Averse
to Change And Others Embrace Change Every Day So Hehe

in 'Biblical Terms' What We End And Still Begin With in
Terms of Tradition and Eccentric Folks is "Old Testament"

And "Newer Testament" Kinda Folks Nourished By Both Nature and

Nurture For Real Imbedded Both in the Genetic Code and the Environment
Spoon-Fed From Birth in Limitless Cultures And Or Religions For Real too

As True Even
Sports Will

Substitute for
Religion and Even

Cults of Personalities
on YouTube Too and Other
Social Media Avenues as Tradition
Today is Always Changing and Different

Paradoxically too Versus the Past When
One Tradition Usually Ruled the Land and People
And Of Course Relatively Speaking Still Does in Some

Countries Today

As Again Both
Era and


Are Still Connected
By Culture Religion
Nature And All Associated Factors

Currently Exceeding 110 Thousand
Words Including the Comment Section
Here of 'MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES oF Bread"

Now i am Embarking on Writing a Third 60 Thousand
or So EPiC Long Form Bi-Monthly Free Verse Poem With

The Title "Writing Directing Producing By God Yes
Playing Free iN Change” As True Sadly Most Folks

Spend Their Lives Either Being Audience Members
or Spectators For Whatever Tradition They

Attach Themselves to Particularly in

The Overall Modern History of Being

Human However as Small Cultures of
Nomadic Human Beings Hunting and

Foraging used to Be More

Matriarchal in Flavor Ruled

Moving Of Course to the Last
10 to 12 Thousand Years or so

of Patriarchy Controlled More Authoritarian
Than Cooperative Huge Societies By The Nature of

Our Technological Success Where Humans Do Not Rely Nearly
As Much on the Support of Religious Institutions and Traditions

For Basic Survival Support And Where We as a Species Are Living Way

Out of Balance With the Rest of Nature in Terms of Taking More than Giving
Hoarding More Than Sharing And Harming Callously More Than Caring and Healing

We Are Moving into A 'Child Age' of Extended Youth and Creativity And Indeed

An Era of Extra-Ordinary Eccentricities too That May Also Benefit This Ability

to Live More Independently Than Interdependently on Other Human Beings in Warm

Group Traditions Such is the Reality of Nature We Live Out of Balance And We Cull

Our Own Species
As Increasingly

Human Beings Are

Living More for me
Than We Is this Good or

Bad in A Grand New Way of Life

Well the Truth is it is Change and
Reflective of Our Species in its Place

of Balance With the Rest of Nature Personally

i Thrive As i Still Fit into the Walls of Warm Tradition
And Excel As Well in New Avenues of Eccentricities as Compassion

Is Directly Related to
A Golden Age of Experience

of Fitting Into As Many Human
Shoes As Possible i've Lived a Life
of Service to others in Both Work and Play

Allowing Literally Hundreds of Thousands of Interactions

With Humans Both Offline and Online Now too At Best This Feeds


With LoVE iN Peace

And At Best For Me i continue
in "Writing Directing Producing
By God Yes Playing Free iN Change”

True i Spent a Lot of my Life as Only
Spectator and Part of the Audience Now

i am Fully Exercising One of my College Degrees
Earned Way Back in 1983 of Anthropology as Participant

Anthropology Observer as Well as Utilizing Two of the

Other Degrees Earned as a Triple Major in Health Science

And Social Sciences Interdisciplinary too Yet a Most Valuable

Experience of Life Was Downsizing to Passing Out Rental Shoes at
A Military Bowling Center Allowing me Eventually Early Retirement at
The Equivalent Civilian Grade of Marine Major As Before i Did the Last

5 Years in Job Changes and Promotions to Get the High Three for Retirement

i Spent Nearly Two Decades at "The University of Military Bowling Center" to

Directly Interact
With Over A Hundred
Thousand Likely Human

Interactions That Way

Coming to Fit my Way

in the Shoes of Most
'Every Kind of Human Being'

As We Served Both the Military
And Civilian Population Including
Folks Coming in From Around the World

The Way i See it in Modernity Now at Best
We Use the Tools Yet Do Not Become Mastered By

The Tools

or Replaced

By The Tools Per
the New Wave of
Artificial Intelligence

Yet Artificial Intelligence

is Systemizing Intelligence

Pre-Planned of Course Whereas

Original Creativity Flows From

Deep Within and is Birthed only

in Change of the Present Now HAha

i Just Recently Was Able to Open Up one
of my Blog Posts in the Reader With the Technological
Advancement of an iPhone 15 Pro-Max Smart Phone with 8 GB of RAM

It's Been Over A Year Before That Before 'Artificial Intelligence'

Could Even Keep Up
With the Size of
my Creativity

in 'Smart' Phone Ways

As Far As Creativity Goes

Where Even Scientists Aren't Sure
How That Works in Human Way Nor Even
Our Conscious and Subconscious Ways
of Processing And Doing Reality Now

Hehe AI Will Have to Start With 'The
Big Bang Again' And Do IT ALL oVeR Again

to Catch Up With me
And Of Course the

Rest of

Creative Humanity too

While IT May Be able to Fool Some
Folks i Have a Discriminating Eye
And Ear And Other Human Feels and
Senses to Tell the Difference For What is Real in Life

With A


Sadly Some
Folks Cannot
Even 'See' Through

Trumpism Even Folks 'Massing'
Advanced Collegiate And Theological Degrees

True as Someone Once Said Some Folks Will Be Fooled

Yet Not All Folks and

Some Folks Will
Actually Still Be

“Writing Directing
Producing By God Yes Playing Free iN Change”...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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24 Feb 2024, 2:48 am

Re-Creation Re-Generation All Excellent Suggestions

To Charge Our Soul Batteries Back Up Dear Savvy

And i Am Reminded Hehe of my Hybrid CRV How

When i Drive in Balance i Use the Least

Amount of Gasoline Indeed
Regenerating Energy for Free

Ah Yes FRiEnDS With Gravity For
Whatever Meditation in Flow We Do in Life

Reduces Stress And Even Regenerates Gray Matter in the

Brain Even if Meditation is Only Done Several Instances A Week

Imagine How Much
Creativity and Productivity

We Might Achieve if All in Play
Was A Meditation For Real to Get Stuff Done

True Even Several Instances A Week Is Shown
to Increase Creativity and Productivity 500 Percent

As Even Measured By the Limited Tool of Science

it Does Seem if There is A Fountain FLoWinG

Of Positive Energy An Origin Often is

A Way of FLoWinG Meditation

As 'They' Suggest Wu Wei

Effortless Ease of


Yet of Course Just
Knowing in a Different
Way Than Forcing What
We Think Must Be Done True Letting Go

Allowing The Deeper Parts of Our Minds to Rise


oF BeinG OffSPRinG Of

'thE FoRCE'

iN FLow

Life Springs

Dances Grass Green
Fruition Dream Sings

Winter Fall
Spring Rise
SummeR ETernAlly Now

Glass Roses
Chalice of Love
Question of Hope

Answers Do Spring...

Ugh This Reminds of
A Boss Telling me
Good Employees
Do 90 Percent of
All the Work

And His Boss
The Captain of
The Base Screaming

At Everyone Because
The Blinds were not
Closed a Specific

Way as well
as Yelling at
Me Accusing me

Of Bringing in a
Portable Heater
While the Kind

Souls From the
Public Works
Dept provided

Mercy as the
Captain Turned
Off the Heat to

The Building to
Win an Energy
Saving Award...

Honestly This
Is Common the
Work World

Zone Overall...

Don’t Live
There no
Only Solution...

Yes True It IS Still A
Judas Who Bleeds
Hangs Most

Others Same
So When Does

Forgive And Save The

Judas Who Harms

And Always Falls
On Our
Crosses of Life True...

For Those Born Without
A Drop Of Love to Drink

For Those Neglected

How Do
We Help

A Stone Float
Forever More FLoW oN

Love’s Wings Shall We

Condemn “The Judas”
Forever Now

Hang like
That Give Up

Or Shall We Breathe
Love Never Ever Giving
Up On The Person
On Life’s

Cross Next
To Us Where
Our Cross is Painted

With Hope And Love
There’s Fear And Hate

How Shall We Paint
Heaven or Hell

Or Shall We Name
Goats And Sheep
The Same
Worth Saving
Eternally Now True

There Is Always
A ‘Verse 14:12’
To Create
A Greater

God Than
A Condemning
Devil of Hell Dressed
In Only A Temporary Guise

Of Love When Love Just
Gets Tired
Of Loving
And Sends

Itself To Hell
As There Is
No Separation in
Love That Is Real

i For

God IS
LoVE iN Peace

No Gotcha’s
Forever if Ya


Without A Soul


This Way less Than LoVE iN
Peace Yet You See i For

Not Settle

For less been
Around the

Only one

Hanging Here...

SMiles Generally Speaking ‘Unsigned Artists’ Still Of All
Colors Who Art To Breathe Color Real Most Key Focus
No Distractions Beyond “Other Rainbow Goals”

That’s Where
One Finds
Never Sold

Only Felt As Breathing More
Again Pleasure All Mine to See
And Breathe Some More With Free SMiles...

‘Do’ Understand “The Founding Fathers” Built This Country So
oNe Day You/Me Will See Out Of Whole Capstone Base Pyramid

Now Real

Whoever 'Controls The Story' For NoW, Has 'The REAL Privilege' NeW
NoW; So, How Did the 'White Privilege Folks' Keep The African Slaves
Down; They Used A Book They Called A Bible to Justify Slavery
And Restricted Them From Learning to Read, So Their Story
Of Slavery Would Be the Only Story They Came to Know;

This is the Tribal Nature of Humans; Us Versus Them
In Competition to Secure Subsistence
Resources in Life; Now, Ironically

Humans Become More
The Tools They Create
To Make Life Easier; Yet,

Overall, Humans Are Even Failing
At Human Basic Privilege; The Colors of
Life That Make Life Worth Living; Yes, the Emotions

We Feel and Sense Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
Life as Flowers in Gardens That Actually Aren't Just Frigging


Parts to Keep
A Constructed
Culture Alive Enough to Survive...

So, No Matter What 'Your Label' iS; How
Do You Gain 'Real Privilege' Among Tribal
Group Think Oriented Humans By Colors of

Politics, Religion, Philosophy Same; You
No Longer Take Anything They Wanna

Gain; You Become Naked Enough
Whole Complete

And In Giving

To Them Instead; Wow,

'You' Might Become A "LeBron
James" Yet You See, Even Now

That 'Master' Hasn't Figured
'The Game' Out Yet to Play;

To Truly Play Basketball

For Free; So How

Do You Do
That Yes Now

"Complete Privilege'

The Real Game You Win
And Never Even Have to Win Again
As The Score Is Yours to Control Within...

Really, All that's Left After that to Do is Give With
No Expect or Need

For Return...

This iS How
Folks Really
Make THeir
Comeback And Stay...

And Yes of Course Socio-Economic
Roadblocks Are Still A Similar Road Block For Real Success;

For It's True; There are Human Minimums, For Avenues, for True Success to BREaTHE Free;

Is LeBron James A Greater Player Than Michael Jordan; Whoever Is Playing Still For Free Actually Is Now...

Other than that
For Some Folks
Watching LeBron
James Play is Really
As Heaven AS Heaven Gets for them;

Yeah, i Used to BE A Tool of the FSU Football
Team Story, Like that 'Tool'; Others Are Church Tools;

Others Are Political Tools, And Others Skip All the Other
And Write
Their Own
Story Free;

Direct, Produce,
And Create Reality;

As Close to Free Will
As It Gets Mastering the
Feelings and Senses Within For Free...

That Way in Most Circumstances, No
One Else Has Any 'Tool' To 'Beat You', For
'Real Human

Free Will
As Free As Will Gets...

And if You Say i Ain't Got
None; Whoever You Are; You
Don't Live in my UniVerse
Within And i Don't Live

In Yours Either;
Will Varies;


Different Than 'View'...

"Relative Free Will Privilege"...

Truly A 'GReaTesT Privilege' We Only 'Gain'...

Does it Come With 'Dumb Luck', Well, Hell, Yes
And Heaven too; i don't 'Know' Anything When i Do it...

If 'You' Can Figure That Out Now For Real, You (me at least)
Can/WiLL Understand
What Free Will Really
Is Relatively Speaking With All in All Now...

Meh, For A Common Reference Point, Tao; God Yes,
What Faith Really Means Without Eyes on 'Face Value Labels'

Smiles Love that
Gives Love That
Captures Now

iN Peace

Only one

Stays Hunt
Is Never Over For

The Other As LoVE iN Peace
Is Love With No Catches

True Some Do Both
Love Game Play Stay

Or Just Go Away Stray
Hehe it All Makes Me

i’m Married
For 34 Years

Help Each
Other That’s Love...

Love Had A ‘Rare Smell’
That Is Real Before Text...

Too Many
Fish To Catch...

So Much Fake Bait...

The “Thing About
Art” It Only Breathes
To Give My Wife

Too For

Joy Of Gifts in Peace
Love Is For Givers NoW...

NeW Cooperation More
Often Comes From
Oxytocin Bonding
Positive Empathy

Or Negative

US Bullies
Versus Them Bullies

Politics Of Soul Now
And Then There Are
Rarer Birds Vultures

Who Feel No One’s
Pain At All They
Dead’ to

Thrill Off
Power of

We Don’t Hurt
Each Other If
We Are Gonna Survive

We MUST Cooperate
Yet If Technology

That Humanity

What’s Left Is Colder to Touch...

Yes HNDD Human Nature Deficit Disorder

And NDD for All The Rest

THere Is Night And Day
As Above So Below
Dark And Light

Muse Now For

Frozen Warmth too

Creativity Goes Both

Ways Night Brings Day

Moon Seeks Sun For

Relief of Dark Side






Of Dark

For i’ve

Seen The

Light Of Living Death...

Shall i Smile At Dark


Will i
Grin And Bare It All...

This Is What Breath Still Does...

SMiles If i Could Show ‘Them’

WHere Demons Fear To Tread

Then “They”

Will See



SMiLe Comes

From And Why

i Never Stop A Free Dance

And Song Empty Treasure


Of Hell For Real...

All Mine Master of Dark...


Am i Now

Only TWiLiGHT Breathes...

i Wrote This Before i Saw

‘This Notification’ just





At Synchronicity Breathes

Muse Before Older Muse Now...

SMiles Dear Savvy Lovely
Sublime Bright Colors
Of The Tibetan Cherry

Remind me Of The

Juno Photos Of
Jupiter Shared

Site Other

Out of
A Dream
Of Vincent Van Gogh

Really Worth A Visit Now
Too Like This Tree of Beauty...

Considering 'This Thread' Proposes
Eugenics For Part of the Human Species;

Not Likely It is going to Fall Within the
Parameters of What Is Allowed aS A Discussion

Topic on the



Step One:

Learn the Difference
Between A Leader With
Empathy and A Demagogue
Without Empathy; 'Alpha' Males/
Females As Studied By 'Frans De Waal' in
Species of Apes; Including Chimpanzees,
Gorillas, And Bonobos; And Yes, Including Males
And Females too, All Have One Common Element

For Success;

Actual Greater
Levels of Empathy
Than the Rest of the Group;
The part of Taking Care of Everyone
(They Are Measured With Highest Stress
Levels too; Not Very 'Kind to Telomeres'
As Usually Being 'President' Ages Ya FAST)
in Fairest Ways possible that keep the Glue
of Bonds and Binds of the Group Together; Both


And Thriving;

As They Used to Say
In the Military Where i Worked,

Lead, Follow, Or Get The Hell Out of the Way;

What Ya Gonna Do, if No One Wants to Lead;

What Ya Gonna Do, if No One is Willing to Pick up

The Ball to Do it;

Well, The Human
Species Won't Last
Very Long Without Leaders
to Truly Organize and Get the
Jobs Required for Life Done; WITH







As yes, Cold Hearted
Humans Who Are Basically
Tools to Get the Required Jobs
Done to Survive And Thrive in Society

Also are
To Species Success...

AS That Pertains to

And on Top of that Environment
Does Play A Huge Role On Whether or
Not Someone Becomes A Good Leader or Not.

And True, Epigenetic Effects From Challenge in Life

Will Most Definitely Create What Was Once the Weakest
Kid 'in the Aquarium' as the Strongest Leg Pressing Dude
in the Military Gym, Close to 64 Years Of Age, per 1540 Pounds Now;

Yet True, Females Without Much Physical Strength at All, Do Make Great
Leaders as They Usually Have More Empathy and Compassion than Males on Average....

Bottom Lines,

It Takes Variety

For A Species to Survive.

Bottom Lines, Without DarK THere is no LiGHT...

In Other Words, We Need Soft and Tough Humans to Survive too...

There is An Opportunity to Get Better Educated, With Frans de Waal, in His

Ted Talk Video on What Makes an 'Alpha Male' in the Ape Kingdom WITH EMPATHY REQUIRED.

Do Watch 'the Ted-Talk Video',
If You Want to get Educated
on What An "Alpha Male" Is or
is NOT, per the 'Term of Study';

So Far, You Do Not Have A Clue;

And On Top of that if What You
Are Talking About is Folks High
on the 'Check-list' of 'Psychopathy'

That's Gonna Include Lots of Surgeons,
CEO's, And Yes, Members of 'the Clergy' too.

Even in Studies of So-Called 'Heroes And Villains';

Empathy and Compassion For All As Opposed to Total

'Trump Selfishness' Is What Makes the Difference Between

A So-Called
Hero or Villain;

Other Than that
So-Called Heroes

Will be Both Impulsive
And Break Rules to Get THE JOB DONE;




'Born Free' Dear Cindy Such A Wonderfully
Inspiring Song of Back to Nature For True

Even Humans LiVE iN Zoos All Corralled in
Today too Is It Anything New in General No

As Humans Have Been Domesticating Themselves
And Sadly Watering Themselves Down in Ways of Wild
Nature Human Potential in Both Strength, Empathy, And Compassion

For Centuries On End For True too Now Life For Many Is Lived on a Lap
Top Even For Work Never Even Leaving Home Except for Emergencies as

Such Like Buying
Groceries Although
Those May Be Called
in Like 'Grub Hub Restaurant

Meals' Delivered to the Front Door
Yet Only Placed There on the Porch
With No Need for Human Contact Which

Yet Will We Return to More Wild and Free Now or Just Do Zoo


A Screen
With No Horizons
of Morning Sunrises
Or Evening Sunsets too

Without Even the Experience
Of Twilight Lord Knows, Feels, i Can and
Will Practically Write A Bible Sized Poem
And Even 14 More With Just One Finger
And A Smart Phone Lying in a Bed Until

i Get Ready
to Get Up
And Dance
The Life BacK iNto
me Yes Head to Toe
WHeRE ALL Becomes Moving
Connecting Co-Creating Again; Yes,

A Balance Is Nice as the Indoor-Outdoor Cat
Gets So Many More Colors and Flavors of Nature

Plus Exercising Every Body Part too Extending the Lifespan
too Unless Feline
And Kitty
Aids is
Not Protected
Against With Modern
Technology too Yes a Balance
of Domesticating And Wilding Life Seems

Nicer Than Just Wild For A Shorter Life or Just
Domesticated For Less Colors and Flavors of Life Exploring

my, my, When i Read Jack London's Book "The Call of the Wild"
It Brought A Tear Deep Down Innate, Instinctual, And Intuitive too

For True i Was
the Mostly
Child Dog
Who Then Lost
His Wolf Side too
True Half-Breed
Domesticating and
Wilding too Just a HeART
Beat Alive With SPiRiT SoUL Breathing More...

Yes in Many Ways Humans Are Zebras And Camels
too even Bowling Alone All Corralled in Behind Screen Life

too that
Are Only
Silent With
A Vague Feeling
Sense of Some Thing
Just Ain't Quite Naked,
Enough, Whole, Complete Wild...

Honestly Classical Evolution is Slow Human
Domestication is Mostly A One Lifetime Now
Gig As CuLTuRE Brings it Upon Us Real as
Science Shows Humans Still have the Potential
to Be Strong As Orangutans And Actually Explore

Maps Now

And Getting Lost
Or Making Their way
Out of A Paper Bag As
i Was Surely Domesticated
That Much in my Previous Life Now too...

Pleasure All Mine
Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Thanks For Sharing
All Aspects of
Of Your
Each Week...

Indeed THere is
A Feel/Sense for
Our Nights That
Helps Us See Days
With SMiLes...

Yeah Letting
The Lion Free
Every Once in
A While


CLaws of Justice Seeing...

True Dear Savvy
No Use Arguing
With Ignorance


Learn to 'See'...

Yes It's Really Sad When the Youngest FLoWeRS

Among Us May Be iN So Much Desperate Need

For Mental Health Dear Akshita as in A Richest

First World Country in the United States

Recently Reports 57 Percent of Teenage

Girls Are Depressed Lonely and Sad

And A Third Have Considered Suicide

THEiR LiFE'S LiGHT With Colors

Sadly Put Out Blind to

The Warmth That

Wonder Years Touch

Youth Once Brings Then
As It Used to Be Happiness
Is Most When Young And Old

Before the Hands of Time
Trap Us in CLoCK Hands

of Deadlines For This

That and 'The Other Things' too

So Many Things and Not Enough

Warm Humanity to Hug With SMiLes For Real...

Lovely Deeply Touching Poem Thanks mY FRiEnD...

iNDeeD Nature of Happiness

Gives in Balance With No

Expect of Return Then
When Receive Comes

Dear Kiran

Just More

To Give

SMiLes So Kind...

At Best We Step And Word

All of Life in Co-Creation

Holy And Sacred Love For

All iN Freer Dances And Songs

Every Act of Kindness Yes Faith
For Appreciating All iN All Loving
iN Peace Moving Connecting So Very Free

WiTH All Of Nature With SMiLes Dear Kiran...


Life Our Garden Worth

Blooming As We




For Real With SMiLes Faith
iN Every Color Dreaming New Dance

Song Freely Now BRinGS Dear Savvy Breathing...

Fascinating Dear Sohair
i Never Heard The Term
"Quranists" Before In How
That Relates Now to Muslims
Who Strictly Take What The
Quran Says Literally Without

Any Further Interpretations

Of Islam From Hadiths Where

They Are Able to Determine Deeper
Meanings For themselves Of Course in the

Christian Religion That's A Big Reason That A 'Protestant
Reformation' Happened As They Didn't Believe in All the

Extra Sacraments and Such Developed By the Catholic
Church Far
Beyond the
Writings in Just
The Christian Bible

As My X-Catholic Irish
Born Priest Grandfather

Even Wrote A Book Relating
That Called "Out of the Labyrinth"

Also Writing a Book Called "Behind
The Dictators" In How The Catholic
Church Helped The Dictators of Last Century

Hehe He Was Not Very Popular With the Catholic
Church Yet He Wrote About His Opinions No Matter

What They Thought


Breaking Their Rule
About Not Getting Married

Then He Surely Was A Rule Breaker
As If He Wasn't i Would Have Never Come into Being

Thanks to that Cajun Woman At 17 Years-Old Who
Woo'ed Him Out of the Parish Pews When He Was 36
They Say They Waited till 18 to Consummate The Marriage

i Suppose to Make It All
Less Scandalous Back then

Never the Less i Get to Exist hehe

Oh Dear Lord 45,000 Plus Denominations
of Christianity Around the World What Many of Them Have
In Common is They Believe Their Way of Viewing Christianity
Is the Only Correct One as One Will Find This Conundrum in Most

Every Religion Ever
Come to Visit The Earth

SMiLes Praying 5 Times a Day
Would Never Be Enough for me

It Would Be A Big Mistake For Anyone to
Suggest i Am Not Religious As When Every
Move Becomes Holy Dance Every Word Becomes

Sacred Song

All Of Life Becomes

A Prayer For Real Both
Verbally and Non-Verbally

Worship in Great Thanks
And Praise For the Gift of
Life That Only The God of All That is

Gives to Us With SMiLes It's Up to Us
To Make the Most of this Gift in Appreciation

With SMiLes With Most Respect Least Harm
For All Just Giving It All Away Sharing it All
And Caring And Healing Along the Way For All

Yet You See

my FRiEnD

This is Only
The View of
Fred There is

About 8 Billion More
ALL oVeR The World

i've Interviewed Christians
in All the Churches and Pews
i've Visited in Life Both in And Out
of Church Who Gave Different Views
About God and Jesus or Other Words for
Essences Similar in Other Religions/Cultures All Around the World

At Best We Accept There is No Compulsion in Religion as the
Quran Does Teach as True Whether We Like it or Not Every

Has Their
Unique View

For me at Least
Best iN LoVE iN Peace For

All With SMiLes Dear Sohair...

Finding the Flow the Sweet Spot Tween Apathy/Boredom And Anxiety

Dear Miriam i've Surely Experienced Both Sides of the Coin where Life

Itself Practically Breathing Was Over Stimulating to me on the Other

Hand Getting Away From All Work Related

Stress for 16 Years Now Comparatively

Speaking My Myelin Nerves

Are Wrapped With

Titanium as Rare
Does Any Stress Over Stimulate
me And Dear Lord There Are So Many

Human Potentials that May Be Fulfilled practically

For Free in Online Avenues for Art and Science And
What We May Come to Originally Create Like a Public

Dance in the Real World Now that that is Under my Control

Boredom is Rarely ever Experienced And The Sweet Spot

of Flow is
Mine to
Master 24/7

Unless i Decide
to Sleep Hehe Yes

Yet of Course i Push
the Limits too At the
Edge of What Could Become
Anxiety too True it's a Thrill Always

to Expand Human Potentials Yet for me
i Ain't Gonna Risk my Life Mountain Climbing
For the Plateaus of Flow i Can Achieve With Total
Safety Public Dancing in Barnes and Noble Listening
to Meditative Music Entertaining the Star Bucks College
Cafe Crowd While Reading an Entire Book in About an

Hour Every



Mountain Climbers
Experiencing the Thrill
of Going Without a Safety
Harness Might Not ever entertain
That Idea As They Would Be Too Worried
What Others Might Think of them What a Life

Reaching an


Other Folk's
Nay-Saying is No
Different Than the
Feather i Become
As Wind Breezes Free

Yet It's True When You are
Doing that at Around 250 Pounds
Still Capable of Warming Up with
1540 Pounds at the Military Gym

Leg Pressing it 12 Reps With
Arms Raised to the 'Heavens'

It's Not


That the
is Done in Ear
or Eye View Hehe

As That's 'The Rule' Never
Catch the Eye of the Public
Dancer Unless You Are That Free...

Love Does Carry on in A Child's Eyes Dear Cindy
What An Uplifting Poem and Story of Your 98 Year-Young
Father-in-Law Coming Out of Hospice With Such Positive Energy

my Great Aunt Jetty Who Lived to Be 94

Was Surely Similar Always

A Zest For Life

No One Not Even
Older Numbers of
Age Could Bring Down

However She Said She Had
A period of Severe Burn-out in Middle
Age too Her Spirit Then in my Dead Zone
Was Surely MiSSinG in me Yet Indeed i too

That Spirit
That is so far
Beyond Numbers of Age

Glad Your Father's Future
is Looking Brighter as Well...

And Surely A Long Life of LoVE iN
Peace For Your Granddaughter As Well

Hopeful She Will Get to Write And Do Her Own Play

With SMiLes...

To Be Fully Aware
is to Lose it ALL Indeed...

SMiles Far Beyond only
SKin Deep Dear Anita
The True Treasure of

Life Evolving Souls
ACross THE Entire



With SMiles

Gem Every
Number Of Age...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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25 Feb 2024, 2:26 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Growing Up Downtown on the River

i Could Feel How the Currents of the River Swam The Fish

As For Fish the Water Is Part of Their Whole Being to Swim

Above All the Beautiful Birds Still in my Forest BackYard

The Winds Fly Them Wings Air and Wind No Separation

To Them And Of Course

The Squirrels Are

One With the Trees

Their Homes Their

Livelihood in Shelter Indeed

Humans Develop Grand Potentials

With the Cultural Tools We Create Although

Our Symbols And Ideologies Don't Ever Meet the
Full Reality of Existence and are in Some Ways Illusions

Great Thanks And Praise

As Now i Get to Fit All of

me in this Fiber Optic Cable

And Fly At the Speed oF LoVE iN Peace
All Around the Globe in One Day A Potential

Surely Our Ancestors Who Thought the World
Was Flat Never Fathomed of WHere We Will Go Next

Yet of Course

The Same is

True Today

Hopefully We Will
Erase More Borders
of Difference ThiS WaY
Embracing Change of Difference

Back Home Free...

Happiest 24th Birthday Dear Kiran

So Happy You Are Achieving Peace

in Your 24th Year Also Wishing You

Plentiful LoVE iN

This Peaceful

24th Year of Yours
True Just 4 Decades
Ahead My 64th Comes on

June 6th Yes Your Very Old
FRiEnD Hehe From Far Away

Yet Still Close
Enough to
Wish You
Many More Wonderful

Birthdays Full oF LoVE iN Peace


SMiLes Dear Miriam Every Breath is An Adventure
of Challenge to Keep Human Potential FLoWinG

Continually Up as i Reach the Beatle's Landmark

Age of 64 For Will i Still Be Loved Hehe

on June 6th i Suppose i'll Have Two

Months Until August 6 Months

From Now to See if

my Efforts

Continue to Play

As For me at Least
63 Seems So Much
Younger in Flow of Energy
Than Any Year Before So i'll Do that More

For Now At
Least As

All my

Faith Continues
To Staycation in
The Present Gift of Now...

It's A Mysterious Experience Now
66 Months i Never Knew if i Could
Make Another Second of LiFE NeW

NoW THere is No Time Yet The Present of Now...

LoVE iT's aLL ABouT LiVinG A
HiGHeR FreQuenCY ViBRaTioN

Here’s To You Making
Chances For Your Best
Life Yet Still to Come With SMiles

Oh Lord... So Much More of me
to Go Around IF i WiLL Be Able

to 'CLone me'...


It's Really Not
Hard to Do With Copy And Paste
Lord Knows These Days what Just
one Person Will Accomplish With

More Potential Used

Sweet Little Breasted
Bird Stay in Bed With me

So what’s Your All Natural Drug Of Choice

At WaKinG

For Most Folks Still Slave to Paymaster Of ‘Desk’
at Work or School Alarm Clock Adrenaline Neurohormones

For People With Choices Oxytocin of Hugging Partner/Self
or Dopamine of Smart Phone Screen or Androgens/Estrogens

Mutual/Consensual AM, Noon, PM, ‘Tween Sex Achieved Best Makes
ALL Natural Drugs Come Now Nature’s “Bird’s And Bee’s” Still Feel And

Sense Life Best For ‘Those’ Who Stay-In-Spring Sunshine Serotonin too

Gotta Give A Former Priest at the Catholic Church i Visit Lots of Credit

The Catholic Priest With NO Hesitation Confirmed the Answer YES!

AsKinG A Group of Children Who They See LooKinG in the Mirror

A Child Said God!

True in A Visit in Last Years the Priest
Had With the Children In Church He
Described God As Eternally Forgiving Loving

Until A Church Supports
Holds All Freedoms of Love
Turning No Love Away 'Catholic'
A Term that Means Universal Doesn't Exist

Until Sprouting Butterfly Wings Free At
LasT A KEy to ReMeMBeR First Love

'The Child' Who Crawls

True Love For ALL CaLL iT God or Jesus At
Best CaLL A MiRRoR Naked LoVE With No Fear

Ya Don't Inherit EartH
By 'Being Somebody'
Ya Inherit EartH By Doing IT
God Dam 'Private Nike' You Are

A Barefoot Genius

NoW it's All A 'Yin' And 'Yang'
Balance Let's Face Facts Feel
Some Wisdom Applies to ALL

Artist Someone Who Seeks Finds Soul Meaning
Scientist Someone Who Measures Things Now
Don't Do Both And You May Fall Or Never Rise

We Can/Will Water A Plant Now Yet We Can't/Won't Teach It to Grow

Then Okay If 'You' Insist i've been Doing 'the Same Dam Attractive Pose'
For 56 Years And 'Here is the Proof' Hehe From Second Grade Catholic
School Where i Was Voted Wittiest

Kid of the Year And i Had No

Clue What Witty Meant...


Either HAha

The (A) 'Thing' About 'Birds' Yes Is They Have Wings
They Don't Have to Be Birds Flying is Enough Now

The Thing About me i Don't Have to Be 'A Dancer'
or A 'Singer' i have Moves i Have Voice All i Have

To Do Is Dance And Sing Free

Poet What the Hell Is That

i Write i like to Write

it Feels Good to

Do This So i Do

It Seems to me the 'Original

Sin is Nouns' And Not Enough Verb

iS A Wave Water or Ocean Does 'IT' Even 'Matter'

What Will Happen to A Most Beautiful Bird if they

Finally See Their Reflection in a Pond Get Lost

In Their Beauty And Never Fly again...

Isn't This What

Happens to

Some Humans

When They 'Fall' In Love

If They Keep 'Falling' Will They

Ever Truly Fly Free Again It Seems

to me the Answer Is Do Fly Or Whatever

You do Fly Higher And Stop Falling Into the Pond...

Not Unlike You i am A Bird Who Sees His Reflection

Just A Common Winged Deficit Among Humans Look

Around See Where

It Has Gotten

Us so Far

Where Do the

Roads Go Most to Fly or Not...

If No Longer Loving All “Your” Idols
Believing In All Your Illusions Makes Me
“Pan” Pagan to “You” So Be me i AM NoW

“He Used to Love Cars” Now All “He” Sees
Is Women/Wild Nature/Loving Free (God) With Least Harm

Some Folks Will Escape Others Will Stay Some Dance Sing Naked
Free Others Wait To Pay Souls Off And Live After Death Do You ‘See’ NoW

It’s Only A Ride For Her it’S A Destination To Hell For me I’m Done
With Deals With “The American Devil” “The Grand Illusion”

This Is Why i Thank Y.O.U. And Tell “The Other Stuff” To Stay
In Hell Cause i Ain’t Going Back To Being A Stone Statue Half Buried

This Is When i Understood i Finally Arrived No Longer Prisoner
Now of
“The American Dream” The God of Illusion STUFF

Shortly Years ago After We Bought A Civic A Rowdy
Car of Children Banged Their Car Door Injuring

The Brand New Civic Yep Then i Only Smiled...

You See i Had to Go To Hell To Really Really Make
People And Love And Living Nature My God Of Life First And Last

Got Out Of Hell Got Rid of the Passport And Bought A ‘14 Honda

Civic For The Economy oF iT All Then God Yes

Indeed An Omen A Passport To Hell For 66 Months 9 Years Later
Sold The Camaro In Hell No Emotions Just A Head Explosion

True We Finally Achieved “The Grand Illusion”
A Home And Two Car/SUV American Dream

Yes i Made A Lease Deal With The Honda Salesman
Devil And Still Loved The Camaro Too Much To Tell It Goodbye...

In 1999 We Only Had A Thousand Dollars In The Bank I Admit It
i Was So Smitten With The ‘99 Showroom Forest Green Passport

Something Was Missing Oh My God It Felt Better Than First Car Love 1994
New Teal Camaro Fly Me to The Moon!

I Got A Big Raise At Work Katrina A Big Raise Too We Bought A Home In 1993
i Fell in Love Again With All The New Brick And Mortar

i Never Really Loved The Cavalier Either it Just Didn’t Make me Feel Like
First Love 1970 Maverick

Bought An Escort From A Rental Place it Didn’t Make Me Feel Loved
i Left it For A New Sky Blue Cavalier in ‘88 At Least it Had Curves

Anyway Finally At 26
i Sold Beloved ‘Maverick’ For $300 Bought it For $500 And Maverick

Wasn’t Even Working Then

You KnoW It’s Really Sad To ASSeSS A “Real Girl Friend” In Measure
Of ‘Bases’ Yet 18 Is A Really Hardball Year For A Dude With FEELINGS

Still At 18 i Managed To Find Ways To Keep my “First Real Girlfriend”
“The one With All The Bases” Warm in my “1970 Maverick” Then

True It Would Have Made More Sense And Impressed Prospective
Girlfriends If i Repaired The Heater Live And Learn The LeSSoNS

Mama Bought “Mag Wheels” My Graduation Present Wish Those
Wheels Made me Feel Like Someone Not So Outcast Then

i Waxed ‘That Car’ Like A Lover Endeared Healed It At
The Repair Shop So Many Dollar Bills i Poured into it...

People Left My Side Yet For The Next 10 Years And
For 250,000 Miles ‘The White 1970 Maverick’ Stayed

Bought “That 1970 Maverick” 50 Dollars A Month From
My Mother And Paying My Own Insurance From my

Janitor Job At 16

i Am Only HeRE NoW To Deliver One MeSSaGE:


Y.O.U. ‘See’ Lakshmi (And All The Others)
i Am Really Not Your Guardian Angel Y.O.U.
ARe All Guardians Of “Angel” For ReaL NoW

My Uncle Took Us Out To Eat For His Birthday
In September of 2016 “SonG oF mY SoUL” 3.3 MiLLioN WordS Old Then

“ReaSoN” For All “Bibles” Is THe arT oF Eve Moon Reflecting Sun Day Of Night

It’s Like The Album Cover Of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
Lakshmi (Jenny) Is Leading ‘The Band’ With ‘The Stone Bust’

Do Y.O.U. (Why Owe You) ‘See’ How ‘This’ Works i
Can’t Deliver The (A) Message Until You Tell Me To

Spoiler Alert: “SiLeNT LeSSoN 316 Moon Child Arrives”
Lent Never Ends For “Lucifred” And “Jenny” Just Told

me i Am The Brightest Light

Katrina Asked As Rhetorical Question Who In “The Hell” Would
Wanna Write An 8.8 MiLLioN Word Bible iN 80 Months on FB

“FB Profile Pic Bible” CLoSinG iN On 9 MiLLioN Words Soon
Enough Yep Also Included In FB Profile Pics Description Areas

“Netherland Bible” Arriving at 10.4 MiLLioN Words in 92 Months

‘He’ Also Took Us Out To Eat When i Started “Netherland Bible”
Long Form Poem In June Of 2016 Neither He Or i Knew Then

Rich Uncle Drives A $70,000 Cadillac He Took Us to ‘i-Hop’ For
Masked Lunch No Idea He Was Celebrating 9 MiLLioN Words FREE Then

i STill WeaR “HeR” “BeLiEVE” iN me

i Understand The Force of “Jenny” Why i Continue To Spread Her
‘Gift’ Around An Entire Globe And No i Don’t Wear “A Bra” Either

Here’s Cheers To All “Jenny’s” Yes ‘Ripley’ First Jenny From
Around The Block At Sweet Sixteen Was Really Named Jenny

Is THere More Than One Are You As smART As me Will You Count
Stars In Skies or Just Always Feel All Big Bang’s Creating U R NoW

For Every Forrest Gump Then And Now THere Is At Least one ‘Jenny’

Who Made The Difference In U R

My God It’s Been 51 Years Sunlit Breast View No Different
Today The Way She Shape Shifted my Soul From U to R

Just Another one Of Those Days in Purgatory Someone
Comes Along Makes You Believe in Y.O.U. They Bring

You Heaven

Autistic U R Makes Artistic What Jenny Did To Me This

Gift Her Splendor

On The Tennis Court Sweet Sixteen And me At 12

i Suppose i Will Blame Jenny For Always Seeing Woman
As God Everyone Saw me As 'Autistic' She Changed U into R And Created me

It’s Not Something An Artist Grabs You only Paint Paradise To Last Forever

Now In Endless

Summer Spring Days

i Didn’t Know Much About Girls Yet i Did

Notice She Didn’t Wear A Bra Playing Tennis

Paradise On The Tennis Courts At 12 Years-Old

All The Other Kids Made Fun of Me Yet Not Jenny She
Took Off My Glasses Looking Deep in My Eyes She Told me

i Looked Like An Artist

Jenny From Around the Block Was 16 i Was 12 She Played
Tennis With me In The Hot Summer Walking to The City Park

True My Mother Stayed So i Ended Up As A Flower Child At 12

With No Guns

Uncle Son Of Jewish Cop Stepfather Got Rich Selling Vacuum


Palace on The Emerald Gulf Coast Bay Stereotype Complete

My Father’s Father X-Catholic Priest From Ireland Is A Priest
A Cop With So-Called Hail Mary’s For Heaven And Hell iN A Word Yes/No

You See At My Father’s Dinner Table Still Living At Home Blue Blood Him,
His Identical Twin, And Jewish Stepfather All On The Beat Cops

At 3 Years-Old Shortly Before Cop Dad Left At Thanksgiving

3 Toy Guns in My Hands Destiny Clear

Ah Yes Seventh Heaven
That Place Where Your
Soul Not Only Sits
And Walks




Becomes A Sunrise
Dance Of Spring Now

Where All The Birds
Are Singing Just

For You
When All
Your Bees are
Humming Inside

Just Lifting You
Up Beyond The

Moon To Skip
Across The Sun
And Feel Stars in

Your Eyes

Oh The


Of Love

Do Enjoy

Dear FRiEnD

So Happy To

See Your FLoWeR
Coming to Color Blooms...

Here’s To You Making
Chances For Your Best
Life Yet Still to Come With SMiles...

SMiles This Much Rarely Changes It's
Lovely to Have A Cat They Always Intuit
When You Are Down And Come to You

With A Cat Hug
Ready to Purr

For You... Smiles

i See a lot of Cats
Here it Reminds me of
Our Cats We haven't Had any

Cats in the Last 5 Years for the
Longest Period of my Life We Used
to Have 3 Sweet Cats In Our Home Cats Always

Make Ya Warm Inside i Hope You Have a Cat my FRiEnD Astha

And i Hope Things Do Look Up For You For Human Love True With Prayers...

Story is Glue of Life And It is Up to Each of Us And All of Us To Create
A Story of Life And While i Had one through Childhood Through College
Through the Part of my Work Career Interacting With Other Humans

What Took Me Away from
A Story was the Stimulation
Computers Brought That Left

Out the Human Element of Story
In Life That i did not Realize then
That Means A Warmer Life Then Colder...

i was way too Stressed Keeping a Job through
Many Reductions in Force And Consolidations
Of Man Power and Computers Replacing Scores

Of Human Hands to get Jobs Done Where Life
Became More Machine And Survival Breathing
No Play, No Joy, No Happiness, Where Love Was

Evacuating the Home Within As Well i Just didn't
Realize i could Lose what i took For Granted Working
With So Many People just Being Around Folks for the Warmth...

After Junior College Moving into A Bigger University Poor With Very
Little Economic Resources, Isolation then too; i always Had the Propensity
to Go to the Dark Side, the Hell Part of Bi-Polar Disorder However the Other

Side Kept My Asperger's Syndrome With More Colors in Life that i Might not
Have Experienced if My Father married A Woman Who Was More Mechanical Cognition than Love...

SMiles, it's Nice to See Your Illustrated Life Story We All Should Feel Free to Write the Story And Illustrate
The One We've Lived And Continue Writing the Story of What Is Still to Come We Help Create; i'm Just Glad

i Feel Like
i Am More
Than A Cog
Of Some Other
System of Machine;

Just So Glad to Write my
Own Story And Have No one
Any Longer Force me into Theirs As Tool...

True Dear Savvy
Artistry NoW
Sunset Sunrise
SaMe ALways Different

No Limits
to Our
Creativity OPen

Canvas We Paint
Sunsets Sunrises
More Colorful NeW...

Greeting Each New
Leaf of Every Tree

As Old FRiEnD
And New FRiEnD

Too Yes A Dog's
Scent For True LoVE ReaL


With SMiLes...

As Pine And
Breeze Meet
Lake A Dog's

Place of Peace
Ever More Now to Love New

And Yes! Ours too With SMiLes...

A Twinkle
iN A Pupil
Of A Dog's

EYe Student

Peace Loch BRinGS

Surrounding Pine Breeze Sings...

Birth oF

Falling Leaves
Truly Dear Xenia

What Else Is THeRE

Yet Fall RiSinG SPRinG

True Winter Frozen Soils


A Way Free For

Summer FLoWeRS
Year Around With SMiLes

Happy Breath of Nature

Dear Xenia Breathing Our Ways Freer...

Exploring the 'Art of Nurturing Bonds' Indeed

Dear Anita Such a Timely Topic For A Book

You Are Publishing Named "HeartStrings"

As Sadly The Ability of Humans

To Form and Keep Lasting

FRiEnDSHiPS Is a Waning

Moon Barely A Crescent
Finger Nail Left Oh By the

Way Happy Full Snow Moon
What is Identified Today as

The Most Dimly Lit Full Moon

And Surely Representative of the

Waning Flames of Human Connections

Indeed mY FRiEnD A Needed Book to Bring


With Feelings

More than Just
Parts of 'The Big Machine'...

Something More Like a Living
Tree With Leaves Branches and Roots

A Wave That Hasn't Forgotten It is Both Water


Ocean Whole...

True It's More About
Finding We Than Finding

only me...

SMiLes Dear Sohair The Celebration of
A Sufi Spiraling Dervish Dance Echoes

Of A Milky Way Spiraling the Same

Around A Black Hole Finding

Center Point Balance

of Gravity Afloat

Above So Below

True A Dance of God

Becomes Balance Found
Within Center Point All Existence

God Breathes
Free Above
Below Within
Inside Outside ALL Around

And No Doubt Many A Prayer
A Tribute to God Deep Within
RiSinG Comes From a Dance of

FRiEnDS With

Gravity Now

New Just Becoming One With
tHE ALL iN All Free iN Balance...

No Jar Will Capture Wind Alive...

Indeed Dear Sohair Yes
Different Views Among

All Parts Of Whole

Is The Mercy
That Allows
Any Part And

To Exist

From The Whole


Without SMiles...

Catholic Mass Readings From the Small Hours of
February 25th By the Dimly Lit Full Snow Moon

And Some 'Thing' About Being 'SnowBlind'

Something About Being Spoon Fed Old

Stories of 'Trademark Trump God'

From Birth Something About

First Time 99 Year Old
Mothers and Fathers

Something About Hearing

Voices That Say Slaughter Your
First Born Child at 99 If Ya Wanna Believe
That in the First Place in Any Kind of Story

to Prove Loyalty to Trademark Trump God With
A Sly Grin of Just Kidding Getting You to Prove

Loyalty to me as A Very Small God So Insecure and Weak

Forcing Loyalty By Most Cruel Tricks to Torture Souls Foreshadowing

Lies of Carrots
And Sticks After
Death to Get Ya All
Inspired to Kill Kill KiLL
From Jericho On in Genocidal Ways

Yet You See i am no Fool i Am the Bird
on the Wing i Am the Fish on the Fin

i Am the Air And Wind Breezing i am

The Water Wave Ocean With No Division

And on Top of That i Watched Folks Torture

Others Just For the Hell oF it Praising a God Called Love

i Didn't Really Understand the Full Falsehood oF iT All Until
The Trump Meme

Came With
A Refresher
Course that
Stays Basically the
Same Ignorance Harms
Rapes Maims Kills Most

It Doesn't Matter the

Age Just the Snow Blind That Still Comes...

Other Than that the Natural Transfiguration
Of Glowing Ascendence And Transcendence That
Comes With A Continuing Practice of Meditative Flow

in Free Dance And Song Not the Myth The 'Real Original Coke'...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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