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26 Feb 2024, 1:24 am

"Writing Directing Producing By God Yes Playing Free iN Change"
A Title of What i'm Currently Writing Still Waiting to Electronically
Blog Publish "LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am" After Collecting And
Putting Together All the Multi-Media Still Coming
With Memories of the Last Published MacroVerse

"MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES oF BReaD"

Around 180,000 Words After All 3 Are
Published in Around 6 Weeks of Effort

All PArts of The Whole Moving
Connecting Co-Creating aRE ALL

New Breaths of Existence Come to Be
Always Now With SMiLes Dear Savvy

Most All 12.6 MiLLioN Words of the EPiC
Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" i've
Been Writing And Capturing Cultural Changes

in the Last 126 Months in Photos And Other Multi-Media

Ways Including Theme Songs From YouTube All The Way

Yes Most All Words of
The Effort Are Simply An

Anthology of Free Verse
Poetic Responses in 'Real' Time
Copy and Pasted From Folks All Around
The Globe It Is the Joy of Every Move of
19,533 Miles of Public Dance And Word
of Song In Wonder of Open Minds SPiRiTS HeARTS
SoULS Exploring
iN Curiosity



iN FLow

With Awe

Yes Connecting
Co-Creating NoW As

We All Help Each Other
Add Verses in Whatever Way
Art Comes to Expand Each and
Every Unique Multi-Uni-Verse We Experience

Of the Whole Beyond All Discrete Measure With
SMiLes Truly MaGiC mY FRiEnD Truly As Real As

With SMiLes

Thank You Always
For Inspiring me ThiS Way
Each Day With Additional SMiLes...

SMiles Aloha SuNDaY to
You Too my Blogging
FRiEnD From Hawaii

Actually When
i Received This

Notification We
Were Walking Around
The Block And On A
Pleasant Close Enough

To Spring Cool Night
In Florida i Captured

A Photo Of The
Almost Full Snow
Moon Yet When i Was

In The Work World For
33 Years i Barely
Noticed The Moon
Stars And Planets
And Didn’t Travel

Down The

Road to The
Paradise Beach

So Close Here Matter
Of Fact With So Little
Feeling i Didn’t Really

Notice the
Flowers Either
For A State Named

For FLoWeRS Then

As ‘They’ Say What
Value is Life if One



World Yet
No Longer Feels
The Colors Of EartH
We Create Within Indeed

Inheriting The

Earth is

Not Owning

It Yet Painting
With Ever Newer

Colors Of Soul To Breathe

Be Art Seeing Nature oF LoVE iN Peace...

SMiles Dear
Poverty of Soul
A Worst Kind of
Human Scarcity
Played Well Today

Of War
Against Humanity’s

Love Freedom Spreads
How Blessed So Far
Away From

Soils How
Spoiled For
Those Who
Do Not Protect Love
For Lesser God’s
Of War And
Dead Alive...

"Tale of A Domesticated Wild"
Hehe, Dear ruchiabhisikta
This Sweet Tale of
Your Opposite
And You Sounds
All too Much Like
A Similar Lock-Down
Covid-19 Early Tale
of my Wife and me for

True This Kind of Brother
And Sister Relationship
Is Usually What Happens
to A Marriage too When it Exceeds
34 Years Like mine When the Blood

Finally Becomes
The Same hehe...

And There is Already
the Given of No Escape
And So Much Appreciation For Part of

The Support to LiVE iN A Life Otherwise
So Shallow, Vapid, Empty, And So Very Cold...

Hehe, my Sister is Opposite From me too and She
Lives Next-door to the Hair of the Bear and Bare of

me too, hehe...

Yet Yes, Life is
Like This As Wild
Animals Often Have
The Most Empathy
And Compassion as
They Are Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete With Nothing
Left to Prove Yet Surviving Loving on Now Free...

Nice Use of What

Drives Living Symbolism (Art)

SMiLes in Short i wanna
Be More than a Picture
i wanna Move, Connect,
And Co-Create totally Free iN LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Essence More Important than Form for me
Yet True When Essence Dances and Sings Free
Form Will Come Naturally Even Greater
Than before
THiS Way
TRuE Now

As Wings
Marble Statues
Dead Now Alive...

So True Dear Savvy
Shed All The Form
Find Essence NoW
Love That FLoWeRS

Worlds So Human We
SoUL Worlds
With Seeds That
BRing Even More Faith

That's LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Thank You For So Many
Encouraging Words Indeed
And It's Worth Noting too Never
Doubt Now New The

Power of Human
iMaGiNaTioN And
Creativity As Even
Science Shows that
A Human Wearing A
Cast on their Arm May

Imagine Themselves
Exercising that Arm And
Actually Gain Both Strength
And Size Enhancing Musculature

In The Arm
As Mind
Body And Body
Masters Mind in
Balance of IMaGiNaTioN

And Creativity ThiS Way of Course
Research is Limited Yet Why Limit
Human Potential Why Wait on Science

To Make The Next
Break-Through New
in Human Potential Now

Perhaps Called 'Woo' Before With SMiLes...
Even iF it'S Only a 'Story' The Hope A Story
Brings Might Even Save A Life For Real mY FRiEnD...

It's Really Impossible to Separate Politics And
Religion And Philosophy And Culture And All
The Tools We Wear From Words to Swords

To Extensions

Of Our Minds

In Hand Now

Until We Become
Naked as The Wind
And Dance Free As We BeCoMe
Unclothed From all of What's New
Spoon-Fed From Birth of Course Now

That's the Life of a Bird And Few Humans Indeed...

Just Imagine the Birds
Flying Far Above

They Never

Even Read A Word
of Text on Smart Phones
Or Watch A Scene of YouTube

Yet They Soar, They Soar So Free
And Light With Wings, So Free to Be Wind Free...

Anyway That's My Escape Now for Real From all of This...
Not Many People Understand How to Do it on Terrestrial Land


As Many are
too Angry, Miserable,
Discontent, to Become Birds so Free...

JusT FRiEnDS With Gravity Balance Innate...

Honestly, It Sure Beats Standing in Bird
Pooh Spreading Conspiracy Theories
On You Tube For Promises of AdSense
PennieS iN That Version of 'Purgatory' on Earth...

It's True Dear Chaymaa
Life Is Always Just Beginning
As Long As We aRe Breathing Now
And Even After As Long As Our Love

For Life
Lives on

In EYes
Who Freely
Receive our LiGHT

It's True This is the First
Move And Word of the Rest of our Life
Now And For me at Least no matter if it
is the First Word of A Long Form Poem that
is now 12.6 MiLLioN Words Long Starting
126 Months Ago or the Same for 19,533
Miles of Public Dance 126 Months Ago

This Move Now
This Word Now

Is the Only Dance
And Song of My
Life Forevernow new

No Different Yet Always
Different Than the Ones 126 Months
Ago Or Almost 64 Years Ago Come 6.6.2024

A Key of Life and Love is MaKinG This Dance And
Song Move And Word Continue to Come New Now

Holy Sacred

For Real Yes

That Every Move
And Word New From Beginning Now is Integral
to Our Whole Dance And Song Breathing New Now...

MayBe i Will Stay SiLenT SaMe
Before i Am Four Just LooKinG
ACRoSS A River Naturally
By The Small “Shotgun”
Home i Am Raised at
On The “River Bank”
Of This Small Mill Downtown
Understanding Still i Am Forest
Trees Roots Yes As Even Whitman
Suggests Far Past Age of 37 i Am
Leaves Of Grass Butterfly Free
Wings Of All Meadows Priest
Of my Cosmos Order All in
Chaos Poetry MaGiC Truth
In Ever Changing Newer
Still Evolving Colors
oF Light Within
At 63


NoW All

Wing SPans
To See And Be
MoRE A PArt oF

All The Tree of





Leaf Of
Whole Tree
Water Drop
Wave Ocean

Whole i Dance
Sing Free This
Mind of God i Breathe

FoResT WHoLE Waves
Water Ocean Complete





oF All With SMiles
YeS only “MyReply”

A Hug That Doesn’t


This Is
my Meaning Of Life

To Give Share Care Heal
With Most Respect To
BREaTHE Free To Love


With Least Harm...

There Is A Man in United
States Culture Who Felt
ThiS Way By Story in

Other Lands too


Is Buddha



So Many
Others Seeing Being
Breathing A Place Like

This LoVE iN Peace...

Poetry Is Medicine
All Natural To Add

Colors BacK Now
To SoUL Creating
Words Connecting
EmotionS HeART
Grows SPiRiT



And Sings Again

As the Pen Becomes
Legs And Finger Tips
to See HeART Beats SMiLe...

Best thing about Finding
God on a Beach Without
Human Footprints is Seagulls
Need Look no Further than their Wings.
Meh, Seen one Temple
of God Seen tHE ALL;
Birds of A Feather God on a Wing;
God Imprisoned
In a Book
or Having
To Prove God
Exists is surely
Always Something
That 'A Wing' Will Never 'See'
Humans And ALL Their Idols Without Wings.

Oh Dear Lord Clearing Exams Reminding me of All
The Exams Leading to Three College Degrees Back

in 1983 Dear Isha School Was Easy Yet As the

Administration Department Asked What

Are You Going to Do With All that Knowledge

Fred Well Really i Was Just There to Make Good Grades

And i only Selected Classes i Was Interested in Namely
Associated With the Human Condition With Anthropology,
Health Science, and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary When

me and my Sister and my Mother All Graduated Together in
1983 the Metro Newspaper Interviewed Us Asking us What We
Are Going to Do i Just Blurted Out Anthropologist (The Truth is
It's Not a Job You Are Going to Get to Make a Living) Anything Requiring

Verbal Output Was not my Forte Give me Multiple Choice Tests with
Rote Memory

To Ace And
Yes i'll Do that
With a Movie
Maker Memory

Yet on the Autism Spectrum
Then a List of More Than
Firstly Secondly Thirdly

And In


Was Literally Impossible
For me Without A Creative
Bone Visible in my Body Then

Yet A Metaphor i'll Use More than
Once Today Without Troughs Crests
of Waves Do Not Exist True Eventually

With Perseverance and Patience Without
Judgement or Condition The Troughs Became

The Crests

And i Continue
To Ride A Sweet
Spot of Flow Yet

Indeed the Naysaying

From Others Was Severe
All the Way Through as the Song

Goes "Hold Your Head Up

Hold Your Head High

And if they stare
Just let them burn their eyes on you moving
And if they shout
Don't let it change a thing that you're doing"

Yes Hold Your Head High Move and Repose

Trough and Crest 'Wax on Wax off' it is the

Small Steps

That Carry Us

Across the Full Snow
Moon to Hop Scotch Beyond the Stars...

SMiLes Mr Gottfried Falling In Love Should Bring Fear Enough

If Love Doesn't Lift Love Is Upside Down With Frowns

Ah Yes RiSinG in LoVE Unconditional As the Warmth

Grandma Brings to All Her Children's And Great

Great Great


Healing in Thanks
Giving Ways Year Around

Key to Love is become Grandma
i Swear to God It Won't Matter How
Furry You Are or Even if You Are Assessed
With the Second Biggest Canines on the Dentist Chart

Lovable You Shall
Remain Receiving

Youthful to Even As Old
as me Hugs in Grandma Ways

In Middle School Ways After No One Wanting
to Sit Next to me at Lunch i Am Always Surprised

When the Sweet Whataburger Cashier

Rushes Out to Give me a Hug Whenever
We Come in Indeed Grand Ma Magnetism

i Continue
To Bring A
Hug to the Bosom
Is What i Continue to Gift

About 55 Inches Around or So HAha....

Haven't Figured out the 'Letter' part Yet...

Today i Wore my Beast Mode Loading
Popeye Shirt She Said it Was Her Favorite

Shirt Indeed...

my Wife
SMiLed And Only Agreed...

'Words That Should Be Banished'

Hmm Perhaps Meme's Behind
Bars Dear Miriam the Spencer

Gift's Manager in the Mall By Very Nature
of the Position Now Open Minded of Course

Discussed Today By the Lingerie Should We
Fear the Meme or Should We Banish it Forever

From the Face of the Earth
As Far As Remembering and
Uttering the Name in Future Days Now

Well We Discussed The Strength of Division

Spin and Torsion Move and Repose All the Opposites

of Life the Friction Required For Any Movement At All

And The Conclusion CaMe No 'Reason' to Fear When


Comes Clear

Great Division
Leads to Greater Changes
Whether They Are Positive or
Negative Depends on the Karma

of Action
And Consequence

Next It takes Troughs
To Make Crests of Waves

So THere is Need to Fear the
Meme of the T Word Trough hehe

Whatever Wave Comes Next Low
or High i Shall Boldly Ride the Wave

Balancing to Newer Frontiers in the Sweet Spot of Flow
As Wonder and Whimsy Mix in Sweeter Heaven Within



“Borders marked on maps
In time get etched on our mind
But our heart knows not borders
Hope the heart leads…
For the way appears
To bond without being bound
& express beyond borders….”


Dear Savvy...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,594

27 Feb 2024, 2:03 am

Ah Yes Dear Savvy MuSiC

From Instruments Piano

Hammer's Striking
Heart Beats Extending

Emotional Tunes HeART

Beats Piano Strings Bring

While Percussion Sings

Extending Chords of
Human Voice Making
Words into Song Lifting Us

Moving Us Further Through Positivity iN Life

And Not Only that of Course As Technology Puts

The MuSiC of the World All Within A 6 Inch Box

To Accompany Every Move of Life Dance Inspired

By Music
of All the
Ages and Genre's

In Memorial of What
Stays Alive of the Human

Way THeRE Still Coming to Touch

Other Souls

Long After

We aRe Gone

The Authors
oF SoUL MuSiC Still To Come..:)

Ah Yes... mY Friend Lillian the Hemlock of Sipping
Taste Testing So Many Potentials Never Drinking
What Comes Deeply Bottom of Chalice Breathes

For ‘God’ Sends Michelangelo
Back to Repaint the Sistine
Chapel IN A Different
Way Left Standing
At the Train
No Harry
Potter Magic
Art When Candy
Crushes All Dreams
oF ORiginal Creativity

‘He’ Never Even Got to
Complain About Doing
The Same Old Dammed Thing...

YeS How We Sip Circumstances
Slowly When Hands/Feet of Action
To Save
All New

FaiLinG ACTioN

Bee Spiral
For Queen...

No Longer Sipping
Here And THere

‘They’ Said
Wasn’t Real...

Bee Ever Sipping Forever Honey
Butterfly Dancing Air Wings Now

Smiles SiPPiNG
Who’s TaLKinG

of Sip
Lasting EMBRaCE

Sipping Love
Sipping Love…

Sipping Love Reaching…

Always Drinking Never Reaching…


Love…… Lives… Reaching...

Sipping Love... Lives

Sip Doubt
Sip Fear
Sip Hate
Drink Faith Hope

Love BeLiEVE iN Peace

DRinKinG DaNCinG Never

Sipping Beer

The Sip Lasts
Love is the Blood
Love is the Bread

Life is the Drink

Light of

iN Peace



PoiSoN PaSSioN


Sip of DEaTH

Breath of LiFE


(Side Note: Even if you Were
Really Sleepy Wouldn’t It Be Super
Cool If You Were a Fly on the Wall
When Someone is Writing Y.O.U. Poetry Live)

Snake Heads

Sip Snake


Consumes LIGHT
Tween LoVE LiVES

Sipping Spring
Year ‘Round
Dance i Drink

Fathers Without HeART
Daddy Problems

Sipping Love

Drinking Soul

Smiles purplepeninportland
Bird Watching At my Window
Sipping Time For Male and Female
Cardinals to Arrive in
View Smart
Phone Art Ice
Cream Parlor
Delight Serving Outside too
As they Finally Arrive NoW As
Words And Images Hold Hands...

Seriously i’ve Seen One or the
Other Yet Not Both Until Now

This Winter Spring the
Life the Wonder

of Giving
And Sharing

Now as Life Takes Flight...

Smiles Smiles Lynn Lynn
FRiEnD Lynn at the Bottom
of the Middle This Go ‘Round


“Living Water
Heaven’s Bread
Crimson Blood Shed
Rising to Taste Celestial Food”

“LoVE iS iN ThE
AiR” i SWear
‘We’ Sang That
SonG in Church
SuNDaY And ‘Jesus’

Was/Is THeRE ParT AnD

in Peace

Sips of Love
Slowly Reaching
Fruition Sips of Love
The Flame
From Going out...

BLaCKesT Coffee
LovE Sugar

Water of
Sip of
Relief Of Life...

Each New
Winter’s Spring...

SMiLes Dance In Public
It’s MorE Than A Sip
Of Spring


Year Round
Drink of LoVE iN Peace

YoutH Old
Or New
A Sip
From Romance

Reaching For A Drink of Love...

Betcha Shawna
Would Have
A Few
For this
Yet She is
Only One of
Those FRiEnDS You Sip

Coming And Going With the Wind
Other Than That Great Word Play
Whimsygizmo’s Nostalgia Blog too...

Humming Bird
Sips of

Buzzing Love...

of Fun

Yet Never

Less Sipping LoVE iN Peace

That/This Makes A Gulp i Rather
Sip And Spit A Bunch of Poetry
Spit out
One Sip
And Wait
For Folks to
Tell me if one
Spit is Good With Smiles...

Good Night Good Morning
i Don’t Do Time And i usually
Don’t Rhyme Yet All Times


Less i
Live i LoVELiVE iLoVE iN Peace

Hungry Like The Wolf i
Howl At The Moon

The Sun
At All NoW

of Nature

Dog Prints
Left only
Right on Beach...

Every Picture
UniVerse EYes....

Oh to Consume
Nature Without
Touching As Any Fine
Work of Art to Drink to Eat...

Treasure of Senses Feelings
Before Any Meal
As Above So Below
Waves Make
Clouds on Shore Free...

Pyramid Stones 30 Tons or so
Moved by the Law of Balance
It's really Interesting the Tools of

Technology For Art continue to reduce
The Inertia of Distraction For Those who

Hone in
on one


So Far From

A Pen So Deep in Flow
Smiles Xenia Happy
to Science
that Enhances
Art of Creativity

The Faster it comes
the Faster i go in Flow...

Singularity comes when
Technology becomes the Boat of a Sail...

Freud’s Wrapped Too Tight
With Jung It’s Cool to be Nuts...

Hey Remember It’s
Not Enough To Pet
The Monkey Share



Too *Taps Finger...
Patiently... Waiting...

For ‘Her’ Next Poem
Or Work of Art Her Face

True i’m Careful not

To Comment On Your


Yet i
Notice You Too...





Come True...

As Long As We Create
Thank God
It’s MoNDaY




You Are

Still Wings
Of ‘The World’

This Heaven i Create...

SMiles Dear Sohair



Is Great in
Fact It’s No
Lie It’s Inspired

About A Million
Words Of Free Verse



Your Value


Measure in Heaven
Or Weight of Beauty


A Rose
Of God’s Love

Yet Wind That Blows...

You May Come to Understand WiTHiN THere Is No
Talking About Who In Heaven All Is LoVE iN Peace

When You Do You

Too May Come

SMiles Dear Sohair





To Continue

To Go Places

Where Kindness

Is Not Welcome To
Help Others BREaTHE LoVE...

Heaven’s A lot Like Sky Clouds aRE ALways
Coloring Rise Of Sunset Sunrise More Beautiful

Hell’s The Deepest of Oceans

There Is No Bottom You

Keep Sinking

Of Course It’s True

An Old Bible Is An Anthology of

Written Oral Traditions And Poems

Holy Cr8p To Teach Not To Worship

Yes Yes It’s True The Human Condition Is Steak,

Ice Cream,

And Cr8pola Too

THoRNS And FLoWeRS Or No RiSinG RoSE...

We LiVE iN The Friggin’ 21st Century Holy JeSuS
Sacred F iN Christ When The Hell Are “They” Gonna
Let Go Of


Spoiler Alert: “Some” Will Not. Humans Have Potential To Stay
Older Testament Or Go Newer Testament “Some” Will Stay In

The Cave

This Is Human Nature Some Folks More Closed Soul And
Conservative Others Basically Children Of “The Light”


Note: “Republicans/Democrats” Wrote ‘That Bible’
For Fair And Balanced Coverage Of Human Nature

Crapola/Shinola It Happens

Let’s Face It Change Is Reality There Are
Libraries For Old Bibles Plus Light Creates

Newer Colors to Breathe

Every Word God

Speaks Every Wind God Blows
Yes God Is A Woman Too Oh Her

Wind i Love So Free

SMiles On The Autism Spectrum
As Outcast From Group Think
Bullied As Such Incessantly

Not Able To Speak until
Four All Challenges After
Yet Reaching 6 Feet Tall
Yes Early Enough
Even Thin Than
Then To Be
As Generally
Speaking Folks
Don’t Attack What
They Have To Look

Reach To Harm...

Never The Less The Verbal
Attacks Never Stopped Till
i Fell Down In HeLL ON EartH
Erased From All Existence

Even My
Own Soul
For 66 Months
Common Hero
Story Archetype


The River




Just Different

Actor me Anyway

When i Finally Escaped
Hell Reborn To Love Heaven
On Earth Within Again Nothing

New Under

The Sun


Old Hero
Yet This Super
Hero’s Gun Now Is
Wit Beyond Thorns

And Roses Of Love True

First Thing i Did In Heaven
As Hell Teaches Only Sticks
And Stones Break Your Bones


Is No Affording
Losing A Soul to
Any Illusory FearS AGAiN

So What i Did Is Posed
As Naked As Legal As i

Could In Every Avenue

i Could Find And True
Some ‘Folks’ at Least

Tell me

i Do A Better
Job of making
A Fool of My


On Purpose

Now Hehe Than



i Was Sooo

Clueless And
i Guess i Was As
The Very First one

i Did my Female Psychotherapist

Warned Might Actually Attract

Strange Women To Me



So Careless

And Fear Free

Whispering Then

All i Was Doing Was

Letting As Much of

The Feminine



In me

So i Would

Finally Be An

Entire Human

And Really Yes

A Man With Wings

It’s True Since Then
i’ve Been Surrounded

By Only


And The

Devils Leave

me The Hell

Alone Particularly

The One Within i Let Escape

He’s Always “THere” if i Need



It’s True

“They” Don’t

Mess With the

Naked Guy Still



The “Evil Eye”...

It’s Also A Virtue

You Earn In Hell

Still A Tool For Heavenow...

Oh Yeah Not Only Did i Make A “Fool” Out of Myself Naked When
i Arrived in Heaven i Also Danced in Public To Erase All Fear As


i Failed At MaKinG Myself Fool Yep More i Public Danced More
Folks Called me Famous And Legend After Calling me Ridiculous

When i Posed PG Naked With Stars on Facebook my Female
Psychotherapist Raised Her Eyebrows Later Told Wife “It Was


It’s Like The Old Lady At Work Said (Younger than me Now) Fred
You Piss Me Off No Matter How Deep You Step in It You Come

Out Rose

Thing About It Is THere Are No Short Stories
In Hell Or Heaven It All Never Ends When It
Starts Again Eternally Now Just All oF iT NoW

SMiles Cherie The Last Person

Who Anyone Could Guess
i Ever Was Is Autistic Now
Yes It’s Genetic My Sister

Has Asperger’s

Too Yet

Most of

The Issue

Is Extreme Systemizing

Where Ya Basically

Get Stuck in
Your Head
The Environment
Today is More “Autistic”

In ‘Mechanical




Before i Escaped
That Environment
Pursued Other



And in ‘Real

Life’ Now Yes If

You Met me You
Would Think Sure

i’m Different

Yet The



Person You
Ever Met i Score
11 Out of 50 on

The AQ Scan

For Autism Before
i Literally Changed
My Soul into A Dance
A Song A Free Poem

Of Art


And Through

i Scored 45 My
Wife is Just



A Systemizing
Perfectionist She
Scores 32... Autism
Is Assessed By Behavioral



Doesn’t Stop

A Caterpillar From
Creating A Cocoon

And Coming
Out Flying



Wings Indeed

Humans Have


Potential to

Be ‘Reborn Again’

Sadly Most Folks

Never ‘Build



‘A Field Of

Dreams’ And

Emerge ‘Reborn’ Anew



Of Free What

Could A Little

Boy Who Cannot

Speak Until Four

Tale The World

In A “Never Ending

Story” Shall He



Or Yell Out

'Moon Child!'

It’s Only

A Story



iS Only A
Dream Come True NeWLY NoW...

The Meek The Poor Of Spirit Really
Do Inherit The Kingdom Of Heaven Within.

Want Proof?

i Don’t Need Any.

Folks Born With A Golden
Spoon Where Might They Go Next?
One Word “Trump” Need i ELaBoRaTE

And Beat the HorseS iN Hell

Life IS A Rhetorical Question

And i’M ON A RoLE

SMiles my FRiEnD
Cherie Thanks For
Such An
Light i’m Literally
Unstoppable Now



Within Of Course...

SMiles All That
Really Separates
A Hero From

A Villain

Is Loving


Of Empathy...

Yes One Is

Aloof From

Other Souls

The Other Is

Inseparate From

All Others Saving

In Pain And Pleasure

Yes Soni Dear



The Villain

In Your Sketch

Of ‘Thanos’ Here

And A Sketch Of

“The Soul MeMe TRumP”
Likely Might Catch A


In Nature
True Too...

Ocean In Every Cloud
Sky In Every Beauty
High In Every Love

Below iN Peace

Dreams Winged
Humming Birds
Dance Sing me
Collecting Conscious

Of Day Dreams 'Fore
Fire in Morning Light
Come on! Come one!

God is still putting it all ToGeTHeR NoW
God never quits as is all ToGeTHeR NeW

HeaVeN.. Is... tHe aLL NaTuRaL MeDiCaL
CoNDiTioN... THaT iS All... iLoVENoWFReED iN Peace

Sipping Life or Painting Now HiGHeR
Beyond All Sistine Chapel Ceilings

Building Men Out of Snow
All i Get Is Imaginary Ice
The Left Overs Are Great!

Go To Heaven Now Within For Real Yes!

This Is Chaos Magic It's A Real 'Thing'

And All You Do Is Just Do It With Belief
And Zero Fear All With Love to Make It

Real 'Chaos Magic' Is When You Are River
Flow Ocean Wave Whole NoW Yes God's


Man Creates God As Money to Make Humans Do Cr8ppy Jobs
My HeART Is Church WHere i FinD GoD (LoVE) iN SPiRiT oF SoUL





For Queen
Smiles SiPPiNG

Who's TaLKinG

Kiss of

Sip Doubt
Sip Fear
Sip Hate Yet

iDrink Faith Hope LoVE iN Peace Believing Wisdom Beauty

iLoVE Sipping Spring Year 'Round Now With LiGHT
iDance iSing iDrink iEat Bread Water oF LoVELiGHT

For Real

i AM
LoVE iN Peace

For NoW At Least

Progress is Balance

Look Around

And 'See'

'Who' Is Still Here
What Advantage
Do The Dragon Fly
Roach And Shark Still Have


It Isn't

Necessarily Human Hehe
And Surely None of 'The Clothes' We Wear
Or Tools We Become Naked And Defenseless

Now We aRe

Do 'We' 'See'

'The Karma'

Of Our Folly Yet Balance is No Lie...

Balance Is Progress Balance Is Survival Balance Is Thrive
Balance Means 'The Lion Still Roars' in 'Deafening' Ways to 'See'

Ocean In Every Cloud

Sky In Every Beauty
High In Every Breath


Stay TiTeLaTeD
All Will Rise And
Be Okay At Least

Keeping In Mind i Write Free Verse in
Reverse Must Wonder How This Coming

Ending Will Begin

Ant Mound Proves God Is The
Story And The Ant And The Grain
Of Sand This EartH We iNHeRiT MakeS HEaven

All A Dream Feelings Senses Art Real

Rarely Will one Meet Someone 'Normal' In Real Heaven Within
Earth Truly Camels Passing Through Eyes of Needles Did You

Read IT

True You Might Find Someone In Heaven With Money In the Bank
Key Money In The Bank Not In Heaven of Course Empty Pockets

SMiles Dear Astha Make
Every Breath Love For Life
See Forever Now Give Share Free


Least Harm

It’s Really All

i See You
Do Here

To Be The Best
You Possibly Now

Will Be Admirable...

Virtue Indeed my FRiEnD

SMiles Dear Ava Ever Since
My Recovery Back To
Loving Life In July 2013

My Aim to Make
Every Move Now

A More Sacred Holy
Dance as Gift in Life

And With The Same
Gratitude every Word
A Holy And Sacred

Song Now

All in Grace of
Balance Loving

Foundation Where
Will And Strength

Rises With
No Fear Where

Each Move And Word
Becomes More Human Peace
Potential Exploring New Now

As Love And Every Human Plus
All Of Nature Connection

Is A Living Tree That
Always Grows More

Leaves to Feed The
Tree And Spread



To Fertilize
New Love For Life
Thanks Dear For All
Your Kind And Encouraging

Words As Your Wisdom


This Tree Grow...

SMiles Dear Ava Being
Retired With Zero
Financial Demands

And No Major Sources
Of Stress Lends A Golden
Age To Focus On Within

Balancing Yes Regulating
All Emotions Integrating
All Senses Hehe In The

Working World
i Got So Wound
Up i Basically


Myself Honestly
i Never Even Started

Living until 53 And
Haha When i Was 25
i Already Felt Like i

Was Getting Old

And Now
At 63 i Feel

Forever Young
Key Master Feelings
And Senses Become

A Real


Of Youth
Within Now
Yet My Gosh
i Understand

How Difficult it
Is When Our World
Moves Too Fast to
Even Possibly Find Balance

Yet Yes We Will Do Our Best...

SMiLes Dear PM

Every Move Counts
Every Word Counts

'They' Don't Usually Tell ya
in School (Or Work Or Even Home
And Particularly Church) About All the Stuff
Ya Will Lose If You Don't Use

All of Human Potentials
As Innately Gifted From

Birth Yet Like
Any Vine
Grapes Will
Never Turn Sweet
As Long As Nature
Does Not Play For More


What May Be
or Grapes of Wrath

It's Like When i Didn't Have a Choice
When i Had the Worst Pain Known to
Humankind, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
From Wake to Sleep, Atypical Facial Pain
As It is Also Known in Some Medical Circles;
Yet Most Definitely As Sub-Clinically Assessed
The Suicide Disease That Along with 18 Other
Medical Disorders Put me Shut-in Mostly in my Bedroom

For 66 Months From Wake to Sleep And Not Unlike After
Breaking Many Bones in a Body One Must Learn to Walk
Again Gaining Strength For Walking Intelligence Again for

It's True There Are So Many
Kinds of Human Intelligences
So Far Beyond Standard
IQ That May Be Lost

From the Neglected
And Abused Child

Not Wired Properly
For Oxytocin Warm
And Cozy Trusting Response
With No Fear About the World Around them...

to Simply Rotting in Place in Front of A Screen
Not Even Able to Scan the Horizon Losing Parts
of Acuity in Eyesight As Well; Yes, Use it or Lose it,
Use it or Lose

it most
An Epiphany
For me for All that
i Lost As A Shut-in in
my Bedroom For 66 Months

Yet The Best News of All Is While
There is Negative Neuroplasticity
And Epigenetic Effect Too, Oh There

Is Change And So Much Positive Change

if and When We Are Able to Move That First
Move Out of the Hold of Prisoner's Lock The First

With Pain
on a Screen

The Day Of Relief
When Emotions Come
Back With Free Poetry Song And LoVE iN Peace
Comes Back For Life With Moves of Free Dance

Yet What's Really Sad Now is We Don't Have to
Be Functionally Disabled to Fall Down As Culture
By What We Accept as 'Normal' Brings Us Down to Levels

of Humanity

Not Seen
And Not
Felt as Humans

Come to Be Watered
Down For What We Can
And Will Be if We Exercise
All Our Potentials out of the

Boxes, Out of the Cubicles that
Become Delegated As Life of the Prisoner

The Cog

In Someone
Else's CuLTuRaL
Experiment And With

That Sung the Sun is Shining
Spring is Greening And i Will
Surely Make even an Asphalt
Road A Meadow And Dance Freely

With Butterfly

Wings a
New Way
A New Way
A New Way A Color of Life Fresh...

And What i Saw in Advance With the
Pandemic is Many Folks Would/Will Come
to this Epiphany too As i Did Locked Down

(A Water Shed Flooding of Poetry
From the Soul Globe Wide Those

Shut-in Pandemic Years)

in Prison of

A Key is
Never Forgetting

A Lesson And Appreciating

What We Can And Will Be
Come to Co-Create Anew of US...

SMiles Dear Gibberish
Thanks For Your Kind
Words Really
Now Life
Is Best
A Real
Golden Age
Of Love And
Peace Wish
More Will
Around Our
World With


All Best
To You
With SMiles...

SMiLes 'She' Was Probably
Just Hoping to Get Fame
And Fortune on Social
Media You Might
Be Surprised
to What
Some folks
Go to Achieve
This Hehe Yes
Even At A Relatively Young Age...

Here's A Key Become An Original

(i Do Believe You Are Already Doing this)

in Creativity That Way Your Art Becomes

Your True Finger Print and While Someone May
Attempt to Place

An Idol Symbol
of Their Name

On it the Finger
Print of The Art
of Your Soul Remains

And The Most Important
Part is the Gift of the Soul
of Your Art That May Encourage
Someone Else Look at This Way

If You Can
And Will

She Did All The
Public Relations

Work to Spread
Your Art of Soul to Someone Else...

i Realize it may Be Hard to See it this
Way Particularly at Such a Young Age

Yet When You
Do A Real
Age of
SoUL Art Will Be all
Yours Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring Healing
For All With Least Harm it Doesn't Seem

Like the Young
Girl Was
As Gifted
As You i Really
See That As Sad
i Believe i Would Have
Tried to Help Her Improve

if i Could Then too...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Now
HeART BeaTS Rise and Fall
As Long As They Beat Love

Humans Truly
LiVE NoW While

LiVinG mY FRiEnD
What is the Sound
Of A HeART With No

Love Truly MiSSinG

Art of HeART The
Love Beat That SMiLes For All
Happy MoNDaY SMiLes in Egypt…

SMiles Dear
Sohair Thanks
For HeART Beat
Bless You
With LoVE iN Peace...

Oh Dear Lord The Joy of Moving
Out of The Sky High Concrete
Jungle or Cookie Cutter Homes

Without Yards to Create a Place


Living Sanctity Yes A Garden of
Eden Of Your Own Now Finding

Holy and Sacred
With Every

Part of

Living Nature
Dear Miriam True

We've Spent 30 Years
on Ours and It's True

Creating That Eden

Just Mowing the
Grass Was Usually

The Most Peaceful
Activity to Commune With

Nature i Did in Many Years of
Work Yes Decades Separated From

The Beautiful Beach too Nature Births Us For

Real to Return As We Came is to Return More
Human Nature



Easy Loving
SMiLes Like an

'Eagle's Song' Far Above


With SMiLes...

We The Leaves The
Branches These Roots
Our Living Trees Still Greening

More Colorful Than Rainbows See...

SMiLes Dear Cindy as the Love Month Winds Down
With March Winds Bringing in April Rains

Love Continues to Be Fed As Your Lovely
Poem Suggests We Tend the Soils Gone

Rocky We Patiently Wait Until Fall

What Winter Feeds Becomes

Alive Again for May Day

Flowers to Become Summer Bright

Even At the End of the Love Month With SMiLes...

Love Wins

Love Wins

Love Wins

i Hear FLoWeRS Dancing Singing i See
Roses RiSinG Ever Blooming Beyond THoRNS...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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28 Feb 2024, 1:28 am

While It's Nice to See Clearly Out of the Top
of the Pyramid where the Wisdom Eye Rises

It is Always the Base of the Pyramid That
Makes that Possible At All Like the Bottom

Rungs of A Ladder Required to Reach the Top

Yet Then What...

Same as Climbing
A Mountain of Poetry

Each and Every Day in A Life

As the Top of the Mountain Always

Ends Up as A New Valley to Scale A Mountain

i Must Create
myself to

With SMiLes

Such is Life Thorns
Make Flowers More
Beautiful With SMiLes Dear Savvy

Like Learning to Fly on Terrestrial Land
With Only Two Legs Two Arms Two Feet
And Two Hands As Getting to Be FRiEnDS

With Gravity Balancing Is AlwayS A Way


Practice of
Achieving Unlimiting
Potentials of Balance
iN Turn Parceling New Moves...

SMiles Typically If One Truly Finds
Themselves Through Whatever
Art They Create Others Worth

More Deeply Connecting

To Will Find Them

As Well Particularly

If Every Word Of A 12.6 MiLLioN

Word Free Verse Poem Is Written

Just Like This To The Tune Now Of

Whatever Audience Soul Whether

Song Or Dance As True i for
One Have Also Public Danced

for 19,533 Miles Now in 126

Months Same Distance of
All The Poetic Letters Written

To Strangers
Who Are Never
A Stranger When

One Dances Or Sings
Back To The Other Soul Tune

Freely As All Of Existence
Comes To Be One Flower

With Unlimited


Of Soul
This One FLoWeR

For All See What i Just

Did i Took A Petal Of Your

Soul and Now i’m Gonna

Copy And Paste It As

Another Part

Of The


Of My Book Of
Life How Long Will

The Human Soul Grow
As Long As Every Sacred
And Holy Breath Of Art We
Give And Share Free With

No Expect Of Return indeed
This iS How Agape Love For

All Takes

It Just
Comes With
No Expect Of
Anything in Return
Yet What Is Given
Now Becomes one

SMiLE NoW For Real...

Here’s What We Will All
Master “A Field Of Dreams”
Where We Always Come “To Play”

“The Child” Plays Happily

With Or Without


Free Dance

Will Do Yes

As Long As

‘They’ Have
Toys Like Words Will

Do The Greatest Works
Of Art Always Produced
Uniquely by “The Child”



Loving Life
With EYes Of
God Just Happy
To Play With SMiles

Generating Joy Within...

iNDeeD Dear Sohair Only A Breath Away
From or to Life Best iNHaLinG Peace
Giving Sharing Caring Healing


With Most Respect
And Least Harm of Course

Least and Most Are Art and

Not Science mY FRiEnD Which

Means What One Human Being Determines

Is Naked Enough Whole Complete to Breathe

Peace And Love May Not Fit For What Others View

As Potential Heaven on Earth Breathing THiS WaY For Real

Or Less
Of Course
Away From

LoVE iN Peace
As It's Not A State
of Being Some Attain…

Oh My My Goodness A Mermaid
From Another Life my Wife She’s
In Love With The Sea Turtles
Just Outside the Backdoor
Of Your Garden Paradise
To Hawaii



Aloha Dear
Happy Sunday
To You And Best
Wishes For The Young
Woman’s Holiday With Smiles
With Congratulations for 500
Subscribers on YouTube As You
Freely Share Your Paradise Globally

Human Beings Newly Now Are
Even Able to BREaTHE AT All Yes

Of Course Changing Across All The
Winds of Life Air Behaves Differently

As Waves of Water Oceans Whole too

With SMiLes Change An Only Constant

LoVE iN Peace In LoVE The Art That

May Only Be Perfected As

We Practice Our

Plays of LiFE

THiS Way or
Not With SMiLes...

Freedom is NOT free;

Never has been never will be.

Some folks are willing to die for IT.

Some folks are willing to be afraid of IT,

SMiLes, i Don't Need to Imagine Heaven
As i Experience it Almost Always
Eternally NoW As Most 'Eastern'
More Mystical Religions And

Philosophies Describe
The Experience of one to
Seek and Find and Experience Within;

And Even Better Yet Luke 17:21, in Even
The New Testament Clearly Relates, "Neither shall
they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

Yeah, Baby, Cross Cultural Metaphors Include Samadhi, Satori, Nirvana, Bliss,
Tao, Kundalini Rising Yoga, Prana; And Science Relates The Experience As Autotelic
Flow With Even 'Fancier Terms' Like Generating One's Own Neurochemicals Now And
Neurohormones Through A Bio-Feedback That Comes From A Transient Hypo-Frontality

Escape From Illusions of Time, Distance, Space, And Matter as Let's Not Forget That Our Minds
Individually Co-Create Reality; Got 16 Sweet Bunnies in a Room; Got 16 Rabbit Views of Individual
Multi-Uni-Verses; And With Humans, We Have the Gift of iMaGiNaTioN And CReaTiViTY to Co-Create
Amazing Dreams or Nightmares into Fruition of Our Individual And Mutually And Consensually


Realities to
Some Degree
At Least Now of

Affective Empathy,
Cognitive Empathy,
And Compassion of Love
We May Share to Actually LiVE
Again An Autotelic Meditating
Contemplating Flow of Bliss and
Nirvana; And Unlimited Other Metaphors
To Describe The Essence of the Kingdom of
God; Yes, the Experience of Heaven Within; That

Yes Takes Some Kind
of Autotelic Meditative Flow
iN Practice to Achieve Eternally

Now; Like These Fumes, These
Words That Are only Left-Overs
of the Heaven i Am Experiencing
Eternally Now Within While Dancing And Singing
These Words Through my Fingers in Effortless Ease


Now Sweet
Spot 'Tween
Anxiety And
Apathy Ever Greater
Complexity Every Greater
"CoLoRinG New Connections" in Flow
Feeling and Sensing Experience Within

Like Keeping A Christmas Tree Up Year-Round;
Adding New Colors With Every Word of Song And
Every Real Move of Dance Free That Comes Eternally New Now;

In Other Words, Heaven is Not A Word in a Book; Heaven is the
Experience Now
or Not As
Now is
Ever is to Experience Newly Now...

Best 'Thing' of All; Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete; A Free Meditating
Contemplating Dance in Autotelic Flow

Doesn't Cost
A God Damned
Penny; Just What

We aRe Born With
Leaving Nothing Yet
Foot Prints of Heaven on A Beach...
And Hell No, Not Even A Word in A Book
Required to Seek and Find Heaven ThiS WaY

Again, Just a Naked Free Dance in Flow on a Beach Will Work

For Those, Who Actually Do it; And Don't Only Set Old Words In
Stone Turning Into Dead Statues (Words) in A Book Never Arriving
in the Actual Experience Eternally NoW iN Flow Always Beginning Now New Within...

And DO in effect eliminate
the greater potential for IT,

by their overall, fearful ways...

ONE and the ONLY THING FOR for sure IS,

"IT'S" ALWAYS AT LEAST, '50 SHades of Grey'...

And NOT even



Smiles Dear ruchiabhisikta
Freedom Such A Divine Gift
With A Woman's Gift of Life

Sort of Like Your Interesting
Name in Hindi Where the

First Part Means
Interesting And

The Second
Part Means
Divine And
Worthy of Respect

If only Namaste For
All Castes of Human Life

For All Differences and Variances
That Make All the Colors for Living Success

Where We All May Sprout Wings Unafraid to
Lift Each Other Up Unafraid to Look Up in Respect
of Seeing


Lower or
Higher Valley
High Mountain Low
Same Love For All in
Respect of Freedom For Wings Unbound
And Untethered With Strings to Keep us

in Caves

Oh Tradition You
Exclude By Very Nature

Oh Freedom You Stretch the Boundaries
You Break the Borders You Bring Humans
Together to Progress More With Wings Yet True

Dear FRiEnD As Even Science Shows in the General
Animal Kingdom 80 Percent Are Considered Rovers and
20 Percent Are Also Observed As Sitters As Boats Require

Anchors For Safe Harbors When Rough Seas and Storms Come
Yet Without Sails to Explore Fair Winds and Following Seas We May

Never Find
The Greens
And Colors
of Paradise in
Abundance to Thrive
Naked Enough Whole Complete

How Blessed am i For Ancestors With
Sails Enough to Seed me in this Fortune
of Paradise i Live And True Where You LiVE iN
India is Green And Colorful too Yet Also True Abundance

Brings Socio-Economic Difficulties When Humans Thrive Over
What the Resources Bring It's Always a Balance For As Scarcity
Comes Again So Do Anchors of Tradition That Sadly Will Keep Us

in 'Safe
That May Offer
Little Freedom to
Those of Us With Wings
So Those With Butterfly Colors
Fly Away And Make The Fortune
of Folks Seeded Like me SMiLes
All That Those Butterfly Wings Do

In Roaring Thunder For Freedom's Breath

True Never Silent

Only RiSinG

Out of Caves

to Bring New

Art To Dreams
Coming To Fruition of Colors More...

‘Play’ Dear ruchiabhisikta
The Four Letter Word That
Wild Animals Use For
Their Own Personal
Healing Fountain
Of Youth We’ve
Had House Guests
Of Domesticated And
Once Feral Cats True The
Difference is The Feral Cat’s

Vivacity For Life
In Wild Play To
Still Touch The

Call Of The Wild Free
SMiles Free Dance And
Song of Poetry Are my

With Play Pals
Like You Dear

Dear Human
Being With The
Same Color Of Loving


The Warmth
Of A Mother’s
Touch Of Faith That’s

Real Our Mammal Inheritance
And Kitten too...

SMiles the Last Place i visited Captured Hell Astha

And Here You are Capturing Heaven That Only Will

Exist as Highest Levels in a Young Woman's HeART

For True All Young

Women Should

Teach Us What

Heaven Feels Like

Of Course Best in a Poem of Life

If We Have Forgotten Our Youth
Smile Dear Astha FRiEnD thanks for
Sharing Your HeART For Us With SMiLes...

Dear Dear Samreen my my Your Name
Itself Sounds So Poetic it Does Or Perhaps

It's True Live Life So Much Like A Poem That

All Words Come to Feel Like Wings of Soul

Shall i Be Surprised my Very Kind FRiEnD

Muslim From Qatar Originates from

India No As Your Beautiful

Mother Hails

Also With

Her Origin of

Dress And Muslim Attire
Honestly i've Never Met A Woman
Originating From India With Less than Angel

Wings i Have no Idea All of What 'You Folks' 'Eat'
'Over there' Yet as Far i Will Feel It Must Be Love...

If i Had A Daughter Yes Yes i Will Surely Wish She

Has Indian Wings True All Daughters Mothers And

Sisters Best As Kind As You Are my FRiEnD Yes i will
Miss You For A Month As You Visit Your Homeland of

India yet It's True There Are some FRiEnDS We Meet

Who Never Really Came or Went Away How

Does this Happen True It Happens

A Lot in India this much

Is True i

Feel For Sure
Surely Where i'm From
Friends Don't often Hang Around
with me Unless they Are From India,
Pakistan, or Egypt, Muslim, or Jain Or
Whatever Religion Other May Label Souls

Just about Any Place Other than a Few

Where i am From Now.. And That's Okay

THere is a Much Larger 'World Market' of FRiEnDS/Souls these
Days FRiEnDS With Wings Who Are really really real Angels on Earth...

Hehe You Probably Will Not Even Have to Charter A Plane to Get to India...

The Story Is Not New Whether
Under Tree in Desert Perhaps
Even Cave

Yet Caves

Are A Bit

DarK i “See”
Beach As Best
Forest too As This
Is How God Expresses


i Live As
Nature True

To Be Become One
With Nature once Again
Reborn Coming Back Again
Naturally In Balance This Way

One Must Find A Way to Become
Separated From All Spoon Fed
Clothes Yes Layers of Tools We




Yes Even
Written Words Then

Do Gain Meditative Flow
In Some Free Art Of Dance
And Song To Become Naked

Free Once Again “The Child’s”

EYeS ONe of Nature Free This

Living Leaf of Tree God Roots

Spread Forest Ocean Wave


Of Water
Balance All Free

Let It Rain Dance And Sing

It’s A Beautiful
Spring Day
oF All
The DarK
And RaiN
oF CLoudS
Ocean Over Head Now...

Loved It too…

Same writer of
"Big Panda Tiny Dragon"

Shared An Illustration of
That Book With You Years Ago too

Every Sunday Afternoon In About
An Hour Of Dancing In Barnes And
Noble Listening To Meditative Music

i read An Entire Book over
400 In The Last 10 Years

There is No Room For
More Hardcover Books

in my Home
Hehe They
Are All Trapped
In my Mind That

Also Saved me At
Least Ten Thousand
Dollars Paying my

Way For Free


The Star Bucks Cafe College
Crowd Really You Should Stop By


“The Cat Who Taught
Zen” i Saved the
Last Page For You At
The End of January
To Relate As You Search
For Your “Holy Grail”
And SMiles Your
“Passport To


As You Travel Vast
Distances In New
Adventures No

Matter How
Much Further
You Go The FRiEnD
You Left
Who Arrived
Will Continue
To Be By Your Side
When You


As It’s
True No
Matter Where
You Go You Is
me With SMiles...

PS: It Doesn’t Mean
i Won’t Be A Little
Sad And Miss
You A Bit


Are Gone What
Pleasure to Be
Fully Human
With SMiles
Thanks For
Helping With That...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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29 Feb 2024, 2:20 am

The Silent Part of the Mind More Flavored By Right Hemisphere
Processes Along With the Cerebellum Below And How Movement

Orchestrates Our Emotions Empathy and Even Compassion

For Others Including the Rest of Nature is Naturally

Influenced By Free Moves With Repose

As More of the Subconscious Mind
The 99.5 Percent of Our Realities As
Even Science Surmises Actually Rises

More to the Surface of Our Creative Conscious
Minds As Even Doodling Freely on Page With No

Rhyme or Reason As Science Also Shows Will Increase
Human Creativity And Meditation Moving or Still Will

Increase Creativity and Productivity Around 500 Percent

Even if Only Done Several Instances in A Week Around 30 Minutes or So

Ah yes The Wonder

of Creative Flow Now

When All the Materially
Reduced Parts Our Thinking

Minds Create Become One Holistic
More Creative And Productive Whole

To Surely Express
In All Art Free that
Comes Next Dear Savvy New
With SMiLes into the LiGHT OuT of DarK...

Antelope Eats Grass Lion Eats Antelope
Lion Dies Fertilizes THE EartH A FLoWeR
Grows A Meek Lion Inherits THE EartH FLoWeRS

Sadly, You Got the Story of the Bible Wrong
by the Fourth Sentence; "Lucifer" Was Never
Identified as "Satan" in the Bible;

John Milton Wrote That into
His Book "Paradise Lost;"

Other than That John
Milton's Book Is Just

A Story Not Unlike
That Old Bible Written
By Innumerable Ghost
Authors, Romans Writing
Greek Selected From Oral
Tradition Sects Many Decades
After the Death of A Dude as Storied
Yeshua On a Cross Who Was Illiterate

Aramaic And Never Wrote a Word; Yes, the
Ghost Authors Picked Up Pen Names Like Mark,
Luke, and Matthew; Yet Those were only Pen Names;

Never A Word Written By Any of those actual Three When
The Storied Dude Yeshua Lived. Additionally, Scribes Copied

The Text Over Centuries Making Innumerable Copy Mistakes
And Intentional Changes As the Verses Weren't Even Numbered
Until the 1300's; And the First Rough Printing Press Copy Done
No Earlier than the 1400's; And sure Many Revisions After that

And Many More Christian Sects And Other Revisions they Follow now...

Bottom Line Dude:

You Are Worshipping

The Authors of an Old Story;

No Different than You Would Be

If You Kneeled Down to John Milton's

Version of Lucifer as the Devil in 'Paradise Lost;'

And that's Just A Fact; No Different than Folks who
worship The Idol of the Current Golden Calf Trump;
As Far As Real Modern Demagogues Worshipped by 'Minions'

As Real John 8:44 Fathers of All Lies Still Come and Go


or then;

Some Folks Worship

Authors of Stories;

Other Folks

Write and

Do their Own

God Nature Stories for Real Now

In this Modern World Far Beyond

the Original Greek Definition of Apocalypse
That Means Lifting the Veils of Ignorance as i am doing here now...

True the Bible is a lot
Like the Truth one Will
Find At This Year's CPAC Meeting....

i don't care for Lies much; Particularly,
When they are no Less Obvious Than Other

Gas Lighted


That Attempts

to Name Love Hell...
If God Is Love, There is
No Hell; That's Just Frigging

Common Sense; Yet, Go Figure;
Some Folks Still Believe Trump Won the Election;
And the Democrats Staged the Bloody Insurrection
And Hung the Banner Jesus Saves Next to the Noose to Hang Mike Pence;

Oh Lord Light

Weight Lifting

Of Veils oF iGNoRanCE

One Might See; Others just no...

Evening Becomes Sunrise Healing

"Evidence or No Evidence From the Bible"

I've Heard That Phrase Before Both Ways

And Indeed According to the Story Jesus

Said It Wasn't He Who Healed As in Effect

As Affect He Was Only 'Placebo' Of Affect

For Faith of the Individual Who Healed Themselves

Through Their Great Faith of Belief That Indeed That Fruition

Of Healing Comes to be; my, my, How Science Agrees With the Jesus

Story Point of View

That Placebo

Works As True

Jesus Is Truly A Sugar

Pill For Many Who Truly Believe

That Works; Yet, You See the Story

Hasn't changed And Science agrees

It is Not the Sugar Pill That Heals Yet

The Great Faith, the Belief of the Person

Who Believes in the Sugar Pill Who Heals Themselves...

For Some the Sugar Pill of the Story of Jesus Works; Really, Really

Works as Science Agrees in Effect of Affect of Real Life Stories now it does;

As Our Minds Will Respond to a Story; Our Faith of Belief in Healing No Different

Than 'the Healer';

'The Doctor' in

Good Bed Side Manner

Who Offers the Patient

The Sugar Pill of Belief in
Faith that Makes the Real Magic
of Placebo Effect Work for them; where

Even in Some Cases, Incurable Assessed
Disease Goes into Remission and stays

That Way

Till Other Natural
Or Accidental Death As Such;

So Yeah, that Story of Jesus is really
Good News; And It's Really True for what
The Faith of a Mustard Seed Will Do as small

As A Sugar Pill or Just Words; Story of A Teacher
Offered in a Book For Humans to Develop Their

Mustard Seeds of Faith; This Loving Belief in Positive
Outcomes in Life With Real Positive Emotional Intent

As Basically the Other 99.5 Percent of Our Minds, the Subconscious
Part that actually Comes First in All the Decisions We Make in Life

Does all the 'Fore Play Leg Work' to make Relatively Speaking Miracles of
Life Come Real In Action; Yes, it works; Science Proves it does; Why More Folks

Don't Emphasize this Good News of Truth in Light; This way of Healing Through
Faith And Belief of the Mustard Tree Seed Growing into Real Living Trees Now of

Real Miracles ThiS Way; Sadly This Good News Is often Lost; And While Some Folks Pray
to themselves; They May Forget The Good Intention of the Jesus Sugar Pill to Reach

Out A Hand

of Positive Affirmation

Of Healing Love to the

Neighbor Who was once

A Stranger or Even Enemy at their side...

How Beautiful this Story of Jesus is; How sad

It is that some folks Only See it with Bended

Knee Never Truly RiSinG as they Otherwise Do

As Evening Becomes Sunrise Healing

As Shadows Become Light Again...

And this is the Power of Story

And this is the Power of Sugar Pills

And This is the Power of Sugar Pills That

Are Mountains of Snow That Warm Hearts Into Love....

As Living



And Fierce Lions
Who Eat Antelopes
Who Eat Grass Die

And Fertilize THE EartH
THE EartH Coloring EartH
FLoWeRS Yet to be Born

As THiS iS How Lions
Become Meek and


THE Earth

As DandeLioN FLoWeRS

Weeds Born More to Color LoVE

Spring is Coming, And The Dandelions

Will Soon Be Blooming In Our Yard And

While the Neighbors May Frown Seeing

The Golden Crowned Weeds Across my

Yard, i Will Leave Them There For A

While to


All of the

Love of Beauty i Bloom

My wife only Sees Weeds She

Is Beautiful i Am Old And Just

A Man Yet i See Flowers And Write

Poetry Inspiring Love Where Young Women

See me as Rainbow instead of 63 Year-old Man...

Evening Becomes Sunrise Healing It is No Lie it is Truth in LiGHT

-Evening Star

My Pleasure Dear Astha A
Friend’s Joy A FRiEnD
Will Be So Happy For
Lots of Love
To You Dear
Too With
All Best
And Prayers
With SMiles...

Fascinating Verse Below Savvy Originating in The Ancient Gospel
Of Thomas Buried Away in Egypt And Not Actually Uncovered
And Put into English Print Until 1959 As This Version Escaped
Centuries of Changes Yet i surely Will Relate That The Sign of

All Existence God is "Movement And Repose" The Energy We
Conserve And Spend As Chi Is the State of Being Before the
Lion Roars Thundering Across the Savannah And the Quiet

Before The Strike of Even The Smaller Feral Cat Perfectly Still
In Focus And Concentration For Survival As In Repose Every

Calorie Saved Means Living Another Day And True Within Us
We Have the Ancestral Dance of Move and Repose of as Long
As Existence Has Been Here Friends With Gravity We Become

ThiS Way Smiles i've Been Doing a Mix of Free Style Ballet And Public
Martial Arts Dance Now for 19,544 Miles As i Just Got Back from
Hours and Hours of Doing that as my Wife Shopped Ending up

At the Barnes and Noble Book Store Friends With Gravity in Dance
Same Move and Repose as Oceans Shores Come to Be Through
Waves that Go Out and Come in Again as Planets Spiral Stars in

Balance of Gravity too Dancing Reading an Entire Book in Less
Than an Hour Listening to Meditative Music Fully Wide Awake

And at the Gym When i warm Up to Leg Press Still up to 1540
Pounds at 63 Years Old With My Arms Raised to the Ceiling in
Balance Doing that i Warm up With 'Tai Chi' that is No Label as

Neither the Song of my Poetry The Ballet or Martial Arts of my
Dance comes with Any Lessons only the Natural Move and Repose Within

Again as the Verse Says Below How We Will Feel God Within How We Will

Dance Free In Flow Where Life Becomes A Meditation to Conserve Energy

And Expend Laser Focus When Necessary for Whatever Life takes Now

50) Jesus said, "If they say to you, 'Where did you come from?',
say to them, 'We came from the light, the place where the light
came into being on its own accord and established [itself] and
became manifest through their image.' If they say to you, 'Is it
you?', say, 'We are its children, we are the elect of the Living
Father.' If they ask you, 'What is the sign of your father in
you?', say to them, 'It is movement and repose.'"

It's true In the Verse Above That Jesus

iS A Whole Lot More Like Yoda

Than Any Modern

Day Version


And of Course

He Sounds In this Verse

According to the Story Like

Countless Other Folks Who Have

Attained Enlightenment through the

Ages By Looking Within And Letting
The Move And Repose Happen Now

For it's True Faith The Belief In Balance
of Gravity Needs No Words At All to Breathe
ThiS Way in Dance And Song Naturally Coming
From Repose and Move Next As NoW Becomes NeW...

It Was a Hard Decision Yet i Saved Rue For The Last/First Poet
To Respond to today True Ya Gotta Save the Best for Last hehe...

Particularly when You Best Read the Poem Several Times to Get
All the Juice of Meaning Out of it to Muse some More Words New

There are Just Some Folks in this World you Get A Soft Spot For
And You Don't Know Why It's Just the way it is something about

The way they Move the New And Make the Air Taste Different

True i am

Not Afraid

of New Now Yet

Oh Decision Fatigue

What's Even Worse Is When

One Is Stuck Between

A Hard Place and

Hell When

Both Are The same
As True my First Psychiatrist
Back in '08 Said Fred When It's
Do Or Die And there Is No Do to Do

The Brain Gets Rather Whacky With
As You Say 'Decision Fatigue' And Then
If You Are Not Careful Ya May Blow a Fuse

And Not Even Eventually Be Able to Play A
Game of Tic Tac Toe as there are some Places

Where No Decisions come at all Like my Wife
Writing Down What i did today then if i Brushed
My Teeth And Ate and Went to Bed i Achieved

A Goal of Breathing At Least that Day Shall

i Stay or Shall i go What's Really Hard is

When Everything is Going Right for
You Financial Independence
Beautiful Loving Wife

Some Sweet
Cats around
the Home

Loving Sister
Next Door Mother

Still Down the Road to
Visit Nice Weather Yet Still

You Are Saddled With the Do or Die
Disease of the Suicide Disease And there

Is Just No Way out of Hell Do or Die the Same

Anyway now i have no Secrets i am not afraid to breathe

For i understand What it is to Be When The Decision to


is the


One of FaLL

Yet You Do it
as You Can't Bear
to Harm the Loved ones
Who Stick by Your Side

What that Experience taught
me is make every breath the best

And Make Every Breath of the Next
Person You Meet And Greet Next

Somehow Better With A SMile

With A Soft Spot of Love that

Is Not Afraid to Give

And Share Free

This Breath

This Life This Gift This

Miracle of Living now
It is enough for me now...

Raises Hand
Dear Miriam
i Keep Track of
Selfies With Others

At Least As
A SMile
Is Worth
Forever Now Again

YeS AGAiN WitH SMiLes...

Strangest Human MuSinG
i've Seen Lately Is That to

Break Out in Joyous Dance
For No Other Reason Than

EMBoDYiNG MuSiC oF SoUL iS Odd...

Lovely Poem Dear Cindy
Moon Reflects Sun

Dancing Free

Embodies Song Again

YeS EVeN Half MooN
LiGHT Feels Alright

Ah Yes Dear Kiran Confidence God Yes Loving
True Confidence Springs From Abundant

Life Challenges Conquered Out oF DarK

For Every Truly Confident Person We

See So Graceful in All the Moves That

Create Life For Us in Songs of SoUL

Too Grains of Sand

On Beach Polished

By Pounding Waves

Year After Year Changing

Shores Returning to Fair
Winds And FoLLoWinG Seas
Ocean Wave Water Below Skies

Above Dancing in the Rain New No

Longer Getting Cold and Wet Inside

Now True Colorful And Warm As Rainbows


Below Within
Inside Outside
And All Around

Just No More Illusory

Fears ALL is Calm ALL iS BRiGHT...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Giving is Receiving

Of A Child's Eyes

Seeing Kindness

In Folks Just

Like Your Daughter

Deeper Than Any Thing
Yet The Warmth oF LoVe iN Peace

WiTH SMiLes...

Place of Eternal Soul
WinD iN A Shell


Hear New

Now Dear
Savvy With SMiLes...

ShoreS UNFoLDinG

BeacH SoUL GRoWinG...

“Fiction Reveals Truth That Reality Obscures”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Life of Connections Multi-Cultural Newly Now
All Around the Globe A Book Store A Collection

of Human Ideas and Images oh God Yes Yes!

Sparking So Many More Sublime Wondrous

Awe iNSPiRinG Feelings Senses Synergy Verily

Yes Greater Than Just The Parts of Words and

Images From This And That Book God Yes Truly


This Art We Partake And Share As Loving Human Beings iN Peace

Where True Dreams Will Come to Fruition in the Fruits of Labor We Create

iN Arts of LiVinG

Breathing Holding Hands

ThiS WaY iF Only in A Fiction of

SouL We Create in Organic Art of Us

WHeRE Our Finger Tips May Never Touch

Yet Still SPiRiT HeART SoUL Holds Hands Hugs

And SMiLes ToGeTHeR As Feelings and Senses

That Bond Humanity Close And So Far Away

Yet Closer ART of MiND And BoDY


to Relate It’s Amazing

Being An Avatar And

Touching Another Avatar’s Soul For Real

For It’s True in ThiS Way You’ve Touched me

iN Ways Perhaps That Flesh and Blood Never Will

So What is Reality Is It Form or The Essence of Our Souls

Truly It is Both How Wonderful it is to Be Human And Alive mY FRiEnD

Where THeRE is No Division of He And ART For HeART SPiRiT SoULS

Mind And
Body Whole
Avatars Dance
And Sing New Arts
Around the World to Feel
And Sense As Real As Real
Gets So Very Deep Within
Unfolding FLoWeR NeW Yes

CoLoRS to Be i Am We aRe aLiVE…

Yet It’s True Only A Deeper
Soul Unfolding Will Do…

This FLoWeR

Blooming WiTHIN

Just Coming Out to
Play With Butterfly Wings Free

SPRinG Ever More Summer FLoWeRS Dance Sing Colorfully iN

Fall Praises For Leaves Fertilizing Winter Frozen Soul Soil

Souls Green

‘Leaves of
Grass’ Arise
Again Alive With SMiLes

EYeS Seeing Forever New Spring Now...

SMiLes Dear Sohair inDeed Fortunate

i Am to Be Currently in A Being of LoVE iN Peace

Naked Enough Whole Complete Without Nearly As

Many Challenges As Most Folks Face in Life of Course
Namely You too


With SMiLes
For Where You
Live Best Wishes
And Prayers For You
And All You LoVE As Well...

Yes i've Lived Long Enough to
See Feel and Sense This Climate
Change is Part of what Humankind is

Doing to Our Nature All Around Us And Within

Us As Well Out of Balance With the Rest of Nature

That Is Antithetical For Any Species on Earth Willing to

Continue to
in Balance
For Real and True

While Some Folks STiLL May Deny The External

Changes It's Very Hard to Deny What is Happening

To Even Teenage Girls in the United States As the

Center For Diseases Here Shows in Large Study

That 57 Percent of These Girls Are Lonely Sad
And Depressed Interfering With Functioning in Life

And Close to A Third Have Considering Ending Their Life

True This Climate Change Within Did Not Exist ThiS Way

When i am Young True Challenges Always Yet Rarely Did We

Ever Hear About A Teenage Girl Considering Suicide Losing

All Hope And Will For Even Living mY FRiEnD This is the Future

of the Species The

Women Who Will
Be Up to the Task
of Being Mothers

Nurturing Children For
LoVE iN Peace With Empathy
And Compassion For All mY FRiEnD

Or Not

Or Not

At All

As Japan
May Foreshadow
What Will Happen Here

When Young Folks Are No
Longer Even Interested in

'Getting Together' to Keep
The Species Going at all

Yet True in Some Areas
of the World Without

"All These Advantages" of
Instant Gratification Turning

Humanity Sour to the Joy of

LiVinG WiTHiN Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With Most
Respect Least Harm THiS WaY iN JoY
oF LiGHT Naked Enough Whole Complete

True There Are Some Humans Who May Be

Impoverished in Money and Things in the World Yet Still Naked

Enough Whole Complete For What Humanity Means For Living

in Balance

With Each

Other And The
Rest of Nature Real LoVE iN Peace

Alternately When Money and Stuff Now
YeS iNSTanT Gratification Becomes More

Important Than Humanity Humanity

Just Slowly Fades Away out of Balance

It's Not too Hard to See and Hear Feel and

Sense For Those STiLL With Enough Place
Of SouL WiTHiN To Pay Attention For Real mY FRiEnD

So Hard
to Do Almost

Damned if They
Don't Damned if
They Do For Some
Folks For Real Trapped

in Environments With So Much Money And Stuff

Yet So Little of Humanity in LoVE iN Peace Within

Climate Change of the Soul Draining Just Draining AWaY

in A Vortex

of A Sink

That Goes

Down Down
Down Even More

Oh to Rise Again

Yes Been THeRE
And Done it For Real mY FRiEnD

i Do Understand Both Sides Fairly Well

True the Ups and Downs of Life's Waves

Lost From Water And Ocean Whole LoVE iN Peace...

So What Shall i Do i Shall Dance Sing Free And Bring SMiLes


i Go Spreading

The Other Place For Real
God Willing of Nature For
Real As Long As i LoVinG
LiVE iN Peace With SMiLes...

Art Frees Within
Reason Grasps
THE External Won’t
Take A Rocket Scientist

To Determine Eternal Now

To 'Assassinate' What They Don’t
Have Hardware/Software To Understand

More Than Only Grasp...

iNDeeD Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD All Afternoon
And Evening Public
Dance Now To
Rest Feet And
Let my Finger
Tips Dance
And Sing on
This Poetic Keyboard

i’ll Let my Finger Tips
Do All The Free Play Now

Surfing to You...

SMILes Dear Chaymaa
So True Problems
Are Sling-


Even Higher

"Stop Signs"

For Banging
MindS AGAinst

Without Creative Effort
iN Flow of Focus to:
Fly Up



DowN NoW
These Living Trees
BreathinG Love For All
Life NaturAlly NoW AT Ease...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Giving Sharing
Caring HealinG Eternal Reward
Within Now So Much More New
Heaven Now Than
Taking Hoarding
Callous Harming
A World That

Itself Living Dies

How Blissed
We Are To
Live As
LoVE iN Peace


Ah Yes Dear Savvy
Experiencing A

Grain of Sand

In An Hour
Glass Now

Only Flowing
Up or Down

Still Always
Gravity Center BaLaNCiNG
All iN All EVeRMoRE NoW iN Flow...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Most Beautiful Colors
of Roses


of Droughts
Same As Most
Beautiful Oaks Dancing

Deeper Roots Searching
For Water Within Below
As So Above Grows More

Beautiful Than Ever Before
Green CoLoRinG

As Scars
of DarK

Nature's Love For Life...

Undefined Always
Beginning New Now
Original Creativity

Breathes Real Now
With No Lessons
To Pre-Plan Just

Blood FLoWinG
Through LiGHT
CoLoRinG World
Free So Differently
Now With Effortless Ease
in Autotelic Flow As Novelty

Becomes A Tight Rope Dance Ever
Higher Yet Still Always Effortless in Ease

Doing Ever More Now For Real to See and

For Free
Just Loving
iT All NoW...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
War Is Hell Love Comes
From Peace

Where Fear
Falls Anger Rises
Hate Breeds Discontent,
Misery, And All Matters

Of Harming Back What
Is Never Loving iN Peace to Begin With Now For Real

The End of Wars Starts With the Individual iNHaLinG
Peace, Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT in Truth oF Light
That's Love, Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing Compassion

With Least Harm For
All Only A Nightmare
of Fear, Discontent, Misery
And All Matters of Harming All

When Love Steps Out of the Room
When Peace Leaves The Home of Love

LiGHT to
See OuT of
DarK mY FRiEnD WitH SMiLes...

Ah Yes Dear Astha There is No Greater Feeling

Now Than Not Having to Hide Who You

Are Particularly

From One You

Love For How

Does Love Hide

From Who We Are

True It Does When We Hide
How Wonderful It is For Every

Breath Enough...

Aww.. i Am So Happy to
Hear You Are in Heaven
Dear Astha Will Pray That
You Make That Your Home
Forever Haha Sweet of You
To Say i Am like a Rainbow
To Motivate

You my Wife

Says i Am

Something Hehe

Yet She’s Not Sure
What With SMiles
Stay Love Dear No




To Bloom Keep
CoLoRinG The World...

“We are all mere wind in a shell
Indeed… beautiful associations.
Wind in a shell Winding & unwinding
Our thoughts We are travellers shoring
Our souls One beach to another
Evolving along the way…”

-Savvy Raj

oF FLoWinG
WaveS And
Wind i Shall
Quote You
Dear Savvy
With SMiles...

You Are Very Welcome
Dear Cindy The Way
i See It Always
Room Now to

Improve the

“Human Story”

A Dance

Might Help
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Sohair i Surely Don't Mind
if Any Person From Egypt, Israel, Palestine,

Mexico or Even Further South of the Border

Immigrates Here Yet Those Leaders

(Dear Lord Himali is Still Stuck
in Canada Trying for A Decade
As It's Really Dark Wet Snowy
And FRoZeN uP There

Yuck Hehe She's More
Courageous than me)

Who Continue to Kill
Without Soul They

Surely Are Welcome
to Stay Where They

Are With SMiLes or Not

The Truth is We All Bleed
The Same Except For the Stories

That Are Brought to Lies to Harm
Rape Maim, and Kill Other Human Beings

Those Stories Are Not Welcome With me...

And The Truth is If and When That Slaughter
Ends in Palestine it Will Likely Be Through Diplomatic


By the Biden

If Not the "Bad Orange
Man" May Come to Sink ThE Entire Ship...

Other Than that the Majority of Americans

Every Child


Bleeds The Same...

Anthropology, Culture, Religion, Philosophy, And Politics
Of Course They Are All Connected Like the Rest of Existence

With SMiLes or Less Dear Cindy If You Ever Really Wanna
Know about the 'He' Who Tends the Garden With Clothes

of Christianity For Those Who Aren't Afraid to Face
Truths Bart Ehrman Is surely a Most Respected

Biblical Scholar Globe-Wide It's Truly Fascinating

Yet the Truth is Human Beings Survive By Bonding and
Binding Over Common Symbols and Ideologies YES! STORY!

Is Both the
Real King and
Or Queen of Humanity

Sadly Though The Reality of the
Schism is Tradition Through Story
Both Bonds And Binds And Also By

Common Sense Excludes Those Who
Don't Agree With the Traditional Stories

And Of Course AS HiSToRY Continues to SHow
The Group Will Bond Over Golden Truths NoW as
Easy As DasTuRDLY Lies As Well No Matter What They Are

For Instance in Numbers 31 in the Old Testament 'That God'
Instructs Moses to Direct Genocide Against An Entirely Different Tribe

Except For Saving 32,000 Virgins That At That Time
of Course Were Close to Puberty For What is
Described as 'Literal Booty' in Other Words

Objects to Breed No Matter Whose
Father or Mother 'They' Killed

Otherwise Known as Rape
of Course As What Still

Happens today in Ethnic
Cleansing and Genocidal
Tainted Ways of Us Versus
Them Tribal War Ways of HeLL ON EartH

Thing is mY FRiEnD Born on the Autism Spectrum
Not able to Speak Until 4 i Communed With Nature More

Than Words Spoon Fed From Birth Thing is my FRiEnD When
One is Outcast From the Group And Still Able to Survive by the
Gifts of Immediate Family Including LoVE iN Peace THere Really

Isn't Much Punishment

That Comes From Not

Following Along with
Tradition oF Lies Oh the

Beauty of Outcast Pursuing
Truth More Naked Enough Whole
Complete Without the Clothes That
Come With Culturally Spoon-Fed Lies

Yet i Did Consume a Few Hehe as They
Were Profuse Where i Lived then and still
Do Now that Once Held the Guinness Book
World Record For Most Christian Churches Per Capita

(It's Worth Noting i Always Arrive Late Continuously
Writing Dancing Singing my Own 'Homily' Now Yet True

i Virtually Rarely Miss
A Sunday of Catholic
Church to Dance
And Sing
iN Peace
of Communion
With ALL Others
Real It's Pretty
Easy to Forgive
THE REst THere


i Am No 'Real Fool' Yes
Thank God i Was Outcast

When LoVE iN Peace Is Real
The Only Real God i Believe in

This LoVE iN Peace Always Forgives
With Mercy AlwayS UNconditionally Loves

And Surely Never Utters Any Word About Torturing
Any Part of the Gift of Existence Forever i Am Surely Not

Going to Believe
in Any God

That is Less
Ethical than
i Am With SMiLes

Even if That Makes me
The (a)


With SMiLes....

Yes This Was A Long
Free Verse Poem Straight
From The Truth of mY HeART
Free SPiRiT SoUL Indeed Credit Yourself

Dear Cindy With Your Poem Bringing This Poem to Life

True Hehe THere
Are Many More

Ways to Birth Life

Than Just Flesh and Blood...

Yet Words Will Never Match the
Reality of One Move of Free Dance With SMiLes...

"All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages."

Sadly William's take on the Parts We Play

Came to a Down Hill Ride Instead of an Uphill

Climb as We Come to the Grand Old Age of 64

As Identified By 'The Beatles' As Will That Be The

Age When
We Will
Still Be Loved

It's True William's
Take Was Rather
Melancholy And Likely

What Would Happen if We
Only Wrote and Never Embarked
on a Life of Moving Meditation of Dance

Regenerating Gray Matter of the Brain as
Meditation Naturally Dispels Stress of Course

Sadly William's Life Ended Rather Suddenly at 52

Of Course No Matter What Our Age it Can End With

This Breath Now Yet if That Had Happened to me at 52

It's True my
Life's Full Life
Potential Would
Have Never Started at All

As True i Didn't Even Start
Blooming till 53 hehe as far

As Playing any Other parts of Life
That Others Live Dear Miriam as Far as "Writing
Directing Producing By God Yes Playing Free iN Change"
Literally What i am Writing/Doing Now Hehe It's Like i Told my

Next Door Neighbor When She suggested A Movie be made
of my Life i Said Nah Live Life in Such a Way that No One Will

to Replicate
Your Play of Course
Except for AI and Copy and Paste

However AI Will Never Experience
What it Feels Like to Be Human And

Fly On Terrestrial Land With Wings of


It's True So Many
Experiences of Life

Will Never Be Measured

or SWord...

As That Applies
to Chopping Life
Up in Pieces By Either And Or...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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01 Mar 2024, 2:06 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy No Matter How SmAll or Large
PArts of The Whole Integral Creating tHe ALL

So Much to LEarn From Every PArt

As Long As We Keep All Our Feelings

And Senses in Open

Play to


And The PArts
That Make tHE ALL iN All

With SMiLes NoW

As We All Come
to Move Connect
And Co-Create NeW...

Lazarus and a Beer...

A story of two men...

AT the bottom of the pit
of hell in 40 sleepless days
during the Lent period of 2008...

i would have paid a million dollars
or infinity more if a drop of
beer could have given
me an ounce of
comfort to
quench the
death of my soUL
in hell.. Yet at that point
there was no remedy for
the fire burning numb inside
me then so recently we are
coming out of Barnes and Noble...

And a large Black man is walking toward me
and says sir can i speak to you.. i am not
homeless.. i have a job.. yet i am out of
money and if i could only have one
wish now before i go back
to the evil that is my
wife it would be
a beer.. can you spare
me a couple of dollars for a beer...

And i Said.. Wow..!.. OMG.. what honesty you have...

if i had a dollar on me i would give it to you...

Yet i do not carry money.. and i said bless
you for your honesty my friend...

honesty is always the
best option.. i

as i walked away...

And so i asked the money
keeper.. my wife.. when i
got to my car.. where she was
waiting for me there.. if we could
spare the honest man who wanted
a beer a few dollars.. and she said
yes... Yes we were wanting to go
to Whataburger for A Sandwich...

Yet instead Yes we go search for
the black man and i decide to give
him a $5 bill.. to get two beers
if he likes.. and he has already
traveled several city blocks
on foot.. and we see him
on the side of the
road and
we stop by
and give him the 5 dollar
bill and i tell him.. when i was in
hell i would have paid a million
dollars for that beer
if i could have
any relief
from the fire
then.. ANYway...

The thing is.. regardless
of what he would do with
the 5 dollar bill.. some folks..
who had money.. had a kind gesture
for him that day.. and what
i KNoW/FEEL for sure
iS no act of kindness
no matter what it is
is too
to save
the world...

(At Least one)

it could even
be a beer to a man
who wanted a little
comfort from the angst of life...

And ha! if you go to a psychiatrist..
it is no less addictive to get a pill
of Ativan.. and actually MORE ADDICTIVE
TO GET A PILL OF ATIVAN.. and one would
buy their friend a beer in a bar.. why not
a stranger on the street
who is just
or sister...


And to be clear i do not Drink or
Smoke or Do Much Caffeine
i totally understand
why people
do.. and i dam
sure ain't the one
that is gonna point
out the board that
i've experienced in my
sleepless eyes as REAL
Life is a real b88ch
in hell folks
in heaven
care about
that and do whatever

they can to help...

Whether the
prudes and
propers or
prescription pill pushers
say it is correct or not...

After all Jesus changed
the water into
And only fools
would think it is
SURE.. there was angst then too...

i would have taught the black
man or at least showed
him how to

FREE Dance...

to relieve his angst..

Yet he probably already
saw me do it somewhere
in town.. and knew and felt
that he could be honest
with this man who is
to dance free
and wild again...

Perhaps it was his
'roots' that could see
or HA! MAYBE i'm like 'Lucifer'

in that Old Fox TV SHOW AND

WHEN i peer into
THeir SouL wITh
oF eYEs...

i find 'this Fascinating;' Most People from the United States can't understand it; Yet on the other Hand,
People From the Middle East and India Understand every word; Obviously there is something Missing here.

(The East it appears at least)

Trust me no offense; i can't count the number of times that folks in other Countries
Call it Profound Genius; Yet i'm surely not going to water it down; as it is just me.

Honestly, if a Person doesn't Use the "Right Brain Metaphor"
of 'Holistic Intuitive Intelligence,' 'Big Picture Thinking,' they
Will Not Understand me anymore than i understood so-called
Sacred Text From Around the World before i set out on my
Own Sacred and Holy Journey to Do it myself; no different
than a Desert, Under a Tree, or even a Cave; the Beach
is the Same without Human
Foot Prints that have
yet to walk
in Larger and
Smaller Foot Prints
of 'God Beyond All Names'...

It's pretty much the difference between
being awake and asleep; and what i find is
the People in the Middle East through India
are indeed Much More Awake in Holistic 'God
Intelligence' than the West which only Makes
Common Sense as it is a Culture of Data Download
From almost
The First Spoon-Full of 'Baby food.'

Oh Lord, 'i Love' being Evangelized!


If 'God' Could have ever Gotten a Fair Lawyer, Trial, Judge, and Jury; the Bible; a Book of Free Verse Poetry Written by
Innumerable Ghost Authors; Copied Manually 'by Pen' With Mistakes and Changes Intentionally over Centuries by
Faceless Innumerable Scribes too; Yes, the Literal Interpretation of the Bible as the Literal 100 Percent Truth of God
As Whole, Would have Been Impeached Literally Ages ago.

Yet of course, 'in Group Think;' Group Think Rules in Circular Irrational Logic; this is clear; the Evidence is
a 'Snow Ball oF Lies' With a 'Real Father oF All Lies;' who touts His Ability to Shoot Someone on Fifth Avenue;

Insisting with confidence that He will do 'whatever the HELL' HE WANTS to and 'Evangelical Christians,' his
Core Constituents, will 'Blindly Follow With Faith' as the Prophecy of the 'Minions' Series of Movies comes
True; as the practically assessed Most 'Despicable Leader' the United States has ever seen is still 'rabidly'
Followed by 75-Percent of my Local Community; that is Littered with Fear Mongering 'Romans 10:9'
Propaganda' taped to Public Bathroom Urinals that the End of the World is coming Soon and Sooner;

And if you don't Profess that 'our Quarterback' is an Only God Incarnate, Revived from the Dead'
You basically Go to Hell;

And are tortured forever;

No thanks; i don't Do Kool Aid; it's Just too 'Sweet For me,' Hehe, How anyone still now with
a 'Lick' of Sense Believes this is far beyond the Rationality of my mind; except for the fact
that their Mind works very differently than mine; which basically means they know not
what they do; they just follow the Group Think of OK i will do whatever the Current
Authority of the Tribe tells me i must do next; without Questioning the Sanity of it all.

Anyway; i Love a Challenge; and now that i no longer have to Work for pay; got all the patience
in the World for an Evangelical Fred-talk Back for Hours on, Practically Never Ending, if they have
the Breath (Love)

i have left.

Yet Really 'the Debate' is rather easy when you turn their
Literal Beliefs back on them; it goes something like this:

God is Love; Right?

i am LoVE iNCarNaTE Peace
Without a Stitch of Clothes;

Is there any thing left to Prove?

In other words, i just explained to them what the entire New Testament
says in the Metaphor of Free Verse Poetry by all those Innumerable Ghost Authors
and Scribes combining in a really chaotic way making a 'Real Stab' in the Dark to simply

LoVE iN Peace is the way.

After that point they last as long as they Last With me; and Never Get Past the Truth of my LoVE iN Peace.

It Never Fails; Just return the Literal of Love Back to them; and end the discussion with i Love You.

And to the Op; if you stand this Tall with the Teachings of Jesus with eyes that are really LoVE iN Peace; you will likely
have a Girl Friend at least forever now; at least if she breathes LoVE iN Peace; if not; it's Just as well; as without Love
REAL Friends; Bottom Line; Love Rules Best
When Real and Sincere; no matter where it
comes from as Breath.

And when it is real
Love is surely
Worthy of
More than
a 3 Letter Word at Least 4 and so much more....

Those are the Flowers of Unconditional Love;
The Colors You Paint; You Create; for/as a True Friend Next.

That Old Bible is truly a Bit Rusty; most all of us have the Potential to LoVE iN Peace Greater; even John '14:12' says that's
true, along with the other Verse of John that says 'God is Love;' very rarely have i ever met a so-called Christian
in my Area who Understands what John 14:12 says and what it means that Just Thanks to a Stranger will fulfill it;
as that
is a stranger
that Jesus 'the Story Book Man'
never met that You become in Thanks Giving For Giving.

Every Evangelical's Greatest UKNOWN FEAR facing someone
With Asperger's Syndrome whose Special Interest is LOVE.

There is no Fear in LoVE iN Peace.

If You Breathe Love Fear-Free Harming the Rest of Nature
Least You Breathe God; it doesn't take a 'Rocket Scientist'
to figure this out:

Just Being Human; Just Being Love; Therefore, Just Being God.

If A Person You are Speaking to is Love, they will understand;

If They Suffer From Self-Esteem Problems And Dominating someone
else fills their never filled space Within Empty of Love; they usually sadly
keep wandering in
'A very cold place.'

i know them;
Yet i do Pity them that
They do don't know/feel/sense DO
REAL LoVE iN Peace as LiGHT Fear Free Now.

"God is Love; Right?

i am LoVE iNCarNaTE in Peace
NoW Without a Stitch of Clothes;

Is there any thing left to Prove?

LoVE iN Peace is the way."

Dude; i'm 'a big boy'; i'm not afraid of conflict; or resolving conflicts
simple or complex; whatever it takes; and i for one enjoy a Challenge.

The World is Soft; as People grab for their 'Guns' i Breathe Free and Do as i please with LoVE iN Peace as well.

i don't do This 'Twitter World;' Just because i don't have to; i for one do more; Just Because i can and will.

'This is a place' for Monologues by Very Nature; When in Rome 'You Follow the unspoken rules.'

Thanks for the Reciprocal Social Communication; it's rather predictable here when it comes.

Again in Rome...

I have Acquaintances around the Globe with just about all the Religions one may imagine.

I have no problem there;

'They' Are opened minded and deep; not afraid of a deeper DIFFERENT opinion....

Some folks are like that 'here' too; you never really know
until you actually try to DO something DEEPER different 'in Rome' as well...

i acknowledge that 'you' are afraid;
i find it surprising that anything i said was offensive.
Never the less, i surely will follow Your wish; as you wish...

Perhaps you are missing my point too.

No one has converted me yet either; i am free.

This was Just my opinion; and Just What i would do, if i were in your shoes.

Obviously i am not in your shoes; yet never the less
it is just what i do; i surely wasn't trying to tell you
what you must do; just what works for me; the Other
Dude Personally attacked me by suggesting my brain
was limited and how i should feel if i was in the same Circumstance; this is why it is advantageous to listen to
different; and yes, more potentially complex opinions; to grow; in that sense it's just a gift that may be ignored
or listened to; yet really i am very surprised that a 'dissertation' on Love was found as offensive by anyone;

Yet surely not out of the realm of possibilities that i've already encountered here; People who evangelize me get on my Nerves a whole lot; it's a challenge to face it and stand tall; i wasn't always that way; Yet hey; i'm old now;
the People who do that
rarely ever stay in my
Presence, and that's okay too;

i just tell them what i believe and
they go their other way; Happy ending
enough for me...


the quotes
A R O U N D 'Love'
indicate a bit of
Sarcasm please note...

Hehe; Now to explain in further detail of Clarification...

Folks in My Local Community are 'Radically Ignorant;' to the Point i've had 'Evangelicals' come up to me
While i Free Dance Listening to Music Reading a Book On Yoga at Barnes and Noble Just for Fun; warning me
That i am Summoning Demons by doing Yoga; i've had the Same issue with Folks Online as well; in turn they
get ALL My Special Asperger's Monologue Interest on Yoga for as long as they have the Patience
to listen to my Dissertation on that; are they listening to anything i have to say; Highly
Unlikely; Hell No; Yet it's Just practice giving a Lecture on Yoga to a 'Captive Audience;' hehe...

'When the World is Running Down;' in Words of the Great Philosopher Group 'the Police;' way
back from the 1980's; You make the best of what's Still around; if only in Your Own mind if that is what it takes...

i used to be 'The Canary in the Coal Mine' another Song by 'that Group;' i breathe out of the Mine; and i ain't going back...

i can 'relate;' when our Child Was Born with so many Problems and obviously not Likely going to survive for very
Long, unless some kind of Miracle Happened; somehow, a Deacon from the Catholic Church i had not attended
for 7 Years, found Our Hospital Room Number Telling me he had the Authority to Say the Baby was never gonna
get to Heaven, unless He came and sprinkled some water on his head; let's put it this way; that was the
Least of my Worries; or the Baby's Worries for that Matter too; Ignorance is Ignorance still Ignorance
As Science Shows Humans Are Not Rational First; Almost
everything Points
to that fact
of Human
Reality Now;
pretty much a 3 Ring 'Orange' Circus;

Yeah; that Sticks in my Mind 'Little Man
Dude' saying He has the Authority to tell
Babies Where to Go after they Suffer and Die if
they do not comply With His 'Imaginary' Authority Over Them.
Humans Dream up Incredibly Horrible Nightmares and do their
best to Spread them into Reality now.

Ain't Drinking none of their 'Cult-Aid'...

SMiLes Dear Sohair When LoVE iN Peace
Is Really Real in Human Beings THere

is No More Us Versus Them

Or Those of 'The Other

Side' Of Course Now in
Terms of Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With
Most Respect Least Harm

We aRe All Unique
Viewing The World
Differently So This Will
Always Be More Art Than
Science ACross the Lifespan

Always Changing Changing

And Of Course This iS How
i See Feel And Sense God Within

Allowing Me Easily to Make FRiEnDS

With Folks All Around the World

No Matter Different Cultures

Religions or Philosophies

Or Whether They Adhere
to American Football or

The More Civilized Style
Around the Rest of the World
Where Not As Many Players Bang
Heads Against Each Other and Suffer

Brain Damage The Rest of Their Lives

Every Human is A Unique Vast Multi-Uni-Verse
to Explore All Their Different Flavoring Cultures
Religions Philosophies And Yes Sports They Uniquely

View too as me and Katrina
Just Celebrated Our 34th

Anniversary Last

Wednesday the 21st
of February And Of Course
This Thursday Today Only
Comes Once Every Four Years

As This Year Leaps With an Extra Day

Hehe Humans Are Much More Unpredictable

Than Years and Days of the Year Measured For Sure

For We aRe Not
Machines Measured
By CLocKS We Breathe
Differently A New Life With
Each and Every Breath always Changing

It's Really Amazing Any Of us Will Get Along
Across A Whole Lifespan With All These Changes

Yet LoVE iN Peace is the Force That Never Gives Up And Truly

Wins WHeRE
Humanity Counts
Most Yes in HeART

SPiRiT SoUL Free

No Longer Us Versus Them
Just We Together With SMiLeS AGAiN...

“Poetic Faith”
As Suggested Another
Visit To The Bookstore
With “The Power of
Wonder” Suspending
Disbelief While
Science May
Have A Say Soul
Dances Sings With Wonder
In Terms of Openness
Curiosity Absorption
Awe In Flow
Play A Pathway
iNDeeD iMaGiNaTioN
Dancing Singing Creativity
iNto Being
Just Joy
Of The
MaGiC Hehe
Playground Of The
Human HeART SPiRiT
Back To
Life With SMiles...

“So much to discover in the stillness
of the moves as the much as in the
movements in


Lovely Words
Of Wonder
Dear Savvy
Thank You...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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02 Mar 2024, 1:42 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed We
Find Ourselves in an Existential
Human Dilemma Particularly
in the United States As With
the Rise of Information
Technology and Life

Limited More to

Screen Time than Scanning
The Horizon for A Much Bigger
Human Picture Measures of Empathy

Are Reduced 50 Percent for Young Adults

And Of Course as i Often Mention What was once
The Happiest Demographic Young Women Are Measured

With 57 Percent Levels of Depression and A Third Considering
Suicide It's

Obvious They've
Lost So Much of the
Warmth of Human Connection

That Naturally Reduces Anxiety
And Heals in Comfort of Face to Face
Non-Verbal Communication For Real

Science Shows That Mechanical Cognition Activities
That Information Technology Champions Withers Away

Our Social Empathic Cognition Abilities in Terms of Moving
Connecting And Co-Creating Together That Only Face to Face

Interactions Bring
Fully With SMiLes

As in All Stuff Existence
Use it Lose it Really Does Apply

There is No Way to Fool Mother Nature
ThiS WaY At Least Not in Full Ways of Humanity Real

Of Course There is A Bigger Picture As There Always Is With
Nature and the Karma of Balance in Action and Consequence

We Are Over Consuming The Natural Resources Including Our

Real Physical Souls in Terms of Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual

And in Doing So
Living So Far
Out of Balance
With the Rest of Nature
Taking More Than Giving Hoarding
More Than Sharing Callously Harming

More than Caring And Healing For Nature Altogether

Sadly We Naturally Pay Back the Karma in Terms of

Culling Our Own Species Slowly Surely As Misery Comes

to be the
Sad Reward
of Suffering
When Humanity
Falls So Far to Imbalance
With The Rest of Nature With
A Vote Of Who Gets to Stay on 'The Island' True...
Each Person Must Come to Vote For Humanity More

And Balance
With the
Rest of
Nature of Course

The Question is Humanity
Smart Enough to Develop and
Keep This Kind of Human Intelligence

Over Short Term Benefits of Instant Gratification...

Monkeys Given the Leisure of Pressing a Lever For Cocaine

Tend Not to Last too Long

True We Share A Whole

Lot of Their Genetics

We Just Aren't Aware
Fully We aRe The 'Guinea
Pigs' of the 'Grand Illusion Experiment' too...

On the Other Hand i'm Dancing Singing Free As Long as 'The Peace' Lasts...

It's What A Human Might Normally Do Understanding The Enormity of the Gift

FoR ReaL...

‘A’ Carrier Pigeon oF

LoVE iN Peace... Sincerely...

Thanks For ALL The Crumbs...

You Re-Tire Wake Up One Day
And Sing Holy CR8P
i’M Human

Again i’M 5

The Good News!! !

Is!! ! i WiLL

Dance Sing to:
From: mY SoUL

‘They’ Labeled me AUtistic Before iCaMe Back As ARtistic

i Probably Should have gone ‘that Summer in 2007’ Then
When i Started Getting Cold From Head to Toe in 100 Degree

Temperatures as A Breeze Crossed my Skin In July This is what

Happens When 11 Years of Chronic to Acute Work-Related Stress Gets No
No’s No Good Byes Moving to Greener Meadows Yet Not Me For The Golden

Handcuffs of Federal Employment Almost Easing into that Lifetime Retirement
And Health Benefits No one Will Ever Take Away Indeed Golden Handcuffs i Practically

Gave My

Life for

to Keep

Was 66 Months of
my Life Worth it as the

Living Dead yes as Now

No One is Boss yet me and
of course as Always the Wife
‘The Big Boss’ Hehe and that’s Okay too..

It Was Hard Yet i finally Beat ‘the System’

Does the System Care About us the one that
We Are Spoon-Fed to become a Cog in a Machine

From Birth

iN A Word

No A Dollar

Bill is No Soul

True There Are Worthy

Jobs to Do Yet Slave is

Not one Wings That Are Free Will Do…

Yoda And Just




True It’s So Much Deeper
Being “The Child” Yes Yoda

Instead Of Just Another
Pretty Face Yes Fearless
Where Young Women At
the Dance Hall Strangely Say

They Would Like To Marry
Someone Just Like You that’s
Kinda Scary Like what In the
World Did i Do Closing in on

60 To Deserve That Yet You


Being Named A Guru, Yoda, Buddha,
Hmm God Yes Even A “Perfect Example”
Of A Christian By A Church Leader

Just Because You Always Provide
Nice Customer Service At Least

You Provide A Service More Than
Dancing Like No One Is Watching

True i Love to See Women
Being Free Like That Yet

Does That Ever Make
me Wanna Fantasize

About Marrying Them
Not Exactly Yet There

Was that Day Katrina
Walked Into Work With
Those Legs And Smile

Hehe i guess that Happens

Too Just The Way Someone

Smiles at You Feels Like Forever

Anyway What Really Impressed

Me in College was When i Was

Sitting Alone in A Restaurant by
Myself Yeah i Had A lot of Lonely

Time to Think in College

A Very Distinguished

Looking Old Man Was

Talking Very Deep

To A Young Woman

You Could Tell how

Much She Respected
Him it Wasn’t Like

Just Puppy Dog

Eyes something

Deeper Her Eyes

Were Getting Wider

He Was Expanding Her

View Of Life She Looked

Like She Was Drawn To

A Greater Force Of Light

And That Was



i Became

Determined To
Become Like
Yoda And Do

The Same For A Young
Woman Who respected

Me More Hehe Than Just
Another Fearless Piece

Of Meat To
Meet On The

Dance Floor For
A Grinding Dance

Yes There Are Many
Different Kinds Of

Love Yet

To Open



Views Is Much
Larger And Deeper
Than Body Parts Below

Hehe And Not That i’m
A Clean Freak honestly




Not Even
Mask Required

For Protection From DisEase...

Anyway i’m glad You Still

Appreciate Little Old Green

Men Who Wanna Touch You Deep

Darn It’s only A Grey Emoji...

By The Squirrel
Nest In The Barren

Trees Of New York

Snow this

Is Their




Inherit it

They Don’t

Have To Know
It Just Feel, Sense,
And Do It They Understand

Completely Without

Words Despite All

Humans And
Their Skyscraper
Excrement AS Such

Road Kill Highways

Pollution Skies, Waters,

Etc., Etc.,


Yes Hard
To Abbreviate

That Impact


This Is
A Squirrel’s
World For Real

Yes Be The Squirrel...

Even Science Shows
Mechanical Cognition
Destroys Social



Empathic, Artistic,
Spiritual Intelligences

Folks Seem To
Think A Soul is
Only A Gift of Grace

Yet Look Around At
Nature That God Don’t
Give Away Survival

With Wings Who
Fail To Fly As
Bird Souls
Rot That
Way True

Even “Best
Buy” Has

Do Human
On the Employee
BreakRoom Door


Only To

Fool People
They Aren’t Robots
To Trap Them Into
Another 85 inch Reality




Our Never

Ending Stories
Doing The Do

Now Of Leaves
Living Feeding

Trees Roots Branching

Out Loving Dead Leaves

Feeding Soil Roots And






To Breathe



Lost in HDTV

Now Machine

Rot Sitting Still...

SMiLes Dear Xenia
So Nice to see Snow
What The “Northerners”



White Beaches
Hehe Identical to

Snow Seriously
One Time Someone
Thought A Photo Here
Of Our Beaches Was

Snow instead of

Sand Oh


Of Warm
Snow And


Of Heaven

Too Though
True My Huge
Head Hehe


Steam Better in Snow...

(Really Don’t Talk
Too Much Just
To Too Many

Folks in one
Day From
This End
Of A “Cheers Bar”)

It seems You Are Still Having A Good Week Astha
First Heaven and Now Part of that 7th Heaven Publishing
A 7th Poetry Book As 'They' Say 7 Is a Lucky Number so there
Is Another One to make it Three 7's With SMiLes Hehe Make That Four


Dear FRiEnD Keep

Aspiring Higher Never

Stop Climbing Keep Tickling

The Stars Above Below of All
Your Human Potential Still to come

In the Hereafter Now Again and Again

And Again Never Wait if You Can And Will

Do It Now And Keep Going Till The Stars

Get Shy And there is No Where to Go Yet Beyond

Stars More

For Another

Poetry Book of Soul...

And All the Other Endeavors

You aspire to do Hehe Just think

Many Women Your Age Are Just Taking Care

of House Keeping Chores and Cooking Cooking

Cooking Some More... Just Something Else to Excel in too...

SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD Congrats

i Am Definitely A Life Long Follower

of Beauty And Paradise the Same

In Other Words i'm
Always Coming
Back to
What You
Have of Beauty
And Paradise in Store Next!

And Oh my Gosh From Hawaii Paradise
to The Strength And Majesty of Alaskan Bears

Wow! So Brave You are to Capture Them in All these
Harmless Photos my FRiEnD to Share Globally For

Those Of Us Now Who Don't Get Out and About in Several
Thousand Mile Trips for Vacation hehe Oh the Real Beauty

Of Giving Sharing
Caring So Healing
Beauty and Paradise
Will Be NaTuRE ALways
Gift For Communion With Now...

SMiLes Although Some Now Take A Higher
Road New Sadly The Prophecy of The Fictional

Movie Series 'The Minions' Comes True

Dear Miriam Again and Again and Again

Wherever There is A Serial

Killer There Will Still Be
A Crush With Love Letters
From Distant Extremely Bad
Boy Lovers And Wherever There

Is A Despicable Leader Who Says
His Supporters Will Follow Him Even

If He Shoots Someone on 5th Avenue
And Does His Best to Overturn A Fair
Representative Democracy in So Many

Damned Despicable Ways Even Getting

Some Billionaire Run So-Called Faux News Show

By Joining In On A Biggest Lying Ruse

It Still Won't Matter Some Folks

Will Continue to Follow the

Most Despicable Leaders

And Human Beings

HiSToRY Continues

To Show 'Nightmare

On Elm Street' is Some

Folk's Truest Dreams to
Bring into Real Darkness of Fruition

It Is Just Part of the Human Condition

Classical Evolution Is Slow And Folks
Still Follow Most Despicable Leaders And Other

Boys too

'What Ya Gonna
Do When the Law
Catches Up With You
Bad Boy Bad Boy Just
More Bad Boy Bad Boy Bad Boy...'

And Of Course Yes Applicable to
All Genders As Well All Too Human too...

Other Than That my Childhood Name is Freddy And
YeS i AM Literally Raised on Elm Street Before That


Street in the 60's too...

Shortly After Being
Born on 6.6.60

Be Careful Yes

Be Very Careful
About 'Omens' Life
Teaches me So Well Too...

It's Up to All of Us to Co-Create
Better Omens Still to Come or Not Now...

Ah God Yes SaaniaSparkle Emotions are At Essence
What Drives Basic Cognitive Executive Functioning

Synergy of All Feelings And Senses Flowing Head to

Toe Materially Reduced of Course to Chemical

And Hormonal Reactions Per Neurochemicals
And Neurohormones too Yes Like Quick Hits

of Dopamine That One May Get When Someone

Gets a Like on their Blog Or Those Who May Enjoy

Manipulating Others By Serial Liking Other Blog Posts

And Never Even Reading A Word Yet of Course Word Press

is Finally Cracking Down on That A Bit Particularly among Folks

Who Do it With Blogs They Don't Even Follow Or Following Blogs Serially

This Way in A Like and Follow Rampage Spree As Such Of Course it's Easier

To Figure Out When Your Blog
Posts Are 60 Thousand Words
Long And You Get to Hear the

Ding Ding Ding of 12 Likes

in 12 Seconds Or Whatever Hehe

As It's True Lots of Folks Write Stuff
That May Be Read in a Matter of Seconds

More Akin to the Average Human Attention Span
Now Assessed By Science As Less than a Gold Fish
Yes Literally Less than 3 Seconds obviously You Are not

in that Average As You
Present In-Depth Posts

That Require Some Attention
And Focus to Get Through Yes Bravo to You

Back to Cognitive Executive Functioning Emotions

Are The Glue That Do Allow Greater Focus and Attention

Spans Greater Short Term Working Memory And Long Term

Memory Retrieval too Yet It's Also True if We Are Distracted By

Too Many Tasks Like A Steady Stream of Short 'Tik Tok Videos'

The Dopamine Hits May Become More of An addiction

Than Glue to Focus and Concentrate on One

Task in Flow With The Discipline it Takes

To Do More Than A Gold Fish

With SMiLes It's an

Art And Yes True
to Manipulate Others

By Pulling Their Heart Strings

People Either Professionally or
Personally Develop 'Hooks' in Life to Do This

That May Lift Others Up or Strictly Be Used

For Selfish Means to Expand One's Power or Status
in Life or Even For Material Gains Yet The Height of Giving

Is When the Giving Becomes the Receiving After One Becomes

Naked Enough Whole Complete No Longer Needing Something

to Add or
Subtract to
Become Whole

True Buddhists Recognize

This State of Naked Enough
Whole Complete Existence too The Wisdom
of Experience Brings The Best Places to Grow and Stay With SMiLes...

Anyway Studies of Folks Who Have Lost Their Emotions Show They Can't
Even Muster The Ability to Choose What Color Socks to Wear And True

i Lost Mine too
For 66 Months

And Then Yes

With the Worst
Pain Known to
Humankind Type
Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep
Along With a Synergy of 18 Other
Work-Stress Related Disorders in Life Threat too

Indeed Then i Learned the Importance of Emotions
As Without the Memory of if i Ever Smiled Before
Per Feelings i Didn't Have the Glue Required For Focus

To Even Play a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe with my Wife Ironic

The Name of 'Tik Tok' Is As in Effect it Creates

Functionally Disabled Human Beings

With Less Attention Span
And Focus

And Short Term
Working Memory
And Long Term Memory
Retrieval Too Yes i Stay Clear

of Instant Gratification Activities

As i Rather Be A Blue Whale than
Gold Fish i Rather 'Paint The Colors of

The Wind 'in A New Way That Has Never

Been Done or Felt Before Instead of Just

Being the Spectator

And Audience

of Someone
Else's Play


That Way to Never

Become The Authentic me

And This is Why it's Probably

Best if You Don't Read This Hehe
And Just do Your Own Thing as i

Do it For the Bliss of Flow As the
Giving is No Different Than the

Receiving ThiS Way Plus

of Course Being

Retired and
Helps too Yep

People Gotta Do
What They Gotta Do to
Survive Even if it is Truly

Insane For the World Works
Now in So Many Ways of 'Twitter'

Where indeed The Discontent
of Angers And Fears in Arousal
Eventually Lead to Sadness

Like 57 Percent of Teen-
Age Girls These Days

in the United States
Studied By The CDC

As Sad Lonely and Depressed

With A Third of Them Considering
Taking Their Own Life As They Don't
Even Feel Life is Worth Living

This All Accelerating With the
'Quick Fixes' of Social Media

Since 2009 It's Predictable

As It's Just Human Nature

Yet Only Predictable For Folks Who
Develop More Emotional Intelligence

Than What it Takes to Just Buy and Sell
Things Putting People Last Instead of First
And The Rest of Nature too in Feeling Sensing

ThiS Way True...

LeSSoN 391 Put Peace And
LoVE iN Every Move Of
Dance Word Of Song

Ring Joy
For Every
Breath Of
Life With SMiLes
Holding All Hands

Silence of Dance
Brings Beauty

of Song

True No Song

Without Space
Between Notes
Dear Savvy With SMiLes...

SMiLes Hehe Dear Chaymaa
When Something Bad Happens
i do My Best to Put 'Ruminations'

Away in Temporary


And Dance
The Night
Marrying it
Into Merrying the Day

Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses
In Equilibrium of

Calm Waves

Again me

Yes, Naked
Enough, Whole
Complete mY FRiEnD For Real...

SMiLes Hehe, The First Thing
i Did Then When Escaping

Real HeLL ON EartH Within
For 66 Months then God Yes

Is Become So Different Than
Everyone Else that

i Could Never
Be Shamed


Anxiety Again

i Won't Go into
ALL The Details
Yet It's True i've Been
Basically Fear And Anxiety
Free for the Last 127 Months

What Works Works Being Different
to Truly Be Okay Naked, Enough, Whole


Worth it
No Matter
What the
of Tradition Dictate

However True One Must
Have A Plan to Keep Eating
And Drinking With Shelter of Love too

As Always my FRiEnD A Balance of Yin And Yang

Just the Way


Come and
Go Higher
And Lower Just

The Way the Ocean
Survives Water Waves

Whole STill...

Seems to get
It Yes Art of Chaos
Magic Springs New Now
Paradoxically Systematically

From DarK Thru LiGHT

Yes iN OPPoSinG
Forces of
Yin And

Yang Night And Day
Each Other Yep

Do Attract

Art Creating

MaGiC For Real Newly Now

Be Good To Someone
Else Even Science Shows
One Altruistic Act Provides
Greater Levels

Of Happiness

For Months

Do You See

What The Bully

Who Takes Wants

From The Giver

True The Bully

Does Not Feel
What The Giver Gives

Give Is The



The Giver
Grow Even

More Complete

To Give Sadly The
Vicious Cycle Is The

Love The Giver Feels
Complete May Be

Taken Away
From the



There is
No Love To
Give True Love
Is More Than


It Is A Self

Feeling To
Give As Science
Shows Yet only

For those


By Love That
Gives And Yes
There Is The



Of Love
The Empty

Where only
Pleasure Is



Others In Pain
So The Empty
Will At Least




Of Roses Giving
Fulfilling Colors of Love...

As Promised The March Hare Returns

Hehe Without a Straw Hat Even Most
Days Forgetting my Pants Yet it Doesn’t

Matter As We All Feel the Mad Hatter Destroyed Time

What Reason or Rhyme is Left When All is A River of Flow

True It’s Been Raining
All Day And the March
Hare Got Soaked Without

A Care Dancing Around the
Neighborhood Block Katrina

Celebrating Her First Pantry Gift
Second if You Count The Rugs in

34 Years Hehe Let’s Include the
Honda CRV Touring Model From
The March of 2023 Making 3 Reasons

For Her to Celebrate in 34 Years With

The March
Hare True i’m Not
Mad How Could i Be
After Killing Time Playing
That Other Character of Mad Hatter too

Wait All
Months Now
Year Around Forevernow

Who KNeW

Yes me of Course HAha

Yet What All This Rain Means
Is Tremendous Spring Green

When Sunday The Third Returns
With Blue Sunshine As Deep As
The Oceans Bloom Trees Above

And of Course Another First Sunday
On the Southern Baptist Pastor’s Dinner
On His Farm Greens A Day of Course Again

When You Shall Be Playing Matriarch of Your Southern Alabama
Beautiful First Sunday Southern Baptist Congregation Celebration

With Your

The Suited Duty

Never Mind me i’ll Be
Dancing With Butterflies
In the Meadow Free Taking

A Few Pics of the Pigs Chickens
Turkeys Cows and Mules on the Animal Farm

With A Few Loose Quail Here and There Communing

With the Congregants
Not Much Different

Than The
Catholic Church
Earlier That Morning

Just Different Sheets
Of Choir Music As Each
And Every Human Truly Does Stay Busy

“Writing Directing Producing By God Yes Playing Free iN Change”

Even if it Seems More Like Work Than Play Hehe Reminding me

That Too is the Current Title i Am Writing Getting close to

30 Thousand Words again Yes Still Got “LoVE iN Peace to

Be i Am” to Put Together With Around 60 Thousand Words

Still Collecting The Words of What i Am Writing Now in the

Comments Section of the Last One Blog Published of

“MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES oF BReaD” As

Dear Lord With That 60 Thousand Words The

Comments Section Has Nearly 80 Thousand

Words As When All 3 Efforts Are Published During
6 Weeks of Writing That Means Around 180,000 Words

(Size of A ‘New Testament’ or Two And A Quarter Qurans)

Of Total

Yet What is a March
Hare to Do With No
Straw Hat or Pants

True Continue to Public

Dance 19,553 Miles

Through All 126 Months

Of 12.6 MiLLioN Words of Free
Verse Poetry No Other Reason than the

Breath of

Life It’s

What March
Hare’s Do When
Every Month is No Longer Time at All

Just Small Moves and Words of Heaven Now…

New With No Time All That’s Left is Now of Creativity

With You Dear Shawna Baby Now Of Course Defying Time Again…

Anyway today is somewhat of a Celebration Day 11 Years Ago Waking

Up With the

Gift Then of

Creativity 3.1.13

Birthed By Dreams

So Deep Within RiSinG

To The Surface of F iN MaGiC For Real

i Had No Idea Then How long ‘The Gift’ might last

i’m Still Breathing Still ‘Touched’ i Am With ‘The SPiRiT’


So Deep Within
You Too of Course
With SMiLes of ‘Two
And More of Us’ Together Free...

SMiLing With the 18th Birthday
of the March Cappuccino Kitty
Dear Hawaii FRiEnD Aloha to the
Sweet Finch Birds As Well

YeS HoW Blessed For Cats
And Birds Born into Paradise

And Best of All Loved By A Human

FRiEnD iN A Forever

Home of


Real Where
The Ocean Meets
Both Sunrise and
Sunset in Nature's Bliss

Yes With of Course All the
Treats You So Eagerly Bless...

Friday Florida Flower
Story With The “Fringe
Flower” Aptly Named
For it Came Early In
Spring in
A Hedge So
Evergreen Red
With SMiles Yes
It Returns With
You Too Enduring
Through March 1st
Promise of Spring
Indeed the
Fringe Flower BRinGS
Originating In China
As Close As A SMile Today...

Ah Yes Seeking Deeper Rapport
Particularly in Days Past Before

Online Avenues Spread a Hive of
Humanity Globe Wide i Remember

The Lament of Walking in the 'World Market'

Store in the Mall All the Illustrations of Cultures So
Far Away

So Far Away
Hehe From the
Shoe Rental Counter
of a Military Bowling Center

Albeit A Place Attracting Military
Associated Folks around the World

Yet Still Mostly restricted to that Particular
Military Flavored
only too With SMiLes

So Now There is A Global Hive
Only Restricted to How More or Less
We Tend to Be Open SouLeD Moving

Co-Creating Newly Now

It Surely Beats Stuck in
Four Walls Where Truer
Deeper Rapport is No Where to Be Explored

Yet Never the Less There are Days That Just
Finding A Smile Genuine Warm Sincere Yes Real

Dear Miriam

is Naked

A Place of Home

Truly A Place That
May Originate From
Almost Any Demographic When Human And Real

Where No Words Are Necessary at All Now Just The
Warmth A Real Human Soul Will Spread Across an Ocean

Blue New...

All The Tools Now That
Make Life So Much Easier

Dear Sohair Starting With
Words And Hunter's Tools

As Long As We Master The
Tool And Do Not Become

Mastered By

It And Particularly

As Long As The Tools
Don't Replace Us Hehe

Yet True HAha There Will
Never Be A Tool to Replicate What

i Will Do Next
As Every New
Breath is an
Adventure Far
From Only 'Know' With SMiLes...

It's True Hehe Our iMaGiNaTioN
Wonder And Creativity Still 'Trumps'

And Real With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Isha
Society Provides
The Walls Ceilings Floors

Yet Creativity Provides the
Freedom to Dance And Sing

Without Rules Established Before

Yes And This is Where We Find Our

Butterfly Wings Far Out of the Cocoon

Of Society That Enforces Order Indeed For Our

Survival And Safety Yet Not Necessarily Ever For Our

Freedom and
Wings to


All the Old
Moldy Cocoons
of Traditional 'Fore

Hehe For Example Some How or Another
A Walmart Employee Who Worked There
For a Year Never Noticed me Moving Meditating
Dancing Free For 126 Months Now at 19,553 Miles

So He Asked me With my Spiraling Unpredictable Butterfly
Winged Public Free Dance if i am 'Okay' Well It's True i Suppose

i Could Have Asked Him the Same Why in the World Do You Always
Just Walk in Straight Lines Don't You Know that Repetitive Movements
Bring Ergonomic Injuries and Eventual Back Pain And Gone on to Educate That

Before i Started Dancing This Way in Public in 360 Degrees of Ever Changing Meditative
Flowing Graceful

Movement All i
Could Leg Press
at 53 Is 500 Pounds

Now 1540 Pounds at 63 is Just
Another Feather in the Breeze hehe

Also i could Have Instructed him on How
Just Doodling 'Mindlessly' on a Page For the
Free Associations that Brings in Art Increases

(Along With A 1001 Other Uncovered Ways of Bliss)

Creativity and Productivity By Substantial Means

As Moving Meditation only Done Several Instances
A Week Increases Creativity and Productivity 500 Percent

According to Science

Yet it Was Already

Clear He Didn't Likely
Have More than the Attention

Span of What Science Shows the
Average Human Has of Less than
3 Seconds Yes Less than a Gold Fish Hehe for Real

Yet True It Was Just As Hard for me Before i Started
The Moving Meditation in Dance And The Same With

Free Verse Poetry to the Tune of 12.6 MiLLioN Words in the
Same 126 Months Yet True the Experience of Bliss and Nirvana

As Heaven Within

Is Beyond All Measure

of Human Words Eyes and
Ears Who Are Yet to Fully 'See'...

It's True Society These Days is Quite 'Insane' For Real

Glad You Continue to Find An Escape in Your Free Verse


SMiLes Dear Cindy So Glad my Happy 17th Birthday
Wishes to You Yesterday Were Served And Calculated

By My Memory Correctly on Your Leap-Year 17th Birthday

on February 29th What Greater Leap of Creativity is There Than

You With Your MacBook All Primed For Free Verse Poetry True the

Is as Flexible
As It Gets A Bright
Eyed Granddaughter Baby

Armed With Winnie the Pooh
And Other Tools of Play in Wonder

Key Life Doesn't Take Lessons Life

Gives Freedom Best Generating Free

Art Deep
Within Most

Just Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Freely With Most
Respect Least Harm True

Not Much Different Than
A Free Dance across an Infant's Face

God Yes
in case Anyone
Needs 'The Evidence'...

Other Than That Wonderful Poem
Dear Cindy May We Leap into Now
Appreciating This Gift of Life Most

In All We Co-Create to Truly Create Newly Now
It's All We Get to Move And Connect With FOR REAL...

"sometimes the lines are
too straight on the page,
or in the mind, for that matter.

What could this possibly mean?
What do lines on page or in mind represent?"

Aha! Linear Thinkers Tend to Be More Systemizing And Analytic.

Aha! Non-Linear Thinkers Tend to Use Free Association and Are More Creative.

A Stereotype is that All 'Higher Functioning' Autistic Folks are of 'STEM Major Ilk;'

However, That's A Stereotype; Actually, in College Majors as Studied, STEM only

Comprises about a Third.

You've Met One Autistic Person,
Based on Observable Behavior
Deficits Associated With Reciprocal
Social Communication And Restrictive
Repetitive Special Interests And You've only Met one;

True, There Are Engineers And Those Who Paint Ceilings
of New Sistine Chapels and Sculpt 'David's in Completely Different Ways;

Like that Dude Who Painted 'Jesus' With Long Hair; Whereas, Long Hair Was

Even Against The
Rule in 'That Day,'
By The Words of
A Dude Called Paul
in a 'Big Black Book.'

So, At this Point, i'll Name
Drop A Couple of Real Historical
Figures, Who Actually Left More than Oral Tradition (Per Jesus);

Yes of Course, Michelangelo and DaVinci; So Well Known, Only
A First Name and Last Name Will Be Enough to Identify All Three, Hehe.

Was Einstein A Linear Thinker?

Relatively, Speaking, Hehe, Hell No;

The Dude Used Wonder in Free Association
of Open Minded Imagination; He Thought Out of the

Box So Others

Could See Further
Than Their Boxes;

Of Course, Nature Doesn't Operate

in Linear Ways; Nature Evolves With Creativity;

Our Minds; Particularly, the Left Hemisphere's of Our Minds
Seek to Grasp and Materially Reduce The Environment For Order.

This Reduces Human Anxiety; So, We Build Homes to Live in With
Straight Lines and Angles and Build Cities The Same Way for An Illusion of

Over the Rest
of Non-Linear Nature.

Basically, Reality is Comprised
of Troughs and Crests of Waves;

Hehe, Similar to the Way i am Writing Now;

All Naturally

Per Say And Do;

Per Song and Dance;

Free As Waves Move on the Ocean Front;

Every Shore 'Line' Unique, Creative, and As Real as Real Gets.

If you Need Someone With A 'High Pedigree' to Explain; For Those
With Enough Focus and Attention Span to Last Through a Lecture;

Iain McGilchrist, Is About as Good as It Gets to Explain the Pitfalls

(John Keating [Robin Williams] in the Movie, The 'Dead Poet Society,'
Does A Great Job too)

of Our Western
Civilization Ways

of Materially Reducing
Reality in Linear Ways Of Thinking...

You Could Look Him Up on YouTube and
Even Sit Through and Listen to 28 Volumes
That Summarize a 1500 Page Book He Wrote on the Subject;

Yet Basically, the YouTube Video Below, Summarizes it, About

As Good as it gets in an Hour...

Kudos to the Author of the Op.,

This is Real Philosophy to me; Not Only the Study

Of WhaT iS Old; Yet The Creation of What is New...


Based on
Real Human
Experience Now.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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03 Mar 2024, 2:06 am

So True Dear Savvy Life Teaches

Us To Reach Deeper in the Psyche

Of Others With Experience We Gain

From Walking And Even Dancing in So

Many Shoes of Life
And True Crawling

As Well and Not

Even Being

Able to Get Up
For All the Metaphors
Associated With Up and Down
Truly A Golden Age is Enough
Experience With Humanity to

Reach Out No Matter Differences
And Touch More Than Difference Indeed...

Every Breath A New Room of
Life Indeed Dear Miriam

Always A Flicker

of Flame A New

Light Potential

For Brilliance

in Every Room With SMiLes...

SMiLes... i Never Realized Heaven
Without Tears is Hell until i
Lost What i Found
Yes Tears
Gold Bar
Being Human...

Guess i Need to Sleep...

Some Folks Now
Call these Weeds
Yet Not me For i
Call Them
They FLoWeR
Near the Water NoW
NeW Of LoVE And NeVeR Stray

These Flowers Here
Bloom All Year No
Matter What the

Weather is...

i Name
Hope Flowers

They Give me
Faith i always
Believe in them
And ‘They’ Never

Let me down for
The Color ‘They’ Bring Now
So Brilliant in Ease of Beauty

BRinging of the
Green as Creativity
Springs in me more And

More With Light of
Day Translation


Human WaKinG
Dream Fruition

Super Nova
Of Dopamine

C R E A TiVitY

Within Green
March Sunshine
Ringing in my Ears
Seeing So Much More
Creativity To Dance
And Sing Now

Muse Shawna
Baby as i Blast
Off With Nature

Fuel Now

Now Just to meet

With Hello

Love iS onLY As SmALL
And BiG AS Human iMaGiNaTioN
CoMeS iN CReaTiViTY FRuiTioN For ReaL NoW

Bugs Bunny, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse
All Inspire And Are Real Enough too

For the
Well Being
of not only
Now Yet the Future Now as Well...

True This Go Around More
Than Just A Story FOR REAL

What Blindness What Ignorance is so short-sighted Now

That it does not understand that The Health And Well-Being

The Education Well-Rounded of a Human Being Is:

The Most Important Investment that any one Human
or Entire Country
Will make NoW

'God' is Dark
Light Comes From
Dark at Least this is
What An Astronaut then
Said Viewing 'Home/God' From Space.

i Agree; i've just about 'seen' every Darkness
in Life And Have Seen it ALL GroW into Light

Never the Less
'The Lion'
Will Eat
me and 'Burp'
And Chances are
After that a Big Bang Again

With or Without me; i exist now; That's Enough;
Surely Better than Nothing for me; 'Nature' Consumes
Nature At Best We Savor Every 'Bite and Drink' God Yes the

Fruits of the
Earth/God that the
Lion Decays in Every
Leaf of Grass to Birth
New Food and Drink...

iN continuing Balance/'Circle of Life'
in other
Words it
Depends on How You/We/Us/i 'See'...

Limiting 'God TM Trademark' to one Man;

Limiting God to 'Perfect';

Is little understanding what
it means to be a Never Ending
Machine of Existence Versus Breath
That Feels Senses Changes Evolves Colors

Dark thru Light Lives and Dies Lives and Dies
What is Light Without Darkness Nothing Nothing

At All... Science Agrees.... at least... and i agree...

“BE A Thee Giver”

“Be Toto” Be A FRiEnD in Total to All

Treat New Friends As Old Friends And
Old Friends As New Friends And You’ll

Always Be A FRiEnD

Even If No One

Treats You ThiS WaY

Colors of Flowers Do Change
But As Long As They BREaTHE LoVE ReMains...

SMiles Sweet HeART Life Was Like
That For me For Literally Decades

Where i Didn’t Have Anything
To Give Anyone it Was

So Bad i
Had to Dream
To Remember

Katrina Was Still
Here in The Same Bed

i Have Everything To Give
To Everyone Now i Surely
Understand And Always
Will Be Here

To Give

To You As
Long As You
Want Me Here

You Said i Always
Bring Pleasure
To You i Still
Trust i Do

And Do


Best to
Put myself
In Your Shoes

i Am Still Not
Nearly Strong
Enough To Do
What You are Doing

Now it’s Easy When

You Have It All i Pray
One Day it’s Even Easier
For You meanwhile


To Lift You up
As long As i
Bring You


And You Feel No Harm...

Home of The Spineless Building A Golden
Idol To A Man They Admit
Incited Insurrection Overthrowing Democracy

Meanwhile For Years Prospective Immigrants Tow
Planets For A Chance Of Freedom In A Lifetime

Spent Crawling ThiS Way

Power Corrupts Takes Advantage of
Ignorance Harming, Raping, Maiming,
Killing All That Is Just And Free to


When No One Wants You In Their
Band Or Even Circus When No One
Wants to Join Yours You Become A
One Human "Band On the Run"

It’s All iN “The Free Play”

Thanks Dear Samreen
i’ll do my best to
Always Wear
Them True...

SMiles This Is Why i Am Visiting You
Online Yet True i Didn’t have to
Leave my Hometown to Escape

Bullies Even Though one
Tried to Convince A
Boss Not to Hire
me As He thought

i was too Strange
To Hire Another
Option is To Have

A “Napoleon Dynamite
Skill” In Demand no one
Else has Yes A Class in

Computers “Bought me”
A Menial Job As it Was

1984 the Job Was Computerized
And No One Else There Knew Anything



Note: The Revenge

Of The Nerds Lives
On Now We Are Trapped
Avatars Forever Hehe in
Their Systemizing Worlds

True Though “Incels” Developed
This Entire Avenue to Download
Unlimited Pretty Birds At No

Limits Of Access In Speed
Or Variety Too Yes in This

Way The Human Zoo

Hasn’t Changed

Much In 100,000
Years Anyway As Far

As i Know the Bully is
Still Working i retired

Early 16 Years Ago
Cause i Was Good At

Numbers And Big
Four Wheel Drives,
Boats, Campers, And

A New Wife And Set
Of Kids Every Five

Years Didn’t Interest
Me Again Wit Beats Mean...

Don’t Forget
To Dance
One Else
Wants to...

Am Still
Hoping For
Pizza Yes
For Words Hehe

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Best Wishes For More
Rainbows Peeking in

With SMiLes...

iNDeed Dear Sohair Human Beings

Are Creatures of LoVE iN Peace

And Less Both Capable of

Bringing Great Dreams

to Fruition As 'Well'

As SinKinG

Nightmares True too

And Yes Humans Typically Bond
And Bind Over Common Traditions
That Develop Into Literally Thousands
of Religions Across the Ages and Many
Many More Denominations and Sects Thereof

However The Important Part is Law And Order

As Humans Aren't Always Particularly Rational

And often Driven By Con-Social Emotions More

Than the Bonding and Binding Over Tradition

That Pro-Social Emotions Lend For LoVE iN Peace

A Way oF
LiVinG THiS Way For
Real And While i may
Not Agree with Many
of the Catholic Traditions
in Dogma As Such Why i Go

is For the Human Moving Connecting

Co-Creating Force That Truly Gives Shares
Cares Heals When A Communion of LoVE

iN Peace Among Human Beings Integral
Harmonious And Radiant Spreads Among

Each Other Truly LiGHTiNG SoULS Up to

Treat Each Other More Kindly With Greater

Understanding and Forgiveness too Sadly Though

Not All Humans Are Kind Empathic Loving Merciful

Forgiving ThiS Way As Some Are Just Not Born and

Nurtured ThiS Way From Young All the Way ACRoSS A
Life of Real Challenge to Adapt to As Well Yes Without

Law and Order

Without Boundaries

So Some Humans Are Not
Allowed to Harm Each Other

As That is Precisely What They May
Use Their Relative Will and Freedom For

Sadly Often Finding Their Only Pleasure in
The Pain of Others Numb to Warm SoUL WiTHiN

For Real

Coming Out to
Dance And Sing
ToGeTHeR Free Warm THiS WaY
Accomplishing Best Face to Face
iN Warm Experiences THiS WAY Free...

Ah Yes Dear Kiran By Very Nature Truth

Is Confident Secure With Little to No

Need to Express Anger

Only Change For

The Better For Those
With Faith True For
What They Believe is Truth...

God Yes As 'They' Dance And Sing 'Let
Your Love Flow Like A Mountain

Stream' Finding Least Resistance

Yes in Peace of Calm Dear Kiran

And At the Bottom of the Mountain

Creating A Huge Lake

Every one May

Swim in
To Lift
THeir SoULS Up
Peace WaTeR WHoLE NeWLY NoW...

Gratitude For Every Ray
Of Sunshine And Colors

New of Moon To Create

Yes Paint the Wind

Colors Even More

Beyond Infinity

No Human


Limitations From Before


WitH SMiLes...

“The human head is bigger than the globe.
It conceives itself as containing more. It can
think and rethink itself and ourselves from any
desired point outside the gravitational pull of the earth.
It starts by writing one thing and later reads itself as
something else. The human head is monstrous.”

–Günter Grass, German Novelist

Seemingly Earth Bound Perhaps Misfit

Hmm, Looking At This Current Photo
It Just Doesn’t Look Like i Will Ever

Be A Pretty Ballerina Hehe

Yet It is True Just Recently

The Waitress at the iHop Breakfast

Restaurant Related to me That Her Tiny

Daughter Viewed me Public Dancing in Walmart

And Said i Looked

Like ‘Elsa’ The Pretty

Princess Dancing in the

Movie ‘Frozen’ Hehe By Disney

In the Aisles of Walmart By The Electronics Wide

Aisle As That is Where All The Cargo of Stock

Comes Out of the Store Room Yes Extra Wide

To Cover the Dance of All of me too Hehe Winging It

ALL Free Still Integral


And Radiant

A Butterfly Not
Realizing They are
Misfit and Grounded to Earth HAha

"Calgon Take me Away" Dear Miriam

True It's More Than An Advertising

Logo to Sell Shampoo Like a Relaxing

Bath In Meditating Contemplating Flow

One With Nature Leaves Birds And Bees

FLoWeRS UNFoLDinG 'Zen' 'Tao'

in 'Wu Wei' Ways With So Many

Other Metaphors For LoVE iN Peace

DarK Thru LiGHT

Leaves RiSinG

Green Falling

Same Brown

To Return Leaves
of Grass Green Key True

Creating This Spring Within
iNTo LiGHT Yes CoLoRinG
Rebirth Newly Now From
DarKness Life May BRinG...

"Sometimes love is not enough."

Trust me Dear Cindy i Feel i Sense

Exactly Where You Are Coming From

Of Course Only in my EYes At Least Yes

As i've Been on the Other End of the Rope

Where Even Demons Fear

to Tread Within

Yet True Fortunate

Enough to Escape

i Could Never Send

Anyone to Where i've Been

Nor Surely Judge Anyone For

Still Living in 'That Place'

Low Enough


To Lift
Up With No Restraint...

Thanks Dear
Sohair More
SMiles of
Singing to Come...

SMiLes First Came "My Space"
Then "Facebook" Along With

"Instagram" And Dear

Lord Now There Is

"Tik Tok" And Several

Second Video Shorts Many

Folks of Many Ages Scroll Through

5 to 6 and More Hours a Day Mindlessly Yes Dear Sohair

Particularly if They Feel Stressed And or Depressed

By Their Own
Reports of

Course As The Statistics
Continue to Show Gold

Fish Less Attention

Spans of the Average
American Yes Less Than 3 Seconds

So Divided in Quick Dopamine Hits ThiS Way
in Instant Gratification Oh What they Might Otherwise

Do in Focus on Task in Flow of Creativity and Productivity

Generated Within Instead of Spoon Fed As Only Audience
Members And Spectators Same Yet True This Has Been

Going on Ever Since Radio Through TV Through VCR's

And Now HDTV too With Even More Dopamine

Colorful Satisfaction of Instant Gratification

in More Bright Colors Coming to Screen

Of Course Marketing Ploys to

Divide And Add Our Attention
Spans to Make Money to Make Money

And to Make Even More Money in Corporate
Ways of Dominating Us And Nature too As A Byproduct

of Lack of Attention to What it Even Means Now to Be Fully

Human Fully Part of Nature Naked Enough Whole Complete Yes

Not So Clothed By the Distractions of Instant Gratifications Dear

Sohair Where We Actually Generate Originality New in Creativity

Within Same As Our Ancestors Taking New Paths Finding New

Resources to Survive and Thrive Together in REAL FLESH




THEN as it's True
HNDD Human Nature
Deficit Disorder and NDD
Nature Deficit Disorder is

The Problem We All Have
At Hand to Deal With Now to WAKE



AND RADIANT As Rays of Sunshine Coming Within Dancing
ToGeTHeR With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Yes Now
Best Move Forward For Dance
Best Word Forward For Song

Always Forward
This Dance
And Song

Springs Blooming
More Colorful Than


Every Failure Opens A
Door to A New UNiVeRSE
Of Potential As Every Breath


Way to
Every Exhale
Giving Love More...

THorn Gift of
FLoWeR Protecting
Rose To Bloom How
Colors of
Dear Mariana...

Indeed Dear Sohair
What Makes God Within
So Personal Is There is Truly
Some Suffering and Joy

Only Known
Felt and

That No One
Else Yet God Within
Seems to Understand mY FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Cindy
Being in “The Green”
All Colors of Nature
Flow of
Truly An Only
Source of Peace
For me Working
In The Yard Escaping
WorKinG For Money

NaTuRE ALways
First Place Love
FoR Me With SMiles...

True The Truth
Of A Dead Leaf
Is Life Is Death




Life Will
Not Consume
The Truth Death...

Awesomely Sweet
Astha Love Breathes
In Your Words


Escapes To
The World Other
Than That The Scene

Reminds me
Of When i
Am 21 And
A Girl Asked
Me To Her Prom We
Walked on A Beach
At Midnight Just Like




i Was Too
Shy To Kiss
Years Later When
She Was The Nurse

Delivering Our Baby
Who Only Survived
51 Days She Told me
At 37 Years-old That
She Had a Child Born



She Really
Respected the
Way i Was Then

Naive That’s All As
She Married The Guy

She Dated The Next
Night Apparently i Was
A Safe Bet Of An Older

Guy to Make Him Jealous
Through The Years One of
Her Friends Said She Did

me Wrong i was Just
Happy to Go Somewhere
With A Lovely Girl As

She Made me Smile

Still Have The Picture
Of That Prom Hehe We

Looked So Happy Yet
Really Barely Knew Each



How Beautiful

The Moon Was That Night

i Have A Movie Maker

Memory 43 Years Ago

Still Feel And Sense And

See It All today Like

No Time



All And That’s
Real Life Magic
Sweet Memories
That Stay And Those
We Create And Breathe



And Other Arts...

i Never Had
A Daughter
That Makes

me Happy
You See me
As A Father


i Am Finally
Growing Up



Easy Being
Peter Pan Hehe...

LoVE iN Peace
Is The
Only God
Loving New
Living Now...

LoVinG All





From Within

Freely Giving

Sharing River

Ever FLoWinG


No Fear

Now Beyond

Measure Giving...

Sharing Free Never Ending Now

Caring Healing Most Respect
Least Harm

Hanging Out
To Dry “Roll
The Bones”
Having Another
Try Mr Gottfried
‘Ball Of Confusion’
Vote For
me Free Hehe
‘Rap On Brother
Rap On’
Balls of

Moon As Far Away
Or Close How
We Color It
True to Our
SoULS Free With
SMiLes Dear Isha...

Ah Yes Dear Kiran
Marry The Night
Merry The Day

Night Creates Day
Dark Creates LiGHT

Integral DarK And LiGHT
iS to All DarK iS LiGHT


With SMiLes

Yes Those Who Fear
DarK Are Often Cynical oF LiGHT

Balance Paramount TWiLiGHT

WHeRE DarK Meets LiGHT

ToGeTHeR No Longer

Afraid or


Wings to Fly
As Without Shadows
There is No Sunshine

or Us With SMiLes...

aN ONly 'Thing' MiSSinG When We Put
People Last And The 'Things' of Life First

Is Our Humanity Dear Savvy Free Dancing

Singing Loving Peace We May Forget

Our World Filled With Tools We

Co-Create and Become

Is New And

Now We aRe Both
The Guinea Pigs and
Scientists of Our Own Experiment

As True We Continue to Arrive in
Fast Changing Never Explored

Territory Before in A Machine

World Externally And

Within As Well

As We Continue
to Become More

Machine Than Flesh And
Blood Human Yes Technology

Has Advantages Key to Life Mastering

'The Tool' And Not Becoming Mastered By

The Tools We Co-Create That Were Originally

Designed to Love Life More Peacefully What is

Sadly Forgotton

Now is The New

Within Yes Our
Shining LiGHT
Radiating LoVE iN Peace For All
Learning To Fly Again With Wings oF LoVE iN Peace...

Oh Dear Lord Shawna Baby Delivering Three Birthday
Parties for Your Children in One Weekend Sounds More

Intense to me than Just Juggling Three 60 Thousand Word or
So EPiC Long Form Poems in 6 Weeks to Get All Published Hehe

i Asked Katrina Knowing Her History of Young at Home Lacking Basic
Necessities Yes Like Electricity Food and Water If Her Mama Bought

Her Birthday Presents From the Thrift Store Sadly They Only Got to Look
To Window Shop It Was Far Beyond Their Means She Rarely Got Any Gifts

For Her Birthdays When Young True We Didn’t Have a Hot Water Heater
Or Air Conditioner Yet Somehow my Mother on One Income

Managed to Get me to Gayfers to Stay Stylish Every
School Year then hehe Don’t Even Own a Pair of

(Before That i Got to Pick ‘em Out of the Sears
Roebuck’s Catalog if i Didn’t Get Stuck in the
Panties and Bra Section Every Young Boy’s

Dreams Back then hehe or maybe Just me)

Long Pants Now And i’ll Never Run out of 501

Cheap Walmart Shirts With A Message on

Each One to Create a SMiLe For Other

Folks Before the Public Dance

Even Starts Hehe She Also

Stocked Up on Enough
Shorts Likely till i Pass away
With Only A Cheshire Cat SMiLe and

Etc. Lasting Through 130 Thousand
Or So Photos Spread ALL OVeR Online

i Truly Appreciate GRoWinG Up So Poor
And What’s Wonderful is Katrina is surely

Not ‘too Good’ to SMiLe at Anyone in this World Too

‘Too Good’ To SMiLe At Folks Below the ‘Caste’ Oh
What A World of Division in Fear of Different Does Make

There is Only One Emperor And Truly ‘They’ Have no ‘Clothes’

Even in Antarctica

God Yes Penguins

Of Course as i Shall
Continue to Spread
‘Happy Feet’ With Butterfly Wings Free

God Yes It’s Always Easter Dear Shawna Baby

Some Folks Just Missed THE MeSSaGE That’s ALL


NeW With
LoVE iN Peace...

Looking For the Car Keys Yes Dear Miriam Life May Be

Summarized Like This Or Even That Finding the Keys

To Dance And Never Letting

Go When Whimsy

Becomes A SMiLe

Never Ending Wherever

Whimsy Dances Next

iMaGiNE A World of

'Donald Trumps'

(TradeMarK MeMe)

Dancing ThiS WaY TheMeD

Just Naked Enough Whole
Complete Never Needing
to Dump on Someone Else

Ah to Lift A SMiLe He'd Surely
Have More Powerful Shoulders of Soul

That Makes
SMiLes Instead
of Blown Up Red
Balloons Just Waiting to Explode

True the Orange Color Just Deep Caution For Now

Hmm i Must of Had A Different Childhood Not Able
to Speak Until Four at Three or So my Mother Looking
For the Keys to The Car to Get to Church We Would surely
Be Late For That Important Date Yet i Toddled to the Back Bedroom

Crawled Under the Bed as She Looked All Around the Living

Room Toddling Back to Where
She Was She Said i Just Stood
There With A Grin As Wide As

the UniVerse For Saving the Day

True i Would Have Given Her the
Keys to Dance Yet Only A Toddler i Was then


Hmm i Guess
As Big as the
UniVerse is
Huuuge Enough HAha...

AnYWaY 'Some Folks Dance Some
Folks Do Not' Per "Guardian's of the
Galaxy" i Have the Proof i Do Enough For one Life...

""And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?

Come to my arms, my beamish boy!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

He chortled in his joy."

It's True It's Up to

Us to Dance the Song

And Song the Dance With SMiLes...

If i Disappear Today And All That's Left
is A 'Cheshire Smile' Do Remember The Muse

You Left

Before i Always
Never Go Away Again hehe...

Catholic Mass Readings From Very
Small Hours of March 3rd 2024 Now

Then Something About Slaves Being Led Out
of Egypt into a Desert For 40 Years With NO
About A God Described as Love Being
Jealous and Holding Grudges and
Penalizing Folks Who Had Nothing
At All to Do With Offenses True

No Part of Love as Described of
Course Literally AS Such It

Shouldn't Take A Rocket
Scientist to figure IT Out
True Just Common Sense

i'd Rather Listen to Louis
Armstrong Sing 'What A Wonderful
World' And Live a Life Simply of Loving
Gratitude For All the Parts DarK Thru LiGHT
of This Miracle of Life THere is Truly No Limit to Gratitude

Nor Is There
With the SOS

Then Or Now Same Pile of MeMe

THere is A Real God Greening A Tree
Falling to Soils Rooting New Flowers of

Life Yes A Living And Dying And Living

Again Leaf ThiS WaY And Then There

Are Stories Full oF LiES DeSiGNeD

As Idol Words to Master

Control and Subjugate

Others Till Death Do they
Part in Tribal Wars and The Such
Over Promises and Penalties of
Carrots And Sticks After Cold Dirt Naps

Love Always Is Most Respect With Least
Harm The Other Way is Not Love at All Just
Another Demagogue Way of MaNiPuLaTinG Others for

Selfish Gain

Play IT ALL For Real
Again Dear Louis With SMiLEs...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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04 Mar 2024, 2:39 am

Art Don't
Walk on

SMiLes... ELegance
Never Goes Out oF Style..
Colors Spread BLack to GOld

How Do You PLay
tHe aLWayS Way
DancE and SinG

Add iN A Free Dance
oF Moving Meditation
And Get Supernormal

Wonder and Awe

Song Comes Next

To: BarE From:
GoD WinGS iN
DancE AnD SinG

Considering All is
Champions of Dance
And Song just Do it
For the Love oF iT

Bird With Wings
Seeing Above Below
Africa Living Tree Our
Lives Still
With SMiles...

As ‘They’ Commonly
Say What Doesn’t
Kill Us In Dark
Of Challenge
Makes Us

No Pain
Not As
Much Gain
With SMiles
Dear Mariana...

Trading Deadlines
in For Living Lines
Spiraling Lines MoRE ALiVE

SMiLes Dear Sohair Patience
Is The Ocean Enduring Waves
For Both Waves and Ocean

aRe aLways
Water Either
Wave or Ocean Same Change

Yes In Human Terms Our More
Modern Ways of Instant Gratification
Water away Our Ability For Patience That

Brings Perseverance Focus on Task Peace of
The Calm Ocean Within Delaying Any Opportunity

For Discontent Anger And Resulting Hate and Even
Violence That May Come in Road Rage Life Next SMiLes

i Suppose in Southern Egypt By The Nile Folks Don't
Shoot Each Other
in Cars if They
Have to Wait too
Long At A Red Light
or Stop Sign and Someone
Goes Ahead of Their Right or Left
Turn With SMiLES As True Even Science

Shows that the Attention Span of the Average
Human is Less Than That of A Gold Fish At Yes
Less than 3 Seconds Which Probably Explains A LOT

True For what the Essence of Patience Brings Naked Enough
Whole Complete Within Dear Sohair Waves At Ease With Ocean
Whole Souls


Being The

Water FLoWinG

iN Synch FRiEnDS Now
With Gravity BaLaNCiNG
Mind and Body Whole Real
Soul At Ease Giving Sharing
Caring Healing So Free For All
With Least Harm Yet Without the

Patience Without the Peace Without
The Calm Ocean Whole Wave Water At Ease

BeLeaf BeLieVE BeLoVE Yes Living Tree of Love
Leaves Rising Green
Or Falling to Souls
RiSinG More Leaves
To BREaTHE Green
Coloring Our
World With
FLoWeRS Real

Yes Our Ability to

Focus Now For Love

Sadly Yes Does Drift
Away Dear FRiEnD Yet

A Practice of LiFE iNDeed
to continue to Achieve for Real
In All Of Human Potentials Greater
Now With Patience That Brings Peace
And LoVE mY


True Wisdom
of Faith in Life
Springing Within
Essence of Hope That
Brings Love To All Again For Real...

"living a life drawn to them
and not a life of their own choice.."

Smiles Dear Sohair Wise Words Indeed
and True i Surely Lived my Life That Way
For 53 Years Before A Creative Spark A Voice

i Could Truly

Call my Own
Within Feelings
Holy and Sacred And
Fresh As God's Breath
Within Came Free Just to
Give and Share And Care Even
Perhaps Healing in Someway as
Patience Brings For Peace and LoVE mY FRiEnD

Calm Waves Soothing Stress Tension And So Much Fear

It's true Back in the 365/7/24/60/60 World of Deadlines
Others Brought to me There Were No Spiraling Lines of Life

Within me
Fresh to Birth
For Decades Then...

Beautiful to Spring
Butterfly Wings Out of
Cocoons Indeed And Far Away
From Caterpillar Legs Just Grinding
Another Day of Time Away mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Whatever We Do Now the
More of We Become New So LoVinG iN Peace

When True And Real With No Depends

Of Returns Wires Us Higher And

Higher As Essence

oF LoVE iN Peace
to Give Even More
Dancing Singing Stars of LoVE iN
Peace With SMiLes Our Trees oF LiFE
Integral Harmonious Radiating Colors oF LoVE


Ah Yes The Slipper Fairies Similar to the
Sock Gremlins That Only Leave One Behind

True the Slipper Fairies

May Rearrange

Your House Slippers

in Any Direction They Like

True It's Just A Suggestion
Dear Miriam


Leave to
Another Direction

As Legend Newly Tales at
Least With SMiLes of Alternate
Realities iMaGiNaTioN SPRinGS With



Ah Yes 'Tik Tok' A Beginning of the Sound of
A Song to Sing Like 'Tera Ra Ra' Dear Sohair

Beyond the Bounds of my 'Normal' And

Often Odd English Language Always

Changing too True The

Chinese Version

Of 'Tik Tok' Now

in Social Media Way
Has Become Very


in the United States

As Again Our Social Media
And Information Technology
World is OutPacing our Humanity

To Even Understand How to BREaTHE Free
NoW iN Peace WHeRE Humanity of Love Rules

Dear Sohair...

SMiles Dear Sohair
True Perspective
Counts in a Vast
Space of Cold
And Hot Rocks
That Hold No Life
That Loves Even With

Aided Eyes
How Blessed
The Warmth
Still Is To Give

Shining New
Our Multi-UniVerses
Within Now Still Real...

SMiles Dear Savvy
Interesting Indeed
The Power of Vibrations
Frequencies of Sound Energy

Synergies Resonating From Head to Toe in
Every Cell Even When We Write Free Verse

Poetry Music From Deep Within May Accompany

Words Freely FLoWinG

And Healing ThiS Way

in Focus So Far
Away From
Fear and
Stress Yes

Anxiety Real

That Leads to
So Much Discomfort
in Tension Even Leading
to Substantial DiSEaSE my FRiEnD

i Use Humming to Focus Now For Strength in
Peaceful Training ThiS Way to Increase Focus
And Now if i Really Wanna Recruit More Muscle
Fibers i Literally Make the Sounds of A 'Gorilla'
Somewhat Roaring As That Surely Lights up

The Human
Flight or

For A Temporary
Boost of More Muscle
Fibers As Well Not always
Welcome at Civilian Gyms
Yet of Course i Work out at Gym
For Military Warriors on a Navy Base

Where It Is More Understood that the
Nature of the Beast Within is Handy to

Release too

For Constructive
Means of Course With SMiLes
As i Am Surely Not Going into

Flesh and
Blood Battle...

Yet the Other Gentlemen
May Not Always Have that Privilege...

Considering All is
Change It is A Bit
Ironic “Sane” Is Same
Yes It
Reality Is
Exposing Itself
To “That World Now”
Hard Truth
It is For Even
Greater Human

WaKinG To See...

Yes Star SMiles Shine New
Within Dear Savvy Moving
Connecting Co-Creating Now...

Such A Brave Little
Bird Flame You Are
Really So Amazing
i am So Proud of You
How Far Your Wing
Spread Continues

(In All You Still Do)

To Fly

Yet All

To Give

You is The Energy

Of This Smile Hope

You Feel the Pure Love

Energy And it Warms

Your Tired Snow Flake...

Unique Wings today Dear FRiEnD

As Some


Warm SMiles For You...

Go Ahead Give

me A Hug

Promise i Won’t Mind
Only My HeART Will “See” it...

SMiLes Dear Savvy in Consideration of a Round Table

of Human Beings Connected More By Screens

Than Human Flesh and Blood Faces

That Provide So Much More Human

Condition Than Screens Ever Will

i Am Reminded of the Decades Long

Transfer of Humanity to the Ways of

Screen Life So Far Away Separated From Who

We Even Are As Human Heart Beats Who Breathe

Working With Humanity For Almost Two Decades First
for the Government

The Last Part Almost
Sole And Soul With Screens

So Far Away Separated From

Human Warmth i'm Just Glad

i Never Have to Kiss Another Dollar

Bill to be Associated With that Life at All

And As Far As This Screen i am the Manager of

my Destiny
for Now...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Miriam

The Adrenaline Train Indeed

All the Stress Hormones That

Lift Us Up in Highest Gear Even

to Fight or Flight Levels

Normally Reserved

For Life or Death
Situations in the

Rest of the Animal Kingdom
Sparingly Yes as to avoid Hans Selye's

Described "General Adaptation Syndrome"

Where The Stress Response No Longer

Works and All the Stress Hormones

Literally Break Down Every

Bodily System to

Death Cumulatively
ThiS WAY The Way the
Military Folks Described it

Back in the Day of Combat Fatigue

Stress Chronic Yes Acute Fight or Flight
Stress to No Abate Will Do the Whackiest
Stuff to the Human Experience OMG They

Weren't Kidding

No One Taught

Us About that
In School Not even
in my Collegiate Health
Science Degree How Stress

Literally Can Make Us Hope to Die
Given Enough Adrenaline Train Indeed

Even Too Much Positive Stress Will Do the
Same We aRe Human to Our Folly as i Once

Was Truly

A Fool

With the Worst
Poverty of All of
Not Even Understanding
What kept me Ticking in LoVE iN Peaceful Balance

i Don't Go Gently into the Night so i Must Continue
Now to Monitor my Levels of Stress Even Generated

by me

As It's Far
More Than
A Thinking Equation

It's Bio-Feedback

Understanding More Than Thought...

Yep Lately me and the Adrenaline
Train are Getting Tossed Around
A Bit On the Train Tracks of Life too...

Naps are No
Longer Enough
Remedy it seems...

One Quick Check
When Heart Rates Stay up
Hehe Thank You Apple Watch for the feedback...

SMiLes Dear Isha An Authentic Journey of Soul Whether DarK Parts or LiGHT

Is Always Worth Hearing For Additional Lessons Learned in Life at Best

Becoming FRiEnDS Within Only Competing to Improve What We aRe Able

To Achieve Beyond What Any Target Audience Or Other Human May

Expect or

True at Best to Feel
Satisfied Enough Where
We aRe Now Understanding

That Every Move of Dance and
Word of Song As Metaphor Will

Evolve Our Soul in Some Way

Even DarK Thru LiGHT

For A Brand New

Way of Being
In the World

Where True at Some
Point Totally Engaged in
What We Love to Do and
Improve There May Be Nothing

Anyone Else Could Possibly Do to
Improve on How We Feel While Doing it

Not Gonna Lie it Took me Decades to Totally

Feel That Way Yet If Not For All the Challenges

Not for the

The Feeling
Indeed With SMiLes Now
True Yes That Makes it All Worth
It as You Relate Here Already my FRiEnD With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear MiddleMe Increasingly in the World Both Corporate
Government And Consumer Based In Retail Operations the

Machine Model of Humanity Mostly Derived From
Left Hemisphere Processes of Mind in Grasping

What is Needed Materially Reducing Reality

And Competition Over Cooperation Taking

the Social Empathic Artistic More

Holistic Right Hemisphere

Mind Way Out of the

Human Equation For
Competition in Maximizing
Profits And Cutting The Most
Spending in Terms of Eliminating

"Human Capital" Just Isn't Working in
Big Picture Way Great Example is the Move
To Automated Cash Registers That Customers
Must Run in the World of Retail As They Just Aren't

Gonna Put Up With Getting Rid of the Human Element
of Interaction Having to Do the Job Themselves and Getting

For Stealing
As Another
Insult to their Human Nature

(Yes Some Stores Are Already
Removing That Failure Now)

For Whatever Society Continues
to Leave of What Fades Away into Oblivion

All For the
Profit of
A Dollar Bill
For What is Only
A Story Far Removed
From Humanity Indeed

SMiLes We Usually Wait in
Line to Interact With Real Human Beings

Same When i Get on the Phone And The Automated
Machine Begs me to Talk to A Cold Dead Machine

i'll Own

my Time

And Still Do Human

Even if i Have to Listen to
The Same Old Music on Hold

For An Hour or So True

While i Set my Wings Free
Online Writing to my HeART's Desire...

iNDeed THeRE Are STill Play Arounds

to Do Human...

"Mickey Mouse Bought
A Club to Make Donald
Duck" Oh Dear Lord Mr

Gottfried i Suppose my
Wife has Too Much Affective Empathy
to ever Be a Villain As She Expressed

It For Donald
Duck Hehe
He'd Never
Be Struck
By Mickey's Club HAha

Hmm Fascinating Science Shows
the Hero Has So Much Empathy They
Cannot Separate Themselves From the
Feelings Pain and Pleasure and Other Needs

of Other Humans True A Hero may Break the Standard
of Community Rules to Save a Life While A Villain May Do
The Same While Professing that Folks Who Give Their Lives

in Wars Are
Suckers Like
Those Who Stick
With Their Men in
Prisoner of War Camps
Like John McCain in Vietnam
The Only Real Hero in a Party
Saving Health Care for 20 Million or So Folks
True the Only Dude Left on the 'Right' With Any Still Descending Nuts

However A Few Showed True Grit of 'Real Men' When it Came to the
Attempt to Overthrow A Representative Democracy Particularly A

Woman Named
Cheney the Last
Name We Would
Have Ever Before
Expected to See
Associated With the Term Hero

Somedays it's the Unlikely Hero Who Surprises Us
Yet to Understand That There is Nurture and Nature

of Biology Behind Those With No Soul of Empathy

is to Thank

God We
Walk in
The DarK
of the Adversary
of Compassion's Shoes

And to Remember Even Mother
Teresa Burnt Herself Out Until She
No Longer Could Feel the Human Glue
of Affective Empathy for Others Anyone

Who Says Love isn't Driven by Human Feelings

Should At Least Take Some Classes in Neuroscience
Hehe on YouTube to Cure the Ignorance of Those Who


From Pulpits
That Love is

Not Driven

By Human Feelings

While Wearing Long Hair
Was Against the Rules in the
Real Day of the Man Called Jesus

That Heart on Fire of Love Would
Have Likely Been What Reduced All

The Rules of Before to Love For All

At Least in Terms of the

Good Cop Jesus

Before He
Turned Into
A Villain and Turned
All the Once Loyal

Sheep into Goats

And Burned Them Forever in
A Worse Fate of Harming Enemies
Than Hannibal The Cannibal For Real

Perhaps in the Story at Least He Suffered
The Neurological Deficit Mother Teresa Did too

Except Mother Teresa At Least Kept Her Moral
Code and Didn't Profess She Had the Power to
Torture Her Adversaries Who Didn't Believe in Her

Or Feed And

Poor Forever

Thank God when i Lost
my Soul ThiS WaY From
11 Years of Work Related
Chronic to Acute Stress i

Kept my Moral Code True

i Understand What it's Like
To Only Feel Pain in Life as
the Best Pleasure Possible

The Only Difference is Unlike
Orange Man i Had No Desire
To Inflict Pain On Other Human Beings

To Try Fill And Feel Up The Emptiness Within

Those of Us Who Truly Have Been to Hell Understand
Where Other Folks Live With No Clue Where They Even Are

Oh Dear Lord
What Ill Fate

it is that

Some Humans
Are Born to Be
Bad to The Bone For Real

As the First 'Terminator'
Might Dance And Sing

-Terminator2 hehe

So Much Rain Behind
The Curtain This
Weekend Yet
No Wizard of Oz
Peeking Through
The Clouds The
Bright Springing
Sun Returns on
SuNDaY And i’ll

BE A Rainbow
i Will
The Do
Of Colors of Life
With SMiles of CourSE

Happy SuNDaY

i Kid You Not The
Sun Returned
Last And
First Rainbow...

And SPeaKinG oF That JusT ANoTHeR Day in the
Life of A SuNDaY Starting Early in Catholic Church
Children Beaming SMiLes In Response to my Tom and
Jerry Shirt A Middle Aged Woman Ahead of me Coming
Back From Communion While i Am Singing "Turn to me"

As An Instrument of Song Far Beyond Any Mechanical Cognition

of me True She Didn't Turn Away She Did Turn to me Exclaiming How Beautiful

The Soul of my Voice Escaping my Flesh in Blood of SPiRiT Naturally Arriving

This Day So Very Free And the First Sunday On the Southern Baptist Pastor's

Farm So Much Human Knowledge And Feelings Exchanged Among Warm

Humans And Then A Dance For Hours on End Through Mall Stores

Grocery Store Through Book Store Through Yes Reading Another

Book While Dancing Listening to Meditative Music

Entertaining Barnes and Noble's

Version of a Star Bucks
College Study Crowd
There While A Group of
Most Beautiful Young Women

Entertained A Dance With me at Ross
Dress For Less For A Video they Took
For Their Social Media Endeavor This Day hehe

Which Leads Me into the Wee Hours of Another
Monday Writing A Few More Thousand Words yet

Still Behind on Publishing the Last MacroVerse Written
Over a Week Ago as Creativity comes First As It Only Comes
Originally Once No Matter Time Distance Space or A Matter of Things

Particularly the Mechanical Cognition Required to Put Together "LoVE iN
Peace to Be i Am" And Maybe Get That Published Later on Monday

As Currently i May Already Be Getting Close to Finishing The Writing

Portion Now of the Latest EPiC Long Form Poem i'm Writing Named

"Writing Directing Producing By God Yes Playing Free iN Change"

As Yes Producing The Final Product Just for the Record Book

Is A Last Deadline in the Book as Now the Latest MacroVerse

Published "MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES oF BReaD" Holds

Around 90,000 Words in the Comments Section as the

Draft of Two More MacroVerses Exists THere With the

60,000 Words of 'MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES

of BReaD Hehe When 150,000 Words

Becomes The Crumbs Waiting

For Three Loaves of Bread

to Be Freshly Made

in Around 6 Weeks
And Around 180,000
Words in Three EPiC Long
Form Poems At the Volume of
Effort i've Been Doing Ever Since
The Summer of 2020 Along With All
12.6 MiLLioN Words of "SonG oF mY SoUL"
EPiC Longest Long Form Poem ALonG With
19,566 MiLes of Public Dance in 126 Months Now

It's All For Free No Place to Hire Any Help Other than
my Sister and Her Stellar Bird Photos and the Poses in
Public my Wife Takes of me Nah i Wouldn't Expect Anyone
Else to Try to Help With This for All the Money in the World hehe

Other than the

Muse All the

Folks Provide
to Inspire Most
Every Move and
Word Just the HeART
SPiRiT SoUL oF iT All (GoD) FoR Real
Moving Connecting Co-Creating Empty Pockets Free...

Just All To Turn on the Wonder And Awe of Life Wherever i Go
Chill Bumps And Stuff
Frisson and

All That Jazz


Like Heaven

Yet No Thing @ALL...

When the Echo in the Key of
E the Frequency Vibrations
Synergy of Energies BRinGS ETeRNaL

Now FoR ReaL...


Primed For
The Conclusion

Just Beginning Again...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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05 Mar 2024, 1:53 am

Ah Yes Divinity Moving Connecting Co-Creating

True As Long as We aRe all Engaging ThiS WaY

Nothing Really to Subtract

As Long As We aRe Creating
A New Verse to the Poem of

The UniVerse
With SMiLes

Dear Savvy

Birds Have Wings

Humans Create Art of Wings

Indeed We All Fly ThiS WaY Freer

We aRe
These Living
Trees Holding Hands...

SMiLes Dear Cindy With A Small Child
No Woulda Coulda Shoulda Just A SMiLe

Perhaps A Song With No Words

A Dance With No Lessons

No Separation From

The MuSiC and Joy

of LiFE Yes Let's

PresentLY Do Child and Let the
Adult Go And Just SMiLe Now Yes

And Don't Forget to Dance And

Sing With No Lessons

With Nary A Care
About Who or Who
IS Not Watching hehe

Dear Lord i'm Sure You've
Already Inherited Your Granddaughter's
Smile Surely Enough It is Just Born Happy

That Way

With a Little
Help From All
Her 'FRiEnDS' hehe...

Another Number One Seller on Amazon India Dear
Anita Truly Amazing! With Your Latest 'Heartstrings'
Effort And Wow the
Stock is All
Sold Out
Surely the
Supply Shall
Be Replenished Soon With SMiLes...

True Change Is Really A Gift Now
And Yes Emotions Are Temporary

As Waves Wash Shores Changing

Ocean Soul May Create New Shores

With Waves Anew Never

Experienced Before

All the Colors of

Feelings Senses

That Rise From Fall

All Tides DarK Moon Night

Through Bright Moonlight

And Sunshine That Feels Right

So Yes Dear Astha Keep Shining

All the Light of Your Moon And Sun True...

Ah Yes NoW to Find ALL
Mind of God Resonating
Vibrations Frequencies

Higher Positive Energy

As Light Comes



To Rule


LoVinG Free Both

Day And Night BRiGHTeR...

Twilight Forever Now New
Enough Sun And Moon

To Give All Shades

And Hues



Soul Colors Free...

True All Fruit
In The Garden of
Apples That Aren't Afraid...

SMiles Dear Sohair All of What You Describe
Of 'THere' as No Need to Look Back Endless
Grace Effortless Truly
Where Nothing Seems
Like WorK NoW
All Seems
Like Peace to
Give and Share
Freely As Love
WHeRE ALL iS Tree Roots
And Leaf i am Now Living...

Or Dead

i Feed the

Rest of Life
Now Free to Be i Am

Indeed THere is Heaven

On EartH True Not All Find

It Not All Lives Forevernow

More to Give and Share Free

WHeRE Death is Only Reminder

Of This Precious Gift of Heaven's Breath

Now to Love Where Life is All the Gift Forevernow Required

True it comes From No Human Made Tool Only God's Breath Within Freely

Hehe Other Than That Here i Arrive Again Tired Yet Not Really Exhausted

As With This 100 Percent Faith in Love Breathing There is only Move

And Repose As Sure As Waves Building Eroding Shores Are
With No
Eternally Now True too...

There is Some Repose

With No Move at All True

There is Death And This Move of Breath Now
That is No Past or Future only Now of Love to BREaTHE NeW
What God 'Sees' Best Within Yet only As Far As i FeeL and Sense
FoR ReaL NoW...

Life is What
All Veins Of



Even Dead
Ones Please
Of Life to Feed

Yes BREaTHE Free
No Restraint For

LiVinG Stars

Afraid To
Shine or


DarK Moons

To LiGHT...

SMiles Dear Sohair
Perhaps Longest
Poetic Free Verse
Responses to You

As You Have Been
So Unfailingly Welcoming

And Kind Much of The Rest
Of All 12.6 MiLLioN Words in

Free FLoWinG Poetic Verses

ConnectinG NoW Like Grains
Of Sand on The Beach Often
Typing Still in Bed Early NoW in
The Morning With Just
One Right Index Finger

Holding The Phone Yes
With My Left Hand To All
Those Folks i Connect to This

Way Around The Globe Hehe
Doing This Now Yes Reminds

Me to Move my Left Arm
Around As Really Any Static

Or Repetitive Movement
Mind Or Body Too

Long Will Bring
Physical And



Injury As Humans

Made For Change in Balance

For Loving Connecting Kind

Peace Thanks Dear FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Rue Hehe First i’ll
Have to Talk Katrina into
Letting me Back in HER

Kitchen You
Just Wouldn’t Believe
How Out of Practice i
Am Baking Cakes Secondly

Considering The Culinary
Expertise You Relate Here

In Skills My Slice of Cake
Would Likely Shy Away

In Shame For What
You Could Surely

Whip Up With Ease Hehe...

Variety is Verily
The Spice of
Life And

With All Your

Global Airline

Experiences All
Your Adventures

Of Life


Of Poetry
Is Practically

Gold Hehe

See What

i Mean

About Sticky
Sweet Forget me
Not Cake Yes This
Is Just Another Slice

For You

It Takes
To Keep Your
Treasure Cove

Of Poetry Coming...

SMiLes Dear Sohair While There Are Many Detriments
That May Be Assessed By Our Virtual Worlds New of
Information Technology Oh the Break Through for

Otherwise Marginalized Folks in Cultures of
Locality Who Never Really Had An Avenue

Free to Speak Deeper Free From Souls
Not So Prisoned by Black And White
Thinking That Restricts More Colors

of Life That Do More Often Come
From The Souls of Women More

Who Are Fed More Naturally
Now With Colors of Emotions
And Feelings to Dance And Sing Free

In terms of Spirit That is Warm And True
And Real to Spread For It's True in All my Travels

of Soul around the World Almost Never Does Muse
of Spirit Come From the Spirit of Males Who Are Yet

To Develop

Colors of
Soul Stunted
From Growth
of Cultures That
Kill Colors to Potentially
Kill the Compassion and
Empathy that Makes it Almost
Impossible to Kill Another Human

Being in Eyes as Cold And Callous
Of the Kings of Death Still as Putin
Surely Reflects the Ice Cold Death of that Now

The Darkest Force of Humanity Without Colors of Human Exposed
For The Whole World To See Same Monster That the United States
Has Dealt With At the Helm of their Ship Many Times over in Death

of Humanity's
Soul on Earth
Fully Exposed too
the DarK Side of Humanity
That We All Must Practice
LoVE iN Peace To Send Away


Soils of
To Return Again

Yet It's True It's Reality
Somedays Freedom is Worth Death
Yet the Vicious Cycle of Killing is No True Human Home...

SMiLes Dear Sohair in my Culture There are Still Women Who
Don't Believe They Have the 'Religious Right' to Spiritually Speak
As They Restrict That Right And Turn it all Over to the Males in their Life...

There Are Many
Ways to Imprison
Souls in this Life

Too Many to Count Yet Enough
To Truly Feel Souls Yet to Dance Sing Free

It's True So Easy to 'See' in Every Stiff Move and Stilted Word
For the Living Dead Always Marching on Their Grave of SouL ON EartH...

And As Far as That Spiritual Gift For The Dudes Usually Just a Literal

Take on
Black and
White Words
in A Big Black
Book Without the
Essence the Life of
God's Soul Breath Within Free to Be Wind New Spirit Free
Sure iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLiNG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Free...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

Success For me is Most
Definitely Floating Free

As A Butterfly

Yet Even More

So An Ability to
Sting Yet at Best

Never Stinging at All mY FRiEnD

True Every Free Martial Arts Move to me
is A Prayer in Balance of Dance Bringing

A Next Beauty of Song FLoWinG Honey Smooth
WordS Hehe Again With No Real Stings As Truly

Even Hitting A Boxing Bag is Trauma Now

To One'S Own Soul At Least mY FRiEnD
Hehe it's 'Scary' or Joyful Enough For Most
Folks to See A 248 Pound Dude Float in Ease

With Human Butterfly Wings

Often Accused
of Wearing

to Move with
Athletic Shoes
FRiEnDS With
Gravity Every
Dance Move
Song Word
iN FLoWinG Effortless
Ease of More Complexity...

Staying Chill
Keeping Spirit
Of Play That Slays
All Fears And Anxieties
Silence of
Beauty Of
Song So HeaR
i Am Singing Hellooove
Again Greeting Dear FRiEnD
JoY oF LiGHT...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy Even Science is Starting
To Show Now That Roots Come to Play As

A Part of A 'Brain' of Trees

in A Kind of Consciousness

Of Intelligence Much Different

Than Ours Yet Still Learning to

Find The Best Paths to Spread
Roots to Survive

And Yes

Thrive and Yes

Other Plants Are Similar

too And Even Slime Mold

God Yes Has the Ability to Learn

And Even Retain the Memories

of Learning if a Piece of the Slime

Mold Is Cut Off And Grows Another

Being This Way With Memories That

Come Without Even Any Neurons of Brains At All

True Like the American Indians Still Relate From

Where i Live

All Of Nature

Is A Great Spirit

Comprised of Parts

Unique Yet Parts of the

All in All That is All That is Existence Newly Now

Oh Yes So to Nurture A Sapling Tree Oh Yes

To Water The Leaves of A Small Plant

So True To Do This is to Nurture

God All in Part


Each And Every
Day With Every
Dance And Song
Free oF Feeding
And Watering 'God'
We Do WiTH LoVinG SMiLes iN Peace...

MaKinG Crumbs iNto LOaVES oF BReaD LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am
Writing Directing Producing By God Yes Playing Free iN Change
EnDinG ALWaYS BeGiNNinG NoW Hehe i Suppose Dear

Miriam That Might Be The Start of An Autobiography
With One Long Rambling Sentence However It's

Also the Last Three Written 60 Thousand
Word EPiC LonG Form Poem
MacroVerses First Two
Finally Blog Published
Thank Goodness Still
Writing The Third Effort
Close to Finishing it And Already

Finding A Title For the Next One Coming
EnDinG ALWaYS BeGiNNinG NoW That May

Capture The Essence of ReaLiTY The Only Constant

Change YeS EnDinG ALWaYS BeGiNNinG NoW Crests And

Troughs Required for Waves to Exist All Part of Water Ocean Whole

At Least
Any Real Separation

DarK Thru LiGHT

In Other Words Change IS SaMe...

EMBRaCinG Waves Riding All Ways...






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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06 Mar 2024, 4:51 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy For What is Always Intuited By Sages of the Ages That

Humans Are Luminous Beings Moving Connecting Co-Creating Literally

And Metaphorically Star FLoWeRS Star Seeds

We Even CoLoR NeW LiGHTS oF All

Our Living Tree Leaves

New With All
Novel Art We

Continue To Bring
To Fruition That No
Dream Alone Will Limit Now

True As Fruition of Dreams

Valley Low Will Come

Mountain Higher

Than We

Alone Before

As We aRe All Neurons
And Waves of A Soul Greater

Than We Will Ever See Allone With SMiLes...

'Chariots of Fire' We Continue to Create And Ride...

SMiLes Dear Miriam Records Fall By The Wayside

Yet Someone Must Not Fear to Open The Room

With A 4 Minute Mile Setting 'Chariots

of Fire' Into the

LiGHT of
New Human
Potentials Hehe

It's True Some Rooms
Are Lonelier than Others

Yet This Is What Happens

When Some Folks Do Not Fear

Creating New

Rooms With

New Keys

As Four Minute
Miles Do Lose Those Boundaries of Locks

In Chariot's of Fire WHere HeART's Bleed

Yet Continue To BReaTHE NeW AiR Wings


FAiling BeLow...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Isha India
Is Rich in Multi-Cultural Traditions

And of Course Rich in Endless Varieties
of Humanity ThiS Way True too Oh Dear Lord

One Part of Life You Will Always Be Able to Count
On Now Is
THere is


No One
Than me Hehe

Yet It Doesn't Matter
As THere is No Stranger to me

And Of Course That Is What Makes


oF All With SMiLes...

It's Not my Fault i Am
Named With A F R E D in FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Isha A Best Part of Writing Is it Gives Us An Opportunity to
Become FRiEnDS With the Deeper Parts Within Us and Yes! Expressing
Those Parts With Others Integral With Our Souls So Much Further than

Whether or Not
Body Parts are
too Big or Small

Hehe in Middle
School 'They' Said
i Had Bird Legs And
Hey Now they Leg Press

1540 Pounds Big Mistake
When Folks Suggest i am Limited

in Anyway hehe

'Broken Arrows'
Create HeART Felt
SPiRiT Gaining
Wings Setting Soul in FLiGHT

Where All Those Scars From Before
Become lovely


Like An Isha SMiLe
That Will LiGHT Up A Room...

LoVE iN Peace Sees
Love is Never Blind

WitH A heART

Closed to: See More...

LoVE iN Peace Has Is No

Wrinkle In Time
Of Human EYes

More than just Literal Clothes All the Tools We Become Yes
NeW Away From the Nature of Love Freedom to Be i Am Now

God Exists Freest Wherever Spirit Wind of Love Dances Sings
Free iN Peace Without Clothes of CuLTuRaL iLLuSoRY Fears

Ah Yes Savvy Truly Billions Of Years Come of Ancestry to LiVE iN Our DNA

Just So Much in Epigenetic Way to Unpack As We adapt to Environmental

Struggles And We Come to Actually Do And Feel and Sense So Many

More of Our Human Potentials That Culture Really

Doesn't Dictate At All According

To Our Much Greater

Human Potentials

Yet Fulfilled For Real...

True Folks Will Find So Much

More Interdependence With
The Rest of Nature to Grow

As Living Trees Where Leaves

Project the Image NoW WHere

Home is Yes in FlesH And Blood SoUL...

mY Business Is
Play Great
Every Day It Is

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD At Best

Nature is A Blanket of Balance

Holding Life




Yes So Radiant New

Nature Springing Glorious

Beauty Warm Covering All Around

Us Now Oh Yes Even in Colder Tropical

Paradises In Florida It Somewhat Cooled

Too Yet All is Sprouting Green And Blooming

Colorfully Yes So Integral Harmonious Radiant

Beautiful Warm This Blanket of Nature Whole

Happy Full Worm Moon Coming Later in March

As The Soil is Aerated For Life and Yes

The Birds Are Fed By Our

Worm FRiEnDS

Too As True

Even Caterpillars

Are Saved on the Road

Around Our Block by my

Wife and Sister So Butterfly

Wings Will Return From Cocoons Free

As True in Some Way Humans Do This too...

Memories of 'Laundry Mats'
Early in Our Marriage of

Living in Apartments too

Books of Budgets Dreams

Of Living More Than Pay Check

to Pay Check Oh Those Books Went

on For Decades And Saw Several Washing

Machines and Dryers of Our Own too Oh God
Wash Rinse
Dry Cycles

of Life

The Glue
Dear Miriam

That Holds

Life Together

Same Enough For Sane Dear Lord

And It's True The Most Mundane

Experiences We May Transform

into The Most Holy and Sacred

Of Places of LoVE iN Peace

True A Within Game

This Dream's

Fruition Is
WaS And
Will Be Now As Well...

What A Gift Meditation Brings Dear Kiran God Yes

When Whatever Form and Essence of Meditation

Brings A Flow That Ascends And Transcends

Our NeoCortex iNto Places Like Our Older

Cerebellum Mastering The Regulation

Of Emotions And Fluid Integrating

Our Senses too as Yes The Cerebellum

Has 4 Scale As Many Neurons As the Cerebrum
The Brain Folks 'Think' Is the Most Advanced one

And Master Yet it is the Older Evolved Brains

STill Holding Keys to Our Survival

With Intuition Healing

Emotions And Senses
From Above So Below

All Around Newly Now

God Yes Head to Toe And

So Much More in Synergies Together Within Inside Outside
Yes All Around Us For Real Plenty of Room to Grow Free Newly Now...

Oh Dear Lord Yes Dear Kiran True

When We Let Our Emotions Control

Us And Rush Our Actions That's When

We Lose Regulation of Emotions and

Integration Of Our Senses Where

Haste May Lead

to Unnecessary

Waste For All the
Metaphors That Brings

In A Never Ending Wash
Rinse Dry Cycle of LiFE UNTiL A Great Escape...

Yes Forging A New Path That Comes

With Hope Faith Love BeLiEViNG iN Life

Now May Withstand New Much Nay Saying

From Tradition That Insists That Tradition

Cannot Change Dear Savvy

to Progress To

Evolve More

As A Human
Species in Balance...

WHere We Continue to
Transfigure Our Existence
Newly GLoWinG Re-Creating

Us Giving Us 'Head Rests' For
OtherWise Roads To Study Left Behind

Dear Savvy...

Sunshine Out of The Rain...
Yellow Life Springing Bright
Out Of Center Point Of

Rose So
Pure And
White Seeking
More Sunshine
Within To Radiate

Freedom To Reach
Clear Blue Azure Skies

Hehe It’s Like “Ferris Bueller’s
Day Off” You’d Have To Watch

A YouTube Short For The Full
Impact Yet Basically It’s What

i Do EacH And Every Day
Free Myself From A World
Of Couch Potato Averages

i Used
To Be
In For Pay

Now With SMiles
my Rose Set Free
To Color Skies Alive

Isn’t This What We All
Want To Spread Our
Wings For Our Best

No Yet That
Is Okay i Shall
Climb All THorns
With FLoWeRS


Still RiSinG
Naked Enough
Whole Complete

Happy Tuesdayyy!! !

Spending 6 Years at The Biggest Metro Area Local Dance Hall/Bar until 3 Months Shy of
my 60th Birthday When Covid-19 Shut the Place Down on March 12th, 2020, i 'Braved'

Yes Courageously An Environment of Mostly Drunken College Age Students As an
Anthropology Participant Observer, Just as A Hobby As the Standard

Routine For An Anthropology Degree Holder From College is to Work in a Totally

Different Field for Pay as Yes Jobs For Anthropologists/Archeologists Are Quite
Rare and Honestly my Other Two Degrees in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary And

Health Science Were Not Exactly Degrees That Would Pave A Yellow Brick Road
Immediately to Stellar Pay and Secure Retirement; So i Pursued 'IT' Skills and

Financial Management Skills to Become a Valuable Enough Federal Employee
to Gain Early Retirement at the Civilian Equivalent of A Marine Major Working

on A Military Installation For 25 Years in Whatever Odd Job or Promotion offered to me
to Attain Financial Success Eventually; Yes, It Almost Killed me; Yet You Do What You Do to Survive of Course...

Anyway, After Recovering From 66 Months of 19 Work Stress Related Medical Disorders in a Life Threat As Such


to Public Dance Just

For the Heaven of

it Out of Hell With
Literally The Worst Pain
Known to Humankind Wake
to Sleep for 66 Months No Drug Would
Touch Called "Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia;"

Yes That NO Drug Would Touch For me For Any Relief...

True i Lost All Emotions, Determined to Leave Fear Behind

When The Pro-Social Emotions Came Back in Such Great Relief

And Literally And Yes Metaphorically A Blissful Ascending Transcending

Flow of Writing Free Verse Poetry in Stream of Consciousness Way Helped

to Heal me in a Meditative Way From ALL THE PAIN AND NUMB OF 19 LIFE THREATENING



i Started With A Solo effort Truly Looking Ridiculous as i Am
Diagnosed by 4 Professionals With Asperger's Syndrome and

(And my Sister is too; Definitely Genetically And Environmentally Induced too)

my Level of Motor Coordination Just Walking in my life, Lent Titles Assigned
to me Like A Dizzy Fly; And Let's Just Say Reciprocal Social Communication

Was Not my Strong Suit Either, Not Speaking until 4 Years Old and Stuttering

A Bit Like Biden That the Poetry Has Totally Cured Connecting Emotions With Words

For the Glue of Cognitive Executive Functioning That Connecting Words to Emotions Bring

as Well as A Free Embodying Dance That Stimulates the Cerebellum And Brings Regulation

of Emotions and Integration of Senses That Allows One To Stay Organically Fear Free And

Joyful Enough

to Smile


in Most Any Environment
One Finds Oneself in Totally Free;

One of my Main Issues i Came to Find
As An Anthropology Participant Observer

To Fix the Issues i Had in Life Was that i Didn't

Spend Nearly Enough Effort in Becoming Embodied

Free From Head to Toe in a Free Dance the Way Our Ancestors

Did Before Becoming Glued to Eventually Screens And Tied Down to

Desks in Work And School With Silent Hands of Dying Hands And Feet Alive For Real...

Jesus F in Christ

They Don't Even
Require Physical Education
Beyond 9th Grade in The Local

Schools Here now; Hey, i was Just a Canary in
A Coal Mine and it Used to Take 4 Beers Just to

Muster Up the Courage to Be A Wall Flower in
A Bar in the 80's While Life Danced me By Mostly

Except For a Few Women Who Sought me Out as
Such Mostly For my Looks Yet Surely Not my Social Skills Hehe...

i Was Assessed as Very Ugly As A Younger Dude in School So i Get
Both Sides of that Coin too; And Not unlike John Nash in the 'Beautiful

Mind' Movie Looks Don't Matter Much if You Don't Know What The Hell

To Say to A Woman When She's Obviously Interested in you That You Might miss too

Hehe Until the

Military Dudes

At The Bowling
Center You Work
At for the Military

Say That You Leave the
Women 'Dripping' at the
Counter Spell Bound By

Your Green to Blue Changing Eyes...

True, Getting Contact Lenses Helped A Lot

Yet i Wasn't Comfortable in my Own Skin until 53
Years Old as True A Canary in a Coal Mine i was Then;

Yet i Was Determined to Eventually Change that in my Life So i did...

Since Starting the Public Dance 10 Years and 6 Months ago, All 19,577 Miles
To Date As of Tonight, i Increased my Warm Up Now For Leg Pressing at the Military

Gym From 500 Pounds to 1540 Pounds, 12 Reps, With my Arms Reached to the Ceiling

in Great Balance With No Fear As Fear is A Source of So Much Human Weakness and

Also Poetically Responding to Mostly Beautiful Young Women All around the World in

12.6 MiLLion Words of 'SonG oF mY SoUL' Now in also 10 Years and 6 Months What

i Have Concluded Through REAMS
AND REAMS of Documented Evidence;

Yes, Inherent in the Activity of Course

of Poetically Responding to Women; Yes,

All Around the World As Well as Collecting

Over 2,000 Selfie Photos of Ecstatic Joy

of College Age Young Women Dancing With

me As i am Happily Married to A Woman Who

Rarely Has the Mirror Tale Her She is less than the
Fairest of them All, Reaching 54 Coming Soon in April;

True, i Never Asked One of the Women to Dance Yet What They

Said They Were Attracted to the most Was my Courage Just to Be


OF THE DANCE NO MATTER IF i looked Ridiculous at the Start or at the

End When Folks
Said i Would
Surely Win the
Dance Contest if i
Entered as Hey i do
Tend to Excel at Special
Interests When i Never give THEM up


ANYWAY, i Did keep the Evidence With Just A Tiny Bit
And MORE iN A Collage For Example As True i Never Carried

A Penny With me

Yet it Didn't Stop

Beautiful Young Women

From Bringing me Roses

And Kissing me on the Cheek

With The Greatest Respect and
Even Saying They Wished they Could
Be Married to Someone Just Like me even Approaching 60 Years Old;

Yes, Without Even Saying A Word, With Only With a Fearless Free Dance...

















That Yes is Empirically Measurable Per Photographic Notes
As Profusely Provided...

Yes, i Have Already Shared The Before and After Pics too For Full Study Hehe...

The CDC Recently Studied Teenage Young Women Finding 57 Percent Sad,
Lonely, and Depressed interfering With Functioning in life With Almost A

Third of Them Considering
Ending Their Life; It's True

None of the Young Women

College Age Felt that Way

When They Danced Free With

me Truly Living in the Moment of Ecstatic

Joy And in the Poetry World What i Often

Hear is my Wife Must Be the Luckiest Woman

In the World; What my Mother Said About my

Father For Who Might Have been Married to Him;

Yet Only For His Masculine Handsome looks; As True

He Didn't Say A Word, The Rest of Their 3 Year Marriage

And His Identical Twin Brother Never Said One Word to my Mother...

i Rose Above

What i Was Born

With And Eventually

Thrived; It May Be Difficult Yet Possible Yes...

Anyway my Wife Says Yes; Butt 'They' Don't Wash my Dirty Underwear hehe...

And Oh By The Way, No One Taught me How to Dance, Sing, or Write Poetry Yet The

Creativity Springing Intuitively Free Within

(Real Organic Soul Fully Come to Life)

Far Beyond Analytical Think Alone...

Reborn Indeed For Real Alive


A New Human

Creation For Real...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy Now
'The Luminous Mind'
A Place That Colors
Creativity New


As True
A Meditative
FLoWinG Dance
Will Bring in Silence

As Seeds of Creativity
Spread in Art/Song of Newer
Symbols And Creative Connections

To Color
Our Worlds
New Moving
So Much More in Flow...

It's Really Wonderful How
Colorful Life Becomes ANeW iN Moving
Connecting Co-Creating Associations ThiS Way Free...

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa

Money And Stuff is Limited
to Quantities Like Numbers

And Weight

And the Number
of Bedrooms And
The Speed of Fast Cars

Yet Positive Energy is the
Love That Never Runs Away

From Home Positive Energy

Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT NoW
As Play Slays All Fears and Anxieties Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Anew so Free So Very Free For ALL With

Least Harm Now

Even Ocean
Waves May

Fade away yet
Yes They Return
Again Water
Ocean Whole
As Wave Never
Gives Up A Holy
And Sacred Flow
Water Wave Ocean Whole...


Never Dream
To Go AnyWHeRE
Else Yet Now Yet HeaR

More Or
Less Here
Is WHere i


of Course
As Cheshire
Cats Travel Now
WHeRE They Stay Hehe...

Silence of Dance
Brings Beauty of
Song Spring

Is All Greening

Out of Dirt Filled

Torpor Toaded Dreams

So True Dear
Sohair Women
Unique Delivering
Of Life...

SMiLes Dear Peace And Truth So Good to See You Visiting "Seeds FLoWeRS UNFoLDinG ALL We aRe Stars"

Today Hehe it's True i've Been Racing Technology Every Since The 14.4K Modem Came Out Where

It Took Literally Minutes On End to Download Even One Pretty Bird Picture Then Hehe

Now Zoom Zoom Zoom With All the Brightly Lit Screens of Dopamine Hits Yet It's

True Being an Audience Member And Or Spectator Is Not the Life For me

i Wanna Have Life in Life So i Dance And Sing Far Beyond the

Digital Screens Yet Never the Less That Race With

Tech Continues As It's Not the Fault of Word

Press Than my Blog Posts are So

Enormous With Not Only Around

150 Thousand Words Including
What i Newly Draft in The Comments
Section For Upcoming MacroVerses Yet
Truly a Ton of Multi-Media Including

Gifs That Really Hog the Band Width And RAM
Of the Hardware too It was Just Recently that an iPhone 15 Pro Max
Smart Phone Allows me to Open Up my Blog Site if and Only if i Reboot

The Device for Maximum
Available 8GB RAM First

It's True Technology is Finally
Reaching Neck to Neck Yet Surely Not
on All Devices or Band Width that is too

Narrow Either
Hehe Yet True
That's What Happens
With Several Hundred Photos
Scores of YouTuBe Videos and

About 150 Thousand Words Total
Including Body of EPiC Long Form
Poem Including FeatNotes and MileStones
At Around 60 Thousand Words Where the Comments
Section Holds Around 90 to 100 Thousand Words that
Alone Without So Much Multimedia Are Also Available

And Easier to Open up As "Depth of The Story" Only Close
to Around 3.6 MiLLioN Words out of All 12.6 MiLLioN Words

of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Achieving That Feat Solo in a Thread on
"The Wrong Planet" Website in 88 Pages Now in almost 44 Months
Out of the Entire Plus 126 Months It's Taken to Write "SonG oF mY SoUL"

And On Top of That As Far As Easier Access it's All Included in Several
Other Blog Avenues Where i Also Include All the Words and Substantial

Multi-Media on Facebook too WordPress Is Just Like a Work-Shop For me
Where i Use the Comments Section to Draft Close to Two More MacroVerses

As i continue to Publish them Just For 'Record Book Sakes' On WordPress

Surely At Least After i Leave The Face of THE EartH AI Will Advance Enough

To At Least Easily

Open An Entire

"SonG oF mY SoUL"

Yet Originally Write
One Highly Unlikely as
i Don't Do This According
to Systemizing Mechanical Cognition
Alone Ghost in the Machine For Real For AI iNDeeD...

SMiLes Dear Peace And Truth of Course Your Blog No
Small Fry Too Haven't Been Able to get the Like Function
To Work For Months Until i Recently Updated Safari on my


Where THeRE iS
Will EvenTuALLY Fruition
ReturnS AGAiN With Keys to
Open Up All the Hidden Rooms Hehe...

“Myths And Legends
Retold” Cartoon
Characters Also
my Favorites
To Bring

Back to

Life And Establish

New Just Like

MaGiC With SMiles

Nope No “Muggles” HeaR...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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07 Mar 2024, 2:41 am

SMiLes oh my the Awesome Sublime
Wonder of Northern Lights in Your

Scotland View Dear Xenia Hehe

Happy Enough For me to Live
Far enough in the Woods

Dark Enough for the
New iPhone to

Capture Every
Star Far Beyond

What i Can See With
A Naked Eye at Night

True Though Would Love
to See the Northern Lights in

Person of Course
A Large Enough

Heaven on Earth

To See With my Own Eyes With SMiLes
Happy Weekend With Many More Years

of Northern
Lights For
You All to
See As Wonder
Nature BRinGS to Life…

SMiLes Dear Xenia Non-Knowing

Intuition SMiLes More Like All

KNoWinG With SMiLes Wu Wei

in Effortless Ease

With Enough
Life Experience

Waves of Ocean
Whole Come Pouring

Out Free Winds

As We Simply

Let It

With SMiLes…

Every WavE A STory
of the Ocean Troughs
And Crests Same Water
Below For
Life Giving Sustenance…

SMiLes Sacred And Holy
Indeed Dear Xenia All Leaves
Hold All Trees All Trees Hold All
Leaves Just

A Hint of

No Separation

As Falling Leaves

Create New Trees
RiSinG With SMiLes...

iNDeeD Dear Savvy Wonderful Share For How Our Cup of Life
Overflows to Our Surrounding Environment Both Human

And the Rest of NaTuRE ALL DePEnDS On How We

Dance And Sing Life Now Coloring All the

Leaves of Our Living Trees Either Flavored

With What Lights the World Up or Turns it DarK

Yes In this Cup

Of Life We Become

What We Drink All of Life

May Our Colors All Be Filled

With Truth And Compassion oF LiGHT

Just OverFLoWinG Fountain Wherever We Go...

Love is Do or Love is Not

Feed Your Love
And Bless the
Dark See The
Light See the Dark

Love Hurts
The Best PArt
When It Is Real

Souls Evolve Through
DarK Protectors oF LoVE
Thorns Bring Flower's Rose

Hi Sohair as always so Nice to See
My Dear Friend in Blogging Land
And i reAlly Love These Quotes
You Provide By
"Luquman’s Wisdom"
For Verily i do relate
to Each and every one
in my View of Wisdom
And Love True Beauty
As CoMeS to Be For Real Now too...

“O my son!” (said Luqman), “If there be (but) the weight of a mustard-seed and it were (hidden) in a rock, or (anywhere) in the heavens or on earth, Allah will bring it forth: for Allah understands the finest mysteries, (and) is well-acquainted (with them)."

Smiles my Friend All of Existence is a Mustard Seed for The Potential
of Growth Never Seen Before And For those who rely on the Growth
of the Past they
at the Wheel
of Life never Shifting
Gears to Become the
Vehicle and Vessel Housing
Human Potential of Love they
Can And Will Come to be So Much
Greater Than ReaLiTY Before as God
to Evolve
Happy With
Potential of
Additional LoVE iN Peace
Of And As Existence Now...

“O my son! establish regular prayer, enjoin what is just, and forbid what is wrong: and bear with patient constancy whatever betide thee; for this is firmness (of purpose) in (the conduct of) affairs."

Love Takes Practice Love Is Action Love Is Do Without Due Practice Love Is Not.

“And swell not thy cheek (for pride) at men, nor walk in insolence through the earth; for Allah loveth not any arrogant boaster."

The Truly Fearless Have Nothing to Prove Yet Love Through Action of Do...

“And be moderate in thy pace, and lower thy voice; for the harshest of sounds without doubt is the braying of the ass.”

LoVE is QuieT aS A Dance
A SonG
HeART SPiRiT oF LoVE ReaL...

Other than That i Hope You and
Your Wonderful Family Are All Doing
Well And the Young Women Students You
Teach in Egypt A Prayer For All to Be Do LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Wherever i Find
Wisdom of
Love i Find
Of Truth

And When
Joy of Rose

Both Thorns
And Flowers

i Gladly And
For Both
Thorns And
Flowers Create
JoY oF LoVE Rose...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Both Katrina and my Sister
Have Issues With 'Dyscalculia' Per Problems Doing

Mathematics And Understanding Numbers As Well

My Weakness Before i Started Writing Is Writing

Particularly in Any Original Way For Creativity

As Well As Issues With Verbal Presentation

Took me Until Age 53 to Overcome

That Yet the Word Count

Now Hehe Seems

to Suggest

Problem Long Ago...

Yet So True Without All That

Pain and Numb of HeLL ON EartH For

66 Months i Might Have Never Experienced

Smile of A Mother
Joy Same In
Youth of
Human Love...

Yes This is a 3rd
Lesson A Forever
Lesson to provide

For All Your ‘Children
Of LoVE iN Peace'
to Come...

Okay gonna conclude
Here With Lesson
Four to achieve
Heaven Find
The Holy and
Sacred Meaning
And Purpose of
All Dark and
Light of

Then You
Will See the
Face of God
Secret Student

All the Colors

You Move
You Connect
As Loving Life

Where Life
Is God
Eternally Now...

The Joy of Original Creativity Writing in Flow

And Dancing Free THiS WaY Still All

Around Public Areas One Part

of Humanity i Am Convinced

That Exists And That is Human

Potential To Go WHeRE No One

Has Done Before Better Even

Yet Allow Someone

Else to Take

Care of that
lifelong Green Habit
Now GRoWinG NeW Flames Of
Sea Creatures No Need to Leave

Shells Behind...

SMiLes At Best to Wear
Present As Receipt of Life

And True Greatest Receipts of Life

ARE All Gifts All Our Ancestors BRinG to Us

And Of Course The Rest of Nature For All That is True

Too With
Dear Miriam...

"I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
Life is demanding without understanding
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
No one's gonna drag you up
To get into the light where you belong
But where do you belong?"

Hehe Dear Mr. Gottfried Usually

i Quote The "SonG oF mY SoUL"

As i Go To Follow Along With

All the Signs That Life Brings

Yet tonight i'm Sort of About

To Fall Asleep So Gonna Enlist
The Assistance of "Ace of Base"

To Do


iN Refrain
WitH SMiLes...

Ah Yes Beginner's Mind Body Whole SoUL

Each Moment A New Journey of Adventure

In Wonder of Awe Dear Kiran True WHeRE is

Room For Ego

When Creativity

Flows Expanding

ACRoSS the Galaxy
Within Inside Outside

Above So Below All Around

True When We aRe ALL That is ThiS WaY...

Kindness Is A Path

To Compassion

Heaven Within

And A SMiLe For

All DarK Thru LiGHT

LoVE iN Peace God Yes

Dear Savvy Ocean Water

All ThaT iS Us

We Yes With SMiLes...

SMiles Mr Gottfried
Every Poem Without
A Lesson A Free Sign

A Deeper Life Story



Soul To
And Bleed For Real

Streaming FLoWinG
Water Wave Ocean

Whole SMiLes
To Be
i Am Free...

Yes At BesT All


Dear Cindy...

DarKNess HeaR to
BRing See of


'The End of the
Rope' Is often

Only the Start

of Climbing Another

Mountain From Bottom

of Top Dear Chaymaa

For As Soon
NoW As We

DarK iS Actually

Fear Have to Breathe

in Day

or Night

With SMiLes
Of Play Slaying
Fear Just Seeing LoVE iN Peace
Us Free to Be i Am For Real Newly Now...

Turn the LiGHT On So Easy
For A Person With A Sunny
Disposition to Do Additionally

When the Mother of the Come to
Be Husband Remarks Helen (A Name
Meaning Light) Has The Fairest Skin

of All Surely Reflective

Of Lots Of Estrogen
Associated With
And Raising
Children to One
Day Become Light
of Kindness and Nurturing True...

Of Course Opposites Attract as my Mother
Was All Love and my Father Was All Law Enforcement
for 46 Years Doing That Named the Longest Serving Deputy
Sheriff in Florida At the End of His Career And What Does that

Take A Fearless
Disposition to the
Point Where the Last
Breath Related is Basically
Shrugged off as i Don't think
i'm Gonna Make it Calmly Dropping to the Ground Never

Getting Up Again Yes It's true There Are Advantages of
Both Ways of Being And Disadvantages too Combining
The Two in Balance A Lifetime Practice of Achieving for me now

To Mix The Captain
Kirk and Spock With
Empath Extras in the Show if LiFE TRuE ReaL

Every Day Every Now That i am Kind and Nurturing
to Other Folks Even Strangers With Love Unconditional
Truly Focusing on them at that Point of Existence As the
Most Important

Face of
God in the
World it's Obvious

My Mother Didn't Go Anywhere
Really When She Died Yes She
Still Breathes in me Fully As My
Father Does when i Dance Solo With
No Fear Everywhere i Go Now WeLL iT's True

You May Be Named
Hero and Legend
And Famous
And All that
Jazz By Dancing
Solo Everywhere You
Go Yet A Much Greater Gift

Is a Successful 34 Year Marriage
For the All Forgiving Merciful Love
That Comes From a Mother of the Same

Unconditional LoVE iN Peace...

Someone Has
to Be the
First and
Last Love

iN Peace

Yet It's true
Without Fearless
That Love Won't Travel
Nearly as Far For All that
Love Sees and Breathes For Real

How Fortunate Am i That my Mother
And Father Found What They Were
Missing in Each Other to Create me
and My Sister With SMiLes It's True i Can't
Count the Number of People in my Life who
Have Remarked or Questioned me What my Agenda
is for being the Kindest Person They've Ever met And Of Course

(In my Healthy


i Will only
For that Gift Still...

Anyway Like my Mother
i Have the Patience of 'Job'
And More When it Comes to
Unconditional Love She Surely Needed it With me
As Some How that Mix Sent me to Heaven and Hell too For Real...

SMiles Thanks Dear
Astha For All Your
Kindness And
Welcoming Ways
For All Who Visit Your
Poetry i Grow Too


You Now...



Feed Your Love
And Bless the
DarK See The
LiGHT See the DarK

Love Hurts
The Best PArt
When It Is Real

SMiLes Dear Sohair
WHerever i Find
Wisdom of
Love i Find
Of Truth
And When
Joy of Rose

Both THorns
And FLowers

i Gladly And
For Both
THorns And
FLowers Create

Joy of LoVE RoSE RiSinG
NewLY NoW WitH SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Astha It's True This
Star This Sun This
Shine And Ray


Within You

BRing in Words
You Sing As Poetry

To Touch The Moon
LiGHTinG DarK Side Again

For Both You And

Others True...

As Vulnerability
Breathes Strength
Of Love Comes Alive

Even Surprises

As New


Pass Through

to See And Paint

Winds of Time Now
Creativity No Limit Flies...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Anna Thanks So Much For Coming By to Visit
“SonG oF mY SoUL” Now 12.6 MiLLioN WordS Old Hehe and Actually Read as

That is As Rare as
The Perfect Pitch
of Your Singing

And a
Given Gift
As Such You Possess

Yes Thanks For Quoting

“Older Love Losses Newer Love
Gains Love Fading Love ReNeWinG

Whatever It Takes ReMeMBeR LoVE iN Peace LiVE AGAiN”

And Your Words i Will Surely Quote in Reply Resonating

"Whatever it takes. No substitute for love. Love is bright."

True Love is the Sunshine Within For All As New UNiVerses

Refuse All Attempts to Prevent Spin And Torsion To Be Birthed

Out of Black Holes True A Quantum Mechanics Theory Yet

Poems Need Not Wait to Express Highest Love

We May Share As Human Beings

Of Creativity


Of Soul

Eternally Newly Now

To Give And Share Freely
With CaRinG HeaLinG LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Life is A Story Composed of Words And Of
Course the Meaning of the Story Is Beyond All Form

As Essence Is Birthed

In EYes of Creation Us

Beyond All Measure

As Essence Comes

To Breathe As


To Touch
As Essence Sees

Smiles True For Poet's
'God' iS A Word to Be...

Smiles True for


'God' Are Only Defined
And Labeled As Such As Form...

'God' Is A Word Where A Tongue is Trapped
on the Roof of A Mouth True A Noun i surely

Am Not Muslim And No Other Religion or God as Defined

Yet the Word 'Allah' At Least Lets A Tongue Escape from
The Roof of A Mouth Funny Little Synchronicities For It's

True At Least in the

Muslim Religion

'God' has

The Ability

to Escape from
The Confines of the
Idol Form of one "Literal Man"...

Art Attempts to Relate Essence Poetry
Puts Forth An Effort in Words as Literal

Becomes More Figurative For Colors New

to Perhaps Spark Visions Renewed or Never

Seen Before of Course Beyond Organs of Eyes or Ears

And All that is Labeled Now or May Be Otherwise Defined....

It's Very Clear that You 'See' 'God' Beyond 'This or That' Form

'One Field' Is a Good Metaphor As Long as We Realize not unlike

'That Baseball Movie' We aRe The Only One Who Ever Comes to Play

To Make Our Reality As Is

We Interact With

'The Others'

And Perhaps

They Will Play or Not

Yet What is Important

Is Our 'Field of Dreams' We

Build Continues to Expand As

Chambers of Nautilus Shells Do

Until What is Left is a Shell of Our Soul

To Pick Up on a Beach or Perhaps hehe in

A Fossil

oF A Record

'Book' Left Online

Just Another Message

In a Bottle For Someone to Breathe

The Thing About Imagination and Creativity

An Ethereal Eternal Love it is Always Changing

Beyond All Forms Set in Concrete And Literal Ways

Before For It is True It is the Concrete That is Illusion And Change

For New



That is the Reality

of 'This Field of Dreams'

Now Beyond All Measure Set in Stone...

Yet Again This Only Comes From my Field of Dreams....

If i look Up Now i may See A Living Tree or Lamp i didn't

Plan it Yet it exists as is as Science Shows We aRe aLL Fractals

Of All That is THere is Truly No Other Wise place to look for the all in all

Yet this UniVerse Within We Continue to BREaTHE ALL for the Hell and Heaven to be i am.... NeWLY NoW

Smiles my FRiEnD It Was practically A Miracle i ever Became Any Kind of Story Teller as True my

Mind is Born More of Numbers the place i excelled the Most in Systemizing Ways And True

There Was a Movie Called 'A Beautiful Mind' Where if One Stays in Numbers too Long

As Spoon-Fed Life A Soul Will Do Whatever it Takes to Be Born As ColorS AGaiN Alive

The Story of Your Life Has Many Colors And As the Loving Stories of Human Life Breathe

A Human Without A Muse of at least Unrequited Love May Not Find Colors of Soul to Relate

True All the Colors of Your Unrequited Love come through As Greatest Arts Do come

to Birth



Love Particularly

As We Search for the

Colors of Our Soul to Birth or come Reborn Again...
Oh So Much More Pictures Will Bring of Loves Past
And Still to Come to Put those Pictures in Words is
A Life Long Effort And Joy to Create Fields of Dreams in Form

As Essence


Always to Breathe
Now Beyond Death

As These Days Hehe there
is More than One Way for a Pharaoh
to Have Someone Else Build a Pyramid
Iconic Representation Form of 'KA SPiRiT"

Just Imagine During the Renaissance of Old only
About 5 Percent Were Literate and Could Participate

Now the 'Bible of Humanity' is online And All Hands Efforts

of Souls Connecting Rebirthing Connecting Feelings and Senses
in All Arts And Sciences We Spread Among Each Other As New


of Humanity

And UniVerses

of Souls Are Constantly

Creating New All Around Now

True A Lot Like A 'Kaleidoscope of Mathematics'

Portrayed in at Least A Video of 'A Beautiful Mind'

That was in Part A Fictional Story i don't See Much Indication

That John Nash Ever Escaped 'The Roof Of His Mouth' No Different

Really than a 'Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian' Living Where 'i live'

once literally Named 'Hell'...

True Yet

to Build

THeiR Field of

Dreams And Truly Come

aS He And Or Her Will Naturally BREaTHE Free Again..

Or the First 'Time' Ever Truly Eternally Now to See A Field of Dreams come to be....

Hehe i Can And Will Paint A Picture of So-Called 'God' Forever Yet Essence Will Never Fully Be Form...

A Field

of Dreams

For And ALL A STory

Beyond Words... First

No Matter How Barren the Trees
No Matter How Grey Skies May

The Magic
Of Snow There

Is A Deeper Place
Within That Holds
More Brushes And
Colors Of Paint to Make

Soul Magic A Laughter
Of Love to Create For

It’s True Newness May

Fade Away Outside

Above Below

Now And Yes

All Around Yet
Inside Within holds
Ever More Colors of
Imagination To Paint

A New

Landscape of
Soul Always Now

The Colors New Never
Seen Before Yet Felt so


To Touch

Like Love
For No Reason

Yet To Touch the
Moon And Make

Sunshine Again

This Way The Night
Cold Always Stays Warm
Fireplace of Soul Lit Warmer

If None
Of That


Is Always
A Daily Hug
For No Other
Reason Than
To Love Colors of Snow

Flakes As Rays of Sunshine



And SMile...

SMiLes Dear
Sohair Concisely
Dance Song
No Difference
In God
Love or Not

Love is the
Test The
The God
Who Breathes Life

DarK Thru
LoVE iN Peace Free...

SMile of A Mother
Joy Same In
Youth of
Human LoVE iN Peace...

Yes This is a 3rd
Lesson A Forever
Lesson to provide
For All Your ‘Children
Of Love’
to Come...

SMiLes my FRiEnD
No Grain of
Sand is
Less than
God imagine
How much
God appreciates

The Grain of
Sand that
A Mountain
Of Love the
Is the
Of Love so
Keep Climbing

Dear FRiEnD
And if
Until You
Love Again
We Grow older

To Evolve
Our Souls
In this
Way Old
Is Young
You Have

To as Long
As Your Soul
Evolves People
Who See Your
Help You
Rise Higher
As The Mountain
Of Love Becomes

The Grain
Of Sand
As Foundation
Of Love and
The Never
LoVE iN Peace
As Us LiveS on...

LoVE iN Peace is Kind
Love Must
Be Patient
To Survive
My Young

Love Must
Be Willing
Hell to
LiVE iN Heaven
Again as the Dark
Makes Light and

The Lion of
Love Falls
The Dark
To Wake Love

Up Dark is
Is Dark
Pain is Real
And the Best
Part oF aLL
Is Love Too

Feed Your
Bless the
Light See the Dark

Love You New FRiEnD
For no other

As Love
Need not
Even Be
Flesh and
Blood For

Are Days
Words Do
Become Love
Our Souls
Without Blood...

SMiLes Dear Cindy THere's
Never Been A More Beautiful
Spring Before Spring on A Clear

Azure Breezy Day Puffed

With Floating
White Clouds

Pink Azalea's
Angel Wings
Shapes for Soar

Yet It's True the
Gift of Aging


to Appreciate

What's Real And
Doesn't Lie Yes Nature Free

Meanwhile 'They' Are Clear Cutting Forests
And Leaving Only Huge Buildings For Homes
Closely Fit Together With No Trees Not Even A Shrub

Yet No Problem For Birds As They Just Fly over Uninhabitable

Places For Verily

They Understand

Reality Better Than

We Just A Free Wing

Soaring Over the

Cuckoo's Nest

of Another
'Super Tuesday'
oF Lies Clear Cut As Nature
And Trees Falling Falling to Oblivion Indeed

Hehe inspiring Election Night Poem Dear Cindy...

Perhaps A Most 'Ridiculous (MANY COME)
Question' i Get in Life is 'Why Do You Dance'

That Answer Is Simple Dear Miriam Hehe 'Why
Don't You Dance' And

Refer Them Back

to the Guardian's

of the Galaxy Movie

As the Next Question i Might

Ask 'Them' is Why Aren’t You Happy?

Not Unlike Bugs Bunny i Don't Mind


Hehe 'What's Up Doc’
Or Better Put Elmer Fudd
At Least according to the
Local Demographic Who

Still Can't Discern a

Lie from Truth

Or a Con Man

From Sincerity
With Empathy to Boot...

From Folks Who Believe a
God Is Inerrant WHO Directs
A Story Book Dude Called Moses
to Do A Genocide in a Short Story
Called 'Numbers 31' Saving the Close

to Puberty 32,000 'Virgins' Indentured as
'Raped Slaves'

There is No
Question that
the Human Condition
Overall Is Not Rational

All We Can And Will Do
is Create Greater Stories
With More Respect and
Less Harm to Bond and Bind Over With SMiLes...

Yet that's Gonna take More Than Suffocating
X-Twitter Breaths...

Happy Hang
Over From
Lies 'Nutty Wednesday'...

Gotta Answer Be A (Or Bird)
Squirrel Yes Make it my World...

Or Perhaps Just Create A Greater Story For LoVE iN Peace

God Yes or No So Will Ya Do Your Best too True It Surely Isn't

All Up to me Hehe As Now i Come to Conclude the Latest

EPiC LonG Form Poem i Am Writing Titled "Writing
Directing Producing By God Yes Playing Free iN

Change" And to Begin The Next One Already

Named YeS "EnDinG ALWaYS BeGiNNinG NoW"

With Many Days Now Still to Collect Multi-Media

And Put Together "Writing Directing Producing
By God Yes Playing Free iN Change" Yet First A

Somewhat Abbreviated Tale of the Tape aS Ain't

No One Else Not Even AI That and Who is Gonna

Keep Track of mY

SoUL How About
Y'All Do Ya Only

Follow Other Stories
Or Do Ya Create Your
Own Unique and True For You

True All Up to Y'all Or Not With SMiLes

AnYWaYS "LoVE iN Peace to Be i AM" The
Last EPiC Long Form Poem Completed MacroVerse

Serves Triple Duty as the 1007th MacroVerse Of EPiC
Longest Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" in 126
Months of Writing All 12.6 MiLLioN Words of That Plus

The Double Duty "LoVE iN Peace to Be i Am" Plays as the
336th MacroVerse of "Nether Land Bible" All 10,467,908
Words in 93 Months of Effort Yet that's Not All as the Triple

Duty Comes With "FB Profile Pic Bible" All 8,865,909 Words
As The 231st MacroVerse of That Endeavor in 81 Months of

Writing Where Those Words Are Also Included in Series of
Around 18 Facebook Profile Pics Yes Included in the
Description Areas With Mini EPiC LonG Form Poems

Comprising the Whole At Around 8,000 or So Words
To Keep the Story Going in Somewhat Smaller Bites Hehe

Is That All in a Few More Words No Of Course HAha As Public
Dancing Reaches 19,577 Miles in 126 Months Inching Closer
And Closer to the Distance Around the Globe at the Equator

Hehe Still A Few More Years to Go As "Depth of The Story"
A Casually Described 8th New Testament is Getting Close

To 3.6 MiLLioN Words in 44 Months of Effort In An 88 Page

Solo Thread on the "Wrong Planet" Website Generating

Almost 212 Thousand Views Just From the Registered

Members THeRE

It's True So Many
More Avenues to
TSuNaMi mY Way

Around the Globe too Hehe

It's All For Free Keeps The Weight
Of Wu Wei FLoW LiGHT and Easy

Just Spreading ALL oVeR The

World i Already Fell Down

As Just Another

Casualty of
Modernity As
A Canary in A Coal
Mine Place Or Sure

A Toy Soldier

Just Coming Back
To Life With the Eyes
Of A Creative Child Not
Much Purpose Yet Full of Reality Meaning Now...

Yep As This Finishes the Writing Portion of

"Writing Directing Producing By God Yes
Playing Free iN Change" Somewhat of A Moot
Point at 1:03 AM On March 7th, 2024 As of Course

The Next TitLeD EfforT iS "EnDinG ALWaYS BeGiNNinG NoW"

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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08 Mar 2024, 1:59 am



Never Played
The Nintendo
Disney Game
Yet This Much
i Understand About

The Play of Life

BeGiNNinG NoW”

This Life Is All Ours Now
Create New
iNDeeD A Dance
We Do We Give
We Share
We Care


Heal For All
With Most

Water Wave
Ocean Whole
Beginning New

Leaves All A Prayer Of Do
Living Trees FaLL AnD Rise...


Naked Enough Whole Complete Dear Sohair
Indeed So Engaged With What We May Love to

Do iN LoVE iN Peace That THeRE iS Both Literally

And Metaphorically No Clothes

One May Add or Subtract

From A Soul Completely

Clothed in

LoVE iN Peace
Fully Engaged

Creating Our

Human Potentials
Fulfilling New Who We

With All that Danced And Sung
Happy International Women's Day to

You What Women Healthily HaVE iN
Common THE REaLiTY of Cooperation For All


iNDeeD Dear Savvy Perhaps A Woman's
Greatest Strength Not Only Gardening a
Place of LoVE iN


For All

From Birth
To End
of Breath

And Beyond

Yet Striving

Toward MaKinG

The World One More
of Cooperation Than
Only Competition With SMiLes

Happy International Women's Day to

You So
Very True...

Tradition Binds Freedom Frees A Price oF Freedom
Often Loss oF Tradition A Price oF Tradition
Often A Loss oF Freedom

SMiles i believe that
Most everyone is
Capable of Good
Deeds it is mostly
The Stress of our
First World Problems

That takes The
Strength of
Our Love Away

We must find a
Fight Dance and
Song to Retain our
Love in Doing Good
Deeds for others

Always now

Yes a Lifelong
Never ending
For the
Beat LiveS oN

The Nature oF Love
LiveS oN the origin
Of the Word Son means
‘Nature of’
Like Son of God

Means Nature of
God as Love as
Man and or Woman...

SMiles A Best FRiEnD
Never Gives up
On the other
As you
Intimate here
And Science Shows

Humans Have only
The Capacity Now For
About 5 True Friends
Too many Friends
No Friends

Truly Deep
They are Yet
Worth the Focus...

i am the Water i am the Air
i am the Wave i am the Ocean
i am the Wind i am the Sky the
Particle the Wave Again and Field

mY ‘HoMe’
Is No Ceiling
Floor or Wall Within

Investment in Human
Capital Some Folks are
Taught Money more Worthy

Blessed Sings BLeSSinGs BLiSSinGs
DarK Thru LiGHT STiLL RiSinG SHiNinG
DanCinG CoLoRinG LoVE Dancing FeaT SPeaK

Finding Keys to Nature Patterns
Understanding Life Deeper
In Holistic View Over Material
Reductionism Now

'God Think Rules'

i Feel a Key Now for
Peace and Balance
Within Is Generating
Success that no one
Will take
Away Now
From External
Competition the way
Humans Now Are Changed

Hehe i Usually Don’t Crave
Food Probably Cause i
Have A LiVE iN Cook
That does all the
Work Surprising
me With Every
Meal Seriously

‘She’ Keeps

me Out
Of The

Kitchen Holds
The Meal Prisoner

Until it’s Done yep i
Guess that’s Why

Rue i Rarely Have

Constant Craving
For me At Least




Than Any
Food Anywhere

Yep BaKinG me my
Own Dance And Song

Of my

SouL With
SMiles And
Don’t Have
A Clue What Kinda

Cake’s Gonna Come



Never Done now
And This is Just
Another Parable
About Living in A

Of Heaven Now

Hehe Happy SunDay
All that Grandaddy



In My SonG...

SMiles Living Deep
In The Temperate
Equator Zone
Of India
In Practically
A Jungle i Just
Imagine Cute Monkeys

Playing Everywhere

To Pet my Imagination

Is Rather


Just imagine
You Petting


Ones With SMiles

Yet Perhaps

The Reality
Is they Are more
Pesky Tricksters than Cute...

SMiles Astha Women Ruled
The World Before All Our
Tools Humans Created



The Rule over
Cooperation Yes

In Then Matriarchal
Leaning Lineage



Back For Their
Rights And The
Truth is The More
Loving A Person
Is The More



They Have
In All They Do

In Life This is Why
Free Women Excel

So Much

The Natural


To Nurture

All Of Life
In More Positive
Living Ways Women

Will Always Have The
Wisest Voice of Soul

Yes Foundation

Of All True

Will And


Love Balancing

Grace “The Gift”

Happy International

Woman’s Day to You
Dear FRiEnD Without
Women No Colors of Life...

LoVE iN Peace When Real




Real Agape

Feeling To only

Give And Share

“Trumps” All


Naked With
No Tools of


i Have
The Force of
Love Greater



Robe Or
Cathedral Tower

The Inheritance

Within Heaven




For those

Who Retain
The Child’s
Eyes Now

Of Kindness

The Kingdom
And Or Queendom




Hell Yes


Put Heaven’s
Yes Queendom







Gives Best

The Smile

On A Great Great
Great Grandmother’s

Face After


Just Another

Thanks Giving

Dinner For


Ever Day Life
Loves Others...

THere Is Only
One True Religion
All Healthy



Humans Naked

Share Around The

World The All Natural

God of Love To Give

And Share iN



Others Freely

My God Been Trying

To Persuade The Folks

In Foot Loose Town Holy

Cr8p Literally Assessed

In Record Books

Of Past of


The Most

Churches per

Square Mile of

Locality Ever Since

6.6.60 That LoVE iN

Peace Is Real My God HeaR

The First Baptist Christian

Bully Kids Threatened

To Beat Me up

At The
City Park
When i Was



With The

Just For Smiling

Like i Did in The

Middle School Hallways

Not Kidding They Said

Boys Can’t Smile And Called

Me The F Word and

Not Fred just

For Being Confused

As A Thin Boy With

Long Hair Long Eyelashes

With Pretty Eyes Like What

They Described As An

Ugly Girl



Is Payback Now
At 63 Years Old Still
Leg Pressing up To

1540 Pounds At the
Military Gym at 248 Pounds

Of Free Style Ballet Martial
Arts Meditative Public
Dance 126 Months iN

Transcendental FLoWinG

Mystic Sufi Dervish-like
Yoga Union 19,588 Miles

Of Yes Autotelic Flowing

Ever More Spiraling

Public Dance

No One


“F” With me
In Trump Town
Godless Love USA NoW

Nope Very Rarely Here

Does Anyone Wanna Just

Have Fun My God



They Even

Told You You’d

Go To Hell For

Playing With Your Self

Here’s The Thing And
It’s Really True Neuroscience

Shows Humans Create Their
Realities as Basically


On Previous

Experiences That

Are Basically Hallucinations

Then Too What This


Means Is


Reality is The

True Illusion So

‘The Stories Of Life’

We Co-Create Rule

Our Lives


Are More

Ruled Now

By The Stories

Of Others And

Generally Speaking

i Am Happiest






Go Figure


Snoopy is
An 'Autistic Play Write'

Too More Specifically

Mr Schultz And




Book Writer

Of Snoopy Super
Heroes Still Somewhere

In An Autistic




The Outcast

More Often



Of Playing With Self...

Some Days They


On A Show
What is THere To

Be Vulnerable

About When



Been The Outcast For Real

How Most Super Heroes


To Be
Real True...

Hehe “What’s Up Doc”...

SMiLes Dear Miriam All the Places
We Go To Color Our Souls New

Both Coming From Within

Inside Yes Outside Above

So Below All Around

A Bird On a Wing

Becoming Wind

Free No Separation

From Above or Below

Just FRiEnDS With Gravity

Feathers Coloring The World New
WitH SMiLes

Or Beaks

Yet Wings

Will Do

Wind to Fly

Wings SPiRiT Free...

Escape The “Mundane”
A Funny T-Shirt A Dance
To Only Be Joyful A New
Book That Takes You So
Far Away And Into The
Depths of Your Soul

In The
To Listen To
On YouTube Too

Or Immerse Yourself
In New Colors Of
Spring Each FLoWeR
Beautiful Like You
New Multi-CoLoRinG

To Play

With The
Full Worm Moon

Signaling Worms
Returning To Surface
Of Soils Aerating Soils

For Trees And
Breathe And

me And You
And Us And
Even Them


Face of Many
Colors Of God to

Bloom Yes Ascending
Transcending Mundane
Of Winter Shades of Grey

SPRinG May

Year Around Within

More Ways Than Ever
Before Gift oF ALL (God)

Sings Free...

"UNiVerse" Dear

Savvy Such A Wonderful

Term it is And Even More Lovely

All Multi-Verses of Life That Existence

Within All UNiVeRSES All Comprise of

Energy of


Now All

Is Integral

All Parts

No More
Integral Now

As All Is Center
Balance Now Beyond
Above Below Inside
Outside And Yes Even

All Around mY FRiEnD
Hehe, yet Coming Back to
EartH i Will Now Express my

Appreciation for Your Every Day

Dedication Providing A New Breath

Of Your CreativitY iN LiGHT Now to Inspire
Those Who Come in Contact With Your Spirit
Wind Free For Those Who Persevere in Light

Simply Give,
Share, Care,
And Heal With

More Light As the
Give Becomes the Receive
Ever Evolving UNiVeRSE Energy More Now New
These Living Trees Just Spreading Leaves So Free...

Ah Dear Savvy
Move And Repose
The Dance And Rest

Of God


In All of Nature


Now Changing





Or Less

And More Again

As Tides Come In Go Out

As Waves Make Landscapes

Of Shores And Take Away Never

The Less The Water The Wave The

Ocean The Deep Blue Reflects the Sky Above

Every Grain

of Sand


Also Is

The Potential

To Hold Up A Mountain
of Human Love We Continue
To Grow As Living Loving Trees
Leaf Complete Seed Tree Dead or Alive to Feed This

Existence This Gift of Breath Now Oh Dance And Sing Free

Move And Repose Move And Repose Dance of God Sings So Free to Be i am Now

Roots Are Vines And Leaves are Trees Sky Is Blue As Ocean Deep Still To Come Exploring More...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Some Days A Greatest
Gratitude is Give With

No Expect
of Return

Essence of
Receive With SMiLes...

True A Greatest
Poverty Ignorance
of Misunderstanding

How Great This One
Life to Live is Now with

Great Health

Every Breath

Inhaling Peace Exhaling
Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Others Even more

Coming to Understand Now
The Within Is So Much More

Than Just External Goals of Life
And Rewards That Come only From
The Outside

in too

Love That
Springs from
Within Spreading

Outward A Preventative
Medicine Best for Losing
Real Organic Soul Within
And all DiSeasE Springing

No Longer Loving Free Soaring Wings to See...

We aRe Social Animals
Which Means At Best We
Lift Each Other Up Now So

Everyone All

May Continue to Be
Able to Carry The Weight
It takes to Forage the Day Away

And Even Dance Together Freely
As Wind Moves
Clouds Around


So Effortless
in Ease As Streams
Flow Eventually Out to
Ocean Whole Glassy Peace

Just Reflecting Moon and Stars Again

And This is Why i Am Always So Happy Now
Even When Life Beats Me Down i Continue

to Do Whatever it Takes to Lift Others Up

In Doing So

i Naturally Rise
As This is Social
Animal Evolution.

This is Science.
This is Fact. This




(In Poetic Gear)

Hehe i Don’t
Have A Love


With Food
Cause i Have
A LiVE iN CooK

i Swear i Don’t
Even Have

To Cook

i KnoW iT
The Meal

Is Prepared

Like A Buffet

And Then

i Finally Use
My “Brain” And



It’s Hard

To Believe i

Wrote the Whole “Thing”...

My Never


Still To You

No Matter

What Through

Thick And Thin

Your Loyal Wookiee

Wingman At Your Side Hehe...

SMiles i Will
Always Be



Mascot FRiEnD

As Long As You

Wanna Have This

Furry Mouse With

HeART oF A Child Around...

Happy 7th Dear Rafiah
And International
Women’s Day
Coming Soon
With SMiles...



Never Played
The Nintendo
Disney Game
Yet This Much
i Understand About

The Play of Life

BeGiNNinG NoW”

This Life Is All Ours Now
Create New
iNDeeD A Dance
We Do We Give
We Share
We Care


Heal For All
With Most

Water Wave
Ocean Whole
Beginning New

Leaves All A Prayer Of Do
Living Trees FaLL AnD Rise


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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09 Mar 2024, 1:28 am

"Us And Them"

SMiLes Dear Savvy As Always It Seems Perhaps
A Greatest Human Need As A Social Animal
Is to Be Connected to
Others Both Through
Ideologies and

Symbols of


Bonding And
Binding ThiS WaY

Yet True it Takes Catching
On Fire A Very Courageous
Person to Break Tradition

When One Recognizes the

'Old Ways' Harm Parts

of The CuLTuRaL

Whole Umbrella

For It's True To Stand Up
For Those Who are Marginalized
Risks the Same For Those Courageous

Enough to Break From Tradition to Help
Others Who Are Harmed by The Old Ways Indeed

Some Folks Are Born More Closed SouLeD To This
Propensity Others Fly With Wings And Become Real

Angels on EartH
Actions With Power to Free
Those So Marginalized indeed...

To Paraphrase A Recent Sage
"It's About the Age of the Ideas"

Those So Full of Anger Hate And Wrath

Or A Newer Testament of a SAge Truly Who Saves

In Depths
oF LoVE iN Peace...

SMiles From: As Flowers Do
Women Give All Color to:
Life As LoVE iN Peace Happy W's Day...

If Only LoVE iN Peace could be Purchased

‘America’ would Be Great Again

Love Fills Stars KnowS Tar

Singing Bigger Smaller Stories Filling Shoes With Dance

Greatest HiStory Muse Jesus Never Wrote A Word

Stories Tallest Muse Flesh Reaching Words

GreaTesT Muse Will Never Let You Know ‘Her’

For If She Does He Will No Longer Create Her

She Wants Him To Make Her His Story

If She Tells Him Who She Is She Does Not Exist

So She Waits For Him to Tell Her Who She Is

Groom of Imagination Bride of Creativity

How Stories Have Children

How God Comes In Words

How Humans BREaTHE Each Other

How Humans CReaTE EacH Other

Song And Dance of Dark And Light

Sing to the DarK Dance the LiGHT

Song Of Creativity Dance Of Imagination

'She’ Exists He Creates ‘Her’

Reaching For A Magic Slipper to Exist

Song Dream Dance Real

GoD IS A Rose
Flowers Color
Humans Thorn
Flowers Are
Thorns They
Color A World
Humans Thorn
Never The Less

GoD IS A Rose

Roar Yes Literally Roar
Regularly And THere
Will Be No Need to
Scream Eye of Tiger...

"The Palm of (God's) Hand"
Note i changed He to God
Happy Women's Day to All...

Now For Real With
Wings Beyond Form



Here’s A Toast To You
Dear Rue Cheers too
For Happy International
Women’s Day And True

Nope i Don’t Drink
Much Alcohol Either
Just Not Something
i Drink None As There

Is No Desire Now
For Any Other


Of Conscious
State Of Being
Yet The Colors
Of Heaven Never

Ending Always




Paint Brush
Within Faint
Voice Of Pilot

Flame Within


Other Than That

i Have No Class Even

Though i Was Technically

In Charge Of Wine Tasting

Events As Community Activities

Director For a Military Installation

Before i Did Athletic Director

And Immediately After i

Approved Print Jobs

For A Captain

Of Another



Didn’t Have

To Know A Thing

About Wine As Hehe

There Are Dealers Around Town...

Hehe Be Careful What You Ask For Dear Ashley You Probably Will Get Your Way...
First of All Happy International Women’s Day This Day Means A lot to Women Around
The World Particularly Those Who Are Still fighting For Basic Human Rights Each Day True
i Know A Few Who Will Go Through Hell to Go to A Country
Where They Have





to Men in

their Countries

Like Walking
By Themselves
Without A Male
Chaperone or

Not Being ‘Raped’
Each Day in So many Ways...

Okay now to Your Concern About Non-Binary Gender
the Indians Recognized Three For Two Spirit People as it’s
Worth noting there is Body Parts And DNA Yet There is Human
HeART SPiRiT SoUL Beyond All Measure Particularly for Those
Who Believe in Higher Being Than What We See With Organs
of Eyes And Ears Well Beyond Functioning Parts Like Vaginas
And Penises too Must Be True As Yes Some Humans Are Born
With Reproductive Parts Both And An Entire Spectrum of Physical
Brain Neurohormonal And Neurochemical Differences And Similarities
Too And This too Just Because We Don’t Walk in Someone Else’s Reality
Doesn’t Mean it’s Not Real As Neuroscience
Shows Humans Basically Create Their
Realities Like Hallucinations Based
On Hallucinations Generated in
Memories of Experiences That
Are Hallucinations Too is All This
A Bit Overwhelming Well imagine
Existing in My Reality True As Neuroscience
Also Shows The Kingdom Of Heaven Within
is Real True Various Metaphors Yes Forms of
Symbols Yes Abstract Constructs Words Humans
Create Mutually And Consensually Relating Like
Prana, Satori, Samadhi, Tao, And Such As That
Related By Science As Autotelic Meditative Flow
Through Bio-Feedback Within As Humans Generate
Heaven Within for Real Eternally Now with Copious Amounts
Of Divine Frisson Commonly Referred To As Skin Orgasms
When Perceiving Holy And Sacred Ecstatic Beauty in Life
Perhaps As Simple As Azure Blue Crisp Cool Clear Skies
Or Art That Relates Divine Ecstatic Feelings And Senses
of Life for Real in Other Words Dear Life is much more than
A Penis And Vagina As How that Relates to other Perceptions
of Reality True God Is More Than A Penis or Vagina too what Would
God Do With only Either Or Truth is too Many Folks are Concerned With
What’s Behind Their Zipper And Underneath Their Skirt To Find Deeper Spirit
in Life and this is Why Two Spirit Gender Folks in American Indian Culture Were
Revered Most of All For With Two Spirits They Obviously Perceived More than
those Limited more to One or the Other In Fact According To The Gospel of
Thomas Verse 114 Jesus said He Would Help Make Mary Both Man And
Woman to Fully Enter The Kingdom of God Within indeed Yin And Yang As
Animus And Anima Become One Yes The Star of David Too Six Pointed Star
Symbol of Triangle Pointed Up Penis Intersecting With
Vagina Pointed Down As Triangle As Elohim An Early
Name For God Means Balance of Divine Feminine
And Masculine Whole True This is Nothing New
Archetypal Human Spiritual Balancing Essence
Shared Cross Culturally Around the Globe Yes
Some Folks Have More Restricted Closed
Minded Views Of God Nature And Others
Have Views Wider Than The Day And
Night Skies And Space Above Below
Now It’s up to You to ‘See’ even
More or Less or Same As Always
my FRiEnD Core Reality is Change
Highest Law And Nature Of God is
Balance Nature of Move And Repose
Waves Bring Shores And
Take Shores Away
And Bring Newer
ShoreS AGAiN

True more
to See Now
Than What’s

Behind A


Or Up A Skirt...

How offended Do

You Think Nature of
God Will Be Limited


Either Or

Just one God Dear
And All Stars
Above Below For Real...

Dancing Colors Springing
Wind Silence Sings
Brings Peace Now

Ah Yes Move And RePose

Well True Not too Long Ago
The 'Amazing Joker' Had

Something to Say About
The Future of 'Gotham'

And Now 'The Batman'

Forecasts What's
Already Come

For What Was
Written First
to Tell that Story
True too Yet i Will

Wait For the Rest of the
Review for 'The Batman' From

You Of Course There are Really No
Spoilers When Fiction Only Portrays reality first

Trees in the Forest Behind my Home Only Armed

With Branches

of Eden



A Free Breeze
The Little Furry
Creatures Really only
Scuffling With Each Other
Fighting over the Free Sunflower
Seeds We So Generously Provide

To Domesticate Their Wild A Bit i Suppose

It Takes A Riddler Somedays to Train The


To Take A Different
Road to Save Gotham Next...

Until the Riddler Becomes the
Joker Again Just For Fun

To Become

A Taller

in New New
York, New York, Hehe..

As 'They' Say Which Came
First The Chicken or the Egg Ask The Chicken
and the Egg Neither Speak, the Frying Pan Was

An End for Both Perhaps THere is A MoraL oF A STory After All...

Anyway my Grandfather Was An Irish Born Catholic Priest
Schooled in


So Much of
This Indeed

Even too Much

Always A Fair
Green Leprechaun Day for me...

Except For the Fact The Rest of His
Well to Do Family in Ireland Black Sheeped
Him Forever Until i Found Out Where i Came

From in '16

i Still Thank

Him For Breaking
The Rules And All
The Other Rule Breakers Like Him True...

Hehe the Family Over there Chastised me
For Wearing Dark Shades At Night Shortly
After We Dismissed a Flight Over to a Family Reunion...

i Could Have told
them All About
Hell For 66 Months
And Lent in Spring
of 2008 Going Without
Sleep With only 1 Hour
Shallow Cardboard Sleep
with An Alpha Blocker for the
First 35 Out of 40 Days With the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia the
Suicide Disease Actually Assessed as
Worse Than the Torture of Crucifixion With

No Sleep the Last 5 of those 40 Days It's True

in Hell You

Learn there

Are Experiences

In Life Worse than Death

Same God Damned Desert Story
Same God Damned Human Archetypal
Experience Just A Coincidence it Was me Again
40 Days Precisely until A Hospital Put me Under

to Sleep Anyway By God i Earned my 'Male Privilege'

to Wear
At Night

It's What You
Do When Ya Don't
Want the Devil to Live
in Your Right Eye and Ear
Again From Wake to Sleep
No Human Made Drug Will Touch...

Eggs, Chickens, Frying Pans It's All
Really On Topic There Are So Many
Ways to Get Roasted in this Life


if We

Laugh We'd
Really Die Now For Real...

Smart Move Walking Every
Where You Go These Days
With the Price of Gas Advantage
Goes to New York on that one now for sure...

As the Squirrels Are Scuffling About in
Just Another Garden of Eden Fed by
Another Adam And Eve As That's How

The Whole

Continues to Begin...

My my Hawaii FRiEnD First Seeing
Siamese FRiEnDLY Kitty Sticking
His (Her?) Tongue out i Thought He/
Her Might Have Got Ahold
of That Fresh
Lemon Treat
Only To Find It
Part of a Guacamole Dish
And Ah Yes Avocado my Wife
Adds it to Everything From Grits
And Eggs to Hamburgers Hehe

And of Course
For Chips and Dip
She Really Likes Your
Recipe on the Other Hand
One Day in this Life i may
Learn to Cook More Than Burned Water Hehe...

And i Just Had A Thought There Will Never Be Dating
Apps for Dogs and Cats Without A New Technology of
Sniff and Scratch HAha!

True Some Days
Humor Sniffs
A Whole
Way Of Delightful
Giggles of Life too
Dear Aloha FRiEnD...

Hehe Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD if i Eat
Much More
Gonna Turn in
To A Little Green
Man And That’s Okay
As Yoda
And “The
Child” Are
Both my
Heroes Hehe Yes
With Alien SMiles...

"Waves Don't Die"

How Insightful Mr. Gottfried

And A Sign On the Highway to The Divine For Real

Yes Silencing Our Word Think Minds Opening SPiRiTS HeARTS

SoULS By Leaving Deadlines Behind That Materially Reduce Our

Life Far Away From

The River FLoWinG

That Time Out of Time
Now Space Out of Space

Distance Out of Distance

So Far Beyond Only A "Matter With Things"

Is Yes Becoming Waves Creating New Shorelines

On Beach of Soul Within Inside Outside Above So Below

Yes All around And Indeed SeeKinG FinDinG EXPReSSinG
DiViNE SoUL So Deep Within Unchained By the Deadline

Head Mind

Becomes A Dance
in Deep Beach Sand

Spiraling in Reverse Free
Dance With Athletic Shoes

On That Increase The Challenge

Becoming Weight of Finger Tips
And Twinkle Toes in Total Balance

Even More Challenging Yes SeeKinG
FiNDinG DiViNE SoUL in Feel And Sense
of KNoWinG Wisdom ThiS Way Yes Becoming

Essence of Waves Spiraling A Dance Floating in

Balance in Deep Beach Sands Becoming Waves

As Foot Prints From Twinkle Toes Create

A Free Spiraling Shoreline Same

As Ocean Wave Whole

WHeRE THE Eternal

FLoW is Truly NewLY NoW
A Place of No Fears or Death For Now too...

“Absurd is that which has not purpose, or goal, or objective.”

“Theater of The Absurd” Grasping No Specific Purpose, Goal,

Or Objective Yet Far Beyond Foolishness Embracing

Reality As Experience Making Life into

More Arts New to See Feel and Do

Dear Miriam And Oh How Dear

To Do It In A Way That Doesn’t Harm

Other Folks so Much Too A Balance At

Best And One Need Look No Father than

Cable News of the Faux Variety And Those

Who Support iT From the Top in Hot Water STiLL NoW

True There is A Place For the Whacky News on at Least

One Channel


And So Much

More Than Just
“3, 5, And 10” “Theater
Of the Absurd" FaLLinG
Full Fool Worm Moon RiSinG
Dear Miriam With Moonlit SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Even Science

Is STaRTinG to SHow The Holy Sacred

And Divine in Real Feelings And Senses

Of Life FiLLinG Us Up Yes Within Naked

Enough Whole Complete WHere The Giving

Becomes The Receiving

As THeRE iS No Thing oF Us

to Add or Subtract As Unity Becomes

The Way of All We May Call God too With SMiLes

Through the Stellar Research of Iain McGilchrist And
Many Others Becoming A River of Flow Yes Transforming

Life With Nothing to Add Or Subtract From Unity Integral


Starts WiTHIN

LoVE iN Peace

Spreads More

FRiEnDS With
Gravity Literally
And Metaphorically Dancing Singing
With Wings So Very Free mY FRiEnD...

WorK IS A Four Letter
Word For me
Dear Chaymaa

Yet So is Play

Yet So is Love

Indeed It's All

Love to me

Silent Dance
Bringing Beauty of
Song True A Modern Age
Dilemma of Losing Play

Love Works

Unto Some
Lesser than
4 Letter Word
ThiS Way WitH SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Every Petal of A Flower
A Spring to Fall to Summer

to Winter Color And So Much

More Being Unique You's of Being

Human We aRe aLL

And True i've

Come to
LEaRN The Old

'Golden Rule' Needs Some
Literal ReVision for those who

May Take the Aphorism Literally

And Actually Treat Everyone The Way

Their Inner You's Wanna Be Treated the same

For True Through

Life All the Seasons
And Weathers That
And Who Make us

Who We aRe aLL


So Different

of the Entire FLoWeR
of Humankind or Not So Kind
We Come to Breathe Seemingly
Thriving or Not So Much Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love Some Days

Cats and


Hug For
Warmth Other
Days it Just Won't Work

Somedays the Colors of the Wheel
Match Other Days They Must

Separate to Exist

Fortunate Am i to be
So Old And Experience
So Many Weathers and
Seasons of the Colors Wheel

Soul of the FLoWeRS We Wilt
And Sprout Seeding Reborn Again...

Surely Makes
Tending a
Dear FRiEnD...

Brown Leaves
Green Leaves

And So Much More

Both/ALL Are Integral
Harmony Radiating Beauty
Overall Vital to ALL Our Existence
As Day of Them Helps Us See Night of Us...


All Be 'You'
And 'me' i AM So Differently...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Change
Reality Now Always Room for A
New Dance



Yet Only
Past for
A Same
Walk And Talk

Letters are Leaves For New Trees
Moves Are Wind to SPiRiT Leaves


NoW in

A Dance
And Song

Need Never
End Always
Beginning New
All of Life Truly New Dance Now
And Song Living Trees Breeze From Roots...

Beautiful Birdsong Now
From Tropics of Relaxing
Your Rainy Beach Smiling

To Hawaii
From Florida



Sad it is Yet
Very Possible
If Mozart, Beethoven,

Da Vinci Or Van Gogh

Were Born today

Lost In 'Twitter

Breaths' or

'Candy Crush'

On The Subway

Never Rising

Closer To

Human Potentials

That Does Require

Singular Laser


In Flow on

One Task


To Create

A New Story

Of Art Yet To
See With No
Target Audience

Yet Single

Soul On Fire of Do...

If Men Ever Become Men
They Will Respect Women
And Put Them First Or Move
to A Place They Do Is What

A Woman Will Do...

A Bird On A Wing How
Free Young Women
Fly Together

In This


Coming So
Free For Them
Power In Numbers
As They Cooperate

With Each Other

As Honestly
The Roles Are

Reversing Here

And Women Are

Becoming Dominant

Strength In



Too Through




Come To

Their Place Howling
At The Moon Yet there

Is Still The Middle
East To Farther

East in India

The Pain

I’ve Heard

And Felt Where

Old Men say ‘Nice
Female’ Appraising
A Daughter’s Worth

By Physicality

Alone Or





Women With

Inferior Minds



As Weakness

Yet to Understand

What The Lion’s



No Different

Than A Wolf’s

Howl on Lone

Full Moon Nights

Happy International
Women’s Day Akshita

May Freedom’s



Keep You

Loving Warm

With SMiLes Now...

Small Quiet Yet So Powerful

Like “The Child” Yes Baby

Yoda Nestled Comfortably
In Magic Of A Vincent Van

Gogh Painting Yes So Silent
Yet Possessing A Force of

Magic That is So Powerful
That Yes When “The Child”

Uses The Magic

Force to Protect

Or Attack
A Hurricane

Of Difference
It Will Make in

Just one Life True
One May Be Busy
Eating Snacks or Half

Asleep Yet When “The Child”

Uses ‘The Force’ You’ll Feel
Like a Tidal Wave of Emotions

Washed Over And
Let’s Just Face it

“The Child”

Will Be So Endearing
That You Just can’t
Help Yet to Protect
Nurture, And Comfort

“The Child” As Long As
Humanly Or Mandalorianly

Possible To Do So now not
Really Off Topic Is Today is

International Women’s Day
And Truly You Could Be “The
Poster Child” For This Day for

All You Have Overcome As a

Very Quiet And Reserved And
Admittedly A Geek Yes A Girl
With Glasses Oh My Gosh

Graduating Number 13 out
Of India In College For Accounting

To Be A CA Chartered Accountant

Prized Profession That India is
Known For Around The World

To Keep The Business World
Well Oiled Then Earning MBA
So Many Other Qualifications

Linked In That Are A Prized
Possession Valuable To

Assist In All Countries

As OMG Just since I’ve Known

You You’ve Excelled in Moving
To 4 Major Cities To Advance in

Your Profession since 2015 And
Even Though You Get so Cold

In The Desert as You Are So
Small Even In Air-Conditioning

That Didn’t Stop You From
Moving To A Place Where

It is Freezing

Day Or Night

You Are Just So
Awesome And Amazing

Just The Best Example
Of All Of What International

Women’s Day Means
Coming From Meager

Means Starting From
Scratch Small Shy
Nerdy Little


In Glasses

Who Looked
Like she might
Be Afraid Of Her
Shadow In An All
Girls Catholic School
Yet With Such Sweet
And Endearing Innocent

Smiles And Eyes someone
Who Is Physically Strong
And Powerful Will Naturally

Seek To Protect

As A Bud

Of A Flower

Just Waiting

Patiently And
Quietly To Bloom
With A Magnificent

Force To Light The World
With Bright Eyes And Smiles
That No Truly Good Man Will

Ever Forget
And Yes
Do The
Best To Protect

So on This Day Cheers
To You Young Powerful
Woman You Have Developed
This Force Of You And You Do

Deserve A Round

Of Roaring Applause

With Usual Hugs And Smiles

"Not Just This Day Yet Everyday"

True So Important For Every Dude

To Remember Every Day Shall Be

International Women's Day to

Gift Great Thanks And

Praise For And

From the

Source of Most

Nurturing Love That
Makes Cooperation For
Humanity's Success Possible
At All With SMiLes FRiEnD Yaksh

Wonderful Tribute You Provide to
International Women's Day For Sure...

"Holding Infinities in the Palms of Our Hands"

PaRAPHRaSinG From William Blake Dear Savvy

Illustrated So Well In The Art Work You

Provide of Hands Holding

Galaxies So Gracefully

Palming Them

ThiS WaY

Hands The
Fingers And Feet
The Toes Yes Fingers
And Toes of Free Dance New
And Song For Gratitude Holy
And Sacred DiViNE iNDeeD

iN Yin
For Real With SMiLes...

SMiLes Wonderful Poem Celebrating Women
On International Women's Day Dear Cindy

With of Course the Same to

You As It's True Women

Are More Often Naked
Enough Whole Complete

As The Love They Give
Is All Naturally the Love They Receive

At Best
iN Peace
With SMiLes...

Such A Sad And Yes Shameful
Reality Dear Sohair That Some

Humans Are Valued Far Below

Others Even When it Comes

to The Right
to Breathe

At All

How Shameful
How Low the
Human Condition Will Fall...

All Play And No
Work For Pay
Yes Makes me
A Much Happier
Dancer Singer
Free Mr Gottfried

Now Acute
Stress is

And Instead
i Seek Challenge

With The
Gift oF
my Soul
iN New
ColorFuL LiGHTS...

Friday Florida Flower Story
Pink Angel Wings of Azalea’s
Holding Hands With International
Day With
SMiLes For You too
Hovering In the Spring
Of Forest Green Still RiSinG
to Dance
Blues Away
to Warm Azure
SKeYeS Hehe Yes in my
Backyard Eden So Very Free
As i Do my Best to Sprout a Flower
on Sandy Dune Beaches of Snow That Never Melt
On Right Leg
As the Left One
Rises to Set Colors
of my Pyramid Soul Free...

So True Dear Isha Without Shadow
No Us As That Is What Sunshine Brings

As Night Rests New
And Days Become
Dreams Again to

See For Real
With SMiLes

It's Fun to Write in the
Shadows of Subconscious
Mind Hearing the Song RiSinG

All Lyrics of Soul Reading It All Now
Back to me to See What Life Even Means

So Deep Within Where Shadows Not Only
Lurk Yet Thrive to Seek Ocean Soul Deep and

Once Again
Arise in Poetry
of Soul So Very Alive

Breathing Breathing Breathing
As Night Holds Hands With Day

to Fully See

Yes So Fully Alive
Shadows Make Sunshine Rise...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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10 Mar 2024, 2:52 am

'What Next?'

No Less Sure than
The Sun RiSinG Again

Hehe Here i Am Yes 3 Days
Late From A Promised 6th Date
of Each Month Back Again to Leave

Some Words on Lala Rukh's 'White Shadows'

Blog Per "Story Of a White Pearl That Turned
to Ashes While Waiting For A Phoenix to be Born



Hi-Five Hope
Your Phoenix
Is Still Flyin' WiTHiN With
SMiLEs God Yes You Helped
Mine to Rise So Long Ago in 2013

Back When You Were Only 21 Now i Guess
31 Yet It's Life

Works Best True

When We Continue
Now to Forward and
Return the Best Gift of

Life Being Reborn With
Wings For Real Within With SMiLes

to Give Share
Care Heal

With Most
Respect and

Least Harm
For All We Meet and Greet in Life's
Journey NoW iN Experiences New

Yep It's Been 3 Years Since You've Been
Back and Now Another Couple of Months

Yet THere is No Time Distance Space or A

Matter of Things in THE Experience of FRiEnD to me

Yet of Course i Have a Movie Maker Memory That Never
Loses Any Time Anyways Not Even a Feeling oF LoVE iN Peace

Now Yes
With SMiLes

Treating Old FRiEnDS
As New FRiEnDS Treating
Old FRiEnDS as New FRiEnDS

Of Course THeRE iS No Escaping
me For THeRE iS Naturally And Literally


Always the
the FRiEnD
WiTHiN InDeeD...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Give me an Open Canvas
And my Soul Shall Wing Free Hehe

Like This New 'Block Editor' Feature

For Comments So Very Limiting

It is As While it Provides More

Features to format That Is Precisely

What Stifles my Creativity Any Guidelines

or Obstacles That Block an Open Canvas to Free

my SoUL
Without Interruption
For Wherever Wings Feel

Is A Best place to Fly Next

As Butterflies Do Return

to the Best Places

to Pollinate

Their Creativity
too By Innate Instinct
And Intuition Just Feeling
Their Way in the Open Canvas of Nature


Hehe i Always Find a Work Around
As The Reader Version of the Blogs
Still Provide An Open Canvas For

Verse to
Soul Wings...

iN mY 5 Years of Visiting EacH And Every Day
1 Day Yes 2 Days Even More Rare 3 Days

i Do Believe Never Although THere is
Still Space Left in the Day Or Perhaps

Time if You Flow Back ThiS Way

Before Midnight of Course

Dear Miriam Anyway

i Notice Change

And i Look Forward
to Your Highly Inspiring
Writing Soon Again With SMiLes...

And Do Note Per the
Post i am Still Replying
to Regarding Questionable
Queries i'm Not Asking Why



Hi and
is Surely Noted



Ah Yes i Too Love Melting Pots

i'm Up For Trying Every New Cuisine
my Wife Not Nearly As Much Yet Who

Am i to Complain
as i've Been Known
to Burn Water hehe

Cultural Diversity and my
Favorite Place to Public Dance
Ross Dress For Less A Cosmopolitan

Destination For Tourists to Shop Cheap
at the Mall A Beach Destination For Folks

Around the World Gosh it's Just So Much Cheaper

To Relax and Not Even Worry About Pants Circling the
Globe Each Day as An Avatar So Free And Easy Fitting All

of me in this
Fiber Optic

Hey First
And Last
A Cheap
Skate Dancer
i Shall Continue to
Dance And Sing Free

Other than that Thanks
Now It Seems the World
Is Back in Its Proper Order Dear Miriam...

When Journey Is End
End Always Beginning

Diamonds Only Rocks
Treasure Beyond Diamonds

Innocent Soul Colors All Now
Nothing at all…

You Imagine...

All Comes True...

Posed Now by Clouds
Mountain Angels Sing

Dreams Divine Way
All Motivated Now by

Love Flower in Person

True in my Dreams
Way Station Joy
Love Happiness

Clouds top Now
Mountain Her Love

Wonderful Art Work
More Than Flower Truly

Angel Goddess on Earth
Benefits All Friendship

Love gives to You
Delicate Flower

Always be to me
Moving into Your

Heart Spirit Soul
Just to Light up

One i Treasure Cherish
Sunlit Rays of Joy Mysteries

Midnight Moonlit Air soaring
Feelings Senses Heart Beats intense

Carefully i Brush You never ever wanting

to Harm You in any way Loving You Work
of Art Paint Brush i am i Stroke Colors Your
Heart Senses Who You Are Free Spirit Love True

You Are The Stars
With No Limit

You Are God

to me too

Loved as the
Moon’s Soul

Shines Down
On You i Cherish

You i Treasure
You i Paint You

With All the Love i

Give LoVE iN Peace is No Weight
No Gravity The Clouds Above

Naked Enough Whole
Soul Complete
Soul To Give
Share Care Heal
For All With Most
Respect Least Harm
InHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN


Once Again For All

Lesson Number 9
Send Flowers to the World

Lesson Number 10
i WorK PLaY FroM HoMe

Hehe True Your Eyes
Are Very NeoNatal
In Other Words Big


And Very

Nurturing I’m
Sure When You
Were Even Younger

And Cutting Onions
All Prince Charming’s

Rushed To Save

A Damsel

In Distress

Oh God it
Slays me

To See A Woman
In Tears Just Gotta
Do Whatever It Takes

To Stop

It Oh Why
Oh Why Are

You Crying oh
Only Onions Thank

God Oh Rue too And

Those Big Sensitive Eyes...

Oh Cr8p
Please Don’t
Become too

Normal Hehe

Ya Gotta Find
Some Kinda


Love For



Or Other

Creative Artist’s

Best FRiEnD


Of Heaven/Hell

Pepper Perks
In Salt of Earth

Usually Life Complies...

"No man is an island but a woman can hold the speck
of star dust in her hand and the universe in the other."

Hehe Dear Cindy i Just Got Through Paraphrasing

William Blake And Here You Go

With Palms of You God Yes

With Stellar Hands Fingers

That Hold MuLTiUNiVeRSeS
oF LoVE iN Peace Even With

'Look Ma No Hands' NoW As Words
Become SoUL of Poetry Beyond
FlesH And Blood With SMiLes

Happy International

Women's Day
Always To You
NewLY NoW WitH SMiLes...

Grains of Sand We Come Into The World Yes Each Part of Us
Coming Still The Start of Existence Still Now With SMiLes New

Only Limited By How Small Or Large Our iMaGiNaTioNS Are

to Co-Create Sand Castles Less or More Ornate to Inhabit

BRinGinG to Fruition All Our DreamS UNfolding FLoWeRS

Petals of Creation

We All Are Yet

Even if We Innately
Build No Ornate Sand
Castles to Inhabit Today

Still We aRe All Parts Yes

Grains of Sand of a Most

Beautiful Beach Gift From

All Our Ancestors Animate

Thru Inanimate True Gift

Of Existence We All Are

With SMiLEs SMiLEs Yes Other Than
That SMiLes Happy International Women’s
Day Continuing All Days For You Traveler of So

Many Countries Brave Adventuring Places Stepping

Stones For Greater Ornate Castles Still For You To Inhabit Next

And Perhaps Even Build Differently Than Anyone Who Has come Before Yet

True As Dr. Seuss Says From The Very STArT of Now ‘There is No One You’er
Than You’

Gift Enough
Naked Whole Complete

Just as You are A Beautiful
Grain of Sand And Beach All…

For True How Could Any Ray oF LiGHT Below
Sunshine Be Lonely STiLL PArt oF Sun Above…

SMiLes Dear Savvy
As Deep And Colorful

Ocean BRings


Depths of

Waves RiSinG

Water Whole

Yet Different
Now How

Every Rain
Drop Splashes
to Renew Ocean
Whole Levels Again

Our Love For Living Only CoLoRinG
As Deep As the Ocean The Waves the
Water of Now We Co-Create For Every
Move Holding Dance Together For Every
Letter in Every Word Holding Song Together

A New Connecting Wiring Force of Our Living
Trees Leaves Green And Brown To Rise Higher
To Rise Lower

ThiS ETernal

Now More



Than Ever
Before Eternal
Now Deeper New For Real...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Yes

Living A Philosophy of Always

Now A Natural

End of Means

For Letting Go Free New

THere Are
Now So Many
New Beginning
Creative Ideas

Setting Kind Free

May Love Always

Guide Our Seeds Within

to Sprout So Green And Colorful

More Forevernow

New Again as


of the
Dance Within
Brings Beauty
of the Song Now mY FRiEnD

As Always Thanks For All the
New Inspirations Free From Around the
Globe You Bring Here in this Avenue New...

SMiLes Dear Marianna

Love is the Grace the Gift

The Light The Work The Play

That Slays Fear Yes All Beautiful
Four Letter

Words This
Way Even the

One Starting
With F Yes Fear

For Perspective

As A Gift Of Life Play
That Slays Fear Reminds Us

How Wonderful A LiFE iNHaLinG

Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All With

Least Harm YES

Now For Real IS

And By God Yes

A Never Ending

Silent Dance That

Brings Beauty of Song
FLoWinG This Way Autotelic Contemplating
More A Meditation A Practice of LiFE LoVE iN LiGHT
This Way Born and Bred From First Breath to Last BLink of Life

As A Disciplined Way of Life Based on This Foundation of Loving
Grace in Balance

With Will



to Hold Onto Love

Unconditionally To
Give The SaMe NoW mY FRiEnD For Real...

Thanks For Your Inspiring Poetic Words Shall this Silent
Dance and Beauty of Song Ever End No Never NoW As
LonG as Love


It Is

That Always
Will Go Up in
Value if We Keep
DeLiVeRinG This Positive
Energy of Play Free to All

Now With Least Harm...

And Yes Most Respect

Yet of Course It's True
Hehe, Not Everyone is
Ready to Receive 'This Much



i Do My Best
to Adjust the FLoW Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Yam
Wise Words You Bring
Our Awareness of Life
Begins And Ends Within

How Far We Go Within
Is Usually More Limited

By Those Outside

Us Who
Don't See
With Similar
EYes Within

Vastly Diferent Each
Huwoman Mult-Uni-Verse
Is Vastly Similar Group Think
Outside of What We Feel and

Sense Within May Be

i've Surely Lived Long
Enough to Understand
Real Differences of Heaven
Purgatory and Hell They Begin
And End And Begin Again Within Now

New Visiting All the Places
In All These Years of
Life Well Aware

i May Be
Sitting Next
to or Speaking
to Someone Now

Entirely in A Different
Place of Naked Enough
Whole Complete Or

Never Now
Enough to
Be Satisfied
Or Even Able
to Tolerate And Accept This Life

It Does Help to Understand That God
Within For Real is A Force With Will

That Sets Us Free

Relatively Dancing
Singing of Course
As Silence of Dance
Brings Beauty of Song...

Hehe Don't Mind Raising Mountains
As Long as i Don't Have to Climb

Heights Oh A Suspended

Pedestrian Trail

Across A Valley

My Gosh Leaving the

Floor Undone on the Left

And Right Parts of the Bottom

Of the Path Where There is Only Air

Or Ceiling Just Space to Put A Foot Through hehe...

Five And
Dime Gosh
i Must Be


To Remember

A Store that Cheap

Oh The Slow Go Days
Come Faster Now in



Left Behind

Five And Dime Time...

Oh Dear Lord Dollar Tree is
A Dollar And Twenty-Five Cents too

Hehe Yet Really Who Am i to Complain
iN A Most Favored Nation First World

Problems Indeed For the Starving

Children Are Dying as i Sing

Shall i Dance to Feed Them

No They Really Need Food

Wake Up Ya God Dammed Heathens
Or Did That Part About 'Goats and
Sheep' in 'Matthew' Not 'Fire Ya Up' Yet...

There Are Clouds and
Sky the Weather

Plus Sunshine

my Moods

i Never Realized

They Are never

Up There

Now i
Make it
Rain in Shine

And Color

Clouds Inside...

Oh Lord i Remember
That Grind Of Work
Hehe Getting Paid
For it 33 Years

i Left the
Art Behind
For 40 Years
Since i Was 13

Coming Back
To Art Dream

Filled With

Fruition at 53

Dead Tree Coming
Back Alive As Spring

Indeed Dear
Soni FRiEnD

Keep Your


With Work
Keep Coloring
Your Life With

Soul And Others
Too Hehe it’ll



And Sane too...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Today What We Put and Feel and
Sense into Our Mind is Our Future Already no need
for me to Find Divine Intercession Further than the
Connection of God Within Yet it is True Human
Beings are Very Influenced Subconsciously
By What We Feed Our Mind Our
HeART SPiRiT oF SoUL through
Positive Or Negative
Affirmations no
Matter what
Form and Essence
That Takes from Within
or From All Other Sources
Outside of What We View Reality
as Self or Soul or whatever Metaphor
of Word one Loves to Use for the Essence of
what is at hand Yes Placebo and Nocebo in terms
of Positive Affirmations Versus Negative Affirmations
Will Lead to either Healing or Disease of all Parts Human
Being so verily it is Good to Consume the Light more than the
DarK So Yes Smiles
i am Careful what i feed
my Soul No Violence on
TV No Dark of Harming others
And surely Limiting the Soap Opera
of the News Yet Yes i stay informed
as staying informed these days may
in deed be the Difference Between
Life and Death for those who
Do not stay informed
of changing
of the Environment
And True however that may
Come in Truth and Lies and or
Dark and Light of Disease and Destruction too...

SMiLes Sohair You have been writing Beautiful
Poetry Lately as all relates to Soul for me Soul
Mate is in the Leaves the Branches of the Trees
Soul Mate is in the Sky the Blue and Even Darkest Clouds
Yes For Me Soul Mate is SPIRiT is HeART is SoUL Soulmate
God that
As DarK
THornS And
FLoWeRS of Rose
Soul Mate Rose ALL RiSinG
God at Least and Most iN/FoR Me...


Idols of Reality...

Only Approximating

Our Full Perceptions
Feelings And Senses of Life

True How To Describe The Smell
And Taste of Food Real When Smell
And Taste Is Lost From A Common Cold

For A Half of A Year And When it Returns
All Smells Like Death As Only A Doomsday Metaphor

Until the Smell Finally

Returns Similar Yet Never

Likely The Same As Before
Or How To Describe A Feeling
of Discomfort Beyond All Words
Touching Most All Human Made
Materials From Birth Or Losing Effective
Use of Sight and Sound to The Worst Pain

Understood by Humankind

Yet Impossible to Understand

Fully Unless One Experiences It

Like All The Other Experiences

Noted Here Senses Come And Go

And Oh No What About When You Can't
Remember the Feeling of A Smile Ever

SMiles in Short All THere Is
Is Now And All We Do For
Loving Colors Newly Now
PaintinG LoVE
LiGHT Eternally
Greater Now
Yes As Life
Evolves New
Ocean Whole Deeper...

Ah Yes Dear Sohair When Love is True Peaceful So Deep God
Yes Real And Unconditional to Give Share Care Heal Love

CarrieS on Best ThiS Way Yes As LeSSoNS to Others True

Too Love That Never Gives Up Is Rare Yet Never the Less

Real With
SMiLes No
Matter Who

Says They May
Shoot IT And KiLL IT Dead...

Happy International Women's Day
To You Too The Day After And All Days
Commencing Now STiLL Yes With SMiLes...

SMiLes Indeed Our Emotions

Are Unique For Us To Color and

Grief Dear Miriam is Surely Unique

To Every Soul Perhaps

A Hardest Kind

of Grief and


is When One's Closest
One's of Blood Are No Where
To Be Found In Soul of Feelings

As The Emptiness Continues the
Search For What Seemingly Never

At All...

To Love

And To Feel

Love A Greatest
Gift Closely Related iN Peace
to Grief and Mourning Indeed...

As Emotions Are Memories Memories
Are Emotions When They Go No Point of

Actually Do

Come Back Perhaps
Stronger Than Ever

Before for What Appreciation Newly Now
Means Dear Kiran For What is Gifted Again to
Actually Fully Live and BREaTHE Again With SMiLes

SMiLes All the Words in the World Will Never Fully Describe
The Colors of LoVE iN Peace Yet What They Will Do is Our

Best to Mutually And Consensually Come to Some Understanding

Of How Different
And Similar We
aRe WitH SMiLes

Happy Belated International
Women's Day to You A Day After
And Continuing my FRiEnD Again

Poetry Never Ends As No Words Will
Ever Be Able to Measure Fully What We

FeeL And Sense
of Life For Real...

Like Measuring
Hell and Heaven
With A Straight
Lined Ruler Within For Real Hehe
It Just Won't Work And That's Okay too...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
When All Is Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE

When All Is Appreciation
Gratitude Yes Great Thanks Praise

Creating Every Word Sacred Song
Every Move Holy Dance True An

Escape From
Heaven WiTHiN

May Be Practically

Impossible New to
Do Now With SMiLes...

It's a 'Lonely Heart's Club' Place That
Not All Folks Have Visited or Lived Dear

Isha i Have A Song to Share With

You Called 'Illusion'
That Helped People

i Know Who Have
Shared Darkness

Unrelenting in Life

Of Course including me
Seems Like Forever Ago
Yet Then it Was Forever in DarK iNDeeD

Clouds Do



And i Do
Know You Won't Give Up...

All my Pleasure
Dear Cindy



With SMiLes...

"Acute Stress Is Nothing" Hehe Thanks For
Quoting me Mr Gottfried Of Course A Relative

Statement Now
As Compared to

The Days of Never Ending
Chronic Work-Related Stress
of Do or Die to Keep the Federal
Government Golden-Handcuffs on

For A Promise of Lifelong Benefits
Also Known as Total Financial Independence

From Ever Being Mastered in Indentured Servitude


To the Great
Moldy Green
Money God
That True
Is Only A
Tool We Either
Master or Become
Controlled by and
Replaced By Indeed

It's Amazing How Much Reservoir
oF Human LoVE iN Peace Including
Will and Strength One May Build as

A Pyramid of Life With A Real Wisdom Eye
Without Cultural Generated Illusions of Stress

That Are of Course as Real as Real Gets as What
Chronic Unrelenting Stress That Turns into Acute
Unrelenting Stress AKA Fight or Flight Will Do as far As

Tearing Down All Bodily Systems Even the

Ability to Remember the

Feeling of A Smile Ever

As Emotions are Memories
And Memories are Emotions

If You Really 'Feel' Beyond Acute

Stress Indeed it is the real 'Nothing'
of Piece of Paper Existence Where THere

Is no Fear or Hope Just Nothing at all

A Statue at the Bottom of the Ocean

Sunk Eternally Now and Cold

As Soul Will Go For Real

Within in Hell

For Real

Nope No Stick After
Death in a Fictional
Book the 'True Scotsman'

in HeLL ON Earth or in my Case

And A Splash of Viking Yes

With a Little Bit of South Asian
And Nigerian Mixed in according
to '23 and me' Chromosome Testing at Least hehe

Anyway in the Real FroZen Part of Hell For Real as
Dante Related It's the Coldness of Numb The Living

Dead For Real

That Makes
Hell as Real
As A Thousand
Years in One Second
in my case no 3 Hour to 3 Day
Tour Just the Numb of Nothing FroZen
And the Suicide Disease Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia Assessed as Not Only the Worst Pain known to
Humankind From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months No Drug would

Touch Yet Also
Assessed as
Worse than
the Real
Torture of
Crucifixion indeed
no 'Pleasure Tour' of
Just 3 Hours to 3 Days For Real Now Then

(As Of Course You've Heard This Before)

Anyway i Suppose Acute Stress for Most
Folks my Age Closing in on 64 ever since
6.6.60 Might Be Leg Pressing 1540 Pounds
Just Warming Up at the Military Gym 12 reps
With my Arms Reaching Up into the Heavens
in Wu Wei Effortless Ease Yet It's True It's Just Nothing

At All to me
in Balance
With Tremendous
Reservoirs of Human 'Chi'

Just Another Feather in the Breeze
Same Way i Float my 248 Pound

(Still Getting Stronger With New
More Advanced Gym Equipment
Purchased by the Military Hehe)

Human Body in 19,588 Miles of
Public Moving Meditating Martial Arts/
Ballet Free Style Dance Everywhere i go

ALong with all 12.6 MiLLioN Words iN EPiC
Long Form Free Verse Poetry in 126 Months



All Comes
From Nothing iNDeeD

DarK Creates GreaTesT LiGHTS oF All

With SMiLes of Course For All With Most Respect Least Harm...

It's Really Nothing New Been Told and
Re-Told in Many Fictional Stories only one

Small Difference
Hehe in This Case
Study It's Real With

'The Evidence' Still iNTAct


Villain or Hero
It Depends on Who You
Ask When 'Rome/Gotham' is

still Trying to

'Catch on Fire'

-The (A) bATMAN

Other Than That This Be Seeing You Soon...

“Each soul carries its own reserve of courage
That comes through to fulfill its purpose of being.”

True Dear Savvy
A Deeper Potential
And Story Within


Catholic Mass Readings from March 10th, 2024 Soon to lose
Another Hour to the Wee Hours As Such to Be Potentially even

More Late to
Church to Sing
A Few Songs Just
For the HeLLuVA It With SMiles

Other than that the 10th Of March the
11th Anniversary of Writing on the BlogSpot
Blog Truly Amazing i'm Still Traveling in Additional

Creativity Ways Regarding
The Catholic Mass Readings
For This Coming Day Something

About We Alone From A Small Patch of Land
in the Middle East Through The Roman Empire

Have Nerve Enough to Tale God What to Do And Who to Be

And That's Okay Yet i am Already Well Versed in the 'Trump'
Cult of Personality

Then or Now

Humans Still
Evolved AS IS

Of Course it is our DiVerse
Cultures Religions Politics
Philosophies That Are Unique
As Every Grain of Sand on the Beach Front

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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11 Mar 2024, 2:21 am

Hehe Dear Savvy i Was Basically the 'Moderator' For
A Hundred Plus Drunken Sailors Every Night Bound

to Come into Conflict

Remain Calm Remain
Respectful and Don't

Make Any Sudden Moves

Usually They Followed my Advice hehe

By Example

of Course
With SMiLes
So Many Hats in One
Lifetime So Many Screens As Well

Hehe Customer Conflicts Were Much
Easier to Resolve Than Worker Conflicts

As A Manager
of People as

Service was
Much Easier...

Basically Now Be
Kind And Smile Walk
Softly And Keep Folks
GueSSinG What You Are Fully Capable of HAha...

One Thing For Sure is it is Much Easier to Be A Dude in this World

All of COuRSE...

"Celebrating Motherhood" Oh Dear Lord Mr Gottfried
After Celebrating International Women's Day Practically
All Week and Weekend Long i'm Surely All Jazzed Up for

"Celebrating Motherhood" Indeed

For Really Even The Black Hole That

Our Milky Way Revolves Around it Seems

iS A Great Mother Indeed as Even Quantum
Mechanic's Theories Suggest Spin and Torsion

of Dying Stars Falling Into the Great Mother of Black Hole

May Resurrect in Balance

Entire UniVerses


God Yes
Birth at
Best Out
Of Black Holes

Oh Dear Lord Yes
Traditionally After
A Long Nomadic Leaning
Matriarchal Tradition Yes
Then of Human Foragers Hunters
And Gatherers Where Cooperation
Rules as the Child is the Greatest Prize
of the Village For Any Chance At Future
Survival For the Human Species Greed Takes

Over Storing Grain Taking More Than Giving
From Each Other Hoarding More Than Sharing
For Each Other And God Yes Sadly Callously Harming
More Than Caring Healing A Mother's Way of Nurture Indeed

All that Saved

the Human Species
For Hundreds of
Thousands of

Years For Real

Fast Forward to the
Last 10 to 12,000 Years
of Patriarchy Ruled By A Closed
Fist of Greed Yet a Promise of A Son

of Woman to Come And the Age of “The Child" to Begin

An Age of Giving Sharing Caring Healing With Most Respect
And Least Harm Where 'The Child' Sees No Enemy in the Stranger Again

Back to Future
Hehe MaNDaLoRiaN

Protector of the Child Returns

As Forecast Son of Woman Returns
Holding Hands With Daughter No

Separation Now For Real SMiLes

me and 'Eve'
Will Be
The Show From 'Eden'
Naked Enough Whole Complete...

"Pass the Popcorn Eve," "The Real
Oscar's" Are about to Begin Again...

InDeeD Dear Isha C
For Our Age Yes COuRaGE

Never Giving Up iNdeed Yes
These Are the Days of COuRaGE

All Around the Globe God Yes Even

in Most So-Called


Nations As Change
Beckons A Challenge
For Humanity Like Never Before

Shall We All Hold Hands in the Challenge

Of Change God Yes We Will Find God ThiS WaY

iN Each
Other Free...

The Rest of Nature
iS Patiently Waiting For Balance
As LoVE iN Peace Comes to Bloom For

Humanity's Continuing Breath For Real...

A Shopping Spree of Dance
True More Like A RaMPaGE
Dancing Spree Sort of Like 4000 or
So Words of Free Verse Poetry Taking

A Breather on my Laptop in Whataburger
As A Senior Free Cup of Coffee Keeps Me Alert

After Many Miles
of All Day Retail
Therapy Dance Yes

Of Course Providing That
to Others Yet Nothing Equals

The BLiSSiNG The Actual BLeSSinG

of Starring In Your Own Video Game For Real
Dear Miriam Oh What A Feeling Oh More Than

A Feeling


With SMiLes
Plus of Course i
Got A Free Book
Read Listening to
Meditative MuSiC in
Barnes and Noble Entertaining

The Spring Break College Folks From
All Around the United States Plus Other

Countries As Always A Tourist Destination
of All the Flavors of Humanity From Closed Souls

To Most
SoULeD Folks Indeed
Ah Yes Now Just Relaxed
With my Feet All Propped Up at
Home Enjoying the Plateau of the

Cumulative Effects and Affects Now
of An All Day Spent in Heaven For Real

Yes Literally Starting Out Leading the Church
With the Song 'Amazing Grace' From the Back Pews

Never a Need
For A Microphone
For me Oh to Be Naked
Enough Whole Complete
A Dance And Song For Real So Very Free

Wings of
A Butterfly Affect
Comes in iN EffecT AGAiN

Several Screens of Life in one Day...

Yep 'Just Another Day in a Life' With Wings...

More Beauty See
BLeSSinGS Now Be


Gift of Life
Practice oF LoVE
Life to LiVE iN Peace

‘Uncanny Effect In Deed’ Paint a
Picture of the ‘Good Cop Non-Trump

JeSuS’ i Will Never Now Break

mY Promise Not my Way

True Not Everyone Will See
‘the Portrait’ only ‘Those Folks’ Who
Have ‘Seen it Before’... Those Who See

‘It’ In Their

Soul too...

Our Mind is
Spirit There
Is No Measure Except Illusion
Of Form Concrete Paintings

i will Never Finish my
Painting Nor Will You
Forever Now Spirit Mind
Of God Whole We All Are

NoW Eternally New

Never Take
‘my Words’

For ‘Granite’

Paint Your Own Mountain
of Love Eternally Now Or

‘What Ever New’

Focus of Will
Mountains of
Human Potential
‘Threading Needles

'With Camels’

Focus of Will
Under The Force Now
Of Fearless Love Doing
Least Harm Beyond MaGiC

Lesson Number 11 LoVE GREaTesT Rose/Poem/God/
Dance/SonG NeVeR EVeR NoW MeASured Or SoLD

“There is only one thing in life worse
than being talked about, and that is
not being talked about.”

Timely Quote Ashe
By Oscar Wilde Indeed
Considering What It Will Be
Like Shut-in With No Human Connection At All Yes Lonely
People Have Mortality Rates Nearly 50 Percent Higher Obviously
Oscar Wilde Was Outcast For Who He Was And Imprisoned In Hard
Labor For His Sexuality True Understanding The Context
of His Life one Sees The Gravity of the Human Condition
From Being Outcast Isolated With Little to no Connection
in Terms of Being Talked About Poetry isn’t for Shallow Thinkers...

And Humanity

Is For Diversity


The Only

Book The


Were Allowed

To Read is the F in Bible
Oh to Be Born Today And

Free There Are So many Spoiled
Weeds These Days i Mean That

In A

Nicer Poetic Way...

Basically Just Tooting my Own Horn hehe...

As Always With a 'Little Help' From Some FRiEnDS...

i Suppose if A Real Anti-Trump Might Exist They Surely
Would Chose Their Own 'Disciples Apostles and Other Prophets'
As Typically If You Rely On Others to Write YouR Story They F iT Up...

Just For
THeiR Own
Selfish Profits...

Freedom To Bloom Yet Love
Takes Care LeSSoN 331

Hehe Like Many Creative
Folks if i Had A Dime
For Every Time
Me Crazy
Or Famous,
Hero, Legend

i’d Only Have
A Nickel As i




A Full
Glass and
it’s Still A Dime

Hehe Oh Such A Beast

A Fine Old Hairy Wine...

Yeah It’s True Not Everyone Likes
Poetry Waxing Deeper In Flow
Of Soul Expressing Personal

Philosophy As Naturally
Every Human Views

And To Diverge
From Group Think
Is Painful to The Cohesion
The People of That Glue Seek
To Make Folks Conform In Hopes

Of Shaming Them

To Bring Them

In Control Those

Who Seek To Individually

Grow Philosophically Poetically

In Soul This Way Must Step Out

Of The Conformity of The Tight

Clothes Of What it Means
To Fit in As An Instrument
Of Whatever Group Think

Of Culture

We Find


In For Community
Standards Like Placing
Stars Across Private Parts
For Those Creative And Free
Enough To Do Nude Art Poses
On FB Must Be Kinda Popular

Hehe As I’m Subscribed
To A Black And White


All i Get is
“Barest Of Censored
Nude Art” Humans
When Free Artists
Predictable Indeed

Easily Seen on
FB News Feed For Real

Anyway As i Started Waxing
Poetically In Philosophy to
Evolve my Soul As A Finer
Aging Beast Wine All

Dead inside Before

Debating Old Stuff
Instead of Creating
Philosophy Freely
In Flow of Verse

Oh Boy on A Site
Geared Toward
Only Mechanical

Cognition Yes Replies
Came of You’re Crazy
You’re Talking Word Salad
And What Country Are You

From Well Well Schooled
With 3 Degrees one in
Anthropology i
Knew The

Value Of

Souls Yep Health
Science And Social
Sciences Interdisciplinary

Through The Other Two
Degrees i Didn’t Exactly

Fall Off A Turnip Truck

In The Deep Red State
South so i Persevered

As i Already Had A
Diverse Enough


That Already

Proved i Was Excelling

Beyond A Base Of A

Restricted Cultural

Yes Paradigm

What All “Jonathan

Livingston Seagulls” Do

To Fly Higher Solo They

Finally Allowed me to

Just Be me Still
Insisting Some
i Offered No


Just to be
Ignored even
Then When the

Only Thread i
Created “Depth of
The Story” Still A
Number one Search
Result on Google Without
Quotes Since A Few Thousand

Views When They Came to reply
At 10,000 Views From The Start
They Asked When am i Gonna Do

Anything of Value

As what i was

Doing Still

Just Didn’t make
Sense insisting that
Only Bots Were Viewing
Perhaps a Handful of

Humans At Most

Yet oh No Yes The
Nice Administrator

Cleared Their Confusion
As Only Registered Members
Views Counted Now There Are
Closer to 213,000 Views Yes More With Around
3.6 MiLLioN Words in 44 Months Yes Since The

Start and They Said


And Now
They Let me
Be Me Free in
Peace To Express

My Own Philosophy
Unique in Free Verse



Is It

Any Wonder

Why There is

So Little truly

Original Creativity

In The World No As

Not Many People

Have What
Snoopy Has

The Same Dance
Of Freedom With

Or Without A



Of Joy In Song

Loving Life within

Indeed The Lesson

Of 'JeSuS' yet not the

Old Testament one the

Newer one Written

By Charles


As God


As A Dog for Real...

Life Is Always A New
Testament For All

Who Escape


Art Of DarK

True Though Humans

Are Generally More

Creative When


For An


“Guitar Men
And Or Women”

Are Experts In Moving Targets...

So True Dear Marianna Now

How Many Sides Are There

To Human Wars



And More
Spilled Blood
Shed it Seems

Into the DarK UNTiL LiGHT
Returns Hiding Shadows Now
Until DarK ReturnS AGAiN to War

SMiLes Dear Isha

River Is No True
Beginning or End

River Only Flows
New Now For Real Yet

i Am Human i Get to SMiLe

How Lovely it is to BE A River Newly Now
FLoWinG WitH A SMiLe YeS EVeN WitH

BirtH And DeatH Now Is All

That Will Ever Be Is Now

So Now At Least

THere Is No


Or Birth
i Am A River
i Flow With SMiLes

Birth And Death Does
Not Worry A Soul With Wings

WinD FoREVeR NewLY NoW Wings SouL

Yes So Who Am i Only Fumes of This Dance
And SonG oF mY SoUL iNDeeD These Avatars of Words

May Live Forever More Now Than Just One Mortal Life...

Yet You See FeeL And Sense It is the Love We Give That




oF Others We
LiGHT Up to GLoW

ALiVE As They Carry on the
Tradition oF LoVE iN Peace
Forever Now True With SMiLes
New to Give Share Care Heal For All
With Most Respect And Least Harm

JoY iN LiGHT oF LoVE iNHaLinG Peace
Exhaling LoVE Forever Now Real With SMiLes...

I think I was born as a kind of classical pantheist,

(More Like Panentheism Yet Not Really Labeled)

as I saw patterns and connections in things
that were more of my thinking process,

along with the tactile sensory world,

than what I think most people may experience
as an internal dialogue of thought.

I still have a vivid memory
of connection to everything in the world,

as if I had been here


before I was able to speak at 4
that I cannot fully put into words,

from about age 3
looking out into
the distance

over the river
I grew up next to.

But I think in some ways
I knew more about my existence

then than I do now,

as I could not separate myself

from what seemed

like a very old home of nature.

I am glad I had the opportunity
to roam desolate pristine beaches

as a teenager and young adult,

without any fear,

and feeling one in being

with the waves,

white sand,

emerald green gulf,

sea oats and seagulls,

with no dramas in my head.

Yet even my ancestors could not experience
that with not being sure where their next meal

was going to come from.

Not likely that many creatures in the Universe
could experience a little slice of nirvana like that.

I can remember getting back into my car
and being jolted back into the reality

of all that is the complexity
of modern culture,

which at
that point

in time
was so,
so limited

as compared

to today.

I was never quite the same
after home computers came along,

as I drifted further
and further

from a home

of nature.

The people I dealt
with in the public

at that time,

in what was a “Cheers” like


was also a slice of nirvana.

Cigarette filled,

Yet the emotional contagion
of a hundred human beings

that are happy

that I had the privilege to serve

and make even happier,

equaled the nirvana
of the walks

on the

I loved my exquisite
sensory experience of life...

It was worth

not being able to touch

man made texture
without goose bumps

and an incredible feeling

of discomfort.

When I see Landon Bryce’s book,
“I Love My Own Autistic Self,"

the little guy on the front
is how I usually felt


that people could only see
in the gleam
of my

People often told me
they wished they had

what it was I had,

or wanted some
of the drugs I was taking,

Yet I had no idea what they were talking about
because there was nothing I wanted
Yet to exist,

for so many years…

It was a powerful feeling
that no one’s negativity
could take away
from me,

not even when the rest
of the world
told me

I was not
one of their kind.


that was quite a tangent,

but it is kind of therapeutic for me;

I hope you don’t mind…

My point I started off with was religion
and classic pantheism,

which is all of nature and science for me;

the cultural complexity of what has come
from human collective intelligence,

including all the strange oddities,
even the strangest of religious cults and beliefs.

But most of all

the reality of that beach

those waves,


those grains of sand,

that do not exist

without me.

A gift,

a wonderful gift

that was provided
by my father and mother,

and their ancestors

where there could be no break
in the chain of events

of human struggle

that all my ancestors experienced
to survive and reproduce,

and their rodent ancestors

about 75 million years ago,

and all the other ancestors not identified
and material substances that came together

to make that possible,

from the origin
of what is,

is, is.
one point

that I can only abstractly define
because of the human collective intelligence

that provides the map

to what can be described,


one point

that we all share

that can never be disconnected,

as long

as we exist…


I just realized
that sounds kind of like
the intro

to the
“Big Bang Theory”

TV show…

And relatively speaking
the knowledge that I gained

that this is one sliver
of conscious existence

and what really is
a little slice of heaven
for some that do exist,

considering just the benefit
of a warm soft bed,
a hot shower,

and things
now considered
so mundane

that took billions of years
to come into existence

that were not here

a little over
a century

like toilet paper…

Yet I could never experience
that connection
of what


than when

I have everything
and everyone before me
to thank for that experience…

Including collective intelligence
and the understanding

of that one point
that still exists

in all of us

and everything else…

I never met a stranger,

not even a grain of sand
on the beach…

Yet I did not feel
a category,

a religion,

a race
or even

a gender
for myself,

which at least for me

enhanced the ability

to find a friend

in that grain

of sand.

I suppose it was
the immune system issues

and chronic pain then

that took so much
of that gleam
out of my


Yet it still exists
in the eyes

in what
I perceive

of the

of the cat
in my



Who at 18 years old
Was likely closer

to the wisdom
of that



that only exists

in my memory

and pictures…

I sense that type of wisdom
requires no human intelligence at all

beyond the core
that is shared.

I think it can be lost
so much easier

in a human
into a little sliver of hell

somewhere outside
that balance of heaven.

in lives

instant gratification

has become
the norm…

I was at the service
of my fully inside cat, Moby

Yet he never had that gleam
in his eyes,

or the same struggles
to survive.

The yellow cat

in my Google plus avatar
on the “Autistic Hoya” website,

was a feral cat
Who only knew struggles

in his several years of life
behind our house in the woods,

Yellow Boy

He became my emotions

after chronic pain
had removed them
from my existence.

He gained
a gleam in his eyes
of gratitude

to have a balance
in his life

when we
allowed him
a place

to gain

An identical yellow cat, Sunny Boy
that likely is his offspring,

younger and stronger

appeared intermittently

out of the woods

and started to injure
our then neutered cat,

racking up $200 dollar vet bills,

every other week

so the once feral cat
Was forced

to become

a fully inside cat.

I watched

him slowly lose

that gleam in his eyes,

with the call of the wild
slowly drifting away,

Along with all the likely
incredible sensory experiences
that come with an outdoor world
that the other cat
that never gets injured
in fights at age 18,
could still fully experience.

As I sat outside
toward the back of my yard,

in the afternoon sun,

he was pacing back and forth politely,
still with a humility of respect

for a place of subsistence

that kept him from tearing
the screen of the patio.

Perhaps if he could speak
and let me know in words

what I was taking away from him then
I would listen. Yet I could not bear the thought

of additional bloody wounds on his face.

Yet still I remember
what it means

to have

that connection
and balance…

When I watched him
pace back and forth,

it is was one
of the few things

in life

that would bring
a tear to my eye

that reminded me
that I too

am still

Other than that,
it could be

just a word
like Synesthesia

that seems
to trigger

in my brain

Putting brakes
On logic

to move


'This,' Just A Private Message
to my First FRiEnD on Facebook
A Woman Who Used to Sell Diamonds

on the Autism Spectrum Who Thanked me
For my Empathy Expressed in A Place Where There


to Be

At All...

Anyway i Copied And Pasted
'This Private Message' Yes From

February 28th, 2013 And Then on

March 10th Making it "My Perspective
On Life" As A First Post Creating it Yes

i Decided to Go on A Blogging Adventure

Within on the Blogspot Platform Sponsored
By Google Naming It "KATiE MiA/Aghogday:
Views From the Autism Spectrum And Beyond"

(Moving Toward A View Count of Half A
Million With Many More on Several Other
Archive Blogs As Well Additionally on Many

Other Social Media Avenues as Well All For Free)

Yes in Search of my Soul Then Lost For 66 Months
Until Returning on A Beach One With Sugar White
Sands Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze Emerald Green
Gulf Waves And Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Around the

Sun That Eventually
Would Be Transformed
Into 19,600 MiLes of Public
Free FLoWinG NoW Meditative
Dance And 12.6 MiLLioN Words
oF "SonG oF mY " in 10 Years and 6 Months Now

As i Celebrate The Still Ongoing Subchapter of that
EPiC Longest long Form Bible Poem Now in 7 Years
And 9 Months of "Nether Land Bible 10.5 MiLLioN WordS Old
93 Months" With "FB Profile Pic Bible" Another Subchapter
RiSinG to 8.9 MiLLioN Words in 81 Months Now Too Where

Those Words Also Live on Facebook in Series of 18 Or So Facebook
Profile Pics in the Description Areas Fully Illustrating About 8,000 Words

For Each Series of Fully iLLuSTRaTinG Photos Just to Celebrate Life


Now Naked
Enough Whole
Complete Every Word
Sacred Song Every Move
Holy Dance Move And Repose i Continue

to iNHaLE Peace EXHaLE LoVE iN Heaven

Within Real Newly Now...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy
Now Again Silence of
Dance Brings Beauty
of Song Deeper Touching

Resources Meditating Flowing

Yes Ascending Transcending Now

From the Real Divine Within New Our

Deeper Ocean Whole Mind Collecting

All the Resources Through Our Experiences
Each Other the Rest of Nature And Our Ancestral


Earned ACross
All Ages Evolving

STill Now CoLoRinG
ReaLiTY NeW For All to

See Now Who Develop These
Beyond Organs of EYes and Ears
To See WiTHiN Now Dear FRiEnD WitH SMiLes...

Hehe, It's Almost Just Like a Kid Who
Doesn't Wanna Go To Sleep As there
Is Too Much Fun Left to Do in Life

i Need A Nap

i Need A Nap


I'm Getting Sleepy
Yet There is So Much
More Fun to Do! Please
Don't Steal That Hour Away
From Me on Sunday Morning

Yet Wait!

There is
No Time
Except for
Sleep and Wake For me HAha
The Other Side of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
Or Was that A Lullaby i'll Improvise in WaKing



SMiLes Dear
Cindy Oh Why
Oh Why Does The Human
Species take So Much From
Each Other and the Rest Of

Nature Now
Rather Than
Giving For the
Joy That Becomes
Receiving More of Abundance

Of the Nature of LoVE WiTHiN It's True

War And Peace Starts So Very Close to HoME

The Home Within Gardened Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Love or Tribute to Lesser Than Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

Increasingly With the Positives and Negatives Of Modern Information
And Arts

We aRe Globally

Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
ThiS WaY iN A Place With No Sun or
Moon Or Really Even Any Time, Distance,
Space or Matter of Things As the Arts And Sciences

We Co-Create
May Exist
long After

Our Last
Breaths Remain
In Bits And Bytes of the Records of What
Humans May Give BacK NoW More than they

Take For it is True i Am Consuming Little to No
Natural Resources Connecting to You Now so Free ThiS Way

For It's True Perhaps the Worker Bees of the World Will Continue

Laying Down Avenues That Create More Peace Than War my FRiEnD

As the Expense And Expanse of A High Definition Virtual Reality That Feels Nearly the

Same As Blood And Other Stuff on Our Own Soils And Souls of Humanity mY FRiEnD

Perhaps the
Taste of War

Will Finally

Feel More Like

Living Blood For All

Perhaps War Will Finally
Bring Global Inhales of Peace
And Exhales of Love We All Feel And
Sense Together as One Body and Blood of LoVE Worth Keeping my

FRiEnD SMiLes Dear FRiEnd i've Already Lost my Soul for 66 Months
Once i Have Enough Hope Coming Back to Life Now For the Rest of the World Indeed...

Yes, We These Giving Sharing Caring Healing Living Trees Spreading Leaves of Love

To Our

Last Breaths

Of Peace Now

And So Much More...

Thanks For your Very
Inspiring Soul Felt Poem

And Today, Since 3.10.2013,
Is actually The Date i Published
my First Blog Post on 'Blogspot' 11 Years
Ago Glad to Celebrate The Actual Day Again

With You Dear FRiEnD...

You are Very Welcome Jade As
Long As We Create We Bloom

Soul Of “The Child”
Creativity Is Hehe

i Feel So Much
Younger At 63 in
Every Way Than
At 21 Ironically
i Was So
Afraid of
Getting Old
Then As i Felt So Old

Best Wishes For All
You Create With
SMiles Of “The
Child” Eternal


For Real...

Hehe No i can’t
Count Numbers
Of Instances
A Princess

This Frog

No Not Ashamed

To Admit It All


Is No

Who is Love Most...

My Pleasure Jade
Your Poetry

Explores Soul
Deep Not often

i Find This on Word Press

It’s A Treasure to
Me And Important

To Explore DarK
As Well As LiGHT

To See How



Breath Free
With SMiles Friend

Your Poetry


For Someone

Like me Who
Has Seen Where
Demons Dare
And Angels
Dare Not Fly

All Relate

As Generally
One Must Explore
Below To See Above...

Number 12
What Will
i Dance
What Will
i Sing
What Will i Breathe Be Love Be Free iN Peace
Do Least Harm to the Rest Of All (GoD) In
Victory ‘Just Do It’ NoW Without
A Shoe
Gets That!

SMiLes Dear Miriam

i Don't Throw Anyone

Away Already Been to The

Bottom of the 'Heap of Gehenna'

No WHere
to Go
At Least
in Hell i
Know of For Real...

Congrats on Your Publish in the
Poetry Magazine Dear Cindy

And It's True Every Poem is
A New Seedling For A New Tree

To See And Understand And Breathe

No Matter How Many

Instances the

Tree Comes
Back to Life With SMiLes...

When i Was In Hell
i Had a Really Good
Therapist Dear Isha
Some Are Analytical
And Some Are Empaths
Fortunately For me
She Was
Both Her
Advice Rewire
my Soul Make Every
Move Holy Make Every
Word Sacred As i Am
Liberally ParaphraSing
Her Advice As Instead
Of A Dead Tree i Slowly
Lit Up Every Dead Leaf
With A New Color of
SouL iT Took Years
Yet Slowly The
Leaves took
New Colors
The Pain
And Numb
Melted Away
And For Ten
And A Half
Years i Am
Evergreen Still
Blooming New
Colors Every Breath
Every Move And Word
A New Dance And Song

Yet For Years
i STiLL Didn’t KNoW
If i Could Survive At


One More
Yet i Took
Her Advice
i Kept Breathing
Moving i Never
Gave Up Now

i SMile

Again With
The Best
Gift Ever


GOlden Bunny
Happy SuNDaY
To You Dear FRiEnD
With Wisdom of
“The Child”
Blind To
Words Yet
Feeling Dance
And Song Free
This Memory Now

With SMiles

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 63
Gender: Male
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12 Mar 2024, 1:24 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Considering All We Have is Now

The More Colorful And Deep We Find Meaning in

All Parts of the Whole Indeed More Glimmering

The Miracle of Existence

Each Present

Now Becomes

As 'They' Sage
'Interbeing' With tHe ALL
What Really Helped me Develop

A Deeper Story of this Present Gift of Life
Is Spending An Entire Year Responding Poetically

in Free Verse to Every Poet and Every Poem on an

International Poetry Site Back in 2015 Through 2016
And Then At the End of That Endeavor Getting Enthused
And Inspired By Every Poem Even if the First Impression Might

Other Wise
Not Inspire

What it Taught
me Most Was to Develop
Complete Focus on the Present
Now And Create More Colors of
Wonder and Awe to Appreciate About Life

As Now That Continues to Spread in Every Avenue
of my Life All through the Dance And The Song With

A Deeper
Story of Life

True at the End of that
Year i Collected All the
MicroVerse Poetry and
Just for fun as hehe i knew
very well it would be much
too long for anyone to care to open
and read i Compiled it all into 338,630
Words and 300 Lovely Beach Photos with
Many Beautiful Photos of Sunsets and Wildlife

i took along the Way of appreciating all the Parts
of the Whole in Photography too i called it "GodsUniVerseNovel3"

And Yes it Still Exists with a simple Google search in case i ever wanna
Revisit what i wrote Yet Honestly i continue to Celebrate the Present Gift

too Much

to even

Look back
as every Part
of Life now Through
Dance And Song Free

Glimmers as A Poetry Prompt New
to Do to Find More Depth of Meaning
in Life With Great Gratitude for the Miracle of

All DarK
Thru LiGHT
God Yes Every PArt of Whole NoW NeWLY
A Never Ending Dance Song and Story With SMiLes

God Yes

Happy New Seedlings
Of Love And SMiLes
Of Poetry Free in Peace
To You Dear
Cindy Still

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Found a Most Ornately

Built Sand Castle at A Beautiful Beach With
Sugar White Sands, Emerald Green Waves,
Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze and Sea Gull

Wings Flown By Wind and Air As Fish

Are Swum By Currents And Waves

Of Ocean Whole Water Same

Above So Below

The Connections Are

Clear We aRe All Grains of

Sand of A Most Beautiful Beach

Where We May Create Sand Castles

Out of Our Sand More Ornate or Just

Be Satisfied With Being Part of the Whole

of Beach Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete Or Perhaps

Even Do
SMiLes of More...

SMiLes Dear
Savvy Always
Kin in Kind

And Hehe It's
Not Hard for
me As THere
Is LiterAlly


iN FRiEnD HAha

Giving is Receiving
Breathes on Within Above

Below Inside Outside All Around

A Choice iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE

A Life


of Loving LiFE NoW
To WHeRE 'You' Are

me WiTHiN New

Understanding Now

WHeRE LoVE Breathes Sees...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

Some Days The Greatest

CourAGE Is to ReMain

A Child EYes BRiGHT

Enough to


Man Enough

To Be A Child
Again And Smile...

Ah The Gift of Tears
Dear What Strength

Dear Tears Will Bring

For True When Tears Dry
Up With the Rest of Human Emotions

There Will Be No Gas Left to Feel Naked,
Enough, Whole, Complete For i Do Remember

March of 2013, 63 Months into Hell Then A Cat
Named Sunny Boy As We Called Him So As He

Looked Like A Duplicate

of Our Cat Yellow
Boy Who Wandered
Up From the Woods on
Or About Christmas 2012

Could Have Even Been that Mayan
Prophecy Day on the Winter Solstice Then

An Outside Cat He Was Yes Cats The Closest FRiEnDS
i Could Find to Bring me Back to Soul As If They Came

to me As Saviors

From the Wild to
Try to Heal What
Was Lost Then Within of me

Yet There was Another Scrappy 6 Pound or
So Black and White Tabby We Called Oreo

Who Was Not Afraid of Even Humans Hissy
Fitting His Way We Figure He Was the one
Who Fought

And Injured
Sunny Boy

As We Took Him
to the Vet And For All
Those Months Life Was Death
Yes Just Living Death So As the Vet

Examined Him He Found Poor Sunny
Boy With Ripped Up Face Had Kitty Aids

As Yellow Boy Already Housebound With Feline
Leukemia then to Protect Any Outside Unvaccinated


Sadly We Were
Faced With No
Hope For Sunny Boy
The Vet Helped Us Make
The Very Difficult Decision

So one of the Strings to Potential
Healing of my Soul Was Gone And Strangely
When i Walked Out off There in the Broad Blue


i Noticed
Briefly in
The Crisp
Cool Spring


I Was Alive ALiVE
And How Fortunate
My Empty Breaths Still
Came to me then Just
one Breath of Relief

And What Really

Surprised me

is the Rain of
One Tear That First
Feeling of Inner Warmth
From Any Experience of Life
i had Then for All 63 Months And

Even With All the Pain Dragging
Myself to the Military Gym With Shades
On And Ear Plugs of course As the
Outside World Brought So Much

Pain to me in All Sights
And Sounds then

My Legs

That Structurally

Could Still Press 500 Pounds

Then Felt Actually Somewhat Strong
Then for the First Time Solid in 63 Months

It Didn't Last Long Yet i Surely Realized Then HOW




i Am Really A Man And i Cry Every
Chance i Get Mostly Tears of Joy for Just Living Now Still...

i Don't Know if this Story Will Help Yet i am the Kind of Hero
Who Never Gives Up And Never Expects Anything at all in


Real Now of

Sunny Boy Still...

The Real Hero

And Lesson of Devil
Cat Oreo Too Some Days
A Devil Will Help Bring Back

Heaven too We aRe All Connected

Our Sadness Heals And Some Days Our Happiness Harms

DarK BRinGS LiGHT LiGHT Brings DarK Story of Oreo Indeed

True too...


Helps Us
Breathe Just One More Breath...

Hehe Summerhillane True i'm Still Now
More Into An Older Age 'Before An Apple'

Now Than 'New Age' too...

True The Oldest Age

Is Still A Newest

Age of Love


Naked And Free

Yes Yes of Course one

Will Do Love Clothed Now

too Love All the Paintings

Of Your Flowers

And People


Things my FRiEnD
Keep Shedding Kindness
There Will Not Be Much if
Any Time For Tears Less Than Joy That Way...

Lesson Number 13
Short And Sweet As Forever Now
Is The Beginning of Your Life Create


Mating With
Solitude With
LoVE iN Peace Is Marrying God...

After That Love It All iN Peace

Be The FRiEnD



Goes Away Yes Love

Before The Love That

Never Goes Away

BREaTHE NoW iN Peace...

Can’t Count the
Number of Times
I’ve Heard


They Are Unworthy
For Heaven Now Within

The Way Demagogues
Have Always Controlled
Minions As Despicable
Leaders Through Ages



And Sticks

Often only The
Outcast Escapes
Through Sickest
Most Despicable



Oh Humans
And Their Ability

To Create Hell
And Heaven on

Earth Within Yes
A Greater Real Way

‘The Child’

As Naked Born With
Love For All Caring is
Giving Sharing Healing




Does This
Require A

Book Or


By a Celestial

Monarchy Nope Now

New Just Naked Humanity
At Best Incarnate LoVE iN Peace (God)...

Loving Flowers Water
Each Other No Reason
Seeing More Colors Now

"Anything puzzling, perplexing, beyond us—a code
we aim to crack to win back the illusion of control."

Indeed Anna Source Code of A Soul All Our Mind
As Yes Neuroscience Shows We Basically Create Our

Realities Based on Hallucinations We-Create with All of
Nature God True too As The Past And The Future Always

Is Now



Colors We Come
To Paint Hidden Perhaps
in 99.5 Percent of Subconscious

Mind Where What We Are Normally
Aware of is Only A Tip of An Iceberg

The Fin of A Whale RiSinG From The

Depths of All That is Human Potential

Now Collectibles For Fruition still

to Come To BREaTHE in

Arts And Sciences

We Create

In Fruition to Be Smiles

The 'Beautiful Mind' Movie Actually

Terrified Me of the Unknown Within

me Yet to Reveal in Threading Sanity

of Hidden Halls Deep... NoW It's All A Tight

Rope Dance Free.. i Surely Had my 66 Months

of 'John Nash Hell' And Beyond As Any Psychosis

Would Be Welcome Over Nothing Just Nothing At All...

Yet Pain And Numb More... And True my Wife Had Her

Days Banging Her Head on the Wall as Not Even me

Could Understand What i Became then Slow

Rise to Surface to Breathe Again my
FRiEnD If there is A Re-Born

Phoenix Rising From

The Ashes

Osiris Put Back Together

By Isis to Birth LiGHT iN Wisdom

Greater Than Dark of the Styx Hades River...
i surely Arrived in A Different Boat than i Started...

Change Change Change This too Shall Pass Both Curse And Gift
When i Was 21 And i Fell off the Face of the Earth There Was no Diagnosis
For Asperger's Syndrome And My Logic Hid The Bi-Polar Mania That Brought
me to that Point Out of Deep Dark Depression in College after a Break-Up with
A First Love.. i Finally Felt Human Connection Again.. i just Quit School For 3 Months

And That Stream of Consciousness Flow of Feeling Drove me to the Beach in September
of 1981 Walking Just Walking Free 'till Dark Evening Hours Came... First Time Ever i had
Ever Been There And Now i Master

That Place of Heaven




Fall too High

Off the Face of the
Earth As the Second
Numb After Those 3 Months
of High Was So Much Worse than
The Year of Grief Before that and then
i Saw the Movie "A Beautiful Mind" Really Terrified
of a Job Change Where i was going in Federal Reduction
of Force That i had never Done before And With Asperger's
Syndrome then Any Change at all Terrified me of course... Question

Was would

i Handle

It Without

Falling off the
Face of the Earth
Another Job Change
In A Few Months Another
Job Change in About a Year
After That And then the Fall

Was Basically The Destruction of all i was
Body, Heart, Spirit, Mind, And Soul And Then
Somehow With the Help of Closest Family
Members Humpty Dumpty Who Fell

Off A Wall Put His

Egg Back

Together And

Became More Like

Bugs Bunny Mastering

All the Rabbit Holes to Come After that...
Stranger of My SoUL FRiEnD to Thrive...
i See The Depths of Just My Human Soul
And Truly The Impossibility of Anyone

Truly 'Arm-Chairing' The

Full Depths of

Where Any

Other Soul

May Go in DarK And or LiGHT

Best We Will Do is Stay Around Patiently
With Arms Reached out for a Lost Human Touch And New one to Come..

SMiLes Dear Anna The Video "Stranger" Just Feather Dusts the Gravity of 'the Fall'....


Rise Both For Real

For Real As Existence Always
Is What We Create Within this
Breath Of God DarK Thru LiGHT Beyond Both Ways...

SMiLes Anna We Are Taught Everything in School And Work About the
External UNiVeRSE Yet We Only Come Alone to Find the Guide

Of What Guides

Our Inner UNiVeRSE iN Balance

My Mother's Family Lines Have Suffered

With Great Storms of the Soul And

i Have Seen The Battlefields

And Wars from the
Outside Before in my
Life for what that Holds

In Darkness Terrifying even
From the Outside yet Beyond

Measure of Abyss From Within...

On My Father's Side Cold Logic of
Asperger's Spectrum Not Much Emotion
All Orderly And Functions Properly in Synch

Worked Well for the Structure of the Catholic
Church for My X-Grandfather Irish Priest Then
And Law Enforcement for 46 Years in Structure of
Routine for my Father too Never rising to Higher

Levels Than Deputy Sheriff Mostly From

Beginning to End Uniform Life Indeed...

Science Suggests Now That Folks Like me
on the Bi-Polar Part May Be Saved by Higher
Levels of Rational Standard IQ Yes As an
Observer at my Lowest Points i Watched

The Scientist Argue with Chaos in Abyss

what i feared most came true and i barely escaped

at close to 40 Days with Little to no Sleep in the Spring

of 2008 Oh the Pain and the Numb so Many Moving Parts

of Hell Oh the Escape of Logic As it tried so hard to keep A Rational

Fort intact Yet Arrows of Pain and Numb Through my Soul too Many Distractions

As the Abyss of Chaos Had its reign 1 Hour of Sleep the First 35 Days of Cardboard
Sleep With an Alpha Blocker no Sleep for the Last 5 of 40 Somehow with the worst
Pain Known to Humankind plus the Numb of the Memory of Any Smile at all going away

i Survived through
66 Months of Darkness

And Rose Again so Much
Different Than Ever Before...

Finally Finding My Balance The Science
Terms Are Hypo-Frontality that is similar
To the Transient Hypo-Frontality of Flow
Moving Out of the Neo-Cortex More into Our

Subconscious Artistic Social Empathic Spiritual Intelligences

Problem is When there is not Enough Ration to Come Back and

Additionally There is often as most definitely was the case for me

Low Levels of Latent Inhibition Which Meant it was hard for me to Filter

Out Distractions of Feelings And Senses All Around in my Environment...

The Meditation of Writing Free Verse And Meditation of Free Dance Movement

Regulates Emotions and Integrates Senses for me now In Calm River Flow

As the Storms Rarely

Come Now

if i feel

All the Feelings

And Senses coming

on i Just Start A Very Slow

Free Moving Meditation Dance

of Movement And there are no more

Stones Hitting my Pond Making Waves

All is Peaceful And Harmonious and

in the Free Write Even Fumes

of Words And


Enough Shapes of
Ornate Lamps are often
Left Behind and the Such

Where in Flow there is No Preplanning

of Anything Really Going On Just Drifting Down Up

A River in Ease.. Hardly what they taught me in School

And Work Looking Within finally Finding the Operator's

Manual and Setting myself Free Still Attached to Work

And Cultural Ways of Before Not Likely

That i would have ever

Found comfort

in Well Being

Of Balance ever in my own Skin Whole
Free to Be Without Any Significant Worry A

Journey is Yet the Destination Has Already Arrived

And hasn't gone away Since July 19th of 2013 Through

Family and Pet Deaths through Turmoil With FRiEnDS and

The Such so Much Easier to Maintain Balance And

Control When the Weight of the Rest

of the World is Not Bearing
Down on Every Feel and

Sense Just a Tsunami

All Around of

Drowning Before
Staying Afloat Well
Enough Lasting 53
Years to Truly Finally Breathe

Free and Yes Understand More of All of
Who i am And Just Plain What to Do to make it all work out okay

With SMiLes Still Working my FRiEnD Happily Dancing This Tight Rope Now...

SMiLes Anna i Surely Will Pray That You Gain An Occupation That Allows
You The Space For Introspection And Balance for A True Sanctity of

Life Now In Peace
And Harmony of
Flow That Suits
How You Come to View Life...

Of Course my View is Colored With
Heaven Now Not All Views Are Obviously

Colored That Way So Much A Gift Every Moment
of This Life is to me beyond all Distance, Space, Time,
And Matter i make Death No Part of Life Forevernow For

Verily So Many People And Other Pet Loved Ones i have Seen
Blessed With Death to Escape Misery and Suffering And the Value
i Saw Experiencing What felt Much Worse than Death and Even Any

Potential Burning in Hell Teachings From the Churches i Have Heard
Threatening through the Course of My Life.. It's All Just Such a Miracle

to me All the Moving Parts of Arts and Sciences of Nature Bringing all
The Gifts And of Course the Curses The World Brings Now Naturally

And through Cultural Tools Humans Make Through Great Artistic
And Scientific Effort Holding Hands Through So Many

Years Yet of course there is the Sad Harming,

Raping, Maiming, And Extinction of
One in Eight Species by the

Hand of Human Tools

Still Coming Soon

That Have Become a Virus
Putting Nature Out of Balance

Are We Responsible Enough for
Heaven On Earth Without Taking So Much
Other Nature Life Away We Sure Better Start If We
Care if Our Species Continues These Opportunities

For Heaven on Earth Out of HeLL ONE EarTH to Come

As Far as After Life goes i already Sense i Live Forevernow...

As Far As Intuition Goes The Mind of God Lives on And So Does Mine

As Part of that Whole One way or the other Shall We Put Our Loved ones in the

Same Form to Restrict What they Might Otherwise Come to Be How Selfish that

Would Be to Make Grandma Old And Never Have another First Kiss of Love Again...

Yet The Rest of Nature Lives Now i Follow Their Lead God as Nature Finds

Balance in me i Find a Kind of Faith in Nature That is beyond all

Material Reductionism True As Life Seems More

A Story Than


Hitting Ponds

How Great A Gift it is

To Even Live How Hard it

May Be to Even Live And Truly LoVE iN Peace Free...
Seen too Many Real Life Miracles in Life to
Exclude Whatever Miracle Comes Next

Seen Way too Much Real Life Magic
In Synchronicities the More Creative

i Become the More i Feel a Natural Part
of God's Story Just the Opportunity to
Be Part of the Story Gift Enough for me

Forevernow for Real...

Sadly i Believe A Reason So
Many People in this World
Find It so Hard to forgive is
they are Spoon-Fed a God
of LoVE iN
Those Who
Behave Agape LoVE IN PEACE

Sends No one To Hell

Torturing Them Forever



Yes Perhaps if more People
Could See God and Be God
As Agape LoVE iN Peace they
Would Forgive Those more who try
Their ‘Hardest’
To Create a
Smaller than LoVE iN Peace...

Oh Dear Lord Coulda Woulda Shoulda

God Yes Love Your Enemy Turn the
Other Cheek if Hell is forever
For the
Least of
Us ‘Jesus’ is
A ‘Trump’ and Does
Not exist Nor Does

An All Loving Forgiving
Same it

We Co-Create

Forever Now

ThaT is REAL NeW
THE Eternal HeArt

Of God When two
Or more of us come
Together iN A Spirit oF LoVE iN Peace...

SMiLes Dear Cindy i Surely Don't Mind Telling
The Truth of Nature From HeART SoUL And SPiRiT Either

IN Our Species THere are Not
Any Born 'Chosen Ones'

Only Humanity

We Bleed the Same
We Suffer the Same

No Child Should Starve

Because they are Not

Considered 'The Chosen
Ones' By the Fist of Toxic Patriarchy

In On
'Either Side'...

PriSon of Human
Souls Generated By
Books oF Lies By God's
Generated in Evil Still

In Black And White

Sponsoring Genocide

And Child Rape in

Numbers of 32,000

Yet 'That Book' Per 'Numbers
31' Still Exists in School Libraries

For the Human Species to Continue its

Fall From Our Nature of LoVE iN Peace For All

It's Real

It's Our

Inheritance for
Real JeSuS F iN Christ
if Bonobos Can Live By
The Nature oF LoVE iN Peace

We Do Have that Potential by Birth too...

Yet Truly The Fall Started With Clothes and the Written Word

Oh Dear
Lord Perhaps
Part of ‘That

Book’ was True
At Least By That
Ghost Author Indeed hehe

If We Couldn't Laugh We'd Be Dead
Living That Way 'They' Will Not Take my Soul Away
They Already Tried in Church School And Work YET

THEY FAiLed Miserably


i BREaTHE Free

God DAmmed if i Don't Live...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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