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08 Nov 2009, 4:50 pm

What are your views or opinions on:

The 2012 hype
The bad economy
Our recent bailouts
Barack Obama
Gay rights
Global warming
Healthcare in the USA
Illegal immigration
NT bashing
The public school system
The word "retard"
The swine flu epidemic


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08 Nov 2009, 5:11 pm

The 2012 hype: Bullshit.
Abortion: Death is a part of life.
The bad economy: What economy?
Our recent bailouts: US-politics. I couldnt care less.
Barack Obama: He's cool.
Christianity: All religions are insane, especially abrahamic ones.
Gay rights: Gays are people too!
Global warming: Yes? Its happening, but its pretty clear by now that the official agenda is: let it happen.
Healthcare in the USA: US-politics. I couldnt care less. Norwegian healthcare is free for all, so is cuban and canadian healthcare. nuff said.
Illegal immigration: same as all illegal activity: carry on!
NT bashing: as a serious act of bigotry? well, in that case its pretty lame i guess.
The public school system: work/obedience-training.
The word "retard": i LOVE it!! !
The swine flu epidemic: how can i have an opinion on a virus? :S i guess its not the virus' fault that it exists, so... im fine with it?

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08 Nov 2009, 5:34 pm

What are your views or opinions on:

The 2012 hype Foolishness.
Abortion Irrelevant, in all likelihood the anti-abortion side will lose anyway.
The bad economy Hopefully only temporary.
Our recent bailouts Mixed, I can see the reasoning behind the financial sector bailouts, but I still am cynical towards a lot of the actions.
Barack Obama A US president. I haven't paid enough attention to form a major opinion.
Christianity I used to be more sympathetic to it, but I now see it as an oversized cult.
Gay rights Probably a good thing, not that rights exist, but there is little reason to discriminate against these people.
Global warming Something that will probably happen, the big issue is picking a strategy towards it that will minimize economic loss.
Healthcare in the USA A problem that will hopefully be solved in a manner that allows for the greatest freedom and ability to innovate
Illegal immigration I would hope for more legal immigration, but perhaps borders should be relaxed gradually.
NT bashing Silliness and nothing more.
The public school system " (sorry, I just wanted to post that, I do promote a privatized school system, not necessarily run by corporations. Yes, the video does make a massive leap from corporate social responsibility to privatization and yes the leap actually makes anti-sense. I still like the idea of a choir singing about a major economist though)
The word "retard" It is either that word or another one, as even if the words change, the meanings will still travel somewhere.
The swine flu epidemic Overhyped.


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08 Nov 2009, 6:20 pm

The 2012 hype - Another Y2K

Abortion - I don't give a f**k

The bad economy - Crappy

Our recent bailouts - What are bailouts? I'm not good with politics or economical matters

Barack Obama - He's fine so far

Christianity - Same opinion towards every religion... BULLSHIT

Gay rights - I don't approve of em having kids, but other than that, sure.

Global warming - Who the hell knows? It's so complicated I don't even know the difference between the true facts, the bullshit, and the distorted facts.

Healthcare in the USA - Shitty

Illegal immigration - No opinion, I dunno enough about it.

NT bashing - Well the fact is, most of the discrimination we suffer is from contempt and selfishness, while some of it is from misunderstanding. However, take into consideration that we give off signals that makes us targets for assholes, so some of these assholes may not be in fact NT and may be sociopaths.
In short, I wouldn't bash all of em but you can't ignore the fact we are disproportionately victimized.

The public school system - Most teachers are stupid f***s and so are the principals. I don't trust it one bit.

The word "retard" - There's always gonna be a word insulting someone's intelligence

The swine flu epidemic - Even if it is a real threat, it is blown outta proportion. So might as well not be paranoid about it.


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08 Nov 2009, 7:36 pm

What are your views or opinions on:

The 2012 hype
Not a proper subject for legislation
The bad economy
It happens. So do good economies. Neither last forever
Our recent bailouts
Economic insanity
Barack Obama
A lightweight. He, too, shall pass
A source of grief and death.
Gay rights
Gays have the same rights as non-Gays.
Global warming
It happens for natural reasons. So does global cooling.
Healthcare in the USA
Not efficient and rational.
Illegal immigration
Inevitable as long we we have no physical barriers.
NT bashing
Unfair, unjust and illogical
The public school system
Should be scrapped
The word "retard"
Is a noun
The swine flu epidemic
Will come and will go.



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08 Nov 2009, 8:28 pm

The 2012 hype- Ridiculous
Abortion- inevitable
The bad economy- will recover
Our recent bailouts- inevitable
Barack Obama- winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. A diplomat
Christianity- One of many religions
Gay rights- human rights
Global warming- Where I live, it is actually global cooling
Healthcare in the USA- better than Canada's right now, as the legislation just passed in the USA
Illegal immigration inevitable- Whole system needs revision
NT bashing-inaccurate.
The public school system- works in Canada
The word "retard"- Unfair/used derogitorially
The swine flu epidemic- Bungled at some government levels here in Canada, due to unfair distribution of the vaccine

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08 Nov 2009, 9:05 pm

What are your views or opinions on:

The 2012 hype -> I learned that lesson at Y2K.
Abortion -> One of the worst things I ever forced my ex to do.
The bad economy -> Going exactly as the globalists had planned.
Our recent bailouts -> All part of the same scam.
Barack Obama -> Who?
Christianity -> Not much better or worse than any other man-made religion.
Gay rights -> Everyone has a right to be merry (Webster).
Global warming -> Great for bugs but bad for mammals.
Healthcare in the USA -> Really?
Illegal immigration -> Let the legal immigrants decide.
NT bashing -> No need.
The public school system -> "Public" and "Government" are synonymous here. 'Nuf said.
The word "retard" -> Should never come out of anyone other than Archie Bunker.
The swine flu epidemic -> Contrived.

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08 Nov 2009, 9:18 pm

The 2012 hype - Looks like another Hollywood dud.
Abortion - Was pro life but I've seen some people who make me wonder.
The bad economy - Soft/hybrid forms of capitalism are at fault. Regulated capitalism, yes, corporatism - no. Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac had the U.S. government to catch them if they fell and yet were registered with the SEC to be publicly traded, they dodged audit from *both* sides - public and GAO. Putting Chris Dodd and Barney Frank in charge of cleaning up the mess though was dark/ironic humor at its best.
Our recent bailouts - Bank loans may have been ok, corporate welfare - no.
Barack Obama - Dapper guy, perhaps a good talk show host or proud owner of his own Anthony Robbins style personal power/motivational tape series.
Christianity - Was a great way to control crime before cops had bullets. Now - needs more philosophical investigation, tend to doubt the concept of actual divine revelation though and if Jesus was the son of God - Yahweh only left the Jewish people alone for 400 years, he's left us alone for nearly 2000, think he's overdue for another 'Yes world, I'm here' - otherwise I think atheists should go to heaven as its really his bad more than theirs.
Gay rights - Should have all the rights of anyone else. On marriage though I'd suggest an equal institution to marriage but one of their own making, built by and for the gay community, rather than 'civil union' or anything that stuffy or condescending. Everyone walks away happy.
Global warming - I don't know enough - seems like the debate is on how much CO2 controls global temperature and how much more water is being locked in the atmosphere; I still need to research that one more before I have a strong opinion on it.
Healthcare in the USA - Needs to be fixed, mostly by tort reform and better plans for helping those who have chronic illness such as diabetes or cancer - emergency rooms do take care of the rest, don't really believe a sweeping government program is needed or even remotely helpful - Medicare/Medicaid is a classic example of what's wrong with that image.
Illegal immigration - Legal immigration is great, illegal is complete lax that's been going on in the U.S. for entirely too long. It needs a remedy, needs to be stopped, as far as the illegals who've been in our country for decades though - I think we dropped the ball too much to just kick them out. We really just need to know who's who and stop it where its at.
NT bashing - Farse. AS being one of the few medical/neurological conditions that, in some cases, can create delusions of grandeur just by how it operates. Its not everyone but supremacists - about as quality in their thought processes as gender or race supremacists.
The public school system - One size fits all, pound a square peg into a round whole until it splinters to take shape. If parental responsibility ends up in an ethnically sensitive area people just throw money at the problem than actually addressing it. Also, the teachers unions - crushing it like the UAW crushed GM and Chrysler. Also something needs to be done to get more male grade school teachers back in, boys need role models to shape into proper men.
The word "retard" - still quite useful and accurate when used in the right context.
The swine flu epidemic - Sounds like it might be fun if it comes with good visuals.


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09 Nov 2009, 1:55 pm

The 2012 hype A load of BS. Another facepalm moment as my best friend thinks it is true. :roll:

Abortion Should be legal. There are too many people in the world anyway, and it's not right that women should be forced to have children that they don't want.

The bad economy I don't really understand most of it, but I get that whatever it is that's happening, it ain't good.

Our recent bailouts I have not formed an opinion on this topic.

Barack Obama I think he's a good president. And it's hilarious how the right wing are now coming out with some of their worst arguments EVER ("he's a socialist", "his middle name is Hussein", etc, etc).

Christianity A breeding ground of bigotry and hatred. But that's what I think of all religion, not just Christianity.

Gay rights I am totally for gay rights (partly because I'm bisexual, partly just because I'm against discrimination in general). There is no logical reason for homophobia, just as there is no logical reason for racism and other forms of bigotry.

Global warming I think it's too late to do much about it by now, because people refused to listen earlier. When we're neck-deep in ice-cap-water, I'll say, "WE TOLD YOU SO, YOU STUPID SELFISH PEOPLE!"

Healthcare in the USA I'm not sure what this is all about actually, I've not really being paying attention to the story. Though I remember this seemed to be the source of the "Obama is a socialist" stuff. LOL at right-wing America's fear of socialism. :roll: :lol:

Illegal immigration I think legal immigration is a good thing, but illegal immigration already isn't actually allowed by law, so it seems stupid when people say "the government should outlaw illegal immigration" and stuff like that. :roll:

NT bashing Is rather stupid. However, I don't like when people get really politically-correct about it so you're not even allowed to say something like "a lot of NTs get pissed off when you don't tell white lies" without everyone accusing you of NT bashing.

The public school system I think you mean American schools, so I don't think I can comment as I've never been to one. They look scary in movies though.

The word "retard" It's just a word. I don't think individual words cause problems - however, a lot of words put together in the right or wrong way CAN cause problems.

The swine flu epidemic Was overhyped. My mother had swine flu in the summer, and nobody else in our family caught it or anything (I think that was because I disinfected the whole house a few times a day, and got some hand sanitiser to prevent the spread of germs).

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09 Nov 2009, 3:27 pm

The 2012 hype: Prophecy is one of those areas in which anyone can make anything mean whatever they like.
Abortion: Should be safe, legal and rare. We need better sex ed, better understanding of how to use contraception and more understanding of the negative consequences of having an unwanted child. Also, an attitude that empowers girls, especially, to believe that they own their own sexuality and don't need to use it as a bargaining tool to be accepted or lovable.
The bad economy: Errors have been made. Others will be blamed. (Meaning almost anyone except whoever was truly responsible for the mess. That's the way finance works, right?)
Our recent bailouts: When do ordinary people get bailed out?
Barack Obama: As a Brit, respect to the guy, I think he came in on a wave of huge expectations and now he's struggling to live up to them. That said, I'd like to see anyone try to live up to that level of expectations.
Christianity: It's some people's path but not mine. I have no objection to it unless and until people start on the 'ours is the only way so let's persecute everyone who doesn't agree' stuff.
Gay rights: If a gay or lesbian couple want to spend the rest of their lives together, I see no reason why they shouldn't have the same rights as me and my hubby.
Global warming: The jury's still out...but an alarming number of people seem not only to think the verdict's settled, but to want to quietly dispose of anyone on the jury who disagrees.
Healthcare in the USA: Not for me to comment really, but I just hope you guys make sure you don't replace a private system in which many people can't afford insurance, with a public one that discriminates against the poorer sections of the population on spurious health grounds.
Illegal immigration: As someone who intends, at some stage, to try to legally emigrate to the USA, it pisses me off that a lot of Americans' immediate response is an kneejerk demand as to whether I intend to work when I get there. Um...didja not hear me say 'legal'? Maybe your controls on illegals (maybe ours too in the UK, and let's face it, we don't have your long land borders) are too lax, but equally, your legal immigration process seems to involve jumping through a heck of a lot of hoops, especially so for Brits when you're the country with which we're supposed to have a 'special relationship'. Maybe they're two sides of the same coin?
NT bashing: If we don't want them to bash us, what's the point of bashing them? A large proportion of them just need educating. The mean ones are usually mean in other areas, not just to us, and the best we can do is try and keep out of their way.
The public school system: Don't blame the teachers. I thought part of parenting was explaining to your little darlings that knives aren't an acceptable way of solving disputes, but I may be wrong these days, who knows?
The word "retard": Unacceptable in the UK. Used by many Americans, but I still don't like it. That said, I guess until we humans learn a little decency, any term for a marginalized group will always become a general insult.
The swine flu epidemic: Without being at all hysterical or conspiratorial, I think the jab has been rushed out and I don't like the way it's being pushed on pregnant women, when it's specifically not been approved for them. I've read about what happened in 1976, and I think governments could be heading for a whole heap of lawsuits if they're not careful.

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09 Nov 2009, 4:01 pm

The 2012 hype: Y2K without any factual basis
Abortion: Against it personally but it's the mothers right up until a certain point.
The bad economy: I don't like the future we're heading towards. Freedom will be a thing of the past.
Our recent bailouts: Corporatism. The stimulus package was a joke.
Barack Obama: Basically what Glenn Beck thinks about him. :wink:
Christianity: Whatever makes people happy.
Gay rights: They deserve the same rights as everybody else.
Global warming: Political fear mongering.
Healthcare in the USA: I assume you mean Obama/PelosiCare? I'm against that. There needs to be reform though.
Illegal immigration: There really is no excuse not to secure the border. There is a full scale war down there. Illegal Immigrants should be deported when they're found. Definitely shouldn't allow them to work here. I think the whole argument that they do jobs that Americans don't want to do is stupid especially with our 10% unemployment. Americans won't do those jobs because illegal immigrants are basically treated like slaves.
NT bashing: Stupid.
The public school system: Something that actually does need a complete radical overhaul.
The word "retard": Depends on what context it's used in but in general it's legitimate term.
The swine flu epidemic: Worried about it. I've read a lot about flu pandemics over the last few years and did school projects on bird flu.


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09 Nov 2009, 5:11 pm

The 2012 hype: Complete rubbish.
Abortion: I lean more towards pro-choice but it's by no means a firm opinion.
The bad economy: Bad economies happen every now and then. It doesn't mean the USA is going to stop being a superpower or anything like that.
Barack Obama: Talks the talk and doesn't walk the walk.
Christianity: An interesting anthropological phenomenon, and nothing more.
Gay rights: All for them.
Global warming: Is happening, and we could probably help stop it.
Healthcare in the USA: As a British person I can't imagine paying for healthcare. It should be available to everyone.
Illegal immigration: A problem but we must not demonize them.
NT bashing: Not good; although somewhat understandable.
The public school system: A terrible, flawed system that needs to seriously change.
The word "retard": A sad reflection on society's disablist attitudes.
The swine flu epidemic: Not worrying me much. It's not deadly.

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09 Nov 2009, 6:32 pm

The 2012 hype- Cynics getting their 15 minutes, we are just switching aeons, not dying
Abortion- Overpopulation will happen if we don't kill eachother first
The bad economy- Money isn't real
Our recent bailouts- Money isn't real
Barack Obama- George Bush with better vocubalary
Christianity- Ewwww...
Gay rights- Who the hell cares what or who you prefer
Global warming- Bullshit C02 is emitted from volcanos not so much cars
Healthcare in the USA- We are detached from everyone else that's why we are so competitive and that's why most people don't want to pay to help their neighbos
Illegal immigration- USA was founded on immigrants, dumb issue
NT bashing- They are monkeys with a language, somtimes
The public school system- Didn't help me had to take basics in college for the same classes
The word "retard"- Just a word that is given too much power, and with that power comes responsiblity lol
The swine flu epidemic- Flus come and go, don't take a vaccine just take care of yourself


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09 Nov 2009, 8:05 pm

The 2012 hype: lol.
Abortion: I agree with ThatRedHairedGrrl, safe, legal and rare.
The bad economy: Inevitable.
Our recent bailouts: You bailed out of the economy? How?
Barack Obama: Drone Bombing civilians, Nobel peace prize.
Christianity: Without it Judas Priest would be called something else.
Gay rights: Should be just like straight rights. Equality ftw.
Global warming: I'm sceptical, but the pressure causes other good things to happen.
Healthcare in the USA: Know about, don't care.
Illegal immigration: Know about, don't care.
NT bashing: Makes me wonder if the term NT was a good idea. Welcome to wrongplanet.
The public school system: Can always be improved. Possibly by taking money out of the epic military budget.
The word "retard": The meaning of the word genius has been equally changed, look it up retard :P.
The swine flu epidemic: No more deadly than any other flu, and there are a lot of kinds of flu.


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09 Nov 2009, 8:54 pm

roygerdodger wrote:
What are your views or opinions on:

The 2012 hype = I may rent the video or watch it on
Abortion = very glad my mom didn't have one
The bad economy = Instead of Kings & Barons, we have CEOs & CFOs
Our recent bailouts = Bailout + 0 interest loans = Big bucks for those too big to fail.
Barack Obama = Is actually working on some long term fixes (but we want it fixed now)
Christianity = Just some wacko cult that rules most the Western world.
Gay rights = Happy people deserve rights-- but what if they are left handed??
Global warming = I feel our way of life is unsustainable, changes need to be made.
Healthcare in the USA = Is greed based.
Illegal immigration = Give them all work visas and make them pay their fair share.
NT bashing = prejudice.
The public school system = A failed experiment.
The word "retard" = prejudice.
The swine flu epidemic = not sure, has not directly affected me or my workplace yet.

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10 Nov 2009, 10:32 pm

2012 Hype- crap
Our Bad Economy- Why do we need a stimulus package at the same time we are fighting a war? Thats like a scuba diver packing a fire extinquisher!
Wars are supposed to feed inflation -not unemployment.
It shows that the economy is far worse than we think-or atleast -far stranger than we think.
It because we are de-industrializing.

Our Recent bailouts- Dont know
Barack Obama- so far so good
Christianity- Any creed thats put on the defensive by someone as harmless as Charles Darwin has no future.

Gay rights- for em.

Global Warming- Those brave unbiased seekers of scientific truth who work for little Exxon-Mobile are being beaten up on by the mighty Sierra Club! Al Gore is mr Big- every sceintist on the planet who denies Global warming gets a pair of his Sicilian style cement shoes!

HEALTHCARE IN AMERICA- I think it would be a good idea!

ILLEGILE IMMIGRANTS- Legile or iliegile- Theyre all bums who crowd our welfare rolls AND work inhumanly hard for low wages and take our jobs away from us. They use our social services AND do jobs no native born person is willing to take. They lower our literacy standards and make it harder to get into grad school and med school. They perpetrate contridicory crimes-the perfect scapegoats! How can we do without em?

NT BASHING- People just crumble up and sob when you imply that theyre normal! So we have to protect their feelings and not ridicule them for thier normalness. Afterall-they just cant help being normal-they were just born that way- and whats sad is that Normalness is incurable!

Public School System- Dont know
the Word "Retard"- Would you prefer being called a "dumb ass"? seriously- what difference does it make? The world retard itsself was originally a euphemism. So now we need a euphemism for a euphemism? How many years before we then need another euphemism for that euphemism for the euphemism for....