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08 Feb 2019, 3:36 pm

There is a difference between 'illegal immigrants' and 'legal immigrants', I don't think anybody suggests that 'legal immigrants' pose any problems(excluding Islamist's(Not all but the nature of beliefs within this religion)). Illegal immigrants are a completely different subject. Because they are not legally here their living conditions can be quite chaotic(yet again, not all but the majority).

I know personally because I have worked with an illegal immigrant which lived in an entire neighborhood of illegal immigrants that was in fact a ghetto. All of them can't illegally find work so they may also rob and stab each other, I know this because he told me and told me to drop him off near his place rather than at it because if others find out he has a job they may try to rob him and potentially stab him, therefor he also hid his money in his sock.

It's pretty shocking that you would think someone would have to 'cite' the fact that ghettos are well known for having higher crime rates.

Go to a ghetto and look at prices on homes. You will notice that the price dramatically drops on homes within rough neighborhoods. This is because it's a last resort, no one desires to live in a bad neighborhood unless the intend on doing illegal deeds or trying to help the neighborhood or can't afford to live elsewhere.

If you talk to a lot of legal immigrants you will find that it's quite disrespectful to them(not all but the majority) that people seem to want to 'stand up' for illegal immigrants when they fraught so very hard to enter the country legally and struggle to find jobs because it can be a challenge for someone who just entered the country.