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07 Mar 2011, 10:49 am

Macbeth wrote:

And yes, many Jews were as "German" as Germans, German first and Jewish second. Many of them supported German re-unification, had served in the armed forces, won decorations for their Fatherland. Most of them were quite offended when it turned out that Greater Germany didn't want them, and that their previous service made no difference whatsoever if they were arbitrarily declared "Juden" by ill-qualified racial Ideologues using a frankly contradictory system to determine their "race".

500,000 Jews served in the Kaiser's army during the Great War. But that did not make them German as far as Hitler and his buddies were concerned. With Hitler and his buddies it was always "blood" and "volk". Non volkish people were excluded. At most they could be -subjects- and the new German Reich but they could never be citizens.