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18 Feb 2013, 8:00 am

Libya arrests 4 foreigners suspected of trying to spread Christianity in Muslim nation

TRIPOLI, Libya — Four foreigners were arrested in Libya on suspicion of distributing books about Christianity and proselytizing, a Libyan police spokesman said on Saturday.

Police spokesman Hussein bin Hamid said the suspects were from South Africa, Egypt and South Korea, and one held both Swedish and U.S. nationality. The Swedish Foreign Ministry confirmed that a dual national Swedish-American citizen was arrested while traveling on a U.S. passport. The U.S. Embassy in Libya declined comment.

Spreading Christianity is a crime in the predominantly Muslim North African county.

What happened to all that optimism of the so-called 'Arab Spring', hm?

Oh, and here's what an Egyptian religious cleric recently had to same about Christian women:

Western 'feminists', he thinks of you in much the same vein.


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25 Feb 2013, 1:49 am

I was never optimistic about these uprisings and I think the way western governments have meddled in them is a catastrophe for human rights and security. However, Libya has always been misruled and Christians in Libya were never granted much freedom under Gadaffi. He was virulently antiwestern, supporting terrorism (so has our "ally" Saudi Arabia) and he provided military support to the forces of Sudan against non-Arabized and nonmuslim sudanese people, so one could infer that his policies were not beneficial to Christians or to any peace or progress.

His death saved many lives, yet it is unclear whether the situation in Libya could be even worse in the future. After the airstrike against it was complete, forces which have collaborated with islamic extremists stole military equipment that once belonged to the government and waged war in Mali, in which France has had no choice but to intervene.

The immoral leaders of the U.S. and EU will also intentionally worsen ethnic and religious conflicts in Syria. While not defending its current leadership, one should realize that what may replace it could be far worse. From the begginning of the conflict in Syria before it disintegrated into civil war, the U.S. and countries complying with its policies supported the questionable "rebel" forces, most of which appear to be linked to international terrorism. It is very odd that while western countries have tried to defeat islamists in Mali, those in charge of our foreign policies have supported armed groups responsible for murdering and ethnically cleansing Christians and imposing islamic rule in territories they have occupied. To anyone concerned about how our leaders may be needlessly worsening the amount and intensity of human rights violations in islamic countries, this inconsistency should indicate that they are only concerned about "regime change" when it benefits geopolitical and economic agendas, which is why most of these endeavors do not provide any long term solutions.

I advocate completely staying away from muslim majority countries and isolating ourselves from them, even if we should still give refuge to people from these countries advocating progress (those who have been forsaken by the west which uses radical and fundamentalist islam to stifle progress in other countries and fracture them) and to Arabic Christians. Since muslim majority countries do not have any tradition of human rights, intervening in them on "humanitarian" grounds rather than solely prioritizing our national security only leads to the death of civilians, destroying the infrastructure of entire cities, decimating economies of other countries, and supporting murderous leaders over others.