[UK] IDS makes an eejit of himself (again) over EU migrants

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18 Feb 2013, 8:13 am

Immigrants must live in Britain for a year before claiming benefits, says welfare minister
  • Migrants from the European Union will be forced to live in Britain for up to a year before they can claim benefits, under plans outlined by Iain Duncan Smith, the welfare minister.
The Work and Pensions Secretary said hard-working migrants who paid their taxes and contributed to the economy would be welcome.

But he said he wanted to ensure “our door is shut” to benefit tourists and was engaged in a “big battle” with Brussels to reform the rules on welfare payments to residents from elsewhere in the EU.

Last week the Prime Minister promised to overhaul the system for immigrants to ensure that Britain is not “a soft touch”. Ministers have been in talks over tightening the rules allowing migrants access to social housing, the NHS, benefits and elements of the justice system.

The EU won't let you do that. They will insist (under EU law) that the same benefits must be available all citizens of the EU in an identical fashion.

Duncan Smith knows exactly what the cure is, but he won't take it.

(Incidentally, his sister was an amazing singer in 1970s Italian films.)


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21 Feb 2013, 3:37 pm

What is the cure?