Why would a conservative only care about the wealthy?

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03 Aug 2014, 8:22 am

Cafeaulait wrote:
Sigbold wrote:
Cafeaulait wrote:
I wish I was born with an IQ of 165 and an extreme ability in math, then I could make myself rich and happy

Not really. There is a correlation between IQ and income. But only up to a certain point. After that there is no longer a correlation between the height of someones IQ and their income.

Do you have a source? Cause that makes me really happy. Maybe I can still become righ even though I am not extremely genious

It is something I have read years ago. Most of it has to do with the increased ability to follow higher education, which also means in most cases increased access to higher paying employment.

If you want to become rich, while that is a different question and requires more then just raw intelligence.