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19 May 2020, 8:50 am

Sounds like more the realm of meditation than the realm of prayer. Anyway you could try Buddhist techniques, like "counting your breaths" while praying to keep focused.


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19 May 2020, 10:34 am

Considering We Are Not Our Thoughts
As Both More Mystical Esoteric Religion Proposes
And Science Now Proves; Prayers That Bring Positive Energy
Inspire Positive Actions As That is What EMoTioNS Are For To
Emote Us into Action; Surely, Some Folks Are Imaginative Enough in
Verbal Prayers Creative Enough to Inspire positive Emotion to Emote Positive Action;
But Let's Fact It,
Humans Habituate
to the Same Old Dam
Phrases Where what was once
Filled with Positive Emoting Energy
As a Dance or Song May Lose the Substance of Emotional
Energy to Drive Life All Together Now as otherwise simply Boring;
Where of Course Day Dreaming is an excellent Mechanism of
Problem solving to Produce Emotions That Move Us Out of Stale
that simply do
Not Emote us to
Action With Emotions anymore.
The Priest From our Church Produced Giant
Facepalms this Weekend When he Claimed Catholic
Love Is Not a Feeling but Whether We Do 'Right Or Wrong'
As Demanded by the Church; but of course That 'Right or Wrong'
Will turn into so-called Justification to 'Molest Children' too as Sick
As Rights That Do Not Belong to Us to Take the Freedoms of Others Away;
to even Tell Young Gay Folks they don't Deserve The Same Civil Liberties that Marriage
Brings in the Church or Outside of the Church now; Remember Right is Wrong too;
Love is
the Feelings
That Understand
Empathically When
Other Folks are in Misery
And Suffering and refuses the
Demand Not to Work on the Sabbath to Heal them.

It's True some of the Stories of the New Testament Make Sense.

If one Wants Life Changing Prayer that Positive Emotions Do Emote When
Laser Focus of Flow comes; As Science Shows Moving Meditation is an Answer
to Increasing Human Creativity and Productivity 500 Percent and More As Well
as a Science Assessed Fountain of Youth both Maintaining Youthful Vigor and Regenerating Health
As Well As It is True Humans Communicated By Dance In All Stuff Prayers in life Well Before Any Words
Are Written at all; Unless Prayers are Emoted through Emotion there is no real Magic in Life; Old Prayers go
The Lord's
Prayer of Nature
Emoting Us is our
Gifted Emotions that
Do Inspire Action or Not in all
We do; Yes, Cognitively Executively
Inspired As Well In Laser Focus and
Greater Short and Long Term working Memory too in 'Autotelic Flow';
Generating Our Own Happiness of Heaven Within through Bio-Feedback
True If the Prayers inspire fine; if the Prayers go stale they
are not
to work;
Yes, Art
Proves the
Nature of this Well
Even in the Belief of
Sugar Pills; but only When
Emoting Power that Puts our
Subconscious Mind in action is
part of the Placebo mix of Prayer too;
And Don't Forget The Illness of Negative Prayer
too the Black Magic Self-Fulfilling Voodoo Magic
That Science Shows is Most Definitely Real with the Nocebo Effect too;
Truly the Face Palms rise Higher in Mass when Everyone is Compelled to say
They are unworthy and only a Five Foot 1 or so One Hundred and 6 Pound or
So Little Brown Man With Shortly Cropped Hair as Paleontology and Historical
Cultural Anthropology Still Shows (Trivia note: Leonardo Da Vinci Wore His Hair
Long With A Beard as Rebellion toward the Cultural Norm of Short Hair and No
Beards then painting a Last Supper as he saw the Style of Long Hair And Beards
as Best in Men Like Him as yes that's where the Hippy Version of Jesus came first)
after that Long Parenthetical Statement still shows that the Biggest Human Face Palm
Ever Would Be the Surprise of a 2,000 Year-old or so Little Brown Man if he could come back and
See so much of the World Worshipping Just a little Dude Him With Desert Dirty Grave Yard Feet from
so long
Oh Lord
He'd have to
Laugh at the Human
Ignorance that Still Breathes
So Irrational away from common Desert Sense FEELINGS BREATHING LOVE NOW FOR REAL;
When i Picture the Jesus Dude, i just picture Common Sense and FEEL OF LOVE and guess what
that is enough to Power me to do what no other Human Has Accomplished too Empirically
Now Just for Free
for this Gift of Life
As All Existence for me
Becomes one Emoting Dance
And Song to continue to Enjoy all of this
Gift of Life more; The Essence of Worship is
Gratitude for all
that is;
No Myth
Real Love
to Be Human iNCaRNaTE NoW;
As soon as One Makes God Into A Science
A Repeatable Prayer now One Loses all the
Essence of God as Art to even Dance And Sing
A New
Loving Life more.
Live Life 'Like A Prayer';
Heavens yes; Do Madonna too
As she Kisses for Her 'Little Brown Friend' too;
Saving His Life for The Ignorance that Fears Hates
Difference AND CHANGE Still True And FALSE Too NoW.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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19 May 2020, 12:58 pm

naturalplastic wrote:
Sounds like more the realm of meditation than the realm of prayer. Anyway you could try Buddhist techniques, like "counting your breaths" while praying to keep focused.

There is a certain overlap between them. Christian meditation and Buddhist meditation vary though: the goal in Buddhist meditation is to free your mind from thoughts or desires, the goal in Christian meditation is to focus all thoughts and desires on God.

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