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22 Jul 2015, 8:26 pm

I do not know if it's a good forum section.

I am an adult, I am 29 years, I have pyatnie if you happen to abuse the trust of the parents, or any other person who holds power over you, not only parents, but bosses, managers, directors and so on.

By that I mean not mere scam or something illegal but just not ethical.

My friend, indeed very talented, once had a problem with very overprotective mom, she would not let him go to summer camp, besides organized almost for free by the school, his mother simply was afraid that something happened to him. He told me how arranged this situation, here in Poland, schools are terribly bureaucratic, parents have to sign a lot of documents. This is my friend brought home a permission for a school trip, he knew that his mother did not sign, he hid it together permit and other documents from school, permission hid at the bottom of the heap of documents. He knew that probably caused his mother will not read all the papers and sign them All in one go. Well, to him he succeeded, and then his mom was silly to withdraw and let him go :D

I had a similar situation also the Summer Camp, only that organized by the Polish Ministry of Health, for children and teens with autism, epilepsy, neurosis or ADHD, it was therapeutic camp free of charges

There were some rules, namely as a kid very well behaved able to watch television very late into the night, up until midnight and soetime even longer, and those who behaved even better, could they leave the camp on their, but they had to go back to 19:00 because then we had dinner.

I behaved very well, but I did not get a pass, even though I had all the points for good behavior. Mrs. doctor, she was psychiatrist, did not agree because, although the best out of all the children behaved.
Doctor, did not give my premission to leave camp on my own because I was suffering from autism, I felt a little humiliated because when I was 15 years old and younger kids got me a pass and I did not :(

Some children joked about me. One friend from the camp said that the Doctor is going to scientific conferences that her deputy temporarily take over her duties, and she comes back in a few days. He told me to ask the doctor for a pass, I told that doctor, you forgot to issue pass for me :D

I did that her deputy signed it right a way, not even feeling my deception.

I was proud of himself, annoyed me from me that some younger kids with ADHD have more privileges from me.

But then I started to feel remorse that so deceived that doctor when the doctor returned from the conference, I told her what I had done, she was slightly angry at me, but she did not take away my pass, said that not wanting to give it to me because she was afraid of me I'd may be careless and may hit by a car.

The doctor said that it was reported that itself shows that I'm a man of good moral bone, and deserves a pass like nobody else,