ABC Poll - Trump voter regrets? No way, no how

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24 Apr 2017, 3:02 pm

New Poll: If Hillary Faced Trump Again Today, She Would Still Lose

A new poll from Washington Post-ABC News shows that, contrary to some of the conventional wisdom, Hillary Clinton would not win a rematch with Donald Trump.

The poll, taken April 17-20, showed President Trump leading 43 to 40 percent on the question of who voters would pick if the election were held today.

Meantime, the same poll found 96 percent of those who said they voted for Trump stand by the decision. Among Clinton voters, 85 percent said they would stand by the decision.

You read that right, if the poll is correct unlike in November Trump would win the popular vote if a rematch was held now. That does not mean Trump is popular at all.

2 major new polls show Trump will conclude his first 100 days as the least popular president in modern history

I would not look at exact numbers but I feel that

Nominating Hillary was even worse of an epic fail then imagined at the time.

The resistance so far is an epic fail and the progressives in general still show no sign of having a clue of how "flyover country" thinks. I see post after post, column after column certain Trump is going to be impeached and his voters are going to desert him. NOT. If the resistence does not change tactics a Republican landslide in 2018, and Trump landslide in 2020 could very well happen.

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